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  • Address: 700 NW 107th Ave, Miami, FL 33172, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 305-229-6400

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 10,000

  • Established: 1954

  • Founder: Leonard Miller & Arnold Rosen

  • Key People: Stuart Miller (Executive Chairman)

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Stuart Miller

Executive Chairman

Rick Beckwitt

Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-President

Jon Jaffe

Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-President

Fred Rothman

Chief Operating Officer

Diane Bessette

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Jeff McCall

Executive Vice President

Mark Sustana

Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Michael Petrolino

Vice President – Taxation

David Collins

Vice President & Controller

Kay Howard

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Bruce Gross

Chief Executive Officer – Lennar Financial Services

Eric Feder

President – LenX

Chris Marlin

President – Lennar International

About Lennar Corporation, History and Headquarters Information

Lennar Corporation is a company that engages with house construction and real estate. The contract of building houses to the customers approached are undertaken with all the responsibilities concerning the matter.
Proper communication between the dealers are encouraged so that there would not be any gap regarding the requirements.
Minimum cost-effective techniques for the facilities needful are the agenda of the management.
In 1954, Lennar Corporation got established by Leonard Miller and Arnold Rosen. The success of the business has achieved with the combined skills and efforts of both the Miller and Arnold. The traits of Lennar Corporation, integrity, value and quality were born through Arnold’s attention and Leonard’s guidance.
The head office of the Lennar Corporation is situated in Miami, USA.
The company deals with the construction and selling of homes to the fresh buyers. The real estate department engages with the purchase, development and sales of the residential areas.
The business deals are entertained with matured adults of the purchasers.
Customer satisfaction is the goal with respect to both construction and real estate. 

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  • Monica Thomas says:

    Hoping to get a response and get some resolution for a home we purchased by Lennar. In El Dorado Hills. We immediately began having construction issues upon our move in date. Concrete had to be repoured, the cabinets over our refrigerator fell due to the fact that they weren’t nailed in the faces on our drawers fell off I’m assuming due to the particleboard all of our windows seams began popping and cracking, I am grateful Lennar came out on many occasions to take care of these issues however, with the recent storm we had 12 tiles blow off of our roof. When we submitted a claim with her insurance company they sent out a special engineer they told us they could not cover our issue because we had a latent defect due to the fact that the tiles were never nailed into our roof so when the perfect storm of wind came through, it took them all off 12 to be exact while the special engineer was on the roof he discovered several other tiles around our solar slipping. We would like to have somebody address our concerns before we have to take legal action. I would appreciate someone reaching out to me to discuss this further.

  • Samantha says:

    I purchased a home from you in June of 2022. The morning of my closing dead sod was placed on uneven land. Your customer care offered two fertilizer treatments, water or regularly and said let’s give it 3 months. It is now over 4 months. Lawn has yet needed to be mowed. You could break an ankle walking on my property. Biggest issue – the grass is still predominantly dead and what does grow is strangled by thick thatch of dead sod. I was told by customer care consultant that my case was closed wo my agreement. That case was opened within days of closing to be within 30 day warranty. I trusted your consultants. Closed on good faith with dead sod and am looking for a resolution.

  • Al says:

    Hello Lennar Home management and executives,
    Over a year ago, I saw the new development in San Marcos California and I submitted multiple requests and finally after 5 months of not getting any response, I knocked on the local office door that had a notice “by appointment only due to covid.” I was very excited and was finally able to talk to a local manager that was able to help me through the process to qualify me and put my name on the list. Being number 9xx, I replied to every new sale to see if I get elected. After several replies, I finally got an email from Adriana last Tuesday that my name is up and I will get a call from Jeff on Wednesday to select the available homes. We were very excited and look forward to get a call. My wife and I arranged to get off work on Wednesday and Thursday so we can go and see the available lots as soon as we get a call. We did not get any calls until Friday. On Friday around 12:45 when I was at the hospital for treatment, I got a call from Adriana asking if we have the fund and if we are still interested to proceed. She added I have 5 minutes to make a decision on the two houses that are available. I asked Adriana if it is possible for us to setup a time on Monday to select one of the properties. She repeated herself that I have 5 minutes or the house will be gone to the next person on the list. I have replied to her twice and their distro email so far asking her to have the management call me regarding the existing sales process etc. I have not gotten any calls or contact information from thus far. I understand Lennar Is a builder and is running a business but processes as such creates frustrations for customer. I hope the executive management can help Parkside to streamline the processes and stop the local management to change their bullying attitudes after over a year waiting.


