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Octapharma Plasma
  • Address: 10644 Westlake Dr, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 704 654 4600
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 9,067
  • Established: 1983
  • Founder: Wolfgang Marguerre
  • Key People: Alice Stewart

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Octapharma Plasma Headquarters Executive Team

Alice StewartChief Operating Officer
Barry PomeroyVice President Finance
Bill GrinerSenior Director Optimization
Carole MichelsonSenior Director Operations
Monica ByrdSenior Director Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance
Bonnie CeranSenior Director of HR Corporate Training & Development
Andra JonesSenior Director Operations
Travis JansenSenior Director Operations
Tom HewittSenior Director Marketing & Donor Relations
Jason HancockDirector of IT

Octapharma Plasma History and Headquarters Information

Established in 1983 by Wolfgang Marguerre, Octapharm Plasma currently has over 9000 employees. It is a U.S. based company which deals in collecting, testing and supplying human blood plasma that is used to create medicines that treats millions of patients yearly.

Octapharma plasma operates more than 80 plasma donation centers nationwide. The mission of the organization is to ensure a safe, positive customer experience for valued donors while at the same time producing a supply of quality plasma steadily for therapies which improve the lives and health of the patients throughout the globe.

It is a subsidiary of Octapharma AG, which is headquartered in Lachem, in Switzerland.  Octopharma is among the largest human protein manufacturer in the globe. Its vision is in the passion that drives them to provide new health solutions to advance human life.

Octopharma is a family-owned business which has been invested to make a difference in the lives of people since its inception.  It is in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry headquartered at Charlotte, NC dealing in biotech, pharmaceuticals, biotechnical, healthcare, medical, plasma and biopharmaceuticals.

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Octapharma Plasma

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  • Lerra says:

    8602 W Brown Deer Rd
    Milwaukee, WI 53224
    United States location needs to be reported. People not helping new donors walking around not doing what they supposed to corporate need to put that store under investigation.

  • Allen Mills says:

    So i went to donate plasma at octapharma on 122 and powell and it would have been my 7th time as a new donor. So instead of getting the 100 i received 55. I hate needles and on my octapharma app it does not say the new donor had to be done in 35 days. So i was mad about the payment so i wasn’t very polite about how on the app it doesn’t say anything but on there computer it has all the information that should be on the app. I will never donate at octopharma again and ive been going there for over a year now.

  • R. Moore says:

    It is very sad that someone can not get in touch with a manager or supervisor at the local location. When trying to reach someone on the phone, the call center worker was very disrespectful and had the audacity to misgender after being told various time to stop. Someone from corporate needs to contact me asap!

  • Mario Jones says:

    I need someone from headquarters to reach out to me regarding an staff member at octapharma plasma in Monroe Louisiana.
    I was trying to inquire about some headphones that was need because I’m donating my plasma while laying on the bed. I was put on hold while she talk to another staff member about other matters outside her work place. Then when she attended her arm and finger to put me on hold I waited till she were done and she walked away without trying to see what I needed be sure I donate go as it should. Si when I seen she walked away I just said I’ll report it, and she said to me…. ( You said u gone do what… and she told me to call Bless; and walked away from me still unable to explain to her what problems I had. And I look at her walking away to 3 other staff members saying something that cause all three staff members to turn around all at the same time; as if she Said something smart about me that cause them to walk from my sight L.O.L, which is un professional in front of other donors. I been coming here for over 15 yrs and never felt that I’ll be looked over by an office staff. So I reached out to headquarters regarding this matter. Also that a staff member member running backwards and forth to the same person that made a statement to which is one of the three making jokes behind a wall every time she come from behind the wall she’s Laughing falling on the wall looking at me as if the conversation is being talked about in her office. Please review the center cameras to verify my complaint. My Gmail is posted and my cell phone number is 3188031453. Please contact me asap Ty

  • Sherri Wright says:

    Why are your employees so rude at the center in Louisville, KY. Bri always has an attitude and talks crazy to the donors, me being one of them! I have never been so infuriated donating plasma! I don’t think I’m coming back. Plus I work at a plasma center and we never treat our donors like that!

