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  • Ulyana Plekan says:

    I’ve been a very loyal LP costumer for years and I can say I’m extremely disappointed in costumer service. I ordered a dress for a wedding 2 weeks ahead of time, after about 10 days I got an email that my order was cancelled, no reason given. I assumed it’s probably because I was oversold. I checked. It was NOT. I emailed costumer service, no reply. I placed another order for the same dress, this time with 1 day overnight shipping($35) extra, since the wedding is in a day now. It’s been 2 days and I haven’t received anything. No shipping confirmation, no communication. How can you charge and guarantee speed shipping and not do it? I’m disgusted. This is so unprofessional. This isn’t the first time, things seem to go wrong a lot at LP, but this time it went too far.

  • Debra Hall says:

    I had a horrible experience with customer service. (Lilly Pulitzer)
    They refused to send me the address to mail a return that was a gift.
    So amazingly rude. I felt as if this was a standard question, as I did not have the order number, etc.
    I still do not have the address for the returns. Does anyone know it? Are any of you sending back any of their merchandise? I’d be forever grateful if you would send me their return address. Thank you. Debra

    • Jay Galt says:

      Did you fill out the returns form on line? That gets printed out to send with the items & should have an address. It is accessed through FAQ
      The return address to mail store purchases is: Lilly Pulitzer c/o Returns Dept. 800 3rd Ave, King of Prussia, PA 19406

  • Shadow says:

    Awful that you cannot speak to a real person at corporate

  • Shadow says:

    No one responds and you cannot reach a real person to speak to at corporate

    • PN says:

      I am Curious did anyone get back to you? I have Been trying to get a live person since January on the phone from corporate as well as having the absolute worst sales experience at KOP store. Finally found the COE contact and just left her a message perhaps she will respond and get back to me. You may want to try that route. Call corporate number 610-878-5550 and put in name directory for Last name Kelly!!

  • Donna says:

    Visited store at utc sarasota today. Man inside without mask talking aloud on his phone walking about the store. Got too close to me. I told him to get a mask which were available at the front of the store. His responses were rude and nasty. I will no longer shop or order from Lilly. I have spent thousands. If customers cannot show courtesy you should not be open. I understand the situation. Very difficult for store clerks to manage. I was very upset this man was spreading virus through his maskless conversation in a small area not social distancing. Not another penny at Lilly. Very unfortunate.

  • Jack says:

    Very very disappointed with this company. Very outdated and unprofessional customer service. I placed an order for the first time and obviously didn’t know my size. I bought a couple of dresses based on their size predictor and there was a 30%off promotional sale going on. When the dresses came they were too small and so I wanted to exchange for a different size. I mailed them back and asked customer service for a size exchange. They said that was impossible and had to reorder BUT COULD NOT GET THE PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT. I have never had an issue like this with any retailer through mail or store about a simple exchange. I was very unimpressed. With the price of these products, I’m sure they have the money to UPDATE their exchange system. Add an exchange option online next to the return tab and link it to inventory available. I was so mad at this and couldnt believe how they had no appreciation for their customers esp at a time like this when they need their customers more than ever to pay their store employees that can no longer work . I think it’s crazy that’ they expect their customers to buy two of an item to see their size bc of no exchanges. Needless to say, I will not be reordering

    • Megan S. says:

      This is awful customer service, especially when their profit margins are massive on their made in China products. You’d think they would want to gain customers during this time, not lose them. Oh and after doing a little searching, they aren’t paying their employees. They furloughed many of them (after making a statement that they would pay them – but if you read carefully it says for the hours scheduled). Oxford (who owns Tommy Bahama, Lilly, etc.) said last month that they were furloughing starting at the end of March.

  • Marie says:

    Customer service is not helping me!
    And by the other comments it looks like that’s nothing new Nor of any concern in KOP.
    I purchased a pair of pants during a gift offer and when my item came no gift was in the bag! I emailed your customer service- they did not read my email they said“ your package was delivered on March 30 -enjoy!” I am highly insulted.
    If I’m not absolutely delighted with your response I will return my item for a prompt refund. Thank you.

  • Carol H. says:

    Dear Lilly Pulitzer,
    Hi! Just got back from our annual vacation on Hilton Head Island which happened to coincide with your Wear Your Lilly Day event. HHI is also where they designed and rolled out the new Lilly paddleboard! We saw a board in the Lilly store in Wexford Village shopping complex! However, when we arrived in our Lilly attire, there was no celebration and we were so disappointed. Employees had no knowledge of such a day and we really could NOT believe it. Of course, we purchased nothing. How sad this store did not acknowledge this day!!

    June 21, 2019

  • Josie says:

    My Lilly order arrived and I got the same order twice. Define was charged twice and apparently one email was typed differently. Not being so computer savvy thias was an inconvience being charged twice. When I called and spoke to a supervisor I was told I would get a refund. Called today and was told it’s a credit never received an email. Oh it was sent to the wrong email after speaking with supervisor initially and getting that information correct .
    So I now am extremely disappointed with a company for your Poor customer service. I DO NOT want a credit for future. If am done with your company. I want a credit to my account. By the way my daughter are along time customers for numerous years.
    My previous order received a top with a coin missing and none cared because it was final sale
    Your customer service needs tremendous updating it’s awful

  • Andrea Wales says:

    Dear Lilly Pulitzer,

    I cannot begin to tell you how heartbroken I am at how I was treated by your customer service department today. To be honest, I would have expected this at a store such as Walmart. However, as a teacher and a patron, I expected better from your employees. Let me explain.
    Last year, I bought a brand new Lilly Pulitzer pullover tunic at the Miramar Beach, Florida, location. 440 Grand Boulevard, Suite 104, 32550. 850 650 2011. This was store number 00265 Receipt number was 0031869 and the register number was EREG 265 # 2D. The item number was: 889069327453.

    Here is the issue: This was never worn. I put the tunic away, in the bag, with the receipt, and it was never worn. I was having surgery and I wanted to save it until I felt better. This year, I had surgery in December. Now, two months later and after a lengthy recovery process, I am beginning to feel better. However, I have lost a considerable amount of weight. Unfortunately, the tunic no longer fits as it did when I tried it on in the shop. I contacted the shop and asked if I could return the tunic for a smaller size. I did NOT ask for a refund. I love your products. Why would I do that? I was refused. I even offered to take a different style. THAT was refused. At that point, I offered to take a product of lesser value. Even THAT offer was refused!!! Lilly Pulitzer! Even Walmart and Kohls will exchange products with a receipt if they have not been worn! I would expect the same if not better treatment from your company, when I have spent so much more money there…

    I really do not want to leave negative feedback about Lilly Pulitzer and the way they devalue their good customers. I would much rather leave feedback around the web as to how they make situation right. Please let me know how you can help me remedy this situation. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Sincerest regards,

    Andrea Wales

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