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Shoe Show was founded in the year 1960. The company has been active for almost 59 years now. The founder of the company is Robert B Tucker. In the year 1986, the company was taken over by Burlington Shoes. Then in the year 1993, the company was acquired by Altier Shoes and was followed by Shoebilee in the year 2002. During the 2000s, the company began opening the Shoe Dept Encore stores, which are larger than regular Shoe Dept stores. The headquarters of the company is based in 2201 Trinity Church Road. The name of the place is Concord, while the name of the state is North Carolina, United States. The pin code is 28027.

Shoe Show is an American company that focuses on the selling of various kinds of footwear, to its customers in the USA. The company currently has a presence across 1150 locations in the USA. The total revenue generated by the company is more than $6.2 billion. The president of the company is Robert B Tucker. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 6,000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of footwear, that is marketed and sold by the company itself. The company operates shoe stores throughout the USA under various brands such as Shoe Show, The Shoe Dept, The Shoe Dept Encore, Shoebilee!, Burlington Shoes and Shoe Show Mega.

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  • Eric Carter says:

    Store not open at 11:30am in Greenville, NC ? Malls store open at 11:00am!! But sitting here nobody shows up!

  • Jason says:

    An employee has stolen 100 dollars from me in mason and i cant seem to get help to get my money….this was my first time ever in a shoe show.

  • Evelyn Hudnall says:

    I purchased 7 pairs of shoes that were marked down in price. 3 pairs had a right and left but each foot was a different size. Brought them back to Parkdale Mall in Beaumont, Texas where I purchased them and the clerk was rude and said they boxed them that way to get rid of them. Who buys a pair of shoes with each foot a different size. She finally refunded my money.

  • Deborah Knott says:

    I went into your store in Grenada MS to shop for shoes but was unable to shop because the employee had her grandchild with her at work and the whole time I’m trying to shop this child decides to follow and quiz me the whole time making it impossible…. No I won’t be back to many other places I can shop and don’t have to babysit.

  • Employee says:

    I have worked there a month have not received a paycheck because no one there would help me set up my direct deposit. How do I go about receiving my money?

  • L.Y.C. says:

    I was asked to sign a blank piece of paper as the store manager and when I refuse to. They let me go but here is proof that I turned in That 35,000 to the Odessa Police Department. Cases # ******* corporate has this on file

    Please give me my honor back I worked real hard for it

  • Laurie says:

    Please help my son recieve justice from a tyrant of an manager named Scott Peterson of Ottawa, Illinois. My son has mild autism, and Scott targeted him as he was manipulating my son to admit to a missing 50.00, however, there was no missing 50.00. It was stuck in the cash register. Scott immediately tried to manipulate my son into admitting it. Scott told my son he would check the cameras 3 times. My son wanted him too because it would show his innocence. Scott was playing head games and lied continuously. There was no cameras. He suspended my son for bo reason. This happened last Wednesday and Scott has told me he contacted LP, but as if Wednesday, he did not call them. Scott has had numerous complaints on him. Something needs to change. He needs to be reprimanded. Scott needs to take anger management classes and be put on probation. He has also lied and told me this happened twice before WHICH IS A LIE. A key holder was not made aware of this and said it never happened. Scott demolished my son’s self esteem. When I told Scott I believed my son, Scott said he could fire him for no reason. I have money to hire an attorney. Actually, I just want Scott reprimanded. Scott will lie to u and say 3 ppl didn’t find the 50.00, but the 50.00 was stuck inside the upper cash register. My son refuses to admit to this. Please message me and leave a number and my son will call.
    Thank u.

  • Dorian C Stokes says:

