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  • Address: Japan, 〒466-0057 Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Shōwa-ku, Takatsujichō, 3−8−1

  • Phone Number:
    +81 800-200-7584

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1989

  • Founder: Eiji Toyoda

  • Key People: Mark Templin (CEO)

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Tetsuo “Ted” Ogawa


Mark Templin


Chris Nielsen


Toshio Niimi


Andrew Gilleland


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  • Михаил says:

    Добрый день Вам. Хочу купить автомобиль с завода Лексус 600. Год выпуска 2024. Город Хабаровск.

  • Uri Vaisman says:

    Just bought 2023 RX350h luxury car. I live in snow country. I cannot find 235/50/R21 101V snow tires. Costco, the only one to offer them, is out of stock. How can you sell a car for with rare rims that make it just about impossible to get snow tires?


    i brought a new 2023 rx.350 on may 3rd 2023, one key. Stoler Lexus in farmingdale dealership did now know who to call about my second key or when it may be delivered. i had to call around to get that information myself.Poor service.

    • Carol Caruso says:

      Bought new Rx Lexus in April. Still waiting for 2nd key. Told I’d receive 2nd in August. Still nothing. Unacceptable .
      Carol Caruso

  • Patrick Rogers says:

    Our family has been a Lexus owner since 1993 and we currently have a 2007 ES 350, which we love. We do not like the huge grills that Lexus went to and are searching for an All Electric sedan version of the 2007 ES350 but with a narrower center divider console. The current consoles (after 2007) are wider and provide less width room for large men like myself. With all your technology, can’t you create a center console that is narrower, not wider? Also, do not skimp on quality amenities – we like leather, chrome wheels and all the upgrades.

  • ira Berlowitz says:

    who is the person at lexus who excepts service of a law suit. for failure to honor your warranty

    • LCV says:

      Include me and others who had issues/problems with defective parts as a class action lawsuit. I could have die while driving and battery exploded while park in the garage.

      • Pk says:

        Me as well on 11/5/2022, something malfunctioned, my vehicle just inadvertently accelerated as I was pulling in a parking space and hit a pole I couldn’t stop the vehicle and Lexus concluded there was nothing wrong

  • Latisha Barfield says:

    At 4:30 pm, my car stalled and would not restart. I called Lexus West Palm Beach service at 4:59 pm and informed them my car would not restart and the person in service recommended I call to be towed to the dealership. I placed the call at 5:03 pm to report the problem and I need to be towed to the dealership. The customer service rep told it could take 2 hours or less. My information regarding the car was verified with customer service and another representative who called to let me know the tow would be there shortly. At 6:16 pm the tow did not arrive and I was unable to track the tow with the link that was sent to me. I called the 800-25-Lexus number to ask the eta for the tow because I needed to get to service before it closed. Five minutes later the tow arrived. I called the service department to let them know I was coming at 6:55 and no one answered. We arrived at the dealership in the sales department. I was told I could not receive a loaner because the service was closed and there was nothing that could be done and I was stranded. Service knew I was coming and no one prepared a loaner for me and I live 50 miles north of the dealership. I was stranded and no one cared to help me which is unacceptable. I am a customer with Lexus for 15 years and I never received such poor customer service. I will be speaking to another manager tomorrow to take my complaint higher. This Lexus branch deserves a zero and doesn’t deserve my business.

  • Angela Daniel says:

    I purchased a 2017 Lexus RX350
    March 2022. The next day of purchase the Engine light, System Malfunction, Charging system, see your dealership faults came on… This happens every time I gas up.. When I googled the issue I find out there was a recall 2017 for the fuel system.. When I contacted Lexus Nally in Georgia the would not assist me because I didn’t purchase a extended warranty is what I was told.. Later to find out they replaced it and will not honor the warranty of the part.. I paid over $32,000 cash for this SUV.. The people at Lexus Nalley are rude and done mind selling flawed vehicles.. They will not assist me at all and this is the 5th Lexus I have had. NEVER HAD THESE PROBLEMS but off course I never bought vehicles from LEXUS NALLEY EITHER..I don’t drive any other vehicles.. Is there anything that can be done?

  • Andromeda Bronstein says:

    Lexus sent me a notification of FEBRUARY 11, 2022 about a program that they had regarding a malfunction on the A/C servo motor of their cars. i NEVER received any other notification regarding this program until this Friday (february 11, 2022) only saying that the program already expired and i cannot be eligible to get covered anymore! how is that fair to know about the program for the first time AFTER it already had been expired??? I bought a lexus thinking it’s a high end car and they will for sure have a great service but I AM COMPLETELY WRONG! i called the customer service to get an assistance and spoke to JILL (case manager) who was so rude and is NOT WILLING to help me out and just called me to say that my claim has been DENIED! I will never recommend to ANYONE at all to buy a Lexus ever because of this kind of treatment that i have encountered and it’s crystal clear that Lexus has a messed up system and breaking car parts that they are not even willing to fix themselves! such an expensive amount for a very crappy car and service! I AM GETTING PUNISHED FOR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT MY FAULT. Lexus needs to own up to their mistakes and should solve any issues they have caused any customer. that’s the least they can do for a very expensive car that they sell.

