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  • Address: 1450 Lake Robbins Dr #430, The Woodlands, TX 77380, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 281-362-8998

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 1,000

  • Established: 2002

  • Founder: Thomas Lipar

  • Key People: Eric Lipar,

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Eric Lipar

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Charles Merdian

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Snider

President & Chief Operating Officer

About LGI Homes, History and Headquarters Information

LGI Homes has succeeded to get good name in short period among construction industry of US. It was founded in 2002 by Thomas Lipar and started working on projects in 2003. Company headquarter is located in The Woodlands, Texas. Builder magazine has listed the LGI Homes as 15th largest building company of US. Company has decided to expand its business and provide service in Florida and Georgia in 2013. Presently Eric Lipar is in a position of CEO in the company. The company has generated great revenue in the last few years and looking forward to the upcoming years to maintain the same growth rate. The target customer for the company is the one who is planning to buy their first home. In 2006, the company collaborated with Interlinc Mortgage INC. However, they decided to discontinue that in 2010. With a great portfolio, LGI Homes are becoming a popular choice in the construction field. The company is currently owned many projects and claiming to provide superior quality at affordable price.

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  • Meredith Lupinski says:

    you got my sale; you got my money… guess it is done after that! 3 months and counting trying to get things corrected in my home that I mentioned pre close.

  • Chris says:

    Worst Construction company. Shady practices where Sales agent promises too many things(too good to be true) and deliver nothing. Very poor quality homes with non existing warranty. Generally spec homes which are nothing but trash. Better to buy used/old home then buy a new home from LGI. Home value degrades more than what you think about it.

  • Shari garcia says:

    Hi, inquired about your vero home in north port Florida about a week ago, The worst customer service, she was drunk, her words were vulgar, swearing, we had filled out pre- qualification forms ahead of appointment and she said everything looked good, when we got there she said she could put us in a home for 2,750 a month mortgage. I couldn’t believe that ungodly amount! When the website said around 1590.00 a month. So disappointed considering we bought an lgi home in Conroe Texas in 2017 a Blanco plan and monthly payments were ok. About 1500 a month with insurance and taxes. We had excellent customer service and loved our home. Sold it November 2021 to move back to Florida. Your north port office was a very horrible experience!

  • Howard Daley says:

    I’m a disabled person and I put my earnest money down and my spouse decided she didn’t like the area and the size of the house

  • Someone that will never purchase and LGI home again says:

    Worst home builder ever! DO NOT PURCHASE AN LGI HOME!! I continue to tell all my family and friends this is the worst company ever, would never recommend to anyone. It’s been a bit over a year since we moved in and still waiting in repairs from pending work orders. I was in contact with a few people in the beginning and now not a peep. No one has reached out and no communication with anyone. I continue to comment in the work order and crickets. I can’t understand how they are still in business with all the negative reviews and shotty homes built. Hoping the issues don’t worsen or will seek legal action.

  • Jerry Gavaldon says:

    Hello, we need help on a number of warranty issues for the home at 7209 Vermillion Street Frederick, CO 80530; Sari Coffron is the new owner. We are not getting any help from Tyler Maxwell at :LGI homes in the area. We have some safety issues with electrical, flooring and much more. Please we need help. You can call me at 970-222-4673. I was the real estate broker for this home sale transaction. Help please

  • saula bello says:

    my name is Saula Bello, i made an offer to purchase a home with LGI in Venus Tx, i was put through hell, told that my only option is to finance with Loan Depot, i have my loan done thru my credit union, PEN FED, They gave me so much hazel, the sales manager was rude, i guess he is still stuck in the past, as of trying to feed force customer. i need my $1k down payment back ASAP, Called my sales person no response

  • Maria Martinez says:

