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La Fitness Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3161 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 949-255-7200

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: help@lafitness.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: November 1, 1984

  • Founder: Chin Yi

  • Key People: Martin Long

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Martin Long

Chief Executive Officer

Ross Chester

Chief Financial Officer

Arthur McColl

Chief Operating Officer

About La Fitness, History and Headquarters Information


La Fitness was founded in the year 1984. The company has been operational for almost 35 years now. The founders of the company were Louis Welsh and Chin Yol Yi. The company started its business in Los Angeles, California, USA. During the next ten years of the company launching its operations, it expanded by acquiring other gym companies, especially in the Southern California area. In the year 1995, the company had built its prototype for building all its future gyms, and therefore the construction continued till the end of the 1990s. By the year 2000, the company had acquired one of the largest fitness chains in the Atlanta region of the USA. The take over added the company’s presence in 25 more locations and added 14 larger gyms as well to the company’s portfolio.

Then in the year 2007, the company had expanded into Canada, by acquiring seven gyms in the Toronto region. Later in the year 2010, the company had also acquired Pure Fitness Arizona as well, and another ten gyms in the Phoenix area too. In the year 2011, the company had taken over almost 153 gym clubs from Bally Total Fitness. The following year, the company again had acquired 33 gym clubs from Lifestyle Family Fitness, located in Florida, USA. During the year 2018, the company had to face various racial discrimination charges, and therefore, two managers were removed in the process as well – after being complained by a former employee of the company. As of the year 2019, the company again got negative press when a 90-year old cancer patient complained that he was forced to purchase $5,000 worth of personal training classes of the company. The headquarters of the company is based in 6400 Irvine Boulevard. The name of the place is Irvine, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 92620.


LA Fitness is an American fitness company that focuses on providing the right platform for its customers and clients to continue seeking innovative ways to enhance their physical as well as emotional well-being as well. The current CEO of the company is Louis Welch. The company has more than 700 gym clubs located all over the USA and also in Canada as well. The number of employees working at the company is more than 10,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and their clients to have a platform to continue their fitness regime and seek various different ways to maintain their emotional and physical well-being, along with keeping their bodies fit too. The increase in the company’s diverse membership base states that the mission of the company is in steady hands, as of the current date.

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  • Robin Scott says:

    Your membership contract should be different for seniors. I was unable to utilize my membership for 2 months due to health issues. I still had to pay for the membership. That’s unfair, especially because I am on a fixed income.

  • Rod says:

    I have noticed a recent increase in people setting up cameras and tripods at my local gym in Lake Elsinore California on Collier Street. This morning as I was attempting to rewrack my weights (70lbs each) I almost tripped over someone’s tripod. This is clearly a safety hazard and I would ask that you address this as soon as possible. I should not have to be worried that I may injure myself as a result of someone who has a tripod set up on the gym floor.

  • Kurt says:

    I am an ardent fan of the LA Fitness in Covington WA. As I was finishing up my work out today and I notice a guy working out had on a shirt that read FUCK Biden and if you do not like it Fuck you too. To me this is not appropriate attire. The gym is an escape for me. I see enough about politics everywhere else. The gym should not be political. As I looked around at other members reaction, I could tell they were offended too. There were kids working out with their parents. I noticed mom’s seemed very displeased. In the past I have ask others who were wear similar attire. I found what they were wearing was not appropriate at the gym. And they told me, you do not work here and can not tell me what I can and can not wear. I then told an employee working at the front counter and they told me they would handle it. And they said nothing to the individual. So this time instead of confronting the individual I went up to the front counter and informed them of the situation. And again they said they would handle it and of course no action.

    My question for you is can members wear attire that is offensive to others. If so, I am going to start wearing offensive attire. If this is not acceptable to you, your employees need to enforce your policies. We come here to work out. NOT TO BE CHASTISED ABOUT OUR POLITICS. I have pictures if you would like to see them of the member wearing the offensive shirt. I would like a response. Thank you for your time. Just so you know, I will not let this go.

  • David L Price says:

    How about fixing the no hot water problem at the La Habra location? No hot water for at least 2 months! I’m telling everyone I see at the club that you’re going to close that location, otherwise you’d have fixed the hot water heater. 24 hr fitness anyone?

  • Charles Robinson says:

    I joined LA Fitness again in september 2023 with a manager for the 3rd time with a manager to make sure that my memebership does not get screwed up like the others. The special was $39.95. However, I told the manager that I use to have a membership for $49.95 and my teenage son could come whenever he wanted. This time, the manager told me that if I pay $49.95 he would give my son a 90 day pass and afdter the 90 days he could just come see him and he would give my son another 90 day pass. Well that manager is gone and the new managers told me that my son attempted to come in and now that manager said that I would have to show my I.D. everytime to come. Then I came to the gym the same day and ask for the general manager. The manager who called me said that the lady next to him was the general manager. However, this lady did not say anything as though she was not concerned about me canceling my account because of the deal that a manager told me and that was the only reason I accepted the $49.95 deal instead of the special for $39.95. So I canceled my membership immediatily for misrepresentation from a manager.

  • Phillip Adams says:

    I feel like I’ve been discriminated against and I would like to hear about this it says nothing about you can’t use your cell phone I see others using their cell phone sporadically as I do I rest in between and I text my grandkids and my artistic daughter I don’t see anything wrong with that I’ve been doing it for years

  • Phillip Adams says:

    I was at the LA Fitness Stone Mountain cycle class with Steven he told me I could not text I have an artistic daughter and grandkids that I need to communicate with I’ve been taking his classes for years I’m 65 years old and I don’t need to stress please contact me at 510-978-0577 Philip Adams

  • Hugh Goldspiel says:

    I have a problem at LA fitness, they were harassing me to buy stuff that I didn’t want, and then they told me my drivers license was from out of town they wouldn’t let me get a membership. So I tried to register for membership online, and then immediately someone was sending me personal emails harassing me from the gym trying to get me to buy stuff that I didn’t want. I was totally humiliated, and embarrassed. I let this person know that this was harassment, and I was going to complain about it. I didn’t even get a chance to go to the gym.