  • Habibou Ousseini says:

    Hello Good morning
    Lexus of Orange County NY sold me a lemon Mercedes ML 350 with General Manager David Lewis
    Address : 3496 US 6
    Middletown NY 10940

    Good morning All
    The point is LEXUS representing TOYOTA should not have a GM David Lewis person at this high level knowingly for selling the 2014 Mercedes as a lemon car to be sold it his dealership. That is a bad reputation and a bad representation of LEXUS in Orange county Middletown NY. Customers complaints about this dealership is a red flag for people not wanting to buy a car at this particular dealer place. The dishonestly of a GM David Lewis a such as a high level jeopardize the trust between Seller and consumers. He shouldn’t sell a lemon at all specifically a Mercedes that is not representing LEXUS or TOYOTA.
    The credibility of BBB ( better business bureau) and Consumer Reports affect the ratings in the sells market specially when buyers see the red flag of complaints for such a Lexus dealership .
    Customers satisfaction is always a must specifically when it comes to cars sells.
    LEXUS deserve better than just have this greedy Man like David Lewis selling by any means necessary to achieve his selling goal even if it mean to cheat and scam people for selling a lemon cars to customers and with not regret and mercy at all in his heart.
    You can fool people once with lies and scam but not all the time. History will tell , social media will talk about it, news will talk about it. And at the end of the day no one will ever wanted to buy a car at LEXUS of Orange County Middletown NY.
    A good reprensation of a dealership makes good sells. A bad representation of a dealership lead to bankruptcy and closure of a dealership.
    I m so Desappointed in Lexus putting such Man as David Lewis misrepresenting the the legacy of TOYOTA which own LEXUS
    Bad people come to a workplace and go. But one thing I will remind TOYOTA should never jeopardize his legacy just for a selfish people like David Lewis looking after his own self and his ego instead of the legacy of TOYOTA
    Show quoted text

  • Ahmed says:

    Good afternoon. I recently purchased a Toyota lexus
    is 250 2007 model from lexus cape town.. I really enjoy the car and the service from the salesperson was extremely good..I just have 1 question why does the dashboard dashboard door panels melt and crack and is the re treatment for it. My email is ahmed.abbas740617@gmail.com

  • Dionne Lambert says:

    I’m. having on going problems with my. new certified pre owned Lexus ES since I purchased it from Orange Coast Lexus on April 11 until present .. I have been to. three dealerships and only part of the problem has been solved. I am now being told that the rest of the problem is not covered under warranty and that I will have to pay out of pocket which is completely unacceptable. The bumpers were both repaired prior to purchase now the front bumper is loose a d and missing a bolt. and I am. being told that it is my fault and I have to pay . I am extremely frustrated with the lack professionalism and accountability Lexus has shown.

  • vee says:

    horrible customer service paid over 3000 dollars on extended warranty now they will not fix my car and I have to pay out of pocket for body repair and Lexus brand not reliable anymore very flimsy and constantly needs repairs

  • Margaret Fletcher says:

    I have a complaint on the Lexus Dealership in Fort Worth, Texas. I sent a lengthy letter to Mr. Mark Templin, CEO of Lexus USA, 19001 S. Western Avenue, Torrance, CA, 90591, with the full explanation. I got his information from googling the internet. I sent the letter certified mail. It was just returned as no such number, unable to forward. Please advise.

    • Warren Miller says:

      Ms. Fletcher, Lexus USA is now headquartered in Plano, Texas, just north of Dallas; it moved in 2014. It’s now at 6565 Headquarters Drive, Plano, Texas 75224; the toll-free number is there is (800) 255-3987.

      An article about the move from California to Texas is here:lexusenthusiast.com/2014/04/28/lexus-usa-headquarters-moving-texas/.

      Best regards–

      Warren Miller, CPA, CFA
      Lexington, Virginia

  • phyllis bauer says:

    I have an rx450h the front seats are not comfortable it’s like sitting in a wooden chair for 6 hours I bought this car for comfort I should have bought the highlander instead.

  • Charlie says:

    I have a 2019 ES350 luxury model.
    When the navigation gives voice directions the radio is not muted or lowered.
    Please advise the reason.

  • Jackie Chaplin says:

    I am in a lease contract and this has been the second time I have hit a pothole on the main highway and the rim has bent & crack. Both has happen in the front of car. The car is a 2017 IS 300. I am very upset, fear for my life and feel I should be compensated someway. Even if it mean getting into another lease with different vehicle totally. Can be contacted at 631-687-9094

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