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It is a supermarket chain which was established in the year 1954 by Jim Lowe. With around 788 dedicated employees and an excellent executive team, the supermarket company is flourishing under Tim Lowe as the CEO. Lowes Foods has its corporate headquarters situated in North Carolina, United States of America. All types of people visit the area frequently for grocery shopping, as the market contains all kinds of things from vegetables to dairy products. The chain initially grew in mountains of North Carolina and also in Virginia’s rural areas. However, in the late 1990s the chain began to expand at a rapid pace and spread into the metropolitan places of North Carolina and South Carolina. The company can be contacted through the provided phone number, fax number and E-mail ID in case of any queries. Other resources of Lowes Food are Facebook, Twitter, Bloomberg, LinkedIn, etc.

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  • Barbara Davis says:

    The Lowes Foods New Garden Rd. Greensboro store is well-managed, and very clean. The flaw is your Corporate “tipping” policy in The Beer Den. Server-employees should be allowed to receive “tips for service”. We, the customers, found out the unmarked “tip-mug” at the bar, holding nightly tips, does NOT go to server-employees drafting our beers, pouring our wine, maintaining the bar area. (They needn’t be Certificate “bar-tenders” to receive tips.) Customers THINK they are leaving tips for their server(s). It is deceptive business practice to not INDICATE which charity Lowes is collecting these customers’ “tips” for. Furthermore, your current LOWES POS system in The Beer Den does not allow for tipping on the CC transaction receipt. Why not have 2 receptacles at the Bar: 1. for TIPS, 2. For (indicated) DONATIONS for marked Charity.

  • Pj says:

    I was appalled at the way the store manager spoke to a customer at the coin star machine today in your Little River Pavillion Dr #10 store today. Even my checker paused and looked over at her and shook her head. The front office staff/managers are cold and RUDE. They are more interested in talking to each other and discussing their Keno winnings
    It’s a shame bc I do like the store but the customer experience is pitiful. Secret shoppers should visit that store! I am taking my business to another chain. I’ve given this store too many chances.

  • David Depcik says:

    I do not know how or who to approach at Lowes about a new patented container I have invented that would be perfect for your Lowes brand products such as orange slices, chocolate pretzels, etc. My product is called CUPBALL CONTAINER and it is the only cup in the world which after its use as a container is reused as a fun baseball/wiffleball like sports product. Please go to http://www.cupball.com to see CUPBALL in action and learn more. I think you will like what you see and see the potential CUPBALL CONTAINER has to increase sales and provide children and others with the immediate means for healthy active fun. Please contact me if you would like to learn more.

  • christian conrad says:

    I have been a guest at Winston Salem, high point, Jamestown , Wilmington and until recently southport I must say that your Southport store is a disgrace it’s not just dirty it’s filthy. I am now going to Publix on OKI or Harris Teeter in Leland thirty minutes away they offer a better variety and the staff is friendlier.

  • Ammie says:

    I am very disappointed in lowes I got covid and took a covid test from home and sent it to my supervisor they told me that they would pay up to 5 days for covid if positive but wouldn’t expect the test I took that I needed to go to walgreens to get a test from there and take it then take a picture of it and send it in that then they would pay. So that’s what I did then they tell me that wasn’t good enough that I needed it from the pharmacy..that’s not what they told me to begin with. the pharmacy said i had to have an appointment if I wanted a in store test but would be 3 days before I could get an appointment. So I would be out of work 3 days before I could get a in pharmacy test but lowes would only pay 5 days after my test. But they didn’t say it had to be a in pharmacy test when they said I needed one from walgreens so now I don’t get paid for having covid

  • Aidan Cooper says:

    Haven’t received my W-2 form.

  • Ragan Martin says:

    Have not recieved W-2 form. Email me my information please.

  • Graham Carroll says:

    Employee# 88822. Need my W-2 form. Don’t wait too long the company could be in trouble.

  • Graham Carroll says:

    I have not received my W-2 form in the mail. Today is 1/31/2022

  • Sarah Bailey 22331(employee number, store # 215) says:

    My name is Sarah Bailey and I am one of your many part time employees. I am finding it quite difficult contacting you by email when everytime I press the link it goes directly to the Glint survey. I am highly disappointed in the lack of a bonus for employees who were unable to meet the 20 hours per week during the summer. I contracted Covid in May and was unable to work due to problems I am still having now. I have times when I feel as if I am having a heart attack due to the pressure I feel in my chest. Therefore, I work up to 17 hours per week even though many days I feel the need to stay home. I love what I do and hope to continue when I retire from my primary job. We have worked during this pandemic and encountered many guests who refuse to wear masks and can get very rude and aggressive towards us. I feel that by not offering us the bonus it is literally a slap in the face and tells us that we do not matter. If we did not work there you would find it very hard to maintain the hours that you are open and the financial rewards you are reaping. I am asking on behalf of all part time employees who are unable to meet those requirements of 20 hours a week that you reconsider and award us the bonus.

  • Beachbound says:

    I think Lowe’s Foods should just remove the chicken floor decals that lead you from the parking lot to the deli. I been to the Morehead City location time and time again and there’s no chicken.

  • Sam says:

    I was informed today by an employee that 6 current employees tested positive for covid and are still working in the store. In addition the supervisor is aware of the employee testing positive for covid and they are still allowed to work in the store

  • Allyson Banas says:

    On June 26 at 5:00pm a state mandate went into effect that masks must be worn in all public places. I just called my local store and was told that all they will do follow this mandate is remind customers to wear a mask and offer them one for purchase, and that this was company policy. You are aware that infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths are on the rise in North Carolina. Are you telling me profits are more important than community safety? Given you did not respond to the two earlier posts about protecting employees and customers, it seems the answer is yes. Very disappointing behavior from a local company.

  • Nancy Rodio says:

    I visited your store in Yadkinville, N. C. today April 3, 2020. I was very disappointed in the lack of effort to protect your customers in light of COVID-19 crisis. The only protection was a shield between the cashier and the customer, so I am to assume you are more concerned about your employees than your customers. Carts were not being wiped down between guest, cashier counters were not being wiped, neither was the credit card machine. This would not be so obvious except that the Food Lion in the next block has someone wiping carts, wiping belts between guess, covers on credit card machine are wiped between every customer, and marks on the floor to allow for 6′ separation. I realize that some of your State rules only went into effect on Monday, Where, I live in Virginia Beach this has been a way of life for weeks. Thankfully it was I that visited the store and not my 90 year Mother that visited your Store. I hope that you will improve your practices.

  • kathy says:

    Why are you not providing employees with plastic gloves and sanitizer during this crucial time. You are worried about your customers but not your employees. Each register should have wipes and sanitizer at their register. The store in carolina forest’s front end manager only wants a bottle of cleanser at every other
    register does that sound logical I do not think so. Your employee’s welfare should come first. The front end
    are the people dealing with hundreds of customers and are at a high risk of contamination, do something to try to protect them. If they get sick they will bring it home to their families and Lowe’s won’t care because it didn’t happen to them. I am sorry if I sound irritated but I am. Do more for your employees it will come back to you two fold and be appreciated greatly. I have had my share of illness the past 8 months and do not need to worry about this virus just try to protect your employees.
    Thank you

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