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  • Address: 6467 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221, United States

  • Phone Number: +17166331850 

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  • Number of Employees: 5000+

  • Established: 1982

  • Founder:  

  • Key People: Mark G. Barberio, Chairman

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Mark G. Barberio


Joseph V. Saffire


Andrew J. Gregoire


Edward F. Killeen


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  • P Buchanan says:

    I have been renting a storage unit at life Storage located in Chicago on 2051 N Austin Ave since February 11th 2023 I filed a claim for water damage on my furniture and electronic item and clothes that were damaged doing the flood storm I was paying for insurance along with my monthly payment my claim was denied I don’t understand why I’ve lost most of my things and now they don’t want to pay me I’m pissed off I’m filing a lawsuit

  • Danesha Phelps says:

    You do not steal peoples hard earned belongings never take accountability because you’re too busy protecting the brand and go off policies and rules for them to get the rest of their belongings when looked at as crazy because I reported you guys on two occasions making police reports only for you guys to tell me that cameras were reviewed they did t see anyone not even me taking out my belongings. Are you serious??? What’s really going on behind the scenes these people held responsible need to be under investigation and in jail. You don’t do this y’all have hurt me to the core now I’m charged to get my remaining belongings out. This store is aware…. DAN IS STEALING IM TELLING YOU ALL THIS he’s at the Kingwood TX location they are very skilled at what they’re doing. It’s unbelievable I will receive my justice

  • Danesha Phelps says:

    Kingwood TX location are stealing belongings. Dan is aware of all it it’s really sad they’re scamming people and th insurance isn’t covered due to no force of entry when I’ve given over all detailed photos, I mean they are really skilled. I’ve stressed to Courtney over at corporate about my incident that this is an inside job and im going to file a lawsuit against you guys. She confessed and n a phone call that she believed me and how she’s seen these things take place within her 14 years of work in the storage feild. Even she covers for him. These people are evil. They all deserve to be fired. Dan is 100% aware and in all honesty he’s working alongside someone and they’re taking peoples belongings. I can bet you this. It really does sucks.

  • Danesha Phelps says:

    I was asked on numerous occasions if anyone had access to my keys. Absolutely not. So tell me, did they really run those cameras back. They would’ve seen and confirmed all of this. My Surface Pro laptop was taken, my hand drill and even my screws I had placed inside a Dre Beats Headphones box along with my tote of tennis shoes. Apparently they were under the impression that these expensive headphones was inside. I’ve given all the info over to Xemcore insurance as well. You don’t do people like that. Y’all have wiped me clean!! Thanks for making my life a living hell for the past months and screwing me over for no apparent reason other than me being a target for my hard earned items. I really was under impression that I was safe but once I figured this all out storage owners have been committing these crimes. Dan needs to be under investigation im telling you he’s stealing and hope that he gets caught and placed in jail for having my look crazy. You guys are wrong and that’s that

  • Veronica says:

    I had to get a unit due to a fire in my apartment had to leave the city I been trying to get my stuff out of there to where me n my kids leave at the moment people at the new Britain location is been very rude and hard to deal I been asking several time to at least change my due date so I don’t be late every time but they got no intention on doing so they come with oh u gotta prioritize your payments I need to speak to someone that can help me or at least remove one late I have never ever got a late fee remove and is been alot time I am late due to date I want to get all my kids and my stuff out to stop with this but is been hard please give me a call

  • Treneice Samone Williams Williams Miller says:

    I’ve tried to reach their corporate office repeatedly unsuccessfully.

  • James E Burns says:

    Help me understand why ? YOUR agent to me that she would set up auto pay all I had to do is give verbal auth and a cc which I did. I travel abroad for wk..when I get home my unit is now up for auction for non payment. I asked if there anything that I needed to do..she said ” No your all taken care of” ! Now I’m back and see my unit up for auction. I told them I’d pay what’s due but no late fees. They said I’d have to talk with the regional mgr. Called Jake three times got no return call. Had the store call him and send an email, six days later still no return call from Jake!

  • Jon Bourget says:

    Big screw up in tow contract for 73 pleasant street Dracut Ma. Taking customers vehicles during operating hours. Impound and tow fee over $148 . The next day

  • Christine murphey says:

    I need to speak to someone at corporate office.. for Life storage in Cape Canaveral. The Life storage in Cape Canaveral has not returned any my phone calls I’ve been trying to make a payment since last month for my unit and 10:59.. they have refused to return any of my phone calls every time I go up there they’re closed they’re very rude over the phone they’ve already auctioned off one of our storage sheds a couple months ago and we went down to make a payment and we had until the 24th of that month and we made going out there and they took everything and Matthew that was working there admitted that he did on the 24th when we had until the 24th that afternoon and all before then.. now we have the storage shed that’s got just a few items in it but we’ve been trying to make a payment on it and like I can’t make a payment so now I don’t know if they auctioned off or not because they refuse to answer the phone I wish somebody could contact me at area code 321 423-4676 .

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