  • Garfield says:

    My name is
    Garfield Brooks
    I was looking to relocate and settled on a new development in south Las Vegas gated community brand new condos
    I was shown a beautiful 2 bedroom model.
    What I got was the keys to cheap poorly built replica.
    Faulty warped and uneven subfloors damaged appliances missing drywall behind appliances filthy carpet building material underneath the carpet fiberglass bathtub shattering poorly installed bathroom tile flooring A/C unit leaking refrigerant cracked windowsills outlets plastered over. Lennar home warranty what’s done nothing but mislead deny delay repairing the subfloors. I’ve had the subfloors inspected by a licensed professional verify the defects. Lennar home warranty has had some people impersonating making (fraudulent misrepresentation) false statements.
    They hired a guy who actually followed orders to sand and grind
    OSB subfloor material to even and level it !!!!!!!!
    Result is lennar home warranty company damaged my property even more.
    Here it is 14 months and I’m still dealing with customer service representatives misappropriating corporate funds I have enough flooring to redo the flooring but
    Still have warped uneven subfloors in a brand new condo. Someone needs to look into this. It’s a lot more going on.
    Fabricating paperwork and false work orders phony contracts for work not actually done all paid off with corporate funds.

  • Tim says:

    Lennar follow-up service after the close is horrible.

  • Cedric L Brown says:

    My name is Cedric L Brown & Shirley R Brown purchase a LENNAR home March 2021 we live in the Acre Meadows Area at 9320 Acre Meadows Ln, Arlington, Texas 76002 we have a small pond behind our house and my neighbor i would like to no who responsible the pond because you are the builder for the houses in my area that the pond behind our house have overflowed to our back door and from coming in home because the endbankment was not built high enough on one side of the pond to withstand the overflow water when it rain heavy and I have pictures and videos of this and tried talking to the homeowner association about this problem and can not find out who is responsible for this problem. Thank you please look into this matter ASAP.

  • Katherine Al-Khabbaz says:

    My daughter and son-in-law just moved into their Lennar newly constructed home on Saturday, August 13, in Chula Vista, San Diego. I came from Tennessee to help them move in. Their furniture and belongings arrived the following Tuesday, 3 days later. However, before their belongings arrived they first noticed an infestation of ants in every room of the house. They purchased ant traps. That night my daughter heard noises in the bathroom of something gnawing. In the morning she found mouse droppings in the bathroom, kitchen, on the counter as well as along the floor. She contacted the Lennar Office on Monday to send an exterminator. A newly constructed home should not be delivered to the customer infested with ants and mice. It is now Thursday and after repeated contacts with Lennar no exterminator has shown up. We have been trying to unpack but everywhere we look there are mouse droppings. It is a health risk to my daughter who is 4 months pregnant and their 5 year old. Next will be a call to the Chula Vista health department. In fact I believe the Health department should be notified of the situation regardless.

  • Mario Saenz says:

    Hello Angie and Lennar Home Builders

    Thank you so much for helping us find our new home. For us this process was arduous at best. We have invested over a year in finding a home that would fit all of our needs. As you recall the fiasco that Lennar caused on June 18, 2022. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this incident, as it was quite a blow to us. We were called to revisit a home we liked, but had been a bit out of our reach. We were told that there had been a reduction that brought our desired home much closer to our range. We met with Angie, who had been working with us for over a year, and spoke to a Lennar Mortgage Officer. We agreed on the offered price and terms and were told a contract would be emailed. We actually offered a check to our sales person at that time, but were told we could wire the deposit. We left and went to have celebratory drink to toast us finally finding our next home. During that time we received a call from Angie saying that the price sheet was incorrect and that Lennar would not honor the price given to us at our meeting. We were devastated to say the least. That purchase would have been our 3rd new Lennar Home that we would have purchased.