    I have been a returning customer for quite a number of years because of your great prices and variety even during these challenging times. Today that relationship ends because of one of your employees following me around the store. I am a Memphis resident that shopped at your Riverdale location. The store has been remodeled since my last visit and it was a fantastic remodeling. Shorter shelves helps loss prevention at a greater rate because the entire area is more visible. This also helps with assisting customers when necessary because all that’s needed is to look up. I was going back and forth between aisles because the shoes I was comparing were on different aisles. Your associate approached me and asked if I needed assistance and I replied that I was just looking at the moment. She then went her way. I proceeded comparing Fila, Reebok, Lugz, and Adidas. They’re on two different aisles sol was walking back and forth between the two. The same woman returns and asks the same question again and I replied the same as before. She went away again. I’ve now narrowed my selection down to two, Fila or Lugz. All the while, other associates are walking back and forth doing there jobs. The same associate returns two more times so now I’m irritated. Because even if she thought I was attempting to steal, what am I going to do with one shoe? (Another smart idea when it comes to loss prevention) I’ve made my decision on what shoe I want, but I want to be sure that I’m experiencing what I think I am so I move to the next aisle. (Keep in mind that I’m moving from one aisle to the next one over. The entire time I’ve only been to these two aisles) So I move to the next aisle and sure as the day is long, here she comes again. This time I say to her as she passes, “You are worst than white people.” Yes, she was a black woman that profiled me in spite of there being quite a number of people in the store. I was the only black man in the store. Number one I’m 55 year’s old, number two I happened to be wearing skinny jeans and a t-shirt, number three what in the hell am I going to do with one shoe?! I always felt completely satisfied with my purchases, they always lasted a good while so I always got my money’s worth, they were always jazzy and on point. From dress shoes to tennis shoes to work boots. I was never disappointed and that was one of the things that kept me coming back. The other was customer service. The workers were always polite and courteous which always lead to me buying something else at checkout. I had never in my five years of coming to your store had I ever been treated in such a manner. I was extremely disappointed and now I have to find another place to shop. Older people don’t like to change their routines.

  • Clarissa says:

    Who do I speak to about a store complaint? I’m really not one to complain but I’m upset. I recently applied for a job in Mocksville nc shoe show they told me I had the job came in and filled out paper work and everything was told they would call me with my schedule in a few days that was 3 weeks ago I have called a few times and have been hung up on everytime. I ended up finding another job. But I think this is horrible for someone who was interested in working there. And who was ready to be a hard working employee.

  • Lisa Smith says:


  • Lisa Smith says:

    Came to shoe show Southland Terrance Louisville, ky, exchange some sneakers. I arrived at 6:35 PM on Tuesday 12/20/2020 the clerk inside locked doors and signaled me that they were closed…the sign outside had 7pm and on line had 8pm..why did they close early I among many other people where wondering why where they closing early…especially close to the holidays….thanks.

  • Megan Corona says:

    This company failed to pay my minor son for the month of work he provided. Do not spend your money in an establishment that steals from their employees. Claims have been filed and nobody answers the phone.

  • Jennifer Green says:

    We just left the Shoe Show in Sylva NC. My daughter found a pair of Sketchers that she was going to purchase for work. They had dark brown dirty spots all over the left one and it was the only pair in her size. Took them to the register and ask the manager if she could order a pair in her size because the only pair they had were stained.. The Manager said, ” well,a shoe is a shoe and there are kids in Africa that don’t have any shoes and I xant help they send us shoes dirty” I said well for 60 bucks I would rather the shoes not look like they have been worn… I left over $200 worth of stuff sitting on the counter and told her I was calling corporate.. So yall get ready for my call tomorrow .. This lady does not need to work customer service.

  • Roxanne Ackerman says:

    The store in Alpena, MI 49707 just fired an associate that has a mental illness. This is the wrong thing to do. She busted her ass around the store and worked hard. The employees that work there do drugs and should be drug tested. She will be filing for unemployment.

  • Ashley hurley says:

    The store in bluefield WV store number 279 the manager Rebecca is very rude and leaves while still on the clock to get tattoos and is very pushy to get you to quit your other job to come there and calls 20 times in two minutes and then sends a text message saying if I do not hear from you in 5 minutes assume you are fired and do not show back up then says if you do not call me immediately then I assume you quit She will send you a million text of the same thing over and over

  • Trixie says:

    Greenwood Shoe Dept. in Greenwood, Ms, do not appreciate employees. The manager Carla have a nasty attitude and the keyholder Chase lie on employees to make himself look good. He do not do any work, he’s lazy and a very, very, very disoriented employee. I will not stop until MS. DEBBIE, DM, hear about this store!!!!!