  • Lawrence Steven Grossman says:

    When I applied over the phone during the covid night mare they told me they were not going to charge me until it was safe to go to the club I got charged immediately they didn’t wait I finally got the paper work saying that I going to take you to people’s court I have the evidence I got charged over 300dollars my health insurance company cover health clubs I will call you up to find out if your company does if not I will report your company to the better business bureau and consumer affairs a few hundred times to make a difference

  • SgtJeffreyHolden says:

    So today a fellow retired Veteran was rudely treated by staff at LA FITNESS! Not ACCEPTABLE! This women served with me overseas as your rude racist employees were safe back here in the US . How dare you disrespect her and her service. And she just beat cancer. I Stand For G and don’t stand for LA Fitness. SHAME ON YOU.

  • SgtEricaEdge says:

    Portland Oregon Racist Location. My family member who served this country . A women who just beat Cancer should have never been treated so poorly by this business. When she simply wanted to understand her bill and charges to be talked down to and bullied by a Mgr is wrong. As a women of color it’s hard enough to deal with hatred but I guess LA FITNESS doesn’t care. I have requested all police and active military on our site to CANCEL their membership with this RACIST COMPANY. I am so upset that protesters will be coming and local minorities will be coming. Shame on you La Fitness. You will need to Answer to people of color .

  • Geneva O’Connor says:

    Portland Oregon Location SUPER RACIST!!!! As a women of color and who served this country was disappointed by the Lack of Ethics and Grace instead I was treated poorly by my location. Luckily BLM has planned a large in person boycott and news for this disgusting discrimination. If LA Fitness doesn’t want people of color to join them post that.

  • Michelle says:

    I am helping my mother find a gym, she is 78 years. The rates are too high for her and I was informed about a $19.99 a month rate for senior citizens. We are Unable to get any answers from the gym in her area /Marlton NJ. Is someone able to assist me in getting her an affordable membership?

  • Jose rodriguez says:

    I been going Elsinore gym for 16 years I asked for ac in basketball too be fixed for 2 years now due you guys need a petition I go alot southern cali gym there ac works in basketball court is there reason nothing been done about it

  • Yureli Rivera says:

    On 8/8/23 my dad enter LA Fitness 5260 Donald Ross Rd Palm Beach Gardens Fl 33418. When he entered a female there laughed at him because of his appearance. This is definitely disrespectful, humiliating, inhuman as I pay for a membership. I don’t pay a membership for my dad to get this type of treatment. I did call the location and I asked who was at the front desk at 3pm and the guy I spoke with mentioned that the female was the Manager named Keke. Management !!!!! I am trying my best to reach out to corporate to resolve this embarrassment my dad had to go thru.

  • Carrie Flynn says:

    I am a member of La fitness, Donald Ross. Jupiter , Florida. Why is there no air conditioning in the exercise classroom for 4 days? Please attend to this issue immediately. Some members are at risk of heat stroke

  • Gina Zannino says:

    Once again contacting in reference to the LA Fitness in Toms River. Air conditioning in the spin room is NON EXISTENT. I love the spin classes and love the instructors, unfortunately, there is no circulating air, no air conditioning period. We have to leave the door open to get some air in the room but anyone in the far end of the room are drenched, cant breathe within minutes of the class starting. We have been told numerous time that the air is on and it IS NOT BLOWING AT ALL. People have been faint and I have almost passed out on several occasions due to lack of air. PLEASE HELP. Sunday in the bathrooms look like an explosion happened, no one cleans

  • Bruce glenn says:

    Worst gym ever!! I joined about 6 months ago, went to the manager regarding no hooks on cable machine only four out of ten worked, one set of hand grips and one of the two were broken no light weights, they locked them up for personal training!! I called corporate for 5 months nobody cares!! I just canceled my membership.. don’t join

  • Dan says:

    I’ve been a loyal paying member of LA Fitness for 6 years now without ever missing a payment. I went overseas for a few months and had my debit card hacked and obviously had to cancel it. Obviously I wasn’t making the payments to the gym. So I get back and explain the situation and apologize. I pay for the 3 months to get my membership back to even($100) Then I scan in my card and am told that I have to pay $60 more to get my membership back!! I explain the situation to their finance dept and they say that they can’t do anything. I have never missed a payment in 6 years and when I finally do they treat me like a crook and not only that but they also try to scam me. LA Fitness are scam artists, DO NOT GO THERE!! Could care less about their customers. They just want your money and don’t care about anything else

  • Freddie Love says:

    I a member at the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota branch club, you have a associate that goes by the name Brenda, she is unprofessional, bias, prejudice,rude and does not associate with the core values of La fitness staff, business or humanity. I do believe her conduct makes the atmosphere of the environment negative. This particular associate needs to immediately be removed from any and all customer service support,deals, contact and relations. I’m sorry she is not a good fit for the club. Thank you The right individual will create a cause of action that will maintain I promise

  • HM Lynch says:

    To the CEO of L.A. Fitness

    Today’s date is 6/21/2023.
    There has been an ongoing issue with your L.A. Fitness location at 9930 PENDLETON PIKE, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46236. Phone: (317) 855-9012
    This location is 8 minutes from my home and I’m on a budget for my gas use. Your Swimming Pool at the above address has been “Out Of Order” for better than 6 months. And as of today, they are saying it may be open in 12 days. If it could be repaired, why has it taken so long to repairs to start?
    I’ve had both knees replaced and I only use the pool for 1 hr at a time, to walk and do muscles building exercises along with 3 other ladies . I was, avenging 4 times a week.
    My question to you, does the Lawrence location have enough customers to keep this location open? If not, may I subject moving this faculty location or adding a new location in the Town of McCordsville, Indiana 46055. The name of the town is from Scottish. ***Location can be seen on Google’s Map.
    This Town is near the Geist area which has homes ranging from $500,000 to & over $2 million.   The Town of McCordsville is now developing 40 or more acres along State Rd 67 and  Rd 600.   They are adding Apartments buildings and New Restaurants. L.A. Fitness would be a good fit for this up and coming Town. Please, do reply.
    Thank You, HM Lynch

  • Peter Piscitello says:

    I would like to have a Senior Executive please contact me about a situation at the Missouri club in Largo.I am Peter Piscitello and have been a loyal and faithful member for over 20years and i am being treated badly by the Manager of this club. Peter Piscitello

  • Gene says:

    How can I reach corporate? I want them to put signs up in ALL of their fitness centers that says: “While using exercise equipment the use of cell phones between sets is not allowed in order to be considerate of others who want to use the equipment.”

  • Cynthia Gibbs Foster says:

    I’m not happy I pay every month with no problems. But kickboxing is kickboxing and bodywork and ABs mixing is hard .

  • Cynthia Gibbs Foster says:

    I’m a member at a lafitness I have been taking the classes for 6 months body works and Abs they turn it into marsh art and some kick boxing. It’s not fair the class still call body works

  • Carolyn Nichols says:

    I spoke to the District Manager over Pearland, TX location today to switch over to another master trainer because the master trainer I was training with had left to pursue other goals and he refused to switch me over to another master trainer without charging me an extra $10 per month. I felt that he should have waived the $10 because it was not fault that my trainer had left. So due to him not waiving the extra $10 per month, I just canceled the personal training all together. Customers come first and he failed to show good customer service after I’ve been coming to LA Fitness for over 10 years or more

  • Pedro says:

    Someone from corporate should really stop by at la fitness in kearny New Jersey. I’ve been going there for a while is only getting worse every year. Way over crowded it. And full of kids that are just playing around and hold machines. Everything is out of place. Missing pins, weights all over can’t never find it, is a really trouble ready to start anytime at this location. Need someone to do something at this location asap. Someone should stop by around 4–4:30pm any day of the week.

  • BTD says:

    I went to the Bowie Maryland location. During Covid because its still here, there are no paper towels or machine cleaner available in this facility. Why should an added level of protection for safety of members be disregarded due to laziness?

  • Marcello Munoz says:

    Boca Raton LA Fitness

    Went in last week to reactivate my membership after not going back due to the fact that a past employee who is no longer there tried to scam me on social media, AFTER the membership department pressured me to go back to the gym. I also paid for a training session on top of the membership fee, and they charged me twice for the membership. Anyways, I went in today, 9 days after I reactivated my membership, for a training session, only to find out that my “trainer” got fired and banned from LA Fitness. He texted me saying that they should have called me (which LA Fitness didn’t BTW). Funny thing is that when I walked into the gym, and greeted everyone, they literally didn’t tell me anything about the trainer no longer working there. I’ll call corporate tomorrow to get them to give me a FULL refund. This is ridiculous.

  • Joe Harris says:

    Extremely disappointed about the cleanliness and the fact that I called ahead-and asked if the Suana and whirlpool was working tonight only to get here at 8:55 sit in the Suana and realized through conversation and temperature that the sauna was turned off. This is completely unacceptable. No manager or second in charge on duty . The response i got from the reception area was to do what I have to do! If this is not correctly immediately I am canceling my member and taking my entire staff to another facility. What is the policy on operating the Suana a across the metro area?

  • Audra Rodriguez says:

    Please Please please
    We need at A squat Machine

    Forest Ave Staten Island NY
    Needs a power Squat machine

    (the one with the two arms & you can face into the Pad or face out & have your back on the Pad , weight can be put on like your leg press Machine

    It will be totally well come to your fantastic clean set up!

    Thank you

    Audra Rodriguez

  • Gerald says:

    LA fitness in Naples Florida in the pavilion mall used to be an upscale place for workouts it has turned into a shabby unmaintained health club carpets are disgusting they are frayed tripping hazards machines are out of order no maintenance totally disgusting for the money you have to pay.

  • Mike Shafer says:

    Email sent

  • A d says:

    Link to email doesn’t even work

  • My name is Florin Rus says:

    Complain about the manager working in location Huntington Beach he’s name isn’t Roy .
    This guy harassed my every day.
    Isn’t the new member I don’t now if I spell correct his name.

  • James Moore says:

    Pompano Beach, fl IAFitness yet people stay and use cell phones after each set. Years ago someone would walk around and tell them phone or machine not both!What happen?

  • Joseph Covino says:

    I use the location at Alicia Pkwy in Mission Viejo. Apparently the manager of that location insists that both doors are kept propped open all the time. I’ve noticed this during the year on normally warm days but now during this intense heat wave the doors are still wide open! Today is 104 in Mission Viejo!

  • LIDIA TAPIA says:

    Pocono (PA) is urgently needing a nice health club like LA Fitness
    People from NYS (Manhattan in particular) had moved to Pocono and Country Place, stablishing a home base business operation after COVID, I always hear about the need of a Health Club in the area, most of them drive 45 to 60 minutes to find an LA Fitness; it would be nice if you consider to build one there; as a developer and job creator grants are available as land is cheep. Kalahari got a good deal when building resort, land is almost free, man power (labor) less restricted than NY or anywhere else and overall the nicest people in USA.

