Where is Leidos Corporate office Headquarters

Leidos Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 11951 Freedom Dr, Reston, VA 20190, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 571-526-6000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 40,000

  • Established: 1969

  • Founder: John Robert Beyster

  • Key People: Roger Krone (CEO)

Leidos Headquarters Location & Directions

Leidos Headquarters Executive Team



Roger Krone

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Hernandez

Group Chief Financial Officer

James Reagan

Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer

About Leidos, History and Headquarters Information

Leidos is the leader of integration and application of engineering, science and information technology globally. The corporation of the above mentioned arenas of knowledge and application for the betterment of the lives in the society is made possible by the inventions of this company.
John Robert Beyster found the Leidos in the year 1969. The first focus of the organization was on the nuclear weapons and power and their influence on study programs. From the concentration on radiation some business shares are shared with the commercial business. The diversified management and interaction of these made to think of collaboration and thereby resulted in the present form of Leidos.
Headquarters of the company is made at Reston, USA. Different branches functions according to the orders given from the concerned department of service. Distinct management works separately, information technology, engineering, scientific, biometrical and integration happens with the analysis formulated by the specialists and experts of all the departments together.

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  • V says:

    How do I contact you to delete my comment here. Please response to my given email

  • GGC says:

    I was hired as overseas contractor. The responsible Team Lead and Oconus regional supervisor neglected and abandoned us in the airport. the shuttle service did not show up even it was guaranteed, there’s no food. We waited for 5 hours for the service to come and it took 2 more hours to get to the. lodging. We were hungry and there’s no food waiting for us. One worker slept at the airport. Shuttle comes at 12 pm the following day. Our lodging is uncertain . We don’t know when and where your next lodging going to be. For 8 months, this inhuman treatment was concealed by these Leidos employees while one flies back to US quarterly perhaps as part of her package. I had asked repeatedly a change of work place in early January 2022. The TL just ignored me.
    I complained to HR about poor travel and lodging arrangements and what I only heard from the supervisor.”, I am sorry.” I experienced hostile environment and discrimination even from the leidos TL. HR dismissed the stalking as lawful even it already violates my own privacy and the military studrnts and families that I served. What Leidos promised during recruitment did not happen. Many of us were denied to have Common Access Card from the beginning. The TL convinced us that the POCs believe it wasn’t needed in our job. That is a lie. Every life events in Japan are linked with card whether it is natural or manmade disasters. A newly arrived colleague in 2/17 22 gotten hers after a few days. It is impossible that this TL did not know about it because she is regularly in touch with the SLO. That SLO has mistreated me by denying many of the benefits that she checked in my SOFA authorization letters.but once I arrived she denied that I was not eligible. without the benefits the MFLC program becomes unsustainable and our safety is always at stake . Without the CAC we are not listed with military installation system. In February, the school principal had unlawful entry to my office and the SLO did the same who continued to harassed me even I was in the midst of doctor’s visit. The military doctor had to leave the room to sent her away. The HR workplace specialist and HR Manager just dismissed and even mocked me, “ you did a good job” when I pulled the door and found out it was the principal. Since Leidos ignored my wellness, when I was asked to complete a survey, I was honest to complain about how I was degraded as human being by 2 fed employees. I learned to survive the harsh workplace and abandonment of Leidos employees as contractor. The based command and MWR reprimanded them from asking me to do out of scope duties like counseling personal gardener and watching students with no line of sight. They complained as why I have to seek help with the officials .. because I was seen as a human being but an animal that they could do what they wanted. I was even accused of stealing an umbrella which was not true. It was a loan. I walked from my lodging to work during winter which was raining and cold. No one ever dare to ask me how I survived and many of us. What I feel with Leidos esp people who are involved do not see us alive. The SLO & principal appeared to be the victims. Leidos turned against me and orchestrated the sudden closure of the program to inflict me with more pain. There was no guidelines nor plan ahead of time . It was evil and inhuman by displacing , abandoning and neglecting more than 274 military children and families that I served in the midst of big waves of deployment, classroom presentations that were consulted with teachers and parents, meeting sessions with service member families & daily routine support to each child who needs more my time. I was removed. And isolated in my lodging as I was threatened not to talk to anyone and never to go back to base. Leidos put me on adminis tray I’ve with no explanations on it but a cited for possible termination, it’s upon the request of customers meaning from the 2 fed employees. They claimed it was used while waiting for my new worksite so I could be paid . It was a lie . 3 weeks had passed & they kept asking questions for the purpose of improvement of the program, self interest not for the MFLCs sake. By March 2, I indicated to leave by March 11, as Leidos was just using me. And I filed a complaint to the government regarding abandonment and hardships from the hands of Leidos. They wanted me to fly back home without my medical records and I have to fight that I won’t leave without them. I was booked twice because the TLead wanted me to fly with AA in Haneda where that carrier does not fly there. Harter told me to fly through JAL which was impossible because the ticket was booked and reserved with AA.she was sooo wrong . JAL could help me if AA would put my information with Them in their system. Harter was wrong again by saying they co share. It is but each airlines has their system. I am so grateful to Carmen Rivera, a travel agent for helping me with all my travel needs & most crucial moment of my assignment. I had to take bus and train to another airport for PCR as it was impossible in Haneda. Early morning I traveled to Narita airport with e-ticket. It was only 30 minutes before my flight that JAL was able to access my info. Upon arrival in JFK, I have to claim and check again my luggages. Then lined up for another boarding pass for connecting flight. Once I got home, HR Director Luz Nino issued a termination letter effective 3/17/22 with HR violations.
    Leidos has forgotten the many violations of the human and constitutional rights of the overseas contract workers like me. I am a US citizen and I was an employee when I reported the hostile workplace . Contractors also have the options to bring these rights to the Leidos Headquarters and all government agencies. And I ask you and the legal department and executive Officer to clinically review what the TL, Oconus Supervisor and HRs have done to our contracts. Right now I am removed from the employees listing and terminated but my email is grata.Garcia catipon@leidos.com you can reach me at 571 977 8876 or 301 977 8133

  • Pradeep Chowdhary says:

    Concerned Departments Email address and telephone numbers should be given on Web site

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