    Purchase my first New Home from LGI all seem ok than 26 months later on April 14th my sewage back up through the whole house thinking it was maybe a clogged pipe I Called a pluming Company They came out it started at 69.00 to clear out the pipe than machine got stuck the next day they send a camera in which wound up in muddy water they started to dip and it was unsafe as to the dirt was soft and wet they had to rip out the drive way to get the the area and they found was unbelievable 3 feet of 5” pipe missing it was never connected to the city of buckeye sewer I called LGI AND CITY IF BUCKEYE INSPECTORS the inspectors came out couldn’t believe what they saw called the LGI foreman he came right over as to they talk said they would make good on the reimbursement of 14500.00 dollars to repair this and than nobody called back until I keep calling and finally when to the LGI sale office even than two weeks later a person call said they would try to get me the reimbursement but lied and nasty only to find out three months later they will not reimburse me for something that was not broken but was never done correctly to began with with LGI..
    I just can’t believe that they would not make good on this issues all I wanted was to be reimbursed nothing more if someone cares enough at LGI to make good on this problem at the corporate level it would be great as to we are seeking legal Assistance on this matter

  • Darie Battle says:

    Bought my home 2 years ago. At the end of my first year I called to report a list of items as was instructed. These items were also listed on my closing documents. Unfortunately covid began and they were unable to fix, this I understand. I then received a call from your customer service manager David Leger who was to put it mildly RUDE, OFFENSIVE and disrespectful! He implied from the beginning the items were “made up” or caused by me. I have time and date stamped pictures to prove they were already here. There is also a hole in the wall exposing wires that needs to be capped. The exchange between he and I was NOT pleasant. He did at the end state the items needed to be taken care of however this was after he could not bully me! He also stated it was my responsibility to find the name of the person I spoke to 1 year ago to prove I did so. Again the items were listed at closing along with the pictures I had taken that should be All that is needed. When telling him I planed to file a complaint he coldly responded “your welcome to do it, see if they answer “. I have been a Covid nurse for 2 years, my husband was still deployed and this is they way I was treated by YOUR employee. I have not heard from anyone in regards to fixing my issues. So now let’s see is you respond or If he was right and corporate just doesn’t care. I have considered calling the housing inspector to see how this passed inspection, however in fairness wanted to give you a chance to resolve the situation.
    A Very upset customer
    Darie Battle

  • Josh Krumpach says:

    So in beginning it was fantastic dealing with Jennifer. She was nice, and very helpful. They asked for $1,000.00 down to save the lot.. no problem! I wrote them a check. Then we asked Jennifer through text if we could have gray carpet installed instead of the brown . She said it shouldn’t be an issue I will get back to you. Couple weeks go by and no answer on carpet . Then house is almost done and we found out the carpet was brown. Come to find out Jennifer said she accidentally texted a different client about the Grey carpet that we asked her for over text. We asked if we could get an allowance to change the carpet . Lgi said no, then we asked if they could change it out they said no. They offered to put the same laminate that’s in the kitchen in the living room and master bedroom, but would not change out the stairs or second level of the house. This is one of the reasons we backed out of the home was because of the carpet issue, and how they handled everything during this issue. Not to mention the flooding in the backyard because the house was in a flood zone . Which we were never told. So I backed out the home that we were going to pay $382,000 dollars for . Lgi ended up selling it for almost $400,000 dollars . Wow that’s a hugh profit for them . So I let a couple months go by and reached out to Jennifer about my $1000.00 deposit, and when I would get that back. Jennifer got really nasty and started almost in a chuckle voice “WE DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING “. I asked to speak with Patrick. Jennifer replies “Oh he out of the office”. Come to find out, he was in the office..

    This is in Berkeley West Virginia.

  • Nick Ceraldi says:

    How bout responding to simple warranty claims? Getting a little annoyed! Next step….

  • James Cunha says:

    I was super excited to buy this new home until I was in it for a couple months. I’ve had so many issues arise that I believe this was my worst purchase ever. Granted the have a great warranty program, but I’ve had way to many issues with this home. My latest issue was the foundation is unlevel.. The doorways are still unlevel, heating is broke, windows leak , the list is super long. Every time a maintenance person comes in it ruins my whole day and there’s been alot of ruined days. I hope to sell this house asap..

