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  • Address: 21531 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48124, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 313-322-9600

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 1000+

  • Established: 1917

  • Founder: Henry M. Leland, Wilfred Leland

  • Key People: James Hackett (CEO)

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James Hacket


Robert L. Shanks


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About Lincoln Motor, History and Headquarters Information

Lincoln Motor is one of the most popular companies when it comes to luxury car brands in America. It was established back in 1917 by Henery M. Leland and Wilfred Leland. It recently has its headquarters in Dearborn in Michigan state with the present CEO James Hackett and has an employee strength of over 1000 employees at present. Whenever you plan of luxury vehicles with customised designs, Lincoln is one of the major brands that will come to your mind. It has maintained the quality of service over the years and successfully built a huge chain of satisfied customers so that they can remain in the market for a longer period. Besides design, the company has always paid great attention to safety features like installing the best quality airbags in their vehicle and also using the best possible material to build the body of all its vehicles.

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  • TW says:

    To Mr.James Hackett (CEO),

    I was an excited owner of a 2022 Lincoln Corsair on 1/24/2022. To date I am a regretful and frustrated owner of a 2022 Lincoln Corsair.

    I am regretting buying a Lincoln because of the troubles I have experienced with a new car that is less than two years old. My first problem begin with my computer monitor freezing and unable to turn off the radio, unable to see the backup camera and use bluetooth to make a phone call. My next problem occurred within 24 hours of the monitor freezing, that was the driver seat not saving memory and moving backwards upon entering and starting the car. Every time I entered the car I would have to adjust the seat. I had to deal with the seat problem for over a month. I dropped my car off at the dealer I purchased it from and they kept the car for 9 days trying to figure out the problem. Two months later, I had the same problem with the driver seat but this time a new problem, the lift gate to open the trunk malfunctioned. I could not open the lift gate from the inside, using the remote or from the latch. This problem resulted in me missing a shuttle at the airport because I couldn’t open the trunk to get my luggage out(how embarrassing!). Once again I took my car back to the dealer this time for them to keep my car another 7 days. One month later I discovered a leak on the front passenger side and the driver seat returning to malfunction again. As of today, my car has been in the shop at the dealer for 26 days.

    Due to the headaches, frustration and problems, I have purchased a LEMON and would like for Lincoln to make things right by purchasing this car back. I need to purchase a more reliable car. I am a commuter, often on the highway by myself. Once I get my car back I don’t feel safe being a woman and commuting in my Lincoln Corsair.

    I hope this inquiry does not get overlooked or filed away. Please contact me to discuss my request to buy your car back.

  • RD says:

    There is no cohesive ethical standard of behavior vetted by Lincoln as it pertains to pricing and practices of Lincoln Service Centers. Each dealer in every town in America does what they want without any consideration of the practices that Lincoln has put in place because there are no repercussions for violating better business practices. A simple diagnostic check on a known problem can range from $1,200 to $260 based on two dealers located 30-miles apart.

    Mr. Hacket speaks of building partnerships between employees so that they may work together to solve problems more efficiently; an idea he most likely picked up from a 2:00am airing of The History Channels “Why Do Planes Crash” a TV show I also enjoy.

    The problem is that there is no effort from Mr. Hacket to build partnerships with the dealerships that his customers reluctantly visit in their home town. Mr. Hacket is stuck in a bubble of wealth and privilege at his young of 27 in the headquarters in Dearborn MI. There has been no attempt to visit the rest of the county and see first hand how business is done on a local basis. Until then, Mr. Hacket will continue to pontificate as to his woes, while sipping champaign at his private golf club. Short of hiring me as a senior consultant.

    In the last 24-months; Lincoln’s stock has plummeted from $75 to $25 per share. If the U.S. economy has so much as a hick-up, Lincoln will cease to exist.

    If I were to be hired by Lincoln, I would drive my MKC to every dealership in the county as the “Every-Day American” explaining the greater good of all of us abiding by the same rulebook. If Baseballs’ Major League and Nation League did not abide by the same rules: there would be no Baseball.

