Where is La Quinta Corporate office Headquarters

La Quinta Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4225 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75038, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 972-261-4900

  • Fax Number: 901-381-1450

  • Email: lq6687gm@laquinta.com

  • Number of Employees: 9000

  • Established: 1968

  • Founder: Sam Barshop

  • Key People: Keith Cline

La Quinta Headquarters Location & Directions

La Quinta Headquarters Executive Team



Keith A. Cline

President and Chief Executive Officer

James H. Forson

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

John W. Cantele

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Rajiv K. Trivedi

Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Julie M. Cary

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Mark M. Chloupek

Executive Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

Vivek Shaiva

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Donna R. Cooper

Executive Vice President of Sales

Mikki Hughes, SPHR

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

About La Quinta, History and Headquarters Information

La Quinta provides best comfortable hotels while travelling across United States of America, Mexico, Canada and Honduras. The specialty of the service offered is the nature of customer-friendly.

Good communication is maintained in order to fulfill the requirements of the customers. Keeping customer satisfaction as the goal, feedbacks are collected and executed to enrich the comforts of the tourists.

In the beginning it was La Quinta Resort. The incorporation of La Quinta to the 1926 established Resort occurred in May 1, 1982. The determination and the hard work of the native people against the natural calamities there made the successful establishment of the company.

There are various packages to the tourists from which the travelers can opt the best offer suitable for them.

The service of La Quinta is expanded to all parts of the nations through different branches. Headquarters is located in Irving, Texas, United States.

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  • Does not matter says:

    Housekeepers on drugs drug deals in parking lot housekeepers doing drugs in their car smelling karosine housekeepers dressed unapproate my family stay on different floors the rooms was nasty bad customer service four days at this place made me sick old skinny housekeeper was rude I wouldn’t advise anyone to stay here with family nothing but drugs and prostitute looking housekeepers there’s one person I recognized from a hotel I stayed a month at from motel 6 in colonial heights in Kingsport I know her from doing front desk and housekeeping maybe she can teach others how to clean and customer service but I seen she was doing laundry what a shame i wouldn’t stay there again unless I knew she clean my Room prices isn’t worth the mess my kids and family went through cockroaches drugs and rude housekeepers

  • Liz and Sam says:

    Friday August 25 checked in to the La Quinta at E. Oltorf Blvd. in Austin Texas. It was the worst experience of my life. I woke up in the middle of the night itching and ended up with over 30 bug bites on my body. I have never in my 59 years of being alive ever experienced this. I should have looked at the reviews and I would have seen that even back as far as 2014 the same complaints. Not only where there bedbugs but the carpet in the rooms and out in hallways was filthy and the smell terrible, but what made it worse was that whatever they used to clean with was so pungent and mothballs smelling in order to try to mask the smell that it made it worse.
    I cannot believe that a company would allow their name on a business that has had this problem for over 20 something years. Obviously, it’s never really been handled. If it was my company I would take my name off of it. I will never stay at La Quinta again and I will tell everyone I know not to stay there as well. Shame on you, La Quinta.

  • Teralynn Frank says:

    We are currently staying at La Quinta hotel in Glen Burnie. Immediately when you pull up you see the damage on the front of the building. Go into the hotel nobody there to greet you with a smile nothing. Staff is actually laying on the couch in lobby. We get our room go to get in the elevator and you get stuck as the one elevator doesn’t work, main floor your feet are sticking to the floor. Get to the room and it smells like urine from the outside of the door and worse once inside. They switch us rooms and this one smells of weed and filthy no option of switching rooms so I go and have to buy cleaning supplies and clean the room on my vacation a room I’m paying for. I’m told to speak to the manager the next day I go and talk to her she is rude and tells me that she will apply a discount tells the lady doing breakfast that we complained and now she is rude to us. I go today to ask about discount as we leave tomorrow I’m informed no discount has or will be added to the account. We have never had issues until this one and pretty sure staff live in hotel and cater to their family at this location. I would like to be contacted by someone at corporate oh and our bags in our room all sat Days Inn if we knew this wouldn’t have stayed here.

  • Raul Gonzalez says:

    We are currently staying at
    La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Austin University Area
    and it is not what we expected. This place is horrible.homeless people are sleeping in their cars and other quests are smoking drugs outside.parking lot and walk ways are very dirty. There’s no breakfast except for cereal without milk.I have never stayed at a quinta like this. Very disappointing.

  • Diane Thibeault says:

    We stayed at the LaQuinta in Fort Lauderdale Tamarac & it was the filthiest most disguting hotel that I have every stayed in, the room furniture was sticky & there were bugs on the counters….I am looking to be fully refunded

  • Jeff King says:

    We are currently staying in Tupelo Mississippi at your LaQuinta Inn. We are passing through from Oklahoma on our way to our Summer vacation. Tonight we checked in late around 11:00 pm and made it to our room. Our room had blood on the bedding linens of both of the beds! One looked like an old stain and the other looked like fresh red blood. There was some kind of crumbling material on the carpet by the bed on the floor, and bug droppings and/or mold on the AC vent. The light shade looked just as bad and the ceiling looks like it has been spattered with something. I tried calling the front desk and discovered the phone was not plugged into anything. I went to the front desk to see if we could be moved to a different room. I was met with a clerk that was not helpful and explained he was tired from a full day of conferences. At least he wasn’t on the road all day in a car full of family hoping for a clean room to sleep in!
    I was offered clean linens so that I could change the sheets. I asked for lysol wipes to clean the room myself. I also asked for a vacuum. He offered to do the vacuuming and we took off towards the room. We are exhausted and were offered help vacuuming. I asked if he could help us find a room somewhere else since there were no more rooms at this hotel. He said he didn’t have a directory. This has been a horrible start to a very memorable vacation.

  • Jaclyn Norris says:

    Why is it that I ask for someone to solve my problem of being charged full price for a reservation I tried to cancel due to a family emergency and got hung up on and told didn’t have time when called back. Then she call corporate office told not right number and number I was given is disconnected. Total scam of company. Maybe my lawyer should get involved

  • Jan McClain says:

    I stayed the night in La Quinta in Las Cruces. Very upset whet to my room it was so dirty no pillow cases on the pillows, floor was not vacuumed tables tops not wiped down they were all sticky, bathroom wasn’t even touched…. Toothpaste was in the sink, floor was real dirty, bugs in the bathtub, and on the floor, mirror was nasty, ……….I WOULD NOT LEAVE IT TO A HOMELESS PERSON TO STAY IN THAT ROOM………. I told the front desk and they said that they would give me a discount on the room ……I will Never stay at you hotel again and I am going to tell everyone I know not to go there……,

  • Patricia A Delaney says:

    Stayed at the La Quinta off exit 6 in STAMFORD Connenticut and to say this place is a dump is being generous. Entire hotel is filthy and needs to be torn down. Rooms filthy, TV broken, toilet seat broken, dresser broken, lamps broken. An embarrassment to the chain.

  • Robert Jamison says:

    I booked a room at the La Quinta Inn on primacy Parkway in Memphis Tennessee. I booked a room through hotwire and it said it was a four-star hotel. This was the worst hotel I have ever been to in my life. The clerk gave me room 600 and when I came inside, there was a stitch smell. The carpet had not been cleaned for years. They were fingerprints all over the windows and the walls and scum and bugs in the shower, I call the clerk downstairs and she gave me another room on the six floor room number 619 when I walked in this room there was stains of blood on the floor. The walls had markings on them, and someone had pushed the shutters up so you could not see when I pull down the shutters. It looks like somebody had pissed her urinated all over the curtains. I have so many pictures that I will be putting out for everyone to see this was the worst hotel ever.

