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  • Address: 2901 Corporate Pl, Chanhassen, MN 55317, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 952-380-0303

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 10,000

  • Established: 1990

  • Founder: Bahram Akradi

  • Key People: Bahram Akradi (CEO)

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Bahram Akradi

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, President

Eric J. Buss

Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey G. Zwiefel

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

About Lifetime Fitness, History and Headquarters Information


Lifetime Fitness was founded in the year 1990. The company has been operational for almost 29 years now. The founder of the company was Bahram Akradi. The former name of the company was FCA Limited. The name of the company was changed in the year 1992 and was renamed to Lifetime Fitness. The first club of the company was opened at Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA. Later on, ore locations were also added as well, before the company started to expand in other states of the USA. Most of the centres of the company were located in suburban areas or even exurban areas as well. The areas were also mostly medium to large sized metropolitans too. The oldest facility of the company is situated at Eagan, Minnesota, USA. In the year 2017, the company had announced a new plan for a new facility in Minnesota, USA, replace the previous tenant named JC Penny. By the year 2000, the company had established almost 21 health clubs, and also entered the city of Chicago, USA, in the same year as well.

In the year 2004, the company was sued by its employees for withholding wages. The case was settled in the year 2009, with the court ordering the company to pay the wages to its employees, including overtime wages as well if the number of hours of work is in excess of 40 hours in a week. In the areas, which are more metropolitan, the clubs of the company are known as Life Time Athletic, while the clubs that are established in smaller metropolitan areas are known as Life Time Fitness. In the year 2012, the company had taken over almost more than 200 annual races in the USA. Some of the races that were acquired were namely – Leadville Race Series, Dirty Kanza gravel bicycle race, Life Time Tri Series, the Miami Marathon, etcetera. In the year 2014, the company had become a limited public entity and was also considered to become a Real Estate Investment Trust too. The following year, the company was taken over by private equity firms, known as TPG Capital along with Leonard Green & Partners, together in a partnership buyout. The headquarters of the company is based in 2901 Corporate Place. The name of the place is Chanhassen, while the name of the state is Minnesota, USA. The pin code of the area is 55317.


Lifetime Fitness is an American company that focuses on providing its customers with the platform to use the health clubs, that are established by the company itself. The current CEO and chairman of the company are Bahram Akradi. As of the current date, the number of employees working at the company is more than 7,300. The company currently has more than 106 fitness centres all over Canada and the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to enjoy the chain of the luxury athletic resort of health clubs established by the company itself. The health clubs feature gyms, family recreation centres, sports clubs and also spa destinations as well. The company helps its customers in world-class training, nutrition and also aids in the holistic approach in obtaining wellness.

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  • Concerned Member in Raleigh, NC says:

    The Raleigh, NC, location on Falls of Neuse Rd. continues to blame “Lifetime Corporate” for glitches in their app – mostly when it comes to scheduling Pickleball court reservations. We only have 3 indoor courts. The “Pickleball Coordinator”, Elizabeth (Liz) Puni, who is an LT employee continues to reserve the same court every morning M-F either 6-8am or 7-9am and is taking that court away from paying members. These reservations appear in the app at exactly 12:00am seven days in advance. Her drilling partner, John Spencer, is there with her every day and on occasion, non-members join them. Members pay extra to be Signature to have the benefit of reserving courts. This is abusing privilege by the Coordinator and unfair to paying members.

    In addition, the Open Play times were reduced from 90-minute blocks to 60-minute blocks. The times are either very lightly attended/empty or overfilled – and they are not monitored. The app does allow for a waitlist, but when the Open Play sessions are not monitored or sign-up lists are not posted (which is typically the case), members are frustrated not knowing who should or should not be playing. Also, visitors/non-members should not take spots over paying members when there is a waitlist. But without monitoring these sessions, this continues to happen.

    I assure you the local GM, Damola Obadina, has been informed of the issues above but has taken no action. Photographs and screenshots of the above issues are available if you require proof to take action. Please investigate – I am writing this on behalf of several members who complain daily. We all just want the system to be fair and to know that if Lifetime is paying someone to be a program coordinator, then they should be doing their job to engage members rather than acting only for their own benefit and abusing their employee privileges.

  • Ace says:

    Who would I need to talk to about potentially opening or getting another location opened? We live in Monument, Colorado, and the city is rapidly growing. We have nothing close to a VillaSport and I know it would do extremely well. We need a facility like that and some outdoor pools in the area. I guarantee it will be very successful here.

  • robert says:

    There is a noticeable difference at Lifetime Biltmore, Phoenix in maintenance from even a few months ago. The men’s locker room isn’t as clean or organized, paper towel dispensers empty, dirty counters, etc. fewer clean towels. Two popular machines in the weight room have been broken for a couple of weeks and now there’s a third. Cleanliness has deteriorated in the weight room, we used to see staff cleaning every few hours, everything and anything, performed by the manager and maintenance staff. One current maintenance person is busy socializing rather than cleaning.
    I notice now missing faces, people I saw daily who seem to have changed gyms having returned to a local competitor, yes, I belong to another gym, too. The rates remain high yet the quality is steadily dropping in favor of expansion. Reminiscent of Barney’s and Whole Foods.

