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  • Address: 8208 Melrose Drive , Lenexa, KS 66214, United States

  • Phone Number: 866-324-9565 

  • Email:
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  • Number of Employees: 5000+

  • Established: 1984

  • Founder:  

  • Key People: Andrea Barajas – Customer Service Specialist

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Andrea Barajas

Customer Service Specialist

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  • Bert unsinn says:

    I WANT SOMEONE GET BACK TO ME I WANT TO BE Transfer to mark STORE FROM KENOSHA THEY ARE VERY Rude THEY Messed up my paperwork. I am not very happy at that store. I would be happy. In Racine, mark sthey are giving me run around to district. Managers won’t transfer me to Racine. They are NOT WANT Transfer me to RACINE IF THEY WANT MY Business, I will go somewhere else and we’ll cancel all my accounts with you guys.plaese call back right way 2624127931 or 262 7717008

  • Victoria C Holloman says:

    I was forced to deal with harassment steamed from retaliation due to addressing repetitive jokes and inappropriate comments that were simply untasteful, hateful, and rude about me having bad breath that is caused by a medical condition. I’m currently working with “SWOPE” Healthcare to diagnose and treat this affliction. I was also attacked due to being a threat I feel, as I have very much experience in working with loans and talking with customers on the phone about options. I was more than willing to do what the supervisor Kasey was originally asking of us employees as I had experience with this approach. The other girls seemed reluctant, and not happy about what they were being asked to do from the moment I started my Job with the company. I came to this conclusion after I heard negative talk about Bobbi and Kasye being annoying and other comments that I will list in my report some that I do not remember or didn’t know to write down. I chose to remain silent and not join in on the bashing of two people who offered me employment. I think this also caused issues for me. I am a 34-year-old woman with two children. I consider myself spiritual and I am at an age where there is a certain level of behavior Though I may not have the power to condemn, I choose to not participate in, in order to keep my peace in life. I was told that I stank by Candy Roberts on the fifth day of work despite me relaying information about my medical condition, and despite Candy having a daughter that suffers from Crohn’s disease, where as she had to change her colostomy bag. This came after several, about 30 or more micro-aggressive, passive-aggressive, negative, indirect comments, gestures, and the big red letter B written on my desk: as well as several failed meetings with Kasey herself wich after each, the abuse simply got worse. Although I was being attacked because of having bad breath, and the threat of being potentially a good fit and eligible for promotion, I also believed I was attacked because of my spirituality and the rejection of joining in on the gossip, slander, and negative behavior that had nothing to do with my job or purpose of being there. I was eventually transferred to another store, the store that I interviewed at, with the employees glaring at me the entire interview it seemed. I was welcomed reluctantly with the manager Felicia constantly telling me that she did not know where I left off in order to be able to complete my training. I advised Felicia several times that I simply needed the hands-on training as everything else was done. After seeing how capable I was I believe and how quiet I was the microaggression started. I also gave small bits of info about how I was treated a the original store as when something like this happens it affects you, emotionally, spiritually, financially, production-wise, and most of all Mentally. I have been diagnosed with PTSD in the past as well as Depression and anxiety. I do believe the stress of keeping a job and the Harassment that is allowed to exist along with abuse of power due to Missouri being a will-to-work state created if not enhanced all or some of the symptoms I struggle with. I realized my telling the ladies about the ill-treatment was a mistake. I was prepared to deal with the remarks and continous gestures but what happened was worse. Just like at the original store I was experiencing job interference. Felcial would refuse to train me and she would refuse to understand or reach out for support when it came to me having the things I needed to perform my job such as a drawer with cash and a phone. This happened numerous times when I would sit in training doing absolutely nothing but sitting. When I contacted Kasey about this the problem would mysteryly go away. At one point Kasey assisted in the very uncomfortable simulation acting as if she did not know why I could log into a system until I reached out to HR and made them aware of the issues since day one of employment that simply kept escalating. The same day Kasy came in and was on me about everything from not being at the location at 9 am to not having a car. I handled both of these issues with ease advising her that I was told to be there by 9 a.m. but I could and would simply make the adjustment. I also told her about me and the split from my partner and that I would have the care before the 90 days were up. Kasey completely denied that there was ever any talk about giving me 60 days to get a car. I did not argue with her. None of these things Kasey did bothered me however, she also came in saying remarks that I do not need HR to do this or to do that. There have been occasions when I walk away leaving my documentation and I feel my things have been tampered with. One time as I was leaving work I noticed a bag that had been completely torn and ripped. I would try to ignore these small things but they would grow into big things. Kasey mentioning HR signified that she had found a piece of paper with HR’s number written down and was now joining in with her team to get me out of her establishment and please her unpleasant, hateful, unprofessional, gaslighting, jealous, employees. When I talked to HR that day I was met with what seemed like laughter and condescending tones and responses as well as defensive and argumentative statements. I felt helpless and felt the end coming. I no longer wanted to work with HR as I was met with so much disregard and scrutiny for simply having an issue at all.

    I was met with violence on the day that I was fired. This was a fear of mine from the beginning. The day before I was fired the woman Mia who seemed to be very bothered, envious, and competitive about my presence made the comment that “There was air and opportunity”. Although the employee did not make this comment to me directly it was offensive and made no sense to say something like this however I ignored it. The very next day that I came into work on 09/08/2023 the violent indirect behavior continued. When the manager left the store to go to a funeral Mia started playing violent music with violent music and singing it out loud. The lyrics and I quote as follows.” I take no shit from no hoe I ain’t crazy I’m psycho”. Mia played at least two songs like this very loudly with other employees sitting there who found this behavior unbothersome and not wrong. I did my best to ignore it I never looked over at her but no one said anything to this childish unprofessional woman about her behaviour. This was also job interference as we were on the phone with customers while there were not customers in the store and the music was very very loud. The music was also very very inappropriate for work. I support the art of all different kinds or music but this was not the time or the place for such music and she was using it as a way to show me how she felt about me working at her job which was Violent. I was let go after that by Kasey. I was told it was because of the way I treated my coworkers, nothing on the report mattered and I would never sign such a lie. I respect everybody and I can fit in with anyone but I will not demoralize myself, abandon how I was raised, and take disrespect in the process to fit in. Everything was planned since the rejection first store in hopes that I would get so fed up I would simply leave or they could paint the pictures as me being the aggressor making the need for termination valid.

    I also want the pain that I was caused addressed whether I’m employed or not, violence should not be something that I have to endure and ignore for continued employment, nor should harassment be.

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