  • A Guest Name Susan says:

    Corporate you should really look into the so called manager at the La Quinta in Metairie, La her name is ROSE and she is a scam artist whom I have all my receipts on and also messages and recording’s of how she is screwing over your guests. We all know La Quinta doesn’t except cash or give you cash back but yet hundreds of dollars are gone out of my account and my paperwork says she gave me back cash.

  • Robert Montellano Valverde says:


  • Kass H. says:

    I made reservations on July 25 to stay at the La Quinta in Grand Forks, ND on October 27, 2022. When I called I was given the rate of $167.75 per night and I was e-mailed that exact same rate for my Reservation Confirmation. When I arrived, they charged me $273 per night and when I called to ask why I was charged, the front desk responded with “you should have known, Carrie Underwood Concert was that night.” I explained that I have a copy of my reservation confirmation and she said “sorry I don’t see that.” I asked to talk to the manager and was told he/she was on vacation for 2 weeks. I called back a few weeks later to be given the same customer service from the gal who answered the phone and the manager proceeded to e-mail me that the rate for that night was $273 an the next two nights were less. I asked why my e-mailed, in writing, confirmation from their hotel showed $167.75 per night and if, in fact, the rates were different for different nights why that was never told to me via the phone or e-mailed to me properly. Instead of responding to me he simply e-mailed me a copy of the paper I signed at check in. Their customer service at the Grand Forks, ND location is sub par at best. Very disappointed.

  • Adam Valentine says:

    My name is Adam Valentine I had stayed in your guys’s motel in Pueblo Colorado I had 10 days were to stay my last day there the day before last the staff had entered my room and when I got back that night I was missing $316.52 and an Xbox One and a phone charger one of the beds were made and the other one was not in some linen was gathered up I made a police report but they denied being in my room and I just want to know if anybody’s going to do anything about this if I’m going to get my Xbox back and my money or what’s going to transpire here cuz so far it seems like nobody cares that my stuff was robbed and stolen from and just concerns me that there was no cameras on the floor third floor room 307 in Pueblo the day manager and the night staff both ignored as if it wasn’t important they didn’t care I work for c&w transportation and we have done business with you folks for quite some time I would like to know if there’s any follow-up going to be made like you guys motels and I’d like to see how you guys run your business but this is unacceptable and something should be done about this and I even bought the mage flowers and rewarded them for being and doing such a good job that very same day is when I was robbed what a slap to the face sincerely you’re patron still an ongoing patron with you folks Adam Valentine please make right on your end make sure that staff knows that the customer comes first cuz it seems like it doesn’t have that atmosphere at the Pueblo Colorado thank you again

  • Richard Poole says:

    I made reservations at 9:42 p.m. on Friday 11/18/22 before the 24 hour cut off time now 12:43 p.m. 11/19/22 they will not reverse the charges, I’m unable to make the 3:00p.m. check time but they’re still trying to change 131.94 for a room ,I’ve reserved rooms before in Laredo they didn’t charge until I made it there to check in ……trying to rip me off crooks!!!!!

  • Amber says:

    I would like to report this hotel:
    La Quinta
    2905 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32303

    Our room was dirty, I have videos of live roaches & photos of dead roaches & other dead bugs. The room smell was overwhelming, a terrible moth ball, roach killer smell. There was short curly hair under the comforter, hair in the tub, roach droppings on floor & countertops. Blood on the carpet… We ended up leaving after a few hours with irritated throats & headaches. Hotel staff didn’t care.

    It was unsanitary & disgusting.

    Please do something about this hotel. So many elderly people were there as well.

  • Jenny says:

    LaQuinta Corporate is a f__king joke. Just collecting their money!

  • Jenny says:

    Dear Sirs,
    My son presented to the LaQuinta in Denver where he had made reservations for 6 days/nights. When he arrived he was told that they could not use the debit card he had because it was in my name! They also could not take cash. Needless to say he was declined a room; so he went elsewhere!
    When checking my bank statement I find that he had submitted my card and took $83.89 out of my account! Now if he can’t take the card without me there he has committed FRAUD! He was supposed to call me back and never did. I guess the next step would be to contact law enforcement!

  • Mae Gurley says:

    Were I had the problem was at
    1236 Primacy Parkway
    Memphis Tennessee

  • Mae Gurley says:

    I made reservations for your facility in September for Oct 7th through 8th in Memphis, La Quintaon for a king bed in a separate room from my living room area and it slept five. Had a couch. When I arrived I was told they didn’t have such room. So I told them they needed to take that advertising off the site because that is false advertisement and I was charged for it. Then then elevator didn’t work up front just one way down the hall. Then when I get to 3rd floor came in contact with someone smoking weed in their room. It was coming through my room. Then we live and come back and call and ask if our key work at back door and was told yes. IT DIDN’T !! Then went to room bed was not made and no fresh towels. Front dish did not inform me I had to request service. Nothing in room to instruct me. Then light above been didn’t work called in order never got fixed before I left.
    So when I go a text and was asked to rate I said a (1). They said someone would call me to talk to me and that was Oct 9th. Still have not called. Never stay there again. Need to do a undercover plan of the stay at your hotel in Memphis. The only thing I can say the coffee was good 👍

  • Sue says:

    I stayed 2 nights 9/25 -9/27 in Sunrise Florida. The bathtub was extremely slippery. The non stick stickers have been peeled off and never replaced. My husband slipped 3 times. That could have been a very dangerous situation if I wasn’t there to stop his fall.

  • John Sivie says:

    Rooms are advertised as accessible disability but no roll-in showers. No seats to even transfer! Stayed at two La Quenta properties and reserved a roll-in shower and got bath tubs! Useless for paralelgics.

  • Samuel Scott Champion says:

    My name is Scott Champion. My wife and I made reservations to stay at a Laquinta in Daytona Florida by the casino. As we arrived we noticed about 5 people sitting around the front entrance smoking Marijuana and another person vomiting. I walked up to the door kicking trash out of the way. The lobby smelled strange and the floor and walls were dirty. I really didn’t want to check in but it was about 10pm so I did anyway. When my wife and I made our way to the room we noticed vomit in 2 places on the floor and the room didn’t look any better. We immediately went to the front desk and told the individual that we would not be staying there and he told us that he would not refund our money so at this point we lost our money for a 2 night stay.

  • Lois McCray says:

    We are presently staying at your hotel in Columbus Ga.on warm spring rd. We arrive on Wednesday, September 14, 2022
    Our room has not been clean since our arrival or towels replace. Today I ask for replacement but was told to bring my old towels for replacement. After reminding her our room had not been clean since our arrival. She came to our room with new towels and she was given the old towels. Upon our inspection we were given two floor towel and was told by Ashley they did not have any body towels to give. We should have brought our own towels. Per Ashley this is not a hotel and it is a 2 star. I tried to explain she is help making it a two star. Her customer service and not willing to take care of my needs making it a two star. I want to be compensated for the service your company advertise on your web page. The rooms was clean upon our arrival and felt our stay would be a pleasant one. We are here for sister home going service. I was told by Ashkey I should have brought our on towels and company do not care. I am extremely disappointed

    • Guest says:

      We stayed the first week of Jan 2023 and dogs barked all night across from us was told nothing they could do about it

  • Jenny says:

    I stayed at Laquinta in Columbus Indiana and our room had dirty, wet, moldy towels. The bathroom also had a leak. We took the towels to the night shift person working the desk and he didn’t offer us new towels or a new room. When we talked to the day shift manager she knew nothing about our issues. She said she would fully reimburse us and I have a receipt that says we pay zero for the room. But I have only been reimbursed for half of the amount of the room. I have sent multiple messages to the property but still have not been fully reimbursed. Can someone please help me with this?