  • Tom Prucha says:

    I have been a LT member for 20+ years. The last 2 yrs through HAP Medicare Advantage PeeFit Mov. HAp is migrating to SilverSneaker Jan. 1. I understand from HAP, SS and LT Corp (just called) that LT Michigan locations, like my Rochester Hills club will be covered. The RH club has yet to be informed. Open Enrollment is only till Dec. 7th. Why the delay? Also, all Medicare Advantage memberships will be on restricted hours of availability. Many others, like myself have been paying members for greater than 10 years, for myself and my wife (24 years). It is a shame that no consideration is given, even a reduced upcharge fee to extended hours over what is being offered. I guess our continued support of LifeTime means nothing. It is certainly not recognized or valued.

  • Kimberly says:

    The rates are increasing but the experience at the club is decreasing.


    1. Put the instructors on the screens so we can see them.
    2. Make instructors accessible to us. My favorite instructors are often not accessible to me or my friends. My primary reason for going to lifetime is for the group fitness classes and I can’t get into them. My favorite class always has a waitlist consisting of 50-80 people. Even when I’m first to sign up my spot is way in the back.
    3. People are fighting over SPOTS. I typically go to a certain class each week and pay the membership JUST for that one class and then I can’t get in. NUTS! Get rid of the spots and bring back normalcy. First come first served. If a member is not there, they don’t get the spot. Just like when you park your car. Are we going to be signing up for parking spaces next?! Also, the front row spots marked in the studios are right up against the stage and there’s no room there.
    4. The punitive policy of strikes is a
    condescending to members and counterintuitive to what the club stands for which is positivity and
    Wellness. We pay (a lot) for access to the classes. If we need to cancel at the last minute so be it!! No one wants to miss class or make it unavailable for others but life happens. Kids get sick and people get called to work etc. stop treating members like children! Instead consider reinforcing good behavior by perhaps offering something positive to members who don’t miss classes.

    1.The showers need more pressure.
    2.The hairdryers in Syosset need to be upgraded.

    1. Fix the glitches it must be reliable. The same spots are often assigned to two members and the spots change on the app without notice. Also, the home screen has glitches when you click on various things. If I click on learn more about Aroura for example it shows me the regular classes minus aroura classes. I can’t see just one particular instructors classes and the filters/favorites do not work or stay consistent. I always have to add both clubs I’m interested in to the app every time I log in.

    1. Pilates should be included with the premium rate. I currently go elsewhere for Pilates reformer classes because it’s cheaper than the Pilates fee at lifetime.
    2. Activities such as zumba nights should not be extra for members!
    3. There should not be classes that are off limits to members.

    Please contact me to let me know this feedback has reached the right people.

    Thank you,
    Kimberly Meere

  • MIKE OTOOLE says:

    I traveled 55 minutes to Westwood lifetime today and
    1:the hot tub was closed as it is every Tuesday from 9-6pm (was closed 6 consecutive days last week). IT Was opened and the temp was 60 degrees

    2: the pool is closed for 10 days except for those who pay for swim team . No one was working on cleaning the pools I was just told it was closed except for 8 kids swimming

    3: the sauna has been closed for 2 weeks for a make over and they only work 6 hours a day

    I traveled 50 minutes home in rush hour traffic
    Dues are 200+++ a month and Westwood has more ammenities closed than open . HOW ABOUT A REBATE !!!

    The management team sits in their offices with the door close all day surfing the net except for when they work out for 1.5 hours
    planet fitness os 10$ a month fit factory is 15$ a month and they don’t have the pool and spa life time has except for Westwood who shuts down their spa daily for cleaning instead of doing it when closed



  • Gene says:

    I’ve been an avid swimmer for more than 50 years. As retired octogenarian, my morning swim ritual is a critical part of my life. I’ve swum in many facilities over the years, but when I found my local Lifetime in Florham park NJ I knew I had found my home. I especially appreciate that the club manager exercised personal initiative to keep the outdoor pool open and extra week after the corporate mandated closure date. The local weather has allowed us to squeeze extra days out of the waning warmth.

    Unfortunately, the indoor lap pool has become much cooler this past week @ 78°F. Every degree makes a big difference, especially for senior citizens!

  • George says:

    Hi – my name is George and I, my wife and some of my adult children have been members of LifeTime since you opened the Dry Creek Co. location. I’ve enjoyed the membership, I enjoy the facilities and all your employees have been great, but I had a problem today that might force me to cancel my membership.

