Where is La-Z-Boy Corporate office Headquarters

La-Z-Boy Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1 La-Z-Boy Dr, Monroe, MI 48162, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 734-242-1444

  • Fax Number: (313) 241-4422

  • Email: investorrelations@la-z-boy.com

  • Number of Employees: 8950

  • Established: 1927

  • Founder: Edward M. Knabusch & Edwin J. Shoemaker

  • Key People: Kurt L. Darrow

La-Z-Boy Headquarters Location & Directions

La-Z-Boy Headquarters Executive Team



Kurt L. Darrow

Chairman, President & CEO

Melinda D. Whittington

Senior VP & CFO

J. Douglas Collier

Senior VP, Chief Commercial Officer & President of International

Daniel King

President of the Retail Segment

Otis S. Sawyer

Senior VP & President of La-Z-Boy Portfolio Brands

David B. Behen

Chief Information Officer & VP

Darrell Dewain Edwards

Chief Supply Chain Officer and Senior VP

Bob Ireland

Head of Strategic Initiatives

Barbara J. Runyon

VP & Chief Human Resources Officer

R. Rand Tucker

VP & General Counsel

About La-Z-Boy, History and Headquarters Information

It is an American company of furniture manufacturing. All the furniture items like that of sofas, chairs, table and all are manufactured for residential as well as for organizational purposes. By accumulating best raw materials from the available resources, La Z Boy ensures the good quality and long lasting products to their customers.
La Z Boy furniture manufacturing company is established in the year 1927 by Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker. Starting with the good will of the customers, it has reached a leading position of manufacturing industry. According to the demands of the public for the goods, made them produce more and more products of the same quality and became the largest manufacturing producers in the market.
In order to avail the best services for the public the whole work is segmented into three departments, Upholstery, Casegoods and the Retail groups. They undertake functions that are allotted to them by the head office which situated in Monroe, Michigan, United States.

La-Z-Boy Headquarters Photos

  • Janice jackson says:

    I will never buy from La-Z-Boy again. Their customers service is horrible and outrageous in price. Springs in my couch recliner pops after three years of nobody sitting in it hardly you can’t get to the right person. They’re not personable they’re a matter of fact people so for that reason I will tell everybody I know never to shop at La-Z-Boy.

  • Sharon says:

    I paid for service on my recliners still waiting for a call back or email. The service department was quick to take my money. I have called only to stay on hold no joke 3 hours. Emailed Marilynn a customer service representative out of Munroe, Michigan 2 times and my husband 1 time. The only reason why I emailed was because she wrote please respond to this email when you have received your parts. I want a response back as soon as possible rightly so because you took my money upfront. All service have been paid for on my end but not completed on your end.
    Thank you

  • Pat Thompson says:

    Purchased special order recliner from your store in Allen, Texas. Put over 50% down payment ($1,000) of the purchase price. When the recliner arrived and was ready for delivery, they informed me the remainder of the purchase price was due or they would not deliver it. The terms and conditions of the sales agreement made no mention of full payment before delivery. In effect they added a condition of sale after the agreement was signed. They expect me to pay the remaining $947.41 for the recliner: sight unseen, undelivered, uninstalled and operationally unproven.

    Just wanted to let you know the customer unfriendly practices of your affiliated store. I stand ready to make payment upon delivery and have not cancelled the order. Would appreciate any help you can provide to resolve this issue.

  • Irene Woolf says:

    I bought a lazyboy rocker recliner 8 months ago. It has been nothing but a nightmare. It sounds so loud with every rock.
    Technician has come out 3 times and says ” nothing else he can do”. I’ve sent 3 video’s to customer care and now they are asking for another….
    This is so bad business. I will never buy anything else from lazyboy again.

  • Sue Remmert says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to call regarding my sofa I purchased in April.

  • Sue Remmert says:

    I purchased my Mackenzie sofa in April 2023. When I sit down the cushions keep sinking, I already had Comfort Care out here and the gentleman said everything was fine. The problem is he only sat on the sofa for a 5 to 8 minutes and that isn’t long enough. When Comfort Care called me to tell me again everything is fine I asked to escalate the issue and spoke with a woman named Lisa, she heard me out and without hesitation she offered me $300.00 back from my purchase. But that doesn’t fix my problem . I need something done I paid good money for my sofa and it’s very uncomfortable to sit on. I need the CEO to call me and explain to me why I was offered $300. It’s not a settlement.

  • Berecka says:

    Purchased $20,000 worth of furniture, within 7 months one of the pieces had a crack in the wood Lazyboy continuously told me it was only under warranty for a year Hello – simple math – 7 months is NOT one year!! They told me they could recommend a repair company and I would be responsible financially for said repairs Totally unacceptable!!
    I contacted the manufacturer directly (this piece was Howard Miller) Howard Miller responded quickly and had a person out to inspect the piece within a week!
    I will NEVER recommend lazyboy to anyone, ever! I would discourage anyone from purchasing from them

  • Regina & Boti Barnett says:


  • Dave Markel says:

    David Markel calling and you work Pennsylvania I have been trying to reach your repair division for the last three days this week been on the phone for hours on hold. No one answers. Could you please have someone call me 717-487-5900.

  • Ernest Banning says:

    Been trying to have my lazyboy recliner repaired for 11 months 1st call made March 2022 this is totally unacceptable to the people who purchased your products ! HELP !



  • Wood Kerry says:

    I am so disappointed with my purchase and customer service response with lazyboy. I will never purchase from them again!

  • Roseann Cropanese says:

    My custom chair was delivered early December. I called service the day it was delivered due it not being upholstered correctly. I have had to call at least 6 or 7 times and have gotten the run around with the service department. This needs to be addressed. I will share my story with anyone considering purchasing furniture from Lazyboy because this is ridiculous.

  • Mary J Cook says:

    I bought furniture in 2015 and the leather disintegrated and chair was replaced. However I bought a double recliner in 2016 and it is disintegrating also. The red has disintegrated off and the supposedly leather is tearing. I know you will not stand behind this situation. I hope you do. This is horrible. I bought a living room full of furniture and it looks like hell.couch sleeper , chair, twin size sleeper When I tell people where I got it from they are really surprised. I will never ever advise someone to buy your product. Can’t even add a picture!!

  • Carla KRAETSCH says:

    Your call system for service is ridiculous, it took me 4 calls and 2 days to get through to talk to a service person, Lori was very helpful and polite. She got me set up with a service date very quickly. She also told me they are working on there call center.

  • Brian Ayres says:

    My 55 year old wife and I purchased an electric reclining love seat one year ago today. Weeks ago we contacted the company for warrantee work as the foot rest and framing is bent and continued to get worse over time. A nice young repair man came to the house and stated that he needed to order parts and that he would be back to install them. Today, we receive a call from Lazyboy saying they will not repair them as we must have damaged the item. At 55 and 56 years of age, I don’t understand how we could have damage to system. The foot rest board is broken in two. Incredible. Asked to speak with a manager, nope that didn’t happen either. Left a call back number. No one returned my call. It appears that Lazy buy doesn’t honor their own warrantee. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM WE WILL NEVER BUY THERE PRODUCTS AGAIN. Try Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn – better products and they stand behind their products.

  • Regina Powell says:

    This company should be shut down. You can never get a human being to answer a call. Nobody calls back. I bought 2 recliners for $5k that were horrible. Motor didn’t work and the other jerks like crazy when reclining. So had to order 2 more, less quality because of inflation. I didn’t even have the chairs for 6 mos. It took 10 mos to receive them and another 4 mos for the 1st service call; then another 3 mos. The recliners never got fixed. I was told only a store credit would be issued. So I ordered 2 more lesser quality and waited 2 mos. One hour after deliver, one chair had an insanely loud clunk and isn’t rocking properly. I lost $500 from prev order because not one thing in the store or online was appealing or affordable. I had to wait 3 weeks for the service tech for brand new one hr old chairs and just received a call that the tech was fired and I should receive a call in 48 hrs when a new technician is assigned!!!! Please tell me if I am wrong. I have tried for an hour & cannot find a human being answer the phone. This is beyond inexcusable for a company to treat a $5,000 sale so badly. This company should not be allowed to treat the customers so badly. I will be writing to the BBB, the CEO & President of this company. I was more than patient. In 2 yrs, I have had 2 sets of recliners for 4 mos and One week!

  • Shirley Pisarik says:

    I’ll add my name to the long list of those stating facts about customer service. Have been trying for 2 months to get someone to help. No answer phones of support line, emails, store where purchased. Definitely would never recommend this company. Still waiting…..

  • Linda kutz says:

    Your customer service line response is lousy

  • PS says:

    First review …

    Colby couch and the loveseat – The color is beautiful and the display pieces very comfy. From that I would have given a 5 star for sure, I will say that I bought this during Covid and there was a huge backorder on furniture everywhere, so given that, here is my experience and review.

    I ordered in October and received in late November. Once delivered, I noticed that it was two different collections. I had a couch to one and and the love seat to another. I called and of course it was corrected but had to wait 3 more months for it. I had to keep the incorrect Love seat for 2 weeks till they could come back and get it, but had to make sure that nothing happened to it, This situation left me with only a couch through the Holidays, and nothing was offered for my inconvenience.

    As for the review of the quality the furniture, and this was rather expensive for my budget for sure, however my grandparents always bought Lazy Boy Furniture and seamed like it was always the best. From my experience not so much. This is probably the worst furniture I have bought. The quality is not up to the standards of Lazy Boy that I remember at all. There is literally little to no padding on the arms of the furniture, it’s like resting on a board and the material shows signs of age and it’s not even a year old. (Delivered in Feb) I bought this in hopes I wouldn’t need to replace it for many years. I don’t typically sit on this furniture much at all with my lifestyle and it took a while for me to notice, in-fact, it wasn’t till my grandson fell and hit his head on the arm of the couch that we really noticed the lack of padding.

    This review is for me is a way to let people be aware and look past the beauty of the pieces. Take the time to inspect every aspect of the furniture. If able I would have returned it.

    The comfort is just ok, the seat seams small and doesn’t recline far enough back as a normal recliner. The recline is very slow .

    FAST FORWARD … furniture was replaced after almost a year’s wait and this is my new review…

    I have received my replacement furniture and it is absolutely unacceptable. I am extremely angry at this point. I reached out to the store manager and he did send his delivery manager out on October 26th to take a look and he thought that this was not up to standards either and he would take his thoughts and suggestions back to the store manager. Delivery manager reached back out to let me know that the store manager would reach out and have corporate contact me to have a tech come take a look. I have heard nothing as of Nov 10th.

    I am angry that I even have to go through this, yet again. This is the second delivery of furniture that I have received that is just horrible. I specifically chose a different couch (Reese sectional) all together and still not up to what I though was La-Z-Boy’s standard and reputation. This sectional was poorly made as well, seems don’t match up, the corner section is shorter than the other pieces, some pieces are not padded enough leaving wrinkle and loose fabric, recliner in my opinion is broken, it’s very loose and pieces do not fit together well at all making it appear to be seamless.

    Given the amount of money that La-Z-Boy charges for furniture, I should no issue at all. As you can see I have been dealing with this for over a year and at this point I have no confidence in La-Z-Boy and I have requested FULL refund for the amount I paid to La-Z-Boy including the 1200 store credit from first set of furniture.

  • Mike Murphy says:

    I have had the worst customer experience with your organization. Trying to get a person to answer the phone at your customer service number for two weeks now, today they tell me to call back because they are at lunch from 12 to 1230 so please call back and then it disconnects, it was 4 o’clock???? I called the store where I bought my recliner to speak to the person who sold it to me, they did not answer until the fifth time I called today. Would not let me speak to manager. They then told me they agreed with my frustration, and that customer service never answers (certainly not what was represented when I bought my $3,000 recliner????? They took my information and told me that it would take at least two weeks for customer service to get back to me. they told me they could only contact customer service via email, they do not answer there call either. This is a joke. What kind of company is this. I have been trying to get anyone for two weeks now, and they tell me it will be two weeks more to get a call. My recliner does not operate and I would like it fixed as was represented to me when I bought it.

  • Rechelle Gant says:

    Good evening,

    On Friday, 10/28 a technician came to look at shaving of sofa, that was purchased less than a year ago. Some shaving was removed but I can still see fuzzing balls and some discoloration in sofa especially when light is pentraed on sofa.

