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Hendrick Automotive Group Corporate office Headquarters

Hendrick Automotive Group Headquarters Address and Contact

Hendrick Automotive Group Logo
  • Address: 6000 Monroe Rd Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28212, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 704 568 5550

  • Email:
    Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 150

  • Established: 1976

  • Key People: Gun Denhart, Tom Denhart (Founders)

Hendrick Automotive Group Headquarters Location & Directions

Hendrick Automotive Group Headquarters Executive Team



Edward Brown

CEO / President

Robert Taylor

Vice President – Information Technology

Mike Blais

Vice President sales

Joseph Bassett

Fixed Operations Director

michael blais

Vice President

scott housel

VP of Audit

Hendrick Automotive Group, History and Headquarters Information

Hendrick Automotive Group is an automotive company with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. Hendrick group started in 1976 as a private company, and now it has grown to represent 25 manufacturer nameplates and 130 franchises. It’s the most significant private automotive retail group in the United States. The company has 93 dealerships with over 10000 employees. It also has 21 collisions centers and four accessory distributor installers in 13 states. The company headquarters is at 6000 Monroe Road Suite 100, Charlotte, North Carolina 28212, United States. The company phone number is +1 704 568 5550, and the website https://www.hendrickcars.com.

Hendrick Automotive Group Headquarters Photos

Hendrick Automotive Group Company Resources

  • Robert says:

    Would be nice if someone would fix the issues with my car instead of ignoring me like I have been for over a month I have tried to deal with client care and the dealership manager. I’m ready to get a lawyer and the news involved I’m tired of feeling like I’m being crapped on.

  • Curt Coenen says:

    I would never use this dealership. I have had an issue with a dealership and have tried 5 times to contact someone at corporate and nobody ever returns calls or emails. Tried to deal with both the sales manager and general manager at the dealership and they do not return calls. Terrible organization! After the sale customer service is terrible!

  • Brian Bowen says:

    I bought a 2024 HD from Hendrick in Hoover approx 35 days ago. I drove the truck 2 days and it malfunctioned and has been in the shop ever since. I tried to contact the Hoover office and talked to a manager there but the conversation went poorly. I do not want to go over all the details on this format. I need to talk to someone to get some help.

  • Doesn’t matter says:

    I would use another day to group. Hendricks treats their employees terribly. Some of the dealerships got the day off for New Years and others didn’t. It was left up to the district managers and some were nice and others were complete jerks. I’m trying to figure out how to sell my vehicle back.

  • Martha Oates says:

    Pay for parts to be put on my car .I was lied to twice about ordering the parts . I would like my money back as soon as possible .Not by mail

  • Kenyetta says:

    Where do I begin on March 22, 2022 I had an appointment to have my 2007 Yukon GMC truck looked at due to some issues that had been happening. So I had a diagnostic test done to see exactly what the issue was at Chevrolet Hendrick’s of Southpoint. I informed them that there was a missfire somewhere and when I initially crank my truck I have a puff of white smoke and then it would not do it the remainder of the time I drive the truck that day other than the missfire. So maybe 2 days into them having the truck I was informed that there was fluid on bank #6 which is what is causing the smoke when I crank the truck but they were still trying to search the missfire. They then informed me they could do the repairs to the seals and injectors to see if that would stop the smoke and see if they can look more into the missfire then. They were able to stop the smoke that charge was $2,600 but do to then not being able to find the missfire they suggested to replace the motor/engine so I communicated this information with my father and mother and both said okay. On May 23, 2022 I was contacted by Tiara the Rep that was helping us with the transactions and was informed that they were going to take the labor cost off and for the service that was originally done on the injectors and seals so there was a total of $1,111 for parts that we would have additional to what it would be for a remanufacrured motor that they were suppose to be ordering through the dealership and my quote was $9,765.15 without taxes. This rep went on vacation on April 29th,2022 and informed me all information was sent to Austin Strickland the Service Director who should be in contact with me or my father. From April 28th, 2022 till May 31, 2022 I was never contacted on what was going on about my vehicle at this time the rep was gone on vacation. When I was contacted on May 31, 2022 it was to pick up my truck because it was ready. When I arrived the total for service was $2,000 more than was I was quoted and sent to me which was $11,400 which it also showed on the receipt I approved which I did not. When I asked the rep that was processing my amount Eric what I was quoted and why was it different he stated it was taxes. I informed him there could not be any way that I have $2,000 worth of taxes. The rep did honor the price I was quoted and total came to $10,688.98 I was also never given a warranty for the motor/engine that was supposedly put in. However in 1 day I was back at the dealership with the same lights on and the same missfire happening June 1, 2022. So this is now the second time returning with the same issue that was suppose to be fixed the first time. Once I dropped my truck off this second time there was no type of contact to tell me or my father what was going on with the truck what they found or anything. It was not until my father reached out to then about the 2nd week of them having my truck asking what is going on when Austin Strickland Service Director and Cameron Wiese Service Advisor basically told them that if he new so much about what was going on with my truck why didn’t he fix it and that they would get back to him which after that all calls went unanswered until he showed up at the dealership July 6, 2022 which he did speak with Austin Strickland trying to see why 1 my truck was not fixed and how a remanufactured motor/engine would do the same thing that my original motor/engine did. My father felt that something was not right about the whole situation. He wanted to know how I was going to be compensated for this inconvenience and what amount of my money would be returned because the service was not completed. They informed him they would have to see and gave them there number to reach out to. For a week my father reached out with NO response again until me and him showed up at the dealer ship on June 20, 2022 when everything came full circle. We went in and talk to Austin Strickland again about what the compensation would be and he still said nothing really as though this issue is my fault. My father became irate and was ask to leave the office but I stayed to try and continue to work something out but in order for anything to really happen Austin kept stating in order for anything to happen I would have to sign a document stating I would not talk about anything that happen which I felt was a bribe due to me still not having my truck and it still not being fixed. So that day our verbal agreement was they would give me a rental to try and make it better but wanted to charge me $29.99 to use it due to them not having my truck fixed correctly and I informed him why do I have to pay for something that is not do to my control. He then stated they would give me the rental for free and $3,000 which is what they stated is all they made off of the service and wanted me to still sign a statement saying I would not talk about what happen. I informed him how could I sign something and my truck has not been repaired and how do I know this still may not happen again although the rental was offered after going home and talking with my mother she stated return the keys to the rental and inform them I wanted all of my money back and the original motor/engine that was in my truck. While talking to Austin he also stated to me that they purchased my motor from LKQ City Auto Parts. This location is a salvage location that has about 5 different locations around the triangle. When I paid for a remanufactured motor/engine from the dealership. Also LKQ informed us they do not sell remanufactured motors the motors are as is. So the reason my truck only worked for 1 day is because they put a used motor/engine in my truck but charged me a remanufactured motor/engine price. The dealership is still trying to get to to sign something stating I won’t speak and I feel that it is now time to get an attorney.Where is the REAL Customer Loyalty.

  • Dee Dee Johnson says:

    I was visiting a dealership in Charleston . There is music playing in the showroom . But , your giving your day porter a hard time about singing while she’s works .
    Is that double standards or not . So It’s okay to have music playing in the showroom .But not okay for someone to sing there own choice of music . What am I missing ?

  • Travis Johnson says:

    So we purchased a used Chevy Malibu from the Hendricks place in Durham, NC. We drove 1&1/2 miles to see the car that they said was available. When we get there they said it had to go thru inspection first. We saturated to walk away, but Jordan was an amazing salesman and he explained that everything on the car would be inspected in the 52pt inspection they give and they would even give us a loaner bc we needed something fast bc it was for our son. So since they gave us a loaner, we let them do the inspection and we got it a week later. We drove it home and gave it to our son. He drove it to a burger place down the road and then when getting back in it started shaking, cut off and then wouldn’t crank. i went down and it would crank for me, this is less than 24 hours from getting it. We then asked for them to tow it and it took them 2 extra days, when they got it back, they said they run every test and couldn’t find nothing wrong with it?? Then a week later they say they found a problem with the fuel pump. They say it’s fixed and after another week they get someone to drive it back to us and pick up the loaner today (8/3- Car was purchased on 7/12). We were so excited and drove it to our son at work so he could drive his car home. Went in to get him and brought him out to show him it finally works, just for it to crank, shake, and cut off and not crank back up and do the exact same thing it did before. Now it’s stranded at his work right now and we still don’t have a working car that we paid for that we were guaranteed it would be good when we purchased it. We were also guaranteed great customer service that was the Hendricks promise (you know we’re family) well since this problem, the service has not been great and we still don’t have a car???? Is this the Hendricks Promise that we were suppose to experience? I don’t even know where to go from here, it is so frusta fun my son is so upset.

  • Austin says:

    On hold for way to long. Clearly they do not care about their customers nor the crappy cars they sell you.

  • Darron King says:

    I would like to notify your organization of the POOR customer service from your Norfolk VA Chevy service dept. they over charged me for a key fob. I purchased a new fob and pod for them to program it which they did not. I dropped my vehicle off again today at noon for a 1pm appt. I asked what time they closed, which they stated 6. I signed up for the text service. I went back at 4 waited until 6 and asked if my vehicle was ready which they stayed it has not been worked on yet. I asked how long would it be and they stayed they will check it on Monday. I asked if they were going to call , text or see if I needed my vehicle??? I requested a refund for the fob and programming which they stated a check will be issued since I did not have the card. They let the fob in the car which I returned to January. 4 straight visits I asked them to check the audio of my blinker all four times they stated they did not have time to check it when they had the vehicle the entire time

    I will NEVER purchase another vehicle from the dealership, NEVER use the shop again and will let everyone know of my experiences with this location. I am starting to wonder why, I was the only person at the shop that did not get my vehicle repaired?

