Where is Lane Bryant Corporate office Headquarters

Lane Bryant Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3344 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH 43219, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 866-886-4731
  • Fax Number: 614-463-5247
  • Email: sales@lanebryant.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1902
  • Founder: Lena Himmelstein
  • Key People: Linda Heasley

Lane Bryant Headquarters Location & Directions

Lane Bryant Headquarters Executive Team



Linda Heasley


Elizabeth Crystal

Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President

Debbie Martin

Senior Vice President of Product Design & Development

Ethan Shapiro

Executive Officer

About Lane Bryant, History and Headquarters Information

Lane Bryant is the best plus size shopping retail store of united states of America. They are knownfor their new edge designer and casual clothing line for all the plus size women out there. They also have a successful online shopping site where one can buy clothes online and they deliver all across the globe.

it is a subsidiary retail company and the parent company is ascena retail group. It was founded 117 years ago by Lena Himmelstein as she was a dressmaker and started her store in 1904. The company was originally founded in 1902 and is currently run by Eric hunter as the chief executive officer.

The companies headquarter is in morse crossing, Columbus, Ohio, USA and has around 812 retail and flagship stores all across the country. One can find the latest fashion there in the retail shops of lane Bryant which is not only comfortable but also fashionable.

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  • Victoria says:

    Good afternoon,
    I was at your store today at:115 Sundance Parkway, Round Rock, TX 78681 looking for bras. I found one that had a sign over it on the rack stating it was 40% off. After getting to the register, it did not ring up on sale. The lady at the register was starting to ring it up on sale, as she looked over and saw the sign for the bras. Then another lady came up and said that it wasn’t on sale and walked over to the sign and removed it saying that the sale ended yesterday, but the sign was still up. I believe that I should have been given the price on both bras as that is how it was advertised. I did end up purchasing 1 at full price after a conversation with the ladies was not helpful and the 2nd lady was rude. I don’t believe that I will be returning to this store after this experience. I’m also thinking of canceling my credit card. I hope that you take this and speak with your employees as this is not a good look for your company.

    Sincerely – Victoria

  • Linda says:

    Customer service is terrible. Being hit with late fee on a bill when I owe lane bryant any money. Phone number isn’t right, can’t get thru to any one. Just ridiculous. Cutting up card, can’t be bothered with the bs

  • Emma Stewart says:

    It is even work commenting? I placed an order online (I don’t have the luxury of open stores nearby(, the package is missing and no one seems to care or want to help. USPS is not responsive, LB phone/email/online chat are not responsive. But I’m out the products & the money!! Terrible customer service, nobody cares anymore.

  • Judith Noniewicz says:

    I recently attempted to use a coupon sent to me. The restrictions on the coupon said not to be used on sale items “greater” than 40% off. I had three accessories that were 40% off and I was told I couldn’t use it because it was only for bras. Nowhere in this coupon does it say that. Coupon states now thru9/3/2023. No one seems to have an answer. False advertising for sure or uninformed employees Please let me know whic!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I’m not sure who runs the LB in Delaware at the Christiana fashion center. However, how’s it you refuse the bathroom to a customer. You have no idea if there is some sort of medial condition. But the fact that you looked my 4 year up and down and then told us no we couldn’t use your bathroom is a real racist move. Not only do we come in there and spend hundreds of dollars you some how don’t have a rest room for customers. And your prices are outrageous! 65.95 for some piece of Satin. Not to mention you are only selling 4 types of underwear! Lame- I won’t be returning ‘ and I hope the store gets shit down! I will also be contacting better business bureau and the attorney generals office .

  • Sharon says:

    Please make more seven7 Jean that don’t expand and more variety to pick from

  • Tisha says:

    An employing Albuquerque New Mexico at your cottonwood location is stealing clothes and trying to sell them in my apartment complex

  • Christine Snyder says:

    Hi there,
    I am in public relations, and I have a client who owns and operates several adult foster care homes in Michigan. The residents have disabilities and mental disorders. The highlight of their year is a prom that is held. It has been on hold as they want all the women to have dresses for the event and they need dresses sizes 28 and up. Do you have formals that can be donated?

