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Where is Leslies Poolmart Inc Corporate office Headquarters

Leslies Poolmart Inc Headquarters Address and Contact

Leslies Poolmart Inc logo
  • Address: 2150 E Baseline Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 602-323-5804

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 5,000

  • Established: 1963

  • Founder: Phil Leslie

  • Key People: Lawrence H. Hayward (CEO)

Leslies Poolmart Inc Headquarters Location & Directions

Leslies Poolmart Inc Headquarters Executive Team



Michael Egeck

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Richard

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Weddell

Chief Financial Officer

About Leslies Poolmart Inc, History and Headquarters Information

Leslie is one of the most popular and largest suppliers of swimming pool services and equipment in united states. Apart from the swimming pool establishment company provides all pool related maintenance services and products such as cleaning, maintaining pools, chemicals and safety equipment. The company is spread over 910 locations of more than 35 states in united states and having the employee strength of 2500. The headquarter of the company is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Leslies poolmart founded by Phil Leslie in 1963 in North Hollywood of Los Angeles. The company acquired by a private firm L Catterton in 2017. Leslie poolmart Inc has a large set of products in the list that includes all pool related products like chemicals, safety items, masks and services includes maintenance, pool covers, gamelounge etc. The Leslies have proved itself to be the best pool retailer in the market. The company markets and promotes through e-commerce website using which customer can request for any services or any query. The company claims to have great Customer support.

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  • Fred Brown says:

    I have returned 3 vac lock kits in the last 4 months each one a little over 30 days and each time I get a hassle over it. If your products are inferior you should stand behind them and get a new vendor. Each time I get up in the morning and the lid is laying in the bottom of the pool. The original one lasted 3 years. The store where I shop is the one in The Colony Texas.

  • Doc Smith says:

    Hudson oaks, Texas store.. just went into store , which is a disaster nothing cleaned up , everything out of place. Employees are just young teenagers running the store most of the time , so you really can’t blame them . They have prolly never been taught what they should have been to run the business. My rant is there was an employee that was there she was behind the counter there was 4 people in there 2 of us walked in she looked up said you all will have to wait I have to go get my kids , I’ll be back in a little bit, she stood at the back of the store throwing stuff in the trash for 4 minutes, the young man in the store helping another man walked to the counter as she came up to clock out which took her 5 minutes I did time her , looked her as she smiled and said see ya , he was like oh man I’m so sorry I will help you all as I can , of course we all said it’s fine .. I ask him if she was bring her kids back to work he said yes she does and they run all over the place ! Just think it’s not good business to walk out on customers.

  • Mindy Gomez says:

    Los Banos, CA 93635 Store# 883
    I love this store and all the girls who work there, they are all so friendly and welcoming that I consider them like family. With that being said, I care for them deeply. I have heard about 3-4 instances in just the past 6 months of people stealing and putting the girls in danger. 3-4 times and these girl still have to put up with the lack of security and lack of care from their district manager. Not one time have the robbers been caught, and not one time has the district manager went to get footage from the store cameras to give to authorities. These girls are mostly working alone when these instances happen and there has been little to no effort to protect them, they make way to little to put up with what they do when their corporate managers have no care for their wellbeing at all. It is so sad that I have to go write a review for these girls in order for someone to notice, but if that is what it will take I will do it a million times for them. Poor lack of care and security on district managers fault. This NEEDS to be changed. Nobody should be scared to go to work, worried about if these people will come back and even try to hurt them the next time, and there will be a next time if things do not change.

  • Candace says:

    District manager does not return calls service tech doesn’t order parts and corp is now in the Philippines???
    Can’t get my pool pump and filter fixed still under warranty…. Waiting for it to run out… used them for 31 years but no more

  • Tim Vesely says:

    I have been a customer of Leslie’s Pool Supplies on East Tanque Rd (Tucson) as long as you have been open as I have owned 2 homes (both with pools) in this area (85749) for 35 years. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars at this location. Today I had the worst customer service experience I have ever had from any business. The young man behind the counter was incredibly rude, dismissive, condescending, unfriendly and unhelpful. I got so frustrated that while at the counter ready to purchase needed products, I said to the person “There is absolutely no reason for a customer to be treated this way and I will not buy anything again from Leslie’s based on my treatment today.” At that point, I walked out of the store without any purchases.
    I was so upset when I got home and decided to call the onsite manager (female) to report this incident. While she was apologetic and friendly, she never once asked for my name so she could verify my loyal customer status, nor sought my business back. Based on this conversation, it appeared that nothing would happen to the rude salesperson which is why I am reaching out to you.
    Based on today’s interaction, you have lost my business.