    Forward to August 11, 2022.

    Out of the blue I received a text from Angie saying how sorry she was about the pricing error incident that had occurred and that she had the same model with a different view available at a very attractive price point. Now, with the sting of what occurred still fairly fresh, we really had to consider wether or not to respond to this news. We swallowed our pride and went to look at the site that Angie had presented. The lot appealed to us and decided to pursue this further. We spoke to Lennar’s Mortgage Officer and our own banker about terms. Despite the incident from before we decided to purchase lot 71, with help from Angie. We have been told that we will not be eligible for any upgrade money from Lennar due to a price concession already given. We would feel better about everthing if Lennar would be willing to offer a concession for us at the design center, just to acknowledge the ill-will created with the incorrect price sheet.

    Mario & Melissa Saenz
    Proud new owners of lot 71 at Emerald Peak, El Dorado Hills CA

  • Laura Callender says:

    I feel my house is in a sinkhole ready to happen. We cant you help your customers when its your home that was built. If I knew where you lived, I would make your house look like mine and see if you like it!!

  • Norma Villanueva says:

    I am also very disappointed w/Lennar. I purchased my home @ Sunset Oaks in San Marcos, TX. I just moved in on the 30th of July. When I walked in the house, the house was not even cleaned and they did not power wash the house from outside. it was dirty. Also, the AC unit was not connected and had to wait until almost 6 pm to have them look at the A/C and fix the issue. I didn’t have any hot water as the water heater was not installed correctly. I got a call at 10 at night from a plumber and wanted me to fix the issue. This is a gas heater and I had my 11 month old grandson w/me I told him I was not going to risk my life and grandson’s life. This was dangerous especially not knowing what i was doing and it’s a gas heater. the water pressure was very low in both of the bathrooms.

    When I did my walk thru, I/we (realtor) pointed out the issues that needed to get finished and the Customer Care rep said everything would be done when I moved in. There is still some touch ups that need to be done, there was paint on the floors of the dining & restroom area.

    Also, when it came to closing, the way I read the Contract. It said if I used another lender for my mortgage and/or used Lennar title I could use the incentives to help pay w/the closing. Sales Rep came back and said no and I did not get the Seller’s credit.

    Reading all this issues from other customers has me very disappointed w/Lennar. As a customer, we put all our trust and faith that Lennar will do a good job in getting our homes build up to par.

  • Frank Bartuccelli says:

    Sent a comment 3 days ago and no response?

  • P.S. de la Torre says:

    I like someone in the HR department to contact me asap.

    I have a complaint about about fellow associates harassment in the workplace

  • Thomas Bugbee says:

    I’m an owner, not a “guest.” My home and 18 others at Esperanza are not fit for occupancy because we hav no electrical power. After getting “occupancy” on February 19, 2022 and moving all our furniture and possessions, a thief came during the night of February 24, 2022 and stole all the larger circuit breakers through gates left wide open by Lennar.

    Now we have no heat, no refrigeration no lights nor other necessary functions of a normal house. Lennar was aware of our situation right away Friday morning and called the police who came immediately to investigate.

    Lennar did NOTHING to help us. They could have replaced the circuit breakers for us occupant owners.

    As a result, some of us have gone to hotels, eaten at restaurants, had our refrigerated and frozen get ruined and done other costly things. And the expenses are mounting up.