  • Nitza Roman says:

    We purchased an LGI home in Florida last July 2021. A few issues arose and were taken care of – we are grateful. I am reaching out because maybe you can support us. I have reported to our local builder that the area around the house is not leveled. The sod was placed and the ground had not been fully flattened. The response was that the city required work with the plumbing closest to the house – basically, there is nothing the builder can do. I am not sure what that had to do with flattening the ground.
    It is evident that the ground was not flattened. There are undulations/holes all around. When walking in the back yard and front, we have to be cautious of where we step.The area in backyard closest to the house easily floods. I was hoping that with time, it would improve. It is still an issue. We have a nice house with a not so nice lawn. The houses LGI builds represents the company. I am depending on the leadership from the headquarters to hopefully respond and provide a solution of restitution for us. It may not seem like much, but it is to my husband and I. I trust that LGI responds and honors their name. Thank you.

  • Simone Williams says:

    I purchase a new home in Florida in July of 2021. The patio door never worked, I opened a warranty work order in August 2021. The door people came in and told me they installed the wrong door and they need to install the rigth size door. Nobody ever came to change/fix the door. I keep calling LGI Homes and they tell me that the “trade” the door company are very busy and I have to be patient. I been waiting for 7 months how more patient can I be? They don’t call me with updates, I keep calling them only to be told the “trade” is not responding to them or this is due to the Pandemic. Today I walked into to their office and the Sales Manager had the nerve to tell me if I want it fixed sooner I can go ahead and have it fixed but they are not paying for it. In 2 weeks they will have the door fixed. This is unacceptable. I purchased a brand new home that should have a functional patio door if not their warranty should fixed ASAP not take their sweet time (7 months) and when I had it with the situation had the audacity to tell on my face that if I want it fixed now I should pay for it myself. The Administrative assistant, the Sales Team manager were very passive aggressive with me and offered no real resolution other than you wait 7 + months or pay for the fix yourself. Unreal. So, if you value your money, specially the thousands of cash you will need to come up for closing, go find a more professional builder, that will save you a ton of aggravation. I have been asking my neighbours and most of the ones I asked are having similar situations like mine. One told me that the warranty will be over in May and they just keep ignoring her request to have something major with her floor fixed.

  • Patrice says:

    Just moved in to this home July 2021. I’m a single mom with three kids. I depended on the warranty the provided for first year. What a joke? I’ve had a leak from my ceiling since August 2021. Hardware falling apart, light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Now I have a 3×3 hole in the ceiling downstairs that has yet to be fixed.quality of life has diminished and I’m very u happy with this purchase. I thought I was doing the right thing but clearly I’ve been scammed. Warranty will be up in April, but I didn’t move in until July. I’m confused and literally stuck at this point. Very disappointed 😔

  • stan says:

    Some LGI Home manager was unprofessional. The manager gave me his cell phone number, never return calls and unable leave messages. There in house mortgage company Loan Depot shared your personal financial information with salesman’s.

  • Carter L Johnson says:

    Can’t login to see my service request. carker85@gmail.com please add email to account. Tried multiple times to get a reset,not receiving it. Thanks

  • Robin Gary says:

    The guy that does warranty claims in joesphs cove in cove tx never showed up this is the second time this is getting old the first time he was suppose to show up was like 3 weeks ago and never showed then he texted me last night he was suppose to be here between 8 and 12 and has not showed up something has to change his name is Ryan I do not have a last name

  • Evette V says:


    I am writing this email to tell you my concerns, frustration and disappointment overall.