    Today (9/15/2023) at around 3 PM I went upstairs to use your weight machines and had a run-in with two of your guests (a male and a female) over a Pull-Down machine I intended to use – they were using is so I walked away and used other machines. After about 20 minutes using other machines, I went back to Pull-down machine and they were still using it. I asked how many more sets they planned on doing – I was told “plenty” with some hostility. I then asked if I could work in with them and I was told “get the fuck out of here”. I then mentioned that sharing machines was a club curtsy policy and he said “I told you to get the fuck out of here”. I was threatened. I told him I was going to speak to management and they laughed and said “go ahead”.

    I ended up speaking to an employee about this. He spoke to these people and he told me that they said that they were very sorry, that they had a bad day, that they over reacted and it would never happen again. He also said that he made a note of the incident in this member’s file.

    After speaking to the employee, I went down the stairs from weight room toward men’s changing room, AFTER THESE TWO APOLOGIZED TO Lifetime employee! They both meet me at the bottom of the stairs and started cursing me out. I felt threatened again. I caught up with the employee who I spoke to previously about this last incident and he ran off and tried to catch them as they left – I don’t know if he did. So much for apologizes!

    I think LifeTime needs to do something about this thuggery behavior that allowed at this location. Avoiding conflict at all cost will only encourage this behavior. I would like to know what the club is going to do about this behavior, I honestly feel threatened so please let me know.

    Unfortunately, I have no confidence that management at this location will do anything.

  • Sam says:

    The Tulsa Lifetime just had their indoor pools repainted, however, they have NO planned cleaning procedures, NO planned routined cleaning weekly cleaning, now after 3 days bloody band-ands , black junk, a bottle top, are in the leisure pool. What does it take to get someone’s attention at corporate, I’m tired of asking, the plaster left over from the painting contractor is still embedded in the tile after 4 days since they left , so that tells corporate about the cleanliness of the deck around the inside pool areas.

  • Raluca says:

    Hi,I had an incident happen here in AZ, at the spa, I was told to email my situation, then it would get passed to corporate, since April I still haven’t heard anything from anyone. Just wanted to know how or when will anyone contact me or should I just turn it to the media. I’ve been patient & nice about what happened, but not sure for how much longer. Thank you

  • Tasha Kline says:

    I do not understand why you can’t seem to fix the shower situation in the Alpharetta, GA location. Freezing cold water and no water pressure in the women’s locker room for months. Where is the leadership at this location? Does anyone know the status of the repairs? Please contact me. Thanks

  • Rosemary Schimmel says:

    I am just wondering why some insurance companies that have a Silver Sneakers program have a contract with Lifetime and cover the membership fee for those with their insurance and others do not. Universal Health Care picks up the membership fee, but Blue Cross Blue Shield does not.

  • Angie DeVore says:

    I attended the classes at Lifetime in Collierville, TN. During Covid they made the change of reservation for classes where you could reserve a certain spot. They have now removed the spots and have decided you can no longer reserve spots. This makes it very difficult for regular attendees because you have people coming in late and just randomly getting anywhere in the class. I know Covid is not as serous but Covid still is a concern not to mention it is flu season and cold season. Seems like every time I get sick it has been from someone at the gym. We went to management about this and they said it was corporate decision.

  • Jeffrey Forbes says:

    This club discriminates against people with disabilities. I had a brain operation in 2003 leaving me with a physical handicap and I’m on a strict income from SSDI. This facility won’t give any specials on a $219 monthly membership. I’ll just go to the YMCA that offers special rates based on income.

  • Kari copp Randall says:

    I may problem is I was charge 3 mths of training I never received.
    I emailed complaint and was promised over phone when return from medical hold I could use them since they were wrongful check as used when I wasn’t even in the gym or used. I one swipe into gym since had physical come and tell person on staff my issues.
    Now they back tracking with all evidence showing ibwasnt I’m the gym
    Eben though 2 manager promised they allow person trying of 800 bucks be used with trainer since wrongful taken from me . It’s said company would steal not honor a promise even with all my evidence and emails calls and covid didn’t help

    I feel my 800 credit needs places back onto my personal trainer session

    Doesn’t help my son was assault again in childcare area and called names
    Several parents complained with there child voice it up my son had bruise all leg and arms and scratches. That is assault and I had go in child area 3 times asking for a incident report required by child center to do

  • Victor Page says:

    Worst fitness club ever. Hope they go bankrupt!