  • Alexus Williams says:

    Hi my name is Alexus Williams. I recently stayed at laquinta inn south Orlando airport I completed a review about my stay there on sep 6-7 2022. I reviewed it as a horrible stay because when I got there yes I did have a bunch of stuff just because I was transitioning from an apartment and it wasnt available for three days. I had no plans to live out of the laquinta inn. Whomever I’m assuming this person Frank who wrote me a reply to my email was rude it was how and what he said. He did ask me if I wanted to check out only after running my card already and stated that I had too much stuff which is irrelevant to my stay. Said I would not be able to stay oner three days which made me leave in one day because I did tell him 3 days until my apartment was ready. He said of the owner was there I would be able to check in with my stuff. I did ask if I could leave but I was already charged and he said the charge wouldn’t fall off until midnight. Now I feel that it was rude to say those things without asking the situation because I do know how to read the sign that says no long term stays which wasn’t my intention. I shouldn’t have to get a storage for one night and I do not have a vehicle. Now here is his reply to my feed back . (Attached screenshot) he said he was not ride and he told me this is not an “apartment complex ” which is still rude to say because he didn’t say that on the day. That made my stay uncomfortable and I felt I was not welcomed just because I had a lot of items. I wanted to write in to corporate because you guys don’t have any policies stating you have to have a certain amount of belongings. I feel that was something he judged and assumed because of the amount of belongings I had. That is unfair .

  • Robert Giolas says:

    Keith Cline, My family and I stayed at one of the hotels in Arora Colorado from 9/8/2022 tp 9/11/2022.
    My mother stayed in room 333 and she left her purse in the room and we didn’t realize it till we got home.
    I have called them four times and have had my son go over to see if we could get it back but we continually get a run around and they say they will call back if they find any information, I even remember seeing it on the floor by the night stand but didn’t double check to see if she put it in her bag.
    The staff has been very rude to my son and myself.
    I don’t understand why it is so hard to look for a purse, it would only take a few minuets to ask around.
    After two days and five calls we still haven’t heard anything, I think maybe we have gotten away from customer service standards.
    As far as the room it was wonderful and the beds are comfortable although no one changed out our towels the whole time we was there.
    If you could please contact them and see what the holdup is we would greatly appreciate it .
    Robert Giolas
    801-910-2250 rgiolas30@gmail.com

  • Mike says:

    Wow I read most of the comments and released that La Quinta team doesn’t care about our complaints wow so sad.

  • rita oates says:

    we stayed at the Outlet location in St Augustine Fl. The front desk was very rude and when I told them there was a cockroach (I showed a picture) the girl behind the desk offered to come spray. Like we really wanted to smell that all night. The room above us ran around making noise until after midnight. I was very disappointed in my stay. Room was not clean, found a roach that you could walk on a leash and the front desk was rude.

  • MariK says:

    We made reservation for 1 bedroom 2beds, for 3 days in August and because my husband who drove the car didn’t feel good( he has cancer, and it was already night),I called the hotel direct on the check- in day and asked the receptionist for reschedule our reservation for one day, to not to pay extra fee. On the next day I called again the hotel, and there was other stuff, who said to me that the receptionist from the Night Shift told her “we didn’t showed”, and she made like she didn’t knew about the circumstances, and why we didn’t came to hotel last night. Also she was very rude, disrespectful and discriminated against me! During the whole conversation she treated me like a bed teacher to the student..as I asked for phone number for manager, she raised her voice on me, and finally she hanged up! I will complain about the problem by La Quinta Wyndham Management by @jamesandhelen, and Booking.com management, also I will contact my lawyer! I booked ( already 3th hotel on our vacation trip, 2 times booked via Priceline without any problems, this time via Booking.com ,and either La Quinta or Booking.com wanted to help us, but La Quinta was very very rude! The day after we came to the hotel, with hope somehow thy will try to find some solution, and they will help us, but the man who was there, said he to us there is a cancellation, they will charge us 145$ reservation fee, and they do not have any free rooms for us! The reservation was a nightmare for me, and for my husband, who after that didn’t feel good!

  • Virginia Woodward and Dyron says:

    Management told my wife after finding out the room she asked for months in advance was not available if she was not happy she can always go to another hotel if she can find.one
    Very rude if I was not in a mobility scooter I would have floored him. The room they gave us smelt of urine. We both slept in chairs. NEVER COMING BACK.

  • Karen Veid says:

    We stayed at LaQuinta at BWI location on 18 July, left our vehicle and was shuttled to the airport 19 July and returned to our vehicle 23 July. We were on the second floor, used the stairwell and let the front desk know that there was a used condom there. We requested a wake up call to be ready for the shuttle. They forgot to call and we almost missed our flight, we’re unable to shower and basically grabbed our things and ran at 4:00 a.m. we returned to the hotel 23 July to find both driver side windows of our brand new Ford F-250 broken out and glass everywhere. It had rained but yet no water inside, it was amazing that no one noticed and reported this as there were many vehicles parked around us. Nothing was taken even though there was a laptop, yeti cooler and many valuables in site. When we arrived at the airport we called the hotel for a shuttle, we had to call 3 times and waited nearly an hour at 2:00 a.m. the front desk girl was very rude and not helpful at all. We finally got picked up and they basically said call the cops, they are not responsible and do not have cameras. I believe after my husband and her had words, someone there busted out the windows. This has been the most disgusting stay at any hotel we have ever had and we payed almost $200 for one night. I look forward to hearing back from you asap as I will be speaking with my lawyer. Oh and also 3 times while sleeping there was a black man knocking on our door. Everything at this hotel was shady.

  • Guadalupe says:

    I’m a rewards member stayed at this location at Laquita Lewisville,TX 75067. Called to ask questions about my stay because my deposit didn’t get refunded. The manager was very rude and told me thanks for wasting his time and hung up on me.

  • Eltheldra Ragsdale says:

    My son and a co worker had to travel to Reno Nevada for work. They were booked at the LAQuinta Reno near the air port
    Upon arrival they were told to wait because they were early for check in. Once time for check in the front counter attendant was rude and short with them as if she was irritated by there presence. The key to the first room did not work they went back to tell the front desk they eventually had someone open it. The room had other people belongings in it. The bed unmade a laptop open on bed with a bottle of Hennessey. I have pictures. They went back told front desk and they were given another room that was filthy. So Nasty they did not want to touch anything while communicating with me they would not sit down. They told the front desk and was told they use the restroom so they had to keep that room. They did not use the restroom because it was to NASTY to do so. They were treated as if they were just complaining. I have pictures. After there company spoke to the front desk they were given another room and was told that they would get new sheet because the room prior sheets had blood stains. When going into the third room they were just going to try even though this room was not clean to any standard. My son pulled the sheets off to change the sheets on the bed and this was the last straw it was soiled and disgusting. My son said it looked like a crime scene. I also have pictures. My son and co worker left the room to sit in lobby at this point until something was resolved. The attendant was so rude my son ask Miss would you like your son to sleep in this filth. While there company tried to find another hotel the attendant told both young men that they cannot stay there nor can they wait in the lobby. They did not have a car at this point. This has taken me a minute to write but this has continued to bother my spirit . My son because of his company contract has stayed at other LaQuintas. I just felt I need to share this I would like to share with you the pictures I have so you can truly understand the level of Nasty and filth of this location and the rudnes of the supervisor on that day.