  • Frank says:

    Your guy James in Lombard Illinois. Moves very slow!!!!

  • Doug Trieglaff says:

    New techs that have no idea what they are doing and complain about not having access to parts. Their new model has a we diagnose the problem, then you go buy it and call it back If you want us to put it in. In the meantime, an inspection charge, customer gets to go buy the part, then when you have it, call us back and we’ll charge you an installation fee. They claim that you’ll be refunded you inspection fee if you use their service guy to complete their repair. Not so much. He thinks the parts guy needs to do the credit even though they’re just refunding the inspection fee. So screwed up. Leslie’s is off my list now and will be cancelling all my credit card charges. What a joke. Fire your service management.

  • Christopher says:

    Disgusting company so sad they come highly recomended i was cursed out by there pool service who came to my house for a warranty call stating there was nothing wrong with my filter meanwhile a new motor seized three times and no pressure in pool with a new hayward filter. they constantly hang up on you when u call and say someone will get back to you no one ever does horrible

  • Sal carrano says:

    I thought my motor and pump died because it wasnt pumping just humming. I went to leslies pool in orange conn to look at a new one. The manager RYAN suggested that i bring the motor and pump in to be checked which i did. He determined that everything was working properly and that i probably just lost my prime which i did I want to thank ryan for saving me 700$. Sal carrano. West haven conn

  • Paul says:

    I have been waiting for an in-warranty pool filter replacement for over 9 MONTHS. The technician said he ordered it when he visited me last Fall. I’ve tried calling, emailing, sending letter via US mail, chatting, and even trying to find the CEO’s email address. Any person I contact says they see my issue on the computer and promise to call back in 24 hours, but they never call back.

  • Alan Hulva says:

    The guy at the Edmond Oklahoma store is the rudest person I have ever run into in any business I have ever been in contact with. My experience was horrible so never again!

  • Reginore Anderson says:

    I dropped off my Racer pool cleaner 8 weeks ago, for a simple gear replacement. KEVIN the manager of store #778 in Humble Texas continually gives me the run around, he has the parts but won’t do the work.

  • Gary Lawson says:

    Terrible parts service. I ordered a Polaris Seal Replacement Kit for $38.96. What arrived was a single O-ring, value, maybe $0.10 cents. I used Leslie’s online Chat feature. I explained the error, twice, and then after the person on the other end said “give me 2 minutes”, the chat was disconnected. Next, I called the 800 number and hearing the accent of a person from India, I asked for a supervisor. That too was an offshore person. I am not being a racist. I have had Indian doctors. Great folks. But, offshore phone service sucks. We will see if you get the re-ordered part correct. I was foolish not buying this from some other retailer.

  • Devon says:

    Worse customer service ever! You can never get anyone to answer the phones!

  • Rodney Fowler says:

    I went in store to pick up vac,
    Talk to guy about sand filters, he said use media to look on the side of the filter figure out how much you need, so I went home took a picture of it send it back with my wife and daughter because they were on that side of town, the guy gave my 15 year daughter saying anyways 250 pounds, and said you have to pull around back and load it we cannot load it for you,
    Also called the story for over 30 mins straight no answer. Just so I could confirm everything before they got there and to this time still no answer.
    Story in Wilmington nc

  • Richard Harse says:

    Hello, I wanted to tell my story of poor customer service by who I later found out was the manager at the Casa Grande location.