    I’m very disappointed with this product. This product was purchased less than a year ago. I was not told during the purchases of the sofa that I will have to do a shaving on sofa every day. IF I was informed, I will have not purchased this item.

    Please call me back to discuss this issue as soon as possible. I can be reached at Gantr43@gmail.com

    Rechelle Gant

  • Marita D. says:

    Ordered furniture from your Fort Myers store in May of 2021 was told it would take 6 months ending up to taking 12 months for half the order, still the other half no one has any idea when it would come. We could not take our order until the end of October as we live in New Jersey and the furniture was for our condo in Fort Myers Beach. We all know what happen in that area the beginning of October. We had to choice but to cancel our order as we have no idea what condition our condo is. La-Z-Boy had the nerve to charge us a25% restocking charge.WILL NEVER purchase anything for your stores and tell everyone I meet never to purchase from your company. Your not the company you once were.

  • Judy Hammer says:

    I purchased a sofa that was delivered on 8/17 with a few things wrong with it. Unfortunately we accepted it rather than refuse it. Will never do that again! Have had nothing but trouble getting them here, getting the parts and getting it done right. I’ve waited on hold for hours (literally) with customer service. He finally came on Saturday to repair and it looks worse than it did when we got it. This guy has no business trying to work in the furniture repair business. I told him it was unacceptable and he said he would have to come back because ‘he was not taking it apart again today’. I’m thinking no problem – you obviously cannot do this job. I called corporate when it happened on Saturday and am waiting for a call back. I am not expecting much based on my experience with them so far. The next step is a new couch because this one can obviously not be repaired. We’ll see if they do that. Lazyboy should be ashamed of their products, customer service and service technicians. Pathetic. No one I know will ever buy from them after this.

  • Terry Arnold says:

    Very unhappy with your products we brought a Bennett sofa and a rectangle cocktail table and both of them are just unsatisfactory made, the center of the couch cushion sticks. The table is damaged in two sections, the drawer itself doesn’t even match the center it’s cracked we’ve had two men come out from your so-called protection plan comfort care the first one said oh no problem to the second one said oh this is going to be a little difficult the couch coffee table 26 they could just takeoff the top and put the new one back that was September 3 it is now October 17 and we haven’t heard a word from your comfort care who are extremely difficult to reach the telephone number that you dial has you online with them for an hour hour and a half and then you get disconnected it’s a terrible service.
    Sales ticket Dated 2021-09-14
    Dennis and Terry Arnold
    Jamiah from comfort care just answered my phone call after one hour and I don’t know how many minutes and said that they were closed and she would send this information to the service department and get back to me tomorrow she doesn’t know why the part for the table was not ordered and she said that they she they had pictures of the couch that they sent to lazy boy now the representative comfort care was at my home on September 17 so I don’t know why it’s taken a month and still nothing is happened. I’ve been going back-and-forth with this since June and I am tired of it I’m getting to the point now where either fix it or give me my money back.

  • Jimmy Gilliam says:

    I am trying to get in touch with someone that can give me information. I purchased 2 recliners and a sofa from Lazy Boy inBrentwood, Tennessee a year ago this past May. After delivery I noticed a noise coming from 1 of the recliners and made a notation on my paperwork. Since then both recliners are in bad shape, screws have fallen out and the footrest will not lock in place when in out position. I called the place where they were purchased and was told that we would have to pay for their repairman to come and checkout the problems. I feel that we should not have to pay because they are not that old and it’s only my husband (he is 73) and me (74) that use these and they have not been treated rough by us. I would think you would stand behind your product for a longer time than 16 or 17 months. Please check within someone that can solve this problem. Donna Gilliam, , call us at 931-486-2697.Jimmy and Donna Gilliam

    • Brian Ayres says:

      Sorry to hear that. We are going thru the same issues, Lazy boy says we damaged our system at 55 and 56 I really don’t think we damaged it. It didn’t even last a year- they wont cover it. Contact the CEO maybe he will help. But it appears they don’t care.

  • D K Gowen says:

    I am getting ready to get the local news media involved regarding the treatment from on of the store’s in St. Louis treatment of a cancer patient in the middle of chemo treatments. What is wrong with this company?

  • Bev says:

    Time for class action law suit against Lazy Boy and not fulfilling their extended warranty!!!

  • John Deitzel says:

    My wife and I have bought plenty of la-z-boy furniture over the years at least 4 sets. 13 months ago I needed a chair I could sit in after my ninth, 9th.back surgery. I needed a chair with lumbar. So I bought the power recliner for its lumbar. Since we had good luck over the 30 years or more we have been using their products. This chair cost more than we have ever spent for a single chair but with my back problems I could only sit in our kitchen chairs. As I stated 13 months ago, now I found that the frame to the base is falling apart and it won’t be long till it will be unusable. When I called for service I was told that it was 1 month out of warranty and that I would have to pay a service tech to come out at a cost of over $2000 and it is falling apart. I am no longer a customer of this garbage sailsman $130 for first hour and more if it took longer. This chair will soon be on the junk pile. Buyer be ware.

  • Arlene says:

    I just read all the comments about La-Z-Boy and they are all True!!!
    The customer service should be taken out of the word La-Z-Boy cuz they do not have any customer service skills.
    You try to speak to them on a level from the store that you purchased it from and nobody ever responds to you.
    I have tried texting I have tried calling and the worst part about it is when I call the manager is there but is busy and will call me back and to this day it’s been 3 months and I have not heard back from her, not once!
    So I tried texting her and she would stated she would call me back when she got into the store, that was 3 days ago!
    To start this journey off when they took it off the truck, they damaged it but didn’t seem to care and only took pictures of it. So we reordered the part to get it fixed and of course, THEY SENT THE WRONG PART! That was 3 weeks ago! They did order a new part the technician was very helpful in doing that but I still have not gotten an appointment to get it fixed.
    They don’t seem to have any problem taking your money at a monthly payment for a product that you’re really not satisfied in a company that you will never buy from again.
    This is the worst customer service I have ever received and I’ve been in the retail business for over 45 years.
    I will never recommend this place, ever!

  • Janice says:

    I have waited 4 months now with a broken couch–it was delivered broken. They have mailed the part to me and I finally received it but now no word on scheduling a technician. I find their service poor for the expense of the product.

  • Enrique says:

    La Z Boy Customer Service is a non-existence. They never answer the phone. The store tells me the wait time can be as long as an hour. They do not response to online request. If I was the COE, I would fire the management that runs that division.

  • barb barlow says:

    Hi we love the chair we just bought in Rhinelander. The but is that it keeps moving back. It is on carpet but it still keeps moving so much that my husban needs to pull it out more than once a day. What can we do to stop this. We are older and this will not work. thank you. Barb Barlow 4766 landing rd. rhinelander Wi.

  • Teresa says:

    The worse customer service I have ever had. Liars liars liars is who they are. Bought my first LB chair and a half recliner in April 2022 and the sales man was all so nice and helpful and promised my chair would be here by July. Well its now Sept 22,2022 not only is my chair not here it’s sitting boxed on truck to BE shipped just 1 state over for 3 weeks!!! Was to be shipped by 5 different dates. Now they moved my shipping date to OCTOBER 6,2022!!!! Why is my chair sitting in a box ready to ship on a truck for (will be 4 weeks) if it ships by this new date!!! Store salesman ghosted me back in June and when the store manager was told multiple times he overlooked it. This Ashville LazyBoy Store is a Beware to the Consumer Beware Beware!!!!

  • Geri says:

    It is a disgrace that you cannot get thru to customer service. I am told by employees that the NORMAL hold time is between 45 minutes and 2 hours !!! I just want to get my chair repaired. I have been trying for 2 days to get an appointment. The furniture costs thousands but it’s useless if you cannot get it repaired. Other companies with long hold times at least have a call back feature so you don’t have to listen to the same 10 notes of music for 2 hours.

  • Tim Padgett says:

    My wife bought me a Remote control chair because of my back it worked about eight months then stopped I called the store in Mobile Alabama where she got it and the manager hangs up on me pitiful

  • Sabrina says:

    As an American company, La Z Boy should be ashamed of the customer service they provide. They should also be ashamed of the company they use for their extended warranty. If they continue to do business in this manner, they will definitely close down!

  • Linda Rounds says:

    We purchased a couch and paid it in full 5/7/2022. We were told three to four months. I can honestly tell you your employees do not provide accurate information. If I had known it was going to take longer than four months, I would have made an informed decision to not purchase at that time. There have been several delays and still no couch. There have been plenty of excuses due to electronic chips. Twice we have been told the chips are in but still no couch. I requested a refund from the store. Of course, they contacted corporate who said no. The material had been cut so the refund is denied. Since you have all materials and chips, when should I expect to receive a couch or are you going out of business? How about the truth for a change?? I would not recommend anyone purchase from any of your stores ever again. I am owed a refund or a couch. When can we expect a response to this inquiry?
    Sales order # 50003 – LA-Z-Boy Store, 1544 East 70th Street, Shreveport, LA 71105

  • robert nettinga says:

    has anyone tried the “Contact Us” buttons? This is a joke, right? if it is, its a bad one.

  • robert nettinga says:

    My reckliner broke within 6 months. took 6 weeks to repair through Servco becasue i bought a 5 year warranty. broke again in 6 months. Servco says they dont cover it because its the same part! What????? so much for the Servco warranty. So now its back to the Laziboy service nightmare. 0 chance of success!

  • robert nettinga says:

    oh how i wish i would have read these comments before purchasing my electric Laziboy recliner! Ditto to EVERYTHING. I really dont know how they stay in business.

  • Lydia Pugh says:

    I need my double recliner part put in from your order four weeks ago. U took $168.00 in advance.
    Wiley n Lydia Pugh
    3827 Sutro Ave
    Los Angeles CA 90008
    Your Torrance Store does not answer the phone I have tried for two weeks everyday. Quality Serv Repairman called it in to parts they they heard from them they new they came out to put home. I need if fixed before my husband gets out of the Veterans Hospital. U can check. U have terrible service. A very unhappy customer. Lydia Pugh

  • Kimberly Goodwin says:

    My brother who is very ill bought one of the stand up chairs because he is unable to use either shoulder and is very weak. It worked one day and now he is getting told that it will be after Labor Day before anyone can come look at it. One day and they have to wait? It should just be replaced and asap. I am going to contact a friend who is an attorney to see if management will respond to them.

  • Kevin Hansen says:

    Obviously NOBODY IN MANAGEMENT gives a hoot about their customer service. Just read all the negative comments … all the same and nobody is changing it!!! I too would like to see them go out of business or FIRE EVERYONE ATTHE TOP and start fresh. I have been waiting for 8 months to have a warranty repairs done. Nobody answers the phone and when they do they just blow you off with another appointment they do not keep. I will never buy another La-Z-Boy product as long as I live. So far the worst Customer Service I have ever delt with !

    • Paul Vescovi says:

      Having the same problem. We bought an extended warranty for 2 recliners, after almost 2 years one of the recliners has a finish issue on the head rest, everything else is good. The service company wants $1,700.00 to fix it. Our warranty is 20 years on the leather. My next step is a certified letter to the VP of manufacturing, a signed receipt on deliver

    • Lydia Pugh says:

      Yes u r absolutely right they’re crooks and they’re getting away with this but the Better Business Bureau needs to get involved in this and shut them down I would like my $168 back I am a senior and I don’t have that kind of money to waste but I will never buy another LA-Z-BOY as long as I live

    • Dan says:

      I wish I read this before I purchased my sectional sofa. If I could cancel my order without losing 1/3 I placed as a deposit, I would do it today.

  • John says:

    Cannot reach comfort care. I own 4 Lazyboy recliners. Please reach out to 3144096376.

  • Peb says:

    I am seriously struggling with our local store in Amherst NY. We can not get their attention post purchase and delivery. They are great with selling , awful with customer service after the sale has been made. For over three months I have been trying have several
    Problems addressed. First a carpet was delivered with a tear in it. Had to wait for a new one , then the material on the b back of recliner wrinkled and stretched waited for weeks for the designer and store personal to get back to me and then told me to call
    ” comfort care” the gentleman from “Comfort Care” was super negative , rude and basically said the company is going down hill and that they are over worked and he works 60 hours a week and just doesn’t have the time to deal with all the customers complaints. He took a personal call his cell phone in our family room. Very unprofessional!

