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Jonas Samuelson,

President and CEO 

Adam Cich

Head of Business Area Asia Pacific

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Head of Business Area Latin America, Executive Vice President 

Carsten Franke

Chief Operations Officer (head of the Global Operations function), Executive Vice President

Therese Friberg

Chief Financial Officer

Anna Ohlsson-Leijon

Head of Business Area Europe, Executive Vice President

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Frigidaire corporate is an American consumer and commercial home appliances brand subsidiary of European company Electrolux. The guardian frigerator company founded Frigidaire in Fort Wayne Indiana. At its inception, the company was known as the guardian frigerator company but later changed to Frigidaire. It’s a corporation in the major appliances and small appliances industry. The company headquarters is in Charlotte North Carolina in the United States. The website is The company products are cloth washers and dryers, freezers, refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, room air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and microwave ovens.

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  • Yasmine says:

    Hello Frigidaire. I hope you improve your customer service because I shouldn’t have pay for shipping a part back to you when the manufacturer labelled my fridge with a part number that’s incorrect to begin with. when I tried to make my argument with one of your reps that the company should pay for the shipping, I was told, “the model number on the sticker in your refrigerator is not an incorrect model number, we just do not carry parts for it. No model number was used when this part was ordered over the web by the customer so the incorrect part was ordered online, it is the customers responsibility to ship it back if you want a refund.” Bullshit!!

  • Joyce says:

    Brought my Frigidaire refrigerator April 2023, start having problems in November 2023 for dinner is no help. They sent a technician out. I’ve been waiting three weeks for parts I’ve thrown food away. I’m buying food and drinks daily because I have nowhere to storm them they don’t care called customer service again today to find out if Frigidaire even know when the parts for my refrigerator will come in which they do not They have no idea when the parts is coming in but they tell me to wait on parts to get this fixed, if I have to wait another three weeks I guess that’s what I supposed to do. According to customer service Frigidaire is horrible and I will never ever buy Frigidaire any refrigerator stove whatever they make I will never buy if I see that name on anything

  • Charlene says:

    We purchased a Frigidaire over the stove microwave which we picked up on November 8th. Had to wait a week for a friend to help install. While it works fine, last night I noticed that the logo is missing the G. It says Fri iDaire which is embossed in the stainless steel. Customer service said we would have to buy a new door. It’s not even a month old!! Again, it works but what does this say about quality and their customer service?

  • Jeffrey says:

    I purchased a Frigidaire professional model fpbc2278uf7 This model is a stainless steel snug proof after 3 years I see it starting to peel in an area. I had no idea the No smug was a film that was put on the stainless . I called the company and they said sorry it’s out of warranty and besides it’s not covered. $2600 for this refrigerator and for it to peel is unacceptable.If this can happen this soon it should be written and told to the consumer.Also the way they explain it is it’s all in the stainless to be smug proof.

  • Sofia Ponesse says:

    I had Lowe’s deliver this my Frigidaire refrigerator on
    October 6,2023. I have lost over $400 worth of food. Serviceman back again.. they don’t know how to fix it. I have video of the water on the floor.. blood of the meat on the bottom of the freezer. Thaws and freezes.. too and bottom. Their “master Technician” won’t deem it unfixable even though they can’t.. try having Thanksgiving with a houseful and a cooler. 6 weeks without a working fridge.

  • Holly Yazdani says:

    Your company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I purchased a brand new refrigerator (serial #BA3318578 ) the main board did not work and my tenants food spoiled. The refrigerator was delivered in October but not used until the tenants moved in November . I have called the number for customer service and was told multiple times “sorry we need to order a part and there is nothing we can do.” It took 9 days to finally get the appliance Doctor to come & look at it will now take another 7-14 days due the part to come in. The another few days fir an appointment to fix it. Why could I not just get a new refrigerator that works?? This run around speaking with people who have NO power to assist is extremely not very customer oriented. I see you really don’t care for your customers. Never will I ever purchase something from your company again

  • Tonya says:

    I purchased my Fridgidaire refrigerator 1/2022. It stopped working August 2023. A repair man has been out on 4 different occasions and it is still not working. They are refusing to grant me a new refrigerator because the tech has to declare it unfixable. They have replaced several parts and it is still not working. Not having a working fridge is costing me a lot of money eating out.

    I am disappointed in this company and how they conduct business. They do NOT honor their products. Looking at other complaints, Frigidaire seems like a crappy product with a lot of issues, even the tech said so. I wish I had not purchased this item. At this point. I want my money. I think we need a class action suit at this point, if the company will not honor their product. Frigidaire, you must do better!

  • Margarita G says:

    Purchased my refrigerator in August 2022 it has broken down 3 times.It broke down in August , again in September and now again in November.I have extended warranty . Your service department which are all foreigners you can’t understand one word they say and the technicians you send are third party contractors they are all garbage . They don’t know what the hell they are doing . Your reviews are terrible everyone is complaining about the same issue but yet you don’t do anything about it . Now I’m taking legal action . Worst refrigerator and company . Will never purchase another appliance from this company.

  • JOANNE NITTI says:

    I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator Oct. 14, 2023 and it had a faulty crisper drawer. I reported it immediately to the merchant He contacted frigidaire and sent a service rep. They could not fix it.At this time I have a $2,000. refrigerator and no one will help me fix it I have made numerous calls to Frigidaire the merchant BBB and no one will assist me in fixing this issue. I would like to speak to the company president This is no way to run a business!


    I purchased the refrigerator on 9/1 and 11 months and 25 days it failed. Called the appliance store they could not fix it. So called Frigidaire on 9/5 1 year and 5 days after purchase and they will not call it in warranty. I have the service info from the appliance store proving the problem was in warranty. It is policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I purchased a Professionel series refrigerator from a high end appliance store on 9/1/2022. It stopped working on 8/25/ 2023. I called the appliance store and they sent a tech out on 9/5/2023. They could not work on r600 and told us to call Frigidaire. When I call them they said that the unit was out of warranty by 5 days. But agreed to service it as a courtesy . Two weeks later the tech arrived and guess what they couldn’t work on R600 either. I called Frigidaire back and they got another company to come out 2 weeks later and they could work on R600 but needed parts. They said they would order and be back in 2 more weeks. This was a&e old sears service. The parts arrived and they confirmed a service call another 2 weeks out sometime between 8 and 5. I took the day off and they never showed up. I call Frigidaire again and they scheduled andothe company APS electronics for anothe 1 week out and they arrived and after about 2-3 hours they determined that they could not soder the piping it just melted, they needed to call the factory. They determined that they needed an o-ring and special glue. They ordered it and the glue is out of stock and they cannot give me a date for when the glue would be in stock. They said I could go buy it and let the service company know. So My option now is to go out and do their job and find the glue or be without a refrig for weeks more. The frig is 3K+ and lasted 11 mohts. I have spent hours on the phone and every time it starts with it is out of warranty do I want to buy extended warranties. We are now 2 months without a frig and no end in site.

    • Pamela J says:

      We bought one almost 3 months ago from Lowes and it has never worked. Lowes refused to take it back and Frigidaire has sent people out once a month and all of them say they cannot fix it. It is the condenser and Frigidaire will replace it but Frigidaire does not replace it. They just do nothing because a guess they are now a bad company and they do not stand behind their products. We tell everyone not to buy a Frigidaire and we will not either anymore.

  • Mia Lazarre says:

    I bought fridge Sept 13, 2023 It never worked. 2 Techs came and advised it couldn’t be fixed, Electrolux sent a certified expert today Oct 13 1 month later. He went in back of fridge opened it and said the wire was not plugged in proper. I’m discussed no fridge for a month all of my food spoiled including medication and this company has done nothing but give me the run around and stated they don’t cover food. Any class action I want to be a part of it. NO COMPASSION AND HORRIBLE SERVICE. This is my first and last time that I will get a Frigidaire (Electrolux Product). You have to call them every day and speak to a supervisor and then maybe you will get a little help.

  • S. Mckoy says:

    I purchase a Frigidaire refrigerator from Lowe’s on August 9, 2023 and it was delivered August 10, 2023. A couple weeks later I started to see ice crystal in the freezer of the refrigerator. I contact customer service. They send a technician to look at the refrigerator and I was told it was a manufactory default. And that it could not be repaired. I called Frigidaire customer service again to follow up on the report from the repair technician. Frigidaire customer service told me to contact Lowe”s .I contact Lowe’s and because it was not a Lowe’s problem they would not replace the refrigerator without a return authorization from Frigidaire So I contact Frigidaire customer service again for a Return Authorization form. I was told by Frigidaire because I did not contact them within seven days of the issue and able to give me a return authorization form. They would sent out another technician from a different company for a second opinion and that technician said the same thing it was a manufacture default and it was nothing they could do to repair it. They will recommend that Frigidaire replace my refrigerator. do to the manufactory error. I’m still waiting to hear from Frigidaire about replacing my refrigerator. Frigidaire. has the worst return policy I ever dealt with, due to manufactory error

    • Frustrated in Indiana says:

      I have the exact same problem that you do and I’ve gotten nowhere with Lowes or anyone else for that matter. I would like to stay in touch with you because I think we have a class action suit here if we can find others. if you respond to this, I will get in touch with you.

      • Ashley B says:

        We have been dealing with fridgadaire for 7 weeks trying to warrenty our microwave. They have lies saying a tech was coming or that they would call in 48-72 hrs and no one has called we have had to continue to call and keep getting the run around! I agree on the class action lawsuit!

      • Pamela J says:

        We have gone through the same thing the refrigerator never worked, occasional text come and look at it, Lowe’s, and Frigidaire are worthless

  • Tim Boles says:

    86635341 repair number but no results and can’t get a us based person to call me for help. Brand new dishwasher!!!

  • Larry Small says:

    I purchased a Frigidaire Model GRMC2273CF00, Serial 1K23470275, from Lowes in Canton Ga on May 2, 2023. Starting around the 10th of June it started giving high freezer temp. alarms. After multiple attempts to contact your warranty service phone it was able to schedule an appointment for june 21. This was the beginning of the worst warranty service experience I have endured in 75 years.
    1. The service tech incorrectly diagnosed the problem. He ordered 3 parts and scheduled a return trip.

    2. Several of the parts were back ordered and I had to wait until August 21 for the warranty phone number to schedule a return trip while I waited for parts to arrive. During this period the refrigerator slowly died. It went from a freezer problem to no cooling at all in any of the drawers or main refrigerator. I called the warranty service phone number on multiple occasions trying to get them to change the original complaint but they refused to do anything, they cited company policy for the reason. They would not let me speak to a supervisor. This is a clear example of a company hiding behind an overseas call center to avoid dealing with a customer. Your lack of concern has left two senior citizens without a major appliance for two months and the problem has not been resolved.

    3. When the repair technician returned he checked for an found a refrigerant leak. He told me he could not repair it in the field due to the use of aluminum fitting and put the unit in for replacement. He told me I would be contacted in a week. It has been over two weeks and no one has contacted me yet. Calls to your 1-800 warranty line are useless. This looks like obvious stalling techniques to run as much of the warranty out as possible.

    My next step if I don’t get this problem resolved soon it to file a complaint with the Federal Trade commission about your lack of service.

    I also plan to follow up the complaint with a letter to my senator requesting a new law/FTC regulation classifying refrigerators, freezers, stoves and oven as essential appliances and requiring very strict times for repair or replacement before manufacturers are fined.

