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  • Address: 1912 Woodford Road, Vienna, VA 22182, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000

  • Established: 1986

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  • Key People: Blake Vaughn, Chief Operating Officer

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Bhavna Dave

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  • Angela Laplante says:

    SOOOOO! Here We Go Again! Their Idiot Drivers At Their Best! A small envelope package that doesn’t even weigh a pound delivered leaning up against my garage door on a very windy! I’m sure you all can figure out that I found it in the woods behind my property 🤨 And the kicker is I have cameras on my house. One over the garage. I have the idiot on saved footage even though they are dumb enough to deliver like this and continue to prove their IGNORANCE by taking pictures to prove it this Insanity Continues!! I also have a porch at my Front Door AND a Storm Door as well! I’m So Sure It Would Make No Sense To Have Put It In Between The Two Doors 🤬 And Now You Can’t Even Speak To A Real Person About Anything 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Angela Laplante says:

    The Absolute Shittiest So Called Delivery Company Ever!!!!! The first time they delivered to my house they left my large package under my mailbox at 9:30pm!! On The Street!! I have a driveway big enough for 10 cars. Left in a place and positioned perfect for a drive by grab and go and no one would have ever noticed! The only reason I found it was because I had an email confirmation with a picture of where it was. AND when I called them out on it they Actually Tried To Defend The Idiot Driver 🤨 Now you can’t even get a so called real person on the phone!!!!!

  • Angela says:

    This company is a scam!!! And the employees are very rude. I contacted the Richmond office and this rude staff telling me they are busy and forwarding me to customer care text messaging. This company needs to be shut down .

  • None of your business says:

    Your company should be under investigation you do things that realy need to be looked at all your reviews are bad and stuff just disappears and people call you and you no nothing I am going to right to my congressman and have your company looked at

    • Angela says:

      I followed up on my package, marked as delivered and there was no package delivered at 1053 pm to my door . First who delivers packages at 1053pm when most likely people are asleep ! This is a sham company, rude employees and thieves!!!!

  • Missy says:

    The WORST delivery company! I’m still looking for a package that was shipped December 26,2022! And all LaserShip can tell me is give 1-2 business days! Customer service also claims THEY can’t track my package even though they know the tracking number! I’ve been hung up on twice at customer service because I’ve asked further questions. Pretty sure the driver that was supposed to deliver my package is enjoying it! Which is what I gather from recent reviews! I’ve tried contacting corporate but guess what? Nobody will talk to you! How is this business still running?

  • Jessica says:

    I am missing a check before I quit this job I can’t ever get in contact with anyone from the company

  • Ashley says:

    I’ve had two packages reported delivered but I never received my packages. I’ve filed a police report on both. I’ve contacted LaserShip customer service via email and phone. Both times they have told me they are not responsible for the packages not being delivered and to talk with the company where I purchased the items. Neither company will refund me for my purchase being that LaserShip has reported my items delivered. Very disappointed and frustrated.

    First Package: FashionNova
    Delivery Carrier: LaserShip
    Delivery date and time:
    Dec 17, 2022 at 3:16pm

    Second Package: JustFab
    Delivery Carrier: LaserShip
    Delivery date and time: Dec 31, 2022 at 3:47pm

  • Dan says:

    This is the worst run shipping company. This is the second Christmas you guys failed to deliver. I ordered some very expensive items and 3 packages were marked as delivered on Dec 16th. My cameras did not show anyone or anything at my front door as stated.
    I contacted Customer Service and they sent the form letter saying according to their records, the items were delivered. If I didn’t receive them contact the seller. Talk about not taking responsibility. I said show me the photo of it being delivered. Then I get an email saying per our policy it was held at our office. What policy is it that items are held and marked as delivered? Thanks for ruining another Christmas. Last time an expensive item was “lost” after y ring tracked at the Charlotte hub for 2 weeks.
    Reported to the BBB and will consider filing a complaint to the State Consumer Affairs department. I hear so many complaints even from the department stores who have to process the refund. They all say they get the most complaints when it’s LS.

  • T holmes says:

    I hate that companies I shop with use lasership! They are the worse. I had two different packages on two different occasions that were marked delivered and the delivery person never came. I was home all day. No one rang the bell or called and no package was left. When I contacted customer service they were no help and told me to contact the seller. It’s holiday time and people work hard for their money. Why doesn’t lasership have cameras on their trucks or take photos for confirmation of delivery? They need a better system.