    After he left a few weeks later a part broke that clicks the couches together. It’s been over a month and still no responses
    I just want to return this cheap sectional. It is extremely poor quality and they literally make it so difficult for you post sale if you have issues. Do not shop here you will regret it like we do !
    We bought at the Amherst Ny store

    • Lydia Pugh says:

      Torrance, California
      They Check over the Los Angeles store they closed I will never ever trust these people again

  • Tim Wilinski says:

    I have been trying to order replacement parts for my La-Z-Boy sofa. Comfort Care calls are completely useless, no one ever answers. I’ve reached out to LZB on phone, social media, your web page, and in person at local store. Could not be more disappointed with this level of customer service.

    • Susan Bach says:

      I thought the same thing about not being more disappointed and then La Z Boy came and didn’t disappoint with an even more extreme level of poor customer service. Hyperbole? I think not. I’ve been trying for over a year – about 14 months to get service on a couch part myself. I’ve bought rooms of furniture from this company for two other houses without problems, but now La Z Boy can reliably blame Covid, chain of supply, blah, blah, blah. I don’t believe a word from anyone at this company from the sales staff to service department. Had I seen the 1.5 star rating on this site I would have given more thought to purchasing here. Sorry you had similar trouble. I’m now thinking about getting a lawyer to help with this mess.

    • Peb says:

      100% agree!!!! We are struggling to get them to answer, I’ve sat on hold at times waiting for their “comfort care” team to answer and sometimes it’s been over an hour and I have to hang up something is seriously within this business and their business model is horrible and does nothing to support the people who spent money with them

    • Marie says:

      Same here, Tim!

  • Rick Winter says:

    Totally discussed currently on hold for 2 hours and 35 minutes and counting

  • Christine Meyer says:

    Purchased furniture from this company if you expect good customer service. It is nonexistent. I have tried to get the company to honor their warranty of lifetime replacement of frame. They have told me that it is covered but every time I call they told me they don’t have parts in or they’re waiting for a call from the technician who came out and inspected the chair to confirm that they have everything they need to order. I have called four or five times now and each time The weight on the phone is over two hours and then no one comes on. I have called several times and was able to get an option to leave a message and would get a call back in a couple hours but would be told that they still didn’t have the information they needed. I don’t expect to ever hear back from them and I’m filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and with the attorney general’s office in my state and in Michigan where they have their corporate offices.

    • Paul C says:

      Totally agree with you. We were told that our chairs would take 5 to 7 months to get. We finally received them 9 and 1 half months later. I bought these chairs because I was having back surgery and a recliner was the only I can sleep. Well they were not made properly the lumbar adjustment was at my mid back were my surgery was. Too high , they were inspected 3 months later had to wait for the parts. Then it took another 3 months to get the so called maintenance over. Well it’s the same way they were from day 1. Talked the next day to lazy boy again. They said it would be 2and a half months before anyone would be out here, well its just been a real eye opener. I’ve bought chairs in the past since the 70s and will never buy from them again. Over $2400 for the pair. Can’t use either 1 of them. I’ll see what happens in another 2 months. Probably will say they can’t do anything about it. This has been going on since 5 12 21. No words !

      • Peb says:

        That is horrible!!!! You are not alone , there are hundreds of comments like this here, on their social media , everywhere. They need to be shut down or change their policies. Others need to be warned and encouraged not to purchase from them !

    • Peb says:

      We are having the same issues!!! I filed a complaint with our BBB this past week. Honestly all that happened is their horrible “Comfort Care” rep. Called me and left a message that they would open up a claim and that I should call them back. I did call back and was on hold for over an hour and had to hang up. Still have not received another call or any help. How do you file a complaint with the state Attorneys office ?

  • Mrs Dufour says:

    Do NOT buy outdoor patio furniture. I purchased a table with 6 chairs several years back. The set is literally junk! We cover the set when not in use. It’s stored inside for the winter months. Chairs and table have been rusting since we purchased them. Paid good money for the set. Obviously wasn’t treated prior to spraying the paint on. Disgusted that there is no one to send pics to or even speak with. Purchase store said nothing they can do. Always thought the lazy boy brand was better than this. Shame, shame, shame.

  • D.l.fickey sr. says:

    Worse company I ever did business with and I am 80 years old . Customer relations VERY poor will not even try to help . It’s not the old la z boy . The furniture is mostly junk made in MEXICO , frames cheep particular board . Do not buy any of there junk ! Do not buy any of there junk !!!!!!!!

  • Tony Cugini says:

    My wife and I ordered a sofa and 3 chairs from LazyBoy store at FM 1960 in Houston in July 2021. Our “contract” said 40 weeks for delivery which should have been May 10,2022. We still have no furniture for our new home and the customer service is non existent. We were told on May 31 that our furniture was on a truck from Arkansas to Dallas warehouse. 25 days later all they can tell us it is still “in route “. We have clearly been lied to and now the store manager, Jan, will not take or return our calls. They have had opportunities to make this right but refused. This company is clearly in over its head and I would implore anyone to not even set foot in one of their stores. There are plenty of other companies out there that care about customers. We will be filing with BBB and consulting an attorney asap.

  • J. Richard Henry says:

    I have a six year old LEATHER recliner and the LEATHER has started peeling off on the vertical portion of the right arm and at the seam on the top of the chair. I went to our local store in mobile, Al., and they handed me a Customer Complaint Card as soon as I began discussions with them and I was told to call or email as per the information on the card. Customer rep called me and told me since the chair was more than a year old, the defective material and repair would not be covered. He then proceeded to have this seventy-seven year old man get down on the floor to read a tag number on the back side to the foot rest to allow him to send me a repair parts list with prices and after I selected the required parts, I would be supplied the total cost (parts an labor).

    I guess I will add this defective item to our defective 2011 La-Z-Boy recliner which does not recline fully and has not reclined fully from day one. Letters to the corporate office Chairman/President and local store owners resulting in no response or action other than the corporate group informed me that the local store was responsible for the product they sold.

    RATING = 0


  • P Diane Chambers says:

    Clearly, the manager at Lazy Boy – 6008 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612 – doesn’t care & has no customer service skills. I am waiting for delivery of a Loveseat Lounger. I have patiently waited, without checking up, for 6 months. My sales person called this week & set up delivery for Sat., 6/18/’22. I waited all day Friday & all morning Sat. for a confirmation call – even though I had other things to do – like pick up a new perscription for a rare eye condition. At noon, I called the Lazy Boy store – talked to 4 people with no assistance. After 45 min., I asked to speak to the manager. Clearly, she has no people skills. … Customer Service 101 = first, acknowledge the customers problem. Secondly, apologize for the company’s error. Yes, it is that simple to appease a customer. This manager was rude and basically told me that I was wasting her time. 🙁 🙁 🙁 How quickly they forget – without me = THE CUSTOMER – none of you folks have jobs !!! 1:25pm, I finally get a call about the delivery time of my lounger. 🙁 🙁 🙁 I WILL NOT RECOMMEND LAZY BOY TO ANYONE IN MY SPHERE OF INFLUENCE = 4000 Facebook friends, friends in 3 states, and my 55+ community. 🙁 🙁 🙁 In fact, I will be posting reviews about Lazy Boy on FaceBook and on our Creekside Social Media. Everyone deserves to be heard and to be treated with respect. Lazy-Boy clearly needs to train their rude managers or to replace them !!! Lazy Boy, your high profits will not continue with this kind of very poor customer service. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Jana says:

    I have to say that I am thoroughly disappointed in La-Z-Boy headquarters and the franchise I purchased my furniture from. I wish I would’ve read these comments before I stepped foot in the show room. I ordered furniture January 8, 2022 and called monthly to find out any updates. On May 24 I was told my furniture was in I set a date of May 31st for delivery and that’s when the rest of the debacle unfolded . as I waited at home for the arrival of my furniture they gave me a timeframe of 11-3, at 930 I checked the website and I will stop number six. At 12:30 I checked on an update and it said they were at stop 10. I called the show room and they pulled up the information and said somebody canceled my delivery at 10:14 AM. It was not me. After a flavorful conversation we reset the delivery for Saturday same time frame 11 a to 3P they arrived minus a chair that they said was unavailable or they claimed was miss boxed , and when they brought my couch to the door the delivery driver said “please don’t shoot me I know you’re already upset” and he handed me the wires to the one side of my reclining couch, wires exposed. At this point I was at a loss for words I told him just to deliver the rest of the couch and the chair and I would have to call the show room and schedule a service visit he assured me it would only take two days as the part was at the warehouse in multiples to be replaced at any time. When I called the show room the manager Doug said it was an easy fix that I could come and pick up the part if I liked and if not I would have to wait 3+ weeks to get my couch fixed. I told him that that was unacceptable I shouldn’t have to fix my own couch that I spent six grand on. The only thing he would tell me was I’m sorry but that’s the best I could do. Upon examining the part that was broke, the wires had been pulled directly out of the motor therefore I as a consumer, am unable to fix that without I’m sure forfeiting my warranty. I had asked for headquarters number I wanted to speak to somebody else somebody higher up he said the best it was going to get was the vice president of their store which was the person sitting next to him directing the whole conversation. I can’t believe that a family name like lazy boy that I’ve grown up with in the 50 years that I’ve been on this earth allows these things to happen. I will tell everyone I know family, friends, acquaintances at whatever cost avoid purchasing furniture from a La-Z-Boy store. It’s all about the sale their profit and never about the customer. I can imagine the original creator of lazy boy is rolling over in their graves Such a disgrace!!

  • Gary E Wilson says:

    Unable to get local lazy boy folks to repair my (lifetime warranty) lazy boy recliner…Purchased June 1990 in Santa Ana, California…Please advise. Thank you. 702 449-5333. 9845 Peseo Cresta Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117

  • Dianne Piva says:


    May 29, 2022

    I live in Ontario , Canada. Designer helped us furnish entire family room including lamps, rugs, tables as well as sofa and chairs. I was told delivery in 8 months. I called at 10 months and complained and also asked for my lamp at sale price that I had seen in another Lazy Boy. Supervisor told me to drive to that store and have sales people call while I was there to confirm there was nothing wrong with the lamp and then they would match that price! I just went to the store and bought the darn lamp! After a couple of calls the sales person I had dealt with called to say they would not charge me the delivery and would take the HST off the sofa and 2 chairs. The HST in Ontario is 13%. I was satisfied BUT now that everything is finally in and payment due, now I am told that no they cannnot give me 13% off the sofa and chairs because I bought on a scratch day. Lazy boy discount on these 3 items is $102.36 on $5221.22 (price of the 3 items). They gave me a 2% discount!
    I am very frustrated! I feel that the way they have handled this situation is deceitful and dishonest.

  • Carla N says:

    To say they are liars and crooks would be an understatement! Three thousand dollars for a lift recliner that was purchased in sept 2021. Not delivered until december and no it was NOT a custom product. They give you three days to cancel after you order it which in itself is disgusting. How does one know ahead of time they will receive an overpriced piece of garbage? Hours and hours on end getting through to someone. Then a two Month wait for a service call. Then two people lying about a new remote being sent. Finally arrives and its NOT THE REMOTE. The chair is shot. Motor burned out. Starting from scratch now trying to get someone to answer the phone! They should be put out of business but this is not the way of the world in america. Buyer beware

  • tim kettler says:

    Hello, my name is Tim Kettler… we came into la-z-boy and made a purchase 7 months ago at the location by lakeside mall. Emily came to our house and helped us and eventually up sold us by $7,000 plus. She was helpful but I wasn’t sure why it increased so much but I trusted her and signed off. After 7 months of waiting for our order it was finally delivered last Friday and was all wrong. The measurements were wrong the coach was wrong and nothing fit in the areas Emily mapped out for the room. I emailed her immediately after delivery and haven’t received even an email back. There’s also damage to one of the pieces. My wife and I aren’t rich and just had a baby and put our trust into an American company and we have been let down! The quality of the furniture is great but the blatant disregard for us after the sale has been very disappointing

  • Sherri Johns says:

    I regret my purchased of a power reclining sofa and Manuel loveseat. I’ve have it for almost three years and the quality is terrible. They don’t tell you that the reclining ends won’t go back into proper position until you have it. Apparently it can hang 1 1/2 inches back! Forced to use a pillow to sit up properly and now the cushions on those seat have flattened, they say that normal and I can pay someone to restuff them! I replaced the Sams Club sofas that I had for twenty years, never had a problem with them needing to be restuffed. The worse part is now company is asking what’s wrong with my sofa! Lazy boy definitely is appropriately named as they are lazy and don’t care!

