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  • Address: 8310 Technology Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 704-547-9200
  • Fax Number: 704-547-8153
  • Email: support@rackroomshoes.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1920
  • Founder: Phil Levinson
  • Key People: Bob Hartley

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Bob Hartley


About Rack Room Shoes, History and Headquarters Information

If you want to get quality shoes and fashion, the best thing you can do is look for some shoes from the brand Rack Room Shoes. This is a company that specializes in manufacturing quality shoes at a very reasonable cost for any type of taste and for any age.

The store is headquartered in Salisbury, North Carolina, where the company was founded in 1920 by Phil Levinson. At the beginning, the company had approximately 20 stores in the state of California, but currently has more than 350 branches throughout the country.

Shoes are objects that will never stop being used, and Rack Room Shoes specializes in the manufacture of these objects on a large scale, so that a large number of people can enjoy their products. If you want to see all the models offered by the company, you can visit their website, where you will find the best shoes in the market.

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  • Kayla Lucas says:

    I ordered shoes B1G1 50% off. I was only sent 1 pair of shoes and they were shoes that I did NOT order. Now I’m told I have to wait 5-7 days to receive my order it didn’t take them but 3 days to ship me the wrong pair originally.

  • Earl Pridgen says:

    I was at rack room shoe in Crabtree mall and ask the girl for price check on a pair of shoe and telling her that there was no shoe box over there for price check so she get smart with me about it

  • Debbie Balassone says:

    i ordered a buy 1get 1free and one pair of boots was delivered to my house and for some reason, the other went to the store. All i want is the 2nd pair to be delivered to me but i was told id have to ship the pair i received back to you and then re order. That doesn’t make sense. Can i just get my free pair delivered to me? Why would i have to pay to ship back the boots that i want to keep, just to get them resent to me? Please help me with this. I just want the pair i didn’t receive. Order#

  • Grace Kim says:

    Hi I am a regular customer who has been shopping at the store and online for couple years (Probably bought more than 3000 pairs of shoes). Although there has been many times when Rack Room sends dirty, stained, pen marked shoes and sometimes shoes with a plain white box instead of New Balance or Nike, I somehow tried to understand.

    Well the experience my husband had with CELESTE who is a team leader of the Camarillo Outlet store is intimidating and very very un professional and I am sad that such a person like that would lead the team, because there are other good people at the store.

    We shop a lot in store and also online. MANY MANY times they send shoes with sensors on….. COMMON PPL do you guys not even check before sending???? I don’t think you do because if you did you would not send dirty shoes as if someone worn it for months and returned it and sell it at regular price.

    Well we received another new balance shoe with a sensor on and my husband headed over to the store to have it taken off.
    He arrived couple minutes passed 7pm.
    Apparently on google and yelp your store hours are 9:00pm.
    If you change it, UPDATE IT so people know…..
    People these days look up hours before they go….

    My husband was in front of the store, all lights were on two girls were working. Chitchatting and person had an earphone on which was CELESTE.

    My husband stood in front of door with the shoe showing the sensor and the two girls both saw him but ignored.

    Okay, we’ve been shopping at the store for years everyone knows our face. We were not there to purchase or do a return. If a person waits outside the door for that long, you can at least come and ask what they need and let them know your situation or handle the situation.

    Taking a sensor off takes 1-2 seconds. Is it our fault that you guys sent the shoe with a sensor???? We drove an hour there for that. Not knowing any situation my husband waited in front of the door for more then 30 minutes. For 30 minutes long the girls looked at him from time to time and laughed. We have it all filmed.

    Ok, Celeste then calls security and gets escorted out of the store, does not say a single word and couple minutes later three police officers come up to my husband in police car and lights at him.

    What did we do wrong? Why do you do false report.
    We have everything on camera. Police asked if my husband banged on the door if he was being aggressive. NOOOOO he was just filiming his youtube channel of how intimidating this situation was.
    But you know what happened later?
    The police heard what the situation and he took him to ROSS to take the
    sensor off which took less than 2 seconds. If you are working for a company as a team leader I think you should take more responsibility and also have better customer service or at least be able to lead the team.

    Just because someone is not fluent in english doesn’t give you the right to do false imagination report CELESTE.

