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  • Address: 3721 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60613, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 773-975-3700

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 50,000

  • Established: 1978

  • Founder: Larry Levy

  • Key People: Andy Lansing (President and CEO)

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Levy Restaurants Headquarters Executive Team



Andrew Lansing

President & Chief Executive Officer

Robert Seiffert

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Tom Funk

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

About Levy Restaurants, History and Headquarters Information

Levy Restaurants is a very popular name in the hospitality industry. This Chicago based company has specialization in providing food services and vending different sports and entertainment events and venues. The company was established by Larry Levy in 1978 and it has acquired by very popular Britain’s Compass Group. The company headquarter is in Chicago, US. Andy Lansing is in the position of president and CEO of Levy Restaurants. The company is serving in many parts of North America and has more than 40000 employees working for it. Apart from providing services to sports and entertainment events, the company is having some owned restaurants as well. By providing great service the company has set a great benchmark for other competitors. The extraordinary service and quality food with delicious taste are USP of the company. They also provide discounts and promotional offers from time to time to attract customers. The company has generated great revenue in recent years and all set to get golden run in upcoming years as well.

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  • Angelina says:

    My daughter had a terrible experience with levys employees
    And she made a assault and battery report out on
    Willie Redmond and Steve schorsch security guard and a lead of levy
    Ms. Angela wright is one main source to the situation she could have dissolve the issue instead of provoking violence among our younger generation and older generation

  • Tameeka Streeter says:

    I was an employee for National Ballpark since 2015 and was unlawfully fired with accusations that I took money from a secret shopper. On the video provided (that had no sound) clearly shows me doing the opposite. I didn’t take any cash as stated and it shows my hand movements saying we don’t take cash for payments only tips. According the contract rules the HR manager did not abide by and still terminated me. There needs to be an internal investigation on how HR is conducting business and not by protocol.

  • Hard Worker Father of 5 and Ex military veteran an a Union Carpenter . says:

    I was on my 15 minutes break. I am on camera seen taking care of business always.I was talking to my mom when Kary Williams saw how happy I was he was all in my face trying to clown me .I’m on camera ignoring the small talk harassing Mr Card for doing exceptional work Over 200 people were complimenting my work performance he got jealous and asked me If I can go home early today.
    Simple and plain from 831 approximately as soon as I sat down talking peaceful with my mom.
    My mom was upset because she asking why do I have to go home early.
    This is how I support and rescue my family and kids so I just humbled up and left.
    There has been over 8 complaints about Kary Williams manusing authority I was told so He has shown history of picking on people that rely and show how bad they need the job money since I haven’t worked in over a month since no work was available.
    You can ask and question 300 people of your workers .299 of them will say the truth about Mr Card if they know and watch my performance honestly run the tapes or give my description to security booth and have them watch all my work performance since Thursday the 14th ..
    at the Dodgers 7 days games.
    I guess because I am a worker through the temp agency I fell Mr Kary Williams abused his authority sending me home on Friday 15th and Sunday 17th and repeated today the 19th .His jealousy should not be overlooked if he doesn’t like working with Hispanics and spread rumors about hard working people I don’t want to hear that .Don’t work around people that irritate you simple.
    People forget that at one time you were the employee trying to get a job.
    Don’t discourage or cause a scene so security can come but then tell them it’s cool.
    He abused precious security operations time as well as shorten my pay three days which is an abuse of authority and I have a family and 5 kids to support as an 42 old Naval Reserve Veteran as well as 1506 Carpenter Union member.
    I feel this is a civil matter that can be escalated to loss of wages
    If Kary Williams feels he can manipulate and through power moves and say get off ,y floor .He doesn’t own the first floor at Dodgers stadium if he is an worker.I am highly upset and felt disrespected and humiliated in front of hundreds of not thousands of people that see I struggle to pay bills when people like Kary williams throws ahissy for because he never gets compliments and complaints because he is not ,merely no way a talented socialite as me that know how to sensibly hold an intellectual conversation with more than one race in their native tongue. Thank You.


  • Crystal Wilson says:

    Yes good morning my name is Crystal Wilson I was or I’m still am I guess they levy employee for the Nationals Park I’ve been getting the run around about my application process they never receive it so right now I am not working I work last season so all my information is still the same when I reported on their first day of the first game this year they turned me away because they said my paperwork was not in and I know I did everyday plus I was already working for the so how much did I need it to do anyway I am not working right now I was trying to see how can I receive my patients from last season I went up there to go talk to the payroll lady Miss Tia and Nikki Johnson she gave me the run around told me she was going to print them out and send them to my email and I haven’t got nothing yet how you been calling all types of Nationals Park numbers leave a messages and nobody has not returned a call yet I thought they said 24 hours or at the earliest of day convenience I guess it’s never early I would appreciate this if someone can help me out please and thank you

    • Gerrard Johnson says:

      Yes I worked at Nationals Park as well and got wrongfully terminated from my job in the warehouse and I’ve been there for 14 years and the HR department is not professional at all I feel your pain

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