  • Rosemary Jones says:

    My email is rmjones216@gmail.com

  • Rosemary Jones says:

    No I don’t want it shared.

  • Rosemary Jones says:

    Could you check on a order status for me that was placed in Dec. 2021 ?

  • LR Brogan says:

    Hello. I have been a lifelong LazyBoy customer. Just had the worst, disrespectful service interaction ever. Store manager blames delivery and doesn’t care. Delivery says that they won’t do anything. Sends me back to store. Store manager sends most disrespectful email about delivery work rules. How about your customer? Around and Around and Around. LazyBoy used to stand for quality and customer satisfaction. Not seeing that in today’s LazyBoy. Sad to see this company go downhill like this. This is the Issaquah, WA store. Reading all the comments, looks like a problem whereever you are!

  • Marsha K Humphreys says:

    On 3/31/22, I ordered a La Z Boy recliner via Wayfair. Expected shipment date 8/23/22, almost 5 mo. On May 3, I went to La Z Boy store and found a recliner that could be delivered in less than a week. Went online to Wayfair to cancel the order to them. Declined. Said La Z Boy won’t let me cancel the order that still is not scheduled to be delivered for 3 1/2 more months. This is unacceptable, and you are about to lose a customer if this is not quickly remedied.

  • Philip Leininger says:

    I purchased a Bennett Duo reclining sofa and loveseat at the Laz-y-boy Monmouth Jct. Store in NJ back in Sept. 2021. The Tkt # was 154-73312. At the time of the purchase, I was advised that due to supply chain issues it would be 8 months until delivery. I was told to check back with the store periodically for any update on the delivery. At the same time, I took a picture of the couch which was on the showroom floor. Unfortunately, it took 8 months for the delivery. Both pieces came in a month apart. I received a call from the sales manager, Rose Pagano that they will deliver the sofa first at no additional cost. Upon delivery I noticed that the couch was a different color from the one I saw in the showroom. I took a picture of the couch and sent both pictures to the store. Rose called me back and apologized and said, “We are going to make this right!”. She told me to continue to use the couch until they could send a replacement. In the meantime, the loveseat was due to arrive in less than a month. When the love seat arrived, it matched the couch that was delivered. I called Rose and Carmen about the loveseat and forwarded pictures of same. Rose sent me a swatch with the number C148877. It matched the color that I received and was also on the sales ticket. I called back and spoke to Carmen that the order was wrong and did not match the original color of the sofa in the showroom. Carmen suggested that it may be a lighting issue in my house. I said there is a dramatic difference in the color and that even the pillows that came with the couches were a different color. I told Rose and Carmen that I was not going to wait another 8 months for the correct couches. I will accept the pieces, but I would like a price adjustment since they were not what I ordered. They both said they need to check with the owners and call them back in a few days. I called back and spoke to Carmen who said I will be getting a call from Gina, the service manager. That was two weeks ago. I am still waiting for the call.
    Looking at the other comments it looks like I will joining a long list of unhappy customers. I hope this is not the case.

  • Robin Bunton says:

    We chose furniture in the Greensboro, NC store on 3/31. We were told the items were all in stock and just needed to be transported to Greensboro (where we bought the furniture.) The sales person (Wendy Weatherington) insisted it would all be in by the end of April. My husband snd I asked multiple times.
    Now , because I called them, we learn there is a small delay…maybe two weeks, maybe longer. They weren’t even gonna call us. And what makes it really frustrating…we can’t cancel order without losing our deposit. This is just unethical. The sales person had to know it was taking longer when we bought furniture.
    Today, when I called, the excuse I was given for the small delay is they can’t find workers. NOT MY PROBLEM!!!
    Yeah I’m pissed!
    And I will sign my name,
    Robin Bunton

  • Alla Mejalli says:

    Although it seems like the store manager or associates don’t care and maybe corporate will not care but I had to express my honest opinion about La-z-Boy in Pineville NC as a warning to all buyers. They are con artist and professional scammers. I was so excited to get new furniture for my empty space and was offered a free design service and I have approved the design and the pieces in the design contingent if TV technician can mount the TV in the designer suggested location. I have left the store after initialing on the pieces that I will order once I get a confirmation from the TV tech, i have also agreed to run my credit to see if I qualify for $14+ k worth of products so when it’s all good I can place the order. I call in less than 24 HRs only to find out that these initials were on a purchase contract and the qualification slip was used to charge my new card. I asked to cancel as the furniture will not work and we need to change the design and I was told what I ordered can not be canceled or refunded per contract that I was not aware I was I initialing. The terms and conditions were not disclosed at the time of me agreeing on the furniture design and a fraudulent transaction was made and they won’t admit to their scam. I have contacted the BBB and the Attorney general and I will encourage every one on all platforms to do so because as desperate as they are they shouldn’t scam people and deceive them this way. I maybe stuck with furniture and the store associate told me verbatim that I am ( SOL) so I need to agree on a design even though the pieces will not work for my space. People, money was never an issue for me but I will fight this in every means possible because La-z-boy violated my rights and took advantage of me. I maybe naive for not reading the fine prints but I trusted the sales person and I shouldn’t have. Buyers there is an active Facebook page on how la-z-boy keeps deceiving consumers that I discovered in trying to find out how to get this resolved and I encourage every one to file a complaint with BBB and their state attorney general in hopes they shut them down so they won’t continue scamming people.

  • C.J. MATTHEWS says:

    I purchased a power recliner from the Mobile Alabama store on 7/6/21. It broke within a week of delivery. I broke again about a month ago. And it broke again today 4/26/22. A problem with service is that it takes over a month for a tech to come and see the problem, nearly another month to receive the part, then several weeks for the tech to show up to “fix” the problem. The three breakages have all been the same. The Pensacola Florida services the Mobile store. To say the least I am not happy!

  • Timothy Miller says:

    Add my name to the list of dissatisfied customers. Apparently the corporate culture is sell, sell, sell, but the customer be damned if you expect service or delivery of the product. A perfect model for why so many people hate corporate America.

  • Kelly M says:

    I am writing this out of pure frustration with this company. First off, I want to say that the sales people in the Middletown, NY store were super friendly and helpful, but everything after that has been horrible! We purchased a sectional couch in October and was told that it would be delivered the end of February. That soon changed to March…then April. I finally got notified that my furniture was in the warehouse but the soonest delivery date available was April 23rd. We took the date because we desperately needed the couch and decided to fly home a day early from our Florida vacation to be here to receive it. The morning of delivery at 10am I get a call from a lady saying that some of the pieces are damaged and they could only deliver part today. Is it just me or should they have inspected it sooner. Who calls the day of delivery? I speak to a manager and was clearly upset. He says there is another piece in the warehouse that is the exact piece to my couch and that he would have it delivered with the other 3 pieces so that I would only be without the chaise. Still wasn’t happy because not only did I fly home early for this, but my son has his communion next Saturday and now we don’t have all our furniture. Even though I was angry I was at least happy to get four out of the five pieces until they get new legs for my chaise. Well..when delivery showed up..guess what?! They didn’t have the arm chair like I was promised. The manager didn’t even call me back to tell me. I had to call him at 2:40 with the delivery guy and he said they were trying to figure it out still. Umm no you weren’t. Now he tells me I have to wait until May 7th to get the arm chair and that they don’t know when I’ll be able to get the chaise. I was furious. I asked for a manager who was higher up. The manager got on the phone and told me he had a death in his family. I said I was sorry for his loss. He then listens to me complain and asked to be compensated financially. I said it’s unacceptable to make me wait until May 7th. He said it’s not fair to others who are waiting for furniture to give you an earlier delivery date and that they don’t offer overtime for workers to deliver. I asked to pick it up myself and was told it’s 6 hours away. He kept mentioning that he was upset over a loss in his family. I told him once again that I apologize but if he isn’t in a place to deal with a frustrated customer that he should have someone else speak to me. His answer was that he did have someone speak with me, but I requested a manager higher up. Of course I did!!! But I wouldn’t have asked for him if he was mourning a death. He then gets frustrated with me and tells me “Thank You” He said “ You made me realize that there are way more important things in life than be upset over furniture.” He was very rude and made me feel terrible for complaining. I told him I didn’t appreciate hearing that. I told him that he knows nothing about my personal life and what my family battles with. I He made me feel like I was a terrible person and didn’t deserve to be frustrated. I will never forget this phone call and how I was spoken to.

    • Floyd burklow says:

      We are dealing with a lazy boy store manager named Kelly
      In Evansville indiana and the lady it being a total butt

      My question to you is
      Did you ever get anything settled

  • R & K Heller says:

    I don’t know why I am bothering to write this … Maybe someone else will read it and NOT buy anything from La-Z-Boy. We purchased a recliner from the Naples, Florida store in September 2021. It was in stock so we were thrilled. I can’t tell you how disappointed we were. The chair wreaked. We have read online that some furniture has toxic chemicals on them (in them?). I couldn’t sit in the chair. My eyes stung and my throat was scratchy after 15 minutes. We were able to have La-Z-Boy take the chair back (and they didn’t charge us to restock it). Really. Some other poor soul was going to buy that chair. The manager of the Ft. Myers, Florida store exchanged our chair for another chair on September 21, 2021. That chair was not delivered until February 8, 2022. Again, the chair had a terrible smell. We called the service department and were told it would take 2 weeks to 2 months for the smell to go away. My husband asked if there was anything else we or they could do and the person on the phone said “we were told to say it would take 2 weeks to 2 months for the smell to go away.” Again, I couldn’t sit in the chair for 15 minutes without my eyes stinging and my throat being scratchy. Also my clothes smelled from the chair. We paid over a thousand dollars for the chair. On April 13, 2022 my husband called the Naples store. He actually called a couple of times and FINALLY they sent a “service” person out to check on the chair on April 20, 2022 The service person said he couldn’t do anything about the smell. My husband made several more calls to the Naples store and service department. Today, April 22, 2022, we got a call from Sal Messina who is the general manager of the Naples store who said they weren’t going to do anything about the chair.

  • Jeremy Blackburn says:

    Do NOT!!!! purchase furniture from the Huntington, WV lazy boy store and stay away from this brand entirely. Customer service is nonexistent and the customer care number is a complete waste of time. Product quality and non existent customer service makes purchasing over 8K of furniture my biggest purchase regret.

  • Lisa Laur says:

    We purchased a couch love seat and an ottoman in April 2021 in Champaign IL.We were told six months at time of sale. i have called several times and get a different excuse every single time and a different date.It’s now April 2022 and we still don’t have our new furniture. When ever I have talked to anyone at the store they have an attitude with me because I’m upset with the situation. I went into the store today and they said it was going to be another month. How can I believe that they are always telling me one more month. Tomorrow I’m going back to the store when the manager will be there so I can ask for my money back. I will also be filling a complaint with BBB.

    • Patricia Turner says:

      I am having the same problem with the Champaign store….bought in May 2021 and now being told it won’t be in until July. And if I cancel, I will lose my down payment because it was a special order. I am so disappointed and angry….

    • Sushma says:

      I had a similar experience. We are building and will move in June so we went ti Laz boy in March , selected and paid for our lounge furniture in March. We’re told 4 to six months and now someone called this morning and said October. I am like this is. Or my bedroom or other rooms furniture. It’s the main lounge. The manger said , well it’s custom made we cannot do anything. I asked for the money back and she said no. This is just ridiculous

  • CP Rahrig says:

    Worst customer service ever at La-Z-Boy, Brookfield, CT. Order was paid in full. Chair was damaged on day of delivery and now they don’t even call to give me a status. I always have to call them. This is unacceptable.

  • Tim Sargeant says:

    One last thing, don’t pay that extra $100. for the scotch guard cause you probably won’t get it??? Ours is a 50/50! One got it and one didn’t!!! I was a detailer so I know the difference!

