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  • Address: 1000 Lowes Blvd, Mooresville, NC 28117, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 200

  • Established: 1998

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J.H Williams was a Lowes and manufacturing partner, and in 1998 he developed cobalt to compete with the sears and home despot’s craftsman and husky tool brands. William left Kobalt ownership to Danaher corporation in 2003 to produce hand tools, and in 2011 Lowes ended their contract with Danaher for a new supplier, JS products. Kobalt makes many hand tools, storage tools, and power tools products that Lowes owns. The headquarters address is 1000 Lowes Blvd., Mooresville, NC 28117, United States.

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Office address: 1000 Lowes Blvd Mooresville, NC 28117-8520, United States

Office Phone number: 1-800-445-6937

Customer care number: 1-888-356-2258

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KobaltToolsOfficial/

Twitter https://twitter.com/kobalttools?lang=en

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kobaltmusic/?hl=en

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/KobaltMusic

Website https://www.lowes.com/b/kobalt

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  • John Dowd says:

    I purchased a Kobalt 24V 1/2″ drill last January. I have used the drill very little. Recently, I tried using it but when I release the trigger the LED light flashes. Probably a circuit board problem. I contacted both Kobalt and Lowes. I was asked for a sales receipt. I could not find any receipt. The people I spoke with were very pleasant in trying to find a when I purchased the drill. Finally one found that I had purchased it as I had stated but no one could find a sales receipt. I pay my Lowes account through my personal checking account and I found the date I had paid Lowes for the drill. This was still not good enough. I have read several articles on how great the warranty is on Kobalt products, “with comments that even without a sales receipt, Lowes replaces the tool.” I guess that doesn’t to apply to my situation. I won’t be purchasing any more Kobalt tools and will probably be looking to buy from Home Depot.

  • Michael Ferrigno says:

    I have one of your saws 7.25 blade and it came with laser. The laser worked for a few months now I can’t fix it I tried cleaning it changing batteries still can’t fix it. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated thank you so much

  • Lucy says:

    I have two Kobalt 24 v weed eaters and both of them do NOT work. I used one of them until the string ran out and can not get the string back on or buy a replacement spool. The other one was a displace deal with a Kobalt blower, the weed eater did not have a head and Lowe’s did not have a replacement and has no idea to find one. Right now I’m not too happy with KOBALT. I called you customer service number only to get transferred around from person to person and nobody knows anything. I would appreciate if someone would contact me. Thank you

  • Billy Sr says:

    I have a Kobalt life time warranty on a 350 piece mechanics tool set I can’t read half the sockets the Plastic case is falling apart what should I do, Lowes says to old can’t do anything! Lifetime don’t have an age, home used only. Been trying two years to get replacement

  • David White says:

    I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore Kobalt ratchet sets . They don’t come with adapters from 1/4 to 3/8 to 1/2 in . Forcing me to buy sockets I don’t need .

  • Richard Whitehead says:

    Looking for the attachment for 40 volt hedge trimmer for my pole saw. Lowes site says it is out of stock. Where and when can I get one of these.
    Richard W.

  • David Harris says:

    Lowes does not have 40amp batteries in stock 6amp ?
    When will they be available?

  • Betty Storment says:

    My 83 year old mom & I made two trips to the local Lowe’s today. We purchased a combo battery weed eater/blower. 24 V Max Brushless. Got each one home to only unbox, and try to put together. The screws would not go into the weed eater at the same exact area because it was warped. How lucky can one be to go through the same thing 2 times back to back. I’m very disappointed in the fact that Kobalt is supposed to have a great reputation, and the inconvenience. Gas is too expensive, and you can’t keep driving back & forth to find a product that works!! Someone needs to be aware that this product is defective & causing customers grief. I am returning tomorrow & will not buy any other Kobalt tools!

  • Brian C. says:

    I purchased the Kobalt K-Rail package from Lowe’s recently and was hoping to get some more of Kobalt Utility Hook Steel, Item #103660, model # 54338. I have been unable to find these anywhere, can you tell me where I might find some of these?

  • Robert Selff says:

    My wife received a Kobalt 24v Weed Eater #3488480 as a gift from her father who has since passed away. One of the batteries dated 5/22 is no good (the green lights just blink continuously. Stopped by Lowes in Tucson, Az to get it replaced within their 3 year warranty, only to get the run around that I need a receipt, guess what, as a gift from a deceased individual it doesn’t exist. I would have expected Lowes to honor the Kobalt warranty even without a receipt due to the date on the battery. I am assuming Lowes does not honor their Kobalt warranty, only says they do. I have had many Dewalt batteries replace by Dewalt without any issues or hassels. I would not purchase anything from Lowes who won’t stand behind their products. Calling Kobalt was no help either.

  • Timothy J Giesige says:

    I have been in search of a 40 volt 10 ft. extension hedge trimmer without a battery. I continue to be told this item is not in stock. Is this item going to available soon?

