Where is Golden Corral Corporate office Headquarters

Golden Corral Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 6129 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 919-782-4880
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 10,000
  • Established: 1973
  • Founder: James Maynard & William F. Carl
  • Key People: Lance Trenary (President & CEO)

Golden Corral Headquarters Location & Directions

Golden Corral Headquarters Executive Team



Lance Trenary

Chief Executive Officer and President

James H. Maynard

Founder and Chairman

Larry I. Tate

Senior Vice President of Franchise Sales

About Golden Corral, History and Headquarters Information

It is a company whose very name is synonymous with festivity and food. The company is known for its buffets and grill. Offering one of the widest assortments of delicacies from all around the world, it has several outlets that cater to its clients.

It is centered in New Carolina. It is highly unlikely that you might not have heard about the company’s outlet. Food and festivity go hand in hand at the Golden Corral. Walk in at one of its outlets today and treat yourself to lavishness and splendor in food.

You can eat to your heart’s content and have your fill as much number of times as you want to. All that you have to do is make a reservation, the rest, is on the company. Golden Corral has been looking to expand its operations beyond the current cities and gain more popularity overseas.

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  • Misty says:

    Me and my family went to eat lunch after church. It was the store on 96th and Grant in Thornton Colorado. They sat all ten of us at a table in the corner but we literally had no elbow room. We were to close to eachother to eat our food and noticed that a table behind us was open. Half of my family went and sat at that table. The waitress asked if we were together we said yes, she said great and proceeded to wait on us. In the middle of the meal the manager Kim came up to my children to ask them why we had split table. When I came back to the table from serving they told me that she told them they could finish their meal. As I sat down she had come back and asked again what we thought we were doing using two tables. I turned my seat towards her as my back was turned away and I was eating. I asked her, what her problem was because she was loud and had her hand on the table leaned over my child’s food. I told her she had already came and said that we could finish our meal and what was the point of causing a scene in the middle of my familys meal. She said that even though the waitresses were ok with that they were not her and her as the manager needed that table. I could see her point but if her staff allowed us to eat and it caused a inconvenience the correct way to handle it should have been to discreetly ask us in private or allow us to finish as paying costumers and let us leave. She became noticeably agitated and began to raise her voice if we would just leave. I said if you give us our money back sure. She said she would and we followed her to the cash register. At this time we told her that the waitress threw one of our receipts away if she could look it up and the party with us could get reimbursed as well. The other party was our kids who paid seperatly. She yelled that the waitress throwing our receipt away was not her problem as if we were trying to lie about there being another receipt. There was 10 of us and on my receipt I had 6 paid for. There should have been no question. During us standing by the cash registers my son and his son were serving and had no idea we were leaving. She grabbed his plate and called him a bastard spilling food on him. He was trying to feed the baby who was holding his plate. She grabbed my son by the arm and hit my other son with her shoulder telling us now we were not getting refunded. She told us we were trespassing and when I told her we were paying customers to give us our money back so that we could leave she called the police. They came out and said it was unfortunate because they agreed it was handled incorrectly but that the easiest way to solve it was just to leave. We agreed. Corperate arrived his name is Dan Schuler and he stated that he would refund us both tickets but couldn’t at the time and to reach back out the next day. But as I got home I allowed myself to calm down and replayed if I or my family had done anything wrong. My blood boiled to realize we had played no part in creating a scene. We did nothing wrong. A Sunday family day turned into a huge mess as my family was thrown out and disrespected all because this manager felt the need to embarrass my family and put her hand on my child and call him a bastard because her staff allowed us to sit at seperate tables and she was obviously over whelmed. But that shouldn’t of been my familys problem. Something needs to happen so this don’t happen to another family. Its a family restraunt. We were treated as if we were terrible people. That was not at all the case.

    • jack schaeffer says:

      They, do not take coupons and are picky, gummy floors. Treat, employees like slaves. I would get a lawyer, this is horrible and I would of called the police on them for calling my child a bastard and laying their hands on my child or grandchild. Sorry, you had to deal with fools on your family day.

  • William mowry says:

    Is the one in pembroke pines fl.ever going to reopen

  • Melissa James says:

    Me and my husband went to Golden Corral in Pelham Alabama and it was pack of people there was not no clean bowls for ice cream the hot fudge machine didn’t work and there was no spoons

  • S. Crow says:

    The Golden Corral on Loop 289, Lubbock, Texas, has very good food and is clean where the food is located. The floors in this location are dirty and very unappetizing. They do a lot of busy but I feel if they redid their floors they would have more customers.

  • Herb Eichner says:

    I live at 4203-25 ave, NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada. Postal Code= T6L 6B4. What is your closest location to me?

  • Bob says:

    The numbers listed above, as well as the address, are not for Golden Corral’s Corporate HQ, but for a Golden Corral Restaurant in the same area. The corporate number is 919-781-9310; the address is 5151 Glenwood Ave., Raliegh, NC. 27612.

  • Sandy Miller says:

    When are you going to build the Golding Corral in Champaign, IL.61821?. We do need the Golden Corral in Champaign,IL.61821.I have eaten therebefore. I will be going there. The food is real good . Get the Golden Corral built, in Champaign , IL 61821.I will be going there.To eat. Thank you Sandy Miller. I do want answer.. Here is my name address. Sandy Miller 2318 Blackthorn Drive Champaign, IL.61821 Thank Sandy Miller

  • Herb Eichner says:

    I live at 4203-25 ave, NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada. Postal Code= T6L 6B4. I seek the address and phone number of the closest Golden Corral to me

  • P. Roots says:

    Why did Elizabeth City NC Golden Corral abruptly close? Will it reopen under new management? City needs it.

  • rhall2681@gmail.com says:

    My name is Rebecca Hall of Santee South Carolina. We were on vacation in the New York,New Jersey for the fourth of July.Every state we travel we look for Golden Corral found on in Smithfield,N.C. the serve was outstanding.There is one in Charleston, S.C.I would love for Golden Corral to come to Santee, of I95 I have the land for it about a mile of 95 Santee is a tourist town with lot of golfing,sleeping place,state park,lot of fishing need some feedback

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