  • Toussaint Pickett says:

    Hello. 2 days ago, a representative of Rick Hendrick sent me a text asking me to come to the dealership in Duluth, Ga. to get my vehicle appraised because they would like to buy it from me because of used car shortages. In exchange I’d recieve a $100 gift card even if I did not sell my vehicle to them. Long story short….I came in for the salesman to tell me that they would not appraise my vehicle in exchange for the gift card if I was not going to sell it. He also said that the person that sent me the text does not work there and I showed him the message sent to me.

  • Carol Lacey says:

    Yes carol Lacey. I have had problems since I got a car from Hendricks. Door handle came off and seat is messed up on the second day of receiving car . Purchase on 14 couldn’t get it until 28.They said had to wait until they got money from finance company. After get the car the motorist gone. They said they fix it . And a week later back at the shop. I have had it 3 months and only able to drive it for only 2 weeks. I have been trying to call corporate. And I have asked for them to return my down payment. So I can go somewhere and get me a liable car. Noone is given me nothing.But I do want my money back. And to this day I still don’t have the car it is still being fixed they’re saying

  • Powerplay says:

    Hello I’m in the process of buying a vehicle at one of your location in Virginia. My question is why I’m getting forced to pay for add ons added to this vehicle if I don’t want them. This vehicle is coming in an I told the salesman that I didn’t want the add ons, but was told that all Hendrick cars get add ons added. I asked for an contract for each item that are being added, but the team refuse to give me anything. I just want to know why I have to buy these additional add ons to buy this vehicle. If I can’t this situation resolve I will not purchase this vehicle, and will reported to the attorney general of Virginia.

  • Kenneth A Keim says:

    As of 12:37, your web site is non-functional!!!!

  • Chad Arnold says:

    To whom it may concern, I purchased 3 new trucks for my gutter business and have had nothing but issues out of two of them. I thought by purchasing there best warranty package I would be covered “bumper to bumper” like the rep told me when selling it to me. Long story short one of my trucks has been there for over 3 weeks and I was lied to daily, costing me to loose over $100k and they are trying to charge me over $1,000 for a part they say is not covered. The truck has 48,000 miles on it and still under the “bumper to bumper” warranty. I have referred tons of customers to this dealership and thought they were great until I had to deal with the service department.

  • Commenter says:

    I need to reach a site owner

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Why is it that you guys will remove a comment that this sote is not legitimate but refuse to respond to a request to remove other content?

  • Concerned Citizen says:


  • Gary Perrin says:

    I have never been screwed around with at a dealership except at your Chevrolet Dealer in Naples. I bought a 2022 Chevrolet Trailblazer, I told everyone through out the process I did not want the extended warranty, the salesman showed up and of course the extended warranty was in the paperwork. I refused to sign, they then told me to sign and they would send me a refund, after 1.5 weeks I inquired about the refund and they said I should have it in 7 to 10 days, I then called back and inquired again and was told that they had to send the refund back to the lien holder which I knew all along, but that is not what I was told, so they had to recontract the vehicle and take out the extended warranty. I have since moved to North Carolina and traded the car and bought a 2022 Chevrolet Colorado, I was going to come to Hendricks but with the way I was treated in Naples I got it from Friendship Chevrolet, so know I asked for a Gap refund and was told a check would be mailed in 7 to 10 days and again here it is almost 2 weeks and Mark Henry is giving me the run around, I sent them the paperwork that he needed and today he tells me he is still waiting for the odometer statement, and then the next email is disregard, they have already cancelled the Gap he will track the check, This guy is so full of crap. I can promise you one thing, my son is looking for a Chevrolet pick up and I can promise we will not go to Hendricks. I am also posting this on social media, not that you guys will care, I am just one person.

  • Marvin Leon Evans says:

    Evans 1

    RE; Car Title Issue
    To: Edward Brown – C.E.O. / President
    Robert Taylor – Vice President / Information Technology
    Mike Blias – Vice President / Sales
    Joseph Bassett – Fixed Operations Director
    Scott Housel – VP of Audit
    Jennifer Duncan – Titles Director13 March 2022

    This is to hopefully impress the importance of said Title issue in addition to an up-coming Court matter involving illegal transfer of license plate at the Kia Division of Hendrick Auto mall of Cary NC. 

