Where is La Petite Academy Corporate office Headquarters

La Petite Academy Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5600 77 Center Dr # 240, Charlotte, NC 28217, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 704-586-0696

  • Fax Number: 248.697.9002

  • Email: mediainquiries@lapetite.com

  • Number of Employees: 7500

  • Established: 1967

  • Founder: Carol Levins

  • Key People: Barbara J. Beck

La Petite Academy Headquarters Location & Directions

La Petite Academy Headquarters Executive Team



Barbara J. Beck

Chief Executive Officer

Mark R. Bierley

President & Chief Operating Officer

Douglas R. Baker

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Susan Canizares

Chief Academic Officer

Daniel Follis, Jr.

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Scott W. Smith

Chief Human Resources Officer

Sean Sondreal

Chief Marketing Officer

About La Petite Academy, History and Headquarters Information

La Petite Academy is a day care where children are sent to get trained of schooling. Early education and basic information regarding all subjects are provided to the children in a language understandable to them.

Children from various backgrounds come here and they share the same platform and share the joys. Experiences of varieties enable the children to discover the happiness in learning.

With the goal of providing a strong foundation to the children at their early buds itself,spreading different platforms, about 450 day-care centers in various parts of the nation. The headquartersis situated in Novi, MI.

Begun as a day care centre and through hard work and determination with a good positive goal, enlarged the number of organizations. With the standard and efficiency in the service they offer, by the year 2007, La Petite Academy became a part of the Learning Care Group.

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  • Theopolis James says:

    I know of an employee who has worked there for several months and the manager there has refused the sign them up for medical insurance each time giving them an excuse as to why the application has not been processed. It’ll be nice if somebody would audit the schools in North Carolina because the employees are not being treated right.

  • Regina Vallejos says:

    I am a grandma of a five year old child that attends the La petite academy and my granddaughter was been there for three years and today she got kicked out because according to Amber, the Director Michaela is misbehaving and Michaela was there way before Amber was Michaela’s been there going on four
    Years, Amber has been there maybe two and it’s been nothing but complaining about Michaela every single day we get called to work to come and pick her up my other Grandkids go to this School n my other daughter is constantly getting called to pick up kids as well and my other daughter witnessed Michaela’s teacher, picking her up by her arm in an aggressive aggressive manner. I’ve talk to Amber about all this, and I wanted to speak to her boss, but it seems like they’re on the same page about this. Brandon doesn’t like Michaela either and although they claim that they do like her their actions speak otherwise. Michaela is hyper I’m not saying that she’s perfect. She’s just a kid. She barely turned five years old. She’s still little. She still learning to live in this big world and the way Amber and them run it. It’s like if they’re in a mini prison she just wants them to sit there, quiet and not make noise I requested to see cameras but it’s only available to their complaints but once we want to see cameras to verify the cameras are live they’re not recording, but when they ask to see cameras they recording, so, somebody’s lying here. . And every time that they see the cameras were never there to witness it to see it for ourselves and when we ask for it, they don’t have it so to me that sounds kind of suspicious and odd. My advice to you single parents do not put your kids in a la petite Academy. They’re horrible. This is in Albuquerque, San Mateo n Homestead location.

    – Concerned Grandmother

  • Janna Thomas says:

    I’m trying to reach someone that can help me with a refund. I was promised a refund several months ago and although our school director has reached out to corporate several times I have yet to receive the refund can someone find out what’s Taking so long

  • Edge says:

    How often does the corporate office check brand compliance by (preferably no appointment) physical audit? Seems that your Lithia Springs, GA Location has had many customer complaints and low consumer reviews because of poor complaint resolution. I would appreciate knowing when the last time this location was audited for quality or corporate compliance? Lastly, much of your staff does not wear masks although it’s stated on your door that all who enter the facility should wear a mask.

  • Grace says:

    Hi, I’m a mother of a 2 year old little boy who goes to the academy on argyle forest Blvd in Jacksonville Fl. I need someone from the main corporate office to call me about an abuse situation that happened Tuesday, that in my professional opinion, as a mandated reporter , is not being taken seriously. I tried to email and call before making this “comment” but both said they were disabled


    Grace Crim

  • Hulya Irwib says:

    Absolutely do not recommend. I had an issue with the Merritt Island office. The director is extremely unprofessional and rude. I spoke to her superior Danny and when I requested to speak to whomever was above him to lodge a complaint he refused to provide the information. I have filed a BBB claim. Do not do business with this company. They are heartless and have no concern for children as they operate themselves in a snotty and snide manner.

  • Jackie says:

    Why are all your teachers not vaccinated my child attends that daycare and have been out every month since September I’m calling the CDC

  • J says:

    Your Lynnwood WA location is having covid out breaks and the people in charge are letting it happen they don’t care if your sick or not they let everyone in and are spreading covid everywhere

  • Nina Thomas says:

    What or who represents your staff in a dispute ?
    Do workers have a voice “legally “ with your company ?

  • Dominic says:

    Why do the Lapetite academy on regents Tallahassee doesn’t have African American staff only Spanish speaking staff. What happened to all the African American staff.

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