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  • Address: 1811 Matthews Township Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 704-846-7117

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 30,000

  • Established: 1936

  • Founder: William Thomas Harris, Willis L. Teeter

  • Key People: Rod Antolock (President)

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Jennifer Panetta

Director of Communication

Steve Kent

Director of Advertising/Creative

Manny Perez

Store Director

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  • Carolyn says:

    My husband and I have been shopping regularly at our local Harris Teeter for 18 years. We began shopping with your organization at that time. We are generally pleased with the personnel there and their friendliness and helpfulness
    HOWEVER, we recently had a negative experience with your brand of blueberries. The package contained twigs from where blueberries were pickd and unripe berries and some hair in the package. I should have taken it back, but did not. I saved the package and # on package: T07 22 22:15:04.00, N2200559
    I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but h0pefully you can figure it out. We decided to change brands. We are hopeful this brand will be safe.
    We don’t want to make this an issue, but just to inform you of our disappointment.

    ON the complimentary side there is a young man names Jay in the frozen food department who deserves your appreciation for his help to the customers. He seems to know all of us, but he talks to everyone. Your customers really like this young man. Don’t lose him. He makes Harris Teeter a great place to shop.
    Thank you for your time.

    Carolyn and Bob Andersen

  • Michelle says:

    I have been to the pharmacy at Harris Teeter twice in the last five days, they have only techs there that can not help with anything pharmaceutical. This is not acceptable! Just transferred to them, going to transfer again. I require more then a tech for my prescription needs.

  • Linda Hurysz says:

    2/15/2022 My husband is Steve Hurysz who recently retired from Harris Teeter. I would like to talk to the CEO or CFO of the company to let them know disappointed I am in how my husband was treated as he just retired. No one from District on up gave him a certificate, a phone call or a thank you for your service. Only his coworkers gave him retirement party.

    This takes the cake, we called back in October of 2021 to express his desire and gave ample time for paperwork to start processing. We called numerous times. In December of 2021 we were reassured that paperwork would come automatically early January and that never happed. We called once a week in January of 2022 so that we would be prepared. NO Paperwork every came to us until I called ONE week before retirement expressing our concerns and told the person who was new answering the phone in benefits that I need all the telephone number of the person who was suppose to be doing their job. I want a supervisors name and number. OMG within 2 hour he finally called back, dry person, told us where to signed, faxed us information and the miscommunication began after we received the check. We lost 12,000 of my husband retirement package because WE JUST SIGNED AND ONLY HAD A DAY TO GET ALL OF THIS DONE. I called him today and it was a bad situation. HE MISSED INFORMED US. NOW I WANT TO TALK TO THE CEO JUST ABOUT THIS WORTHLESS SO CALLED EMPLOYEE. I DEMAND AN ANSWER!!!!!

  • Cari says:

    I would like to send a commendation regarding pharmacist Aaron at the Roxboro Rd. store in Durham, NC. He was extremely helpful to me after a very rude female tech was not. Due to his helpfulness, I transferred Rx’s to HT from another pharmacy. But, the rude female tech could use a bit of education.

  • Denise says:

    I live in Greenville, NC. The local grocery stores were out of deep dish pie shells on Thanksgiving Eve. I was informed that Harris Teeter had pie shells. I was so pleased to find many available. I ran home to make my famous pumpkin pie with coconut inside for my family. Well, on Thanksgiving day after dinner I couldn’t wait to serve my pie to my husband. It turns out the bottom of your pie crust is absolutely horrible. It looks white when baked and just not right. The bottom of your crust has NO taste. This was the Harris Teeter brand by the way. This needs to be changed and fixed. It’s not right. My email is drinehamer01@gmail.com. Thank you. Denise Rinehamer

  • Lauren at 136 says:

    I am very much enjoying working at my Harris Teeter with the option to not wear a mask. If Harris Teeter mandates all employees must wear masks again, I will quit immediately. And I am not the only one. I hope you continue allowing us the freedom to choose.

  • Keisha Ellison says:

    I was working at store 472 . In the deli department. Came into work at 7am my schedule time. When I got to my department I noticed a box of pizza dough that was left out all night. Also there was chicken burnt that was still in the oven.I have been working for Harris teeter for 8 months. Since then my managers attitudes nasty especially the deli Assistant manager paul. You speak too him and he gives you a look of fuck you e very time.I worked hard but hard work didn’t pay off for me. So after all the long days not getting too take breaks. Employees comming too work two or three hours late or when they feel like it. For my own insanity I made the decision too quit I couldn’t take it anymore that date 5/15/2021 still haunts me. So corporate needs too read this and straighten out that store
    Before someone issues becomes a bigger problem than mine was.I decided that my mental health was on the edge so l decided it was time to get out. The same way I clocked in I clocked out. And no one reached out too me at all and I was a great employee. My name is Keisha Ellison.