    I also plan to contact the Department of Energy group looking a refrigerator energy and make them aware that units are being sold that are not field serviceable.

    I am also going to request that DOE usage stickers warn people that unit can not be repaired.

    If there is anyone a Frigidaire that really gives a DAMN about your customers someone needs to contact me as soon as possible.

  • James Hammerschmidt says:

    To Jonas Samuelson, President and CEO of Frigidaire, I and writing this to let you know that I am so disappointed in your Frigidaire Freezer that after having purchased my first one, I found out after a couple of days that the seal around the door was bad and ice crystals started forming on my food. Reached out to customer service and they sent a technician to replace the seal, and that didn’t fix the problem. the technician ordered a new door for the freezer on the 30th of August and still no new door. My wife is on the phone as I type this with someone over sea to try and find out why we haven’t gotten the door yet and she is getting nothing but the run around. Frigidaire has the worste customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. While there dragging there feet my food in the freezer is going bad. As a warning to anyone about to buy a Frigidaire appliance DON’T it’s not worth the money you spend.

  • Michael Shea says:

    I understand that as the President and CEO of Frigidaire Corporation, you may have many responsibilities and concerns. However, I believe that any problems with Frigidaire refrigerators should be of utmost importance to you.

    I purchased a Frigidaire model FRSS232AS3 refrigerator from Home Depot a little over a year ago. Unfortunately, this refrigerator has been causing excessive noise issues. While it was under warranty, I had a service call and your technician informed me that there was nothing he could do about the noise coming from both the motor and the icemaker. The noise level of the icemaker dropping the ice is particularly disruptive, waking everyone in the house. This seems to be a design flaw.

    Even after the warranty expired, I purchased a year extended warranty from your company. I recently had another issue with the refrigerator’s computerized system, which was resolved by one of your technicians.

    During both service calls, I inquired about the commonness of these noise complaints. In both instances, the technicians confirmed that noise generated by your refrigerators is a very common issue.

    In light of this, I am kindly requesting that you send a corporate officer to personally listen to my refrigerator. I believe it is important for someone from the company’s leadership to experience the issue firsthand. Additionally, I noticed that the refrigerator was manufactured in Mexico, which raises some concerns about quality control.

    There was a time when corporations and businesses prioritized customer satisfaction. I hope that you can understand my frustration and take appropriate action to address this issue. I would like a refund and you can have this refrigerator back.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    Michael Shea
    7775 SW 100 Street
    Miami, Fl 33156

  • Rich says:

    I just purchased a Frigidaire Dishwasher Model #FFID2426TA6A
    Serial # TH23640453
    Its very loud and doesn’t clean very well, but most of all the dishes are not drying to well
    I had tried Jet Dry that was recommended, it help some but still some items were still wet
    I had technician out and they say its working properly
    Base on the technicians comments this its working fine to factory standards
    I can’t believe that people would not return them
    I reviews this particular unit is recommended for rentals or flipping houses.
    This unit works satisfactory it best.
    I simply want to return or exchange the unit thats Frigidaire’s higher end dishwasher and pay the difference.
    Please contact me via email or by phone # 443 756 0288
    Sincerely Rich Drgos

  • Cherie says:

    To Jonas Samuelson, President and CEO of Frigidaire, I and writing this to let you know that I am so disappointed in your Frigidaire Dehumidifier that after having purchased my first one, it failed and errored after one year, then I contacted you after numerous attempts to FINALLY get an email and filling out and copying all the required paperwork you requested…..with continued issues getting it, I finally did, and of course, it has lasted approx another year and began freezing up on the coils. After attempting to get assistance once again with customer service, I was treated so unprofessionally and on hold for extended periods of time….thus I was continually asked if I had the original purchase order (And I did) but then they said I didn’t have the extended warranty plan. I JUST WANTED A HUMIDIFiER that worked more than a
    year!!!!!!!! Do you not back your product to last over a year? I just wanted a replacement due to the fact with documentation, that the Frigidaire dehumidifier kept failing with no fault of mine. Is this your quality of product? It appears I’m not the only one feeling this way!

  • Wayne says:

    I have a question on whether Frigidaire is going to bring manufacturing back to the United States or move it to a country other than China. I simply cannot stand buying products that are made in China, where all those companies are controlled by the CCP and some of the profits they make go to funding their military and the CCPs’ desire to take over the world. They’re building their military right now, in order to take over Taiwan, a friendly country and a great training partner with United States.
    I think Frigidaire leaders should think about this seriously and consider moving most of the manufacturing away from China and whatever products still manufactured in China, sell in Asian countries only.
    So, I’m going to try to find a dehumidifier that is made in a friendly country.

  • Delisa Allen says:

    I have a Frigidaire washer and upright freezer neither one has ever worked correctly. Currently both are not working at all. Got on web site for chat, takes along time to put in serial number and product numbers, on phone for ever, didn’t bother telling me all of the other info they needed, which I didn’t have, then Mira the chat girl was very rude, I had to ask her 2/3 times What all info I needed? Got off phone, got info went back to web site to complete warranty process, I’ve been blocked from web site. I will never purchase Frigidaire products agin. I phoned HR and placed formal complaint. Reviews are astounding, should have read them first.

  • Elxo says:

    OMG… I just read some of the reviews below and to the person…they are all correct. Worst customer service ever. But they should know that I work and sell appliances so I will tell my story to every person who comes in to buy any type of appliance they sell so that’s a few appliances of theirs not sold. Here’s
    the main problem…which I’ve discovered over the few years I’ve been in this particular sales position.
    Practically every appliance company out there is producing such inferior products that it makes your head spin. I hear from customers every day how their appliance, which is not old – within 2-4 years – has broken down. This is sickening to hear that these companies are not held to task – that they can just sell us all the crap they want and our government is doing nothing. Of course, we all need refrigerators, etc. so we’re at their mercy and they know it. I currently am having a problem – the leveling feet on a laundry center were missing when it was delivered 5 weeks ago. I’m so sick of talking about it – my friends are bored to tears
    hearing how I have to lug many bags of laundry to the public laundromat – but this company couldn’t care less about a senior hurting her arm doing all of this. Why do we order something for our home – so we
    don’t have to go out and do the laundry!!!!! Well, as Forrest Forrest Gump said – ‘that’s all I have to say’!
    Is anyone else wondering why there is so much violence in our society now – the frustration level has reached it’s peak!

  • Tom Stergar says:

    Your products and service are a “joke,” a very bad joke.

  • Bill Lynch says:

    If it says Frigidaire or Electrolux on it anywhere, RUN!!!
    Been waiting a month for a warranty replacement AC unit.
    If you call it takes almost an hour to talk to a person in the Philippines who barely speaks English to give you the run around and apologies about why nothing has been done or shipped. If you call nobody there can help you. All they do is apologize.

  • Shawna Hamilton says:

    Does not stand behind their products spent almost 900 dollars on a refrigerator that is falling apart 2 yrs later

  • Esther Guajardo says:

    I have nothing but the worst customer service provided by this company. It has been nothing but short of a nightmare over repairs. I have not been able to get my issue resolved since July 11th. I am beyond livid of how this matter has been handled. I would not recommend this company to anyone

  • Hugh Zazzara says:

    Refrigerator # FRSS2323/ B0
    Serial # 4A13005686
    I bought this POS about 2 yrs ago and nothing but maker, fan motor…same problem with ice maker leaking inside back wall causes fan to seize up and burn out motor. The last tech who came out told me nothing wrong after i explained what the previous tech fixed..I told him to leave.. been calling Frigidaire and talking to them is worse than their POS APPLIANCES!! So with that I’m filing complaints with the FTC and Attorney General’s way or another we’ll get to the bottom of this..DONT BUY FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCTS BECAUSE THEM AND THEIR PRODUCTS SUCK!!!

  • T. Krebs says:

    Frigidaire must have by far the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced! So difficult to reach anyone, when you finally do you cannot understand them. If you are lucky enough to reach someone via email they drag you along months telling you you need this you need that before we even consider helping you. You explained the issue to them they quit replying when they realize the should be covering your warranty. I will never recommend or purchase a Frigidaire product again! I hope people read all the problems this company has resolving problems!!!

  • Dr. William Brendler says:

    Worst company I have ever experienced in 30 years of advising top executives. I purchased a Frigidaire Frig and the 2 lines bringing in water to the dispencer that provides ice and water doesn’t work. We have had expert service people come at least 3 times and fixed the system for 5 days each time it stops working and it is out now again. We know this is a problem that Frididaire knows about for many years and does nothing to fix it!!!! Does Lowes know about this problem.? Are they part of the fraud too?

  • Nick says:

    How do I get ahold of someone to address my refrigerator? I have had 7 technicians at my house from 3 different companies trying to get my new refrigerator to make ice, it has not worked since day one,

  • Gene Piccoli says:

    Good morning Mr. Samuelson,

    I am writing to you to express my extreme dissatisfaction with your FRIGIDAIRE upright freezers. My first Frigidaire was a high-end COMMERCIAL model purchased at Costco in Montreal. It never worked properly, and had 2 service calls within 5 years. The second one cost me $300, which was a waste because their was a leak in the system which could not hold refrigerant.

    My second one was a 20 cu. ft. upright purchased on Sept 18, 2021 which has also failed causing a complete food loss. I am beyond livid at your product.

    Please note, Mr. Samuelson, that the legal jurisdiction I reside in, Quebec, Canada, has some of the most powerful consumer protection laws in the world. Recently, our province passed legislation to crack down on appliance manufacturers who products fail within 5 years.

    I hope someone on your team will contact me to resolve this issue.

    Gene Piccoli

  • David diehl says:

    Bought a washer put it on max fill if you don’t stand there and babysit it the water just keeps filling up and the pump tries to drain it and the agitator starts running all at the same time and water is pouring out onto my kitchen floor do not buy from Frigidaire all their machines are pure junk

  • Sophia says:

    Worst customer service ever! I received a faulty ice maker and was scheduled for a service between the hours of 8-5. Technician never showed up or even called to cancel. I tried three times to reschedule and was never contacted. Obviously there is no email just one line to contact Frigidaire. You can wait for hours for a pick up only to get someone with limited English speaking proficiency. I guess I’ll have to pay out of pocket to repair my ice maker. I’ll never purchase Frigidaire again.

  • Robert says:

    I turned off the circuit breakers to my kitchen to do some work. The work had nothing to do with my Frigidaire stove (purchased in April 2021) which was off at the time the circuit breakers were turned off. Once I turned the breakers back on, one of the burners turned on by itself, the knob for that burner had not been touched and was in the off position. The burner apparently turned itself off but not before it became exceedingly hot. The only way I knew the burner had been on was when a family member leaned next to the stove and felt a hot burner. It was then we noticed the “hot burner” or whatever that warning light is, was lit up.

    I called the 800-374-4432 number to report the issue as a warning to Frigidaire. I spent 15 minutes on the line with a foreign speaking representative who could only tell me to call Home Depot as they were responsible for my repair (I had purchased an extended warranty). I REPEATEDLY advised her that I would handle that, but I wanted to speak with someone at Frigidaire to advise of the safety concern. Regardless of how I phrased that, the representative would only tell me to contact Home Depot to fix the issue, there was nothing more she could do.