    We expect Lennar to immediately fix our electrical problem

  • mj says:

    Lennar home in Texas not even a year old, having moisture issues with hvac ceiling & walls has water stains 3rd trip still not resolved a study has been done after finding mold on wall & ceiling & I complained to the customer care team of mold concerns still awaiting results. I have been advised warranty work orders not done on weekends only weekdays and I/we needed to be available all day, they wouldn’t know when someone would arrive to start work & could possibility work into dark. No Pre-notification of estimate of contractors arrival time & are hired by work as needed basis.
    Hardware used on door hinges and shelving have been painted with a flat paint to cover up rust. Lennar website advertises Nickel plated hardware only to find out this on door knobs only.
    The door keypad has been replaced under warranty from the manufacture due to heavy moisture inside housing on porch corridor.
    The sheetrock on walk thru had numerous cracks at joints of ceilings & walls. The family room entry sheetrock wall bowed in due to studs not even. Sheetrock contractor added more plaster to cover up 1/4″ gap at baseboard. I expect this wall to crack over time from too much texture instead of the studs being shimmed or build out to level up the wall from the gap.
    Dishwasher has excessive heavy moisture in it after each use and have been told the walls of dishwasher are plastic/vinyl not stainless steel is the cause. I have had mold build up from this high moisture.
    Center of home laundry room dryer vent has water droplets inside & outside of exhaust pipe. Customer care member stated to heavy lint in dryer caused. This is not the case as lint trap to dryer is cleaned after each use. Contractor removed a metal screen at roof. Now mold has appeared at ceiling in laundry room.
    Kitchen & bath cabinets paint is peeling off & cracking.
    Ceiling light fixture in hall to guest bath fell out of housing.
    After hours contact number no one returns calls when water damaged was found in laundry room interior wall. Finally contacted by customer care after making a work order & numerous messages. This is not a customer care hotline if you can get a hold of anyone after hours. A new homeowner should not have to get someone up into the attic to investigate the problem on a home not even a year old home with a 1 year home warranty contract.
    I understand COVID has made an impact on businesses but the constant flow of people coming thru home exposing homeowner to covid even more. When you did get someone to follow up they state, “Make a work order on your app.” Really? The business representatives do not follow up or address troubled situations. Contractors that come out are hired as needed.
    The yard in back & both sides of home had standing water.Contractors came out placed corrugated flex pipe with drains to drain away water to curb instead of regrading soil. The drain caps that hold water for mosquito infestation in our high moist environment along the Gulf Coast. What happens to the pipe when it collapses over time or the soil underneath washes out. The contractors came out a second time for a low spot in the backyard weed wacked grass away and placed sod on top to elevate ground.
    The fencing material of the bowed pine boards not cedar as told by Customer care team supervisor.
    I wonder what Mr. Leonard & Arnold think of a business they established in 1954 has become customer satisfaction goal in construction and real estate is far from it as stated on website.
    Arbitration is very much needed. Do we/I need to make a warranty request for that also.

  • Mr. Bill says:

    Bought this Lennar home Jan 2015 & it is our 2nd Lennar home, and will be our last. During recent wind/rain storms in northern Calif, we had a large metal flashing that came loose & loosened several roof tiles. I made immediate contact w/ Lennar rep. Ryan and was very disillusioned . He staed Lennar does not cover this after 1st year, referred me to their trade partner that put the original run on for Lennar and they stated it was an issue for the solar company. Called rep from lennar again, gave me wrong ph#’s, but finally I got Sunpower myself & as you can guess, they referred me back to roofer & lennar (do you get the picture). Then back to roofer after many calls (still windy and rain days later w/ no action from anyone), roofer said i cant go on roof (wasn’t going to, i’m an old man & know that warranty would be effected) and he offered to repair it @ my cost of minimum $500 & he hadn’t even seen it yet. No further callbacks from roofer, sunpower bowed-out as they never heard from lennar rep. So that no more dame would happen, we contacted a local roofer that reglued/sealed the flashing and put weighted materials on it to keep it in place/pressed down thru the further storms we had. So 3 weeks after the damage & 2 weeks after the repair, lennar rep drives by my home and wants to know how the weights got on the roof as i appears I went on my roof. As you can imagine, this pissed me off a bit. I let him know he shouldn’t assume and that the licensed roofer I hired and pain for had done this. He then wrote me a lengthy rath to say I must have been confused in my explanation of the problem (i sent pictures to them) &/or they didn’t appreciate they way i spoke to them. My father taught me long ago, if someone speaks harshly & condescending to you without respect to you, you stand up to them. Lennar rep stated lennar owes me nothing more (what about respect after spending half a million dollars on their home?) & that i should have found this info for their trade partners in my lennar paperwork (that i got 7 years ago and about 11 inches high, i tryed but it must be hidden in the legal matter they give you). Long story short, lennar and their trade partners bailed by pointing the finger @ one another, & lennar rep still found a way to blame it all on the home owner (me) & stated that no other builder in the industry would have done it better (but just maybe they would have!). Read all this and consider where you want to buy your next home from. After all this, I was courteous and offered to give my buyer experience info to any future home purchaser of a lennar home BEFORE the fact (Do you think they’ll take me up on this?- well I sure hope so!) Good luck to all, except for Lennar, Zim Custom Roofer & SunPower.