    I recently purchased a home with a pool in Arizona and moved from Washington state. We closed on our home at the end of March and moved down here the beginning of May. I was told by the previous owner that the pool was turning green and I should set up a pool service and she recommended Leslie’s because they were the ones that installed new pool equipment in august of 2021. I called Leslie’s and Sam answered, I told her my situation and asked if they did pool service she told me no, so I asked if she could recommend someone since I was. Not familiar with the area and she said we don’t do that and you need to google it. I thought that was very rude. If that is something you don’t do there is definitely a better way to respond. This would not be my first poor experience with her as I had my realtor recommend someone and I had them come out to do some work on the pool. While they were doing their work they called me to let me know that the pumps were installed backwards and the smaller pump was installed on the filter side and the bigger pump on the cleaner side, since I don’t know anything about pools I again called Leslie’s and a young man named Alejandro answered. I told him my problem and he said this was the second call he had received about this issues. He said the manager was busy and she would call me back and he took my information. I waited about 4 hours and never got a call so I called back and Sam again answered the phone. I had explained what I was told by the pool guy and had requested someone to come out and take a look to verify that was correct. I also let her know that I was the new owner and she told me that the warranty does not transfer and there was nothing she could do. I told her that the equipment had just been installed in august and she said “last year” like it was a long time ago. I asked if Leslie’s stood behind there work and she said that’s not it the warranty doesn’t transfer. When I told her that it sounds like a problem that happens often since you have had two calls with this issue including mine, she said the young man didn’t know what he was talking about and he was only a temp because we are busy. I told her that he must know something since you let him answer the phones. I asked. To speak with someone else and she said she could have her district manager call me. I told her that would be great and I would like to hear from them by the end of the week. This conversation took place on Tuesday April 26, she told me that she doubts that would happen. I called thee previous owners to let them know what had happened and they told me to call the store in Gilbert. I called the Gilbert location and the lady there was very friendly and told me I just needed to call customer service. I called customer service and explained the issue and they set up an appointment for Thursday April 28th. When I had not heard anything by the end of the day I called them Friday morning and was informed that the appointment had been cancelled. Today in may 10th and I still have not heard from the district manager. I am very disappointed in the service I have received by Leslie’s. I would not recommend your services to anyone especially if you don’t stand behind your work. I would hate to see someone else have to go through all this hassle to have something done right.

  • robert c mazzi says:

    I ordered a telescopic pole for a swimming pool on 4/24 (WLP0566255). I was told it would be ready for pickup at the Leslie’s on Sheridan Dr, Buffalo, NY on 4/27. Today is the 28th and no pole. This is very poor service and the fact that you already got paid is galling. Could someone find out what’s going on and let me know.

  • William Malono says:

    Weymouth Ma. Store, closed 3 days in a row, plus many times last week. They have my filter I can’t get it back. Have had it for 6 weeks. I worked and retired from retail over 43 years never seen anything like this. If I have to buy a new filter you people are paying for it. Was told by John V. That it would be taken of that was last week, they are never opened.

  • Ed says:

    0 stars!
    I requested a different Technician several times and Leslies keep sending me the same Tech. Not giving Leslies anymore business. Went to another company now to spend $$$$.

  • Donna Whatley says:

    Went into Leslie’s today with my Polaris.. All I wanted was the guy behind the service desk to tell me what was wrong, I would fix it. He told me to leave my information he would get back with in 2 days that he had people in front of me of which there’s no one in front of me nor behind me…he would not give me customer service and told me I had to be in line????WHAT LINE??? I JUST NEEDED A LITTLE ADVICE. IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN HIM A NONO SECOND…HE DECLINED. TOLD ME TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I ASKED IF HE DIDN’T JUST HAVE TIME TO TELL ME WHAT WAS WRONG….HE SAID NO……..I SAID ARE YOU DECLINING TO GIVE ME CUSTOMER SERVICE… HE SAID YEP GOTTA WAIT IN LINE……HIS NAME WAS TROY AT THE HULEN STORE………… Troy was very rude, condescending, arrogant just plain disrespectful. I told him I was going to the DM and he said go ahead….. Absolutely pathetic. I was in there to spend money and I just needed a little advice and help. Don’t go to Leslie’s

  • Donna Whatley says:

    Went into Leslie’s today with my Polaris.. All I wanted was the guy behind the service desk to tell me what was wrong, I would fix it. He told me to leave my information he would get back with in 2 days that he had people in front of me of which there’s no one in front of me nor behind me…he would not give me customer service and told me I had to be in line????WHAT LINE??? I JUST NEEDED A LITTLE ADVICE. IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN HIM A NONO SECOND…HE DECLINED. TOLD ME TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I ASKED IF HE DIDN’T JUST HAVE TIME TO TELL ME WHAT WAS WRONG….HE SAID NO……..I SAID ARE YOU DECLINING TO GIVE ME CUSTOMER SERVICE… HE SAID YEP GOTTA WAIT IN LINE……HIS NAME WAS TROY AT THE HULEN STORE………… Troy was very rude, condescending, arrogant just plain disrespectful. I told him I was going to the DM and he said go ahead….. Absolutely pathetic. I was in there to spend money and I just needed a little advice and help. Don’t go to Leslie’s
    I would appreciate a follow-up.

  • Leonard LaRubio says:

    Hi, I been shoping for years at Leslie’s. I don’t shop as much because your prices are outrageous. I go to other pool store for parts or online. Big price difference.

  • Ismael Barba says:

    It’s been a total nightmare and get the run around with no direct answers, we had a pump installed and leslies never sent anyone over to verify what was needed, pump was installed Jan they have been there 3 times already and are scheduled to come out again tomorrow, how many times are they going to come out? Corporate is a joke! I spoke to 2 different people and very very rude to me and my wife and refuse to tell us who we can talk to, I highly recommend not using them!

    • Steven says:

      We are having the same problem with Leslie’s here in San Diego, ca. it seems like Leslie’s is now a store people need to stay away from.

      We are still waiting to have our equipment installed. They were quick to take our 3k, but now won’t come out to install our equipment.

  • William Heldman says:

    my local leslie destroyed my pool cleaner

  • Salvatore Ricotta says:

    A service call was made to my home on Friday 3/18/ 22 because a new Raypak 206A poo[ spa heater was not functional. The technician was here for less than an hour and summarized the visit by declaring that he could not determine why the unit blew two fuses in an attempt to to determine what the problem was. He said it could either be the transformer or the board. I paid $189.98 for no resolution. After he left without offering a solution or a path forward, I removed the board and discovered that the three wire connection ( yellow,blue and green ) from the transformer to the board had been compromised during the testing by not making contact with board. I secured the connection and the heater is now functional.
    I feel it is not appropriate that I pay this fee when I discovered and fixed the problem. The items charged were 98149 and what appears to be 89419, 84819 and 40160, The last two items are not legible on my receipt. Two fuses were blown ion an attempt to ascertain what the problem was.
    The call no. on the receipt is not legible but appears to be 9339275. I know of no other way to elicit a response which i hope will be forthcoming.

  • Julez Garcia says:

    Well, well, well…it seems as if many people are experiencing the same AWFUL customer experience that I am. After spending thousands of dollars on a salt water chlorinator system, it began failing several months ago. It took me nearly a month to get a service appointment to which they showed up about two weeks later. That was December 2021. After no update and numerous calls every week, I finally spoke to a customer service rep after three weeks. She informed me that the visit was in the system and that it was a warrantied part that would need to be ordered and a service manager would call me within 24 hours to update me. I explained that the service tech did not properly put the unit back together and it was squirting water out? I told her that for some reason, now my pool heater is popping the breaker since he was there? The heater and the unit are only two years old. I explained that this was important because it is leaking water. That was well over a week ago. I have called every single day and have been told the same lie over and over that a service manager would call me. Finally today, I asked to speak to the service director to get this handled only to be told that he would call me within 24 hours as well. When I pressed her she said that there was no one that I could speak with and that they ALWAYS request to call you back within 24 hours. I went to my local store last night and he told me “Good luck! Our service department sucks and pisses everyone off. They NEVER service our customers properly. My apologies, but you might as well get an attorney!” Wow…really? Mr. Leslie would never have thought his company would become so big that customers don’t matter. I will NEVER recommend or spend another penny with this company. Now I am calling another pool place to come out and try and see what needs to be fixed.