    Frigidaire, as your voice recording states, “calls may be recorded”. I certainly hope so, the call was started at 10:28am today. Maybe someone in legal wants to review? Oh, and by the way….you might have an issue with your stove. I’ll be calling Home Depot now.

  • Margaret Palm says:

    I purchased a freezer top refrigerator in May of 2022. It started freezing in the refrigerator after 6 months. Finally had the compressor replaced. Now in May 2023, after buying the extended warranty, the appliance totally stopped working . It took 3 calls, 2 hang ups after I asked for a supervisor, to finally get an appointment to get it fixed. This took 3 weeks due to scheduling issues. After being told the appliance is not repairable I have to wait an additional 7 to 10 days to see if you are even going to replace the refrigerator. When I asked to speak to a supervisor to get this fast tracked I was told that a supervisor would not talk to me because all of the calls were being recorded. I said I wanted a supervisor to speak to due to the run around I had been getting. The customer service rep then kept me on hold for 45 minutes supposedly getting a supervisor to talk to me. She would come back on to ask me questions that were already in the notes, which I refused to answer by reminding her that it was in the notes. She kept asking me it I still wanted to wait. I told her quite a few times that I had all afternoon to wait. She finally disconnected me after 53 minutes. I am so disappointed in this brand and their customer service. Worst I have experienced in quite a while.

  • Osvaldo Vazquez says:

    Worst company EVER! CEO doesn’t care. All they have is 3rd world customer service employees who do nothing to help customers and they blame corporate HQ saying “we don’t know”. My microwave and stove broke and it’s been 6 months with no contact after they told me I should be getting a replacement in 10 days. Stay away! Beware!

  • Lori Broderick says:

    Worst customer service EVER! Employees are like little robots, “ Please wait 3-5 business days for a response” No! I’ve been waiting a month! Multiple multiple texts, calls and chats with 0 results! The service company was supposedly sent my information 3 times, they actually only received it from Frigidaire one time ( more lies from Frigidaire) and on the third time they cancelled the morning of, after they confirmed they were on the way to my house. They are the only company they use although they keep telling me they will find me another. Then I got an email saying that I refused their service so Frigidaire would put my name back into a database even though they are the only company. Makes absolutely no sense. I drove an hour at 7am due to the fridge being at my second residence. I took the day off work and cancelled a doctors appointment to be there and they cancelled. Not only am I out the money for the fridge and food but an unpaid day off work. My last chat, I was told a manager would call me 24 to 48 hours. It’s been 24 and I’ve heard nothing so now I am not waiting the 48. I am done with these people. I’m currently filing a complaint with the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and contacting local news stations. All emails are drafted and ready to send on Monday. Frigidaire is a horrible company and the fact that they will not give you information beyond the escalation department proves that they don’t want you speaking to anybody because they know it’s all complaints! Horrible!

  • robert bauldock says:

    I bought a FRIGIDAIRE water cooler/dispenser on 15 feb 23, along with this unit I bought a 2 yr ext.warranty, in total 304.79. The unit worked well for a month, then problems, cut on, cut off, then no hot water, and after one month no lights, motor running, nothing dead. I contacted the people Curtiscs who are suppose to survice my unit, after 4 phone calls 10 E mails, I still have this hunk of junk sitting in my kitchen, Ive contacted Frigidaire, they gave me the Curtis 1 800 number after waiting over 1hr. So the truth is who ever put the Frigidaire name on that piece of junk should be out in the parking lot picking up trash, No one is satisfied this unit TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET, I just bought a stove, prior to getting this cooler, but make no mistake if I had gotten this dispenser first, I would be looking towards Japan or Korea, So do not buy the Frigidaire Water dispenser model #EFWC900, it is junk, not worth your money and I promise you it will break down, and like me no one will assist you, because this is just a bad product. They made a mistake with is one.

  • Tom Shores says:

    Since purchasing model #FGEH3047vVF in October 2022 the technician arrives, YET AGAIN, for a 5th call out and 3rd Control & Module changes the stove is now inoperable. The last Technician agreed that this is an issue that will continue due to a serious design flaw. He thought that due to the open frame on the control panel, the control panel itself has no coating barrier on the electrical board for protection, any moisture (be it cleaning solution, a spill, a boil over, ANY MOISTURE) will seep down to the open & unsealed module, causing a short. That is now become a more extensive fault, cause when we plug the stove into the wall, big ball spark flew out the back. That short previously was causing the modules to malfunction, turning the oven and/or other features to come by itself (burner eye comes on, temp on oven to max., oven turns on) and no one in the kitchen or just hapens in the middle of the night requiring us to unplug the unit when not in use, also suggested by the Technicians. That is not long a broblem as the last ime my wife plug the stove in, it blew a massive blue spark out the back…we’ve waited 12 days, 2 contracts, and 4 refused contractor visits for call outs…Frigidaire waiting out the warranty I guess to say it isn’t covered now?!? Frigidaire can help it’s customers and its self, you are putting families & all they’ve worked for at risk by leaving this issue in limbo. Do the right thing, stop requiring multiple technician reports and exchange lemon units….please!!

  • Carol and John Mohon says:

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED (getting ahold of someone that can communicate clearly and make changes/worthy decisions is ridiculous). We have been hung-up on (cut-off) or we get someone who only covers Canada and get hung-up (cut-off) on again. We bought a range S/N VF20617833 on August 22, 2022. 3.5 months later we have serious issues. Note; at delivery and right out of the box the leveling pads were falling apart so I should have known then we bought a lemon stove. 3.5 months later the main quick boil burner element fails. There are burns on oven door and door jam from this failure. We discovered wires literally hanging out between range top cover pinched with burns to our unit. We finally had a Frigidaire appointed technician (contractor) come out after 2-3 weeks of trying to get ahold of someone (making contact with a Frigidaire approved contractor is another incredible story). The repair technician said unit looked like it has been worked on before. I actually believe this technician’s observation, as I believe we received a unit that was returned from prior owner and sold (delivered) to our house as new (but used)! We are still without a cooking appliance. It’s been approximately a month! I talk to Frigidaire rep yesterday (40 minute hold-1 hour total) and they told me they would have answers, but nothing! Last Friday I was told (40 minute hold-1.25 hour total) I would receive email and answers but nothing! Last communication, I was told the technician report needs to state “the unit is not repairable” in order to get unit replacement. Unbelievable!! We ask for a Frigidaire to respond and replace this lemon unit!!?

    Regards, JCMO

    • Billy G HOLDER says:

      Did you ever get your problem solved??
      I have the exact same problem with no results 16 times I have called on hold as long as 85 minutes the area must have a huge number of asian people can’t speak good English
      Absolutely no help

  • Debbie Colle says:

    May of 2020 we purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator from our local Lowe’s store along with the extended warranty. 2 weeks ago the compressor went out! Luckily we had a fridge in the garage that we could transfer the food to from the fridge, but lost all the food from the freezer. Lowe’s decided they were NOT going to fix the compressor and refund our money for the refrigerator. Today we went to purchase another one. Turns out they didn’t have the same one. We bought another Frigidaire similar to the other one, but it was $300 dollars more and $40 to haul off the other one. They also want receipts or pictures of what we had in the freezer before they will compensate us! Pretty ticked off about the whole situation! What can you do for us?

  • Dawn Eliason says:

    i used the chat thing with one of their people and it sent me to a repair contractor that i would have to pay for to talk to. i would just like to talk to a real person about the problem.

  • Dawn Eliason says:

    I have a stove, microwave, dishwasher, refridge. that are 4years old and they are all frigidaire . i have had to repair them all. my stove i had to put in a brain board and the heating ellament in the oven, the microwave keeps blowing fuses in it, the fridge has to be watched so it will keep a good temp, dishwasher is doing good for now. these were put in our brand new home and we hardly used them since we are over the road drivers. i will never buy this brand again. when we called no one can come to the phone. all the problems started 6 months after we move in and started to use them.

  • Eternal Hope says:

    Apparently I’m not the first to have serious problems with Frigidai
    Yesterday, I had an appointment for a repair between 9 & 11 am [sent to my husband’s phone]. When they didn’t arrive by noon I called & was told they would come when they finished with the customer they were servicing.
    This went on all day. I would call – I was told I was next on the list. Finally they said by 7 pm. Then 8 pm & finally 9 pm. I asked if they were actually going to show up & she said she e-mailed the techs & they said they would be there. NO ONE SHOWED UP. 13 hours of waiting – they took a day out of my life and I don’t have that many days left.
    Tried calling today to see if anyone would show up and they’re closed for the holiday.
    Frigidaire used to be a respected name – today it’s worthless.

  • Beth Walter says:

    We purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher from Lowe’s earlier this year. After about 3 months, the dishwasher stopped working. We called Frigidaire to see what we needed to do. Their “policy” is to send a contracted technician out to try to fix the machine. After numerous visits from this technician, nothing has been resolved. We have been without a functioning dishwasher for almost 4 months because Frigidaire keeps putting us off and wanting to “fix” the machine. The technician has told us more than once that it cannot be fixed, but until Frigidaire’s “master technician”, who tells the contracted technician what to do over the phone, declare the machine unable to be fixed, we continue to be without a dishwasher. My husband has had to stay home from work multiple times waiting for technicians to come to our house, only to once again tell us that it can’t be fixed. This has been a complete nightmare and we either want our dishwasher replaced or a full refund. Please let us know what we need to do to resolve this issue.

  • Isaac Harrell says:

    I purchased a Frigidaire freezer. The freezer can not be leveled due the frame under freezer is bent. Freezer was damaged when I received it. I have talked to 11 customer service people with Frigidaire with not luck to get a service company to look the issue. I’m sick and tired of getting the runaround with everyone I talk to. Please Frigidaire, get off your butt and get someone here to correct my freezer. Your products are a piece of trash, in my opinion. My next move will is to the BBB.

  • Jawahar Shah says:

    I have purchased Dishwasher and it is defective. Frigidiare Inspector examine the unit and told me that it is unrepairable and replacement unit will be give by the Frigidiare. It is more than three months and my issue is unresolved. Can anyone in the company help me to correct my problem

  • Laura Juda says:

    My Frigidaire refrigerator model number PRMC2285AF purchased 11/2020.
    The issue with the icemaker is with the TOP icemaker NOT the BOTTOM one:
    The BOTTOM ice maker was replaced due to the recall on 7/25/2022 even though it worked just fine. I even asked the service tech why he was replacing the bottom one when it was the top one with the issue?
    Again the issue is with the TOP icemaker as it’s the one spitting out plastic pieces and these pieces have been found in the ice when dispensed; I have saved these pieces. I called Frigidaire several times only to be told it was already replaced even though I said it was the TOP icemaker not the bottom one. I spent over an hour and a half being bounced back and forth between 800-374-4432 and 833-840-5926. I then spent 30 minutes chatting with a bot on virtual only to be told “your icemaker has been reworked” I KNOW THAT…its the top one that’s spitting out plastic! I will make sure friends and family through social media NOT TO BUY FRIGIDAIRE. I have also filed a report with the as this is unacceptable.