  • Jose Hernandez says:

    PURCHASE: Model home
    Job #: 1481510002
    Stage: 13
    Buyer Name: Jose Hernandez
    Date of Purchase Agreement: 10/19/2021
    Community: Orchid at The Arboretum Lot: 0002
    Address: 16242 Agave Avenue Fontana CA 92336

    Experience in the purchasing a model: With the Home builder LENNAR Home Site 2 Orchid Arboretum
    My understanding and good faith in LENNAR, that I would purchase a model home with the furniture included the main motivating factor for the sale…
    1. We started a negotiating an offer for the furniture…
    2. There email and communication were very slow and unpredictable…
    3. I have all emails and phone communication in support of this furniture resolution/mismanagement of the same…
    4. Emails and phone communication, leading me and my fiancé,
    To drive over 150 miles to warehouse that did not have the furniture, eventually LENNAR associates located a company that moved the furniture, laure@dkdirrect.com and only have remaining one or two pieces of the remaining furniture.

    On November 18 2021 my fiancé and I @ about 1:00 pm, arrived at the home address to start are first walk through…
    And all of the furniture was not in the home…
    My fiancé suffered an emotional/crying reaction…
    The motivation factor for the perches of this model home the furniture that it contained…
    She is extremely upset, and has call off the wedding, this LENNAR debacle/disaster has created an extreme hardship for my fiancé, and I…
    I don’t know if we will recover from this emotional brake up, and extreme problems created, and tragedy…
    every time she sees/looked at the home she breaks down crying…
    I investigated with the existing staff and it was moved November16th 2021, according to the people in the neighborhood, by the observation of the moving trucks.
    LENNAR Corporate must make a resolution to correct this matter and the associates (Carla Diez, and Corina Ortiz) that were involved in this bad decision crating this tragedy…
    I will be forced to submit a request with my legal team to see of we could file a litigation proceeding to make a correction on the heart ship that LENNAR has created…
    Thanks for you time
    Jose Hernandez
    3807 Sierra HWY #4422
    Acton CA 93510
    Phone: 661-441-9584
    December 2nd 2021
    Time: 12:20pm

  • Scott says:

    In the process of closing on my home November 8, 2021. Our sales stop communicating. He stop answering my phones calls, text and emails. Someone please contact me.

  • Tina Week says:

    We purchased a Lennar home in St Augustine FL in 2019. Our one year list is still not completed. They keep saying they will send sub contractors over and never do. The supervisor has stopped responding to my emails. It is so frustrating. We have built three homes and I will say Lennar drops the ball after they get your money. Please tell me how we get this list completed.

  • Suzanne Smith says:

    I purchased a Lennar home in Hampton Lakes, River Hall, Alva Fl. It is new construction. I used Lennar Title to close on my home and on the day of closing, your escrow officer, Kaley Jewel, sent me the closing documents to docu-sign with the wrong address. I informed her of this and the documents were resent to me. The wrong address was still appearing within the body of the document. She then was under the impression that I was using a mortgage company when I was actually buying the house in cash. Kaley gave me the wrong wiring instructions so my money wire was delayed until the next morning.