  • Pedro Navarro says:

    Porque es impossible cancelar una de mis menbrecias

  • Billy says:

    I joined LA Fitness in May2022. When attempting to use the shower yesterday after my workout and sauna at 3:57PM, I was informed by “the mop boy” that “I need to vacate the premises within 3 minutes, else risk being arrested for trespassing”. When entering the facility at 3:00PM, I did not read the solicitation posted on the exterior door prior to entering the facility. The lobby monitor was too busy texting on his cell to be bothered to provide a courtesy reminder that the facility was closing early for Labor Day. A few weeks ago, an employee informed me while working out using the rope pulleys that I need to get off since he has training to do with his client. Apparently, the staff has no ability to wait their turn and believe that their training is more important than paying clients! TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF! So, I don’t want hear any flack from this institution when I cancel my membership and take my business elsewhere!

  • Amy Sauer says:

    The Gaithersburg MD location is in a great location and most of the equipment is up and running. One of the basketball nets have been inoperable for over a month now.

    This was brought to the attention to the staff & manager without resolution. I understand this break and need time to get fixed however a month is excessive.

  • Downs says:

    La Fitness Deerfield Beach Florida on Hillsboro blvd. Completely ridiculous all cardio is upstairs with no fans whatsoever. Gym has skylights proximately 2/3 in the ceiling. Florida!!!!???? What is the temperature of the gym upstairs 5 to 10° warmer. Can something be done about this? Afternoon is absolutely ridiculous to be upstairs. Please please send as I see in other gyms. LA Fitness Fort Lauderdale off 17th at Causeway has them

  • Bob Howard says:

    These are to deposit codes for these unauthorized charges.

    Where is this LA Fitness?

    FITNESS ORIG ID:1330774939

    NAME:L A FITNESS ORIG ID:1330774939 DESC DATE:082422 CO ENTRY DESCR:9492558100SEC:PPD TRACE#:121100787694658 EED:220824 IND ID: IND NAME:I686095726 TRN: 2367694658TC
    $49 – 24 Aug, 2022 – ORIG CO NAME:L A FITNESS ORIG ID:1330774939 DESC DATE:082422 CO ENTRY DESCR:ANNUAL FEESEC:PPD TRACE#:121100786482950 EED:220824 IND ID: IND NAME:I686114600 TRN: 2366482950TC
    $89.98 – 25 Jul, 2022 – ORIG CO NAME:L A FITNESS ORIG ID:1330774939 DESC DATE:072522 CO ENTRY DESCR:9492558100SEC:PPD TRACE#:121100780861235 EED:220725 IND ID: IND NAME:I681307475 TRN: 2060861235TC

  • Bob Howard says:

    I have 3 unauthorized ACH charges taken from one of my business accounts. I have never been to any LA Fitness. I have the deposit codes. Please advise.

  • Sandra Garzon says:

    The success of a public service company, like what a gym does, is to provide a place to take care of your health, your body, and keep your mind clean and calm! Success is achieved to the extent that the company and its franchises maintain the goodwill of the company. But in the case of Clakr NJ LA Fitness, after the pandemic they have a main manager, who is operating very poorly! you don’t want to pay the people who do the cleaning! Every day this Gym is getting worse, it’s sad, because it’s located in a residential area and there are still many loyal customers that we keep! if the place is dirty, your sales to new costumers are not going to go up! that’s a terrible idea to have a dirty place full of garbage and pay only 4 hours a week! They only have one gentleman covering all the maintenance areas and the Lord can’t do anymore!

  • Hesham Edward says:

    I payed for my 16 years old son membership when I tried to cancel the membership LA fitnes Canada gave a hard after a long argument it is done but I lost two month membership payments that is not fair that is steeling

  • Gladis Enriquez says:

    “I wish I could put zero stars” This place is truly the most unprofessional group up individuals that I have ever encountered. Background story, my friend, MOM and I are members with LA FItness/Esporta gyms, we are both out of shape females that want to change our lifestyle. My mother who is a fitness competitor and knows exercises joins us for a workout and helps up with out form and guides us through our workouts. Keep in mind SHE IS MY MOM. Anyways today we were disrespected, attacked, and discriminated to say the least by the managers, VP, and staff. I was told that my own MOM can’t tell me what work out to do while we were all working out (oh and also my mom had knee surgery so of course she couldn’t do lower body), they yelled at her across the gym and flagged her membership and cancelled it without her knowledge. All I have to say that LA Fitness/Esporta is very hypocritical and don’t value members what so ever. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM. OH and if you are looking for trainers they get their credentials in a 3 day or open book course, they also only get about $12 an hour of what you are paying the managers get the rest. So for what you are paying you can get a certified personal trainer.

  • M says:

    I am the member of the La fitness at Huntington Beach, golden west street. On June, 8 2022 around 11:20 am , a LA fitness employee suddenly open my shower curtain which I was in the shower. In closed my shower curtain. then she opened the curtain second time, and screaming and looking at my nude body. I can not believe that sex harassment happened at this gym???

  • Angus Macaulay says:

    Are you considering New London CT as a new area for a fitness center. There are no LA Fitness centers anywhere near there.

  • Susan says:

    I have been a member for well over 25 years. I was a member in Atlanta and now McDonough, Ga. It is surprising to me that ADA laws are not followed, by not offering a Button pushed Handicap door at the entrance. Please Install Them!
    I have used a Walker for the past 5 years and will have to, for The Rest of my Life.
    I have been almost knocked down by the wind catching the heavy door and struggle Every time I enter and leave the facility. I often will wait on a member to open the door. Sometimes a staff member will step forward and open it, and sometimes they will calmly sit and watch me struggle to enter/leave. While the staff is nice and I go to the faculty about 4 times a week, I am also surprised there are only “TWO” Handicap stationery low seated bikes on the lower level. I am too nice of a person to ask a healthy, young person to please use the non- handicap bikes upstairs. People can be inconsiderate.