  • Chris says:

    We bought a new range in June 2022. Model Number GCRE306CAFF. This range is so noisy we can hear it running everyone in our home. We have had repair people here twice and new motor installed and it is still so noisy. I would not buy a Frigidaire appliance of any kind again


    my new dishwasher broke after 6 months, I had the company come to fix it since it was still under the manufactures warranty. They came and inspected it ordered parts left. Returned with the part install them… still didn’t fix the problem, this back and forth game continues for SIX MONTHS. They finally figure out after rebuilding the ENTIRE inside of the machine its the door latch just so happens my warranty ended the same week. Few months later and the exact same issue as before happens. They wont come look at without $120 inspection. They wont send me the parts to replace it myself. IF YOU HAVE TO REBUILD SOMETHING FROM INSIDE OUT INSIDE SOMEONES HOME THE WHOLE MACHINE SHOULD JUST BE SWAPPED OUT.

  • Patrick R Phillips says:

    My self cleaning oven melted the wires above. This appears to be a flaw that Fridgedaire should address with owners.

  • James Bellock says:

    Gas top grates flaking instead of replacing or finding out why they are flaking they say it’s cosmetic! Terrible answer my outside grill doesn’t do this!!!!

  • FrustratedNY says:

    They know they have a dangerous Range inside consumer’s homes and they have NOT sent out any service bulletins or done a recall!! DO NOT BUY MODEL : GCRG3060AFC !! The oven temperature gets dangerously hot as in you set it to 425° it will heat up to over 583° and keep going if you don’t shut it off. Set for 350° and temperature will get to over 483° !! Also the glass door can explode outward!!

    Customer service just strings you along. They lie and hang up on your! They refuse to give you corporate office information. Customer service says you can only deal with them. Customer services computer has been down for close to a week now. Come on!!

  • Michelle says:

    my refrigerator just turned 3 years old and has all cracks inside the refrigerator and they want to put band aids inside my refrigerator and I am not happy! this is absolutely unacceptable. my refrigerator should not have cracks inside it and no one at frigidaire wants to hear it. I’m beyond frustrated and very disappointed with frigidaire.

  • Abby White says:

    My mother has been waiting for a rebate for 6 months. Please contact us so we can resolve this issue.

  • Dawn says:

    We bought a brand new Frigidaire on April 30, 2022 and it stoped functioning 3 weeks later. Frigidaire refused to give us a return certificate and keep making repair appointments where the repair people would cancel. We were without a refrigerator for 4 months and keep calling Frigidaire and asked to speak to a supervisor, they refused to put on on the phone and keep saying, “no”. Lowes was appalled by Frigidaire’s treatment of us and was telling us they would happily replace the new product. However Frigidaire would not work with us and sent us 4 parts including a compressor. Finally a repair person form Lake Appliance in Hawaii came out to give an evaluation and he told us it would cost more to repair with the parts and his service than the cost of the refrigerator. Nevertheless Frigidaire sent us the 4 parts including a compressor. We told them after all these months living without a refrigerator, having spoiled food and having to buy ice every other day, we just wanted a return certificate and needed to speak to a supervisor. Frigidaire once again refused! Yesterday, we went back to Lowes and bought another new refrigerator, an LG. It is now my mission to try to get Lowe’s to stop selling Frigidaire products and I will do my best through the BBB, TV and social media to warn people aginst this company! If there were negative stars that is what I would give this product and company’s customer service.

  • mark says:

    Do not buy Frigidare dehumidifiers. They work for about a year and then fault errors shut down the unit. If you can get a replacement unit, it will do the same. Can not understand if you buy a product in good faith, then it fails to work, why you can not get your money back, They will twist warranty dates excuses with you but the fact of the matter is that the units do not function for more than a year. Sad!!!!

  • Brenda Paquette says:

    Bought all of appliances in July 2020 and did not receive delivery until May 2021. When the Fridge arrived it had to big dents in the front door when the water comes out and then a gash in the bottom freezer. We called right away to have the fridge repair or replaced. At first they told us they would replace the whole fridge but we would have to wait a few months because of inventory during the pandemic. Two months by and we called again now the story had changed they were going to replace the panels but it would also take a few more months. Well September, October, November 2021 came around and still no word from the company so we started to all on a weekly basis to get this resolve and every time we got no where. The saga continues now in September 2022. We just got off the phone with the service department again and still no date has been fixed and parts have not been received. Also, the stove came in with two different colours. We ordered black stainless steel appliances and the stove is black stainless but the front is just stainless which is totally ridiculous. We have two coloured stove and still are not able to replace just the one part with the correct colour. They send us the part three times and they got it wrong every time. I would never recommend buy any applicances from Fridgidaire. The worst appliances I have ever owned. On top of all the problems with service and delivery, the Fridge water is warm since it doesn’t go through the fridge before dispensing supposedly this is normal for the Gallery collection of Fridgiaire. Their answer was to put ice in the glass to make the water cold. Another thing is the stove takes 7-8 minutes to reach it’s temperature. We had this checked out by maintenance and they said it’s normal for this stove it’s really slove at getting to it’s temperature. I left whirlpool appliances in the house that I sold. They were new when we built the house and not once did I have problems with them in the 10 years that I owned them. I am in a brand new house right now with these below level, cheap (not the price but the quality) Fridgidaire appliances and nobody in the company cares enough to ensure the client is satisfied and that their appliances are working. DO NOT BUY FRIDGIDAIRE APPLIANCE. The worst appliances I have ever seen. AVOID at all cost. Terrible Terrible Terrible. I would rate them at a -5 Star MINUS 5 star.

  • KEN says:

    Purchased refrigerator in February 2021 and have been waiting for almost 19 months to have my freezer door replaced. Talked to a Iva, Hydi, Brandon, Johnathan, Joe, Anna, Sharon and a few others which I never asked for a name because I was so frustrated. In the beginning, after about 6 months and several calls I was told door part was never ordered and that they would put in an order. Then it became the reason for part not being installed and nobody at Frigidaire or the Service repair company knowing what’s going on, they noticed the part number has now changed and gave me the new part number. I called the service repair company and gave them this information. Then the lying started and one thing I don’t like is to be lied too. Several times I was given a date as to when this freezer door would be available and shipped but each time its practically the same lie. Today they say it will AGAIN be available and shipped at the end of October. Nineteen months of electric bills should be refunded to me for this ongoing door problem. I will contact the BBB and file a complaint. Does anyone know if….. ANYTHING ELSE BE DONE TO TRY AND RESOLVE THIS ISSUE?

  • Peter Oppenheimer says:

    Dear Frigidaire,

    I’m writing to request warranty coverage for my Frigidaire Dehumidifier Model FFAD5033W1, Serial#KN04163952, purchased on June 21, 2021. I recognize that I called you on August 28, 2022 (and spoke to “Shell”), which is nine weeks beyond the one-year warranty. However, I have previously had only excellent experience with Frigidaire products and trust you will stand beyond your products as you’ve done in the past and make an exception.

    When I spoke with Shell on August 28, she was very helpful, noting that the unit wasn’t working as it displayed the “EC” error code. I followed the instructions for cleaning she sent me by email, which unfortunately did not fix the humidifier. When I spoke with Shell on August 28, she said if cleaning the unit didn’t work, to call back, and Frigidaire would send out an authorized repair tech at no cost to me.

    On September 7, 2022, I called Customer Service and spoke with “Sabina.” Sabina said the unit was out of warranty and that there was nothing she could do to help me as I had not purchased an extended warranty. I was a bit surprised and quite disappointed that two customer service reps had given me conflicting information. I was also saddened that Frigidaire would not stand behind one of its products — especially as I reported the problem only 9 weeks after the one-year warranty had expired.

    I’m confident you will stand by your product and honor my request for warranty coverage. It’s the right thing to do and will keep me as a loyal and satisfied customer of Frigidaire products.


    Peter Oppenheimer
    610 N. Oak St
    Falls Church, VA 22046

  • Gail Crockett says:

    My name is Gail Crockett, I have called multiple stores and to no avail can I find 18.03 cubic feet Frigidaire refrigerator in Black. So I called the telephone number 1-888 696-3744 and I talked to a lady named Sierra which was very rude. Then I called your 8 1 800-374-4432 number. I don’t understand why the people that are working for you are so impolite and I want to know if you can contact me at my number is area code 414-578-0803 and let me know how I can order this refrigerator from you. Hopefully I can get one of your employees that is polite and curious and I look forward to your response. Thank you

  • Mike W says:

    I bought a dehimidifier that no longer works. I called customer service in early June (6/8) to inquire about the warranty. I was told it was still covered. I was emailed a claim form which I completed and emailed back as instructed on June 16th and I have heard nothing since. I have called 800-944-9044 no less than 20 times since the initial 10 day processing period and every time I am told they received nothing from me so I send the warranty info again. One rep even waited on the phone while I emailed it to him and he acknowledged receipt. Almost 2 weeks later I called back after not hearing anything only to be told they have nothing on file. I’ve never gotten the runaround like this from any other company I’ve done business with. Clearly you have no intention of honoring your warranty. Shameful way to do business.

  • Amber Milburn says:

    Bought a side by side fridge in January 2022. Leaks at the filter (Non-stop) and the Ice maker wasn’t making much ice. When I first called I was told someone would be out to fix the issue. Day comes of appointment. Waited all day just to get a text they rescheduled no reason why. Called customer service to talk with supervisor only to be hung up on. Called back and finally told why because they need a part that was recalled on ice maker. Ok fine. Now rearranged my day again for said scheduled appointment to have them cancel and reschedule day of appointment. Twice now. This fridge is still leaking on my food. Called today asked for supervisor was told there was none there then hung up on. Called back to be on hold. Finally got a person who would not get me a supervisor, wouldn’t listen to me and then transfered me to another department only be hung up again. Worst customer service I ever had and extremely disappointed in their product. Because of how awful their customer service is I will never purchase another Frigidaire product again. They obviously know how crappy their product is as to why they refuse to fix or make it right.

  • cassandra says:

    we bought an over from Home Depot and got an extend warranty, less than a year later we are cooking dinner and my over started sparking, which from the review I read it happen to more than just me. I call and have them come out to fix it, which didn’t happen because the tech said that they have to get a hold of Frigidaire to see if it in warranty. I never hear back so I have to call them again to have someone come out and the same guy came out and said that he doesn’t know why the never order the part need to fix the oven. I call Frigidaire and have to deal with the rude and poor service you get, and they don’t know anything about a part need. So not only has it cost me double in feeding my family since I have been without a stove since July, but I’m still waiting for my oven to get fix they will have to send another tech out again. which I feel they should be compensating the difference in my monthly budget that has double my food cost and taking away from other bill where I have to now use a credit card to cover some bill to keep my light and water on. Lesson learnt Don’t Buy Frigidaire Product.

  • Gary Haney says:

    We bought our freezer 11/30/2021 and have had an issue since first delivered. It forms frost and/or drips even after numerous service calls. There appears to be a gap in the top center but to date, nothing has resolved the issue.

    The final straw is your Electrolux repairman cane today and upon entering, he was rude and said he had no idea what our problems had been. I explained to him and the entire time he said “I don’t know anything about it”.

    Then he said “you said your piece, now let me talk” contentiously. He never tried to look at freezer, acted like he didn’t care and when I asked him to please lose the attitude or leave, he turned around, opened the door and left

    We have never experienced such rude service nor have we ever had any issues with appliances as we have this freezer

    We purchased Electrolux washer/dryer on same day but have had no issues.