    • Sam p says:

      I concur Coorportate came out in august because count was low in my states region making salary managers take over other paid instructors classes .. cost going up every year by huge amounts – ER trauma nurse here, member for over 20 years .. they charged a debit card for a monthly membership bill A) I never gave them B) never authorized them to use / ACH this bank / checking on the first of the month I called to have them replace that charge & to use approximate card given dang I just left there I work out 7 days 3-4 hours a day .. nope guess what manager terminated my membership .. called Coorportate and they stated what ever that manger wants they get to do .. tried so hard to contact higher ups in Coorportate.. guys no one cares there’s the top building condos – air in the middle – bottom is a bunch on looser doing what ever they want to employees or there dedicated members .. yes hope they go under …

  • Deana Joy Thompson says:

    I have been a member since 2012 and before that. I recently moved to a Texas and attended Flower Mound club. When I came back I went to Shelby township. One day my phone was messed up this Oct 5. I had to have them look me up with ID. Next thing I know I lost access to my membership in Rochester. Some corporate click changed my acct on Oct 5 and deactivated my account. In 2014 Rochester gym went from gold to platinum I signed something that would not raise my membership. Now I lost my in Rochester access on Oct 5. Come on guys..I stuck this out through the pandemic. Restore my flower mound and Rochester access it’s the right thing to do.

  • Michael W says:

    I recently visited the Biltmore location for a drop in visit. A young concierge named Chris greeted me and asked about my stay. As I was heading to Mexico in two days and would be back two weeks later Chris offered to sell me a 7 day pass and would split the dates so I could fully experience the club and he said he would like to have the opportunity to show me the benefits for my family as we are in the process of buying a winter home here. Excellent service and very creative!! Got back from Mexico and came to the club where I was confronted by Irv at the front desk who told me this wasn’t policy and suggested I wrote on Chris’s business card and was making the whole thing up. Every time I tried to tell him what Chris had offered he lectured me that it wasn’t policy and he would be dealing with Chris. I told him 3 separate times I was not an employee and his fellow employee and a representative of the company had offered this and then he said I hadn’t paid for the week drop in. I offered to show him the charge on my online banking as I was not accustomed to being accused of lying to get into a fitness club. Irv then said he would reluctantly let me in but if I showed up again he would have me thrown out.
    Two very different customer service experiences and I paid for something and was denied the use of what I paid for.
    Totally unacceptable treatment.

  • Lauren Spielholz says:

    I am a Syosset, Long Island member since the club opened. Recently corporate has decided to do away with the lap lane reservations. Sharing is required when necessary. This is UNFAIR and not addressing the needs of a very DIVERSE membership. Members who use the lap lanes between the hours of 10 a.m and 3 p.m. are mostly from 50-75 years old. They swim crawl, backstroke, side stroke, breast stroke. Some use fins. Some use snorkeling equipment. Is is unfair, unsafe to ask this demographic group to “swim in a circular motion,” in order to share lanes. The group of members complaining about lane reservations are those who swim between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. They are serious, extremely fit, swimmers. They are not adults who have arthritis, knees issues, back issues etc. Sharing lanes is NOT acceptable to those who value their 45 minutes to an hour of uninterrupted lap swimming between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. This is NOT a ONE SIZE FIT ALL CLUB. PLEASE PLEASE reinstate the lap reservations for a limited period during the day. Be CONSIDERATE of ALL of your members.

  • Dianne says:

    I was wondering if you would consider membership availability for Silver Sneakers, which is whom my insurance offer?

  • Jon says:

    Membership dues raised again starting Nov 1 2022.
    Facility remains with reduced hours.
    Small face towels to be used look like they have been used as rags for cleaning.
    This Facility in Illinois has been in decline since previous manager took another management position to open a new Lifetime fitness.

  • Kenneth Ahern says:

    My membership was terminated this tuesday sept 21st because i made comments inappropriate to an employee i was told but they would not tell me who this was the location in OKC by quall springs mall i went from winning a 100 dollar prize last week playing bingo to be threatened by police when talking at counter by intimidation to asking a OKC police officer outside why he than ran my drivers liscense the cameras show the two police at counteer when i walked up as well a group of men customers having an employee named aSPEN AND lENIA FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST me why was other cumomers involved everyone ganged up on me Im in Dallas Texas i am a veteren as well as have a media platform with Iheart radio for 30 years you had me harrased by the poice and my drivers lisecense run thru the system for records and warrants i filed an OKC police report tuesdat night on video cam tuesday night before leaving town Please hold all videos from two business days september 21st and 22nd whole open to close The statue of limitation is a few years your gonna sweat this one out i enjoyed my hot tub and massage today at LA fitness in dallas I have RENEW active for disabled people or seniors i am a disabled VET

  • Marilyn Bosnjak says:

    Hi. I’m writing about your Mississauga location in Canada. I’ve spoken to the manager numerous times as have many other guests but I guess he doesn’t care. This place is too busy all the time. I personally have seen two fights break out within the last three months because there are not enough benches in the weight room.

    Does not matter what time it is but the weight room is over packed and no one is on the treadmills.

    I don’t understand why a company like Lifetime isn’t able to see the changes happening in our society? More and more people are wait training. Does corporate not see this trend either?

    Why are changes not hey guys made?

