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The company was founded in the year 1958. The founder of this company is Salamon DeZara. The company has been currently active for more than 61 years now. A few years later after its founding date, carpet sales were added by the company and then in the year 1997, it launched its own TV jingle to expand its services beyond its Hispanic customer base and to compete with its largest competitor Empire. In the year 2012, it was owned by Empire Today. Headquarters: 20866 US-12, Lake Zurich, IL 60047, United States.

Luna Flooring is an American company which focuses mainly on providing Shop-At-Home experience which allows customers to view flooring samples with regards to the comfort of their own home with their furnishings. The company has Tina Binette as its current CEO.

Luna Flooring provides its services on a large variety of flooring options which includes stone, laminate, carpet, hardwood, etcetera. It also provides facilities for product and installation warranties as well.               

  • Danielle says:

    Awful horrible worst service ever!!!

  • Danielle says:

    Luna is the worst company ever as far as customer service they have zero . They charge you all this money for supposedly great carpeting and when your trying to get this unraveling great carpet fixed by them they refuse to fix it they expect you to pay them to fix this garbage carpet that you paid too much money for and they give you the worst customer service ever !!! Word of advice don’t waste your money on them it’s garbage carpet and horrible service!! Go to home depot or menards your better off!!!

  • Ree says:

    Luna is the most unprofessional horrible company I’ve ever dealt with. We had signed a contract for them to do a floors and our steps in March of 2022 and when they came to do a flooring and steps they said oh we did not know you were supposed to do the steps but it was in our contract so they went on and did I floors and it took until September to do our steps. Every time that I try to talk to someone I get different people and I could not get the correct answers. I asked if we can be compensated because there were family events that we had missed and they are saying that they can only do $75. Still trying to resolve this problem but I think that we will not get it resolved. I would not give a referral to none of my family or my friends for this company.

  • Richard H Wright says:

    Luna floors do not stand behind their products. I spent 3000 and received poor customer service! I would not recommend them to anyone!.

  • Theresa lanham says:

    I need the owener to contact me before they install my carpet in the morning at 900 am cause the sales Rap lied to me about the price so I’m going to be speaking to a Lawer if they don’t charge it. Theresa Lanham at 5405148409 or theresalanham@gmail.com or text me. There wanting me to pay 2600 when it’s on 1800 and I’ve already put 1000 down so please get in touch with me soon.

  • PBarkley says:

    I will not use or recommend Luna to anyone, not even my worst enemy. I had carpet laid, which was good, but there was so much carpet left over I could have carpeted another whole room or more. My question to them when I called to let them know was “did I pay for this left over carpet?” I was told by at least 3 people that I did not, but they wouldn’t give me the square footage that was measured for the work I needed done. So, they were not willing to show me as a customer that I did not pay for all this leftover carpet. I truly feel I did, so I’m done with them. Also, I am not sure why they have people come out to measure if it’s not going to be done right!!!

  • Jessica says:

    This company is absolutely horrid!!! Terrible customer service and terrible about getting someone back to finish the job properly! They take your money and can’t be bothered to return phone calls to rectify the issue!!! Never again will I use or Recommend this company to any one!!! They should be shut down permanently

  • Roxanne L Kaminski says:

    I’ve filed countless claims in regards to Lunas installers damaging my sons bed frame and the installers walking on our brand new carpeting with their filthy shoes after requesting them wear booties DURING A PANDEMIC. Their customer service is mediocre. Never referring another family or friend to them. They neglect to call me back, or email. Their communication is terrible. 0/10

  • Roseann davis Kenosha wisconsin says:

    Don’t go Luna they have terrible contractors ruined my house.2 days waiting to fix it no show again the woman I’ve been working with will not answer the phone.i paid cash whole thing worst company in history.

  • Roseann davis Kenosha wisconsin says:

    Luna is horrible work no show and last working with me won’t abser they can’t find the contractors I’ve been waiting 2 days no show they said Friday nobody today 8am nobody

  • A. Jackson says:

    Took our money. Still haven’t installed carpet after almost 1 month. Day-laborer installer showed up with wrong carpet, as well as inflating price (didn’t include our down-payment and was unwilling to correct the invoice). Horrible company..Horrible customer service…zero accountability…next stop BBB and legal intervention if necessary.