    This is ridiculous and also very disturbing as your company does not have any regard for their customers or hard earned money used to obtain your products. Now we have to wait two weeks for a service tech again. Meanwhile from Nov 30, 2021 we have had to reschedule our lives, continually monitor frost and drips in a BRAND NEW FREEZER

    At this point, our confidence has been replaced with contempt for a company who does not stand behind their products or respect their customers

  • David S says:

    Poor inventory repair parts
    I bought this refrigerator model in March of 2022 after making some research on reliability and fall for this brand. Refrigerator was working properly for 4 months without any issues until an error message “HI” and beeping started to appear on the display screen and the refrigerator and freezer temperature started to increased and no cooling was happening. I got in contact with Frigidaire via “Chat” (they never answered my phone calls) to report the issue. They were able to make an appointment with a Technician to take a look at the refrigerator. First of all, the Tech was late to the appointment and I had to call the tech’s company to check what was going on. Second, the Tech diagnose a bad (leaking compressor); which means the refrigerator will be useless in a few days. The tech told me he was going to order and try to rush the refrigerator part and as soon as they get it they will call me. A week passes by and no phone call from them. I call then and they said the refrigerator part is in back order and that they do not know how long it will take. Another week passes by and still to phone call from them. I ended up calling them 3 times until I reached out to Frigidaire a second time. Frigidaire got in contact with their repair company to check what was going on. They told Frigidaire that the refrigerator part was already on its way and that they already had a tracking number for the part. It will almost be 3 weeks and my refrigerator has not been fix or exchange for a new one. I have already lost some money waiting for them to fix it having some food gone bad. I am very disappointed at Frigidaire for being one of the first refrigerator brands and being reliable contracting secondary companies to deal with their repairs. Those repair companies are just giving Frigidaire a bad name and bad reviews. Ridiculous and very disappointed at Frigidaire.

  • Theresa butts says:

    I want to talk to so incorporate I bought a stove they’ve been out here to repair three times the same thing keeps on happening to it I just had lung cancer and had to have my right lung cut off I can’t keep this up I’m buying food out which I haven’t worked because I have cancer the stove’s done nothing but broke me and now they want to send another repair guy out after one was supposed to be here today that they didn’t call me and tell me that they couldn’t make it today because they’re not doing it no more I have grandkids I am supporting and taking care of and I can’t even cook them a bowl of spaghetti I wasted hundreds of dollars on food that I could not cook and I’m on disability and I did just buy the stove I bought a freezer and refrigerator the same time three times I’ve already been out here to fix this thing since I bought it it’s not even a year old now I don’t even know how I’m going to feed my grandkids cuz I’m out of money because of that my number is 216-323-3058 I’m ready to go to the TV stations on this this is bad business so if somebody up there higher in corporate office could call me on the situation look it up my name is Teresa butts my address is 33 03 Altoona Cleveland Ohio 44109 and get back to me soon as possible I’ve already called repairs again and it seems I don’t get nowhere with them thank you

    • cassandra says:

      I have had tech out twice and my oven still isn’t fixed, and I’m double the cost of what my food normal is being a family of 4 with one income. I’m so sorry how horrible they treated you. They should do better and learn how to treat people.

      • Cheri perez says:

        My stove has been going on by itself since I got it they send a repair person who puts a new board in then comes again and puts the mother board in and the very next day it turns on again. Called today and he said we will send a repair man again. This will make the 5th time still not working been without a stove since October. My daughter is at end stage kidney failure she is 22 years old and on a machine 10 hours a night she has a tube coming out of her stomach we connect it to the machine. She is on a list for a kidney transplant. If this stove causes a fire I can’t just get her out right away I have to go through a procedure to unhook her from the machine. So I told them this is a safety issue and need to replace it. She said can’t they have to keep trying to fix it. But if the stove causes a fire and burns my kitchen they will replace it…….what kind of company is this

  • Elizabeth schweikhardt says:

    Totally the worst refrigerator ever. Bought in March 2022. Been broken since day 1. It freezes inside the refrigerator and cans of pop even explode. Went right they tge crisper drawer. Had first repair which is two service calls and that was broken before he was out the driveway. He returned for another look in mid July. Ordered parts and will be back 2 months to install that part. Said he has never done this. That part has been sent twice to us. Says 50/50 it will be fixed. Service is the worse ever. Customer service is pathetic.

  • Peg voll says:

    Have tried 5 times in the last hour to contact someone about a part foe my central a c unit need a new coil. No one seems to help. Last one hung up on me

  • Charles says:

    I see I’m not the only one dealing with this ridiculous effort to have problems resolved by this company. The documentation I have been collecting for the past 3 months dealing with trying to get a covered, air conditioner unit, fixed or replaced has been one of the most frustrating and unprofessional things I’ve dealt with. I will be contacting an attorney since I am getting no responses from supervisors or any other department besides the so called customer service.

  • Henry LeClaire says:

    Ice maker has not worked right since I bought it. Called Frigidaire on 7/15 and they supposedly set appointment for today. No Call no show. Called servicer and he had no record for appointment set up for me by Frigidaire. Called Frigidaire back today and was promised a callback in 15 minutes after speaking with servicer. Never got a callback after 2 hours. Called again, rep says I can call different servicer, not satisfied, asked for supervisor, wait 15 minutes, was tolds due to heavy call volume can’t get sup now, told rep I’ll wait. Found this site and am ready to climb the chain of command. Thoroughly disappointed with lack of service.

  • Lisa Very Dissatisfied Customer says:

    DO NOT BUY FRIGIDAIRE AT ANY COST. Some of their models look great BUT THEY DO NOT WORK.
    I purchased a stand alone refrigerator and freezer with the trim kit package. Unfortunately a month ago the refrigerator stopped working. We called our sales rep and they referred us to an authorized repair agent. After three visits and $1,200 the refrigerator began to work. Unfortunately 5 days later it stopped working again. Our repair agent said there was nothing more he could do. He replaced multiple parts but couldn’t figure out what wasn’t working and was not getting support from Frigidaire.
    Since the units are side by side in my kitchen AND I have been without a refrigerator for a month. I gave up on repair and went ahead and purchased a brand new unit. Unfortunately when it was delivered, the model had changed slightly and no longer fit next to the freezer. I called customer service and continue to get a run around. I escalated to a supervisor and still no assistance. I was willing to purchase a brand new refrigerator AND freezer (replacing a model that was working), but was hoping FRIGIDAIRE would provide some type of discount on the products. Basically customer service rep explained that FRIGIDAIRE does not make quality products. In his own words, he said “products don’t work”, “they only last a couple of years”, and that he “gets complaints all day”. Supervisor told me she is not authorized to give any type of discount. When I asked for a Manager Supervisor said Managers don’t talk to customers. She told me to call the CEOs office.

  • Anna Morris says:

    I purchased a window Ac unit from your company & after the 2year store bought warranty expired, the unit broke down immediately. I then contacted your company about the extended warranty and your workers instructed me to upload my receipt and product information and stated that they would send me a product replacement within the next 10 days… so far it has been a month and a half that went to buy and I have spoken to several of your employees and every time I contact them they state that they will put in a note that I am still waiting and at this point I am still waiting while my family (which includes very young children) have been suffering from heat exhaustion in this extremely hot weather we’ve been receiving in the process of this ridiculous waiting period. I am contacting you because I am so disgusted with this unprofessional despicable service that I have been receiving from your company and I hope that there is someone in charge that can do something about this!

  • William pittman says:

    How do u pay good money for a refrigerator then less than 3 months refrigerator tears up and u get a replacement then 6 months later same issue and it’s over heating. Then lady tells me I have a scrap refrigerator and there’s nothing than can do. I called repair on my own and got paper work to prove it still under a year can’t reach a supervisor so I hope the president of this company can see this email because none his staff knows what they are talking abt. It would be nice if he would pick up the phone like a grown man and let’s talk abt giving my money bk for groceries I lost twice within one year

  • Starr Johnsin says:

    I bought a freezer from Hime Depot. They don’t make the replacement part. So I’m getting the run a round from agent after agent about a replacement freezer. This is the same story over and over. I think better business and a lawyer is the right thing to do. What cowards are the chirp office personnel since they will not even speak to there customers theirselves. I’d be ashamed to say I stand behind my products. What a joke.

  • Debra Shelton says:

    Purchased a micro/walloven combo in February 2022 still waiting for delivery. No one knows when??? Waiting on some sort of chip…. Customer service is horrible won’t shop Frigidaire again!!!

  • AC says:

    This is the worst customer service company. How can the upper management not know how awful they are. It’s really sad. Shame on me for not doing research on their customer service but I thought that I only had to do research on the performance and not the customer service. My fridge was delivered on 6/28/22 and the ice maker hasn’t worked since.

  • Stefan Estes says:


    I purchased an air conditioner from a third party seller, I.E Amazon. This unit had many good reviews, and few negative ones, and as I do not currently own a car, delivery was the only method of obtaining an A/C unit for the coming hot months in my tiny apartment.

    I received it, the unit appeared undamaged, I followed all installation instructions to the T, and though the appliance was receiving power it would not operate. Turned to any setting at all it merely produced a quiet humming noise. So, seeing very clearly that Frigidaire offers a 1 year warranty on their products AND provides a direct contact link from their website SPECIFICALLY regarding sending repair technicians, I thought that would be the best and most reasonable way to handle the problem. My product was registered, and I had an account with them.

    Each and every single time I called, I was informed without any concrete explanation as to why, by the clearly token and ‘on script’ helpline that they couldn’t send a technician to me. That they could assist in me receiving a replacement but that I would have to go through Amazon to receive it.

    I physically can not return the item. It was the entire reason I had it delivered, because I couldn’t go to a physical location in the first place. I would have to SPEND MORE MONEY to buy either a cart, or a dolly, and then wheel the entire heavy boxed item four city blocks away or more to the nearest UPS store, to then wait. That’s more time. More money.

    Regardless of that… I didn’t even need to call up the company if I wanted it returned!
    If I bought the product from Home Depot instead, the solution would have been the same!
    Bring it back for a refund or replacement! No need to get Frigidaire involved at all! So HOW exactly have I been helped?! What is the point of offering service people to repair their products, if they refuse to fulfill their obligation?!

    Their one year warranty, and quite possibly any of their warranties including the paid extended warranties, are essentially useless, and most definitely fraudulent.

    I am considering legal action. If only that no one else has to go through what I, and so many other customers on this very page, have gone through.

  • Wendy Waldrep says:

    Avoid Frigidaire at all cost. Purchased a Frigidaire Refrigerator/Freezer on April 25th from Home Depot. By May the unit did not work. I called Frigidaire Support and waited 30 minutes on the phone only to be disconnected upon being connected to a support person.

    I then contacted Support via Chat (May 24th) After explains the issue, they set up and appointment with a local company but suggested that I contact them to confirm. I contacted them only to be told that they only service units purchased from them. They also told me that Frigidaire doesn’t contact them/confirm that the appointment has been set but merely sends them an email and assigns them the job. So back to square one.

    I contact support again via Chat. They apologized and locate another company. That being said, it is now a three week wait for the other company to come. After diagnosing, they said that the fridge is not fixable. He calls his support number at Frigidaire and let’s them now that it is not fixable. He also told me that the gentleman that he spoke with said it would be 5-7 days for it to be in the system.

