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Raymond E. Scott Jr.

President, CEO & Director

Jeffrey H. Vanneste

Senior VP & CFO

Jeneanne Michelle Hanley

Senior VP & President of E-Systems

Gideon Jewel

President of Global JIT – Seating

Frank C. Orsini

Executive VP & President of Seating

Rashida Thomas

Chief Diversity Officer & Director of Talent Management

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Lear Corporation is an automotive seating and electrical systems manufacturing American company. The global supply of the manufactured goods projects the integrity, efficiency, proficiency, teamwork, skills and good communication of the management of the organization. , William Powell Lear is the founder of the corporation and he established it in the year 1917. It has introduced as a manufacturer who assembles welded and stamped metals of aircraft as well as automobile industry. , Gradual growth happened into the position of supplier of the entire internal systems of automotives. Started with the help of many other companies but its growth showed slow and gradual removal of the assistance one by one and became a complete company on its own., The head office of Lear Corporation is based at Telegraph Rd. Southfield, United States. The success of the business reflected in the services they undertake, the global supply of automotive seating and electrical systems globally.

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  • Lear Employee says:

    I wish someone would go undercover to the Kenansville NC plant and work a month. Especially in the Inspection Dept.
    There is so much going on in that plant that Corporate is unaware of. The reason that facility cannot keep any help especially on third shift is two reasons Mike Petracka and Mike Hill. These two men do not know how to be leaders. They may know their job per se but being a leader is the most important part in maintaining great talent and let’s face it without the employees there will be no Lear in Keansville. They do not show respect nor appreciation only arrogance and honesty a hostile work environment. Mike Hill shows favoritism and does not do his job as a leader/manger. You had one person, a lady by the name of Melissa Bradford to come on board as a team lead that knew her job and she was a light to the department and she was making a difference because she called them out on their behavior and their actions. She is the type of leader we needed. They did not like her for it and would not support her and therefore she gave up and quit after witnessing Mike Petraca blowing an associate out on night shift for something he didn’t do. He apologized after the supervisor talked to him however apologizing and not charging his behavior is not really apologizing now is it? They are firing people for points and writing people up but yet they have one person in particular that they let do as she pleases and has more points and she should have been gone way before now her name is Shamika McGowen. Also Dillon another favorite that Melissa had a problem with because she questioned him about his duties and Mike Hill was not happy about. He was there and getting paid to so absolutely nothing.
    Also brining in people early to work when it was not needed to have only two girls run the same machine that has been there years for four hours for 5 days which entailed paying over $30.00 an hour to run that headliner. This is just a few of the things that is costing the company money as well keeping the morale down in the department. Also reasons no one likes working there anymore.
    The HR department will not answer the phones, the guards are having to police all calls and people cannot get up with anyone in HR they come out to the guard house and tell them they have called and called and can’t get up with anyone. The guard calls and can’t get ahold of anyone. They have no switchboard operator therefore now that responsibility has fallen on the guards and they don’t have time to be Lear switchboard operator and maintain everything that is going on. This is all minor if you could contact Melissa Bradford that worked in the Inspection Dept. with us cause she is the only one that seem to care for our well being she can fill you in on a lot more. We need her back. Someone needs to please come here and check these things out… Mike Hill comes to work on some Saturday’s can he reeks of Alcohol and everyone can smell him but no one will say anything or do anything about it cause they need a job. Especially those of us that are older and are trying to hold on another 8 years before we retire. We are afraid that this plant won’t make it if other departments are ran like this one. Please listen to our cry out for help.. this is from 7 of us sitting here typing this one message . Thank You.

  • Saint Thomas says:

    Joe Mims, 2nd shift quality supervisor in Grand Prairie Tx, is a weak minded man who bullies women.
    He’s worthless human being that should not be in that position.

    He’s scared of men so he bullies women.

    He’s dull, dumb and has a false sense of importance.
    Please get rid of him.

    Nobody likes him.

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