  • Donna Foxx says:

    I was in the Shoe Show in Vinton, Va. and the lady (Sharon) that waited on me was so pleasant and very helpful. She was very down to earth. My kind of people. I will definitely be going back to that store. Although, they did need to beef up there inventory a little. 🙂

  • Ds nuts says:

    The shoe show in casa grande az is one of the worst places to work they allow you to get harassed and treated like shut buy the managers that have bin there since it opened pretty much that’s the only reason they stay is cause they don’t fire you they get corporate on there side and make it seem like your the problem when it’s them and all they do is hire family and friends

  • Jon says:

    Rushed to to get to store at 544 cc camp rd std elkin nc before close to exchange pair of shows for first day of school the next day made it there with 7min to spare doors were locked called and got the answer of our machines close down at exactly 6pm mind you we had 7min to spare

  • Daphne collins says:

    Bought girls champions shoes for school. Got dirty. Submerged in water to clean and gold peeled off

  • Mary Lundy says:

    I visited store #1449 in Sevierville, TN. It was raining and Steven King graciously escorted me into the store with a smile and an umbrella!!!!! .This extra effort and kindness was definitely appreciated. He went above and beyond and is so worthy of this commendation. Definitely an asset to your organization!!!!!

  • Bonnie says:

    The logan store isn’t a good place to work it’s a circus and employees do what they want , sit on counters on there phones , They don’t screen the applicants very well , there’s a worker there who got fired from another job who offered a minor liquor and apparently grabbed her somewhere, But They both work together at shoe dept, weird I think and the minor has some weird relationship with the manager like really if the manager was just a friend or what ever why would he consider bringing them to work together , A man or father would of thought twice to be OK with that , so it’s just not right , Especially having a daughter I know I wouldn’t let that dude near any young girl , but these girls act fluzzy and don’t respect them selves smh..

  • employee says:

    If you want to work for a company like shoe dept in logan , where you can litterally do what you want and not not do what your job requires you to do and where they dont screen the new hires let alone hire anyone qualified , this is the job for you , But as a mother with a young daughter let me tell you they didnt think twice an hireing a man early 20s who got fired from a previous locatiom for coming on to a minor and touching her behind , and offering her alcohol , Yet both male and the young minor are both currently working now at the same shoe dept ,, To me thats a lil werird , Theres also a young male keyholder who never does his job doesnt even clean up the srore on his closing shift and has many complaints by customers for acting imature and physacally assulting another minor coworker they even saw the video and still he didnt get fired , wow what kind of business is this yet my daughter worked there 7 months ago did her job and her boyfriend also worked there and they fired him on the spot because another coworker was talking about smoking weed and my son in law asked him if he wanted to smoke later so they fired him on the spot cause the kid denied it so his parents wouldnt find out he smokes , so im startimg to believe this is a much bigger thing with this company because were from California and hispanic , and because were hard workers they would rather keep these lazy workers after breaking alot of the rules and not doing what there job requires . over us now
    im the main keyholder and i do all the job requirements plus more i throw the trash cardboard and work my normal hours plus always working overtime to help out this company while the rest sit and have the sale associates fix there area , i have the biggeat section which is the womens and i take care of it myself the others have help so they do nothing but have there lil slaves doing it for them and yes were under new managerment and these are t
    his friends from his privious job so theres alot of favoritism and i feel like hey if thats what they prefere over a hard worker and quailified team then i dont need the stress they dont pay me enough to deal with all this so keep that in mind i dont need false hope or friends im here to work in a safe and happy envioronment , if we cant be treated equal and all do our job requirements then thats not being fair , so the problem needs too be looked at by corporate since its been brought to the manager but again these are his friends so there for my concerns as a employee are being ignored and will take further action if needed …

  • Angela Carden says:

    I went to the Dalton GA store and was treated like I was stupid. These people can not do math. They don’t understand the sales in the store. I called corporate and they hung up the phone. They have lost my business forever

  • Chad Madden says:

    To whom it may concern the district manager at the Oneida Tennessee store allows his managers to do what ever they choose with no repercussions the manager of the store girl named Kim calls in sick constantly when she is supposed to be at work and the person on duty ends up having to pull a double shift I really think someone from corporate office should do a little research on the management there

  • Sheridan Reed says:

    My daughter worked at the location in Gun Barrel where the manager Tona thought it appropriate to question my parenting, as I would not allow my minor daughter to stay home for 5 days by herself while we went out of town as a family for a graduation. As a parent and a person who has worked in retail their entire life in both subordinate and manager positions I find this wildly inappropriate. When my daughter attempted to explain the situation the manager then told her it didn’t matter and seems ridiculous that I wouldn’t allow her to stay home and that she needed to mind her business when it came to the schedule. She then proceeded to fire my daughter when she told her she wasn’t going to question my parenting and disobey her mother. I will not give my business to this company again!!! Absolutely disgusted!!!