    • Donna Padgett says:

      You stated that you would drive a MKC every day, fyi, I have 2019 MKC Lincoln with less than 20, 000 miles on and it has a recall on it, that could catch fire sitting. I’ve been told to park it. I can’t due to medical conditions and I have to be at doctors offices, and have only 1/3 of one kidney function! I’ve been dealing with this recall going on 3 weeks now, to get no where. I’ve spoken to the general manager at the dealership where I bought it and nothing is been done. I’ve spoken to approximately 15 or more individuals who work at Lincoln, in Central Florida, Frisco Texas, Houston Texas, and the financial department in Michigan, Philippine parts recall center to have them reconnect me to Central Florida. Nothing is being Done, as of 9/22/23.
      I’ll never own or buy anything from Lincoln again! I have addresses to Dearborn Michigan, E-fax, etc. I’ve documented everything, and someone will be hearing from me, if I have fly into Dearborn Michigan.

  • Amy Ortiz says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to express my deep frustration and disappointment with the ongoing mechanical issues that have been plaguing my 2019 Lincoln Navigator, which is under warranty. To date, I have had to have the engine replaced on 4.25.23 followed by transmission replacement. Please see below dates and workorders and total time my vehicle was in the dealership for repairs.

    3.2.23- 4 .18.23 ro# 2638289
    4.25.23- 5.8.23 ro# 2639911
    6.2.23-6.28.23 ro# 2641057
    8.8.23-8.21.23 ro# 2643244

    Total days at dealership 102 and more to come due to recent event on 9.16.23.

    More recently, on 09/16/2023, the driver’s dash displayed an icon of a wrench and refused to shift as I was driving my family on a highway. Shortly after, my vehicle began emitting smoke and a pungent odor, which was alarming and extremely inconvenient. Due to being a weekend and dealership closed I scheduled a tow into Parks Lincoln on 9.18.23.

    As someone who paid $60,000 in cash for this vehicle in January 2023, I expected to enjoy a robust and reliable driving experience for years to come. Instead, I have found myself mired in ongoing mechanical issues that have disrupted my life and caused significant inconvenience. To make matters worse, when I approached Thomas (the salesman) and his manager for help, they offered me two options that I can only describe as a slap in the face. One option was to accept a check for $45,000 and LEASE a new Navigator for $2,220 a month for 36 months, or accept a check for $43,000 and call it even.

    This is not acceptable. The idea that a vehicle worth $60,000 could so quickly fall apart from day one of my purchase is deeply distressing, and the offered solutions are wholly inadequate. For one, a payment of $45,000 means that I would still have to spend several thousand dollars more to lease a new Navigator and be on the hook for monthly payments of $2,220 for the next three years – all while facing the prospect of similar mechanical issues with the new vehicle. Alternatively, accepting a check for $43,000 is frankly insulting given the enormous investment I made in this vehicle in the first place.

    I am writing to request an immediate resolution to this situation. I am tired of having to bring my vehicle to the dealership time and time again for repairs. I have experienced a significant loss of value in this vehicle and have not even been able to drive it for the amount of time I expected to get. I believe that the dealership should either replace my vehicle with a brand new, identical model; offer me a full refund of my $60,000 purchase price; or make other arrangements to compensate me adequately for the emotional and financial distress that their subpar vehicle has caused me.

    I am aware that the dealership provides excellent service to many customers, but in my specific case, the vehicle that I purchased appears to be defective and has caused me much grief. I hope that you take my concerns seriously and work diligently to resolve this situation before I am forced to take further action. I do not want to have to resort to social media or other negative feedback forums, but I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that my voice is heard, and my concerns are addressed.

  • Stuart Wilson says:

    8/7/23 Planet Lincoln/Ford Spring Tx.: 2017 Lincoln Mkc Reserve: Refuse to honor their recall letter with loaner car; no charge. No parts to fix problem and maybe by the end of the year 2023 ?