    *AC unit goes out Saturday night 9/18/21, just hours of moving in on Friday 9/17/21.
    My first call was to Robert with no answer or called back. I left a voicemail letting him know that we notice the leaking from the emergency drainage on the back porch. After calling 5 times to the AC service number 817-590-0088, I finally was able to get half assisted. This was 9/18/21 at 12:19pm when I was told they had scheduled a request for a technician to come out on Sunday morning. On Sunday 9/19/21, I waited all morning till early afternoon for the technician and no one showed. At this point I called my realtor Jacole to help me and she immediately got on it and called Air co. She was told that I had just called on that Sunday and that was false. After adding me on a 3 way call and confirming that I did call on Saturday, that’s when they actually went ahead and scheduled another technician to come out. A technician finally came on Sunday around 5:30pm. He inspected the unit in the attic and stated at the end that the unit was not balanced and he had to balance and drain the unit. He stated it was freeze due to the leak. An hour after the tech left the AC went out again. I called about 3 times to Air co yesterday afternoon to let them know and all I was told we will have someone contact you. Today is Monday 9/20/21 and Air co never called nor showed at my house. Thank GOD the AC started working on it’s own around midday today. I also want to note that when I went to the office Candice stated that Air co had not stated about the balancing. I told her that this information was told to us by the tech in Spanish and in English. There was no miscommunication in either language. Around 2:45 David came by the house and stated that he had spoken with Air con and confirmed that the tech had noted all the work done and that it was noted that he balanced it and drained the unit. We are so disappointed by the way all this has been handled. I have attached the screenshots of the calls.

    Water and Utility service: Today I took the day off to get the services on my name as I was told at the time of closing that we only had 3 days to get this switched over to our name. I went to the city of Crowley to do so, and was told that they did not have a CO and that nothing could be done. Denise in the front stated that the house should not even be occupied without being inspected. After this I went to the sales office and Candice shared a copy of the CO they have in file. She mentioned that the house has been inspected but the city just doesn’t have the hard copy yet. She also stated that LGI would not cut the water services and that I would be informed when it would be ok for me to get the utilities on my name. Please see an image taken of the CO
    NOTE: David came out to my house around 2:45 and stated that the CO was taken care of and that I should be good to go by Wednesday. Can this please be confirmed?

    Fence- I was told there would not be a fence towards the back due to there already being the neighbors fence. I was also told the fence would start about 2-3 feet away from the side of the sidewalk. Then when we saw the markings of where the fence would start we mentioned it in another email. The fence was adjusted but not like we were told at the beginning. We were told the fence needed to stay the way they did it for the closing. After that we could do whatever we wanted. During the walk through Thursday 9/16/21 with the builder Robert, we were told that the reason why they fence the way they did was because there is a utility easel and that the city has to have access. He also stated that towards the back fence there is also a fiber optic cable and that’s the reason the fencing was reduced. He did give us Tommy’s contact number to reach out to him to see what can be done. On Friday right after the closing, we reached out to Tommy and he came out to the house and stated that we would have to get with the City first and it would be up to them. He also gave us an estimate of $700 if the fence was to be moved. We feel like we have been lied and lied to push for closing and we are completely unsatisfied.

    Things to be repaired or cleaned:
    *Brick and foundation border has chunks of cement.
    *Some areas of flooring are loose
    *Garage door handle came apart and my husband had to repair it.
    * Main door handle has white paint on the stainless steel area
    *Attic had bottles of empty beer and left over pieces of carpet. My husband had to clean it.
    *Granite on the master restroom is marked with red crayon 1200. This was not cleaned or if it was, it’s not coming off.
    * During the walk through I told Robert that my kitchen granite also has 2 dark stains due to greasy chips with salsa being left there during the building process. We saw this ourselves. When we mentioned it , we were told it was part of the look of the granite and it’s false.
    *Holes underneath the master room sink
    *Refrigerator gets super hot on the outsides sides.
    *Closet Rod was too big. My husband had to cut it himself
    *Fence wood broke by the gate. If not fixed it will continue to break because of door opening and closing.
    No trash cans were provided. WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PUT OUR TRASH?