  • Kris says:

    I want to add to my comment below. I realize I was making fun in my comment but the reality is that I was very put off by her behavior. Maybe because I wasn’t dressed to the nines (denim shorts and a tank –a LB tank btw!), hair up in clip, not really fitting the image of typical Crestview Hills clientele, she was assuming certain things about me. But it was clear, when she ran out of the store after me, that she thought I had shoplifted when I obviously had not and never would. Not asking to look in my bag, but taking it from me and searching it. And the encounter at check out was so not warranted. It was as if she was gearing up to have an argument with me over the damn discount. Again, I didn’t dispute one thing. I wish I knew her name so I could provide it. Manager on duty, Crestview Hills KY Lane Bryant store, July 19, 5:04pm. I’m sure you can figure out who it was. My receipt says the cashier was Amberly….she was very sweet and helpful. Store 06013

  • Kris says:

    Crestview Hills Ky: The manager at this store need some training on customer service. I went in to pick up my online order. The associate helping me (blonde straight hair) was very sweet and helpful. She told me to pick any item in the store for 50% off regular price. I found a pair of shorts on sale for $34.95 (orig price $59.95) so I knew they would be around $30. This manager comes up to the register and informs me that I should have picked a regular priced item and not a sale item. She honored the purchase but said she could only give me 50% off the regular price. Duh…chill lady…I know. I’m aware. Her approach was so defensive and low key abrasive. But I had to laugh to myself because really they were only giving me $5 off the price they were selling the shorts for. It’s comical. I guess she would prefer to give me $30 off a $60 item. LOL!!!! Anyway, then I leave the store and apparently set off an alarm. It turns out it was the jewelry in my online order. This woman bolts out of the store, takes the bag from my hand, pulls everything out “to make sure I wasn’t stuck with a security sensor”. Right lady. That’s why you almost tripped over yourself coming out of the door. Promote the blonde associate….she’s MUCH better at customer service.

  • Karan Williams says:

    Just had a terrible experience at Lane Bryant, Store 6040. Employee, Kimberly Temple (?), informed me that I didn’t need to give her attitude when she asked me a question. She was unprofessional and rude. I am an LB shareholder and am not accustomed to such rudeness.

    If she is having a bad day, it isn’t my fault and at no time do I deserve less than her best. As a former Lane Bryant employee, there can be no provision or condoning behavior such as this. It reflects poorly on the brand even if the individual does not recognize how it reflects poorly upon her.

    I will drive to another store 30 miles away rather than deal with her impudence and insolence. I regret she was the face of your brand in that store today. Store 6040.

  • Carla Ross says:

    Good morning,

    I hope whatever emergency you had has been resolved. However, I really didn’t appreciate the treatment I received. I made an appointment for a fitting, which was the only reason I took the time to drive to Conyers. I live in Ellenwood and for me, that’s a 30 to 45min drive with good traffic. When I arrived around 4:11pm, there was a sign on the door on plain paper saying there was an emergency and the store had to close at 4pm. My appointment was supposed to be at 4:30pm but I believe in being punctual as to be considerate of others time. Apparently, you store didn’t feel the same was as I didn’t get a call, email or anything. My friend noticed that people were inside the store so I called and let them know that I had an appointment. The person that answered went on to tell me that she is sorry but they had an emergency and had to close. She asked if I wanted to come back the next day and I said no, I live in Ellenwood, that a long ride to come and find out they’re turning you away. As me and my friend decided what to do next (as this was the reason we came out here so now what). As we stood outside and decided to go into Rack Room Shoes, we saw and lady and a man come out of the store with a bag (as in just made a purchase). This made me even more angry. I have waited until now to send this message to see if anyone contacted me to retain my business with a formal invite back or anything and I have received nothing. I guess maybe that was why it was so easy to dismiss me in the first place. I am so disappointed with your customer service.