    I waited and again contacted Frigidaire at the 9th day mark when I hadn’t heard back. They tried to tell me it’s 7-10 day wait. I have the written correspondence from Support when I contacted them to verify something that it would be 5-7 days. I asked to be elevated to a Supervisor.

    I was elevated to Katy M. She seemed to work behind the scenes to get things moving. However, she said that Home Depot should be calling me to schedule a replacement and if I didn’t hear from them by the end of the week to reach out to her. I reached out on Friday, no response from Katy. I reached out on Monday, no response from Katy.

    It is now June 28th, I reach out via Chat and ask to speak via Chat to Katy. She’s busy and can’t speak. I am now told by the Support person to contact Home Depot myself as they can’t force them to contact me. So, I have essentially lost a week, where had I been told that last week, I could have started the process.

    So, we shall see if I can get HD to work more expediently than Frigidaire. Disappointed to say the least.

  • J Fraser says:

    In October of 2021 we purchased a Frigidaire wall oven, # FFGW2426US and purchased the three-year protection plan. We used it a few times over the holiday season and once or twice between January and May 2022. On Friday June 3, 2022 we decided to bake some ribs and when the buzzer sounded indicating they were done, I went to open the oven and the oven was locked.

    When I purchased the oven from A J Madison, I was told that if I had any problem to call them. I called at 4:30 and they were closed and their customer service was open Mon thru Fri 8AM to 4PM and would not be open till June 7. I sent an email to the retailer as advised.

    On June 7, I decided to call Allstate, since we purchased the extended warrantee. They advised me I needed to call Frigidaire. I called Frigidaire and advised them of the situation and advised them there was food locked in the oven. They advised me they would send a man out on June 9, between 8 and 5.
    I called again on June 9, as the repairman did not show up. I called on June 13, June 15, June 17, June 20, June 21, June 22. I will not go into detail regarding all the things that went on during the calls, as I am sure your office has all the details.

    Today, June 27 the repairman arrived and advised me the lock was broken and needed to be replaced. He asked me if anyone had ever mentioned we would need to order a new one. He then stated he had ordered it and it will arrive by UPS and once it arrives, they will fix it. He would also notify Frigidaire. He removed the broiler drawer, and the drawer was full of what appears to be live larvae. I called Frigidaire and requested to speak to a supervisor or manager, and after I went through the situation with her, I was connected to a supervisor. I was told I would have to wait until the part came, that she would do everything she could to expedite the situation. She assured me that there was no one else I could talk to that was above her, and that according to my contract the oven cannot be replaced only repaired and that I could not receive a refund. She also advised me she would call me tomorrow, and that I should hear from someone on a higher level within 5 to 7 days. Each time I called, and to every person I spoke to, I advised them that there was food in the oven since. We are VERY aggravated and disappointed with your product and your service.

    I have children and pets in my home.
    I have live larvae in the oven. It took us over two hours to clean up the ones that fell into the broiler drawer, the drawers under the oven, the surrounding area, and the floor.
    I do not want to have the oven opened in my home because if there were that many larvae in the broiler, I would hate to see what is inside.

    Expected Resolution:
    Have the oven immediately removed from my home without opening it.
    Receive a full refund for the appliance and reimbursement for an exterminator

  • Cirese says:

    I guess it is understood that either they don’t monitor this site or simply don’t care. Just purchased freezer, had it installed 3/28/2022 and 6/17/2022 woke up to find everything thawing or thawed. Alarm was not sounding, light was still solid green, door appeared shut (honestly thought the door wasn’t fully shut, despite a boasted safety feature to prevent this), but later on the freezer still wasn’t freezing and now the solid light is flashing which indicates temp issues. They will send a repair person, but the latest hours are 12-5 so I will have to miss work (aka loose more money). Not to mention how much food I have lost. It’s total BS that they are refusing to reimburse customers for food loss on a newly purchased product. Apparently this has happened to several people and it’s odd customer service denies there being a known issue with my current model, despite customers being told this via technicians and instead boast how rarely this occurs. If you stand by your product and don’t have many issues as claimed, then why not reimburse those “few” customers that do have trouble with our products.

  • Tamara Miller says:

    I will be reaching out to the BBB as of tomorrow along with lowes. Law suit will be taking place!

  • Margaret Smith says:

    I purchased your Model FFTR1835VB0 S/N BA 14337068 Black two Door Refrigerator from Home Depot Store 0954 RT 22 in Union NJ on 10/02 2021. On 10/15, 2021, the refrigerator was delivered, installed and the deli drawer would not stay in the grooves and middle shelve would not fit in the refrigerator. Home Depot sent a replacement refrigerator that was so damaged, it could not be taken off the delivery truck. A third refrigerator was delivered in November of 2021 and installed. The refrigerator was working fine from November 2021 – end of April 2022. that is when it was notice that ice was forming round the freezer door and inside the freezer due to the freezer door and molding clasping. This caused ice to build up in the freezer and food spoilage. I haven’t had the refrigerator for a year and should not be having these problems with a product the you say you stand behind.

    I have called the service number on the following dates:
    5/11/2022 -Spoke with Helen to report the problem I was having with the refrigerator.
    A week later, a service man from A & D Appliance sent out to look at the freezer and see what was causing the problem. A part was order that was the wrong part.
    5/16/2022 – Spoke with Dender about the same problem. share the problem about the wrong part being order.
    5/17/2022 – Frank,service man, Yveys Service sent out to look at the freezer and discovered that the freezer door had clasped, the molding was warped. A new freezer door had to be ordered.
    5/18/2022 – Spoke with Maria to find out when the new freezer door would and found out the door was on back order.
    6/1/2022 – Spoke with Alvin, on 6/6/2022 – Spoke with Stephen who informed me that I would get a new refrigerator to replace the defected on I had, on 6/7/2022 Spoke with Ms. Somers who informed me that I would not get a new replacement refrigerator and I had to wait for a new freezer door to be delivered.
    6/8/2022 – Spoke with Anglie who was suppose to send an email to get a replacement refrigerator and the email never came.
    6/9/2022 – Called back to speak with a representative that shared that I would not get refrigerator to replace the one I purchased on 10/2/2022. Instead, the representative placed an order for the new door for the freezer and shared it would take another 7-10 days to be delivered and then once I received the new door, I have to call the service back and place a request for a service to have the door put on.

    I am a senior citizen, that now has food that is going bad for the last month. I have not use of my freezer, and have paid for this refrigerator in full. Someone has to help me. For a company that states you stand behind your products, I have experience nothing but aggravation, disappointment, and lack of faith in the Frigidaire company. I should be entitled to a new refrigerator to replace the defected one that was delivered to me.

    I am expecting a call for your corporate headquarters to fix this problem on later that Monday, June 13 before end of day. It is a shame that anyone has to go through all of this aggravation just to get a appliance that was rightfully purchase and your company should stand behind it’s promise to the consumer and it’s brand.

    If I don’t hear from you I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and the media. Have a good day.

    • Tamara Miller says:

      Sounds like you are having my luck with the company. My purchase was with lowes. I will be calling the BBB tomorrow along with reaching back out to lowes. A lot of miss-leading info and incorrect. Frigidaire does not want to honor or backup customer service and values. I will never buy from them again and I will spread the word of their poor values and customer service. I am going on one mint and 2 techs now along with several phone calls, text messages and on line chats.Not to mention they have costed me more loss in money than what I paid for the refrigerator. Time I have taken off of work, loss of food, buying a cooler oner$100 and continuous daily purchase of ice. Never in my life have I seen a company of poor quality and one who does not care about their customers but to only care about the all mighty dollar. Just sad!!!!

    • Guest says:

      Guess you better call the BBB and the media then, because this site is not monitored by Frigidaire.

    • Palmese says:

      I agree they have the worst customer service and the way they talk to you on the phone is so rude and can care less, there is no customer service at all,

  • Bob McKelvy says:

    Bought their side by side 23 July last year from Home Depot. Upon arrival, the ice-maker would not work. Before the service tech arrived two weeks later, the condenser fan quit.

    When he arrived, fixed the ice-maker. Had to wait two more weeks for the replacement condenser fan to arrive.

    It worked for a few weeks before it quit again. Another fan in the top of the door fridge died. The fridge started over-heating. Waited for a little over another month for the fan that never arrived, and was disconnected several times trying to check the status on that replacement fan.

    By month four, the compressor died. Two more weeks later, a repair technician finally arrived. He had a replacement compressor sent to me which arrived a week later.

    A month later, got a call that a technician would be here in two weeks. Two weeks later, he never showed up. No calls as to why he didn’t show up. Called them, and they said a repairman would be here in two more weeks. Currently waiting for a technician to show up. 🙁

  • Gloria Thomas says:

    I purchased a Frigidaire three door refrigerator from Lowe’s on March 10, 2022. It quit working on 5/26/2022 came out to fix and I was told it could not be fixed, said a claim had been filed and I should received a new frig within 5 days. (today 6/8/2022 14 days and I have not heard from anyone at Frigidaire or Electrolux Warranty. I have called several times and am getting no answers!!!! I have asked to speak with the replacement department or a manager anyone who could assist me and have been given bad numbers. I am 76 years old and have health problems, my neighbors have been keeping my meds in their frig for me and they are not always home when I need them. I have had to throw so much food, I tried using a ice chest but could not afford to keep buying ice and throwing away food. My husband died in March and I have no one to help me. Can someone please call me a.s.a.p. and give me some information on when I will receive a frig???? I live in Jacksonville, Fl

  • Dawn says:

    Contacting Frigidaire has been BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! I ordered a part for my stove in November 2021 and never received it. However, I was charged for the item. I made NUMEROUS attempts to get a refund. I have to go through the lengthy and senseless automation before I finally get a rep and when I do they are either clueless, rude, disrespectful by hanging up on me or deceitful by stating I will receive a refund which has never come. I am BEYOND frustrated by the unprofessionalism from this company and i would NEVER, EVER purchase a FRIGIDAIRE item again in my life! I just want my money back and I will not stop contacting them, despite the inconvenience, until I do.

  • Frank says:

    Why is my Frigidaire professional refrigerator (only no freezer) in demo mode all of a sudden. It is not in your manual or anywhere online how to reset this. My sons hemophilia medication almost went bad $14000 that I don’t have to replace. I called your customer service, and the place wher we purchased it with no answers, please help

  • April Wilson says:

    My name is April Wilson. I bought a standup freezer 4/22/21, serial# BB11018265, Model# FFFU2OF2VW.
    It has not worked properly from the start. I have lost food in it a few times. I just learned not to store food in it. It has been worked on several times with parts changed each time. I was told that it could not be changed out until a tech says that it can’t be fixed. Each time Frigidaire makes an appt, it’s with a different company. These different companies aren’t aware of what another company has tried. Which means they are changing the same parts out with the same outcome. By sending out different companies and not communicating with them, the freezer will never get fixed or a technician will not be able to say it cannot be fixed so I can get it swapped out. I think everything possible that can be wrong with it has been changed out and it still doesn’t work. Also, I’ve lost alot of work over this. Frigidaire gives me an appt. from 8-5. I take off work and no one shows up. I call them & they give me another for no one to show up. In May I took off 3 days in one week b/c the first two days I was given, no one showed. This has happened at least a dozen times. I have spent alot of time trying to get this problem resolved with no luck. It’s like no one cares that I bought a freezer a year ago with an extended warranty and can’t get it swapped out because the one that was sold to me is defective. I need a freezer that I can store food in. I grow a garden & put up food. I lost what I put up last summer. I don’t need that to happen again. Come on…..BE FAIR ABOUT THIS!! Quit giving me the runaround. Do something about it, PLEASE.

