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  • Address: 301 Fitz Henry Rd, Smithton, PA 15479, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 724-872-2050

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1920

  • Founder: Jessie Levin

  • Key People: Robert Levin (President)

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About Levin Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

Levin Furniture is a very popular private furniture retailer chain of united states. Sam Levin founded it in 1920 and hence the name is given by him. It was established as a big showroom centre in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. However, in 1978 the company decided to shift its operation to Cleveland in Ohio, which helped to expand its operations. Presently Levin Furniture is having many stores in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Robbert Levin is the president of the company at present. Art Van Furniture acquired Levin Furniture in November 2017. Being an old and reliable company, Levin furniture provides a variety of high-quality products. They provide furniture for living rooms, office accessories, dining, kids room and what not. The company provides loads of promotional offers and discounts on time. The company do offer website ordering and service facility to customers as well as great customer support. Customer can place their order through companies website and get the desired product delivered to their address. Levin Furniture has proven itself to be trustworthy and reliable in the market.

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  • Kathy Duffy says:

    My mother in law is waiting for the first bedroom set she’s ever bought.
    It was ordered in November, expected by January, but when I called to check they said February? Her room is in desperate need of the new set. She has dementia and not being able to put her room together the way she wants is not good for anyone. Please help me take care of my mother in law.

  • louise says:

    Bethel Park, PA
    Reviewed Aug. 5, 2023
    Bought the lux for $3k. Had to return it back in two months under the comfort clause. Got the firm and doing the same thing again in the middle after a month. Sinks in the middle like sleeping in a dent. Terrible. Terrible product. I would like to start a class action against Stearns & Foster. I can buy a 1K mattress and get better sleep. They mail a stupid string kit but with the plush tops this will never work for the consumer. They are selling defective mattresses.

  • Pam Balint says:

    I purchased your furniture and I purchased your rare extra coverage also!!!! I have pictures!! It tore on the seem you came and replaced it! Then it tore again in the same place and my 1 year warranty ran out but I bought the EXTRA coverage and my extended coverage did NOT cover it!!!!

    • Anna Roscoe says:

      2 techs came out and still not resolved! Second tech laid on my couch with shoes on ! Was a fast talker and tried to give a million reasons for the problem other than trying to make it right! Couch only 6 months old and paid in full! First tech tried twice with the same cushioning on top and it’s worse !

  • Donald Shoemaker says:

    Do not purchase from Kevin’s they have no customer service with their furniture they will tell you to deal with store manager and if he don’t help you your screwed..We got furniture that we didn’t even order we had people at our house to recv it while wife n me were at work they told us we signed for it to bad… 6 k and this is thier service you get..this is like living a nightmare that comes true..the manager at Wexford store will do nothing to help us out they want to charge us a 15 % restocking fee for something we didn’t even purchase. Beware ..we will never buy from Kevin’s again Thier wolves in sheep clothing..

  • Unsatisfied buyer says:

    Don’t buy the warranty. It is a waste of money as they have absolutely no intention of honoring it.

  • Cortney McCauley says:

    I am not surprised there is no contact email for your website. Your Mentor, OH location is awful with customer service, specifically the manager Ben who did not care about everything that my husband and I had to deal with with your company. I will NEVER buy from your furniture store again and its really sad because our next purchase was going to be a living room set. From the delivery issues to the furniture arriving with 2 pieces of furniture that were wobbling because the manufacturer did not make sure to put in all of the parts on the bottom of the furniture to keep this from happening. Then one of the drawers was a completely different color, because this set was custom made. Also a piece of wood chipped off the dresser as we were putting our clothes away in the dresser. Really? Who is responsible for quality control? When I called the Mentor office to speak to the manager, because this is who my contract for the furniture is with, I was told he was in “meetings” all day. This was a Saturday…okay right , I told her that I did not believe her and she pretty much knew that I could tell she was lying for him. We actually drove up there and saw that he was out on the floor, not in “meetings” all day but they had no idea we did this until I told her on the phone. It just amazes me that this Ben was not even willing to listen to what happened and basically brushed it off on to the Amish that built the furniture. Well, here is the problem with your stupid manager…when I spoke to an attorney friend of mine she stated that it is their problem because the contract is with Levin. Your company should be so proud of the way that you are losing customers and don’t even care. Congratulations on your wonderful choice for a manger at the Mentor location. Unbelievable