  • Eltheldra Ragsdale says:

    My son and a co worker had to travel to Reno Nevada for work. They were booked at the LAQuinta Reno near the air port
    Upon arrival they were told to wait because they were early for check in. Once time for check in the front counter attendant was rude and short with them as if she was irritated by there presence. The key to the first room did not work they went back to tell the front desk they eventually had someone open it. The room had other people belongings in it. The bed unmade a laptop open on bed with a bottle of Hennessey. I have pictures. They went back told front desk and they were given another room that was filthy. So Nasty they did not want to touch anything while communicating with me they would not sit down. They told the front desk and was told they use the restroom so they had to keep that room. They did not use the restroom because it was to NASTY to do so. They were treated as if they were just complaining. I have pictures. After there company spoke to the front desk they were given another room and was told that they would get new sheet because the room prior sheets had blood stains. When going into the third room they were just going to try even though this room was not clean to any standard. My son pulled the sheets off to change the sheets on the bed and this was the last straw it was soiled and disgusting. My son said it looked like a crime scene. I also have pictures. My son and co worker left the room to sit in lobby at this point until something was resolved. The attendant was so rude my son ask Miss would you like your son to sleep in this filth. While there company tried to find another hotel the attendant told both young men that they cannot stay there nor can they wait in the lobby. They did not have a car at this point. This has taken me a minute to write but this has continued to bother my spirit . My son because of his company contract has stayed at other LaQuintas. I just felt I need to share this I would like to share with you the pictures I have so you can truly understand the level of Nasty and filth of this location and the rudnes of the supervisor on that day.

  • Carey Lovell says:

    Got attacked by bed bugs at your lake Jackson Texas location last weekend

  • Emilee Rister says:

    Black mold Panama City Pier Park property!! I want a refund

  • You are a tear down your hotel in Wichita Falls Texas it stinks says:

    You are a tear down your hotel in Wichita Falls Texas it stinks

  • Lovely Johnson says:

    I went to La Quinta Inn Oakland Hayward and the customer service was trash I seen a roach there my reservation did not come up everything was just unprofessional

  • Cindy T says:

    Worst night’s stay in a hotel in a very long time. My reservation was fir only one night. Here is a copy of the email I sent to corporate.

    I would appreciate it if this email goes to Mr Kline. We came into the facility at Covington, Ga on July 2 to leave on July 3. It was one of the worst nights I have spent in a hotel in a very long time. After checking in to room 217 we swam for a little while. After dinner we were ready for a good night’s sleep. It was not to be. Immediately the people in 218 began arguing and screaming at each other and hitting the wall between our rooms. The front office was called 4 times but they didn’t stop until very much later. We got little to know sleep which was the purpose of our reservation. The lack of sleep left us with a long drive home today without sleep. The night attendant at the front desk was totally less than useless.
    This morning I spoke to the Manager who told me there was nothing more that could be done except calling and telling them to quiet down. I requested a full refund but was told she would have to contact the owner. I said fine contact them. The she told me a refund was very unlikely. I asked on my last call that for them to be moved. No place available. I told him that my next call would be to the local police. For a few minutes they got quiet. Then it all started again. I realized right then that nothing would be done. My next option was to contact quality control if you have one, the President and CEO and the Vice President of Operations.
    I expect a full and complete refund of my money.
    Please contact me as soon as possible about this matter. After reading your reviews I realize I made a terrible choice in making my reservations.

    I will be available to talk to someone from your company at your convenience. I do expect to hear from you.

    *I really wonder if they will respond.

  • Ayesha Thomas says:

    Air Conditioning don’t work, the entire motel smelled HORRIBLE!! Just a Horrible experience and according to the comments Iv read Corporate doesn’t seem to care.

  • Ayesha Thomas says:

    I stayed 1 night misery night at the LaQuinta Inn at 118 E US Highway 80 Mesquite, Tx 75149 and when I say it was a HORRIBLE TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! I wouldn’t refer my worst enemy to stay there. The comforter on the bed looked like it had been used at least 20 times without being washed, I called the front desk for fresh bed linen the guy I spoke with didn’t give not 1 damn and told me oh well, it smelled horrible inside the entire motel and even the carpet is molded, it’s so run down I can’t believe LaQuinta has gotten this bad where there’s no customer service, I have pictures to show proof of what I’m talking about I mean it’s HORRIFIC!! This place needs to get shut down, there’s no such thing as Customer Service and no one is ever at the front desk. I’ll never refer anyone here!

  • Tony says:

    Wondering if some body can get back at me in regards to one of your manager that needs to be address. He was very un professional and have him on tape. Attacking us

  • Jeff Sawyer says:

    Upon our arrival the first question ask was about pets if we had one. I responded yes we do, the pet policy was quickly handed to me to read. There were no pleasant greeting at the time I finally read the policy. LA Quinta has been our hotel of choice because of our pet. This stay was not up to Wyndham standards. The only pleasant person we encountered was “Tori” from housekeeping.

  • Raymond owens says:

    I checked into the Kansas city north hotel, rm 111.I left my suitcases on my bed and then left for several hours and upon my return I found the window open and broken and a couple of items missing, I reported this to the front desk and they acted as if they didn’t really care, I brought this up several times and it still has not been addressed. The hotel is extremely dirty and the staff rude.

  • rwest43 says:

    Unable to get in my room desk clerk not present for more than 20 minutes. Room key is canceled and Hass to be remade daily

  • Sonya Brown says:

    Yesterday I stayed at your location at 4001 Scots Legacy Drive in South Arlington and must say that is the worst hotel that I have stayed in. I usually stay at Laquinta’s and that’s the worst one I have been to. We were only there because our AC went out and it’s over 100 degrees, but honestly if we would have driven our own car there, I would have opted to leave and deal with the heat. The room was disgusting and looked like all they did was change the sheets (if even that). The bathroom was awful. There was piles of hair under the sink and all around the toilet. Speaking of the toilet, it was too nasty to even sit on. There was hair in the shower. There was coffee and maybe some time of juice or something splattered on the TV and some of the pictures in the room. We ended up sitting down by the pool area just to get out of the room because it felt gross, and lo and behold, the pool was dirty also. I would have rather stayed in my 100 degree house and suffered than to have been in that nasty hotel. There was also a stain that looked an awful lot like puke right outside of our room door. The room number was 211 for reference. I try not to complain but this was ridiculous. I didn’t even feel comfortable sleeping there and spent the majority of my night sitting in a chair just to avoid touching the bed. We had to wait until we got home to shower because the bathroom was disgusting. I’m sorry but a $130 room should NOT feel like a low budget motel. I really want a refund because that’s unacceptable!