  • LaMarr says:

    LASERSHIP is the worse company ever and they need to just go out of business. How is it that I received all my other packages from other couriers and then when it comes to them my stuff is STOLEN?! I literally ordered something last year and it was the same item. How?!! Why is it that when I purchase multiple items they’re separate. I know now to never ever get anything delivered by them. They claim to have left my package the front door. THE FRONT DOOR of a 8 story building? Make it make sense when I have a whole front desk and you have to check all packages with them. I really encourage all ppl to not use this company. You will never get your items. Just a waste of time.

    • Katty says:

      I definitely agree I do not know why is this company still in business. They mark your delivery as attempted to deliver or delivered but packages never received. I even asked to speak with a manager or supervisor someone who’s above them and they say no one is available, so who are we supposed to talk to? We have to report this company they are thieves. The drivers are the worst they’re lazy and never deliver nothing. Something has to be done with this company.

  • Erica Beach says:

    This company is very unprofessional and their drivers the Worst…. They marked me and my daughter’s packages as delivered and they never delivered them… I have ring cameras around my house and I can see that they never came and now they are taking us all around the world to fix the fuck up on their part!!!!!! I want the delivery driver fired asap! People work hard for their money for this company to steal from us.

  • Kenya C. says:

    I’m very disgusted with the unprofessional and atrocious behavior of the customer service representatives and drivers of this company. I called today because at 9:44am it stated a delivery attempt was made on a package of mine. Which was never happened because I’ve been home all morning and called the representative at 9:51am to inform them of the misinformation. And he hung up on me. Now this isn’t the first time because one of my packages was marked as delivered but I never received it and I still have a package that I’m waiting to receive from Lasership as I make this complaint.

  • Charlene Williams says:

    I am extremely frustrated by the treatment I have recieved from the Newburgh New York Facility. I am at the point thst when I know a company ships with Lasership I will stop purchasing from them. I have 4 coats that I purchased from Macy’s for some needy children that I was going to give to their mother tomorrow Sunday the 20th of November but I don’t have the coats. The delivery people don’t follow instructions. I hope to never have to deal with Lasership again.

  • Tammy C says:

    Worst service and customer service I’ve ever experienced. The jacksonville Fl based customer service rep hung up on me when I called about my package. Showed attempted delivery. The driver went to the wrong door . Was told where to go and just left the property without leaving my package .

  • James Krause says:

    Can’t add anything more than already written…..the worst service ever

  • Tanika D. says:

    This is a bullshit ass company. How my package has been sitting at the facility since Monday and now it is an investigation because basically my package is lost !!! Whoever the CEO is needs to pay more attention to what is going on at the lower level of the company then sitting in his nice big office all day !! After reading these post I am surprised that y’all still are open !! WORST DELIVERY COMPANY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annette says:

    The worse y’all drivers steal packages nd send the same pic over nd over I had 2 packages stolen this week with the same picture something need to be done this has happen over 10 times from this company

  • Annissa dingle says:

    I’m seeking legal action against lasership. My packages have been stolen numerous times and this was the last straw.

  • Tameka costin says:

    This is the worst company ever I never received my package and when I call them they keep hanging up on me. Plus forever 21 is the worst because they refused to refund me for the lost package

  • Donna R says:

    One of the drivers hit my car and just took off I have a video of what happened thanks to my niece that has cameras on her land and they have not contacted me about the damages it is insane for these people to do this to other people it was like the driver hit the car and just drove off did not leave any information like oh well who cares like they think that there was nothing that was going to happen they need to realize that there are cameras out on places and there are recordings I may just have to get an attorney to get this taken care of

  • Upset and disgusted!! says:

    I am so disappointed with this company. I ordered a product that was never delivered. It states it was delivered to my leasing off, which was a lie. The company reshipped the order and I never received that one either. When I called laser ship they said it was delivered to a totally different address from mine. They opened a case on both deliveries but I haven’t heard anything regarding the cases. I will never order from any company that uses laser ship. If this is a company they uses, they will never get my business.

  • Kathy says:

    Worst. Company. Ever. You can continue to delete my post. All your reviews are awful, as is your company. I’m leaving reviews wherever I can. You didn’t deliver package, post a pic of door with no address, don’t care I am out money and your customer service sucks.

