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  • Address: 2645 Silver Cres Dr, Charlotte, NC 28273, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-535-3936
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 35,000
  • Established: 1960
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Brooks Mallard (CFO)

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Mark A. Beck

CEO & President

Kirk S. Hachigian

Executive Chairman

Barry James Homrighaus

Chief Operating Officer

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  • Steve Novatney says:

    Terrible customer service. I recommend buying their product if you enjoy the following;
    Being ignored, paying lots of money for inferior products, waiting and waiting and waiting for a return phone call that never comes, being extremely frustrated, like your hair turning gray, and looking out pink glass. I’ve been trying to resolve an issue since July, and still waiting. Nobody there seems to care.
    Oh, we will call you they say.
    Do yourself a favor and just put up Saran Wrap, less expensive, better warranty, less headaches.

  • Dee says:

    I have 20 windows replaced from contractor that were Jeldwen windows. They were replaced after a tornado hit our home . The warranty department Rita and Jessica were very rude . Rita thought my situation was funny and even laughed like she was the company owner. Instead of being understanding she made the comment that I was ready for to fight because of the level of frustration. She proceeded to tell me that windows over time loose the ability to stay sealed . I said I can understand that comment for a few windows from Jeldwen
    But not every single window in my home. Her laughter was meant towards me because I said I will not be paying anything out of pocket for my windows. To be replaced . She was rude and over talked me. I had requested a return call from a supervisor. I felt Rita didn’t submit for a follow up from a supervisor. So I had called back and ended getting in touch with Jessica who was extremely rude making loud noises so I couldn’t hear . I asked her name and corporate phone number and ended the call

  • Joseph Gnanaraj says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re: Order no H6226-160027

    I am writing this to express my disappointment and dissatisfaction regarding the above order. This was ordered through Home Depot

    This order was placed on 5/7/22. The order included a
    1. Jeld-Wen V 4500 Four pane door ( SKU 0000 576 423 ) for 3084.69 USD,
    2. Jeld-Wen V 2500 3 Double Hung ( SKU 0000 163 007) for 2311.11 USD
    3. Jeld-Wen V-4500 Tilt 2 Double Hung X 2 ( SKU 0000 575 884) for 4096.18 USD
    Frieght- 99 USD
    Estimated delivery for the above 3 products – 7/23/22

    4. Fiber glass Double door unit ( SKU 1002 345 393) for 2919.74 USD
    Estimated delivery for the above product- 6/4/22.

    The total amount I paid to Home Depot in Derby, CT was 12,609.72 USD

    These merchandise were ordered for a sun room project and the project was supposed to be finished in August 2022.
    The fiber glass was delivered in the end of June in good condition. However the first three products were not delivered on the estimated arrival date on 7/23/22. When I contacted Jeldwen in July they I will receive my products by the endow July. However in the beginning of August they just sent me the Jeldwen V 2500 3 Double Hung. The quality of that product was substandard and the mesh was broken. Since we did not get all the products, we could not complete the project. Again I called the Jeldwen and they indicated that the rest of the products will be delivered within a week. However in late August, they delivered only the Jeldwen V 4500 Tilt 2 Double Hung X2 and the four pane door was not delivered as promised. To my dissatisfaction and dissappointment the windows would not close. Then I again called the Jeldwen to make a complaint and they said the door will be delivered soon. It took 3 more weeks and the door was delivered in mid September 2022.
    The door key was missing too.

    After waiting an extra 2 months from the estimated delivery date I got defective and substandard products. Now I had to make a warranty claim. JELD-WEN Service Summary: 03259899, Gnanaraj, 2 Maggie Lane
    Even the cork on the windows were not removed properly and the meshes were broken. For the amount of money paid 12609.72 USD, I got a substandard second quality product with meshes broken, non closing windows, uncleaned corks on the windows and a missing key on the door..
    Product Reported Issue Location Work Scheduled
    Double Hung Spacer issues Other Replace Sash
    Double Hung Defective glass issues Other General Repair
    Double Hung Damaged component Other Replace Hardware
    The replacement parts are expected to arrive at technician’s warehouse on Friday October 7, 2022.

