Where is Louis Vuitton Corporate office Headquarters

Louis Vuitton Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 151 West 34th Street, 1st Floor, New York, NY 10001, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 212-355-1011
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 1,50,000
  • Established: 1987
  • Founder: Louis Vuitton, Alain Chevalier, Henri Racamier
  • Key People: Bernard Arnault (CEO)

Louis Vuitton Headquarters Location & Directions

Louis Vuitton Headquarters Executive Team



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About Louis Vuitton, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Laura Myers says:

    Hi….I purchased a LV handbag from the LV USA website. I never received the handbag because UPS lost it. I called and emailed numerous times to find out when I would receive my refund from LV and I could not get an answer from the LV advisors….I then contacted Paypal to see if they could assist me….I am now being told that I can no longer order online because of the dispute (my online account has been flagged) which was in no way my fault. I was told by an advisor that I could not get my account unflagged….please help me…I would like to order LV online….I do not have a LV store near me. Thank you

  • Catrena L. Chattman says:

    Thank You for Accepting My Emails.
    Dear Mrs. Barbara Corcoran,
    I’ve been receiving plenty of scam emails lately.
    One had stuck out specifically because I’ve been sending designers and investors my business plan in order to propose investors and raise funds  for my very small business in Dallas, Texas.
    Well, I heard what had happened to you and I wanted to just share information and possibly repel these scammers  who’d obviously pray on either rich or poor people.
    This is what they sent to me …
    YOUR$2 million Donation from
    Mr,Bernardarnault _Foundation
    fedricksanchez [email protected]

    Although, I never asked, approached or proposed Mr. Arnault at the Louis Vuitton Corporation/ Foundation  to be an investor for my business,  I thought possibly, someone may have forwarded my business plan to the company.
    They claimed that Mr. Arnault was in the hospital and could not manage his own affairs.
    And then, the scammers asked me for $250.00 for postage to send an ATM card to my address from the Arnault Foundation.
    I believe you may be able to help the Louis Vuitton family from being targeted, in similar situations, such as yours and mine.
    I just don’t believe that I have the energy nor the power to bring these jive-turkeys down to their knees. Smile! 🙂
    Thank You Kindly Mrs. Corcoran & Mrs. Arnault,
    Take Care.
    Copyright © 2020 S.Concierge.VIP

  • Patricia LaMarca says:

    I am a 64 yr old terminally ill woman who raised 4 kids alone with no help. My beautiful granddaughter Mackenzie begged me to get her the neverfull LV mono handbag with red inside, can you please see it in your heart to help me make my gorgeous granddaughter happy? I reported over 60 people using your knock off handbags on FB marketplace gotten threatened called every name in the book and reported them. Can you please send me this handbag for my grandaughter or mail it directly to her from me. My name is Anne LaMarca 6315674907 or at least give me a discount? as a reward???I live alone and am very good at this job as well(something to consider) <3
    Live on SS. and live alone, I would love being a narc for you guys, please call me back to let me know one way or another. I'm dying to give this neverfull LV MM purse with the red interior to my grandaughter pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. I will work for free to find people stealing your trademark on the internet <3 love you guys. My address is 1145 middle rd. Apt 5D, Riverhead NY 11901 Thank you for everything. Please give this to the boss.

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