    It is ironic that as we All Will Age and may incur physical limitations, that an organization does little to promote the rehabilitation through an effective Exercise Environment that allows for All people to Enter/Leave the facility. I know I am one of Many Members across the country with this same situation/needs. I speak for all of them.

    Please incorporate the needed change to install a handicap button on your Entrance doors.
    Thank you! A loyal member!

  • Jessica says:

    Still haven’t had anyone reach out to me about my issue. I have canceled my membership.

  • Jessica says:

    I became a member March 2022. My home gym is in Lodi, New Jersey. I signed up for the personal training session but due work and family issues I canceled the next day. I canceled in person, I spoke with a manager/ representative name Eddie and was told that the VP can only handle this. I waited for the VP to reach out to me via email or phone for a week. I called this time and was tossed around the ringer amongst your staff that yet again there wasn’t anything they could do for me. Within this time, I called my bank and blocked only the $499.00 and then the monthly charge of $400.00 a month. I still had my membership fee coming out of my account. I called the corporate office number numerous times and was told that the VP can only help me and that they will let him know the situation. Weeks passed by and I am getting frustrated that I have yet to hear from the VP and I actively see the personal training session on my account. When you call the corporate office number listing, it directs you to other the club managers. All the club managers I spoke to said the VP must handle this and there is no notes in my account of cancellation. Now when I called my club, I got a hold of the newly promoted manager Jeremy who told me that the VP can only handle this yet again. He mentioned that there is a buy out fee of 2,000.I couldn’t believe that especially after I canceled the next day. I notified someone within 3 days. I asked for the VP name and was told Paul. I was made aware Paul just got promoted to VP. Paul is the manager I signed up with for my personal training. I asked for an email and was told he couldn’t provide that. I called the corporate number again and spoke with Micheal. I explained the situation and he seemed like he cared. He even mention putting me on a call back list which now I see he was just blowing smoke. He told me he was going to reach out to Paul and if I don’t hear back from him later on in the day or the next morning to call him. He did give me his call back number which was 281-575-0070. I called back the next day and his tone towards me changed. He was mean and said Paul said he took of this and there is nothing else he can do for me. I explained now at this point I can’t go to the gym because my account is locked. The only way is to pay for personal training and my membership to become active again. He didn’t care to hear that and told me to take it up with my gym and Paul said he handled it. Then he said La Fitness lack of payment doesn’t go against your credit. I couldn’t believe that was the same person I was speak too the day before. So I called my club again and told to come in 9am to 5am to speak with someone. I am not able too due to my work schedule. Exactly why I didn’t want the personal training. It is now May, my membership is passed due, I’ve been told Paul handled this, heard about a 2k buy out, there’s no notes on my account, I sent messages for my app, billing reached out to me, I called numerous times, and now stuck. I never attended a session, I canceled within the 3 day period, I even switched my debit card thinking that could help, never heard from Paul, and now $499.00 in the hole because my bank said I authorized payment, and still personal training on my account. I didn’t even receive a training booklet nor do a session. I would love to continue to go the gym but I am left with the only option is to cancel my membership. My account is past due on the membership and I don’t want that but I literally have been tossed all over. I complied to everything asked of me and dealt with horrible customer service. This is my only option to hopefully get someone to help me out and actually solve the problem. I am not paying 2000 for something I never started and canceled within 3 days. This is just a big mess. Please contact me with the email provided for this. My membership barcode is QR0GDX8PT9A. Thank you.

  • Eve H says:

    I am a member in Hillsboro Oregon 97124 location. I lost my set of keys, well, actually they were stolen from the bathroom counter while I was using the toilet. The staff there were not helpful, would not let me post a “lost keys” sign up, manager ignored me. So disappointed in that location

  • E Colón says:


    What regulations and protocols are in place in LA Fitness, for when
    1. employees sees potential danger to their safety.
    2. members disrespecting or insulting employees?
    I can be reached at

  • Simone says:

    3/16/2022 – Akers Mill LA Fitness Incident occured at 10:08pm, a male front desk worker at LA Fitness walked into the women’s locker room while I was getting dressed. He argued with my partner and tried to fight him after my partner asked him not to enter the women’s locker room while women are getting dressed. He told my partner that he can do what he wants because he’s a manager and physically assaulted my partners phone out of his hand onto the floor. Everything was video recorded. There were other members in the gym locker rooms at the time getting ready as well.. the police have been called as well.

    See attached video: https://youtube.com/shorts/zovHo4-2RWs?feature=share

  • Lisa says:

    I want to know if this mask wearing is going to end

  • Jessica says:

    Hello, I would like to be my identity with this matter to be confidential.

    I would like to make a complaint to the well being of a child being present in one of your facilities multiple times a week that is under age child is against your policy rules. I am a customer with your company and usually attend to the LA fitness in Stowe, PA. I have the pass that I am able to go to multiple gyms with in your company’s facilities. So I recently went to the LA Fitness in East Norriton, PA. I engaged a conversation with a guy by the name of Trevahn Stephens he lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA. He has been bringing his son with him multiple times threw out the weeks. Founding out he is only 8 years old. Isn’t your policy you have stated to be 13 years old and up and be companyed with an adult? He comes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7pm or 8pm and stays for two or two and half hours with his 8 year old at the LA fitness in East Norriton, PA. Whoever is that the front desk is lenient towards this happening.
    When engaging the conversation to Trevahn Stephens he said, “All I told the front desk guys is he is a trainer and he knows his stuff with safety and everything to get my 8 year old in”. He has been lifting weights, in the pool, sauna, treadmill,& turf area.

    I am a mother of twin 8 year old sons and got denied access at the East Norriton, PA and Stowe, PA LA fitness to bring my sons in to workout with me.
    If action will not be taken about this matter I will go above who ever this email gets to first and heard from. I feel if this guy can do it why can’t I bring my sons to be with me and workout with.