    “U.S. Code § 1708 states. When refusing to surrender mail to the rightful recipient. “you are committing obstruction of correspondence against the U.S. Postal Service, which is a felony. If you are found guilty of obstruction of correspondence, you could potentially face five years in prison and/or fines.”

    Ultimately and again, I have a crisis that can only be cured by having the Title to said Subaru of which has been denied to me for more than 23 months.
    Whether said Title is retrieved from whomever has it at Hendrick Buick G.M.C. Cadillac / Accounting Department or gained through other means, I must have said Title before 03/20/2022.

    Upon purchase of the 2013 Volvo XC90 at said location, no temp. Tags were available.
    Therefore, the Sales-Person transferred the license plate from the 2011 Subaru I drove there for picking up the Volvo.
    During the transfer, I asked if it was legal to do such. The Sales-Person then stated that “it was no problem since both vehicles belong to me.”
    Believing that one who sells cars for a living must know more than I about such things, I drove away with the Volvo.
    By-way-of all that is reasonable, I’ve little doubt that said Sales-Person truly believed that transfer of the Subaru plate onto the Volvo was legal in accordance with why such was said to be permissible. 

    Pursuant to the transfer of said license plate, I was stopped by Police where issued a Citation for having the Subaru plate on the Volvo. My Attorney who represents me in this matter will try getting the charge dismissed without having to say that it was the Dealer who transferred the plates while misinforming me of the legalities of doing so. Otherwise, fines & or suspension of said Kia Division’s License to sell cars may occur.

    “North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 20 Motor Vehicles § 20-79.1. Before a purchased vehicle can be lawfully operated, A temporary tag must be affixed to the vehicle of the Bonafide purchaser.
    Additionally, the Dealer nor other may not transfer the license plate from another vehicle onto a non-corresponding vehicle.” 

    In conclusion, my only desire is to swiftly close these matters without further needless error and consequences.
    I sincerely hope the intent of those addressed with these issues are commensurate.

    Marvin Leon Evans
    (919) 808-8937

  • Amisha Woods says:

    To whom this may concern regarding Rick Hendrick Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram FIAT is located at: 8333 Rivers Ave • North Charleston, SC 29406

    Hello I wanted to inform someone of the immense frustration your staff has caused. On 2/3 I began communicating with Kenia Vargas about a 2018 suburban. I was told that my trade could be valued online then told the manager Justin Smith said I need to bring my trade. I brought my trade in on 2/5 and further discussed the trade value with initially was not increased. Justin seemed to think with the condition of my vehicle and the number of miles it was a good idea to low ball me compared to the kbb value at $29k. When I informed him this was unacceptable and I could leave things changed. I’m not sure if Justin is stuck in the time period where women were incapable of handling business and/or the time period where black women were incapable of handling business but either way he needs to catch up with the times and be a better representation for his associates and Hendrick. Moving beyond the offer I’m told I needed to do paperwork before leaving and so I go to do so and meet William Heyward who seem to have no care or concern of covid risks nor the value of anyone’s time. I was taken to his office and told he was ready to see me. I sat there while he attempted to chit chat and then he vanished. After about 5-10 mins I informed Kenia that I would wait outside until he returned. William returned about another 10-15 mins and only had me sign one document and my earnest money/deposit receipt. I left under the impression that everything was taken care of.

    2/6 I had to inform Kenia I was not given any documentation to present to the bank as I was not financing with you guys. It was eventually sent but this should have been given to me on 2/5.

    Fast forward to 2/17 when I’m prepared to close the deal. I text kenia about our halfway point meet with a proposed location as I was told on 2/5 that we could meet halfway instead of me driving back to Charleston and I’m informed that we can no longer meet halfway because paperwork had to be signed. On 2/18 I called the finance team and spoke with Carson who informed me that I had to return because William Heyward suggested I refused to sign paperwork which was not true at all. I sat waiting to sign any and all necessary paperwork and was told I was done after the one doc and receipt was signed.

    On the evening of 2/18 I drive back to Charleston from Rock Hill to complete the paperwork and give the check for the new vehicle. No issues until I get a text on 2/24 requesting my social for the loan payoff of the trade. The dealership needs my social for no reason since I’m not financing through you guys and Kenia nor Justin who requested it definitely don’t need it. I called my bank to confirm it wasn’t needed and Will Smith called me back saying he found out after me that Justin said it was needed. I informed will that he could contact my bank for the instructions on completing the payoff without my social and provided him contact details for the loan officer.

    I’m not sure what business etiquette or ethics your staff has but serious improvements need to be made. I have yet to be able to enjoy the vehicle just because every time the frustration starts to dissipate I’m riled right back up by the associates from this dealership.

    My experience has been horrible to say the least.

    Amisha Woods

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