    • Got out in time says:

      I know that feeling all to well. I quit Kroger a week after you. The store I was in had he same problems. Managers can come in when ever they wanted and still got paid their hrs. Went to store manager and it fell on deaf ears. Allot of stuff was out dated but still went out on the floor with a different date on it. Because the manager was to lazy to rotate the floor. But yet they still get their bonuses. ,Not taxed at all

    • KW says:

      Our teen son is experiencing the same ‘lack of concern’ from his supervisor. Especially as it relates to a harassment claim against one of the adult supervisors. In the past year, he has received 15 ‘excellent of service’ note cards from the store manager. But the lack of the manager’s follow through with the harassment claim, our son will most likely file a police report , legal action, and resignation letter.

  • Ms Ollie Willis says:

    To the Ceo and Family of Harris Teeter corporate office, I must get straight to the point,I was shopping in your Wards Corner in Norfolk Va,You are the only store that’s close for me to shop. I’M concern now you let Dogs come in your store while we are in a pandemic that is not sanitary for me, Whether you are a dog owner and like Dogs as a Senior citizen I think that having Dogs in stores are not sanitary or safe now that we are in a Pandemic. It’s Food and all Dogs are not clean .Please advise your stores that Dogs are not allowed. THANK YOU.

  • George says:

    Why do you have coolers with Image of Native Americans on them. (Washington Redskins). Are you that insensitive.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are you seriously overworking your Express Lane workers??? Yes I understand with Covid-19 many people are using this service now. You have to realize many of the workers are working over 8 hours, sometimes 10 plus hours. They aren’t getting breaks or lunches until close to shift end or even after their shift is scheduled to be over. Having all time slots open for pick-up and delivery is sometimes impossible. With the number of employees scheduled and the number of orders is unexceptable. A lot of times other employees from different departments have to help. Taking time from their own department. Some know nothing about Express Lane. A lot of times the equipment used by Express Lane malfunctions making the employees having to rush barely finishing an order. Your employees are stressing before even clocking in. They shouldn’t be having to experience this before clocking in. It’s like they dread coming in to work. If you want to keep your good employees from quitting and walking out something needs to be done soon. Also, I have noticed some of the Express Lane offices in some of your stores aren’t practicing social distancing. When I walk by I have seen 6-8 people in a 10 X 10 office. It makes it seem like Harris Teeter doesn’t care how much they overwork and not care about their employees as long as money is made. That is just selfish of a company.

  • Jeanette Carpenter says:

    Why are HT customers not required to wear face masks before entering your stores! This is a must with the virius. Costco and Fresh Market are doing it as well as many other establishments. You say your are doing everything to stock your shelves and have clean stores. This is another issue you need to get on board with ASAP.

  • Lorie Heath says:

    For the safety of your employees and customers – HT needs to step up their game – Should require all employees to wear masks and gloves – Also consider having customers be required to wear masks or no shopping in your store. The Fresh Market is doing this. I won’t shop at your store until something is put in place. How about HT Masks with your logo? The plexiglass at the register is not making me feel safe – Let’s hear what you have to say about this – You are not putting safety first – Be a LEADER!

  • Ginny Hultquist says:

    HT at Friendly Center has been my go to for years. After today I’m not going back under the virus. Yes there was one door and someone sanitizing carts. But there were few masks-even for employees. The store was crowded and there were no directional aisles. There seemed to be no attempt to limit crowds. I felt very unsafe and am gone as a frequent customer.

  • Willam Walls says:

    While shopping at a Williamsburg store on 199 upon entering the store there’s Was a nice lady out there disinfecting carts very nice personality lovely person to be around her name is Diene she’s doing an excellent job. I was very happy that she was doing so. Thank you.

  • Ann W says:

    Thank you for your decision to limit the # of people in your stores during the pandemic, and also other steps you have taken. Please go further and make the aisles one way. I.e. down only on the first aisle and up only on the next aisle etc. i do not like passing others going in the opposite direction, it is too close! Thanks fo considering!

  • Beth Hill says:

    So frustrated. Shopped in goldsboro 5 weeks order incorrect. So ordered online in greenville got a pork roars instead of a beef roast. Same thing happened in goldsboro. Through with you. After years of online shopping and your associates do not care. Oh we do not like pork.

  • Rita says:

    I am trying to get in touch with Len in corporate office I public relations.

  • Geraldine Tyhacz says:

    I cannot believe you are closing the Ogden store. Been shopping here since 1994. Traffic to the Mayfaire HT is a nightmare. Only shop there when convenient. Food Lion here I come. G. Tyhacz

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