  • Carla R Anderson says:

    I stayed at your facility located 12839 Emerald Coast Parkway Miramar Beach, FL 32550 on June 5th – June 7th. I needed some clean towels so I contacted the front desk requesting towels, and was told ” you have to come to the front desk”. Going to the front desk was not a problem for me to get some fresh towels, however the towels that were provided were hard as sandpaper!!! I noticed the cleaning cart in the hallway and grabbed what I thought were better towels, instead they were bath mats. I brought them back and the housekeeper (Marsha Johnson) was there, I asked her may I have two towels and she said no. Marsha was only 3 doors from my room so I did not need cleaning just towels. She started screaming and yelling at me, I went to the front desk to get assistance from Samiel Smith who witnessed this verbal abuse from her. She was yelling and pointing her finger in my face that I could not get in 2 words. Samiel Smith witnessed this verbal abuse toward me, pointing her finger in my face and yelling at me over 2 towels. I will never stay at your facility again when I visit Florida, this was hard and abusive language. Samiel Smith stood by and did absolutely NOTHING!!! I am requesting a full refund for bad and horrible customer service. The facility also was not cleaned i.e. front lobby, elevators, pool area, front entry doors were very nasty. I have been in Customer Service over 50 years and this was a display of horrible customer service. I plan on going to Social Media with my complaint!!!! The next morning when I checked out Samiel Smith asked me if the manager had contacted me, no one did anything!!! My confirmation

  • David White says:

    Had a three night stay at the Sky Harbor Phoenix Airport location – Friday April 22, 2022 thru Monday April 25, 2022 and like many of the previous comments my experience was somewhat less than poor….we had told them that there were four in our party however only 2 sets of towels.. We asked for more towels – we don’t have any more people keep stealing them. Eventually after many requests we did get 2 more bath towels – so four of us shared 2 hand towels for 3 days – real nice…. When I was finished with my shower I was standing in 12 inches of dirty water. Called the front desk – response we don’t have maintenance on the weekends. Eventually the water drained out on its own after hours…we called about this problem more than once and the response from the front desk was it is noted in your record and if the tub overflows that we would be responsible for the damages…they also said “Just don’t take a shower.” Is it too much to ask that a functioning bathroom would be included in the price of the room – “just don’t take a shower” is not an acceptable response. We even asked for a plunger and we would do it ourselves – oh no we can’t give you a plunger. One person in our party opted to move to another room. The first room that the other person was assigned smelled like cigarettes then they moved her to another room. She was standing at the sink brushing her teeth and her feet were getting wet. Why? you may ask – because the drain from the sink was not connected to a pipe – she had to put the trash bucket under the sink to catch the water….again is it too much to ask that a functioning bathroom is expected as part of the cost of the room for the night. I could go on an on about the response we got from the motel staff. “Just don’t take a shower” was totally uncalled for. They did credit us for 114 dollars on the first room and 85 on the second room, however, when we checked out the whole thing was talked about again – this time with the property manager and she assured us that the second room would be entirely comped (has not happened as of the time of writing this review) and that there would be a total credit on the first room so that the final amount would be 150 dollars (again as of the time of writing this review has not happened). Worst hotel/motel that I have ever stayed at in my 68 and half years of staying in well over 100 hotels/motels and will never stay in any La Quinta’s or any of the other hotels/motels in the conglomerate which includes Motel 6, Super 8, Wyndham, Marriott’s, etc. I am going to file a complaint with my credit card company. I do wish someone from corporate would contact me. BTW – speaking about sheets (as in the previous comment) – mine were stained. Also – my daughters wanted to use the fitness room – and they had to be signed in by someone from the front desk – the person was sleeping in the back room. They had to wake him up – I wish I to paid to sleep on the job.

  • Deceived by La Quinta says:

    I was suppose to stay in a La Quinta but had to cancel on a Wednesday morning. I was to stay there on Thursday night. I had yo vsncel due to I was taken by ambulanve to the hospital ER. When I called the hotel, they said no problem and then sent me my cancellation letter. I understood I would get my money back due to this circumstance was out of my control. I have since found out I will not get my money back. I can’t believe they took my money and did not provide me the service at a time of need and hardship in my life. I cannot believe a company would do this to anyone. I gave them plenty of time. Again, this was out of my control. I do not have this kind of money so if I am sent to see another doctor out of town, I will not have the money to go. I feel sorry for this company due to how they treat their past customers. So sad! I hope noone ever does this to any of their families or friends in a time of need.

  • Karen says:

    This is the worse hotel my family and i stayed at. Very dirty and the service is poor. No one is never at the desk and if they are, they are very rude. We will not be back.

  • Richard Dayton says:

    Had a horrible experience at the La Quinta Lufkin, TX. location. October 13th, 2021.. Room was filthy and moldy, the fire alarm didn’t work the batterie was removed. The frig did not work and I lost 40 dollars worth of “special” food and medicine for my sick dog. mold growing on walls dirty hand prints on the walls and door. Looked like the place was full of welfare people and they threw cigarette butts on my car all night. As a regular user of La Quinta, I would expect at least a 300 dollar refund and demand the place be inspected by someone in top management soon before more regular guests go/stay at other inn’s.


    Hey Ashley, I’m at a La Quinta in Bloomington, Mn. Terrible Customer Relations here from the so called staff.
    You got no refund! We’ll A So Called Manager (Lewie) took/stole w/O telling me he stole money $100 damage deposit over a broken plastic swing latch on the door that I was honest enough to report! I got nothing but the run around from front desk staff, about where’s my $100?
    I guess they all split it… The plastic swing latch was never looked at or replaced!!!
    I feel I’ve been violated by this Hotel they are only decent to the Airplane Pilots who stay here.
    This whole La Quinta Line should be shut down…
    I understand how you feel about thes

  • Jennifer Snyder-Utt says:

    currently me and my husband are staying at one of your la quinta inn locations. We’ve stayed in other locations before but this one has left us disgusted and never wanting to stay at one ever again. First day trying to get into our room apparently if you shut the door to hard the door lock slider will lock you out and you have to call the front desk to get into your room. Then go into the room theres paint on the floor from them touching up the ceiling and walls. The toilet has tar on it from some repair, probably from the chipped bath tube that looks like it’s barely cleaned. Let’s not forget the bathroom counter that looks like someone put it together in high school shop class. The constant finding of pill bugs on the dirty floor has left plenty of my socks back from walking on the floor. Our 2nd night someone decided to put their barking and howling dog in the maintenance room that is behind our room. Woke me up at 1 am called the front desk someone went to quiet the dog then he started up again at 2am. It’s not a room it’s a maintenance room! Then as we left this morning saw cleaning lady coming through, I pull back the duster on the bed and there’s red streaks on the comforter. I’m am beyond disgusted with our stay in la quinta. We’re here in San Antonio to search for a house, with enough stress and all we wanted was a cleaned quiet room to decompress in. I want a reimbursement of our stay or some explanation to this poor quality from this hotel. To be honest that was only a few things wrong with this location. I’m attaching photos as well.

  • Pook says:

    I stayed at the LaQuinta Southgate mi. I was there for a month at $90 dollars a night and to be singled out well the manger told me I had to leave today 4/6/22 bc they r not a extended stay hotel well there is a man there that checked in before me and still there today 4/6/22 but I was told she could not talk bout other ppl situations I did not ask her to talk bout him I asked why do I have to go but that man does not if it’s not a Extended Stay hotel and u can’t stay over a month that should go for everyone no not just who she picks and chooses who DONT STAY THERE they’re breakfast is a joke they have one kind of cereal which is Cheerios the juice machine’s been broke for over a month it’s just a chintzy they don’t have coffee all day which they should they r all rude give u dirty looks the two young ones that run the night shift is a man and a woman they r the only ones that r nice o and one more thing the handle on my shower broke and they brought the maintenance man in and he couldn’t even fix it he said he had to call a plumber if I had the part I could have fixed it myself he does nothing around there but stand at the dumpster and throw garbage thought when you were maintenance man you new a little bit about everything not just how to throw garbage away.. .I really felt singled out if there’s a rule go for one person there’s a rule for the whole hotel for instance you can’t let one person smoke in there and tell all the other people that they can’t when there’s no smoking that’s a rule everybody’s got to follow so why was I the only one that had to follow the rule that I had to leave today but that man’s been there longer than me and he’s still there why didn’t he have to leave if they’re not an extended stay and you can’t stay over a month everybody has to follow that rule for the life of me I cannot remember her name I wish I could… she should not be able to pick and choose who has to leave and who doesn’t have to leave what’s good for the goose is good for the gander….