    Summarizing: Dated June 2023 Safety Recall /electrical issue and could heat up and short out, possible create an engine fire. Fire could happen while sitting, not running. Keep parked away from house/ garage or any structure as it could ignite. WOW So I opt for the free loaner. Called and had to explain what I was talking about???? They didn’t know. Good start. They’ll get back to me: Never did or answer my calls after/ thinking they blocked my number? Called Ford that’s connected to Lincoln: Lady was rude as could be, will Call me back. Didn’t 3x more I called. Finally answers after I called Lincoln concierge 2x. No loaners, but you find a rental at $40.00 or less a day, or I pay for the rest and she kind of laughs (thinking I won’t find one). This has been 10 days now. Freaking out about a possible fire. I find a car $40.00 a day. Now she says I have to bring in my car to see if it qualifies???? Are we in a contest? and that could take probably 3 weeks or more and they will not pay for the rental, till after my car is checked out. Letter has my vin # on it, don’t matter.??? So at this point: vacations had planned for the summer, GONE In the letter they are very concerned about your safety and comfort while this issue is being resolved. RIGHT
    I don’t drive unless necessary. Real comfort. 4th car purchased from Lincoln Corp/ 1 from Ford. No more.
    Stuart W.

  • Stacie Fabre says:


    Apple Ford

    8800 Stanford Blvd.

    Columbia, Maryland

    Subject: Complaint Regarding Poor Customer Service and Unreturned Calls

    Dear Mr. Ford Curtis,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with the level of customer service I have encountered at your dealership, specifically with one of your staff members. I visited your dealership on 8.1.2023 with high expectations of professional and courteous service, but unfortunately, my experience fell far short of these expectations.

    The primary issue I encountered was with Donnie or Dontrez (name listed on LinkedIn)? whom I initially interacted with during previous visits. Despite leaving several messages and voicemails, I contacted the main number at 410-290-1100 and explained to a female service rep that my phone call was not being returned. She indicated that Donnie was on vacation but that she would personally relate the message. She also indicated some additional information regarding the recall. She was very helpful. Shortly thereafter I received a call from Donnie who said that he was returning my message. His tone was very un-professional, aggressive, and somewhat defensive. He stated that he had not received any messages from me during the last two weeks. I indicated that I left several voice mails whereby the initial rep stated that they would connect me with the Lincoln service dept. On one occasion they indicate that Donnie was out to lunch, and he would call me back. I also called the 443-205-2152 number which had a voice response indicating that this is Donnie. After about two weeks I realized no one returned my call and that I was tired of parking my car in the street instead of the garage. Additionally, it was constantly dirty and getting bird droppings. I was also concerned that somewhat would break into the car because this has been an issue in the Columbia area. This has not been the only time that I have had problems with the service department before-the primary issue was not returning my call. In Dec of 2021/2022 when I had my car serviced, I dropped it off and needed a pickup. Well, after calling several times; no one ever contacted me to tell me that the service was complete. It wasn’t until after 5 or 6 that I was able to reach someone. Finally, someone called me back that evening and said that they would have someone pick me up and that I was the last pickup. This has not been the first time that I have not received a call back in response to a customer service question or issue. A prompt response to customer inquiries is a basic courtesy that I expect from any reputable establishment.

    Furthermore, during this conversation I stated that Apple Customer Service is horrible, I guess because I expect better service and that I have gotten more professional service from other Lincoln dealers. During this conversation he was very combative, and I stated that I’m not just going to come here then, and I continued to express my concerns about the quality of customer service at your dealership. Instead of addressing my concerns professionally, Donnie questioned why I would visit the department if I believed the customer service was poor. This response was both dismissive and disrespectful, as it insinuates that I should not expect better service from your dealership. It is disheartening to encounter such an unhelpful and unprofessional attitude from a member of your staff. I stated that I come here because it’s within 3 miles of my home and that the next dealership is about 10-15 miles away and very convenient.

    As a loyal customer, I have chosen to visit your dealership in the past due to its reputation and the quality of service I have experienced on previous occasions. However, this recent encounter has severely tarnished my perception of your dealership, and I now question whether I can continue to trust your establishment with my automotive needs.