  • Mae Henline says:

    I need to speak to someone at the corporate office I had an issue at the location I go to and they said they can NOT fix the issue. Please contact me u

  • Awri Ogletree says:

    The center 1541 Little York road humble texist are turning people away. I’m a new donor I got here at 5 and they turned me away And I’m the 2nd person they got turned away

  • Marcus says:

    I’m at your Springfield IL site now and Been here for All of 2 1/2 hours, just for physical and only 3 workers here, this will be My last time here,they need to train at kedplasma, cause they are quick and no wait time like this, I feel sorry for people who donate here.

  • Sheila malone says:

    Jeoovany Becerra
    Was Racist yesterday. He had a attitude, then came over to tell me that another co-worker told him that I called him a name I said to myself are we playing he say she say, very unprofessional. I didn’t call him a name, the bottle is not as full. he’s very unprofessional, he didn’t want to give me my blood back because he was mad because of what the other lady said to him. So he deferred me on purpose, and didn’t give me all my money for my donation I had a almost full bottle of plasma I was on 80% he only gave me $35.
    I’m not happy with him and the way he handled his self. Not only was it him, his other coworker ganged up on me. That’s where the racism came in because they’re all Mexican and had something to say about something I didn’t say.
    This is the octapharm in Clovis California.

  • Thomas Loefke says:

    I need someone to explain to me why Octapharma card takes $1 off of my card every single day

  • jeffrey flores says:

    just made a donation today in spokane, wa your staff is childish and rude! kept saying keep your eyes open when i simply blinked then only paid me 5 dollars when supposed to be 65! i am a platinum donor for csl and switched to you on word of a friend but will now give word to all how horrible a place you operate! i called to discuss this issue only to receive further rudeness from whoever took my call and flat out denied fixing the problem . so now i will contact alice stewart coo and the rest of your corporate staff to get this issue resolved! you have no legal grounds to not pay me the 65 as said in writing . nowhere is there any exemptions for anything!

  • Anthony Floyd says:

    I want to plasma center in York. On Wednesday September 28th. During take blood it was high.i sat for 10 minutes,.staff called me to a room and stayed during the blood pressure process the girl hit the wrong button which caused me to be deferred. In which I’ve should’ve gotten full pay it wasn’t my fault talk to manager she stated their aren’t allowed to do that my name is Anthony Floyd phone number is 717 5100889 have a blessed day in Jesus name Amen 🙏

  • RW says:

    I have waited almost a month for 2 referral bonuses($200). I was told this was a corporate issue. Multiple tickets have been submitted. I tried to call corporate but they keep transferring me back to my local center. Some operator named Jen hung up on me when I called the corporate number after I asked to speak to someone regarding this matter.

  • Terome Thompson says:

    Tony the Center Director in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the newly hired one is a racist unprofessional idiot, and his own staff feels the same way. If you complain about him he’ll defer or fire you. Smh…

  • Alice McFadden says:

    I am a new donor in Lynchburg Virginia and it seems from the comments that I am reading, that all locations need to be evaluated by corporate. Severe staff shortages, extremely long wait times. It is taking longer each time I go to donated. Three to four hours is not acceptable as most of us have already worked a full day prior to coming to the donation center.

  • Ronisha N Cannady says:

    I was working at (4085 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76103) four months ago I have yet to receive my check from training. I decided this opportunity wasn’t for me because the employees talk about any and every one while we was training to the female that was training us so who wants work for a company like that and the female that was training us was talking about the employees also so I sent the manager a email because getting ahold to a manager is extremely hard because you have to say why and to me it’s nobody business as to why I want to speak with a manager. I left a review on Google and the manager finally called and told me she was going to look into where my check was at I never heard from her and it’s been 4 months so basically I worked a whole week for free not at all I need something to be done about this because I’m tired of calling and getting lied too so my next stis to call corporate and if that doesn’t work I will get a lawyer because this isn’t right and it’s ridiculous

  • Richard says:

    Octapharma ,Newport News location is underataffed and naarieeds management attention and extra compensation program for situations like these.