  • Ashley says:

    I’ve never had a experience quite like the one I had coming to the la Quinta in Tampa right by the air port. Ants everywhere smells like mold so bad we had to switch rooms because we were denied a refund. There’s water dripping off the bathroom ceiling before I ever started the shower. My door wouldn’t work so I had to wait at the front desk for an hour to get it. We witnessed many fights in our lobby because guests were so unhappy with how dirty it was here. Roaches as well. This place needs to be shut down immediately and brought up to code: because as of right now i would rather sleep under a bridge than ever come back here.

  • Sandra says:

    La Quinta-Garden City, New York- made a difficult time even more stresssful!! Had no choice but to book for 2 weeks. Beware using your Debit and Credit Cards!!! Someone stole my card number and booked another La Quinta in Flushing, New York. Told the General Manager Joseph O. who could care less and offered no help in rectifying the issue!!! Everything was out of order or dirty!! Card keys had to be preprogrammed every 3 days, breakfast ran out before 10am. Smell of marijuana in the hallway! I’ll never ever stay in a La Quinta again!!


      Hon, I’m in a La Quinta now, Bloomington, Mn
      The whole dirty chain should be “SHUT DOWN”

  • James Keller says:

    I book 7 nights stay / between Minneapolis Minnesota and South padre. Because I went through a third-party to book my hotel stay at South padre . For some reason you don’t get points for it. That is not right because I am still paying the hotel for my stay. You can get back with me at 608-317-9059 thanks James Keller

  • Ellen brennan says:

    I was in the laquinta hotel near tf green airport. It was the worst hotel I was ever in. When I went in the first thing I noticed paint chips on the bathroom floor. The bathroom was so small it was gross. The heater/airconditioner could not be shut off. The worst thing was there was not a liner or curtain in the bathroom was not there. The 4-12 front desk and the 12 to seven desk clerks barely spoke english and I could not get either of them help me get an Uber or Lyft ride as I needed to be in providence by 8 am. I asked for a wake-up call which did not happen. Finally Saturday morning the 7 to 3 employee got me a Lyft! I almost missed my meeting! I’ve seen animals in a shelter treated better than I was. My number is 401-354-9896 my address is 87 girard ave newport ri apt 312.

  • Lane Evans says:

    Hotel was dirty carpet had stains, no mattress protection on any mattress…… night clerk apologized. Agreed mattress protection is a sanitation issue. Advertising on Priceline showed 2.5 stars. Very misleading. I haven’t experienced anything like it before. 2/5/22. 50590265345

    Night clerk was did not have authority to issue refund. Manager would not grant refund.
    I stayed ( and paid for another room sane night) in another hotel room at a clean Fairfield Inn.

    I did not stay at this hotel. All rooms lacked mattress protection. Carpets were stained and dirty.

    This location needs more staff training.

    Priceline doesn’t not stand behind the star rating.

  • Kristi pearce says:

    La Quinta Las Cruces NM … not a good experience… room was pungent of chemicals .red power on floor sink and tub didn’t drain the ceiling had water stain and leaking .. vending machines to get a bottle of would not work the stair to get to our room so dirty doors handles greasy .. I was left on hold for over 30 mins 2 times we pulled up and the breezeway it very dirty like a simple hosing off could helped … I would like my money back .. I always felt like La Quinta was a better Hotel .. but after this experience I think differently.. your web page sells of being Covid clean … your people were turning guests away because no one cleaned the rooms … 03/10/2022

  • Patricia Scott says:

    Reserved a room at La Quinta in North Kansas City, Mo and after checking in the clientele coming in was enough to make you worry. Also the hotel had a bad odor, and it looked really ran down. There were several dogs in the hotel. I was concerned about the area and my safety, and was starting to feel ill. I had to check out and have my reservation cancelled. I do hope corporate visits this site and sees what is happening.

  • Tara L Hughes says:

    The say the surve hot breakfast but after getting a truck in on Thursday they are out of food Sunday..

  • Evelyn Nadler says:

    Stayed at your location on 5th Ave in Naples Florida. Booked the room over a month in advance. When we checked in around 1pm and went to our room 119. We immediatly saw that the rooms on both sides of our room were being renovated. The workers doing the tile work were playing loud music and the their was loud noise from the cutting of the tiles. We went back to the front desk and asked for another room. We were informed that their were no other rooms available. The next morning they started up again around 9am. We were on vacation and trying to sleep late. Cant do that with the sound of tiles being cut. Went to the front desk to check out and asked for our money back. Front desk gave us a discount. Not good enough La Quinta. How do you book a room a month in advance and land up with construction going on in the rooms on both sides? Should have just told me the situation when I booked the room and would have went elsewhere. Nobody wants that. I would like my money back.

  • Michael Nepean says:

    I booked a room with a bathtub specifically for the bathtub and did I get a bathtub nope. Didn’t get a notification it’s not available or sorry for your trouble. Nothing. So what’s the point of giving the options if it really doesn’t matter??

  • Sue D says:

    We recently ( 2-6-22 )stayed at the LaQuinta in San Diego. It was deplorable, disgusting, filthy, and should be condemned. The air conditioner spewed noxious air, and was not usable and the windows could not be opened. The furniture was filthy as was the carpet. All the ice machines were broken and not in use. Some of the exterior stairs were broken and unsafe. We were told they had a hot breakfast, they did not. We would not have eaten ANYTHING, as the lobby looked abandoned. We were charged and extra $25 to park our car, this is a first for LaQuinta. Our past experiences at LaQuinta have been wonderful but I would never book and pay, in advance at this establishment. Wyndham should be ashamed to claim they own this Hotel!

  • Enid Orozco says:

    We are very upset that this happened to us on February 11, 2022 once we arrived at the hotel and when in the room, we were shocked by how dirty it was and the Full beds as well. I chose your property after reviewing your website which portrays a completely different picture compared to reality.

    In addition, we took a video of all the bugs flying in the room and a BIG Roaches and bathroom so disgusting. My husband and I went to the front desk. They were unfriendly desk staff members and asked for our money back and the fact is that the hotel is uninhabitable. The desk staff member stated that the refund was up to management and they will take care of it and they did not.

    We received a bank notification that the $169.12 it was posted on February 14, 2022. Which was not right and we are very upset about the whole experience.

  • Gary F says:

    My wife and I were kicked out of the St Louis location at midnight because we had a dog. Other locations were pet friendly. Might I add that we are seniors. We sent in a complaint to corporate, no response. You guys suck in my mind.

  • Theresa Sutton says:

    If you ever leave an item at this place good luck at getting it sent back to you.. it’s now been 3 months later and I still haven’t received my item back…

  • James crenshaw says:

    Terrible service and dirty accomodations not what is advertised for this location la quinta by wyndham sea world location this place doesn’t live up to the brand

  • James crenshaw says:

    Terrible service rude front desk help pool is green and has visible algae growing in it bedding was stained and dirty used condoms in stairwell

  • Robert Samen says:

    Your la quinta in Houston at the galleria location is a filthy facility. You ought to be ashamed!