  • Neyshera says:

    This company must be cheaper than FedEx or UPS?How does any company continue to allow lashership to rob them of their merchandise instead of making the delivery? I can tell you this much, as long as I get a refund or my replacement of my merchandise I don’t even care. It still suck that Lasership continue to get away with thievery…

  • Kathy says:

    They delivered to the wrong house. Their proof of delivery was sent to seller. It was not my home. Seller told me to contact them. They said it was delivered, they understand I didn’t receive, contact seller. I’m out $100.00. Customer Service sucks. All other reviews here and on Yelp agree. I’m filing with BBB and pursuing other options. I won’t order from companies who use them.

  • Amanda says:

    This is the absolute worst company ever. Say they attempted to deliver your package and never showed. I am home all the time and this happens every time they are to deliver a package. This company is a complete scam of a company and has horrible customer service. I was hung up on when I called the customer service line. Stay away from this company

    • Neyshera says:

      The sad part is that you have no choice when the company that you order from uses them. I HIGHLY agree with you though.

  • Silvia says:

    The worst company i have ever seen. All the delivery drivers are illiterate I don’t know how they hired all these illiterate peoples

  • Tiffany K. says:

    This company is a SCAM!!! You all are VERY unprofessional! Nobody knows nothing and somehow everybody’s packages keep coming up missing. How ironic! One minute my package has been delivered, the next minute its out for delivery. I’m going tell you what tho, mine better be found AND delivered or I will take legal actions against this company. You all have gotten away with stealing peoples items way too many times, we work hard for our things. Fix it or I will see you in court!…Good day!

    • Timica Lide says:

      I agree with you Tiffany.
      It has happened to me too many times

    • Neyshera says:

      Taking legal action is my next step too

    • Teanna says:

      I am currently having the same issues have been speaking with people since Monday and it just the run around. Spoke with a gentlemen named Lloyd who told me his supervisor is Barbara which I am currently waiting for a call back as they said it was an error on there end for marking my package as delivered but it was to be sent out in the next day or two. I ordered from Nike and advised them of there terrible customer service and they need to reconsider this company for shipping as it looks bad on there name.

  • Nichole says:

    The Montgomeryville PA location needs to be under investigation. Three packages in one week went missing. No one has answers!

  • Edward Wiskman jr says:

    I will never have anything shipped by your company it’s just horrible first you can’t find the package than you show no movement of the package for a few days and all of the sudden it shows being delivered at two different delivery times on the same day and yet I still have no package and your customer service basically called me a liar saying I got the package if I got the package I would not be going through all this hassle

  • Naa S. says:

    You should really be ashamed at how your company handles many situations. No system is perfect but i have never had any issues with deliveries from any other company BUT YOURS. its a run around, all to then say oh well we lost the package. Its horrible. You guys cant contact drivers, cant relay proper information, the system you have obviously isnt working and you need to correct it. I wont buy from Nike anymore because of YOUR COMPANY. its impossible to reach anyone who can actually do something, instead of just ” writing notes” ….This company is a joke…..take a look at your own reviews. The reddit community is also clowning you. I understand your customer service reps can only do so much, but thats your fault for not providing them the resources to be able to do more.

  • Erica says:

    I honestly don’t understand how or why your company continues to show no empathy to the many people you are taking from, but I do know God sits high and looks low and every person In your company from the top to bottom will have to answer for their wrong doing.God will make sure of that.

    • Edward Wiskman jr says:

      You are 100% correct this company is horrible and customer service is worse basically calling the customer a liar saying they don’t have a responsibility to replace a lost package I will call the seller and try and get a replacement

  • Lynda Jacques says:

    You guys are the WORST company!! My package has been delayed more than a week. I’ve been trying to reach customer service, it’s always a damn automated system. There’s no one to speak with about no package! It’s ridiculous! At this point, I’m just going to call FASHION NOVA to get a refund. You guys are the WORST company to rely on.

    • Naa S. says:

      I agree. I came here looking to try and find someone higher up to deal with. Lasership has been saying my package cant be delivered due to ” exceptions ” and a different reason each time. Day 4 with the same BS. So many horrible reviews on how they steal packages and say its delivered but no package to be found or its ” lost “. Their system is horrible. No one has contact with drivers, no one knows anything. They can only tell you ” they will be out on delivery today “

    • Edward Wiskman jr says:

      You are 100% right they’re the worst company ever and there customer service is horrible

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