  • Sandy G says:

    I have to say that your store in Tahlequah, Ok has some of the worse customer service from your sales associates I have ever seen. One gentleman that does nothing but walk circles in the store or out in front of the store smoking by the front door seems to wear the same clothes 2 or 3 times a week and he smells. But makes me glad he doesn’t ask me if I need help, the other sale associate, is a youngster and she stands up at the register staring into space like she’s lost and knows absolutely nothing about any of the products or shoes in your store and usually on her phone. Now there’s a couple female associates, a heavier set blonde lady and the long black hair that’s been highlighted and wears glasses, can’t tell u any of their names for none of them wear name tags, that are always very pleasant, willing to go above and beyond to help customers with anything they are asked. They will start up a conversation with any and all customers and will almost make a sale to every customer they come into contact with. As matter of fact, I went into the store solely for the wide fit Skechers because I have special made insoles and they are the only thing I’ve found that the insoles will fit into, the store didn’t have the style I liked or wanted and the sales associate with the glasses made a suggestion on another brand of shoes and had told me about them being made wider in general, the durability and the comfort of the shoe. So, I divided I would at least look at them and see what they were about. Load and bold everything the sales associate told me about the shoe held to be true and right on everything I was looking for and asked for. She had sold me on Fila’s and I’ve never wore anything but the Skechers since I’ve had my specialty insoles because no one has ever suggested any other shoe, they always would say we’re sorry but we don’t have those but you can check back on truck day and we may or may not get some and they were done with their customer service, like they did have any skills, knowledge or desire to help a customer or make a sale. When u found those two ladies u found some real jewels. Hang on to them two they are great sales associates with great customer service ethics.

  • Amanda says:

    I worked my first day at this company yesterday. I can not believe how this place in run. The employee training is not good.

  • Shequita Moore says:

    I had a layaway with the shoe department in Clarksdale ms I can’t get my money back because they can’t seem to find out where it went I feel like it was taken by one of the employees I went to many times to find out what happened no luck the manager was in her car never came inside to help I will never go back to this store I’ll be going to the one 30 miles away from my home sad but true they need to do better

    • says:

      Yeah that just happened to me
      Finally did find out they gave someone a refund for the 250$ paid on the layaway and that person was not me………

  • C. A. Bryant says:

    Today I went into store #1806 to look for some shoes for my wedding. Because of shoe size it is hard to find shoes in my size. However, the store clerk Mr. Jon Shaw took the time out to go over your inventory in your system to find me a pair of shoes and I am truly thankful for his customer service. This is the first tie anyone from your stores ever help me out and I have been shopping at your stores for many years. I will have to travel to different cities just to find me a pair of shoes. There was one store here in Charlotte that I was once able to get shoes from but that particular Shoe Show closed down after Covid 19. I have traveled as far as Kinston, NC and Washington, NC to get shoes because there are no stores here that carry my size 14. Again, I really appreciate Mr. Jon going the extra mile to help me for my big day. Kudos to Joh Shaw, he is a MVP, for the Charlotte, NC area.

  • Jay says:

    To whom it may concerns:
    Love the store company itself,even considering buying shoes as a 3rd party marketing distributors, (resale) very peaceful store & very helpful staff at the fairlane mall location Dearborn,MI. Awesome customer service when needed. Nice & clean area. Suggest to have sports shoes such as cleats and basketball shoes that supports ankle; love the boots’ selection in all departments & great sales especially for layaway. Very affordable timing on layaway.