    • Jessica says:

      We had to take legal action!! You should as it worked for us!!! Good luck and I’m sorry you had to experience this!!!

  • Jen says:

    Luna WILL NOT fix their mistakes! This place is a joke. Our engineered hard wood flooring was installed so badly. I wish I could share a pic on here to show the spacing they left between boards and how it sinks in one area. We have used Luna 3 other times to install carpet and that seems to be all they are capable of doing. They left a mess the last time but at least it was installed fairly decent. After calling, they did send the installers out a month later to fix it. But they did absolutely nothing and told my husband it was the material we chose and blamed it on the sales person saying he shouldn’t have sold us that type of material. Here it is 3 months later and they have done nothing. I have called several times, spoke to a supervisor I think her name is Latisha (she is no help) to no avail. Our kitchen remodel is at a stand still all because of LUNA! If they think they are keeping my $5300, they are mistaken! I will NOT stop until they fix it! Needless to say, we will NEVER use Luna again and neither should you.

  • Iris Stubblefield says:

    This is a horrible company. They don’t have any one in charge. They have poor customer service. They had the wrong floor twice. I have never seen anything like this. I am happy they didn’t do the work or call me back. I will get a real company to install my floor.

    • Roseann davis Kenosha wisconsin says:

      Same here they put wrong trim cut my outlets plates off and made big holes in my wall super glued my laminate fown.nobody will help me.no show sat.or today at 8am waited Friday all day no show now today.im sick I paid them in full too.

  • Vera harris says:

    Horrible customer service also received Horrible installation. Also have several holes in my wall from the carpet getting installed.Took my money for trim unable to get refunded because nobody never came out to do the work. Time to CALL NBC RESPOND CHICAGO.customer service is train to lie that someone will get back with you within 24 hour. This is a bad company to do business with. Wish I had read the reviews first would not be going threw this.

  • Kerry Johnson says:

    Very disappointed and horrific experience. We used Empire several years ago and were delighted with our hardwood floors and experience. When we put our house up for sale in May we needed to replace our carpets and decided to go with Luna (same company). What a terrible mistake! Our sales rep was very good and were initially impressed with the prompt service. That was the end of the good experience. The installation was TERRIBLE! The installers did a LOT of damage to our home. First they carpeted over a heat/register and we had to have it cut out and fixed, then there were multiple areas of our freshly painted walls that were dinged and scraped that had to be patched and painted before our house went on the market. They also damaged a Bassett nightstand that is part of a bedroom suite. Lastly, they left a big mess in our basement with carpet remnants, garbage, and staples all over the floor. We have dogs and walk around in our bare feet and could have injured ourselves. I reported this soon after it happened and the customer service/supposed “claims” persons perpetually delayed responding to my requests to address the damages. I provided details of what was damaged in a timely fashion as well as photos. Finally today I got a response today (after almost 2 months) that the installers “denied” that they did the damage and was offered a “courtesy” 100$ credit. I sincerely believe this was a tactic to see if I would give up and just stop bothering them. At this point I believe my only remedy will be to take them to small claims court and after reading all the other comments I can’t say I am hopeful that anything will be done to address. Very very disappointed.

  • wfhulley@gmail.com says:

    On the evening of July 13th 2021 7:05 pm we had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a Luna rep named Vanessa, who worked out of the Luna Texas call center. Vanessa was ruide, short and dismissed our issue – concerns about installation promises that were made. When I asked to speak with Vanessa’s supervisor who is named Jarna, in the Texas call center, Vanessa told us it would take 3-5 business days before we would get a call back. When we did not accept that 3-5 excuse, Vanessa then put us on an extended hold period which last six minutes. We sincerely hope Luna finds better customer sensitive agents who provide a warm customer experience. What we paid for versus what we told and experienced is different.