    I will state again I would like my name to be confidential.
    I would like to know when this action will stop with this guy not following your policy because it unfair on my part as well as others. To not get the same privileges as he is getting away with for how ever long he has been doing this.
    I hope action will be made right away, and would like a response back as soon as possible.

    Thank you
    Ms. Hanley

  • G. P. says:

    LA FITNESS in Upland California, San Bernardino Co. has a sign posted stating “ masks are mandatory”. I saw only one employee wearing a mask on his chin. I didn’t see, not one patron, wearing a mask because it’s not being enforced due to fear of confrontation, I was told. What gives?

  • Mark says:

    Hello I am a member at your Allen Park Michigan location it is vital that you guys address the horrible house keeping conditions it is out of control filthy in the men’s locker rm and bathroom completely un called for

  • Larry says:

    We have been members of the LA Fitness in Lombard, Ill., (now ESPORTA )since it opened. Our steam room has only worked 2-3 days a week SINCE JULY of last year. Our hot tub is broken regularly and often not even warm. What is wrong? The manage tells use he is trying to get things fixed but that does not happen. Please help. We will not renew our membership if this is not corrected. Thank you. Is there a corporate office we can sent mail to?

  • Jessica says:

    Yesterday, my husband got assaulted by one of the trainers at the GlenDale Heights location. Today we are filling a report against this person because we don’t feel safe going back to this gym.

    I would like to speak with someone regarding this situation that occurred yesterday 12/22/21 as soon as possible.
    My husband was shoved and spoken to as if we were animals.

    We are regulars at the gym. We go to the gym with the purpose of fitness. This is a truly uncomfortable situation.

  • Maureen says:

    This morning, I had an experience at the LA Fitness Club at 163 Ave and Kendall Drive, Miami, that was humiliating and degrading.

    In all the YEARS, I have been a member, I NEVER seen or felt anything like this.

    I do my own regular routine, and I have always used the classroom for my push ups, so I get out of the way from other members doing exercises throughout the club, since I don’t do strenuous exercises, I don’t bother those who do.

    After my 20 min Cardio I went to do pushups, in the empty classroom, all the way in a corner where I use an already stretched out mat. An instructor came in with an attitude, picking up other materials that other members had left in the room and had an condescending attitude with me, making faces, shaking her head NO and grunting, like a pissed off mommy, cleaning up the kids playroom, as if I had left everything scattered in the classroom, I am assuming.

    I felt so uncomfortable that I left and decided to finish my exercises somewhere else​, when ​finished with my routine I returned to the classroom to do my stretches in the same place as previously, all the way in the back at the same mat already stretched. This time there was a class going, but since I was in the back I did not bother anybody.

    ​As I ​was finishing my stretches, she interrupted the class to throw me out. Saying I could not be in the class, if I was not participating. So many times I have seen people in the gym doing their own thing while a class was going, why are there different measurements for other members?​ ​ did not argue with her and as I was just getting up to leave, something was said by her that I did not hear, that made everyone laugh, she made fun of me? Why?

    I have been a member since 89, when the club was Scandinavian, Then Bally’s Scandinavian, then Bally’s, now LA Fitness. but NEVER have I experienced such treatment, by anyone. I have constantly referred this club to everyone I know.

    I went to the front desk to complain and Manny (so he says), did not want to give me the instructors name, and said no one is allowed in the classroom when not participating, that it was corporate policy. There are no signs on the door saying that, and the rules should be for everyone, I have seen others and I have done my own routine many times during a class, why was it not permitted today? If it is not allowed then there should be a sign saying so. And instead of trying to embarass me, waited for me to leave and let management know about this, to place a sign up.

    I am very disappointed with the UNPROFESSIONAL rude attitude of the Zumba instructor (Giselle) and for the front desk guy, not being helpful, since he said he was the manager.

    I hope measures are taken by the corporate office to prevent this from happening again, not only to me but to someone else. Putting up some kind of signage and having the rules followed by everyone! Next time I go to the gym, I will document others using the room, while a class is in progress.

    We are at the end of 2021, have we not learned anything? What happened to mind , body and spirit? I go to the gym to feel good, not get upset at someone that does not know how to treat loyal members, and is condescending towards others.

  • A long tIme member says:

    The facility in Woodbridge no longer shows news on the tv screens. When asking the manager, for some time he said he did not know how to change the channels and direct tv would have to show him. Well direct tv showed him I think because I saw them there one day. Now all they have on the channels is sports. He now says the maintenance guy is responsible for setting the channels and he made no effort to contact him and rectify the problem.What is going on?

  • Ryan Rupley says:

    I go to your facility in Hillsboro Oregon (7410 Imbrie).
    Your staff walk around (inside the indoor basketball court and throughout the facility) either without masks or with the mask under their nose. They posted a sign that states masks are NOT required if the activity is intense…so i’m on the treadmill doing my workout I followed your staff’s actions/examples and took my mask off to breathe. A couple minutes later, one of your staff advises me I need a mask to be in your facility, when i questioned about the other staff who aren’t wearing their masks your staff advised that indoor basketball and racquetball is exempt (as per YOUR policy) when this does not follow the requirements of the Oregon Health Authority–i made sure to do my research and even called OHA.