  • Valerie Honaker says:

    We were given the option to try the middle school and high school lift weight program that’s being offered at our gym in Gainesville, VA- it used to be offered as a part of the Signature package (GTX, Alpha, & UltraFit). We were informed this was only a trial class and that it is not longer part of it and will cost an additional $30 per session. We are already paying an extra cost for the signature package- why would you force an additional fee of $60 PER WEEK for them to do the 2 sessions a week.
    It should be put back under the signature package.

  • Barbara Romm says:

    What is the date of the actual closing of the outdoor pool

  • Mouana Kaakaji says:

    A lifetime facility opened up in Oak Brook and my family and I where very excited. We joined right away, and enjoyed the cafeteria, spa, pool, fitness center, basketball hoop, etc. However, a decision was made where membership owners had no part or say. They changed 1 of the 2 basketball courts into a pickle ball court. We are very disappointed because when we joined we had the promise of 2 basketball courts. A petition was made and we reached a great number of signatures saying they should bring back the basketball court.

  • Beverly says:

    Went to the opening today of Life Time in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. A beautiful facility and everyone was so helpful and friendly. I especially enjoyed my time with a woman named Natalie who was from corporate in Minnesota. Unfortunately I didn’t get her last name. She was so gracious. Can’t wait to start going starting tomorrow.

  • Lina Rosado says:

    Hello LifeTime US!
    I love your concept!
    I have so much fun every time that I go to your amazing facilities, either in Canada or the US. I live in Toronto, Canada.
    I just have some comments about the Vaughan location… which I have noticed is very different from the locations in the US.
    For some reason, the quality of the services and toilet products has come down from lux to cheap.
    The change rooms are dirty.
    Hardly any staff (lot’s of lifeguards though).
    No towels —twice now had to air dry cause cero towels.
    Towels are now low quality and rough.
    Hair conditioner is so cheap that it’s like not using anything, my hair is so tangled. Do I have to bring my own from home?
    The swimming pool furniture is dirty or broken.
    No shades, most broke and disappeared.
    When something breaks, it doesn’t get fixed or replaced.
    I could go on and on. Hopefully you get my point.
    Please take my remarks as constructive criticism. I do not mean to offend. I know that this business is not easy. I do appreciate all you do, and I see the positives too.
    I just love the place and it breaks my heart to see it decline.
    Victoria & Lina Rosado

  • Jewell Worrell says:

    I am not a guest, but a member. Because I have a great experience with my swimming Ms. Jackie Clarke, I quickly entered my twin grandchildren Brexton and Samantha’s Helferich.It was a huge mistake.
    Counselor Sam was biased against Brexton. He verbally attacked him, citing that he take back to him. Then Lyndsay, the supervisor followsSam and threatens to remove him from camp.
    Their attack against Brexton has occurred again.
    I am fed up and seeking legal counseling.

  • Amanda christensen says:

    The Franklin gym is the absolute worst lifetime I have ever been in. I have reached out multiple times to the manger who has NEVER returned my call or emails. The place is filthy! It is hotter than hell in the building and they dismiss everyone of us who have complained! No reason for saying we are working on it for two months. Blood on the womens bathroom doors. This is NOT a diamond level gym at all. Get a new manger and better group fitness. Please have someone from corporate contact ASAP.

  • Robin Morrow says:

    I think it is inappropriate & unprofessional that at the Vestavia Hills, Alabama location, many of the televisions are playing the TV show, Naked and Afraid 24/7. This is not family friendly and closer attention to details such as this should be attended to at all locations.

  • Josh says:

    What an awful company to work for!

  • Josh says:

    Why do the photos of the Kingwood club look different than the actual club? Very deceiving!

  • Mike says:

    I am a member at the Oklahoma City location. I was raised a different way where we don’t discuss religion or politics in business. So I will say it was disappointing seeing the pride flags go up at the Okc location today. I felt discriminated against and would probably be banned if I wore my straight pride shirt. So as a suggestion in the buckle of the Bible Belt let’s keep religion and politics out of our businesses. I don’t pay what I pay in membership fees to have others ideas or beliefs shoved down my throat.

  • Chris W. says:

    I recently upgraded to Burr Ridge Lifetime and the Customer Service there headed by Shahd Sweis and Team members Dana and Jerry at the front desk went above and beyond A+ status. They truly are dedicated and fantastic people who are helpful in every step of the way. Definitely A+ 10 stars out of 10. Great Job A+.

  • Sharon Chipman says:

    I love my aqua aerobics instructor, Connie Martin in Warrenville, IL. She also teaches the pilates class that I attend. She is always upbeat and creative in her classes. She makes accommodations for various exercises and ability levels. She makes an effort to
    know the names of her students. What an amazing instructor!!!!

  • Nina Dickson says:

    I was a member at the Katy Texas Location, I LOVE LIFETIME! We have since moved to the Orlando , FLorida area. Unfortunately, There is no LIFETIME in Orlando area. Please! Please build one in Orlando, I think it would do amazingly well in this area!