  • Maj says:

    So Sorry Many have had these problems I wish there was something that could be done about your issues. In 2014, I was accused of being part of the low lifer’s who was causing Levin’s to lose money. I Had to take in 3 litttle children and the fostercare people told me since they were family members they could not help me with money food stamps or beds for them. I was given a list of food banks, and vochers to go to Goodwill, (Goodwill told me they could do nothing and did not have any beds, and told (by CPS) if we needed beds, to call Levins who sponsored a program to make sure kids had beds. I had seen the ads that levins had on our local stations here in Ohio and call the Number listed.
    I was told by the lady that answered the phone that she was losing her position because they had been giving beds to “Dirty N(word) like me and those dirty ulgy foster kids and that none of us deserved to live, she told me to let them sleep on the floor. Of course I could not do that and have spent the last several years picking up bedding that others have thrown away. I was retired when the state put the kids with me, and my income was less than $700.00 a month (soc security) and has only increased by less than $80 in that time. I have tried to put bedding on lay a way but no one does that anymore and not having gainful employment I have been told that If I get credit from a furniture and failed to pat my bill, they could not garnish soc security payments. I Pray for each of you and hope you get your monies or the needed repairs/replacements you deserve. My prayers have been answered, not in the way I had hoped. Now that it is Spring again I can get out on trash days, and see if I can find mattress for my kids.
    I learned about you having trouble with Levins, because another person of color told us at church how badly their family was treated when they went to Levines in Canton Oh and purchased more than $3000.00
    worth of furniture almost two years ago that they still have not received, and they are told it’s a supply issue due to COVID and they could not get their money back, even though they had been promised several delivery dates. They said the last time they went into the store, they were told to leave or they would call the police and have them arrested.

    Please have faith that Pray will change things, we people of color have to rely on this (for countless of years) because we have experienced this kind of treatment and our only recourse is prayer. I have faith that I will be able to find the bedding we need this spring that will carry us through the rest of the year and if we get lucky ones that will last longer than a few months.
    You are in my daily prayers.

  • vicky smith says:

    purchased a bed 6-21 and in 7 months later it had to be replaced because it was defective it cost over $1000 on sale my complaint is i have to pay $99 to deliver the replacement.I feel that if i was sold a defective bed i should not be responsible for the delivery charges.

    • Donald Shoemaker says:

      We are now dealing with same issue furniture del today wrong color grn instead of tan now manager wants us to pay 15% restocking fee..do not buy from Kevin’s in Wexford or anywhere they are crooks

  • Robert McDonald says:

    For Robert. I just visited my store in Mt Pleasant and wanted to buy a chair and ottoman 1200 + but I was informed that a 200 delivery charge was added. ? We have meet and I miss the old I only live a mile away. 10 from warehouse. Thank your. Did not buy

  • Dolores geyser says:

    Mr.levin I want to let you know what a poor job your Manager Stan Kreczmer from the Robinson store doing I purchased a mattress & 2 weeks gone by & no phone call so I tryed to call and no one would answer so I left a message & again no answer whats going on?I was told he went to Florida for 10 days meanwhile I guess I had to be a mind reader cuz no one was going to call me I finally went there & got a refund he didn’t seem sorry at all ! No one cares anymore shame on you!

  • Robert L Simanski says:

    Bought A Couch With Ottoman And A Recliner 12-29-21 Was Told In Stock Be Their 1-7-22 Nope. Then Told 1-14-22 Nope Now Free Delivery On January 29, 22 This Corporation Is A Joke Blaming It On New Computer System How About Lazy Workers That Don’t Give I Shit Customer Service Sucks. I’ll Never Buy Here Again.