  • Michael Smart says:

    My name is Michael smart and I have been using your construction tools for the past 11 years. I have previously owned Dewalt Milwaukee Hitachi to name a few. Hands down kobalt is the best line of tools out there. In 11 years I’ve only had one 24volt battery go bad. Although I own 5 impact drivers there is only need for the very first one I bought bcuz I still use it to this day. And b4 you nay sayers reply I will say that I use my tools everyday. And not in the kitchen. My passion isn’t football or boating it’s creating. Creating homes, furniture , plays capes fences and barns and almost anything you could imagine. My moto has always been “take care of your tools and they will take care of you” And kobalt has taken care of me! .My oldest boy is 22 and ownes his own business he grew up kobalt. I Now have a 2 year old and he is already being taught this brand has and will continue to help provide for this family now and into the future. Thank you kobalt for going the extra mile to help hard working men like myself by continually researching testing comparing and altimatly providing us with tools that stand up to the highest quality standards.long lasting reliable and affordable tools.without a good tool a man is only a man.

  • Chelle says:

    I bought 2 wall cabinets and once placed on the wall we noticed the right cabinet door will not stay closed.

  • Dennis says:

    I have kobalt tool that I can’t get battery out

  • Joshua Bishop says:

    I have spent four and a half hours today attempting to do a tool Exchange on a Cobalt precision screwdriver that does fall under the lifetime warranty and nobody wants to do anything I cannot get my tool exchanged they tell me that I need a receipt and I’ve never had to have a receipt before thought that was part of the hassle free no questions asked Can someone please help me get this screwdriver exchanged cuz I’m so hurt now that I really have considered calling a lawyer and going for more but I’ve been a big supporter of kobalt tools and I’ve never had an issue until today

  • Adam Shippee says:

    I bought a 24v max 1/4 brushless impact driver. I had it for about a week and it completely went dead. My friend let me try his battery that works for his drill, and nothing completely stopped working. Now I’m getting the run around trying to get it replaced. Not happy at all and I loved the drill. I called 5 different people and nobody could help me.

  • Chris Everett says:

    I have a 2.5 lbs. Kobalt Sledgehammer that the head came off. Went to Lowes to replace it but they don’t carry that size anymore in Kobalt brand but they do have it in estwing brand how can to you solve this problem.

  • Tony says:

    I bought a 24v max 4.0 ah battery for my weedeater it will not charge it stay red what can I do

  • Erin Kinsch says:

    I purchased the 20 inch 40 V cordless mower and the 40 V stringer trimmer February 2020, both batteries seem to gone bad,. I would like to find out if I could get these warranty somehow surely they would normally have lasted longer than 2 1/2 years. I have never had any problem with any other of my cobalt purchases or there tools ,and a tool box or air compressor I sincerely hope I can get some help on this matter.

  • B a says:

    When will kobalt make a 24 volt grease gun

  • samuel lusco says:

    please guide me to site where i can get correct drawer guides /slides i have three basd .

  • Robert Webb says:

    I am looking for a straight shafted edger- is the 80 V straight shafted?

  • James Rausch says:

    I have 7 1/4 inch compound sliding miter saw. While using it yesterday something happened causing a cut on my thumb I would like to talk to someone about this

  • Arthur Pearson says:

    recommend your tools anymore where my batteries I bought 5 weeks ago

  • joann says:

    The company online is called Cheap Kobalt and it seems that they are selling your items. The problem is people aren’t received the items. It appears that they advertise as discounted items coming from your company.

    Check this out please to save other people from this misleading scam of a company

  • Steve Caseldine says:

    I need the manual for the Kobalt #4 9 &1/2” hand plane can it be emailed to me?

  • Gail says:

    How do I get my 3 month old battery replaced. Home Depot won’t take it back

  • Steve C says:

    Bought 4 miter saws and tried to order parts AND nobody seems to want to help. Can’t reach anyone with knowledge . Tried several times and tried to call corporate for help. I’ll go buy another brand that offers CUSTOMER SERVICE next time for sure for all my power tools.

  • Benjamin sands says:

    I’m a do it yourselfer in rock hill sc, far as I’m concerned, DeWalt will always be second. I am in need of a battery operated chainsaw, (can’t afford one) and the only damn one around here is neighbors DeWalt one which I refuse to use. Could you plz send me one, Ben 4308 cureton ferry Rd Catawba SC 29704

  • Donna Moats says:

    I am not happy with my Kobalt electric mower. We have had 1 year and I can’t even mow our small backyard without the battery dying! I should not have to buy a new battery after 1 year. Not happy at all!!

  • Terry says:

    I own a kobalt 1”to 1 1/2” PVC cutter and I need a replacement blade. I need help. I assume it is an older model. The blades in store are not correct

  • Liz says:

    Disappointed that’s your edger doesn’t come with the battery and charger. But your other products Due. As a consumer, I would not Ever buy another product of yours. The product is already pricey!!