  • Lillian B says:

    Horrible customer service! Three no call no shows from an installer that that was supposed to repair my base boards and flooring. Customer service just kept saying someone will call you and unable to give us a time frame of when the installer would be at my home. The installer did not answer any of the repeated calls made to them from customer service. On the fourth rescheduled appointment for repairs the installer arrives with no tool and materials to fix the issue. Husband previously spoke with Helen Brown who assured us she was sorry and would fix the problem. I have tried reaching her numerous times, but her voicemail is full for this past week. Very disappointed with this service and will NOT be using or recommending Luna to anyone. UNACCEPTABLE. Next step is going to BBB.

  • Lauri says:

    Horrible customer service. Horrible installation job on my floors. Ruined my curtains with floor glue. Have blown me off for over a year now and floors are buckling. Time to call NBC Responds Chicago. Done dealing with this horrible company

  • T Pender says:

    My service has been horrible also. We just had floors laid a week ago and the contractor did not bring enough material to finish the job. They have been back to my home five times now and each time they brought the wrong material to install. They send a different contractor on today and he pointed out several flaws in our floors. We have tried to get someone on the phone but no one has been able to assist us. This will be the last time we use Lunar services.

  • Bob Bogart says:

    My wife and I have had the worse experience with Luna this past week.
    We’re in the process of remodeling our kitchen which we needed to logistically have several parties (demolition, painters, electricians, plumbers, appliances and as important flooring)come together in a timely fashion. As we got the the flooring phase that was scheduled weeks in advance for Thursday we were told it wouldn’t happen and was pushed to Friday. That was disturbing but acceptable.
    When the installers showed on Friday they informed us they only had about half the square footage required and weren’t informed they needed to level the floor. As you can imagine we were shocked and disappointed. After several hours of waiting for Customer Service to call back we went ahead and contacted a second party who was nice enough to assist in out time sensitive project.
    As we did hear from CS as we were offloading our newly purchased product we were told they could reschedule next Tuesday or Wednesday.
    UNACCEPTABLE. We had a contract for over $4k of which Luna did acceptable work but when it came time for the kitchen floor Luna fell short of there contract.
    Please do the right thing and compensate us for our troubles. Look forward to communication soon.

  • Katie says:

    I am so horrified at these reviews. I recently placed an order with Luna. I’ve been getting such a run-a-round! I paid $1900 to guarantee a quote for vinyl flooring. When I called to get an install date I was told the order was cancelled! After reading these reviews maybe I should just try to get my $1900 back and walk away with the balance due of $5,700. My question is how is it that BBB is allowing the company to continue ripping people off!!

  • Kerin says:

    Still waiting for refund for curtains they got glue all over and for them to repair the scratches on the non scratch floor they sold me. Next step is going to BBB and then ABC News

  • Cheryl Griffith says:

    I’ve been waiting for over a month for a 4100 refund for a down payment on floors the installers said wouldnt work. So I cancelled and am.still waiting.

  • Yahaida Torres says:

    Horrible service. I paid $15,000 for horrible floors and service. Took 2 weeks to complete installation because they didn’t bring enough materials when they started the job. Left my house a complete mess for 2 weeks and didn’t clean up. I had to move furniture, clean up their mess. Clean garage due to them using my garage to cut. They never covered up anything. Was told to fill in discolored floors with a sharpy. Never replaced cracked pieces just filled with caulk and colored in with a sharpy. Did I mention I also have an inch hole on ground that I now have to figure up how to cover because Luna didn’t install correctly. Spoke to Helen Brown who assured me she was sorry and would fix the problem but did nothing but offer the same person to come back and fix my floors. Why start a job without all the materials and why makes us wait 2 weeks to complete a job but are quick to take our money. Also why do I want the same person coming back to fix my floors seeing as he wasn’t fixing them when I told him and complained daily. Was offered $150 discount for my inconvenience when I first complained which was day 2 and Nothing 2 weeks after installation was completed and I stated I wasn’t satisfied with my installation. Even sales person stated he couldn’t believe Luna is doing nothing for my issue. That it wasn’t my fault.

    • Sonja Warren says:

      Good morning. I totally agree with you. They are the worst. Had carpet installed on June 2nd which was incompleted. I’ve put in 5 calls including today and have not received a returned call. Now I’m going to contact a lawyer.

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