  • Angela says:

    We stayed at one of your locations in Wylie off of FM544. The second day we were there the elevator was broken, we were on the 4th floor, had ALL of our luggage + cooler….moving to SC and had originally planned on staying at the hotel Friday-Monday morning….we left on Saturday. The walls are paper thin, the eggs were powder, the sausage was not cooked all the way through, the water pressure was horrible and the customer service was the absolute worst we have ever experienced. We were actually helping SENIORS up to their rooms bc they couldn’t make those flights of stairs alone. 62 steps with 80+ year olds who have had bilateral hip replacements and NOT ONE time did any of the employees OR a manger offer any type of assistance. ANYONE that age and in bad health could have had a stroke or heart attack. They were not even letting new customers know the elevator was OOS until they had already paid and the lady as letting them know which direction the stairs were. ABSOLUTELY THE VERY WORST STAY. WILL NEVER BE BACK TO ANOTHER LaQuinta again.

  • Kimberly B Isaac says:

    You know I A college student.

  • Kimberly B Isaac says:


  • Brenda Forletta says:

    La Quinta Butler Blvd in Jacksonville, FL is in desperate need of a deep cleaning and upgrades. One of the mattresses is visibly sinking in and my husband’s back hurt for 3 days.
    The bathroom floor and tub floor have stains and black marks which do not come up and believe me, I tried. The grout is stained and missing. Because of this, the bathroom look as though it has not been cleaned which gives us the grossest feeling. Asking for a room change would probably have been pointless assuming if one room is like this they all are like this.
    La Quinta is my go-to hotel when traveling as we are Wyndham and Wyndham Rewards owners. The brand is no longer caring for their properties as they were in the past which is extremely disappointing.
    We only stayed one night. A second night would have been unbearable. I took pictures I wish I could have sent them to you.

  • Chuck H. says:

    Your hotel in Atlanta GA at 1200 Virginia is a disgrace and your company should be ashamed to provide this establishment for visiting guests.
    The hotel is not clean and is in need of a serious sterilization there is dust every where you look, the bed spread in my room appears to be dirty, on several occasions I seen bugs in the bathroom sink. I will not stay here again.
    The employees are nice and friendly but this location is filthy and I wouldn’t reccomend it to anyone.

  • Scott MacCallum says:

    Was recently in one of your hotels at JFK airport in New York on 135th Avenue and was deeply disturbed and the cleanliness of your hotel. I found hair on the bathroom countertop and bathroom door upon arrival and when taking a shot the next morning found many groupings MOLD on the ceiling , during these times of COVID I would expect to see a room cleaned properly and with some care, this room was well below my standards and un-exceptable. I will be expecting a reply to my dis satisfaction of your hotel, thank you.

  • Helen Lopez Leon says:

    Please check what’s happening in Galveston Island’s hotel!! We stayed for 6 nights and never received room service for cleaning. The floor looks like “dirty black gum”. We ask x this room clean service & the employees never came to do it. Problems with toilet flush & the employees treated us very badly without respect to a seniors couple. The breakfast was the same every morning, no variety. Please do something quickly; is a great tourist zone!!

  • Heather Knight says:

    We are currently staying at the laquinta inn in Columbia Mo. We do not have a TV/cable to watch and the hot water runs hot with in a few minutes. We asked the staff about the issues and they had an attitude and said it would not be addressed till Monday. When we initially checked in the receptionist told us our card was not going through and I told her that was impossible. She said I do not know what to tell you. Called me Cc company and they had not received any charges. The receptionist said..my bad we are doing up grades. She ran my card again and it went through. At the same time a guest who had checked in prior to me came down multiple times claiming his door key did not work. She told him if it did not work this time there was nothing she could do for him because they were booked so he would have to find another place to stay.

    I am extremely upset we do not have a TV to watch while we are here. In addition the customer service is horrible!!!! The breakfast is below subpar and the cleaning staff hangs out in the hallway and talks half the day. I seriously think corporate needs to do an undercover trip here to see the real issues. You would be SHOCKED!! We are active duty military and don’t have a chance to take personal trips a lot so this was a real disappointment. We would love to get out money back for this trip but understand that will never happen.

  • Jonathan J says:

    Good evening.

    I’m a customer with two kids and I’m at a hotel here in Atlanta Georgia on 1200 Virginia Ave this is unacceptable and not up to cleanliness standards. I will never stay at this hotel again after what I just witnessed in our double bed room today . I work for Delta Air Line as well . I will let all 70 thousand employees know not too stay at this location. I was so upset and disappointed in this disgusting mattress . I don’t know how to put this in words . But you guys need to replace the mattress in room 526 it’s unsanitary and nasty. Point blank period . We are checking out tomorrow. But I just needed to say something and bring this to you guys attention.

  • CSM (R) Michael E. Baker says:

    Stayed in Belton Texas La Quinta Inn. The price quoted on the phone was way off. The drapes in room 206 was ripped. The toilet water line was hooked to the hot water line. As you sat you could feel the hot stem coming up from the water sitting in the bowl. On the first day I left a sign to clean the room as we were out. They didn’t clean the room so at about 11 pm I went back to tell them our room wasn’t clean and we have no towels. The night manager said we are short staff so your room wasn’t cleaned. I then asked for towels. Wow, paid all that money for 3 days and I get an answer like that. I have stayed there a few times before. Was planning on spending a week there in December since my 2 daughters bought a house in Belton. It looks like we will be staying next door at that hotel or a few other ones down the street. I have family members who will be looking elsewhere when they come to visit my daughters. Hotel are meant to make you feel like your at home. Wyndham just got replaced by Marriott Hotel.

  • Ruth Schachter says:

    Dear Mr. Cline, If you want to protect your brand, you need to shut down the Merrivale, IN location. The place is a cess pool. Filthy, disgusting carpets, stained linens, poor or non-existent amenities. Two little towels, two lumpy pillows, trash in the bathroom. Whole place smells of mildew. Breakfast- no forks, no napkins, broken juice machine, no decaf coffee. Honestly, if we hadn’t been exhausted, we would have run screaming to another hotel, despite losing the money. We have been at other locations in the past and were very pleased.

  • Peggy and Jim Adam says:

    When we arrived for our two night stay in the Weatherford, Texas hotel we were informed the elevators were not working because of maintenance issues. We are in our mid-70’s and don’t do too well with stairs. We were given a room on the third floor. Needless to say making the trip up and down those stairs a few times a day was not easy. We were given a handicap room which is usually no problem but in this case there was no counter space at all in the bathroom for toiletries. There was only one small shelf for those things. It was very inconvenient. The toilet kept running after a flush unless the handle was jiggled each time. There was construction going on in rooms near ours and that’s why we assume there was a 2″ screw on the carpet that my husband stepped on without seeing it. He wasn’t injured, but could have been. There were white paint spatters all around the border of the mirror in the bedroom. We feel we should have been given a discount because of the elevator issue. We will not be staying at a La Quinta in the future.

  • Anonmous says:

    Hi im writing about the belgrade la quinta inn and suites as their hotel clearly needs improvement as the general manager is incredibly rude to her employees and guests having no consideration about them but only her self as i worked there for 1 month i knew that place wasnt a good one to work for due to her additude and demeaning her employees i worked from 5am as a breakfast attendant and was told corporate has a very strict policy on when breakfast should be done and put away being 10:30 on weekdays and 11:30 on weekend i requested a little more time so i could really get things cleaned to perfection but was denied and told that the general manager was “getting rode by corperate on hours” i also had to go do rooms after breakfast thats 12 hours of work where you are allowed a smoke break at 10 12 and 2 thats 3 very sped up breaks where you can not join anyone else you have to be alone no lunch breaks are even offered nor are regular breaks for people who do not smoke i feel as if this is wrong also their pilliws are being thrown on the ground after beds are being stripped and i was required to wear a uniform even though all the other employees where not required to wear them beds have hair in and on them rooms are not being dusted all the time and sometimes carpets arnt vaccumed at all i know the hallways inbetween rooms never get vaccumed nor do staircases i find this property very dirty and would not reccomend anyone stay with the angry general manager or her son which is the direct manager as they are rude and have no concideration for others or the hotel !!!