  • Tim Sargeant says:

    Well from what I’m seeing, I guess the BBB is our next step? Everybody should stick together and report there customer service, maybe then It will help us all out? Good luck to you all it’s a very sad situation…

    • Alison says:

      I don’t know if the BBB will do anything. I’ve started losing hope in them lately with another complaint I’ve filed over something else. I was thinking of going to them over La-Z-Boy and my issue. They have burned me twice now here in Silverdale. My salesperson is a cocky jack-n-apes. I’m wondering if we all should file a lawsuit against La-Z-Boy since they seem to not give a darn about their business anymore. They need a good wake up call.
      Everyone’s comments here on this site has left me hopeless. I’ve written La-Z-boy with my complaint because the salesman didn’t fix my issue before my chair was made and now I’m stuck with something I don’t want which will be delivered in a couple weeks supposedly, like the bloody sectional that broke down they sold me a few years back. I had told that man they burned me once and I was skeptical about buying from them again. I should have walked out. It was a FALSE ADVERTISEMENT store closing sale NOT. I’ve lost faith in La-Z-Boy.

  • Tim Sargeant says:

    I am letting the public know that La-Z-boy does not stand behind there products. My wife and I bought two recliner chairs. We spent over $2,300.00 dollars. We took chairs they had at there warehouse because we didn’t want to wait for six months for our chairs! The salesman did everything to sell us our chairs on a golden platter! Everything sounded so good,the chairs came when they said they would.We also purchased the scotch guard for our chairs. He comes the problems! Wife’s chair was done and mine was not! I detailed cars for eight years, scotch-guarding seats,carpet and whatever else. To test something to see if it’s been done, all you need to do is put a couple of drops of water on it and if it beads up or rolls off then you know it was done. But if it soaks right in then you know it was not done! My chair was not done! The salesman said we can prove it was done? Yea ok I’m stupid as you want people to be! Also there was a snag on the footrest,threads hanging out! The salesman said they would have to take the chair back to the factory and sow in another piece of material? Another words no chair for at least six weeks!!! And they would charge me at least $90.00 plus extra for picking it up and delivering it! WOW! Buyers beware!!! Customer service sucks!

  • Donna says:

    As I read through these comments, I’m wishing I had seen these comments before purchasing a whole living room suite of furniture in April of 2021. I though I was doing a good thing buying “American Made”. Here it is one year later, I still have no furniture. Was told some of it is sitting on a dock in Kansas & then to add insult to injury, they haven’t even started on my stock sofa. No calls, no reassurance the furniture is coming, no contact at all other than when I went directly to the store in Santa Rosa in California. So disappointed

  • Phyllis Kelley says:

    I have learned a valuable lesson… Do not buy furniture from the corporate stores. If you live outside the service area, you cannot get service on your furniture. The independent stores do not have to honor the warranty. If you do find an independent store to honor the warranty, you have to pay for their trip to do so. It’s not covered under the warranty… Only parts and labor. Very disappointed in customer service.

  • Martin Lippe says:

    I ordered a power recliner in March 2021 and have still not received it. I have called the store many times and am always told that it will be another 3 months. I will be going into the store to get my money back.

    • Donna says:

      Martin, I ordered a full living room the same time you did.
      STILL WAITING. They asked me to do a YELP review when I purchased the furniture. They really don’t want me to review them at this time. I a. soo angry & still have no furniture.

  • John stanley says:

    I purchased a recliner on 9/1/21 it was delivered a few months later and then broke in January the service department looked at it and said need parts still not fixed the worst customer service I have ever experienced and the worst part I paid 2600.00 for this recliner that I have only been able to use for maybe a month or two my phone number is 678-201-8571 I doubt I’ll get a call becouse it took a month to get someone on the phone at the service center the worst possible thing for a company is a angry customer becouse integrity is earned but lost in an instant


    Totally disappointed with my experience to date.
    6/19/21. Ordered two Amanda Apartment size sofas. I worked with Joey Clark at the Wesley Chapel, FL, store and was totally aware the delivery could take 6 or more months.
    8/20/2I. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a text from Joey advising the “estimated production/ship week to our warehouse would be 11/15/21.” She said she would watch the order, etc.
    11/19/21. I called the Wesley Chapel store and was sad to hear Joey was no longer there. Richard couldn’t find my order and had no idea was the status was. Called me back finally to say sofas would ship 1/31/22 .
    1/10/22. Talked with Chase who advised sofas still scheduled to ship 1/31/22 .
    Phone conversations with Robert, the General Manager:
    2/1/22-Maybe the end of February, will call back on Friday.
    2/4/22-No news. Factory closed on weekends, will call back.
    2/15/22. Sofas going into production next week. Should be shipped 1st or 2nd week in March.
    3/15/22 (today). ETS 3/7/22 (current ETS 1/31/22?)
    Robert advised the production ID is 620600.
    I understand there were/are delays in getting materials, labor, shipping, etc. However, I was under the impression that when the sofas were scheduled to go into “production” that meant they had all the materials/parts to make the sofas.
    It’s been 9 months since I ordered these items; this is getting old and the local store doesn’t seem to get correct updates in a timely manner from TN. Not to mention the $1,600 I have invested.
    I really like La-Z-Boy furniture and love that it’s made (mostly, I guess) in the USA; however, next time I may have to reconsider where to buy.
    Thank you for listening; I just want a FIRM date I can expect my sofas.

    • Donna says:

      Geez Rita you ordered in June of 2021, I ordered in April of the same year and still don’t have any furniture. Never again & I would not recommend Lazy Boy to friends

  • Laura Lonergan says:

    On August 20,2021 I ordered over $12,000 worth of furniture. It has now been 7 months and I have no furniture. The local store in Wesley chapel , Florida is slow to respond to my growing frustration. At this point an expression of “ we are so sorry for the inconvenience “ would be nice. I want to get my down payment back and put an end to this transaction. Can the powers to be at Lazy Boy Help me?? Laura Lonergan

    • Donna says:

      Oh my, I reading all these negative statements. I order a full living room in April 2021 & still have no furniture.

  • Dennis Morton says:

    Is it possible to have the leather for my head to be repaired or replaced?

  • Dawn Johnson says:

    Lazboy should be ashamed to be advertising on TV when they already have so many unsatisfied and irate customers, as you can see from all the comments below. They cannot deliver the products to the customers that they already never mind selling to new unsuspecting customers, and there is absolutely no customer service. I ordered a couch and recliner in March 2021 and was told they would be delivered in September 2021. It is now March 2022 and I do not have either piece of furniture. At this point I do not believe they will ever be delivered. I feel I have been more than patient. No one at the store in Dartmouth, Massachusetts returns to my calls. I have gone to the store several times in the past year and have been told there is nothing they can do. Well they can at least pretend they care about their customers by returning calls. Rebecca, an assistant manager, promised to call and email me at the beginning of last week (March 1). I have yet to hear from her and I had to leave a voicemail this morning when I called Lazboy. I have called each month to get the status of my delivery. Today was the second time I left a message for a manager to call me and have yet to hear from that person. I tell everyone I know not to buy from Lazboy, and I plan to get the word out any way that I can to protect other potential customers. I hope Mr. Darrow, Chairman, President and CEO and others in administration read these comments and realize that we went to Lazboy because we thought we would get a quality product. So far I have no product. Wake up Lazboy and take care of your customers!!!

  • Cassandra Tatum says:

    Lazy Boy has lost its focus on its customers. The quality furniture does not substitute for poor customer communication during the furniture construction process. I will not do business with them again. I would not recommend the company either.

  • Marilyn says:

    Will never purchase lazy boy furniture again long frustrating story need someone in charge to call me back asap
    What a terrible experience an what horribly made furniture

  • Marie says:

    As of today~ Feb 26, 2022 what would an estimate of weeks/months delivery time for a custom la-Z-boy couch?

  • Sondra McIntyre says:

    On January 29, 2021, I purchased a lift chair for my granddaughter who is critically ill with an autoimmune syndrome, hoping to make her life easier. It was purchased from the La-Z-Boy store in San Jose, CA.
    Because it would take six to nine months to be delivered, I accepted one from the warehouse. It was delivered on March 8, 2021. It was absolutely perfect for her and made her life so much easier, until it stopped working on October 15, 2021. It is now February 22, 2022, and the chair has still not been repaired. I have never experienced such appalling customer service. The customer Service Department has shown a complete lack of regard or care. Calls were never returned and repairs have been scheduled and then rescheduled five different times. Parts were ordered and then they were unable to find them. At this point, I’m asking for a new chair as it doesn’t look like this one will ever be repaired. The chair was bought to make my granddaughter’s life easier, but the disorganization and lack of concern for the customer has caused nothing but stress.

  • Maggie Robinson says:

    I have purchased a recliner sofa in which I have had it repaired by Lazboy last year(2021)well as the same problem as reoccurred and resulting in the spring/mechanics ripping the seat cushion resulting in a huge tear in seat cushion. I have also purchased the extended warranty through Lazboy(Servco) and any and all claims have been denied by BBC Servco. Could someone from Lazboy, please contact at the following (864) 597-9443 regarding this issue. Thank you. Maggie Robinson

  • Vicki Byford says:

    I have been waiting it will be a year next month. I always get the different answers. They need to be sued, this is ridiculous

  • James says:

    Ordered and paid for a recliner in September was supposed to be Delivered Mid December in the rye to mid February was supposed to be delivered February 12 thank God a bullshit story that is not going to be delivered till February 19 absolutely awful customer service and business platform it really sucks The recliner was purchased at Wyomissing Pennsylvania La-Z-Boy horrible service

  • JRussell says:

    Ordered recliner and pillows mid 2021. Received recliner but was told pillows were special order. No mention of this when purchased and nothing noted on sales receipt. Tried to cancel but was told I could not cancel special orders. Tried calling sugar land Texas store mgr and he said he would let me know status in 5 days! Called him on 6th day where he put me on hold “for a second”. After exactly 30 min. on hold I called back only to find out he was busy with a walk in customer. My husband showed up at the store 10 min. later. Mgr. studdered is way thru that conversation but still have no answers. We will go to store every day until some one cancels order or offers us the merchandise we paid for. Also called customer service and at this time of writing have been on hold for 35 min. Avoid Lazboy!

  • Kelly says:

    Anyone looking for a power lift chair BEWARE. My son who is disabled purchased a chair in November 2020 just as the warranty expired the chair no longer works. So I call “customer care” early December 2021 for repairs only to find out appointments are 2-3 months out but they will request an earlier appointment. December 20th a man came out said it was the power box and he would order one, they don’t have parts with them why because this is subcontracted out. After receiving the part I call again same thing appointments 2-3 months out but arranged for a sooner appointment. January 13th a man comes to install the power box guess what that’s not the problem it’s the cord bundle he will order it for me. I call “Customer Care” again ask if they can overnight the part I’ll pay the over night fee but nope they can’t do that but they will send it out and I will receive it in 2-3 business days. At that time they scheduled a “sooner” appointment for January 25th. It’s now the 24th and no part so I call again I’m given a tracking number and told it’s out for delivery today and to call tomorrow if I don’t receive it. My son cannot get out of a chair on his own due to his Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. So we have spent over a month assisting him each time he needs to get up. I learned this company is not “medically graded” so repairs on these times are not taken serious clearly. After spending over $2300 on this chair from what we thought was a reputable company obviously we were wrong. We will never purchase from Lay Z Boy again and friends and family have watched all of this unfold and will not be purchasing from this company as well. Customer service and repairs are horrendous you should be embarrassed.

  • Carolyn jamison says:

    I have a lazy boy chair I have tried to get fixed for over a year now. This has been the worse chair I have ever owned. I will never buy another one and will make sure all my friends and family know Big lots sells better chairs. I entendres your put this one out for the trash and go to Big Lots.

  • Nicole says:

    We just purchased a leather power recliner from La-Z-Boy’s Emeryville, CA location. Stephan Cole, THE MANAGER is a DISHONEST salesman. My husband & I stopped by this past Saturday, January 8, and then again on Sunday, January 9 to actually purchase the recliner. On Saturday, Stephen Cole provided us the total cost of the recliner which included the $130 delivery fee & tax, but minus the additional $99 fee for the labor warranty. Then on Sunday when we actually purchased the recliner, the total cost which included the additional $99 fee for the labor warranty was less than what he quoted us on Saturday. Prior to signing the receipt, I specifically asked Mr. Cole if everything was included in the price printed on the receipt, Mr. Cole replied “Yes”. However, on Monday morning Mr. Cole called to inform us that HE FORGOT to include the $130 delivery fee and asked if I could read my credit card information to him over the phone. He also informed me that if I failed to pay the additional $130+ tax, La-Z-Boy would not deliver the recliner on Tuesday, January 11. I took the day off to go back down to their store to sort this out. Mr. Cole, being the manager, could not explain the different prices he quoted us on Saturday and then charged us on Sunday. In addition to informing everyone I know via social media, I plan to report Stephen Cole & La-Z-Boy to the BBB & have my attorney look into La-z-Boy and Stephan Cole’s DISHONEST practices of cheating & lying to customers.