    I understand that misunderstandings and lapses in customer service can occur, but it is essential for your dealership to take customer feedback seriously and address these issues promptly. I expect a thorough investigation into the lack of response from Donnie/Dontrez and a clear explanation of why my inquiries were left unanswered.

    Additionally, I request that appropriate measures be taken to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future. This may include retraining staff members on customer service best practices and instilling a customer-centric culture within your dealership.

    I sincerely hope that you will consider my complaint as an opportunity to improve your dealership’s customer service standards and regain the trust of customers like myself. I look forward to receiving a response within [reasonable timeframe, e.g., 10 business days] detailing the actions taken to address these issues.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I trust that you will handle this complaint with the utmost professionalism and work towards improving your customer service.


    Stacie Fabre

  • Tina Dawn says:

    We have been Lincoln customers for over 14 years. Will never drive a Lincoln again! Corsair has been nothing but trouble since day 1. Concierge team was always helpful in the past, now has no knowledge of car or customer service. Two seniors stuck in sweltering heat because car would not start! Turns out battery in key fob was dead! Three concierge and no one knew of failsafe. After 2 hours u-tube told us what to do! Red carpet lease only takes your money, help or benefits!

  • Debra Thompson says:

    I have a Lincoln continental Black label 2018 and I had a recall on my backup camera and my dealership keeps telling me that they do not have the parts why cant they get the part and then they said they did not have the equipment to put it in?
    Can you shed some light on this for me please.
    My camera is very foggy looking and hard to see out of it

  • Tony sasser says:

    Newest commercial “santuary” got me excited to test drive until I saw it was ev……will never buy one of those

  • LANNY M COVEY says:

    I will NEVER own an electric vehicle!!!!!!!!

  • Diana says:

    My name is Diana. This is regarding service of my vehicle through ESP warranty. Lincoln better fix the problems I ran into before it’s too late, I’am giving you last chance to make it right. The case number is 39006938, there you can find my contact and I expect someone reliable to give me a call and resolve the issue that way there will be no consequences.

  • Vernon Horn says:

    I have called about my car on numerous times to no avail.
    I talk with SUPERVISOR EMILY and jacobs whe lied to me.

    My car was dropped off at Stamford ct.OVER 3 weeks ago.I have not heard anything from dealership no loaner,no help this not right

  • Jenny says:

    Purchased a 2022 Lincoln Corsair March of this year. In August I found that my driver and passenger seat were coming apart. Two weeks later my middle console fell apart. Parts were ordered and on back order. September 15 2022 while driving on the interstate to work my panoramic sunroof sporadically exploded causing physical harm to me and the interior of my vehicle. Roadside assistance provided by Lincoln towed my vehicle to the dealership where the Lincoln concierge Sharon Hurd confirmed with the body shop that my sunroof explosion was a manufacturer defect and I was approved for a 30 day rental. 3 weeks later Sharon redacted her statement and said the sunroof exploding and collapsing was a cause of an outside source and to file with my insurance as it is not covered by the warranty. All I requested was replacement of the vehicle as it is clear the current vehicle is dangerous and poorly manufactured. Request was denied and fault was redacted to be placed on me the purchaser. Highly disappointed.

  • Brenda says:

    Had my aviator at Asheville Lincoln for a sunroof repair. The service department Rich M was the most unhelpful employee. He would not return my calls.. lied about what was going on with my vehicle. Took three weeks to get back

  • Kaye Francis James says:

    I want to know if I just replace the module will fix the fan’s problem they are not running and it’s causing my 2013 Lincoln MKX to
    overheat I have not had any problems with this truck it started out with ac blowing hot air and the back to cold then Sunday it overheated

  • Gail says:

    Your commercial with the moon is a great advertisement. Creative.