    Lastly, after I started putting my mask on I was advised that I did not have to cover my nose. I’m naturally assuming your staff said this as they felt bad they were instructed to press me when his fellow staff dont follow the rules… Management of this facility has deteriorated…

  • Mary Finley says:

    Have asked repeatedly to turn down the bass on the music they play at our gym and they repeatedly say that they can’t because it’s controlled by corporate. There is no music only loud bass

  • Nathan Hayes says:

    La fitness got a new general manager about 2 or 3 months ago almost immediately as he walked thru the door I started having problems with staff making the pool area to cold for me swim in. i have complained before and I will continue to complain. the staff will lie to you can tell you that they cant control the temperature which is not true. LEt me go on to say that I am often harassed my the members. i have gone to management three times only to have the harrassing behavior get much worse. Now maybe you guys cant control the members but you certainly can control your own staff or at least you should be abler too. tonight at the Oak court la finitess the manager JP TURNS the air up just as I am about to get in the pool, when JP was a just a member he displayed harrassing behavior toward me now he a manager and has continued to do the same thing under cover. I ask to speak I speak to you which is true to JB and I ask what has against me says nothing I helped you when you were sick which is true, .

    Nathan Hayes 901-415-9287

  • Cal says:

    It would be nice if, in the case of those clubs with Racquetball courts, at least one court is designated as available on a first come first serve basis and limited to one hour unless no one is waiting. Rules should be clearly posted (i.e. for those courts that can be reserved, if the person reserving the court is not present or if the reserver is not on the court within the first 15 minutes, the court is available to anyone. Posting these rules on the door of each court would save some aggravation.

  • Gym member says:

    Why do your employees think it is ok to lock the doors 30 mins before closing?

  • Ron Williams says:

    This is for Mr. McColl,
    I’ve been a member of LA Fitness from the first day it opened in Woodbridge, Virginia. In the early days when the gym was trying to recruit new members, when a piece of equipment was broken or taken out of service it was fixed in a timely manner. I recently rejoined the gym since it reopened after COVID-19. There is broken equipment in the gym and equipment pads that are torn. The equipment just have signs on it stating that it is out of service. I spoke with a manager named Kayli and asked why it is taking so long to repair equipment. She stated that when she put in the request to have equipment fixed, the request is denied. Some of the equipment has been out of order for months, others for weeks with no correction date in sight. I feel that this is a breach of contract for the member because when we signed up for the membership and was shown the equipment, we were told that the equipment would be available to use and would be repaired when broken. The corporation collects dues from members every month which is more than enough to get equipment fixed. Now we must alter our workouts because the equipment is broken or not enough to go around. Some of the pads are torn which holds bacteria that is caught between the sub padding and the surface. The spray wipe will not get down between the cracks. I am speaking for several of the club members when I say that something needs to be done. I consulted an attorney about a class action law suit for breach of contract. I was instructed to contact you first to see if the problem can be fixed. If not, them we go further. Talking to management at the Woodbridge club goes nowhere. They would’nt even give the number to the corporate headquarter so that this complaint can be made. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. My Name is Ron Williams and I can be contacted at swilliams567@comcast.net. I’m sending a copy of this correspondence to the attorney and hand delivering a copy to the Woodbridge club.

  • New Customer says:

    The pool is not working at 1450 Broadway Saugus, MA 01906. The pool is always cold and out of service. The front desk is always stating that this is the first of them knowing, when they are clearly aware that the pool is too cold. The jacuzzi smells like pee all the time. Please have another pool company take a look at the pool and rectify the problem at once. I spoke to Jenny at this gym, but lacks customer service skills, so I called corporate office and worse, the girl I think I spoke to is Lindsay, did not have much to say. I do not know how you hire unprofessional rude people. This is not cool, I would like to actually get my money’s worth.

  • Gary Lewis says:

    I am a member of the Esporta Gym in Tampa Palms, Florida. I would like to commend the staff and the corporation for running a great operation in Tampa Palms. The staff is always friendly and professional. The facility is very clean, it maintains all equipment on a regular basis and Louis (in charge of keeping the facility clean) works like no other keeping things clean and operational. He should be acknowledged for the great work he does everyday. Finally, thank you for the change in the music. Much more enjoyable!!!
    Gary Lewis 8/30/2021

  • Vincent Russo says:

    to whom may concern…Martin Long, Arthur McColl…

    My name is Vincent Russo, I’m a member of your Staten Island location at 145 E Service Rd. So today on 6/21/2021 I went to this location expecting to play basketball because this is the only La Fitness gym in Staten Island that has a basketball court. So last week the basketball court was open for us to play. I called the location to see if they was open they told me no but meanwhile my friend was at the location inside the basketball court. why lie to your customers? So when i got to the gym Which I must say the basketball wasn’t even swept. I shouldn’t have to sweep your basketball court after i work 10 hour shifts at my job which i get paid for. So Friday 6/18/2021 i went there to play basketball. AC wasn’t on at all but we manage to keep the doors open to let air out. we spoke to management about it and they said was its Broken. So Now that New York been opening back up and restrictions are being lifted I ask myself why didn’t they have this Gym fixed and running to make sure that when things got back to normal everything will be great for the guest/ customers. this Location seems to not care about the customers who come to play ball at this gym. I’ve been a member for almost 10 years, I only became a member of this gym was to play ball when i was younger because it kept me active and off the streets. the managers at this location today told me that corporate didn’t approve the gym to be open but they had the gym open for the last 5 days though. then they said the FDNY shut them down. so they telling different stories which its depressing. I’m a USPS employee who been working through this pandemic and all i wanted to do was to play ball. I waited a year n half just to play ball and your location seem to be very nonchalant about this basketball court. Maybe ya should have corporate do a surprise visit there to see what ya paying ya employee’s. can you guys email me at VARusso89@gmail.com. im also gonna call tomorrow because i cant believe how this location has these kind of people running it.