  • Ester V. Robinson says:

    Please note: This is not my first purchase with Laz-y Boy. I did business with them in Orlando, Florida, and the experience was great! However, the Pensacola location has been a nightmare. Here’s what happened. I ordered a custom loveseat recliner in April, 2021. My salesperson explained to me that it would take between 4-6 months for my purchase to arrive. There was no updates during this period, so after 6 months and 2 weeks, I visited the store to find out my order status. I was told that my purchase would not be shipped until 12/13 from the manufacturer. I explained that this was not acceptable and had I known before the purchase, I would not have purchased it. I asked for a refund. The store refused. I asked for the manager. The manager refused. I asked for her manager. She informed me that she would email him and copy me. She did, however, her manager suggested that I find something else in the store to purchase instead. I responded that there was nothing $1600+ in the store that I wanted to spend that kind of money on and that I only wanted the recliner. After that he did not respond to my emails. On December 21, 2021, I contacted the store salesclerk that sold me the recliner and updated her on what happened. She promised to call me back with an update, but did not. It is now January 4, 2022. I have not received my custom loveseat recliner, nor have I received an update from anyone at the purchase location. At this stage, I am naturally very upset and not inclined to ever do business with Laz-y Boy again. My next step is to make an entry in the BBB so that others will benefit from my experience.

    • Manny Trejo says:

      Thank you for sharing your bad experience and I know the feeling Ms. Robinson. We experienced the same exact situation here in Ontario, CA. I did report them to the BBB; Household Good and Services and the Attorney General’s office with no avail. However, after (9) months of them giving us the cold shoulder, we called the credit card bank to explain such situation and they refunded us the deposit, we, of course, had to provide with copies of the entities we’ve reported them. Now they are leaving threatening messages for us to schedule a delivery or else a “storage fee” will apply. We are thinking in getting an attorney though.

    • KatharianeJanis says:

      WOW! your comment is the same thing as what I am going thru! Unbelievable, I just called the store asked for the store manager the employee wouldn’t do it! I think with all of these SAME complaints this company should not be allowed to do business & refund us. They have played around with half of the money owed to them and I was told today it would be another 4 months
      that’s 8months more than what was originally stated.

  • D.V. says:

    I ordered a power recliner in July 2020. Was the model with the remote control. I received the recliner the end of October 2020. I asked, where is the remote? Long story short (not really, it’s a long friggen nightmare!), they said the wrong chair got ordered. Oops. Told me they would reorder it, I could keep the wrong chair until the new one was built. They would expedite the order. Two months later, right before Christmas 2020 I get a phone call to tell me the fabric had been discontinued so I would have to choose a different fabric. I told them I would come in after the holidays and find a new fabric. (I was totally PO’d) I went to the store and chose another fabric. I really didn’t like it as well but I had no other chose of anything that would go with my other furniture. The sales guy actually told me I’d have to pay more because the fabric I chose was more expensive. I told him there was no way I was paying more. It’s one fiasco after another. Told him I wanted to see the manager. Oh, manager wasn’t in the store at the moment but he should be in shortly. I waited and the next thing I know the sales guy comes and tells me the manager said he would waive the price difference. Wait…the manager couldn’t even come over and speak to me in person?? Another couple months later I got another call to tell me, guess what, the fabric you chose has been discontinued. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I didn’t go back to the store right away. I don’t remember, I think it was April and I got a call from the new store manager. He was left with all kinds of problems with orders and he wanted to get them cleaned up. He told me La-Z-Boy gets new fabrics twice a year. If I wanted to wait until June when the new fabrics came in, I could, and he would call me when they came in. He called me the end of May 2021. I went back into the store the first week in June 2021 and picked out a new fabric. He promised me he would expedite my order because of all the issues I’d been put thru, but it would still take 2-3 months. OK, what choice do did I have? I actually waited 4 months and I called the store. The manager was on vacation. Girl working there looked up my order and said it was showing est. delivery in Feb. 2022!!. I asked her to leave a message for the store manager to call me when he returned from vacation. Well, I finally got a call early Dec from the manager to tell me the due to supply chain issues and covid, my replacement chair was estimated to be delivered in April 2022. I told him I was thoroughly PO’d and it seems pretty strange that QVC can sell La-Z-Boy power recliners as their special value for the day several times a year, but I can’t get one chair. He said QVC won’t be getting any more power chairs for a while. Hmmm….guess what was just being sold on New Years as the special value on QVC?? Yep, power recliners. So I ordered one and figured I’d call La-Z-Boy and tell them to cancel my replacement chair and they can come and get the chair that was delivered that wasn’t what I ordered. I called the store manager this afternoon (Jan 3, 2022) and was told I couldn’t cancel that replacement chair unless I wanted to just keep the wrong chair. I have tried to call LZB HQ and cannot get thru, unless I want to wait for hours on hold. La-Z-Boy has always been synonymous for quality furniture and excellent customer service. Not anymore. I will never buy another piece of furniture from them again, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone to go there.

  • Connie Wadel says:

    I order couch, love seat and ottoman in February receive the couch I have had the company out to look at the couch already and was told I would have to put up with the way the couch is wearing it’s the way it’s made (really not happy about that).

    Can’t have it returned, was told I have had the couch to long to have it taken back which I understand but I don’t want a couch not match something else I can’t get!

    Call about love seat and ottoman, before Christmas and the company I bought it from checked on the website and said it was boxed 🤷🏼‍♀️Then I was told with shipping they had no idea when it would get here. I feel there is no way I should be paying full price for any of these pieces of furniture. Which it has been paid for since February2021 and it’s now December 30,2021.

  • Rose cugini says:

    I purchased a Lazyboy sectionals in December last year it didn’t show up until July 2021 it came with an issue the handle on one of the recliners did not work so someone came out said that they within 2 to 3 weeks I would have the new handle it’s December again and I still don’t have the handle I’m not happy if I had known that lazy boy was independently owned by the La-Z-Boy in Melbourne Florida I would’ve never purchased The sectional I am not happy very dissatisfied customer at this point I would like a refund I hope everybody that reads this realizes you have to look to make sure that they are not independently owned

  • Debra Windham says:

    Ordered a couch last of March first of April. Ordered from the Lazy Boy Store in Spanish Fort. I have yet to get this couch. What is the hold up?

  • Abby SERRATO says:


  • Abby Settato says:

    I have been having nothing but problems with lazy-boy. Paid close to 9,000 for a sectional which is made with poor quality. I have called 5 times in the last two years. Which is RIDICULOUS!!!! Lazy-boy used to be known for their quality. I have spoken to Melinda with lies and no results. I will never recommend this furniture to anyone. Still the recliner is not fixed. I will AGAIN!!!!!! Be contacting your service area in San Jose to hopefully get this situation corrected. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. and the dang store ANTHONY in Fresno to whom I have spoke to multiple times will NEVER give the corporate office number. VERY DISAPPOINTED

  • Matt says:

    Worst service ever. Spend $9k on a sofa and loveseat for it to be missing parts and wait months for zero response. Buy Value City might get a better response.

  • Michael Mosner says:

    Purchased an outdoor recliner several years ago. Now I need new cushions and guess what….Lazy Boy no longer sells replacement cushions. What ever happened to life time support???? Terrible customer service. Will never deal with them again!

  • Tee says:

    So I was very excited about purchasing a recliner chair with the massage and heat. However the chair that was on the floor the store floor staff and myself tried everything to make it work. I was very disappointed. The store manager would not budge with a price adjustment, being that I spent almost 30 mins trying to get the chair to work. The only response the store manager had was “I WILL SELL YOU THE FLOOR STOCK, BUT I WON’T TAKE ANY ADDITIONAL MONEY OFF”
    So I left the store very upset. I didn’t under stand why he would think I would purchase a recliner for $2000 and it didn’t work.
    I trust that Corporate will contact me and override the amount I should be giving to, make me a happy customer. Being that I am a regular. All I am asking is for an additional 45 percent adjustment for my inconvenience. On top of the already 25 percent sell price.
    Thank you, and I’m sure you will make me whole. Thank you

  • william says:

    Be careful of the Synchrony deferred interest game with Lazy Boy. Its not as advertised. If they say six months then ask six months from when? Then be careful of the due date of the balance due date. This date will not be the same as your monthly payment due day. It will most likely be a few weeks after the fifth month payment while you are expecting is due on the monthly cycle later in the month. They will charge you six months of interest at 29%. I don’t know who should be responsible for this. Not sure if its Lazy Boy for fraudulent advertising or Synchrony that’s running a game causing you to pay 29.9% as part of a structured game. In any event its a cause for me to erase Lazy Boy from a store that I would purchase from. In any event be careful of this sham.

  • Akhlesh Kaushiva says:

    I ordered 3 recliners and 2 sofas on July 24, 2021. The 3 recliner’s ship date gets delayed by a week every week last five times. The store sales staff is very HELPFUL and cannot do anything more. I fully understand the delays due to COVID.

    The challenge is that La-Z-boy has no process of customer notification and update. I called the corporate office after being transferred and there were 61 people ahead of me on call waiting to be helped. I saw a big ad this weekend for another sale, if this is their dismal delivery performance, they should not take any more money from paying customers in this environment. I have been their customer for over 30 years and totally disappointed at this stage. Management’s lack of reporting for customer satisfaction is totally unacceptable. Thanks.

    • Nancy L Wilkins says:

      We only ordered 2 recliners on April 1, 2021. The sales girl who sold us said even though the paperwork says 7-8 months to fulfill an order it’s usually not that long. Now it’s been OVER 8 months. We call the store, and they tell us by the end of December. I contact their headquarters, and they tell me the local store is the only one that can help. July 24 is 3.5 months after we placed our order. You could be waiting a lot longer now. I just pray the wait is worth it!! So far, customer service is horrible!

    • Matt says:

      Wait till it arrives wrong. I’ve been waiting months to get mine fixed but I still have to pay.

  • James Stombaugh says:

    Purchased a new La-Z-boy sectional from Rupp Furniture Store in Archbold, Ohio in 2015 but the store is no longer in business. It is a style number 60E593 with an E134153 cover. After five years the seat covers are extremely worn and shredding in certain areas but otherwise it is in good condition. Do you still have any of this fabric in stock so that I could have the seat cushions reupholstered?

  • Sandy Trocinski says:

    We have repeatedly called trying to get an update on a love seat recliner ordered this summer. Every answer is “our computer is down, we’ll call you back”. We never get a call back. I never expected this kind of service from Lazy Boy. We had to give all the money up front. This is extremely disappointing and not good customer service.

  • Harris says:

    Lazy Boy Rocker / Recliner / Swivel chair delivered Thursday Nov 11, 2021. It cracks, creaks, makes noise getting into chair and out of chair . . . did not start until after delivery guys left. We’ve called the independantly owned New Port Richey store which continues to give us the run around. No one will return our call. Called Corporate office and was told basically, ‘sorry for your problem’ but can’t help. How do we return this chair for a refund ? You can have the chair, just give us our money back.

    • Ed Whaley says:

      We are having the same problem called and they want us to take a video of the squikes, how do you take a video of noise?

  • Tim says:

    Wow sure found this site prior to spending $8,000.00 at LA Z Boy. Sectional, plus 2 recliners and end tables. Immediately complaint to local sales people sorry nothing we can do except call Dallas office. After 3 month waiting for furniture another months for the Technician who told the wife half the sectional was no built well. Nothing from LA Z Boy so I called informed me all were all built to specs. NO PROBLEM HERE. Stupid me ordered another end table $500 3 weeks to be ready for pick up , looked like they spilled an entire can of stain on front of shelf, returned it asked for new one now they say maybe an April delivery. hey LA Z BOY get your stuff a(being nice) together I am telling everyone I can to avoid LAZ Boy at all cost

    • Tim says:

      Oops make that May now

    • Tim Sargeant says:

      Tim the same goes here! I wish I would have found these comments before I threw down $2300. Live N-learn I guess. My mom/dad always had La-Z-boys and had no issues? I guess the quality along with everything else went down the tubes! Good luck Sir!