  • Gerald Allen says:

    I purchased a 2019 Lincoln Navigator. The vehicle is 3yrs old and I drove my family from Louisana to Arkansas for a family vacation on July 22 needless to say the transmission went out and we were stranded. I had to find a ride to Memphis Tennessee to get a rental. I left my vehicle at Red River Fordin Wynne Arkansas. To this day they haven’t looked at it and we are still without a vehicle. This has put a total strain on me. How can a transmission go out in less than 3yrs and why not help me with a rental

  • Cheryl Jenkins says:

    I purchased a certified 2015 MKS because of the service promised in the package and the good service reviews at the East West Hwy branch in Landover Hills, MD. However, I am having a problem with the manager, John, at this branch. John will only service new cars. I put my name on the loaner car list in May 2022 and cannot get service. It is now August 10, 2022. John said that as long as newer cars request service, he will always bump me off the loaner car list. He went on to say that it may be the end of the year or next year before he gets to my car. Meanwhile, I have had to drive with a clunking noise that sounds like something is falling out the bottom of my car. I would like for a general manager or headquarters to intervene to correct these poor management practices. Customers with older cars should not have to wait until all new cars are serviced before obtaining service.

  • Dexter says:

    Just drove my 2008 Lincoln navigator 2000 miles from nyc to destin Florida and back…

  • Gladys P Abernathy says:


  • Kelley Reader says:

    I own a 2017 LincolnMKX. I have owned several Lincolns prior. If Lincoln would offer a midsize hybrid suv I would buy it. However without seeing one in the near future I am beginning to shop for an alternative.

  • Paul says:

    I was contacted by Lincoln Ford to return my lease early for an upgraded model at the same monthly price I was paying, $427. By the time I left the dealership with the new deal and vehicle in place, I ended up paying $457 a month. I felt lured in and lied to. The dealership, Dana Motors, Ltd, clearly needed my vehicle and lied to me to get me in there. I contacted them about this recently and they told me that I signed off on the deal and if I had a problem, I should’ve said something at the time. At the time of the sale, I did mention it to them, mind you, this was hours after being there and being sold on a new car with all the attractive ambience and new excitements around that new car-moment. They got me in the dealership and changed their story. Adding insult to injury, I returned the vehicle (payoff date) on December 20, 2021. I had already made a payment for that same vehicle more than two weeks earlier, on December 4th. I paid for a vehicle for 16 days that I no longer had in my possession, in the amount of $427, in addition to the new car I was contacted to upgrade to $457. My original Lincoln MKC was a great car with 10,000 miles on it with a year left to go on a 39,000 mile lease. It was in great shape. It was barely driven due to the lack of utilization and confinements of Covid and Dana Motors is well aware of that. They had a need for the car and lied to get me in there. I only returned the car because THEY contacted me about a better vehicle at the same price. I had no idea I would be paying $30 more a month and having one month where I paid almost $900. Moreover, we have since noticed a burning smell coming from the engine of the newly leased vehicle. My family have been leasing vehicles from Dana Lincoln for 20+ years. They have always been accommodating until now. The lack of support and collegiality has been very frustrating. I’ve called the dealership and customer service multiple times without a shred of possible appeasements. We are, to this point, very disheartened and unlikely to continue our reliability on, and relationship with, Lincoln Ford and Dana Motors.

  • Pat marchbanks says:

    I ordered a aviator January haven’t heard anything they cashed my deposit check When I ordered they told me 4to6weeks now they know nothing . Can you help

  • Arthur S. Freeman says:

    I purchased a new 2018 MKZHY from Hennessey Lincoln June 29 2018. The passenger side safety belt jammed requiring cutting the belt to free my wife. I live 2 hours from Hennessey Lincoln in Greensboro GA. I called Service/Parts and made a appointment. Upon arrival after 3 hours I was told they did not have the necessary part and would have to order it. They said they would call me when they received the part. I never heard from them . They claimed that they sent a message with the part number to a Lincoln/Ford service/parts dealership in Athens GA. The Athens Ford dealership could not order the part as they are not a Lincoln dealership so I needed to return to Hennessey. I tried to call the Service Manager but never getting him to answer my calls.