    We are going to do what we can to teach you what you did was wrong

  • Patrice M Smith says:

    I order a pair of men air max on December 7 2021 way head before Christmas and I have not received the shoes or my money I am calling like every day they have not return money now am look for a good lawyer it was 98.21 sent

  • LaShawn Parr says:

    I experienced an above and beyond customer service experience from the store in Calhoun, GA. While Christmas shopping at the Calhoun Outlet Mall, I dropped my wallet and thought that it was lost forever. One associate noticed it on the sidewalk and brought it into the store. They right away turned it into Donna, the manager who took it as a personal job to locate me and get my wallet back to me. I appreciate that once she made contact she also asked me to verify certain information and content in the wallet to ensure she had the right person. This was above and beyond for her and her team to make sure I got my wallet back. I appreciate all their hard work and dedication it’s nice to see such wonderful customer service in a team.

  • SC says:

    I would greatly appreciate it if I could get someone to contact me back on the wrong item sent to me and for them to know how much this mess up had stressed me out with a teenage boy not being able to start his last year of basketball Monday because I can not afford another pair of shoesdo to being a single mother of 5 and get no support. Not being able to get in contact with someone and get this resolved has caused alot of problems and someone needs to contact me

  • Wesley Akers says:

    Your store manager at the orchard in Westminster,co store should be fired! She is a racist lady! I went into the store with my young boys to buy shoes. I went up to the counter to pay and noticed I left my wallet in the car so I kindly asked her if she could hold my shoes while I went out to get my wallet , she told me no ! I said your going to make me refind my shoes we picked out , she said yes and if you don’t like it don’t come back !!!!! I can’t believe a manager would tell a customer that in front of there kids. Clearly she doesn’t have kids and doesn’t know how hard it is shopping with the kiddos! That store clearly is not for families. My oldest son just happened to record this hole Incident on video and I will be sending it to FOX31 problem solvers and also posting onFacebook so everyone know s not to bring your kids to off Broadway shoe stores. I felt discriminated against by her!! i’m also going to file a complaint with the state of Colorado for the discrimination by her. I visited this store on 7/15/2021 at 5:00pm the video shows the discrimination!!! Absolutely terrible experience. My son even asked why was this lady so mean to us.

  • Monica Freeman says:

    Good afternoon, to all the Senior Staff of Rackroom shoes. I’m a team leader at store 764, I love my job at the store, but you all have no concern for us. Due to COVID-19 in 2020 we didn’t get any assistance a pay insensitive, other retailers paid their employees. Target and Marshall’s got pay insensitive for their employees. We made day,week, and month for March and April for 2021 and haven’t received a pay insensitive this year as of May 2, 2021. You all don’t want us sales associates/team leaders or managers to insure that customers still ware a mask, but we are still in harms way. You all aren’t worried about because you’re not in direct contact with customers, and the customer isn’t always right. This is the 3rd email/comment I’ve sent and no response. We all work together and as a team at store 764. Thank you Monica Freeman

    • Janet says:

      Well I see that they treat the employees like nothing. My son can’t even get a simple paper filled out. Rack Room sucks.

  • Robbie Vernon says:

    I was at the Trussville, Alabama location. I shop there often. I was there Tuesday night and I went to ask the associate a question and she answered but was very rude and short and turned and walked away from me. It was almost 8:45 and I wS trying to hurry. I know it closes at 9. I was the only customer in the store and she yelled across the room at me we close in 15 min as rude as ever. There were 2 ladies working. One on the register was not all that.nice but not near as rude as the one out on the floor. I never complain. N I get it I worked as a server for almost 20 years and know how some people can be but this lady obveously does not like her job otherwise there was no need in her being just that.bluntly rude for no reason other than it was almost closing time. I was going to be done and gone before the strick of 9.

  • Monica says:

    Your store located in Del Rio Texas is the worst in customer service! I was trying to do a return with receipt and she refused saying they were used shoes! I know I didn’t use them, like I told her your carpet is filthy I’ve taken shoes from here that look worn because they are dirty where ppl use them there. But she refused saying I know MY” STORE” is dirty because it’s 15 years old but not that dirty. The shoes are not worn! I just wanted a half size smaller, now I’m out $90 dollars and left with a pair of shoes I can’t wear!

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