  • Diana Charrette says:

    I have been waiting g since February 2021 when I placed my order for couch and sofa and put a $900 deposit – as of this date, the Pleasant Hill CA cannot give me a date for delivery – this is unacceptable and poor customer service for such a high brand furniture

    • Donna says:

      Diane,I’m in the same boat. Purchased a full living room suite ($8,000) April 1, 2021 from Santa Rosa CA store. I still waiting. Wish I seen these comments before I purchased. I could have gotten the furniture from China a lot quicker.

  • Susan Deptula says:

    If I had read these comments prior to purchasing my custom couch I would have never purchased at Lazboy. I purchased in Ft Myers FL January 2021 with a May delivery date moved back to August it is now November and all I get from the store is It is in transportation whatever that means. I am frustrated and after reading the comments I am also concerned about the quality too. I asked the store manager to change payment terms since I am not getting delivery why can’t I get the current payment terms Lazyboy is offering fornew purchases. He did not consider it stating I had such good pricing when purchased and if I would buy today I would pay 25% or more for the same item. I believe that if the product cannot be delivered within a reasonable amount of time some kind of change in payment terms is not unreasonable! I would like to discuss.

  • Jill Harvey says:

    I just purchased a NEW recliner from the South East store in SC. The quality of workmanship of this chair is unsatisfactory in my opinion. I had a technician come by to try to ‘fix’ my NEW chair. He said it would take all day to take apart the entire back and both sides and redo the upholstery, AND he wasn’t sure if it was possible. He didn’t have time that day. I was then contacted by the South East store in SC to tell me that there was no replacement available, tso my only choice was to keep the chair ‘as is’ or they would send a technician to work on the chair. I purchased the chair from Lazboy because I believed they made quality furniture and good customer service. I’m soo disappointed. I don’t believe I should have to wait around waiting for a NEW chair to be upholstered. I would like a refund. I do not want to waste my time or keep a chair of poor quality.

  • Laura Fellman says:

    Oh my goodness. Very negative reviews here. I ordered three swivel chairs in February 2021 from the Northridge CA store I was told there is a 6 month delivery time due to the pandemic. I never heard from anyone so I called at the end of August I was told they would be ready in September. I called in September they told me end of September I called end of September they told me middle of October. I called three days ago I was told they would check further and call me back. No one called me back. I called today now they’re telling me late November early December. Today the sales manager Joy told me she is waiting for a response to her email and she will call me back to advise but as of right now it looks like late November early December. Shame on Lazboy!!! A friend of mine ordered a couch July 14 2021 and received it October 13, 2021. My next call will be to the corporate office however I fear the response will be the same. This is my first purchase with this company. Very disappointing! There was once a day when reputation mattered. Stay tuned I will keep you posted. Hopefully I will receive my furniture before thanksgiving.

  • steven serio says:

    i bought a recliner less then 2 years ago i call for warranty because the frame and mech. broke the lady said i would be 3 month until someone could maybe come outthis is my only chair your warranty is shit i will never buy you products again my sales ticket 74-46114 the chair broke on 10-29-21 now i had to try and fix it while i go get a new chair your service SUCKs

  • Annetta D says:

    Sadly, my story is similar about no communication from our sales rep, delayed delivery time (we were told summer, notice it is almost November). Literally, when we decided to contact our CC company to contest the charges from last December, we received a call that we could get our chairs delivered, they were in! So, yesterday was the big day, please note, I said yesterday. After NOT making the delivery time and stating they needed another 110 minutes, we had to go to work (after 5 PM, not early in the day, mind you). After finally speaking to our salesperson, who stated the arrangements were to go to the warehouse, the driver quickly states the sales agent must make the arrangements (you get where this is going)…the agent calls me over an hour later to leave a message, which we agreed would happen, telling me that the chairs would be delivered in the morning. It is currently 11 AM, and crickets are on my line. I have missed many of the things I was supposed to do, awaiting news of the delivery. When I try to reach the store, crickets again, no answers, but lots of options for VM. To say I am upset is an understatement. To say I have been overly patient understanding COVID issues and all that entails to make the chairs, I have been patient with. The fact that there have been NO customer updates, check-ins, updates unless I pursue them is unacceptable. Then to read all of the issues that some of the customers are now having with the poor quality of the mechanics concerns me to no end, not to mention the crappy customer service around the country.

    As others have stated, shop elsewhere, save the $1000s you will spend if you are buying 1 or more chairs. Sadly, we have agreed to spend over $3k and have yet to see anything other than the $1500 we already have paid.

  • Paula says:

    Lazy Boy should be ashamed with your customer service. My saga started in February 2021. The latest hiccup after waiting 2 months for scheduled repair (10/23/21). The third party called and said that the zipcode given to them by Wendy Snyder (Lazyboy) was incorrect, and I would need to reschedule repair. Called Comfort Care —- they said I would need to wait another two months (12/3/21) They only have one third party (Advantage Furniture) to handle Chicago area. Lazy Boy this is how you treat your customers. This is wrong!

  • Jeff Smitley says:

    Don’t buy, bought a recliner couch and recliner chair, canceled the recliner chair and still haven’t seen my refund check, I was going to exchange the couch but they said after three days in your house, your stuck with it, corporate doesn’t return phone calls or emails, shady way of doing business.

  • Phyllis Brown says:

    I place my order for two rocker recliner‘s on 7/28/2021, I took one of them home that day because it was there in the store, the other one I was told that it was in stock and I would receive it the next week well it is now October 6, 2021 and I still have not received my chair. I have called numerous times and was told that they would check and get back with me blah blah blah and would call me back, that never happened, imagine that. I just called the corporate office again connected me with someone and course I got a recording to leave a name and number and they will call me back again, I’m sure that’s not gonna happen. I will never buy another piece of furniture from La-Z-Boy In Barboursville West Virginia. I feel like I was lied to from day one, they will not return your calls. Not a happy camper

  • Fran says:

    I spend over 3000.00 dollars on a recliner and a sofa the leather changed color and it’s cracking purchased 3 yrs old they are not standing by their product

  • Cheryl says:

    Purchased a leather recliner love seat a couple of years ago and from day one it’s has been nothing but trouble. It is not a power unit but the handle to raise the footrest broke. Then the company came and replaced the seat and back cushions twice. So disappointed in this product.

  • george bobbitt says:

    It took me 7 months to get my power rocker recliner and they said I had to come to New Orleans to pick it up because I was out of the delivery area witch I live 80 miles away so I went and picked it up . About 18 days later the foot rest guit and a motor and rod fell on the floor once again I called and they told me I was out of the service area This mad me mad. Then Hurricane Ida hit. We where all displaced and with out power and many other problems My wife has serious leg problems and needs that chair. I know they where having problems to but it really seemed like they where giving me the run a round I couldn’t get any answers I maid a complaint to corporate offices they maid a call to the store in New Orleans and it was about 20 minutes I got a call and they said they had no one that could come out but they said if I would bring it in they would fix it right then they had all the parts. I get there and they said a weld was broke and they would have to order the part I said here we go again I didn’t like that. A few minutes later he told me they had a brand new one in the box just like it and would I take it so I would not have to come back. Of course I said yes. For over 50 years I have been buying Lazy Boy chairs. May be both sides over reacted but they made things right and I will continue to do business with ya’ll Please let them know Thank You my wife can elevate her legs again and my prayers are with all of the Hurricane victims THANKS

    • Nellie Gentry says:

      George Bobbitt:
      I am respectful requesting a phone call 1623-640-3112

      George I’m kindly requesting a phone call at your earliest convenience on Monday or before if at all possible. Sir, it’s a Sad day when a prestigious Store such as Lazyboy in Glendale Arizona, has a department manager answers the phone with totals disrespect with totally arrogant.
      George please call me ASAP.

      This is my second email because I’m being advised to go on social media.
      It’s important that you answer me.

  • R. Fields says:

    April 2 a repairman was out to fix my new Rocking Power Recliner from the Springdale Ar outlet. He stated six weeks for the parts and repair. The recliner has been a home all this time for my cat. I have run up against a tweed ring. I am 72 years old with a bad back and could use the chair. Is there anyone out there.

  • S Lee says:

    I bought two recliners, both of which are now squeaking and making noise. I spent almost $2000 on these chairs. I called to get somebody to come and look at them. The appointment was over a month out. I was ok with that. The day before the appointment, they called to confirm and said they would be there between 8am and 11am the following day. They did not show up. They did not call. I called to find out what happened and all they could do was schedule me for October. I have to have a weekend appointment so that put it out to November, and they don’t have the schedule out yet so I don’t even have an appointment yet. I will never, NEVER, buy another La-Z-Boy product and I will definitely let the people I know to NOT purchase your product. It is supposed to be good quality. It isn’t. What horrible customer service. If I could return these chairs, I would.

  • Ricky Fyfe says:

    I purchase the laze boy sofa and chair it was delivered yesterday 8/9/21 went and sat on it but the setting area is to small and very uncomfortable and I mean uncomfortable Trying to complain but no one will answer it will be the last laze boy I will purchase the setting area is only 20 in wide nightmare to sit on went to store I purchase it from and they said nothing to do with us get in contact with the manufacturer but have you tried doing that sent emails but no answer stuck with this hep of sh- – until I can afford another one so be aware and do not buy this product or if you want to waste money buy it good luck to you if you do be very aware

  • Diane Stammers says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM LA-Z-BOY!!! My 85 year old aunt, who lives with us, had ordered an electric recliner in February 2021 from a La-Z-Boy store in Liberty, MO. She waited 6 months to get it due to the Covid issues. We understood and patiently waited. When they delivered it on August 18th, there was no power source with it and the foot rest did not close all the way. So I called and asked to have the power source delivered. They were trying to tell me it would take 3 to 5 business days. I told them that was unacceptable and I wanted it there by the next day. Well they did bring it the next day on August 19th. The gentleman attached it but the footrest still would not go all the way in. So I called again and we couldn’t get anyone out here to look at until August 28th. In the mean time she couldn’t use the chair. They showed up and found out that it was missing 2 springs that bring the foot rest in and keeps it in place. Now, how does that happen?!! He ordered the parts and we received the springs in the mail a week later on Sept. 4th. He said that it would just be a 5 minute job to put this on. So I called them today (Sept. 8) to schedule a day for them to come here and fix the chair. They told me the next available date would be Sept. 24th. So I told them that is unacceptable and I wanted someone out here tomorrow to do this. They said they couldn’t because they work through a third party who does the repairs. So now we have to wait another two weeks before it is corrected and fixed. They basically wouldn’t even try to see what they could do. I even went and talked to upper management and they still wouldn’t work with me. I even asked how this could happen. She couldn’t answer it. How did this chair get loaded on and delivered to us without a power source and the foot rest not closing all the way without anyone noticing it. It was SO obvious that it wasn’t right and no one did anything about it. I was going to go back and buy a living room set from them but I will never buy from them again. So sad that customer service is so bad anymore these days.

  • Marianne Nash says:

    Wow, I hate to be a customer that is repeating the same issue but…Here I am. Ordered a sectional beginning of February 2021 and called six months into not hearing a word from anyone (lousy communication). When I did speak to a young man he got curt with me and said it hasn’t been 30 weeks(WHAT???) yet and then hung up on me. I just called since it is now 30 weeks and the lady was awesome but had to apologize for the company.. It seems my furniture may or may not be done at the end of October.. She could not explain why. This is not fair to customers who pay… and the company they pay are not HONEST with them. If you can’t hold your end of the bargain..GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. I would have more respect than this sick, feeling discouraged and major disappointment in your company. I will never suggest your company if you can’t make this right. Kurt L. Darrow, You are supposedly the head of this company…you should be ashamed of yourself! Make things right and bring your company up to the status it used to be…Is your company even willing to reply to all these disgruntled customers?