    Carla Ross

    From: LaneStylistConyers
    Sent: Friday, May 13, 2022 8:01 AM
    To: Ross, Carla M
    Subject: [External] Oh Hello! Your Lane Stylist can’t wait to style you. (Appointment # 18404)

    See you tomorrow, Carla!
    On May 14 @ 04:30 PM
    @ 1478A DOGWOOD DR SE CONYERS, GA 30013
    You are only a day away from your closet upgrade! If you need to reschedule, or if you have questions, give us a call before your appointment.

  • Fernanda says:

    I need an email as I want to model as a plus size woman who just beat breast cancer and specially without swimsuit which is so hard to find

  • Anita Spahr says:

    the Hendersonsonville Tn store, I’ve had great customer service around a year ago when I first became a customer. On the 19th, I went in to find new bras and there were 4 people there. I asked could I try a bra on and the one on the register snapped at me. I waited 10 minutes until one of the girls approached me. I left not happy. Today I had to take a bra back because they were to big. One I was wearing and new I couldn’t exchange and the other I did. The young black girl, I say that because she was great and I don’t want her mistaken for being rude. She was fitting me and called the manager who was annoyed that she even had to come and let alone answer a question about my straps, I know what she told me was incorrect but she didn’t want to take the time. When it was check out time, rather than give me the sale price for both, just out of courtesy, she made clear in a hateful attitude that I only got one off, mind you, I didn’t ask. I’m a mgr and I would of done the discount considering the receipt for 2 was the sale price. Regardless, the employees there are extremely rude and not helpful at all, with exception of the one today who was asking for help. If you don’t want to lose business, I would handle it. People reflect their manager, so the attitude the employees have are a reflection of hers.
    Thank you
    Anita Spahr

  • LK says:

    Don’t purchase from this store!! I placed an order and didn’t pick it up right away. I went to the store to find a note on the door that the store was closed due to employee call out’s. So, I thought they will send my purchase back and I won’t be charged. Come to find out I was charged and the second month was charged a late fee of $35 on my store account. After seeing this I immediately paid off the amount due and a couple days later got a late payment red alert on my credit report. I called Comenity and they said that I needed to call someone else because they don’t handle this and gave me a phone number. Well that phone number was to Equifax! I wanted to know why I was not credited back for a never picked up order that was sent back and why I had a ding on my credit if I had pain in full a few days before. This is a f***ed up business! Go to Macy’s, they have plus size clothing at a cheaper cost and less hassle!

  • stefanie alfaro says:

    im so not happy with one of the stores in stockton ca they are garbage they didnt care about me as a customer she didnt even care to find my package and the fact that i have to get upset when i just got off work and to have the security be called all because i wanted to speak with the store manager becasue my account could have been hacked their was a name in my information and she didnt want to give access to that made no sense then to find out my item was at a different store wow. UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!

  • Ameena says:

    I think your corporation should think about making things in tall for plus size tall women, I’m 6.3 and the sweat suit pants and jacket are to short it should come in long so should your tee shirts tall or 18 LT like the men have.

    • LK says:

      Don’t bother … just shop somewhere else. This company is ripping people off and the customer service is a joke! Just read the reviews ! Macy’s has plus size section and IMO their clothing is better quality and less expensive

  • Patricia C. says:

    I have been associated with Lane Bryant for quite sometime and until recently I have been happy with the service.

    During the last quarter of 2020, I made what I thought to be an online purchase (panties and bras). I talked to the online order department, confirmed that the items were in stock and I would be receiving the order in probably 2 weeks.

    I had not received my order by November and I contacted the company only to be told the order was canceled because the items were not in stock.

    I always spend Christmas in Hot Springs Arkansas with our family. I was told that I picked up the order on I think they told me it was December 18, 2020. I was out of town with my family until December 31. I want to know how the order could have been sent to McCain Mall when I was told in November that it was canceled. I am being harassed to pay for items that I did not receive I have been going back-and-forth with Lane Bryant, the credit department of Comenity Bank and the Online ordering department since January 2021.