    Still the sun room was not finished and the fall has set in and I had to cover the windows with plastics for now. The rain had damaged the floor due to defective windows not able to close.

    The contractor I had hired has left for another Job and I lost my deposit of 5000 USD because of Jeldwen. I lost the electrician deposit of 500 USD.

    I kindly request Jeldwen to assume responsibility for the frustrations and tensions caused by their damaged products and the loss occurred to me and compensate for me. I also request them to repair this ASAP before the temperature in northeast falls or any other storm happens again.

    Hope you take this matter seriously.

    Thanks for looking into this

    Joseph Gnanaraj

    Cell- 2039545021
    2 Maggie Ln
    Shelton, CT
    USA 06484

  • Frances Serdjuk says:

    Awful customer service! I have an issue with water stagnant in the window weep holes and I’m sent a PDF page for me to resolve my own problem with these awful windows. I know how to clean windows but I never thought I’d have to vacuum water from the window sills! Deeply regret buying these inferior windows. Thousands of dollars wasted! On top of the money misspent, I have to contend with rude and impatient customer service. Representatives have been home too long working out of their kitchens. Retrain and get them back to work to take care of customers.

    Frances Serdjuk

    Sent from my iPhone

    John Serdjuk

    On Jun 16, 2022, at 3:38 PM, Jeld-Wen Customer Care wrote:

    Dear Francis,

    Thank you for reaching out to JELD-WEN Customer Care.

    Please find the care and maintenance document attached below

    JCM002 0821 (37).pdf

    Please feel free to contact us again with any questions or concerns.

    Lori Spitler

    Customer Care Representative

    JELD-WEN Customer

  • Bonnie Louise Bissig says:

    This company does not stand up for their product. Their windows were warped and installed in my new home. We called and called and a rep came out and looked at it , did not remove to look at installation but said it was installed wrong. This company than sent us a letter that they are closing the case. Windows are defective and here we sit. Irresponsible. CEO should see how his customers are treated.

  • Peter says:

    Special order a interior 34″ door. The hinges are held on the door with 3/4″ screws. They pulled out on day one. Junk. If they need to save money they should use scotch tap to hold the hinge next time. It would work as good.

  • Bob Jackson says:

    I am one of your dissatisfied customers. I ordered a window through Home Depot over two months ago. It was sent to Nebraska instead of Ankeny, Iowa. Instead of forwarding the window it had to be remade.
    Probably nine times the reorder was delayed. Words cannot describe the frustration which your company caused me. No one seemed to care about my situation. Home Depot has been great! My order number is: H2107-66095 By the way, my window arrived today. Oct. 26th.

  • Jan says:

    Been trying to get a replacement door handle for the patio door. Have sent in the receipt from when purchased with all the numbers needed for ID of our particular door. Two weeks later more info was needed so sent the required information and now it’s been at least 3 weeks and silence on jeld-wens end. I guess a broomstick will have to keep the door closed!

  • Todd Gravning says:

    I worked for Jeld Wen in Sioux falls, SD for 17 years I am trying to find w-2s for the last 2 years of employment, there needed to purchase a home. I can not find a phone # or web site to assist me.

  • Graham says:

    Hello im from England Uk I have had six doors on order for 1 month and 2 day’s on the 3rd delivery date when i actually got the doors 5 were manufactured very poorly so. Had to go back jeld-wen UK asked for pictures which were sent next day it then took 5 working days to look at the pictures before they agreed to send new doors which will be two weeks in total before next delivery plus when you ring jeld-wen your not allowed to speak to anyone other than sales person who knows nothing. So my question is Mr mark A Beck .mr kirk S Hachigian .and Mr Barry J Homrighaus .is this how your subsidiaries are run .customer service in the uk is not anywhere near as good as the US but this is bad even for UK .
    Regards Graham
    From Kent England.