  • Howard says:

    Reno is growing rapidly…..great location for Lifetime. PLEASE??

  • Loyal Member says:

    The Castleton Indiana location is in desperate need of some leadership. This is most unkept, unclean, and under-managed club I have been associated to in the last 20 years. Corporate leadership please intervene.

  • Frankie Dawson says:

    I find your facility in Mansfield Texas beautiful and very nice. I really enjoy going there. I will continue going there! I am being treated unnecessarily badly by the management. I know why…it is not me, but a backlash on you and your success. I am very sorry that I am being used to settle “war wounds”. I wish you continued success, I pray for your effort to be accepted in this time of uncertainty and in this community of frustrated citizens of hate.

  • Wendy Fong says:

    Will you open a LifeTime Fitness in New Tampa, Florida…Wesley Chapel area? Please

  • Adria says:

    Please bring a lifetime fitness to the Panama City, FL area.

  • Autumn says:

    I have been a member of the Fairfax VA lifetime for over a decade. Fairfax Lifetime has to be the worst Lifetime I have stepped foot into. There is an on going problem where employees and management would religiously go only to the basketball court and force everyone to stop what theyre doing so they can have everyone put away backpacks into the locker room, when asked why this is happening they would tell people that it was a “safety issue” but they wouldnt ask the rest of the gym to do the same. Also, they would store sleds, platforms, and tires on the side of the basketball court and there would be at least 1 person every hour run into or get tripped by the equipment they put out. Also, I had my phone stolen from there a number of years back and asked for them to review the 2 security cameras and their response was “they don’t work”. Not only does employees harass and target only the basketball players that use their facility but there are a number of safety mats on the wall that has fallen and they wont fix. Also, to add onto the matter every single rim bent and lob sided and when asked when can we expect a fix the only response was “soon”. Lifetime Fairfax has just shut down their pool and sauna area randomly without notice or reason. When I’ve spoken with an employee there they said ” the paint they used for the ceiling was the incorrect one and its starting to chill and fray because of the humidity and its causing mold to grow. This branch sent out an email in October stating that there would be an increase in membership price. So that means are a member of fairfax lifetime you are not required to pay more money for less amenities. This location has to be this biggest joke. They have already gone through 2 general managers in the past 18 months and has only an interim manager.

  • James Doolittle says:

    I want to speak with lifetime manager to make report harassment,stalking and inappropriate words to my underage daughters in lifetime. Manager didn’t return my call after I left message. I have been put on hold for 45 minutes then disconnected from lifetime corporate.

  • Aydin Ergin says:

    Ref: Excessively loud music from power lifting program making it impossible to enjoy adjoining 3 full size basketball courts.
    This is in Houston, city center location.
    The front desk personnel said that the power lifting program attendees pay higher premiums thus entitled to play very loud music.
    There is no wall in between the power lifting room and the rest of the floor.
    The decibel level is of a loud heavy metal concert.
    The sound level creates air pressure that can be felt on your chest/lungs.
    The staff is unusually very protective of the loud music. I suspect there is an internal pressure to do so.
    It is impossible for me to bring my child to the gym due to extremely loud music.
    This was a major reason for me to end my membership before.
    I am really curious about who is behind promoting this? I am very sure it is not the corporate officers.

  • Oliver says:

    I am very disappointed by the manager at the Burlington, MA lifetime. I explained to the manager numerous times that I was being harassed and threatened by another member and asked if they could do something about it. They never did anything and I ended up having leaving the gym as it became too uncomfortable for me. Thanks lifetime for choosing member $$ over keeping your members comfortable and safe.


    I have been trying to reach someone of authority for the last month and I haven’t succeeded, Can someone in management/in charge of the West USA clubs call me at 6025052111 please. I have been put on hold for 30 minutes at a time and I cannot stay such long periods. Thank you kindly.

  • Vickie Mowery says:

    I was hoping to contact the person in charge of offering discounts for company’s that offer their employees a discount for several benefits, one being health and wellness. I work for Mount Carmel Health System which is a part of a bigger healthcare system (Trinity Health). They offer what we call a Perks Plus for employees. Perks Plus sends employees a weekly email of the perks on the website and also allows employees to search for their area of interest. When searching under Health & Wellness for fitness clubs it will list all the facilities/gyms. I was disappointed to find nothing for Life Time Fitness. When the system completed my search the first I was hoping to either find perks to be or become a member at LifeTime Fitness. The first fitness club to appear was LA Fitness w/ 67% off the enrollment fee and $44.99 per month for a signature access membership or 67% off the enrollment fee and $29.99 per month for a multi-club access membership.