  • JoEllen Williams says:

    I have a 2015 Lincoln mkc black label with 53 thousand miles and my transmission has gone bad I am getting nowhere with your corporation or dealership in westlake Ohio I have found through research that there is a problem with the transmission with this model please address TS-18-2328 bulletin on a defective part that more than likely caused the problem which should then be the responsibility of Lincoln corporation to repair and replace my transmission to no cost to me please respond to me as I have been without my my vehicle for 5 weeks now thank you my phone number 1-440-897-0038

  • Richard Bennett says:

    Local lincoln dealer changed air conditioner filter in which some stones fell into blower than told me I had to pay for it. Lincoln corporate agree with them, I had no problem with the blower and when I argued with nye ford in Oneida ny service man Jim told me if I didn’t like it to go to a different dealer. Awful upset over this I’m 81 and cannot afford to fix there negalence. 19000 miles on my mkz. Richard Bennett

  • Roland Priest says:

    to the CEO of lincoln motor the phone no# listed on this website is WRONG
    the right no# is 18005214140
    I am calling about my 2020 Lincoln Nautilus it only has 8700 miles on it it only 8 mouths the SUV be in the shop over 4 times for issue.

  • Amy S. says:

    Can someone please contact me? I am at a loss of what to do next. I’ve submitted BBB complaints and I just feel as though I continue to get screwed by Lincoln. I need to speak with someone regarding all the details of my case. Please email me. Thank you.

  • juan martinez says:

    i juan martinez from west point lincoln in houston texas have a cocaine problem as well as being an alcoholic which has led me to trade company parts for marijuana and cocaine for the past ten years i also have used company money, company parts, company labor and time to fix my families and currently as we speak fixing my lovers car on company money just thought youll should know the truth about me i am prepared to take drug test and i know i am loosing my job because i have waited alot of company money in parts and labor over the past 20 years while working at west point buick and west point loncoln this is my confession oh i also had an affair whick the formal female employee just recently and lied about it! That’s it that’s my confession I probably did other things that were totally wrong and that probably cost of your money and I’m sorry but I’m on alcoholic and I’m a drug attic I do expect to be cleaning out my desk today and that’s no problem I prepared myself for this situation thank you Juan Martinez of west point lincoln

  • Kimberly says:

    2021 Lincoln Corsair – I loved everything about this vehicle until it died 3 weeks after leasing it- while I was driving!

    10/18/21- took it off the lot with 7 miles I put on it while test driving it.

    11/16/21- 902 miles.
    died while driving to the Verrazano bridge in Brooklyn. The car wouldn’t move forward and there was a horrible sound of gears grinding. My Lincoln App fired off that there’s a powertrain failure.
    The car wouldn’t move forward and it was towed to Dana Lincoln in Staten Island who two weeks later still cannot tell me when a mechanic can look at the transmission because they have other cars on the lifts waiting for parts so they can’t tell me an ETA when mine will be assessed.

    The next day the second payment came out of my account and I don’t have my car!

    Opened a case with corporate and they can’t let me out of my lease and into a new vehicle until a mechanic looks at the car. They’ve been in touch with Dana Lincoln who can’t give them an ETA either.
    Another corporate rep tells me my car is off the lot with minimal mileage and I should be able to be put into a new Corsair and needed a manager to call me back. No manager has called back and I emailed the rep 3x and left multiple messages but no response yet. Another corporate rep says a manager will contact me tomorrow but I doubt it.

    Filed a lemon law with NYS but it was denied because the dealership has to make 4 attempts to fix it first. But they don’t have anyone to work on it yet.


    • Sandra Hooper says:

      I totally understand your predicament. My MKC has been a lemon from the get go; At 34,000miles, it had to have a new engine. At 70,000 miles, powertrain issue led to new transmission. Now at 75,000 miles, the engine light is on and its a Turbo Charger Failure. The dealerships response: “Drive until it goes into “Limp Mode”, where you will then have to tow it in.” I will NEVER purchase another Lincoln, and neither will I purchase a FORD, due to this local dealership. Additionally, they cannot see my car for one month. So goes the family vacation we planned.

