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Where is Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Corporate office Headquarters

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7777 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 714-596-9960

  • Fax Number: 123

  • Email: sales@@lazydogrestaurants.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 2003

  • Founder: Chris Simms, Gabe Caliendo, Steve Price and Roshan Mendis

  • Key People: Daniel R. Dillon, Chris Simms

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Headquarters Location & Directions

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Headquarters Executive Team



Daniel R. Dillon


Chris Simms


Steve Price

Chief Financial Officer

Gabe Caliendo

Vice President of Food & Beverage

Roshan Mendis

Vice President of Operations Talent Development

About Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, History and Headquarters Information

The concept of Lazy Dog Restaurant is to offer a multi-dimensional restaurant with the addition of Bar. What quality distinguishes this restaurant is the seasonal food they serve with respect to the climate of nature. The ambiance and mountain appearance of the location catches the attraction of the people into the place.

The launch of the restaurant happened in the year 2003 by Chris Simms, Gabe Caliendo, Steve Price and Roshan Mendis. The idea of a restaurant at the mountain top is inspired by the childhood experience of Chris Simms. The inspiration of the travelers acquired from the time spent at the mountain top triggered a unique idea of making them more comfortable by providing facility of food service.

The head office of Lazy Dog Restaurant is located in Huntington Beach, Southern California, United States of America. The good experience and inspiration people could feel at the mountain top and association of food service made the offer of Lazy Dog Restaurant service.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Headquarters Photos

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Resources

  • Heather Keresztes says:

    Please put a Lazy Dog in Eagle, Meridian, Star in Idaho.

  • Laura Johnson says:

    Have been trying to contact GM in regards to incorrect charge from Plano, TX location for a week.

  • Bartender says:

    To who it may concern. You turn your lights full bright at 11:10. Since your open till 12 am I’m guessing you haven’t reset your lights for day light saving time.
    If that’s isn’t the reason, it’s not cool to turn the lights up while I’m eating dinner.

  • Rhonda Hoffman says:

    At the end of September my husband and I went to the Campbell restaurant had the worst food ever nothing was right $50 worth of food and still hungry times are to hard to waste money it was a treat due to his Birthday

  • Bob Grossman says:

    What is it that I have to do to get a response from you people? This isn’t going to be a polite letter so please understand I am fed up. You people don’t know anything about customer service and responding to complaint letters why do you even have this on your site if you don’t answer or at least acknowledge a customer complaint this is my fourth letter in over a months time and you still don’t have the common courtesy to at least acknowledge my complaint letter. So please tell me whoever reads this letter who do I have to contact? Who will answer a complaint letter? Because obviously this goes nowhere. Again this is my fourth complaint letter I’ve already tried a phone call and that didn’t work so all I want is a acknowledgment Or a receipt of this letter that’s all…. And if you’re wondering what the complaint is about look back on my last complaints do your job

  • Bob Grossman says:

    Where do I start: do I start after the first complaint letter. The follow-up phone call where I was lied to or the third letter of complaint? Your customer service is absolutely TERRIBLE! I wrote a letter. “ no response” then a week later I actually talked to someone that lied and said someone will be contacting you within 72 hrs. And Nothing. Then I sent another complaint letter. And again Nothing. So I got on YELP and left a poor comment about customer service and still Nothing. All I want is some kind of receipt of an email saying you received it. And your system sucks. Or you just round file all complaints any which way I will never go to lazy dog again and I will tell all my friends and family how poor your customer service is. It’s sad.

  • Bob Grossman says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I am very disappointed in your company ….so much so that I’m writing to the headquarters. First of all I would like acknowledgment of this complaint so please let me know you received it. This is what happens :
    A friend and I went to the Concord Ca. Restaurant often. I won’t go thru the whole shpeel you can look up both complaints online in your system. This is compounded into something that should have been taken care of and has not. Your customer service is terrible and I’m just in aw as to you lack of compassion. I never do this but I feel I must. Please look over both complaints that I have submitted I’d like to hear from you before I go to Michael Finny on Channel 7 and tell him my story about Lazy dog. You are really living up to your name.
    A dis-satisfied customer.