    I also checked my insurance company to see if they allowed my gym fees and PT fees to be submitted since it is for health and wellness. There were several other gyms I would be able to submit my fees but unfortunately, I couldn’t submit my fees and PT fees to my health insurance. I’m hoping as the year is coming to an end you could possibly look into adding LifeTime Fitness to company Perks system and insurance companies. It would be another way to boost your enrollment numbers. In the long run making your customers/clients happy and increase your revenue. It’s a win win for everyone. Thanks! Vickie Mowery, Columbus OH

  • Natalia barnes says:

    I want to refer to you for how disappointed I feel towards the bad treatment of one of your managers towards me and my family. I have been a lifetime member for years and my children always participate in swimming activities and extra activities on Saturdays. When the pandemic arrived, I paid my fee so as not to lose my membership, even though I was hospitalized with covid -19 last year, we tried to maintain our membership. we attended lifetime with location in north dallas – addison. I am a mother of 3 children and a total adopted son of 4 children. My partner does not attend the gym but he goes every two weeks to help me with the children on Saturdays for his swimming classes. We have never had a problem since for years I know that I was entitled to 2 invitations per month, so my partner used them to take care of the children to his swimming classes. We decided to move again in the summer to the Garland location but it was a disappointment. the receptionist lady told us that my partner could not enter. We explained to him that he always comes just to help me with the classes 2 times a month. she called a manager her name is Paula Tennyson. When i saw her i told her hi i think i know you how are you? She said ” I don’t think so” i said is weir I always remember everybody . We explain the situation just for her to give us a green light to pass to aquatics and put our kids for their classes, instead she argue and argue about paid 30 dollars per day for my partner, when we told her he won’t work out just watch the kids. I was telling her that dont act like that with us. My partner felt bad and he said ok ” i will leave” I replay ” no Omar we dont deserved this you stay. Looks like she want just money for this” I paid extra membership for my partner for 2 hours which is put kids in classes and take a shower and change them plus she make us late for class. She argued that she can terminated my membership if i dont like the rules. She was treat us rude, not respectful. I said too her we are the customers, we are the ones to pay for the gym to be open we deserved something better. I really never saw a manager been so ugly and rude to us. Finally i remember i saw her in north Dallas location been in child care center time ago. She replay yes was me. I told to couple co- workers in north dallas everybody said yes the lady the jump too fast to the position. Yes make me feel bad after been a loyalty customer i would like to get an answer from you. My partner and me we feel a discrimination for our races with her. She treat us bad argue back with me not giving me any respect as a customer. I know when somebody came from the bottom and be up so fast they feel like they touch the sky but soon sometimes without God the falling and the pain is bad. I Manage restaurants for 12 years and manage more than 50 employees and i know we are in business because the customers.
    No happy with make us paid extra membership that day i received an email this week for a cancelation of my kids swimming classes in garland. I was so mad, why they cancel my swimming classes if my card is on file and i didn’t request a cancelation. This was my limit , now after telling them i have charges in my bank account they said wasn’t pain i said you are welcome to charge for whatever is missing but i don’t understand why cancelation.

    I would like to hear back from somebody. Let me know if and welcome me and my family to the gym.

    I already put my kids out for september of swimming of garland.

    Hope I hear back and take this seriously.

  • Natalia barnes says:

    Need help customer complain garland tx location

  • Alan Ciarlillo says:

    My car was broken into and my computer was stolen in daylight. The security cameras on the building are useless. My insurance won’t cover the cost of replacement. Nobody is doing anything to help me with this matter. A police report was made and a number of other cars were broken into as well. Who is your insurance provider? I would like to contact them please.

  • Amanda says:

    Hello I just wanted to report that at the lifetime fitness in Rochester Hills, Michigan that gym members aren’t permitted to use neither of the two studios and I think this is ridiculous because for the amount of money that my girlfriend is paying is insane to the to the point that we are looking for other gym places all around the area that will let us use the studios and we have found some that are cheap to sign up for. This is is unacceptable because I can confirm that all gyms in Michigan allow the use of their studios during off hours when there is no class. Why can’t the most expensive gym in the whole state the only one that doesn’t allow this to use the studios this is ridiculous I’m frustrated and this unacceptable. I believe that it is in my right to use the studios whenever there are no classes. I even had the experience of someone coming to tell me that I am not allowed. My girlfriend is literally getting free day passes at every other gym in the area because of this issue. Please fix it now. Thank you!

  • Carol Burke says:

    The Houston Champions location had an issue with the outdoor pool. Since the Life cafe indoors is being remodeled, the snack bar at the pool is being used as a substitute. On Tuesday, July 13, a child cut his foot (bleeding) while in the outdoor pool. (Coincidentally, Life Cafe sells products in glass.)
    So, the pool was drained, ONE lifeguard swept up the broken pieces, and it is in the process of being filled for use on Saturday, July 17. The issue is, there is a Lifetime swim team league meet scheduled at the Champions location. No effort was made to switch dates with another club, and the email today to members said they would pre-emptively take the indoor lap pool from 7 am until approximately noon. This situation could easily have been remedied by switching with another club, and not totally inconveniencing the paying members, on the busiest morning of the week.