    • Tina Dawn says:

      Kimberly, We too have a 2021 Corsair which has been nothing but problems since day 1. Yesterday my husband and I got stuck in sweltering heat for over 2 hours because the key fob battery appeared to have died! After 2 hours tube told us what to do to star the car! Three concierge calls and no one knew what to do. Car was at dealer for various issues for a total of 3 months! Payments kept coming out of my account. After 14 years of leases with Lincoln, we will never touch another Lincoln! We still have 2 years left on this lemons lease! So sorry for your experience. Guess we both learned our lesson with Lincoln!

  • Mary Johnson says:

    Dear CEO,
    Lately I’ve been watching your Lincoln commercial. It is great you are targeting blacks to drive your vehicles. I am surprised that is your only market is blacks.
    I currently drive a Lincoln Continental, but will reconsider my next purchase since I am not a targeted market.
    Thank you

  • Tayler Thornton says:

    I have a 2018 Lincoln MKC. I need to know why my car needs a transmission. I don’t want this lemon TRASH Lincoln needs to make this right!!!!!!

    • Sandra Hooper says:

      I have the same car, a 2017 MKC. It needed a new engine, a new transmission, and now the Turbo charger. Seems these cars have a lot of issues. To make it worse, the dealership at Asheville, NC is so inept, rude, and never has a loaner car.

  • Martha Battle says:

    I’m trying to contact someone who can help me to resolve a problem with my tire on my MKZ…
    This will be my third time within a month going for a repair on the same tire..2017..19200 miles..

  • Ryan Fligiel says:

    My name is Ryan Fligiel, I bought a 2016 Lincoln mkz less then 3 months ago, the break light keeps coming on and the breaks don’t work,I’ve had it worked on numerous times at shaumburg Lincoln and they still can’t fix it,i would like your help in resolving this matter,please call me 3128061813

  • JAMES E. LEE (517-513-8695) says:

    To Whom It May Concern:
    My name is James Lee,
    I own a 2020 Lincoln Aviator, That has had problems, from the beginning! I leased it in ( June 2020) I drove from the parking, lot of Semi Lincoln four days, later brought it back for the gas / petal problem it took three weeks to figure that out! Last week! at a gas station it wouldn’t start screen said (“No Key”) the key was in my pocket where I normally, keep it! After numerous attempts, it finally started. The following Sunday1 destination church wouldn’t start! called roadside for a jump! start. I went to church. took it to (Seymour-Lincoln) in Jackson MI. did a diagnostic-check on the battery! battery check good!! check the 2-key entry they checked good!. Fast today (07/31/21) went to get gas wouldn’t start signal on screen (NO KEY) key in my pocket!!! I want Lincoln to pick this (LEMON without Aid!!!) take where ever dump! yard!!! and Bring me a new! one without The problems. Milege: 8,800 I need Mr. James Hackett to handle this or you lose a loyal customer. Very Sincerely, James E. Lee…

  • Brandi Sonnier says:

    I have been so frustrated with the Lincoln service department in Baton Rouge to the point of wanting to trade my 2020 Lincoln Nautilus in for another brand. I Have always driven an infinity and have had nothing but wonderful service above and beyond. I bought my Lincoln in October 2020. The travel link traffic has always worked. It suddenly began working intermittently at random times. I contacted Sirius twice who told me that all was good on their end and I probably needed to have the satellite receiver on the radio changed. I notified Lincoln regarding this problem and also informed them that I am a nurse at the hospital and I rely on my travel link for my travel to and from the hospital. They were of very little help and when I was told I could bring it in today and it would be fixed this did not happen. I left if overnight and when I returned the next day to check on it, they had not even looked at it. I was told that there were 7 cars ahead of me and that they were “trying” but didn’t realize how busy they would be. I live 40 miles from the dealership and this was a major inconvenience to say the least as I had to rely on others to bring me to the dealership to drop off and to pick up the car. This is the worst service I have ever received from a dealership.

    • Jennifer says:

      Curious to know if you heard back from anybody. I am experiencing the same problems with my Lincoln dealership here in Memphis Tennessee. Ready to trade in my new Lincoln because I’m sick of dealing with the dealerships lack of service. Jennifer

  • Billy Weales says:

    I am the owner of a 2018 Lincoln MKX that now has approximately 60,000 miles. The vehicle is driven by my wife. Recently we had water intrude into the vehicle. I used a wet vacuum to get most of the water out prior to taking the vehicle to the dealership Baldwin Lincoln. We were then told by the dealership that is was because the grommets were stripped out and were not covered by the warranty?