  • Khounmy Lanoi says:

    Hi I would to put out a complaint for LGI higher up in management. I am not happy with buying the house because I didn’t get a deck with the purchase of my new house . My neighbor bought his house too about a month after I bought mine and he has a new deck with his purchase of his house. Now somebody tell my why can’t I get a deck? It’s not fair to me that I didn’t get a deck and my neighbor got one. I really feel discriminated and that I’m an Asian minority. Would someone in higher management look into this and let me know. You guy have my email and here is my phone number to contact me 952-250-1095. Thank you.

  • Matthew says:

    Do you have any developments coming up in Vancouver WA or Portland OR that we can build a single level home?

  • Not buying from you says:

    Complaints about LGI?

  • Not buying from you says:

    Saw this ad on Craigslist boulder.craigslist.org/apa/d/frederick-1000-move-in-is-here-call-now/7175621352.html#
    Called & Dustin answered, despite the ad saying homes in Lafayette/Longmont Dustin claimed the area available is Firestone however those of us from here know the water is contaminated by drilling in that town, upon hearing that Dustin hung up on me! False advertise much?!

  • Nisha Dashaye says:

    Very dissatisfied with this company. I was told if I can’t get financing my earnest money would be returned the office has been giving me the run around. I just want my monies back as quick as I handed it over.

  • Ese ( Bian Realty) says:

    I am a realtor and my realtors commission has not been paid by LGI HOMES. I feel oppressed. I brought this client to LGI homes. I need someone from top management to look into this.

  • Billy says:

    I spoke out against LGI substandard and unethical construction practices and hiring possible undocumented workers and was met with physical and sexual assaults to me and my wife. THESE PEOPLE ARE DEGENERATES WHO PRAY ON POOR PEOPLE TO FIANCE THEM AND PROVIDE AN INFERIOR PRODUCT AT A PREMIUM SQFT RATE WITH LOW LEVEL EMENITIES AND FINISHES. DON’T BUY LGI (LOW GOVERNMENT INCOME) PEOPLE IS WHO THEY PRAY ON LGI!!!!




  • Cassandra Butler-Pettis says:

    I would like someone to call me back regarding a very important matter to me. I felt that I am being treated unfairly. NOW I still have to wait until Monday July 29,02019. My sink fell in and I put the maintenance order in a week ago July 20, 2019. It just stated it was done. I left phone and text messages for a week with the Maintenance Guy Mr. Haggerty who I find out today 07/26/19 that he has been on vacation and I need to contact a guy name Codie by the LGI Main Office (817-36-8618). I called Codie about 0159 pm today 07/26/19 and left him an extensive message regarding my sink. he never called me back. I sent him a text message about 345 pm when I took a break and he called me and stated that there is no work order put in for it. He stated he would not be able to get anyone out until Monday, 07/29/19. But how do the LGI main office not know Mr. Haggerty’s was on vacation? They gave me his telephone number. The Plumber gave me his number as well. I have family coming from out of town today 07/26/19 and a broke, leaking sink. I was told over the weekend 07/20/19 that the broken sink was not considered an emergency by the plumber. He told me that he sent it through and someone should be taking care of it. They all knew about my sink but because the order was not in according to them, it was not done. I am very upset at how they operate. I don’t understand how everyone knows and now no one knows. Please explain that to me. I have all the conversations, times, texts etc. regarding the steps I took to get my sink fixed. please advise.

  • Mebane NC Resident of a new build home says:

    Have had a warranty claim in for over a month, now have siding hanging off the house and NOT ONE RETURNED CALL from Brock. Not even a response on the Buildertrend app

    • Arnez foster says:

      Did you ever get your siding repaired. Mine and others in this community are having the same problem. If you were successful, please give me the info and how you were able to get it accomplished.
      Thanks in advance

  • EllerJohnson says:

    Kevin Vautien and Brock Parker blocked receiving emails from me. “Your message to kevin vautier@lgihomes.com has been blocked”. It says the same thing for Brock Parker. I am a paying resident of LGI Homes Burlington NC

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