  • Salvatore Chieffo says:

    Can someone from your purchasing office please send me an e-mail of give me a call at 917-892-1312
    Thanks so much

  • Salvatore Chieffo says:

    Do you know who is doing the construction for the space?? We sell salon and spa equipment and I need to find out haw I can get in touch with the contractor that won the bid for this space and 85 Jay street in Brooklyn NY

  • Crow says:

    I am highly disappointed at the location on Hwy 281-Stone Oak/San Antonio Tx. On June 2nd I signed up for a fee of 354 dollars (a $198 mandatory class fee and the monthly rate.)
    The fifth time we attended the facility my daughter while swimming underwater with her goggles spotted a razor blade in the bottom of the outside swimming pool. I reported the incident and the female lifeguard called another person. After 10 minutes or so this also female older lady took the blade out. All this happened in the outside swimming pool. My daughter was scared to use the swimming pool after this incident. I am a teacher and wanted to give my daughter a place to hang out with me during the summer. Texas is very hot. After using this facility ONLY 5 times I had to cancel due to this incident. When I cancelled the membership and spoke with the Assistant Sales Manager Carlos Villami he was quite doubtful and said he didn’t know anything about the incident. I immediately requested him to look at the schedule and call the employee (lifeguard) that I reported it to so we can have a conversation (the three of us) he refused to do it and said he would follow up with me. He said he was going to talk to the manager and get back to me within three days. I was asking for my refund at least on the extra charge of the mandatory class $198 – he didn’t follow up and he said there was no recording of the incident. I am pretty sure he didn’t initiate the investigation or even bother to ask the employees about it. I am very disappointed with this place. I will continue to post this on social networks until someone reaches out to me. This is very unfair because the fee was quite high. Teachers don’t make lots of money. I invested and did the sacrifice of spending this money so I can spend time with my daughter in this place. It was NOT my intention to stop going after a couple of weeks making a total of 5 visitations to the club. What bothers me and that management did not follow through and ignored the fact of having blades in an area full of kids.

  • La Donna Norman says:

    Lisa the cafe manager at the Colleyville location is awful! She accused me of tampering with the cold brew when I brought to her attention that the color wasn’t right, and something was wrong with it. She then asked me if I got the cold brew often and I said about once a week and she told me then you should know what’s wrong with it. What kind of questions are these? Why would I tamper with a drink I wanted? What would this accomplish? Lisa clearly does not enjoy her job, and thinks she is too good to be a cafe manager. She has been rude to me before and the club manager seems to be fine with her horrible behavior.

  • Ed Sneed says:

    I’m trying to contact the head of facilities to discuss the prospect of using Seresco dehumidifiers as a standard. Seresco is the choice of most fitness centers and YMCA’s.

  • Xxxxxxxx says:

    I need someone to call me when they can 618-304-4026. I got an early invite.. I toured your facility and got the price in the last month. I got a million emails. I toured the facility and the next week when I was in town (I’m a medical professional).., the price was $100 higher. I call this bait and switch… on top of it I was treated so rudely by a woman who said she’s in charge of the entire faculty.

    I’ve emailed and. called now A few weeks.. talked to about four people who said they would call me back on your generic helpline. I even talked to a manager last week in Minnesota who said he could help me. U guys do a gd job at ghosting potential members. Please have someone call me who can actually help me please.

  • Officer josh says:

    Lifetime in Des Moines suck the inside kids pool close early when is not even time and also I was sitting with my kids in the hot tub and one of the workers they say kids are not allowed in the without an adult that a fuck up rule that they have and I would never want to go there and they can also go fuck they self

  • Julie B says:

    Why was my request to not air NBC or CBS on the tvs at the Lifetime in Collierville, TN recorded as spam?

  • Raul Reyes, Jr. says:

    I am 68 years old and my wife is 67. We were members in Houston Town Center through our Medicare and United Healthcare programs. However, I spoke to another member my age and they said that they were under a special program where they were paying $15 per month. What program is that and how do we sign up for that discount.

  • Shirley Heib says:

    I was going to cancel my membership in Denver, CO because of all the vehicle breakins and got an email from LT about putting account on hold for $0 a month for up to 9 months. Then I went over to Centennial location and rep put account on hold and they charge $10 per month. When I called them they said to forward them the email that was sent to me. Can you please resend the email to me so they can leave account on hold for zero per month? Thank you very much. I looked in my gmail and could not find it. My ph number is 970 692-1729 and email is louise.reader@gmail.com Thanks!

  • George says:

    Westwood, Ma lifetime needs a visit from corporate. Showers and whirlpools broken, Spin classes changing without notice. Clients deserve a little more respect than having an individual club separating from the corporate norm.

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