    How do grommets get stripped out of a rear quarter panel unless they were stripped out when improperly installed? How many times has this occurred with Lincoln SUV’s? I

    This does not speak well at all of Lincoln products from a quality of manufacturing perspective. Not to mention as the consumer I was charged $1,900 to replace and repair my vehicle. This is totally ludicrous.

    The dealership had my vehicle for two weeks and when the vehicle was returned to me last week it had a very heavy musty order. While they repaired the car they failed to clean it and the odor was overwhelming and I expect there is likely black mold under the carpet.

    I expect to hear from someone at your organization immediately, as otherwise I will post this communication on social media sites so other consumers are not subjected to the same scenario. I will notify the BBB and consumer protection agency and if necessary seek legal compensatory damages against Lincoln Motor Company for failure to repair an obvious manufacturing defect and subjecting the owners to potentially harmful effects.

    I can be reached at (504) 592-1536 or 314-853-2224 (cell).

  • Marla Delman says:

    I have never met a company that cares less about their customers then Lincoln. The dealerships are the worst ever! I can’t believe this is happening from a luxury car company that charges a premium for a car because it is a luxury car. My first dealer closed their doors and never contacted anyone but Lincoln corporate. That didn’t do me any good when my A/C went out in July (I live in South Florida) and my dealer was out of business. Then my second dealer banned me from coming into their dealership because I called Lincoln Corporate when something was stolen out of my car during an oil change. Great! They steal and then they ban me! Now my third dealer lied and then lied again regarding a tire rotation. I don’t trust anyone, so when my car goes in for an oil change and tire rotation I mark the inside of the 2 tires that need rotating. When my car was returned to me the two front tires were still in the front. I called the service manager who swore up and down that they were rotated. He then proceeded to tell me he watched on the cameras and saw the technician rotate the tires. Well, again I have proven him a liar because my tires are bald now and I only have 16,000 on them! Great Michelin tires! To make matters worse, I went in to lease my third MKC and was told that the base model Corsair is $600 a month. I have an MKC Select which I got for the same price as my Lincoln prior to that. Now they want $200 more a month, for a Lincoln???? I will drive a Range Rover, Jaguar, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc. for that much but not a Lincoln Corsair! Can you believe they have the audacity to charge more for their rude, nasty lies and horrible treatment of their customers? There’s a sucker born every minute and they all must be driving Lincolns.

  • Robert Paladino says:

    In 2019 I purchased a 2016 Certified Lincoln at Fiesta Lincoln in Mesa Az , this was the second Lincoln purchased there. I had my car serviced there numerous times for oil changes and tire rotations. When being serviced there is a multipoint check on the condition of my car . I had purchased New tires recently and noticed my rims were delamination. And asked the service manager if this was covered under my warranty.. it was but they stated that my Factory warranty was up in April and my extended warranty didn’t cover. What a crock , why didn’t they tell me about the delamination when I brought my car in for service Pryor. Where was the inspection on the multipoint service , when my tires were rotated didn’t they notice the issue . I was told that I would have to pay to get these rims refinished . This is not fair to the consumer. I was then told by the service manager he would look into this and get back to me … well , he never did . This is not what I. Expected from Lincoln . This is a Certified Car and it should have been brought to my attention before my Factory warranty expired and it wasn’t cheap for the extended warranty or t hcm e car itself. Very Disappointed and pissed . Mice car , new tires and crappy rims .

  • GARY M SMITH says:

    You’re really need to up your game that Lincoln Aviator is the worst vehicle ever purchased in life 5000 miles on a thing and it’s showing over heating also driving mode wasn’t property working the battery died 3mo after purchase now the a/c in 3rd row not working electric seats 3rd row working intermittently what’s next not very happy to be a Lincoln owner now

  • >