  • Jason Mark says:

    Good morning I am writing you this because of recent issues with your concord restaurant. We have previously visited one of your restaurants in LA and we had the best time and the best service and we were amazed with the food so we left thinking we need to find one of your restaurant near us in Northern California. So my family and I went on a road trip yesterday and we wanted to take them to your restaurant . We called to make reservations but they advised us that they were not busy and to come in so we did . When we got there we were seated outside due to us having a dog /service dog with us which was fine and then we met our server 15 mins later . Her name was Josie (don’t know if I am spelling that correct ) she took our drink order and appetizers order and then left and came back after the appetizers were ready and took our food order . Everything we ordered was very simple 2 burgers and some pasta . After that we waited for over an hour and within that time we were checked on 1 time . I even had to go to the bar to get my own refill on my families drinks . Then we waited another 15 mins and I decided to go find the manager . He was a tall fellow with glasses . By the time we walked back to the table with the manager my wife told me the waitress came back and told her they made my daughters burger wrong and it was going to be a longer wait to remake the burger . All my daughter wanted was no sauce on the burger . When my wife was told it would be a longer wait she said just get me the check for the appetizers and we are leaving . The waitress didn’t say anything like I want to make this right or anything she was going to bring my wife the bill . The only reason she didn’t was because the manger said he would take care of it as he could see myself and my wife were shocked she would not try to get the manger involved and charge us for the food . This location needs to be better at customer service and hospitality. This was a complete shock to us having a great experience in your other location .

  • Heather Liggins says:

    This evening I visited LD MV with my friend, cousin and their dog. Our entire party was seated on the outside patio at the fire pit. Our waitress came and offered us beverages….. then we ordered appetizers and 3 different dishes. All were delivered by the same waitress. After about 2hrs as we were ending our what we thought was a great experience, we observed another couple seated behind us…. with their dog and their dog was drinking from a water bowl. Out of curiosity I asked the couple how their dog had water. They said that their waitress- who was also Our waitress, brought their dog water. Our dog had been there 2hrs and was never offered water. In fact after further inquiry another employee told us that LD has a whole menu for dogs of which we were never told about. My question is why was the other couple provided water for their upon immediate arrival when our dog was ever offered any amenities that the restaurant normally offers dogs? The only difference in the parties was the ethnicity of the dog owners. The dog with the white owners were offered dog amenities but tthe dog with the black owners was not. Not cool LD!!!!

    • Anna Cone says:

      I’m sure race had nothing to do with this….why do you automatically assume it’s because they were white and you weren’t? It’s not the 1950’s anymore. Some servers don’t offer the water to dogs because they get busy and it’s an extra thing they have to do. The couple probably asked for it. So before you assume it was a race thing, take a second to think about what you’re about to say. Also, it’s the hosts job to bring dog menus, not the servers.

  • Martin Levine says:

    Living in Contra Costa County, there is a mandate that anyone dining INDOORS must show proof of vaccination. It also states anyone eating OUTDOORS does not have to show proof of vaccination. When we went to the Concord location, we wanted to eat in the outdoor section where dogs are allowed but were told besides the 1 hour wait, we would need proof o vaccination. Isn’t that area considered outdoors because dogs are allowed? We are both vaccinated but I heard a lot of complaints from people who felt if they were eating outside, according to the county mandate, they would not be required to show proof of vaccination. Could you please clarify Lazy Dog policy?

    thank you,

  • Angela says:

    Delete my post as thought contacting customer service

  • Angela says:

    I am seriously taken back as we love your restaurants but frequent the Folsom, CA location and our waitress and food runner had their masks off while in kitchen, talking in our faces at close range and handling food. The rest of the staff all wearing masks but one male waiter. I took pictures so you can see that during this pandemic, completely unacceptable and not corrected by management. We spend a lot of money here and these people come into contact with people all day, exposing us all. I can email or text pics if you can give me an address or number to send. Dry concerned and unhappy with the whole experience. Thank you. Angela Alex-Moore, moore69@pacbell.net or (925) 787-3222.

  • Roger Lewis says:

    Hello. My name is Roger Lewis and I am a former employee at the Aurora Colorado store on State Ave, I believe. I am currently buying. House and my lender wants to verify my employment. He is looking for a pin number to access my records. Can someone please call or email me so I can get this handled. My contact info is (727) 366-3615 for cell phone and Rogerlewisisgreat@gmail.com for email. I have called every number I can find on the website pertaining to this issue and can’t seem to get anyone on the line. So please, for my safety and my wife’s sanity…please get back to me. Thank you and have a great day.

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