  • Douglas Hugney says:

    I order furniture on oct 1st
    I was told that It would be delivered by Dec 1 called customer service they told me I won’t receive it till March
    Sorry but I have to cancel my order sales order # 10011150134
    I told them I would accept the floor model
    That said they don’t sell floor models
    I thought you were in the business of selling furniture

  • Douglas Barber says:

    Dear Mr Levin, I understand all your problems, but we live in the Youngstown, Ohio area. My wife and I purchased a Queen Sterns and Foster mattres & box springs set. We paid cash (by check) on March 15th from the boardman store, we were devastated to hear we were out of our purchase as well as any refund. We would still like to have our purchase as we really need it more so than the returned monies. My wife is having major medical coditions from the really bad full size bed we have been forced to use since that date. Are you able to help us?

  • LKR says:

    Due to the unfortunate current events we realize that you don’t have employees in your stores. However, I did want to send a message that the frame of our sectional sofa purchased in 2017 snapped. The structural protection plan is a term of 5 years. I just wanted to have documentation at this time with hope that when you get back to reopening this can be addressed. Thank you

  • Louise Zeman says:

    Gerald and Louise Zeman

    My husband I purchased a leather power recliner March 22,2017 and the whole head of the chair is flaked off. Also on both of the arms it is flaking off. We also bought the protection plan and was told it was leather and all damage to the chair would be covered. What a joke when I called your office people told me it was not real leather and my protection plan did not cover that flaking. We are retired and that chair cost us $941.58. The protection plan says leather vinyl item. We have purchased many thins from Levins over the years but what a disappointment in your product. I have been reading some other comments and see I am not the only one disappointed with your merchandise. I also will be contacting the BB bureau. NO WONDER YOUR COMPANY IS IN TROUBLE AND YOU JUST LOST A LIFETIME CUSTOMER…….

  • Mr.Vincent and Barbara Harper says:

    My wife and I bought 4 dinning room chairs from Levins Boardman,Oh 44512. I sat in the chair and the chair cracked on the leg chair I was sitting in.We just purchased the chairs about a week ago,this happened.These products must be cheaply made.We want it fixed,replaced,or our full refund.Levin has a 7 day return policy.the chair broke after the 7 day return policy.What product does this. I didn’t abuse the chair I just sat in it. If that is the crap that is being sold by Levins….we definitely want our money back and will never purchase anything from Levins again. I want to know what Levins is going to correct this situation.We paid too much money only to get poor quality furniture.$500 worth to be exact.We are new customers. If need be, I will definitely contact the BBB about this matter.

  • Hather opdyke says:

    We bought a 3,000 leather couch and ottoman and it started peeling inbetween the cushions and leather don’t peel .I have contacted the store several times and they sent me to the people who are supposed to fix it so I sent the pictures and they informed me that there not responsible because it wasn’t an accident .I called again with the same results but now it it peeled 20 times worse and when I said if it don’t get fixed I’m not paying the last payments and I was told well we already received our money .I purchased the 5 year leather warranty and the extra leather cleaner from the salesman and now I have to buy another couch and this was only purchased in 2017.I have contacted BBCamd I hope they can help but your company is the biggest disappointment and you sold garbage for the price of leather and refuse to stand behind it.I am not done complaining I will keep posting negative feedback until someone eighths this wrong

  • John K says:

    Two sets of coffee tables and end tables were purchased 09/08/18 (sales order-0908847KM23). One set arrived which had incorrect end tables due to store error with the SKU numbers. The correct end tables were delivered a week later. The other set is still not in my home. After repeated phone calls to customer service, I was told they finally arrived. A schedule date for delivery was set up and a confirmation call was to be made two days prior to verify delivery. None was received and they came today to deliver the items. Since I didn’t get the confirmation call and needed to leave my home, the delivery was not made. A reschedule now has been made for next week. I am very disappointed with the way this purchase has been handled.

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