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  • Address: 1 Pre-Paid Way, Ada, OK 74820, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-654-7757
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 1,500
  • Established: 1972
  • Founder: Harland Stonecipher
  • Key People: Jeff Bell (CEO)

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Legalshield Headquarters Executive Team



Jeff Bell


Kathleen Pinson

Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer

Steve Williamson

Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer

About Legalshield, History and Headquarters Information

Legalshield is a company that which deals with the sales of legal service products. The functions are undertaken internationally, therefore the reach of service into various parts of the world are done through multi-level marketing. With the partnership of many companies, a chain of network is created in order to make the service possible.
The establishment of Legalshield occurred in the year 1972 by Harland Stonecipher.
It was decided to build six-story corporate office in the eighty-five acres of place in Ada.
It was called Pre-Paid Legal Services and renamed as Legalshield in 2011.
Ada, Oklahoma is set as the headquarters of Legalshield corporate office. Legalshield is a corporate office made in the format of incorporating many other institutions like huge training center, advanced information centers, numerous offices, parking lot as well as landscaped courtyard. A complete set-up of institutional area planned accommodating all the desired characteristics.

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  • MrMrs K says:

    Violates the ADA, rude, falsifies information during recorded and monitored calls (supervisor “destiny” at corporate headquarters). Legalshield changed companies that handled identity theft issues and failed to notify me and my spouse, so amongst causing more delays, more inconveniences, legalshield is unable to state where our personal information is (credit reports/addresses/letters from IRS, bank institutions, addresses,social security numbers, ect), however, without offering a respectable, professional, and competent solution, legalshield just expects us to willingly make the new company our power of attorney as well as resubmit ALL of our personal information. Unbelievable!

  • R Wales says:

    My name is Rita Wales from Red DEER, Ab. CANADA. In 2009 I joined Pre-paid Legal. If you check I even went to Los Vagas to go to your seminar, I stood for almost 2 hrs. to pay $250.00 for my seat. I was in pain as there were no chairs to sit down so I stood. It ended up being a mess. The man that signed me up passed me off (his name was Dustin from BC. CAN.) I had three people that wanted to sign up. Two taxi drivers and another. When I tried to get a hold of Dustin he told me that I should get a hold of the woman he passed me off to. I told him that she was not easy to deal with (we were incompatible).
    While I was in Vagas, I had booked a room for a week because that is what this woman told me she would be there that long. What she failed to mention was that (while I could stay at the holiday condo she and her husband had they were taking a week’s holiday) The conference was only for one morning. I tried to phone her before I left to confirm, and I couldn’t reach her. I tried a few times, that’s when I booked the room for a week.
    When I got my hotel phone bill I found that I was charged 2 days @ approx. $4.00 and 3 days $60.00 plus even though I phoned home the same time every day. When I got home I got in touch with the hotel, and my phone company, no one wanted to clear it up, so I called Pre-Paid Legal and they got it all cleared up in less than a week. I used this phone testimony and got more people interested in signing on with Pre-Paid Legal. I had to get myself settled and when I did I found out that your whole program was different so I couldn’t offer the ones interested in Pre-Paid what I had, so I just stopped. I really didn’t recognize your new program, now I see there may be one that was like the original that I might want.

  • Jake R says:

    I am disappointed and honestly feel taken advantage of by legal shield. How dare you solicit people on the promise they will have their issue resolved. When you don’t even offer services on their side of the state.its just wrong, and customer service rep I dealt with was extremely rude.
    I want a refund!! This has caused serious issues in our lives and it’s not acceptable!

  • antoinette d coleman says:

    legal shield referral to lawyer offices parker stanbury LLP member id 10112582092 medical malpractice matter government tort matter file number 4119812 health plan blue shield of california promise health plan facility assign 2019 deny antoinette request for own medical record history 2014-2018 two facility assign antoinette deny medical record history 2014-2018 antoinette contact legal shield to get lawyer to help filing with courthouse request antoinette own medical record history 2014-2018 from facility assign to antoinette health plan history 2014-2018 emergency room facility 2014-2018 antoinette deny all medical record history exposed doctor put hand made bacterial into antoinette body while receive a vaginal examine is only reason why antoinette contact legal shield doctor assign to antoinette coleman were infected antoinette with hand made bacterial put it inside antoinette body at facility assign from health plan history and emergency room reason why antoinette contact legal shield lawyer assign sam jones and female lawyer ignore antoinette after facility assign to antoinette deny request antoinette own medical record history started with facility crown city medical group 12-24-14 , 2-24-15 lawyer office assign to antoinette ignore antoinette request help filing with the courthouse assistance request for antoinette medical record history 2014-2018 all physician name 2014-2018 facility emergency room 2014-2018 antoinette ask for help to request her own medical record laywer assign from legal shield ignore antoinette found out doctor office deny medical record history antoinette sign medical release form at facility and told wait 7-14 days to receive medical record history never receive medical record antoinette called lawyer regaeding issue concern lawyer assign ignore antoinette request help filing with courthouse regarding deny medical record medical malpractice

  • Rita McDonald says:

    A LegalShield member for several years and today cannot receive assistance.

  • Peter Zhen Guo Pan says:

    I am a member of LegalShield over two years, which I got abused by the law firm referred by your LegalShield, which I have to fired them, represented myself and I won my case. I filed complaint to LegalShield, they told me to put everything in written, then they just simply told me that LegalShield is hands to tight, which I have to direct contact with the law form. Then I am wondering when the LegalShield has to convinced people to be your members???

    • Desire Bahombwa says:

      I am a member of LegalShield since04/29/2021 and I want to recommend someone what process can I do?

  • Brandy Elloie says:

    Good day to you. My name is Brandy and I would like to speak with you regarding your current employee benefit program. Please contact me at 562-403-3389 at your earliest convenience. Our services are free of charge to you, we would like to go over your current plan to see that you are offering the best possible benefits to your employees.

    Thank you.

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