  • Patricia says:

    Mr. Martin Long, CEO
    My family and I are members of LA Fitness for a decade, but we are reaching a point of dessapointment with the filthy situation of your establishment at 3231 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY. Nevertheless, no manager on premises that can help, even thou, all of them are HELPLESS and nasty. Members going into the gym not wearing masks causing exposure to Covid. The upholstery on the equipments all broken/ripped full of bacteria and disgusting, parts broken/missing. I approached a so call training manager name Danny and he got so nasty and arrogant saying that i’ts NOT mandatory to wear masks?? that I should be the one to tell the person myself, NICE GUY! and these are your Staff???. This is the BUSIEST gym with over 6 thousand members, so you are making the bucks, do something soon before the Board of Health closes it down again. This is a DISGUST.


    Dear LA Fitness management team,
    540 Lakeland Plaza, Cumming, Ga 30040


    Thank you for your offer to renew my membership with your gym. Unfortunately, due to a preexisting health condition, I will not be able to attend your facility anytime in the near future. I fear that the opportunity for unnecessary exposure to the life-threatening COVID-19 virus (not to mention the new more contagious variants) in an uncontrolled, poorly ventilated indoor environment, isn’t worth risking my life for. Nor am I willing to expose your fellow patrons to my possible illness as an unknown threat.

    I believe that by being open for business during a pandemic, LA Fitness has been operating in a dangerously reckless and unsafe manor which is poses a community health hazard to this area (Cumming, GA). Unlike most of your clients, my membership was paid for a full year in advance. Therefore, I did not have the luxury of discontinuing my monthly dues. Addressing this issue has been on my list of things to do for some time now. While I assumed it would be almost impossible to get a refund on the remainder of me contract (although a refund would be sweet), I definitely wanted to express my absolute disappointment and dissatisfaction in your company.

    It’s unbelievable that you would not voluntarily offer to refund customers who paid their contracts in full in the event they were not comfortable attending your unsafe facility. Your management team actually had the audacity to solicit my business with a ‘Renewal Letter’ reminder for another year of membership. Really??? Hmmm, we’re struggling through a pandemic here folks which has claimed over 500k souls already. Have a heart for the customers and community you serve.

    Thank you for that email and for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts. This is not meant to be taken personally.

    Customer #: 40238699

  • Kim Anderson says:

    Good afternoon My name is Ms.Kim Anderson… Im reaching out because im very disappointed on how you’ll handle business…Im laid off; no sooner then the company reopen you start taking money out of my account with out even considering my financial situation. This is just greed and very distasteful. How dare you without even notifing me. Not to mention i canceled with LA Fitness, before the Pandemic because of poor judgment such as this. I would like to be composted for all my payments before the Pandemic. Ive called several times you cant even leave a voice mail at this time. Prior to all thats going with i reached out to the company way before all this even happen, and i see nothing was resolve. I would appreciate if some one will respond and resolve this situation. I can be reached at 443-683-6017,my email address is kimmyanderson36@gmail.com. Home Address 4908 Cedargarden Rd Baltimore Md 21229. Thank you, Ms.Kim Anderson

  • Angel says:

    Please contact me about my issue 727-225-6497

  • Michael Ann Guthrie says:

    My name is Michael Ann Guthrie; AGT: QRSCGXJ0HR21613. I have been trying to contact customer service concerning my training contract. I was told by the LA Fitness rep that I needed to send a letter from my doctor to cancel this membership. Due to the threat of Covid-19, an underlying condition and my age of 70, my doctor has required that I do not engage in training activity or be in a gym environment or any environment that exposes me to a number of others at this time. I did send the letter to a PO Box 54170, Irvine California 92619 attention customer service and have not received any response, have tried to get through on the phone and have had no luck in reaching anyone. I just did send an email with my doctors note to help@lafitness.com. Please respond with a working telephone number or a specific mail as to further instructions. Please call me at 972-762-1967

  • Julie says:

    Please call me in reference to my membership

  • Adriese says:

    Well finally thank u LAFitness for providing some lights in the parking lot in Lansing ILLinois, for all safety, although towards the east side of the building get heavy parking, there should be put a light there also, thank u please, and it’s daylight savings time and those lights should be on around 5:13 it gets dark early, thank u again

  • Adriese says:

    This is my 4th email in regards to no lights in the parking lot at Lansing Illinois Lafitness …no one seems to care no one in charge is doing anything about our Safety in that parking lot, I called the lansing Police Department and was told it is LA Fitness responsibility for the parking lights to be on. Everyt ime i send an email i get a response this issue has been sent to District Regional person, this is ashame how you treat your faithful members at the LAFitnes n Lansing Illinois….I go to Planet Fitness now more than I go to LAFitness and then I prefer to drive longer distance to the better LAFitness in Tinley Park….I give you a no star rating for LAFitness!!!!

  • Kevin Brown says:

    I am trying to obtain information about criterion for becoming a trainer in martial arts exercise and aerobics. Phone is 717-224-7792

  • J.R. says:

    I have been a long time member…My father started my membership with Jack La lane back in the 80’s… Since then this have change to Holiday Spa, Bally’s and LA Fitness… My favorite and only club near me with Steam Room and Sauna is the one in Chatworth, California …Thru the years LA Fitness is been eliminating Steam Rooms in their locations around town ??? I have check the California Spa’s Code’s and Regulations and Non Restriction or Hazardous issues…Wondering Why this course of accion ??….I heard that you going to remodel or rebuild the California, Chatsworth location for the past 2 or 3 years…Most of the members here are long time members…We have spoke to the location manager wondering if the Steam Room and Sauna will be will be still available after the Renovation or Rebuilding…She has assurance us that it will be still Available…My question and other Members Concern is that what this manager have told us is accurate and that this it is supported by LA Fitness Headquarters Management…If you have an accurate answer please inform me and other member at the location in question in a writing form…Regards… R.F

  • guest says:

    la fitness Powell sucks………………..no sub lists -Karen in Dayton in charge of class scheduling does absolutely NOTHING-unable to reach her either ,I wonder why???????????????????

  • >