  • Walt says:

    Worst appliance experience ever. 4 month old Frigidaire fridge stops cooling. Tech comes out, orders parts – maybe we get them maybe we don’t, then after 3 weeks the parts arrive and Electrolux service abandons us and cancels the actual repair portion. 30 days without a fridge – lost food, lost time from cancelled service call, have to shop daily or order out daily. Retailer gives us full credit for new fridge purchase. Warranty was useless and we’re out hundreds of dollars because of their inactions and delays.

  • Keshona Clarke says:

    I filed a warranty claim on my then new product over one year ago. Frigidaire sent someone to fix it who showed up to my house twice with no earthly idea what was happening. The company didn’t answer calls and when they called back they’d say they were waiting on parts. Needless to say one year later and my issue still isn’t resolved. I have been without a dishwasher for 14 months. Now frigidaire wants to tell me there is nothing they can do since the appliance is no longer covered under warranty. Sucks that I’ll be paying out of pocket for a new dishwasher when I did everything I was supposed to do to prevent this from happening.

  • Joyce Ellis says:

    Frigidaire you need to REFUND my money for your product FrysBar Fridge which I purchased from An un cooperative Ikea, who say the burden is on Frigidaire. Purchased was made on 8-26-21 order# 393438102
    Which could not be repaired by your technician. The compressor was gone. $599.00 plus tax. I will be posting my problem with the BBB social media and I will file a claim with the court. I’m asking you to return my refund, you may also be able to pick up your Fridge. You can reach me at or 301-852-8149

  • Marlene Korshak says:

    This is the worst experience I have ever had. 2 1/2 months the refrig went out. The company sent a repair man to look. He had to order part. Said Freon went out. Week later he came back to fix but his equipment broke. A week later he returned (yesterday) to repair. Said was fixed snd would be cold in 24 hrs! 24 hours later still nothing. Frigidaire sent another man out. He didn’t know what was wrong until he comes back in June eith another part.
    It’s now a month I have not had a refrigerator. I’m a senior and this is not acceptable. You call snd all u get I’d put on hold ‘to see what I can do’
    I cannot believe they are not replacing and never offered me a Frig to use in the month, so far, I haven’t had a refrig.

  • Joan says:

    Bought a fridgaire 8000 btu air conditioner at BJ’s. It just stopped running on 3rd day. It went on Again and we just wanted to know if we had it on economy did it come to a complete stop. We called number on book of instructions and on phone over an hour with person we couldn’t understand and incessant chicken and roosters in the background. She kept muting the phone but we still heard them loudly. Eventually had to hang up cause call was so upsetting. Lot of work installing in window so don’t know if we should remove and return or keep. Any one have problems too?

  • Karen Gaudio says:

    I had my frigidaire stove and side by side refrigerator delivered March 12, 2022 1st week of May I noticed my milk expiring long before the expiration date. I thought nothing of it it must be the milk could’nt possibly be my new refrigerator. The next week it happens again, I put a thermometer in the frig 55 degrees! I called Home Depot got we are sorry you have to go through the manufacturer. Called the manufacturer, they set me up with an appointment for the next day I was thrilled! I called the company they set me up with and they said we have no appointments until May 23rd!!! Call back frigidaire get another comapny to come out in 7 days, of course needs a part, orders the part, wrong part ordered, now nobody knows when that part will be in!! I am living out of a cooler on my kitchen floor since beginning of May I had a brand new frig for about 6 weeks, now I am living a hell and Frigidaire could care less! I lost all my food which cost a ton of money, I am buying ice for a cooler my cheese is floating. I have to eat out which costs more money. This is UNACCEPTABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I should BE SENT A NEW refrigerator!!!!! I should have been sent a mini frig WHILE I WAIT AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN COMPENSATED FOR THE LOSS OF FOOD. THAT IS HOW YOU HELP YOUR CUSTOMER!! I Had company coming for Memorial day weekend, not coming now I cannot entertain without a refrigerator!!! I am beyond pissed.
    Karen Gaudio

  • Cindy says:

    So trying to deal with customer service is awful. I called about refrigerator to get service call and had to pay 99.95 when appointment was scheduled took the day off work to be home between noon and 5pm no one showed or called. So at 5:30pm called tried to call on hold for over 30 minutes then hung up on. So I called back and now really mad and some how mysterious my appointment changed three times!!! I will a NEVER buy another one!! It’s amazing how they can take your money right then but you have to wait 3 to 5 days for your money back!! I asked to speak with a supervisor about this and was told I would just have to wait and was hung up on..

  • HICKS says:


  • Anisa salinas says:

    I bought a Frigidaire microwave in 2020 from Janos furniture in Harlingen tx had it one year and it messed up now 2022 it stop working completely . When I bought it they said I also purchased a four year factory warranty which they lied now I’m stuck with a broken microwave that I over paid for (1,500) and no one to fix it .

  • Star says:

    Can not get Gallery refrigerator repaired by local representative Lockwood Appliance. Have been trying for 7 months now. After 3 visits and numerous messages left with no call back I called Frigidaire . Over 70 minutes on hold finally spoke to a representative. She said she “would look into it” put me on hold and 15 mins later I was disconnected. Called back and a auto message said “due to unusual volume…..can not take your call at this time”. Incredibly awful service locally and nationally. Will never purchase another product from this company. Following is the issue with my refrigerator, ice maker does not work and there is a loud humming noise loading up to 20 minutes several times a day.

  • Anne Santoro says:

    After reading all the reviews ,I guess I am trading with a horrible company. I shall suggest to my appliance store who I love not to sell Frigidaire products. They are a big headache.🤮

  • Anne Santoro says:

    It’s impossible to file a complaint since all I get is access denied. I got a real lemon in my 2 year old fridge. Repaired3 times in 2 years. 2 repairs done within 1month. Had to be repaired when I first got it. Thank goodness I have an old magic chef over 30 years old to fall back on. Heap warranty for only 1 year. I think I should have some compensation for my troubles, like a new replacement.

  • Allan Alda says:

    Just posting the exact email text minus personal info. I expect I will not hear anything either and end up in small claims court.
    Mr. Samuelson –

    This morning an A&E Sears service technician
    arrived for a scheduled warranty visit. File # 8541****.

    The issue was a cracked fresh food side liner.

    I was informed that this refrigerator has ONLY a 1 year warranty.

    I relied on the attached documents that I received at the time
    of purchase. It states that the 2nd – 5th years, the liner is covered.

    If there was only a one year warranty for everything:

    1) I would not have purchased this unit, or, would have considered
    an extended warranty, and

    2) I would NOT have called out service and paid $115 for an
    unwarranted an irreplaceable or UNREPAIRABLE part.

    Please advise on a solution. Thank you –

  • GIOVANNI says:

    hey there i just wanted to finish my story from yesterday refrigidaire nightmare, so, the technician left some screws out and i have picture of them, when he replaced the compressor he never plugged the inlet or the outlet copper hoses, when he told me to discard the parts that was excess of refriferant oil leaking out of the card board box that messed up my floor and my front stairs ,i was unable to remove those stains (PROFESSIONAL) YEHA RIGHT , A SHOEMAKER WOULD BE DOIND A BETTER JOB .

  • GIOVANNI says:

    i bough a new refrigerator in november 22 ,2021 from home depot and i was very happy with the product until broke down leaving me with a good amount of food to be wasted , anyway i called the company and they scheduled a repair service , they fixed the first time in february ,in march again the refrigerator broke down AGAIN, to make the long story short today may 14 they replace the compressor and other parts and guess what , yep still NOT working , this is the fourth time and they give me the runouround , so much time ,money and a lot of food wasted , vey unprofessional and very POOR customer service , buyers beware ,stay away from this PRODUCT ,PERIOD

  • Kerry says:

    Customer service is awful and your call center employees are poorly trained. It takes over 2 hours to speak to someone to schedule a service appointment. I was given an appointment between 12-5pm on 5/11/22. Techline Appliance Repair called and insisted they could on NO DAY whatsoever be available after 12pm. When I insisted on an afternoon window the manager- Abraham- said I would have to pay “a small fee” to be accommodated?!!! The service call is under warranty , they are not available after 12pm , but *suddenly* they are if I will pay them. UNETHICAL. I called your customer service line, explained the situation and requested a supervisor. Your offshore employees read from a script and refused to escalate the call to anyone. Ultimately I was placed on hold to “check for an available supervisor” and then hung up on. Frigidaire should be ashamed of their service team. I’m horrified that a basic service request for a refrigerator purchased less than 5 months ago- still under warranty- has turned into a nightmare. Hire and train honest employees and have capable supervisors on hand to address your customers. This is pathetic and to be hung up on is beyond unprofessional. What a shame.

  • Keith W says:

    Cooktop Gas Health Hazard!! Take a look at your products reviews for this cooktop (FFGC3626SS). The knobs break and are unusable, causing dangerous situations for all users.. this is a known problem and needs to be corrected. Every review talks about it. Fix your shi*!! Customer service is the worst I have every experienced on top of the terrible knobs!!

  • Sherry Gallagher says:

    We purchased the electric induction range in nov 21. What a nightmare strips kept falling off come to find out they should not have been placed on the range to begin with. EXPERIMENTAL. Second of all air fryer does not work temp is totally off. 9 service calls total nothing done this cost us $1300.00 for a piece of shit

  • Bobbi says:

    Plastic piece on door front cut into, all the way through, the wires.

  • Jeannie says:

    Your customer service representatives hang up on the customer before the conversation is over. It’s very disrespectful & bad practice as a company to hire people who treat customers this way. His name was Victor & he was very rude over the phone, careless & unprofessional. If this company uses call centers to save money, this is a very bed business decision for customer retention.

    • GIOVANNI says:

      HI JEANNIE we have the same or probably big problem as you ,

    • HICKS says:


    • L.B. says:

      I can’t even get them to answer the phone.

  • Robert says:

    daughter bought a manufactured home with all refrigidaire appliances. No water filter in the fridge. Not sure how you sell one without putting the filter in it. I understand the supply chain is off but really? Rather than complaining I ordered one a month ago suspecting a supply chain issue. Tried to call about it today. It apparently was of little concern that it was purchased without one. None to ship. Found this out after getting routed to another customer service rep, after entering all info over the phone, after waiting three times for several minutes to speak with someone. About an hour of my time wasted today. No way to email customer service. Its like they do not want to hear from customers.

  • Pete Peterson says:

    I purchased a freezer from Boulevard Home Furnishings in Utah in August of 2020. That was little more than a year and a half ago. The freezer, along with the product within it, is dead. You offer a warranty of one year. I agreed to that when I bought the piece. I agreed based on my previous freezer that last 32 years (a Gibson).

    I called you help desk, which, BTW is a joke. Press one, Press 2 etc. If it’s a microwave press 9. Help your customers! When I finally get someone live, she is helpful and offers to pay for parts only. She gives me a company to call: A&E at (800) 905-9505. I call them after being referred to by your organization and found they do NOT service my area. I call Frigidaire back. I’m told call The Boulevard Home Furnishings. They, too, will not come to me. No problem, I will take the freezer to them (with gras prices being $4.65 a gallon). It’s probably less expensive than your service call.