  • Linda K Monroe says:

    I hope this message reaches someone that cares about their customers because I am a very unsatisfied customer at this point. I have been purchasing La-Z-Boy recliners for a number of years due to my husbands back issues remaining with him from surgery. This has been my 5th La-Z-Boy recliner and I am so disappointed in delivery and the end results. I have tried so hard to be patient but I have finally come to realize that no one at the company could care less about customer service any more. A very sad thing even understanding all that we have been through with this Corvid. I ordered a recliner and love seat 11/27/2020 along with making a required down payment with the understanding the furniture would be in in Feb, well that didn’t happen it now is March, no now it is August. Well we did receive the love seat an low an behold it was not the color I wanted or ordered. Spoke with the manager in which we purchased from and she was going to check it out, well nothing. Then finally the recliner came in last week and to my surprise it was the correct color but wrong chair in which he had sat in at the store that would work for his back issues. Called the store once again and now the lady that sold us the furniture is no longer with them so I as for the Store Manager in Ocoee, Fl which name was Josh something, just couldn’t remember since I was so upset knowing if we did not except it could be another 8 months for furniture and my husband just couldn’t handle that. I explained the issue with the furniture and to this date no response after he had said he would look into it and get back to me. I didn’t actually sit down and watch the sales lady input our order, thinking that she should know what she was doing but maybe now I should have. The disappointment will really remain with me and for what we have paid for this furniture is just unacceptable. This is absolute the worst customer service I have ever experienced, I guarantee that we will never suggest or recommend anyone ever buying from La-Z-Boy in case they would have to deal with what we have just had to go through attempting to purchase some well built furniture. I attempted to cancel the order back in Feb when we found out it would not be until March but was told the order could not be cancelled. What crap
    I will be filing a complaint with the better business, then maybe they can get someone attention if I hear nothing back from this message.
    Looking forward to hearing from someone

  • James Lynch says:

    I purchased 3 recliners and a table from the Victor NY store in December 2020 I was told the redwood all-electric recliner would be ready in June. I e-mailed the end of June no one replied. I emailed again in July and was told the recliner would be here by mid-July the end of July I was told I would have it in August. the recliner was at the warehouse 8/12 and the absolute earliest they could deliver was 8/20 after I complained they got it to me on 8/18. The chair looks and feels like a second there is padding missing on the right arm, but after waiting 8 months kept the chair the table was so banged up was returned. It has become apparent that the Lazy-Boy philosophy is make the customer happy until the sale then screw them

    here are some communications between me and some managers—

    From: Gregg Decenzo
    Sent: Friday, August 27, 2021 2:39 PM
    Subject: Re: Order Update

    Have a nice day Mr.Lynch. Please deal with the store directly.

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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    From: Jim Lynch
    Sent: Friday, August 27, 2021 9:27:03 AM
    Subject: RE: Order Update

    Yes on my second ignored e-mail

    No one picked up a table there was one damaged table delivered and returned then no one from lazy-boy addressed this return hence my e-mail so

    There is no second table whoever did that update is a complete LIAR

    I don’t care if you have to drive 1000 miles for a signal not my problem all I get is one excuse after another

    If you cannot resolve the table by the end of next week before 9/4 I want it removed from the sales slip entirely

    From: Gregg Decenzo
    Sent: Friday, August 27, 2021 9:11 AM
    Subject: Re: Order Update

    Mr. Lynch,
    You must have received an auto response stating at least 2 of the 3 people you emailed are out of town with limited access to email and internet. I have to say I just drove 20 miles to get an internet signal so I could check your sales ticket only to see a table shows picked up on 8/23 and it is now 8/27. Is there an issue with the second table or were you just looking for a response?

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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    From: Jim Lynch
    Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2021 12:25:23 PM
    Subject: RE: Order Update

    Are you guys kidding me? Not one of you have the time to reply to this e-mail

    Guess you guys will seam to jump through hoops until the sale is made then you all forget what customer service means
    So very disappointing that a quality product is represented by you guys

    From: Jim Lynch
    Sent: Friday, August 20, 2021 11:44 PM
    Subject: RE: Order Update

    I gotta say I expected to hear from someone regarding the damaged table that was brought – returned as damaged

    So I will not wait long for a replacement table

    I will come to the store and pick it up once you get a good one

    I would appreciate a response to this e-mail with an ETA as to when the table will be ready for pickup

    From: Jim Lynch
    Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2021 10:16 AM
    Subject: RE: Order Update

    That works for me

    Thank you

    From: Gregg Decenzo
    Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2021 9:27 AM
    Subject: Re: Order Update

    HI Jim,
    You have been extremely patient with this matter, and I appreciate that more than I can express. The delivery service is a 3rd party company, and they control routing and availability. I was able to get them to add a stop to Wed 8/18 to accommodate your delivery. If that day works for you, the delivery company will call the day before and give a 2-hour delivery window.

    Gregg DeCenzo
    Operations Manager

  • J McClendon says:

    I ordered two sofas from Lazyboy in Columbus, Ga in February 2021.The contract I signed indicated delivery should be 4-6 months due to the covid pandemic. They were a special color I wanted. I never received any communication until I called the sales associate In July. She indicated she was”about to call me” and let me know the status of the order. She replied about the status being pandemic caused. I told her I understood but was not happy with the situation. I asked If I could cancel but she said no to a special order.
    In August I called again about the order. It has now been over six months!The associate indicated she was about to call me again ( sure she was)!. The status is now the middle of October!
    I asked to speak with the store manager and he told me he was sorry but the pandemic had slowed everything down. He did check on the status and informed me it was in production.
    Apparently when the order is in production it cannot be cancelled.
    I will have to wait until October to get the sofas. That is 10 months!

    I will NEVER order again from Lazyboy! The communication is poor! Do not order from the Columbus, GA store.

    • Gainda Rampersaud says:

      Hi, sorry about that. The same exact thing happened to me.
      I ordered in March 2021. I told the sales man I need it for thanksgiving. He assured me I would receive it in September. I trust him and I sign the paper. I call the store store and the manager is telling me There is nothing she can do that I sign the paper. She did not even attempt to find out If I can get it before . I am very disappointed in this company.
      Please sho somewhere else

    • Laura Ann Hursey says:

      I’m in the same boat but with Recliners. Ordered and paid in full Jan 29 and still no Recliners.

  • E.Mullican says:

    Purchased a bed and sectional from Lazy Boy costing us over $10k. Worst buy ever. When buying the bed sales person informed us to buy the extra $200 mattress pad in case we didn’t like the bed we could return it. We made the purchase in October of 2020 but didn’t actually receive our furniture til April 2021. The bed sucked. It felt just like the bed we were already sleeping on. I have a fractured spine and was hoping for something that would help it did not. Hadn’t even had the bed for a month and called to return it because we we still under the 90 day return period. Manager informed us we could not return it. They had a no return policy. I was wtf. Then we were lied to. The sectional we bought had a rip/hole in the arm rest as well. This was days after it arrived. Then we had to wait another month for them to replace it. The leg rest mechanism also broke in less than a month after having it. Due to the poor quality of the sectional we wanted all our money back due to being lied to during sales. They denied us and refused to work with us. This is by far the worst mistake of my life.

  • Gary says:

    I purchased some La-Z-Boy furniture 12-30-20 and as of to date 08-06-2021 I have yet to receive my furniture they keep putting if off every time I call them oh and they never call you very poor customer service no follow up what so ever on their part. first it was i had to wait 6 months for delivery because of Covid-19 which at the time was ok i called today and now its the end of August so here i wait again.

  • Georgianne Pfeiffer says:

    We purchased a sofa recliner and love seats in 12-26-2020. I have called the store in Kildeer Illinois and said my sofa and love seat fabric WAS PILLING. The manager there told me I should get a battery piller to remove the piles and that they were not covered for pilling . Well after visitors leave for 20 minutes I’m cleaning my sofa. If I was informed about the fabric I would have picked another.

  • Phillip F. Sisneros says:

    Purchased a leather rocker/recliner, which in less than one year, began fading then completely losing the dyed coloring. The leather has turned WHITE! in several areas of the chair. Called the store and was told the repair department could replace the main affected area for $350 with the same defective leather! We spent nearly $10,000 at LazyBoy for a whole suite of furniture, including this recliner! Because of this egregious customer service and failure to stand behind your product, we NEVER again will patronize your store. Additionally, we will contact our friends and others through various means, including social media and mouth to mouth testimonials regarding this unconscionable reaction to a legitimate complaint.

  • David Gravelin says:

    My new power recliner worked for three days before it stopped working due to wires from the control module being torn away by the undercarriage mechanism. Service person says it will be at least 7 weeks for a replacement part. Talking to the Sarasota, Fl. store, … Lots of apologies, little to no actual action.

  • JP says:

    Ya me too. You pay your bill in full 2 yrs ago and they leave it on your credit history you owe them still, you get the run around to get it removed. Poor business on there side. I will never buy anymore of their furniture. Be ware of this people

  • R Sacks says:

    My comment joins the list of unsatisfied customers. The BBB should investigate this company.

  • R Sacks says:

    I purchased a 3 Cushion Hayes La-Z-Boy reclining sofa for $850.00 at the Owing Mills Store on 1/19/2020. Within 2 months the cushion on the right side collapsed and the foot rest broke. So, I wrote to the company who told me that it would cost $139 for a Tech to come out and parts would be extra. WHAT? I thought I had at least a year warranty not a nothing warranty. Very poor customer relations. I wrote to the company several times to see what they would do. They replied with a copy of my receipt. DON’T BUY LA-Z’BOY. They sold quality furniture in the past now they sell junk and do not stand by their products.

  • Robert Cherry says:

    For whatever reason, I was born almost 70 years ago with the need to use a rocking chair constantly. Really! Have actually broken the springs from at least a half dozen lazboy recliners. If you are ever in need of a live tester of your recliners I would be happy to be that person.

  • James Delzell says:

    Our Lazy Boy dual recliner has a sharp, pointed metal piece protruding through the covering in the centerpiece. This is CLEARLY a manufacturing flaw that is not related in any way to the mechanical parts of the product.
    Lazy Boy has refused to address this problem, and, in fact wants to charge us $125.00 to have someone assess the “problem” and provide an estimate as to how much they will CHARGE us to repair their mistake!
    This is the absolute worst “customer service” I have ever experienced. Since it could cause physical injury to our family and friends, should we sue before this occurs or wait and file a suit that includes damages?

  • rhonda swarts says:

    I bought a sofa and two chairs in august. they ordered the wrong color had to send it back. still waiting for my furniture it is now Dec.8 not very happy.

  • Louis Mauro says:

    I bought their nicest office chair from SAMS,well over 275 dollars. After less than two years the leather started cracking and flaking off badly. I called and they said all their stuff was imported now from china and that they are not responsible for it. What happened to American made? I will never buy from them again and plan to publish the pictures of the chair with a warning for all to see. Not only buyer beware, stay away from any of their products. They are crap!!!

  • Larry Gavin says:

    I recently purchased a sofa and 2 recliner in leather, the floor model that we based our purchase on was quite comfortable, whereas the pieces that were delivered are very uncomfortable, I was told that it will take a while for the padding to loosen up up to a year to me, that is a totally unacceptable response, I requested them to give me an in store credit to pick out another piece, but I was told they’re dening that request. Told that they are going to repair the backing of one of the chairs, and the arm of the sofa where the leather was scuffed. I’m totally unsatisfied with their product, nothing we can do as they got you by the balls. I guarantee that’ll I’ll never ever again buy laz-boy products. They’re a billion dollar company that once you make a purchase your screwed the customer means nothing once it’s delivered, just sayin

  • george fritschi says:

    My sister bought a recliner yesterday, 8/28 and they wanted $56 to deliver it about 10 miles away Delivery was to be a week from Wednesday. I was told that they had 9 people to deliver to next Wednesday and this was just Tuesday. They still had almost a week to add to the other 9 deliveries till that Wednesday. $56 X 9 = $506. They are making as much on deliveries as the markup on the crap that they are selling. Plain old GOUGING. I talked to either the manager or a male salesman and found him very rude.
    The store is in Phoenix, Oregon. I will never buy from La-Z-Boy ever!
    You apparently don’t read your reviews Try it.

  • Ellen Steinbuchel says:

    Robert I also have had a bad experience with La z boy…..There is no one in there customer service to handle complaints.. I purchased a lot of furniture over about 25 years and always had great service… NO MORE….I would not recommend anyone buy la z boy furniture

  • Robert Kurtz says:

    As far as customer service for La Z Boy, I don’t think they take it very serious. I have sent 3 emails for warranty service over the last few months, and not so much a return email on anything. We bought our chairs because of the warranty, not a lot of good if no one contacts you back.

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