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  • Address: 141 Congress St, Boston, MA 02110, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 617-451-2009

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 80,000

  • Established: 1912

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: David H. Long (CEO)

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David H. Long (CEO)

Chairman, President & CEO

Christopher Locke Peirce

Executive VP, CFO & Director

Fernando Cambara Lodigiani

Senior VP of Sales & Distribution and CEO of Chile Operations

About Liberty Mutual, History and Headquarters Information


Liberty Mutual was founded in the year 1912. The company has been operational for almost 106 years now. The former name of the company was the Massachusetts Employees Insurance Association. The company was formed as a result of a Massachusetts state law, which was passed in the year 1911, for protecting the employees with worker’s compensation insurance. In the year 1914, the first branch office of the company was opened as well. The same year, the company also wrote its first automobile insurance policy as well. The company was mainly founded as Massachusetts Mutual Company, which was name changed in the year 1917, as Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. The company also started to offer auto policies with full coverage as well.

Starting in the year 1964, the company began to offer life insurance policies via its Liberty Life Assurance Branch. Then in the year 2002, the company was converted to a mutual holding company structure. The conversion was very much controversial, and therefore a lawsuit was also filed by some shareholders towards the company too. The lawsuit was settled in the year 2001, which also required additional disclosures and even a certain limited amount of compensation to the company directors and officers. The same year, the conversion plan was also approved by the shareholders. This made the company one of the world’s leading casualty and property insurance companies. The growth of the company in the later days has been through both organic terms and also through acquisition terms as well. In the year 2008, the company had purchased Safeco Corporation. The acquisition amount resulted in almost $6.2 billion. The company created its first commercial television advertisement in the year 2006. Then in the year 2011, the company had started the construction of Liberty Mutual Tower – which will be a 22-storeyed skyscraper, which will be a part of its World Headquarters Expansion Project. In the year 2013, the building had received a certificate of occupancy. As of the year 2017, the company had acquired Ironshore Incorporated, for about $2.9 billion. The headquarters of the company is based in 141 Congress Street. The name of the place is Boston, while the name of the state is Massachusetts, USA. The pin code of the area is 02110.


Liberty Mutual is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of insurance policies, products and services to its customers, all over the world. The current CEO and chairman of the company are David H Long. As of the year 2017, the total amount of revenue generated by the company is more than $39,400 million. Also, as of the year 2017, the total number of employees working at the company is more than 50,000. The company is placed at 68th number in the Fortune 100 companies list. The company currently has its presence not only in the USA but also in countries like – Colombia, India, Malaysia, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Thailand, the UK, Vietnam, etcetera.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to obtain various kinds of insurance policies and services, offered by the company itself. The company offers personal insurance policies, automobile insurance policies, homeowner’s insurance policies, worker’s compensation insurance policies, fire and safety insurance policies, etcetera.

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  • Patricia says:

    I am a customer in Colorado since I think August. Things started off really good. I had my Son and me on my policy and 3 vehicles on. My Grandson wanted to be added to the policy and I let the agent know that my Grandson will be calling with his information to be added as an insured driver. I never knew that a vehicle was added to my policy that was already insured by my Grandsons girlfriend. so 4 vehicles now. It was set up for the payments to come out automatically. Then I get an email that I needed to e-sign documents. I would go in to open up the document and my Grandsons name would come up on it. I tried to contact someone and find out what was going on and could never get anyone. I could not sign into my account. I sent a text to the agent that I had a number for and he said he would call me, and didn’t. When I finally got thru I was passed to 3 to 4 different people, cause no one knew the answer. Then finally found out that when my Grandson called to be added to the policy and added the vehicle. They put him down as the primary policy holder. I’m the one that makes the payments each month. So he gets put down as the primary policy holder under my email. So he wasn’t getting the emails, I was but could not go in to it. So then they tell me that they needed to get permission from my Grandson to give me back my email. I was not asked for permission to give my email to him. And I only found out all this because it said my policy will be increased from $570.46 to $711.16. I finally get it straightened out and was told I will still be charged the higher amount because I did it too late. All of this has been frustrating from start to finish. The frustrating things is none was my fault, except signing up with Liberty Mutual in the first place.

  • Paul says:

    Hello James, I am emailing you today because I am very frustrated and disappointed with the handling of my claim # above. My wife spoke with someone in your Hauppauge office named Dorothy Buchanan, She is not only unprofessional but rude as well. Customer service should be the key ingredient to satisfied customers.
    I have been with liberty mutual for 35 years, since I was 18 years old. Have always been happy with liberty mutual until now. I and my wife are getting no where with our situation. Our Brokers name is Charles who handled the addition to our policy for our boat. Dorothy is unwilling to give his last name or speak with him about the phone call made on 5-8-2017 in regards to the boat coverage. Fact is liberty has the wrong size of boat as well as engine on boat in your records. The conversation was as usual recorded for “quality purposes “. We have trusted in liberty mutual for such a very long time, and I must say I hope this is not who liberty mutual is today.
    Our boat was bought for $13,500. It is worth a good amount more than the $5,500 we are being told to swallow. May I ask who in there rite mind would insure a boat for a third of the price purchased for? No one! I would like to know why liberty mutual who has such a great reputation in the insurance business would allow something like this too happen to a 35 year customer? My wife wanted boat insurance when see called couple years ago and was advised just to put it under our homeowners policy by “Charles”, who did not at that time explain the differences, prices, value. How does liberty mutual have representatives that do not provide real customer service.
    I do request someone to respond back to all about this and to satisfy me with restitution that is exceptable to-your 35 year customer.
    Restitution is solely in the hands of liberty mutual. And I would expect the company to do what is rite.
    My only other recourse after this email will be to the Attorney Generals office, Letitia James.
    They know me well and would be happy to give me a case # and start an investigation into the operations of Liberty mutual and the misrepresentation it is engaged in.
    I do not wish to prolong my claim, but I will without serious consideration to my claim.
    Below is all my contact information for your convenience to reach me.



    • Becky says:

      Hello Paul,

      We were looking into switching to Liberty. Has your situation been resolved to your satisfaction? I am very unhappy to see the way you and your wife have been treated. Especially after you being a customer for 35 years!!!!!! That is absolutely awful. I work in customer service and this makes me sick when another CS person treats people this way.

  • Ruth DiFranza says:

    Your ad campaign of “Limu Emu” is about the WORST ad campaign in the history of advertising!! I used to be in advertising, and your television commercials including an emu are insulting, horrible and challenge the intelligence of anyone watching them (which I don’t…I always change the channel, as does everybody else I know). You would do well to eliminate these commercials, as they “turn off” most people and preclude them from ever purchasing a Liberty Mutual policy (which most people would research and compare with other policies anyway).

    • Judith Purvis says:

      The tv ad with the man driving down the street recklessly with the emu in the next seat while reaching out the window trying to hand something to the woman in the next car is unbelievable! How could this type of reprehensible driving be anything other than a reason to be stopped by local police. I believe this is worse than texting while driving. I’d like to know what moron signed off on this ad…..

  • >