  • Susie Tennison says:

    LA QUINTA BY WYNDHAM HOUSTON BUSH IAH SOUTH. Do not stay at this hotel!!
    I registered on line and reserved a room for two nights I am a gold member I was so disappointed.
    1. 2nd floor 227 my 81 year old mother and I had to walk from one side of the hotel to the other because the elevator on our end was broken. Walked into the room and the toilet would not flush finally fix went out next morning no a hot breakfast. Came back room was not cleaned. Called front desk and was told It would not be cleaned because of Covid needed to come to front desk with my dirty towels and get new ones. Once again I walked from one side to the other to get towels for the day. They did not offer to bring them up and was so rude when I asked for a blanket. The manager said she did not have a key to the linen closet I would have to come back down when the other manager came in which meant another walk across the hotel. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! no apology no reason for this at all.

  • Ethene Thomas says:

    We stayed at the Rockford,Il
    La Quinta on September 25-26, 2021. The hotel is clean and the staff is friendly. The only problem is they charged us twice and it is not been resolved as of September 30. Also our cousins were charged twice for two rooms. I feel both are owed a complementary stays. Due to financial inconvenience which was caused our families. We were there for funerals of family members.

  • Angeles Davila Vazquez says:

    To whom this may concern,
    On a recent travel to a funeral, we had to stay overnight in San Antonio, Texas. We’ve known the La Quinta Inns for decades as a place for comfortable sleep, which is all we needed.
    My husband and I stayed for one night at the La Quinta Inn by Wyndham San Antonio I-35 N at Rittiman Rd on Sept. 23. 2021
    The receptionist was nice enough and helpful and gave us room 120. She instructed us that there was no breakfast as advertised, but there was “grab and go” sacked snack available in the morning.
    While the room was very far from good, (The quality of the hotel has decreased dramatically). The major issue is that it’s infested with BEDBUGS. We didn’t realize it until the Saturday evening. I am covered with bites, some of which have been infected.
    For the entire weekend we have gone through the expense and trouble of disinfecting our home. We’re not sure that our efforts have been effective. Thus, we will pursue of the La Quinta Inns franchise the FULL payment of professional treatment of our home, as well as medical treatment of by skin issues.
    A copy of this is being sent to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

  • Elizabeth Bartee says:

    La Quinta 4709 N Kings Hwy Myrtle Beach SC 29577. 843-449-5231. No security around hotel, the night we stayed 4 gunshots in back at 1:00am. Not safe to walk dog or for employees security. Parking lot is littered with bottles, broken glass and trash. Disgusting to be a Wyndham. So close to beach to be so bad.

  • Bob Hestes says:

    Dear Mr. Keith Cline:

    I am writing to draw your attention to a recent hotel stay at a La Quinta located at 2750 Geyser Drive in Colorado Springs on Sept. 7th. I have used La Quinta for 30 years and had even stayed at this same hotel about 5 years ago and it was very clean, so that is why we made the reservation.

    My wife and I arrived about 8:30 to check in. The front desk receptionist was friendly but no mask or COVID protocol. As we entered our room to put down our luggage and wash our hands after a day of travel, the bathroom sink was full of water and “stuff” floating and wouldn’t drain.

    We immediately called the front desk to ask for a different room or maintenance. We let it ring 30+ times. No one was around and no one answered.

    We decided, to just sleep and get out of there as soon as we could.

    The following issues were found.

    Blood stain on the top white comforter of one bed. It was a couple of inches wide so it was very observable.
    The lights beside the beds didn’t work. I pulled the bedside table out to plug them in. It was so dirty I wouldn’t touch the cords. An inch of dirt and junk by the plug behind the nightstand between the beds. It was nasty.
    The microwave had a stain of liquid or food running down the outside of it. We didn’t touch it.
    The window sit was filthy and observable when we closed the curtains.
    The tub/shower was stained and old – it might have been clean, but just stained. However, given the status of the rest of the room we didn’t dare use it!
    We got a couple of hours sleep and got out of there without washing, cleaning teeth etc.
    Going down to our car to check out another couple we didn’t know was talking about how dirty their room was.
    I spoke to the manager and outlined the issues. We were not looking for a free room. The point was to make management aware of the health issues with this hotel and that it needed some serious cleaning and attention.

    I understand that the Wyndham Corporation has purchased La Quinta and now you are the head of the new CorePoint. You need to know what a health hazard this property is and it should be closed until it is thoroughly cleaned and satisfactory or just torn down. We have stayed in hotels all over the country but will never stay in a La Quinta or Wyndham again. Your new CorePoint organization has a black mark against it as well.


    Bob Hestes

    • Tamara says:

      We also just recently stayed in a La Quinta in San Antonio Texas. It was the worst experience of our lives! Mold on the ceiling, filthy bathroom sink and tub, corrosion around the toilet, dirty door facings and concentrated dust as if it had not been cleaned in years. I did contact the headquarters office and was told to send pictures which I did and that I would be contacted within 2 to 5 business days by the management which never happened.
      After reading some of these comments I’m thinking in the back of my mind that the La Quinta is being allowed to self destruct for reasons that patrons such as ourselves will never know. I will never refer anyone I know to a La Quinta but will in fact inform everyone what a health hazzard it is to stay there.
      The front desk help actually had on pajama pants, a teeshirt and flip flops and was glued to her cell phone. It was truly a nightmare and totally unprofessional.

  • Kathryn Ann Zimmerman says:

    For the second time, La Quinta has proved to be the entity most lacking in customer service that I have EVER dealt with. Reservations were booked at the La Quinita Addison for my partner using my credit card, which we use for our business. I was told that there would be an issue with the credit card being in my name. I asked that the reservation be secured with credit card and on check out the bill paid in cash but was told that CASH WAS NOT ACCEPTED. After trying to resolve this issue with any available options, I was told to fill out a form that would be emailed to me and return it, ,which I did immediately on receipt. When my partner tried to check in, he was told the form giving him permission to use the card had not been received, and although he had the original form, they would not let him check in nor would they contact me. My partner left and was immediately checked into another hotel without a reservation. I will not waste my time trying to stay in your hotels in the future.

  • Pat says:

    I have had the awful experience of being booked a room at the La Quinta Inn here in Queens New York by my job. This property is the worse place I have ever been to I have just got done cleaning the room because it looked as if it was not clean , the bed was made and there were towels in the bathroom but that was it the hotel itself leaves a lot to be desired, the elevator also stopped between floors and there were 2 women on it at the time I promise you I will inform my company to stop doing business with your company because this is ridiculous no one should have to pay to stay at a place like this

    • Daniel Chavez says:

      I stayed at the La Quinta in La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Albuquerque West. We arrived late and just went directly to bed the next morning we noticed that there was human feces stains on the sheets where we had slept that night. We were disgusted with the findings and brought it to the attention of management who treated it as business as usual, they gave me a partial refund however I am requesting a full refund plus some kind of compensation for sleeping in such disgusting conditions. I still get nauseous when I think about the fact that I slept is such disgusting conditions. It was so grotesque I get nauseous just thinking about it. I was only give a partial refund, I want a full refund and compensation of some type for sleeping in such bad conditions. I am thinking if the sheets were not changed then neither were the pillow cases which is also disgusting.

      • Ashley says:

        Should of looked at the condition of the sheets before you got in them. Yes it is very disgusting but when you pulled back the sheets to get in the bed you didn’t notice it? From now on I bet you will check !

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