  • Tracy D, Begay says:

    Good Morning,
    I’v been trying to contact JELD-WEN, I used to work for JELD-WEN of AZ in Flagstaff AZ, back in 1987-1996 now I have a question about my 401-K that I have still with the company awhile back Jeld -wen contact me by mail then I responded back so far I haven’t heard from the company again ,
    What I wanted to do is do a with draw my 401-K ,I know there’s a paneities to early with draw it’s ok I just wanted to with draw all ,since the company is not contacting either by mail or phone call’s.
    So who do I contact the person I need to email and have that person fax over what ever I need to sign for with draw my 401-K ,

    Tracy Delfort Begay
    Jeld Wen of Arizona from Flagstaff, AZ
    My work email address ,,,tdbegay@hooghan.org
    Fax # 928-729-6620

    I will verify my S.S # when I get contact by email from the company ,I WAS GOING TO MOVE WITH THE COMPANY TO OR. but I went back to school

    I hope im contacting the right company thank you for your time and your help of being a CEO- of the company please need your help here in time of need of hardship and school ,collage Etc.

  • HARRY MCKEE says:

    We moved into our new home Jan. 1 of this year. The sliding doors are so hard to lock that wife wife cannot lock them. Service guy has been out twice and was very polite. New parts were ordered from the factory and after several months he calls me and says he still does not have the parts. I have worked in manufacturing for 20+ years. If they have the parts to build the doors, how would they not have the parts to ship to me? Same materials they use everyday! This was supposed to be flagged as a safety issue since the doors are so hard to lock. I am a residential builder. If I treated my customers issues the way this process has been handled, I would be looking for customers.

  • Ovie Carroll says:

    very unhappy with French door
    composite door rotten and will not replace or honor warranty

  • Al Markham says:

    I would like to discuss our experience in trying to purchase doors for our home from Jeld Wen through Home Depot. You may find it enlightening, we found it very frustrating. I would hope someone there would try to be helpful.

  • Karen Ross says:

    Adding to my comment of discontinuing Patio Door with Low-E Argon Glass, Grids with Large Pet Door. I spent over $20,000 last year for my old dogs (12-14 yeas old) and have spent an additional $1500 so far this year (new beds, blanks, collars, toys, food, veterinarian, etc.). Plus, I was willing to spend (as I noted in my first comment) between $3000 – $4500 for a new Patio Door, Grids with Large Pet Door. WOW!!! THE COMPANY IS LOSING OUT ON THE OPPORTUNITY WITH ALL THE PET LOVERS!!!

  • Karen Ross says:

    Need to know WHY/WHO is responsible for the Jeld-Win discontinued Patio Door with Low-E Argon Glass, Grids with Large Pet Doors. I was in the middle of ordering (going to spend between $3000 – $4500) when I was just told this news. The company is aware how much dog owners spend each year (thousands plus dollars) because we love our pets. I own two older dogs (over 12 yrs), and it is very difficult for them know to squat down low for the wall doggie door (wall doggie door under out patio window). NOW WHAT DO I DO!!!!

  • Tom Babik says:

    Need to talk to a manager or Berry Heminghaur, about out swing Bronze strike plates on multi-point locking system. Bronse strike plates are shown on your paper work and they tell me THEY only haave STAINLESS. I Purchaed a LARGE home of windows, doorwalls and custon front door. Doorwall sits next to 3 panel Siteline folding door. Sure looks bad that you can’t supply the right strike PLATE for this unit. Thank You for listing TOM 734-692-7513

  • Wendy Wojtanowicz says:

    I would love to share a story about our Jeld Wen order with one of the executive team.

    • kirk says:

      I purchased Jeld wen windows though Home Depot in Atlanta Ga. One of the casement windows fell our of the frame when opened for the first time. I need assistance repairing the window. I have attempted numerous calls and filled out work order twice on line. My experience with Jeld Wen has been very frustrating.

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