    When I moved my belongings down from New Jersey, I arrived to the house, missing a refrigerator and the clothes dryer was damaged beyond repair. How did this house pass inspection and a Certificate of Occupancy issued?

    I informed Lennar about the appliances. They provided a loaner refrigerator until my permanent one arrived. Lennar sent a GE repairman out to look at the dryer. He and I informed Lennar that the dryer was not serviceable so Lennar ordered me a new one. The next morning, a GE serviceman came out to look at my dish washer because Lennar informed them it was making a noise. There was no such issues with my dishwasher. This morning GE tried to deliver a new clothes washer so now I will still not have a functional dryer.

    Upon closing, Lennar never informed their pool service that I closed with a pool and spa so it took a week and finally me throwing a fit until the pool service came. They informed me that I will not be able to use my pool for 3 to 4 weeks.

    Lennar sold me a “Smart House”. I called Xfinity to connect my cable and internet services only to find out that the developer has not arranged to have the main node infrastructure installed to the houses on the cul de sac of East Hampton Circle. I was told by Xfinity/Comcast that the earliest we will have services is Nov. 10, 2021 but could also extend to 120 days. In that case, we may not receive services until Jan. 10, 2022.

    In my opinion, you rushed the closing of my house and 6 other houses. You are taking our money yet no living up to your end of our contracts. I want to know how my house passed inspection and was granted a certificate of occupancy without a refrigerator and a functional clothes dryer.

    This is my first house. This was supposed to be a wonderful, joyous time in my life. You and your associates ruined that for me. Also, I am currently looking for a job so I am sitting here astounded as to why I am project managing your Lennar team and not getting paid for it. You took my cash at a blink of an eye.

    Suzanne Smith

  • Jean says:

    I am a resident of Traditions in Winter Haven. I would like to know why we cannot use the ballroom to play bingo. We have in the past. We now play in the card room and it is absolutely tooooo crowded. We have been told that Lennar will not let us play in the ballroom. We have a lot of residents that are very unhappy. Could you please get back to me.
    Thank you, Jean

  • Bill says:

    Lennar ripped out my shower to fix a leak and never came back to fix it. This has been 11 weeks and their customer service has gotten nothing done. Be advised…

  • Huyen Nguyen says:

    We built a new house with Lennar builders at Whelchel Spring (Fishers,Indiana)After three delayed for closing ,We moved in new home finally (Since 2/2020) .
    Be honest to say this :
    Living in the new home buit by Lennar give my family more stressful and scary than Coronavirus 19 .They did very poorly job and they try to hide their mistakes as they can .The more we live in the house the more we find out so many mistakes .When we filed customer request fix their problems ,they made a schedule but never show up and not even give a call or email ( so far find out 4 problems , they didn’t follow schedule twice .That ‘s mean my work schedule mess up too).My question : How can they passed all inspections when they aldready have a problem about plumbing and electrical . I don’t want to talk about cosmetic works which they did like a trash .As a women ,I think I will do better than them . I understand that maybe Lennar pay labor very cheap (I guess) .Is that why we received a cheap result ? But we didn’t pay a cheap price to built our new house .We got a full upgrade which extra 80k from standard house .With my comment ,I hope I can give some messages for someone who want built a new house with Lennar ,you should do a lot research about them .Lennar have very nice floor plan which make every one interested .Everyone need to thinking very be careful before decide built or purchase a house from Lennar

  • Frank Marano says:

    Purchase a townhome @Verona trace in Vero Beach , Fl. Just want to say that the windows in our home are terrable. The condensation is so bad I have to put a bucket under certain windows at times. I spoke to the window company people & they said there is nothing they can do about it. So I buy a brand new townhome with this big. Problem. This is not acceptable. My address is: 10024 W. Villa Circle, Vero Beach , Fl. This is sad to buy a brand new place with such a problem. Very frustrating & unacceptable

  • not happy says:

    worst treatment of my life, say or don’t say what you can to get someone to sign a contract

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