    I am coming up on a year now where I’ve been going back-and-forth with this problem. I DID NOT receive the items; if I had I wouldn’t have a problem paying for them; I love Lane Bryant’s lingerie.

    The $35 has now turned into $53. I was first told this would be taken care of and I was told I would be given credit for these items…that did not happen.

    I have talked with each of the departments 3 to 4 times and I have not gotten any satisfaction.

    When I get on the phone with them we go through the whole process over again they said they’ll take care of it…that HAS NOT happened.

    This is ridiculous and it makes your company and the employees appear to be completely incompetent or either they just DO NOT CARE.

    All of this over $35 for items I never received.

    When I talked to the lady from the credit department to take the $28 late fee off she said she would do it if I made the $35 payment. I asked her why would I make a payment for something that I did not receive? She told me that unless I made the payment she was not going to remove the late fee, and she didn’t.

    Another point, if I had ordered panties and bras, the total was over $100, why was I charged $35? Because as they said, the items were not in stock and the order was canceled.

    I cannot give you a good rating/review. I have had it with Lane Bryant.

    I don’t know what happened there at McCain Mall but I did not pick up that order I did not receive my underwear items.

    It would be nice to have some clarity on this matter.

    • LK says:

      EXACTLY! same thing is happening to me but I’m in Virginia! I ordered and didn’t go to pick up because of Covid illness for about 2 weeks after the order was in. Then I go to the store to find a note on the door at 1:00 pm saying not enough employees so the store is closed. It is a small store and one person could work and it would be fine. So whoever put the note up could’ve worked but chose to close the store. Then I get billed for a small order that I didn’t even pick up. Order was for $34. I didn’t pay attention to my bill for the month because my card was at $0.00 before I ordered. Then the second month I get an email and it says I missed a payment. Went online to find out that I was charged $35 late fee so now I decide to just pay it off and count it as a loss. Two days later I get an email from my credit monitoring saying that Comenity put a red flag (30 day late) notice on my credit. I called Comenity and was given a number to call (assumed it was with someone that could help me within Comenity). It was a phone number to Equifax! I googled Lane Bryant Corporate and low and behold there is no way of emailing. I called the phone number, which I thought was someone at the corporate office. Nope it was the order center. I explained this all to her and she told me that I need to talk to Comenity. I said no I would like to speak to someone at corporate so they no how their stores are operating plus to let them know what the credit card company that they are using is messing with peoples credit. She argued with me saying that I needed to talk to Comenity. So since I can’t get through to someone who actually cares about their reputation, I decided to resort to blasting Lane Bryant on social media!

  • Joanna says:

    Today I was kicked out from the store with my mom because I did not want to wear the mask.
    Thank you Lane Bryant for your hospitality. The store is in Rackway mall areas, New Jersey
    Law does not mandate masks !!!! Hypocrits !!!!!

  • Kay says:

    Why has Lane Bryant never thought about opening a store in Conway, Arkansas? There is so many empty spaces to put a store. I believe it would be a great success.

  • Jane Haddox says:

    Your customer service is incompetent. I have been trying to find an order and did “Live Chat” with THREE people. My chat was dropped multiple times. I have been charged $121 for an order that was never delivered. I consider that theft and will act accordingly.

  • Elizabeth Schwartz says:

    I’ve sent Lane Bryant a list of the returned items. They were all shipped together in the same bag. You received the bag so you obviously have the items. I provided you a list and I will provide it once again to you. You said you refunded 2 of the items but my lane Bryant credit card doesn’t show the refund yet. Here are the 6 brand new items with tags that were returned to you. I may not ever shop Lane Bryant again if you can’t resolve this asap. I normally would go into the store but because of covid I tried to attempt this by mailing in my returns. Needless to say I now regret that decision. I am putting off placing new orders until you are able to resolve this.