  • Brian Postell says:

    I have just recently made a donation today 08/01/22 thee Dunedin location and I was wronged in every shape and form your machines are faulty I don’t trust your machines and your staff who my situation poorly names are Jamison and Rachel at the Florida Dunedin location your machine wouldn’t return my blood cells my last 2 visits and and to add insult to injury it has been 2 hours and I have not yet received my donation money on my comdata card I’ve been told that it takes up to an hour but 2 hours unexcusable then I can’t donate for 56 days because of your machines and unprofessional staff members I’m requesting that someone from corporate needs to contact me asap if I do not receive my donation money for my time I will seek civil action

  • My phone says:

    Went to your octopharma at 1905th st Clair Cleveland Ohio each time it gets worse so this my last donation the employees are rude talk to u like u are beneath them and I work a good job just don’t want to borrow money they slow always under staffed that would not be so bad if there attitudes did not match this place needs some work

  • Kkkk says:

    You guys need to reevaluate your policy ! You guys are strictly non appointments based but EVERY SINGLE TIME I come I’m being turned away as a new donor. Or you guys decide you are going to close early or some dumb excuse! I even call early to make sure and they tell me you guys can just decide to change hours whenever. And then your employees be frustrated with me bc I miss one of the thousand signs on your door that say you are closing early today. This was my last resort to be able to pay rent and I don’t care if you guys want to call me broke but this was my last opportunity for something I’m desperate for and I am tired of your employees deciding to close early or just say no! I can’t even sign up on the app because I am a new donor. You guys say come early in the morning but I have kids work and things that have to be done so I’m only free after 2 5 hours early and it’s still not good enough. Your company or employees don’t understand how you can really negatively effect someone. I try to only come here because all the other places aren’t as good but I will be sure to let everyone know how you guys operate.

  • Tommie Powell says:

    Never donate very unprofessional and they don’t train staff correctly

  • Edward Gilroy says:

    Conroe TX location, is a joke that’s not very funny. Quincy Hickey needs to do what he says he’s going to do or find another occupation.

  • Tosha says:

    I worked for octapharma Cleveland Ave Columbus ohio
    I watched them turn away donors because it was close to closing time
    And have there family freely roaming through the center
    Un sanitary clean practices the didn’t clean the instruments like they were supposed to

  • Neil says:

    I have been out for over 3 weeks because of FedEx losing my blood sample or some other stuff. I think you should at least compensate 20 dollars for your wait time.

  • Marcus says:

    Does it take 3 plus damn hours to donate plasma. I have donated plasma all over the place and it has never taken me 3 hours. Even for my first time it didn’t take 3 damn hour

  • Marcus says:

    The plasma center in Houston Tx has to be the worst run business I have ever seen. I am a retired Army Sgt and I have been all the world and I have never seen a business ran like this before. You need to fire everyone

  • Lisa johnston says:

    Most rude, slowest people to get you in. No chairs for the hour long wait in line and yell at you for sitting on floor. Doesn’t matter that you just got off a 12 hr shift. And got shorted 25 at last donation

  • Marita Waller says:

    My name is Marita Waller I was calling to let you all know that I need to talk with someone about this something is happening in the Richmond Virginia branch on Hull Street I think conspiracy going on through there because my documents has been falsified and I need to talk with somebody for a legal action or someone get in contact with me at 8:04-878-4611 it’s very imperative that I get in touch with someone as soon as possible my number again is 804-878-4611 is Marita Waller and I have a conspiracy grieving against one of your head nurses in the whole street area please give me a call back when you get this message and I thank you very much please give me a call back I am in trauma and in grieving because of what she did too falsified documents that I can prove that the someone has falsified documents and made bad judgment against me please give me a call when you get this message is 804-878-4611 thanks and you be blessed

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