Where is Geek Squad Corporate office Headquarters

Geek Squad Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7601 Penn Avenue South
    Richfield, MN 55423-3645
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 612-291-1000
  • Fax Number: 734-462-0231
  • Email:
  • Number of Employees: 20000
  • Established: June 16, 1994
  • Founder: Robert Stephens
  • Key People: Chris Askew

Geek Squad Headquarters Location & Directions

Geek Squad Headquarters Executive Team



Chris Askew


Michelle Henderson

Customer Marketing Director

About Geek Squad, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Phil says: is the site I refer to at the end of my complaint. Since it would not go through, I found this Site instead.

  • Phil says:

    Confirmation #1274755 Grid SO: 1274755 Job#: 1535603

    This is my complaint relating to yesterday’s incompent, unprofessional behaviour and poor service provided by two Geek Squad Agents. The appointment was for January 22, 2019 between the service-window of 9 am to 2 pm. I had gone to a nearby Calgary Best Buy Location to select a Surveillance Camera System and requested Installation-Information, for which I was provided with the Geek Squad phone-number. Obviously I needed the service, otherwise I would have waited for better weather-conditions to begin this project. I then called the Geek Squad Call-Centre and was informed that the appointment was for an hour and that the Geek Squad Agents would provide the following information: review my needs; identify locations for the cameras, type of installation, nearby Stores, product-options (brands and models)and costs; consultation on wired/wireless systems and receiver-type/cloud storage; check the inside wiring and internet-service; provide a written estimate and schedule an appointment for the installation.

    Customer Service: The customer-service I received from these two Agents differed greatly from what I was led to expect. Following is an account of what occurred during the visit and enclosed is a copy of their Site-Survey Report. They gave misinformation regarding the surveillance-system and the number of cameras I would need and their location; they discouraged the wired-system instead of informing me that they would not be doing this installation which could have saved my time and theirs; they did not provide information on the nearby stores; they provided conflicting information on product-options and costs; no information was given on the difference between wired/wireless systems and DVR/NVR or Cloud Storage; I walked them though the hall-way of the house to reach the back-yard but they did not ask or check the inside wiring or the network; at the termination of the visit, they refused to do the installation and asked me to find someone else, repeatedly mentioning that the wiring-installation was very costly, that when they remove the floor trims/mouldings to drill through the wall, they do not replace them and that I would have to replace them at my expense, that they usually run the wires from the loft but that mine was too high though they refused to check it out, that the Geek-Squad preferred not to do wired-installation. They gave all the above-named deterrents but when I insisted on a wired-system, they finally refused to do the installation.

    Customer-Preference: As soon as the two Geek-Squad Agents entered my home, I informed them that I wanted a DVR wired-system but they pushed the wireless system and explained that the Wired-System was expensive. I responded that the cost was a non-issue as I wanted it. Besides, that is the customer’s decision, not theirs and their responses indicated that I could not afford the cost. They did not provide me with a rough estimate nor did they inform me that they would not be doing it till the very end when they began writing the report.

    Untrained Technicians: At the onset, they could have informed me that they were not willing to do wired-systems and we could have ended the visit and saved everyone’s time but they proceeded to survey the outside of the house. They provided me misinformation relating to the location and number of cameras required as well as product-names. Their attitude reminded me of the arrogance of computer-technicians when computers first came out. I asked them for complete surveillance-coverage and product-names since camera-lens vary from 70 to 130 Degrees but their response was that all cameras provided the same coverage. I had showed them certain sensitive areas of the yard which would need over-kill coverage but they were disinterested in relation to this need. I also needed accurate information to make the purchase at Best Buy. Their final consensus was 6 cameras, two each for the front and the back and one each for the sides but their Sight Survey Report included only one wireless system for 6 cameras.

    Misinformation: He wrote the Site-Survey and recommended the following:

    1) Swann Wired 4-Channel System (12717973). This system has the capacity for only 4 cameras so I would need two DVR’s in order to support 6 Cameras.

    2) Arlo Pro Wireless 6 Camera System (12556440). I wanted a wired system, irrespective of the costs and I mentioned this several times, at the outset and towards the end of the visit.

    3) Swann Wired 8-Channel System (12717972). JB added this recommendation after I reminded them that they had agreed on 6 cameras, two each for the front and the back and one each for the sides. He then pulled out his cell from his pocket and included this system, even though wired-systems offer 6 cameras.

    4) Ring Wired Indoor/Outdoor System (13286863).

    5) Arlo Q WIFI, indoor camera (10417064). This was an alternate to the wired-system. However, I informed them that the window-panes interfered with night-vision.

    6) Geek Squad Home Surveillance set-up for 4 wireless cameras (10416709) for $299/- and additional camera-mounting (10416712) for $79.99 per camera.

    7) The Sight-Survey was unsigned and undated.

    This is one of the worst services I have ever encountered and when I came upon this site, I discovered I was not alone. Don’t waste your money or time on them. I wrote a complaint to and I am waiting for their response.

  • >