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Scott C. Taylor

President and Director

Donald Blach

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Tax

Michael Hargis

Senior Vice President of Member Services and Business Operations

Scott R. Carter

Executive Vice President of Enterprise and Chief Executive Officer of ID Analytics

Mike Dean

Chief Strategy Officer

C. Finnegan Faldi

Senior Vice President and Partner Revenue Officer

Peter Levinson

Senior Vice President of Product and Technology

Ignacio Martinez

Chief Risk Officer

About LifeLock, History and Headquarters Information

Lifelock is a subsidiary company which is acquired by Symantec in November 2016. Lifelock was established by Robert Maynard Jr and Todd Davis in 2005. The company headquarter is located in Tempe, Arizona.  The company operation includes service related to security that includes Theft protection in credit and non-credit services. The company claimed to have over 3 billion subscribers in February 2014. In 2012, Lifelock owned ID Analytics INC. The company has collaborated to small companies and events and has provided many seminars related to theft security. The company is famous for providing the most advanced and top quality identity theft service. The company products include the solution for risk management, identity theft services, credit and non-credit service issues, fraud detection and protection services. Company has generated great revenue in previous years with their quality service. They have added insurance feature also for providing better hospitality to the customer as they can reimburse the amount for their losses due to the theft or fraud activity.

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  • Judy says:

    Treated very badly by Kevin the Supervisor who refused to help me and refused to to transfer me to someone else who was willing to help me. Told me he was the last of the line and the only person who could help me but would not. Horrible customer service.

  • Taylor says:

    Company employees steal credit card information and sell it on the black market.

  • Phil says:

    Any idea on how to reach someone IN AMERICA?????? All I get is sent to Manila or India and they refuse to transfer me to an American office…after keeping me on hold for 30 minutes and they come back and apologize that what they originally said was incorrect!

  • Phuc-hu@yahoo.com says:

    What a shit company. All fucking day I get pop up’s from their product, telling me my computer has problems that they can fix, if only I buy MORE shit products.

  • Francine says:

    How terrible lifoc is, customer service absolutely the worst. They have limited k owledge about the product and in most cases don’t k ow what to do to help. I am going to cancel my subscription.i only wa Ted a simple question answered

  • upset says:

    About 1pm US time I was speaking to an overseas and when asked to speak to a manager I was told there was no manager for me to speak to. The rep was not helpful at all. This leaves me to believe Lifelock is just taking peoples moneys and hiring workers that can’t really help, leaving our information and privacy vulnerable with in itself. I also asked to speak to someone in the US and I was just transferred to the next coworker at another desk. After several calls and disconnects still no solution. They waste your time resolving nothing on the phone and tell you to hold on and the Phone goes dead. They need a class action lawsuit against them.

  • MS says:

    I am not a happy customer with Norton-Lifelock. On my privacy monitor page, there are 18 data broker entries that have my name or someone’s name similar to mine. And, my name is associated with three different women of different ages. I tried calling Norton and spoke to an agent (from a different country) who said in order for me to “opt-out” of these data broker sites, I need to buy a $49 package on their website. All I wanted to do was to correct my name and to remove the other women’s names from mine. Sounds like another way for Norton-Lifelock to make a buck! I called Corporate headquarters in AZ and I got a promotional gimmick person who tried to sell me something else. What’s going on here?

  • Daniel escobar says:

    Your company is running a TV commercial with my email

  • Rich says:

    Customer service sucks and the identity protection is questionable. Had an issue with stolen cryptocurrency that had to be accessed with my email and after several hours of chats and phone calls over a 2 weeks was told they don’t work on cryptocurrency losses. I haven’t found anything anywhere that states crypto is carved out of coverage. This is the second time I tried to have a loss covered (previous was traditional financial) and given another excuse. No more renewals for me.

  • Wendy says:

    Worst customer service ever. Don’t use this company. I have been trying to get a refund due me for eight months, they have escalated the problem twice and billing has investigated it twice, they agree they owe me a refund but all help stops at this point. I have been told the same story for the last three months about what has to be done but they don’t do it. There is never a supervisor available to speak to, you are not allowed to talk to anyone in billing and their customer service people read from a script and have to problem solving ability. There is it a listed number for their corporate office (that says a lot, they are hiding from customers). DON’T USE THIS COMPANY.

  • Wayne Hairston says:

    They do not follow through with what they agreed with you over the phone… it is like talking to a wall. Maybe Lifelock simply does not care about customer service.

  • michael brenner says:

    customer service sucks!!! Give me the damm phone number USA!

  • Kathy Lambertz says:

    My father passed away and I went to cancel his subscription. Was told refund could only go on original payment method, which has been canceled by the bank. Have been fighting with them since 10/20. Customer Service is terrible ( not U.S. based). Can not get them to understand they can’t refund to a canceled card. I keep getting the run around I have sent in Death Cert and Person Rep papers along with my name, relationship, address, phone number and email address. Since his passing I have dealt with many financial and subscription services and this company is by far the worst. They run you around thinking you will give up so they don’t have to pay. I would not recommend this company if they where the only company out there. Hopefully someday I will get the refund owed.

  • Dennis Walter says:

    I need someone from Headquarters to call me 916 6070654
    I have been a customer for a longtime and your customer service is not solving my account issue.

  • Doris Moolenaar says:

    How can you change a forgotten password, with a two step verification which has your old telephone number attached to your account? It puts your account at risk because someone else has that phone number and can collect your information, thats identify theft? Because you can not attach the new phone to your account because of this problem.

  • Paige says:

    Can’t get a phone number to headquarters. Customer service reps aren’t located in the United States and they’ll transfer you and leave you on hold until you give up. Avoid this company at all costs.

  • Geo Chapman says:

    04/13/2020 On 04/11 they improperly processed a renewal for a product not scheduled to expire until 05/17. I contacted support, and was informed she needed to escalate, and I should expect a response in 5 to 7 days. 04/20 when no action had been taken I reached out again. Now I cannot even speak to a supervisor (“I can request a callback which will take 7 to 10 days”. The only status is that it has been referred to next level support. I discover that the parent company (symantec) has gone out of business, corporate acounts are now part of Broadcom. Retail accounts are now Norton Lifelock, Tempe AZ. All numbers listed for corporate offices connect me to customer support.

  • Gregory Nelson says:

    12/18/19, Norton gave me case #40912872 after I explained that I had one desktop and two laptops that I signed into Norton Online Security. However, Norton had five devices registered when I looked at my LifeLock sign-in. Norton’s technician was very abrupt after I was transferred from LifeLock. She took me to the command search to type: winiver, and some other command that would change my drivers. After explaining several times I wanted to know why Norton had five devices on my account two that did not belong to me. When I tried to add a fourth device Marcella a girlfriend’s computer 12/17/19, Norton’s server cancelled my subscription and sent a prompt advising me that my subscription had expired. This is the second time I’ve been given discourteous service by Norton. The first time I spoke to a LifeLock representative for an hour and a half to sent me a link that Norton could have sent me to download Norton internet security via e-mail. Now that Norton has successfully removed the fourth device I put on their security, I will remove my other three devices from Norton’s security, and get another internet security.

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