    Returned item numbers

    358689. $32.24. OLBW098289261

    361172. $30.18. ORDER #OLBW104244903

    360168 $20.35 ORDER #OLBW104244903

    360350. 38.80 ORDER #OLBW100522750

    302615 refunded already ORDER #OLBW109065057

    354525. Refunded already ORDER #OLBW109065057

  • L. Gibbons says:

    I am a longtime customer of Lane Bryant. I have lost weight and fit between the size 12 & size 14. On February 8, 2020, I made a purchase and a few pieces were too big. I returned them on February 9, 2020 to the same store. However, I was not credited correctly. For instance, I purchased a pair of ankle pants for $20.99 but was credited $9.97 and a pea coat I purchased for $68.69 I was credited $20.00. Right away I pointed it out to the salesperson. She pretended to be on the phone with corporate office trying to fix the errors. After an hour in the Valley Stream, NY Store, I left with the district manager’s number. I called that number twice and left a message. No one returned my call. I called customer care a few times and dealt with entry level staff who couldn’t help me. I called comenity bank and was advised to mail in my receipts which I paid $10 to mail in. As of June 5, 2020, I am still trying to get this corrected. I spoke with comenity bank supervisor who transferred me to Lane Bryant corporate office. I am frustrated as I have been on hold over an hour. The service at Lane Bryant has gone down the drain. Everyone is experiencing financial issues but that doesn’t give you the right to keep my money. I will no longer support you after this experience and will encourage others not to. However, I would really like my $63.42 back. I will post my issue on every social media outlet until I can speak with someone who can correct this problem.

    L. Gibbons

  • Gail D Baker says:

    I am a VERY UPSET CUSTOMER. On a March 6, 2020 I made a $408.98 purchase at your Westshore Mall store in Tampa, Florida. As the world know we were hit with a Pandemic Corona virus that shut down not only Tampa but the world. The purchase was for my 93 year old Mother who was with me at the time of purchase.
    As most of the world our entire life was disrupted!… we earned 7 Real Women $25.00 coupons which we had every intent to use within the redeem period of March 16-29, 2020 in store. Due to my Mother being high
    risk we have been sheltered in place an more focused on the pandemic.

    Today we drove to the store in hopes of making another purchase and the store would honor the coupons in light of the pandemic and shelter in place orders. The store was closed so I called Customer Service. After being on hold for 30 minutes I spoke with a nice young lady who listened and eventually told me you have a new promotion and the 7 coupons could not be honored. I asked for a management person who could listen to my situation and hopefully honor the coupons. I spoke with Adam -2412 who was not only not helpful but curt and rude. He had no empathy and would not provide me with your corporate address and told me I could look it up for myself. During this most difficult time to be treated in this way is unacceptable. I would expect better customer service from a person assigned such a title. If the online customers were given options why not walk-in customers???…I would appreciate if Linda Heasley could consider my plea and allow me to use the 7 coupons that I have in-store to purchase additional clothing for my mother. Please acknowledge my complaint and when I may hear back.


    Gail D. Baket

  • Dawone Babin says:

    My order that I paid for using my Lane Bryant card was canceled and not by me. I want my order and I have tried several times to contact customer service and can’t get through. I have email them and still no results. I’m very upset because this is the second time this has happened. My order# OLBW107347017. I’m trying not to take to social media to show how upset I am but this is the worst customer service I have experienced since I have been dealing with this company.

  • Teri S says:

    When will bayshore store in Milwaukee WI open. Governor has said stand alone stores can reopen as of 5/11/20 with restrictions

  • Angelique Murray says:

    Hello I have been along time customer I am very disappointed with my recent Interactions with Customer service. My recent order was sent to the wrong Address. I have not received my order, a call or email even though I called prior to my order being delivered to correct issue. I was also sent an email the 1st time stating this would be corrected. It was not I just sent my now 3rd Email after calling 3 times with no answer and being on hold for over 1hour. I understand that with COVID staffing is low However I would at least like my money back. Thx so much
    Angelique Murray

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