  • Terrell Sylvester says:

    To whom it may concern I’m am writing this response to talk about the conduct of the store manager of the Palatka store manager and lack of professionalism and care for Covid policy with multiple sick employees also the blantant friendship between upper management and the palatka store manager also the discrimitory comments they nske toward spanish or African american customers

  • RK says:

    The Springfield Mo location has the rudest employees I have ever encountered. The “manager “ on duty was just as rude! We go there for ALL our shoe needs and will never set foot in that place AGAIN! We will also encourage everyone we bo to take their business elsewhere! It’s very sad how that store is ran and how horrible their customer service is! I asked for assistance was told “no, I’m in the middle of a conversation “ and another employee ran (literally) to the back and stayed back there! Very Disgusted! Tried to get corporates number they told me they didn’t have a number to look it up🤬

  • Margaret says:

    Would you please advise your dept manager at the Albany Mall in Albany Ga.to abide by the mall closing hours they always close an hour earlier than the mall which is an inconvenience for customers actually the mall hours say they have gone back to regular hours which is 9 pm but the mall still closes at 7pm but of course Encore Shoe Dept closes at 6pm most people don’t even get off of work until 5 or 6 so it mskes it difficult to shop during the week come on its been a year an a half since covid please get back to normal hours or find people that want to work and manage your stores better…management is terrible in Albany Georgia🤔

  • S. Leek says:

    To whom this concerns :
    I placed an online order on your mega site, Order #E0003126773 for a pair of sneakers to wear for my holiday weekend trip. I received the package on tonight and was happy that it arrived in time since I’m leaving Tomorrow. I opened the box to find a crumpled receipt and was puzzled by that but okay…I need the shoes. I opened the inner box to find One Shoe, along with the packing thank you note, which has the name Zachary! I do have pics and a video but am unable to upload it on here. I am very angry about this since we are leaving out and I don’t have time to receive or shop for a replacement pair. This is unacceptable at every level! I am requesting an immediate refund of my entire costs associated with the order. I expect the immediate payment reimbursed with the original method used.
    My information is associated with the order number above.

  • Charly says:

    Your employees need some serious education on how to properly treat customers. There is no since in an employee to pick on and mock a young child with a disorder. Y’all should be ashamed of how your swainsboro ga store is ran and should really rethink who you allow to work there. Picking on a child should not be allowed.

  • Debbie ernst says:

    As customer I bought some clearance shoe that was 35.00 But there was 2 right shoe, and the girl said she couldn’t give me the money or exchange for some other shoe. But I had to keep the 2 right foot shoe. Because they was in clearance, ask her to see if she check in the back ,she said no this is at your st. Matthew mall on Shelbyville rd in Louisville KY. And I said again how you going to sell 2 shoe for the same foot and she said they do it all the time. I live by them and I will NEVER shop there again and I will tell everyone I know. And I talk to the Jefferson one .and they don’t work that way. But they couldn’t take them because they would have a match. I m very dismay with all this. Please give me a call Debbie Ernst 502 715 2760. If I don’t answer please leave a message and phone no.

  • Chris H says:

    I sent this to their corporate office along with the picture. I may have exaggerated a lil bit.

    I have a complaint about your employees at store #1474 in the Crystal Mall in Waterford CT. Your employees failed in every aspect to help any of the customers! So one employee was sleeping at the desk. The other two were on their cellphones. No one assisted with measuring my daughters foot. Instead attitude was given and just said “here use this” and handed over the medal measuring thing. The store phone was also taken off the hook. When it was time to checkout, the guy at the register had to be woken up. He wakes up with an attitude and say “you need to come over here!” Is this a normal business practice? Before I blast this all over social media I’m going to give corporate a chance to make this right. Here is the picture of your employee sleeping with the phone take. Off the hook! If I don’t get any reply from this I’m going to post the picture and video of your useless rude employees all over every social media network I have. I am that pissed for the lack of respect these employees showed and their in difference to every customer in the store!
    I sent the picture to your Facebook messenger page

  • Mike says:

    I ordered shoes at a Cross County Mall shoe dept. The manager Megan was rude and lied to me when I call about picking up the shoes up, I tried to talk to a different so-called manager Michael about it and he was disrespectful and rude to me also. I demanded a refund & tried to give him a talking-to, telling him that he should be respectful to customers because without customers he would not have a job. He just laughed & spoke to me sarcastically. I give 0 stars and will not recommend the shoe dept to anyone

  • Jay says:

    The lady that was working afternoon shift was very rude as soon as we walked in the store it was 8:26pm monday night July 19, 2021. On another time we had already spoken to a nicer lady and said she would let us exchange size without the recepit. We didn’t have the boots with us at that time and unfortunately my husband did lose the receipt to the timberland boots we had purchased but that was not a problem we got to exchange it tonight. The lady told my husband to hurry up and go find his size. I was thinking she was going to help us look for the right size. When we went to the register the lady asked how much we paid for the boots and we said around $150 we weren’t adding the taxes so we weren’t too sure and the lady said “You’re lying they are $175” Ok if she can find out on her computer why ask? How are we going to know the exact price if we no longer had the receipt. If she was mad because it was 30 minutes to closing time then why was she being nicer to the couple infront of us that were paying. Her customer service was horrible. We went back and asked for her name to call coorporate she was ignoring us and keept saying “oh my god”. Yes lady we paid why be rude about it? I’m not sure what her name was but it’s the location on 4200 South Fwy Fort Worth, Tx

  • Jason Morris says:

    I would like to say the store 237 in the arena hub plaza. There is one nice person there I believe her name is Leyna and I totally disagree with the one who is in charge of the store in my OPINION she doesn’t have a clue what she is doing. When I came in the store she was very rude witch suprise me because My friend Ed works here and he said that every one is nice. But I don’t know what was going on but this lady was going mad she was disrespectful to the employees and customers. So I am sorry I wasn’t going to say anything about it but it offended my son who turn 15 this past weekend.
    I don’t know if I can see my self going to that store again unless she isn’t around.
    Thank you Jason sorry I don’t want to get anyone into trouble but it was not right what she did.

  • EVELYN Thompson says:

    I have a complaint about a manager at show show of savannah Tennessee, social media slandering racial comments at work i was discriminated againt twice i left store without completing my sale and was told that black business wasn’t needed then she sent my face book messages apologizing about the incident . She has made post about people spending there stimulus checks cause they don’t have enough money on their own to afford shoes inappropriate behavior and because her and the owner is related she thinks she can talk to people who come there to spend their hard earn money if u don’t like it go somewhere else she says im very upset I have recites were I recently purchased from this store prior to this

  • Tpmc says:

    I would like to thank Shoe Department in Charlotte NC on on galleria blvd. They have the most respectful staff an helpful staff I have ever in countered. The manager Amanda was very helpful in assisting my son an I making sure we found the perfect shoes

  • Ruben Servin says:

    The shoe store in Laredo Tx. has a toxic environment where the management team is rotten to the core. New employees are treated like scum they have a revolving door with employees because of the low life supervision they have there.

  • June Jeffers says:

    I recently shopped the Shoe Encore in Athens on State Street. I asked an employee if they had a restroom and he said no. When i checked out i ask the young lady waiting on me what do they do if they need to use a restroom and she replied ” we go down to the Dollar Tree”. I want to know if it is true that there is no restroom in your store in Athens, Ohio.

  • Esty says:

    Went to your Boise id location been very disappointed with your manager, and how she took advantage of me.She made me pay for something. And kept it,Zero customers service skills.If cooperate gets this email me plz.

  • Emily says:

    My shoe Dept I go to is at the mall in Port Arthur TX and it closed I have been trying to reach corporate or email someone bout my situation I have a hhsc employment form that’s needed to be filled from when I started and ended work there it also needs to be signed dated and they half to put down all employment status on it and if they don’t my kids will be cut off of their Medicaid this paper is long overdue was due March 24th I’ve been trying since then reaching some ….and no luck …..I have no earthly clue what else to do I’ve even reported to my hhsc that I cannot get hold of them at all and it’s closed….at the moment….with this virus

  • Concerned citizens says:

    I have come by 2 shoe shows that are open. Shame on shoe show for putting there employees at risk during a pandemic. You are having your employees out working possibly exposing them to a dangerous virus. No one needs shoes that bad. Seems as if you a greedy company that no concern for your employees on the front line. Probably while the owners are cozy in there homes. Pay your employees and send them home.

  • Amy M Harper says:

    I came to the shoe show store in Zanesville Oh 43701 it is 8:00 pm and the sign clearly says the store closes at 9:00pm however the store is closed and i only saw 1 employee inside … so i know someone is in there.. no wonder people get fed up with coming here..

  • Patty duke says:

    I went to shoe show in cullman al today. Found some shoes. Went today and they would not take my debit card. I use my card as credit and it won’t take as credit. I never use as debit as that is how a lot of thief’s steal money out of account. I went to bank to talk to them. My bank says it a store problem and the reason is that stores gets charged a small percentage for using it credit. So they opt out of letting people use as credit. I left store without my purchase….. Will go to another store from here on out. I also know this is a new thing because this store is where I purchased my last pair on shoes.

  • >