    • Sean Crane says:

      Your company Sucks! Second battery in 3 years!!! I will never buy from Lowes again! Fuck all of you thieves!!!

  • Kenneth Dodson says:

    I bought your 10 inch compound miter saw Mod#0857241 about 2 years ago. The switch has always been a problem, yesterday while doing some home trim work the switch started to smoke. I disassembled the handle and found a melted switch and melted terminal leads. I need a new switch, can you send me one to replace the burnt one. My address is 206 Olde Colony Dr Edenton NC27932. thank you.

  • carol cava says:

    I have to say we are disappointed with the Snow Blower we just bought on-line thru lowes. The unit we purchased was SUPPOSED to come with a 6ah battery. Instead it came 2 4ah batteries. We have emailed your customer service unit and it has been about a week now and there is no response. We sent Jennifer Amaya the information she requested, however there is no way to get in touch with her directly. There is only the general email address. Can someone help?????

  • Gary says:

    I have a 12, inch kobalt compact sliding dual bevel miter saw which keeps running after releasing the handle called to request a micro switch and agent stated that it was not replaceable why is it not replaceable when you can remove it the saw is very dangerous at this point I would not recommend kobalt to anyone

  • Phil Lambeth says:

    I feel obliged to report that I am not happy with the new Kobalt leaf blower that replaced the one I bought about 3 years ago. The new battery is completely different and isn’t compatible with the other Kobalt products that I’m still using. Also, the new battery has about 20 minutes worth of juice, and it takes more than three hours for it to charge fully. This is not acceptable for obvious reasons, so I’ve had to shell out for (at least) one spare battery, which hopefully will be sufficient for my needs.

  • Clifford Anderson says:

    Hello Kobalt Headquarters!
    We hope your year has started off great!
    We are ranchers in Texas and have purchased the full set of Kobalt tools (drill, circular saw, and reciprocating saw). We purchased these tools and use them almost everyday on the ranch. We also own the pliers, screw drivers etc. we have a problem: we can not find the 18v LB30 battery for them anywhere!!! You have manufactured your tools so they would last and we have taken care of them. They are in great shape. But we will not be able to use them much longer due to us not being able to purchase the older replacement batteries! Please help! We love your product. Please Let us know if you have any available in stock or where we can purchase some.
    Thank you

  • Bobby says:

    I’d like to tell you something good about your tools but the truth is that they suck I’m a working man who lives pay checks to pay checks so I’m into construction and use my tools daily and I took a chance with your so called tools well I’m here to tell you black n decker is a better product than what you have when I show up on the job the guys are laughing at me and my tools they say I work harder trying to get my tools to work this is BS I can’t find the receipt and lowes won’t help me even with a refrance number from your company one of my chargers quit so I called kobalt and told him my situation he gave me a number and lowes pretty much wiped their butt with it one more embarrassing moment with your product

    • Michael Smart says:

      Sorry to hear this Bobby. I’m also in the construction field.as a matter of fact all aspects of the building industry. I’ve owned kobalt for 11 years. I’ve never experienced anything like you are suggesting. If people are laughing at you perhaps you should read the manual and see if it could be helpful! I am being facicius of course. Truly sorry you are having problems however thru my many many 7days a week 16 he days(I am a independent contractor) who also works very hard and may I add pay check to pay check would say to you then don’t buy kobalt. By Milwaukee that way your co workers will think your cool while giving you a ride to work.

  • Gary dockery says:

    Do you make a flared tip nozzle for the tube on a 24 model 2024b.

  • John sandifer says:

    My shovel the metal part cracked

  • Servando B. Cardenas, Jr. says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am sending this email to share with you the issues that I am having with a Kobalt tool (package deal) that I purchased.

    On April 14, 2020, I purchased this special buy which included several items in the box, 1/2″ brushless Drill/Driver model #KDD 524B-03, 1/4″ brushless impact driver, Lithium Charger model #KRC 2445-03, and a Compact Lithium-ion Battery model #KB 224-03 and with other attachments for the drill or impact driver at a Lowe’s store here in Houston, Texas.

    Since my original purchase I requested a replacement for the 1/2″ brushless drill/driver due to it locking up on my very first time using it. I called and was given a “Return Authorization warranty claim, Ref#2937731 to obtain a replacement.

    I purchased an extended warranty with the original purchase, but my warranty had expired by one day, thus the “Return Authorization” was granted.

    Today, I again have issues with my 1/2″ brushless Drill/Driver model #KDD 524B-03. It too is locking up again and now the battery charger (Model #KB 224-03) has also stopped working.

    This is the question I have:
    Am I able to ask for another “Return Authorization” warranty claim to replace what has stopped working?If your answer is “NO”, I guess I’ll will have to return your product to a Lowes store and notify them that I am returning due to not performing to expectation. I would like a complete purchase price refund on my return.

    Thank you,
    Servando B Cardenas. Jr.

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