  • Tony luevano says:

    I went to your store location on Blackstone in Fresno, Ca on 11/27 to drop off my pool sweep I purchased in July. I was told by your Employee Alex, he would be contacting me in a day or two. I waited until Thursday of the following week to call him and was told he had looked at it and would finish tending to it and would call me the following day. Several days passed before I called back to be told he was waiting for a part and would call me the following day to follow up. Again several days later I called him to follow up only to be told he was working on it and would call me later that day to have me pick it up. Well needless to say no call and I came to the store to pick it up ready or not, 12 days later! Never a call, nor follow up to keep me informed. Terrible customer service and no sense of urgency to a customer who has spent hundreds of dollars on supplies! Needless to say lost a customer because of lack of customer service when a simple call to keep someone informed would have sufficed!

  • Chelsea Stormes says:

    Well after waiting on hold for more than 45 minutes, emailing customer service, chatting with customer service and calling corporate office where I had the most unprofessional phone call of my career with a new employee named “Dolce” I am ready to give up! This company is a joke – who is accountable?? How can we reach someone to discuss our account?

  • I. Reif says:

    Terrifying store experience

    Leslie’s POTOMAC MILLS, VA #170
    June 3rd 2021 0900 AM
    I walked into the Leslie’s store and was told by the asst. manager they were still closed.
    903 AM I went back in and he said they were still not open they are counting the till.
    So me and another customer waited outside when the Asst.M. flung the door open without saying anything. I wanted a bucket of chlorine. Then when checking out I told him I had a $100 store credit that was authorized by the store manager and the district manager and that he stood right there when I was told it’s in their system.
    Now he insisted I had to have it in writing. Once again I said to him I was told the credit was in the system by the Store Manager.
    Without provocation on my part he yelled at me “get the fuck out of my store!”
    What was that? For reminding him he was next to the store manager when I was given credit he yelled and used that kind of language.
    I pushed the bucket back on the counter and said I’ll be back when the store manager would be there.
    Unfortunately the bucket slid all the way off and fell to the ground.
    He yelled I was attacking him and yelled at me again to get the fuck out of his store or else. When I left he followed me outside to my car. I felt highly threatened by him. He is in his 20’s and I am in my 60’s, so I took his threat seriously. He proceeded to take pictures of me and my car and license plate.
    I do not know what he will do with my license plate number. Will he find out where I live. Do I need to worry about him coming to my home?
    How can I get my chlorine now as I feel not save returning to that store?
    If he is not terminated I’ll be forced to consider legal action.
    Now about an hour later my heart is still pounding.
    After 30 plus years in retail I have never worked with anyone as this loose canon.

    Also, when I was promised store credit by the store manager and district manager I also was told I would receive an additional $100 in store coupons in the mail directly from the district manager.
    That was about three weeks ago. To this day I have not received that either.

    Update, today July 26th 2021.
    Since Leslie’s and their useless district manager totally dropped the ball, we just ordered a$14000 hot tub with another company. Sucks to be Leslie’s.

    • Thomas S. says:

      Sounds like you’re full of shit about the free $100 you felt entitled to, so you flipped out and threw a bucket of chlorine at a man who was just doing his job. Then you got scared like a little bitch when he escorted you out for your antics. Learn to behave like a civilized adult and grow a pair while you’re at it.

  • CMixon says:

    I went to your Metairie, Louisiana store to purchase some items for my pool.
    Over the years I have used this location. My pool service company uses Leslie’s
    products. While at the counter I asked f they had a bathroom, young man at the counter said no they did not. I asked if a bathroom access granted under Louisiana Law. Another clerk spoke up and said no
    only restaurants were required to provide a rest room. He followed up with a smart remark that I was wrong to ask question . He was very rude in his response.
    No problem, I left everything at counter and walked out and will not be back. I will also have this
    discussion with the company that services my pool.

  • Lois Pathman says:

    I sent a letter via email to your headquarters about a defective pool thermometer. The response I got was unacceptable. My old pool thermometer lasted about 10 years. The first Leslie one broke after a month. The replacement one broke after about 3 weeks. The red line indicator went off the grid both times. The cases remained intact. They were floating in the water the entire time. I want a refund of the 14.99 plus tax on my visa. The store clerk and manager refused to do this saying that the purchase was made over two weeks ago. Seriously, is this the way you stand behind a defective product? If yes, I will air my dissatisfaction with your business with the Better Business Bureau, on Yelp, Facebook, etc.

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