    I texted your company and was abruptly disconnected. I was not being impolite.

    This is all maddening! I have a crappy product. I can’t get anyone to come fix it! I lost hundreds of dollars in food! A year and a half! Is that something you can be proud of? Is it realistic to sell a product so shoddy as that?

    • Lisa paddock says:

      I am having same problem with them. Brand new refrigerator died after 18 months. Lost alot of food. Been 2 weeks 5 calls and 50 lies from frigidaire and I’m still living out of a cooler and eating out. Totally ridiculous.

  • Karen E. Herrick says:

    I personally wrote to the President and CEO I have had so much trouble with my Frigidaire refrigerator. Of course, he has not answered me. PC Richards actually sold me a floor model, which I had agreed to, but when it was delivered I found a receipt that the person had rejected the refrigerator because it had been dropped and was badly damaged. I now want the refrigerator replaced. This is a nightmare.

  • Anne santoro says:

    I can’t believe that I bought my Frigidaire refrigerator a little less than 2 years ago and it has died. After I bought it, it had to be taken back to be repaired for some reason and because of the pandemic it was hard to get parts so I was lucky to have an old fridge in my basement and used that for 2 months.

  • Kammi Scott says:

    That purchase clear containers for the refrigerator. And every single one of them cracks and breaks when you pick it up. I’m very frustrated with this as I have been trying to contact the company for quite some time. There is no way to contact customer service on the Frigidaire website except within a certain time frame, which I am not available.

  • Jami Davis says:

    Hey all you fine folks working at a terrible company!!!
    Following up to let you know after waiting 1.5 WEEKS with no range or oven bc of a gas valve issue, we had the repair man out today to “fix it” promised it was taken care of.
    He said don’t worry about that Gas smell
    It is gas burn off.
    Ok professional, I trust you.
    I went to work bc I have a job and I total I have taken off 6 days of work to be here for repairs. (You all have 6 days to take off work?!?! Bc I don’t) A reminder arranged less than a year old it has not worked for now almost 2 months during the time that we’ve had it.
    Anyway left my DOGS, came home to a house filled with gas smelled. Called Xcel.
    You guessed it, a gas leak! Red tag and all. Turn off again for who knows how long and of course there is no customer service to call to help.
    So we go another night with a range, no way to cook food

    This is beyond unreal
    Terrible product
    Awful service
    Your company could have killed my dogs

    So unbelievable

  • Artur Wojcik says:

    Waiting on solution for 3 months for my fridge not cooling and holding temp along with cracks in liner. Called and talked to customer reps at least twice a week. Have 2 service technicians sent out because they wanted to verify the first technicians diagnosis

  • Steve says:

    I purchased a wine cooler for Christmas 2021. When I opened the box to set it up, besides inserting the shelves, there was only one part (the handle on the door) to attach. Got the handle. Got the complimentary Allen wrench. Didn’t get the set screws to attach the handle to the posts. Called the warranty department who sent me to the parts department. After sitting on hold for hours at a time each time, the consistently sent the wrong screws. No less than 5 sets of screws have been sent over 3 months, all of which are incorrect. The customer service people can’t figure out how to resolve this. Just go the the shipping dept and pull the next box on the shelf, send me the only parts bag in the box. Problem solved. But they can’t figure that much out.

  • Jami Davis says:

    Absolutely terrible customer service with a zero respect for the customer.

  • Catherine Morrow says:

    Why am I still waiting for my freezer to be repaired after 3 months?

  • Karen says:

    I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator 2/4/2021. In November 2021, the freezer quit working. After 3 months of grueling phone calls, FB messages, aggravation and 4 repair calls, I had enough. When I called on 2/8/2022 to let them know the latest “repair” still hadn’t fixed the problem, they had the audacity to tell me my warranty had run out! I spoke to the rudest “supervisor” who wouldn’t help me. Finally, someone on the FB chat was able to “send it to the back room”, where they finally gave the okay for Lowe’s to send me a replacement. Guess what? ONE WEEK after receiving the replacement…..the freezer does not work! Just called and they want me to start the whole process of sending repairmen all over again. The “Supervisor” claimed there is no way to escalate it without sending someone out. I’m done. Just filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office, and will be filing in small claims court on Monday.

    • Ron Dotson says:

      We are having same issues with refrigerator number 2. How did your issue turn out?

    • Mary says:

      Karen, I have a similar problem and plan to file in Small Claims Court. How did you find the address to serve Frigidaire? I’m trying to get my support documents together before I submit the claim. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Lora Walker says:

    I ordered 5 parts a dairy door and 3 bins for my side by side refrigerator. I received the dairy door and 1 bin. I called to request the rest of my items I was hung up on twice. Is this how you do business?

  • Marion Aaron says:

    It’s over a year since I put in a complaint about my Frigidaire dishwasher Model#FFBD206NS,
    serial#TH64979279 and I am Still without a properly working dishwasher.
    Marion Aaron 212 684 3639

    • Lynne Poirier says:

      That doesn’t give me much hope of getting mine repaired. I’ve been hung up on at least 12 times now and I’m not being rude. I’m trying to get this resolved and they keep disconnecting me. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN! I will never buy frigidaire again!

  • Shirey Andrews says:

    I am convinced Frigidaire products are about as worthless as their protection plans and I would never purchase neither one again. My 18 month old Frigidaire True Convection Double Wall Oven is mere I candy. It claims all the bells and whistle any cook would love. The only problem, they did’t work on command. A Frigidaire Service Tech changed the “Motherboard” only to discover the ” Steam Cleaning” feature was leaving a large puddle of water on the floor of the ( electric) oven. Then I notice both oven were developing hairline cracks. Frigidaire deemed the oven unrepairable. I thought well, I extended the warranty so they will replace it with a comparable one right. No, not only did they refuse to replace it. The oven was discontinued after 2 years. However they did offer to buy it back with several contingencies. Provide the original receipt. Remove the serial and model number from the unit and affix it to their letter/form mail it them within 30 days. Uninstall the wall unit, dispose it ect………By the way did I mention the buyback offer is a prorated undisclosed amount of which no-one knows the formula. Once all of their demands are met they will make an offer and you
    take it or leave it.

  • Richard H Wohl, M.D. says:

    Purchased a Frigidaire French door refrigerator with ice-maker from Home Depot in 2018, plus an extended warranty. It has had a number of problems including failure of ice-maker, failure of internal lighting system and periodic malfunction of ice-maker. It has been very difficult to obtain service, often involving waits of 15-20 minutes on phone calls to schedule service, lack of parts by repairmen and lack of response from warranty service.
    I am older guy, and have had many refrigerators over the years, and in the past most have functioned well for 20-30years without problems. I can see from other comments on this site that both reliability and service have been poor. I would recommend choosing another brand of refrigerator.

  • Randy Morris says:

    Purchased a Frigidare Electric Range, 2 months after buying, it damn near set the house on fire! You chances of winning the Mega Million Lottery are better than trying to get in tough with anybody that speaks English at this company! Searching for an attorney at this time!

  • Lennie says:

    I bought a brand new mobile home at the end of December 2021 it came with Frigidaire appliances. My refrigerator work for only about a week, contacted warranty center. It took over anther two weeks to get a technician out. It’s now the end of January and I still don’t have a working refrigerator. I’ve lost food and can’t store anything, asked about getting reimbursed and got told they don’t do that. Someone in the corporate office need to do the right thing and look into the issues of this company.

  • Richard Sugden M.D. says:

    Jan 21, 2022
    William Denning, President
    Denning’s Inc.
    201West Broadway
    Idaho Falls, ID 83402

    Dear Mr. Denning,

    On November 12th we purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator from your Idaho Falls store, Model #FFTR1835VS, Serial #BA13211789.

    You hired, at our expense, another company in Idaho Falls to transport the refrigerator to our home in Wilson WY. They delivered the refrigerator, plugged it in, and left.

    The refrigerator never cooled inside. The inside lights were on, the air was circulating and you could hear the cooling mechanism running in the back .. but it never cooled off.

    We called your store, and were told that your store did not do any service, and we would have to have the refrigerator repaired elsewhere! Your manager gave us the name of an appliance service in Afton, WY .. but when we contacted them they said they did not do service in the Jackson/Wilson WY area.

    We then contacted a local appliance service, who came out immediately and determined that the refrigerator was not working, but said they could not work on it as it was under warranty .. and that we would need to contact Frigidaire for warranty service.

    We contacted Frigidaire, but the soonest they could come was mid December … so we waited, without a refrigerator. We had to store refrigerated items outside in a cooler. The mid-December date arrived, the technician did not show up, and we received a text saying we needed to reschedule, and the earliest date was Jan. 19th.

    January 19th arrived, no technician from A&E Factory Service, and another “you must reschedule” text arrived. We’ve had enough with this. We have contested your charge for the refrigerator with VISA and the funds will be revoked. Please come get your refrigerator and please refund the original $200 shipping charges. If we do not hear anything in 10 days we will proceed with legal action.

    Rich Sugden M.D.
    Wilson, WY


    And they returned a scrawled note:

    “We are sending you a check for $250 … The extra $50 is for you to dispose of the Fridge. We will not be picking it up” .. Signed “Dennings” … What a great company .. and horrible PR for Frigidaire and Electrolux.

    CC – CEO’s Frigidaire and Electrolux

  • Brian Hall says:

    Frigidaire y’all got a pretty good scam going with refrigerator light bulbs!!! LED light bulbs should last 5,6,7, hell 10 years. I read the reviews there not even making 1-2 years and at $70.00 you van have this fridge back. You make the bulbs you put there and sale a great fridge then screw the customers. Nice well played

  • Eartha says:

    Yeah add me to to list of unhappy customers displeased with the Frigidaire brand!!! brought a refrigerator form Lowes in Feb 2021 and started having problems 3 months later! I have and called and i have experienced all the frustrations above! it there is a class action law suit include me!!!

  • Me says:

    Looks like the same ole customer service. Had a dishwasher for six months and on service call number 4. Told they won’t replace the item. Yet it still don’t work. What a joke

  • Nancy says:

    MAD!!!! Purchased a Frigidaire deep freezer June 2021. Now Jan 2022 it defrosted & we lost ALL our meat on 2 shelves, plus, crock pot meals. They sent tech out. He took apart & had to order a computer part. It is freezing again, but we are not using! I want a refund on our loss & I cannot get through on phone. On chat, they say I get nothing!!!! ” Frigidaire is the best to go with” per repairman. Because of Covid, part may be delayed. I am so frustrated with Home Depot. They told me I was lucky because of Covid warehouses were slow in deliveries. I am now going to write to corporate to the President/CEO. It will get passed onto more & more people. You cannot even send E Mail.

  • James W Wilson says:

    I bought a side by side Model GRSC 2352 AF did not work right from day one. service man from Chambers Service Inc. was out to repair frig. and determined that wires were broke inside of unit.
    it was determined that it was unrepairable. I have a claim no. 8506772801 and a disposition letter was to be sent to Lowes near me. as of 1/13/22 no one at Lowes know anything about this claim.
    I called Frigidaire 800 374 4432 again!!!! with the same response that they would look into it.
    After 6 calls to Frigidaire 6 call to Lowes I still do not have a frig. and no one knows anything.
    I hope that it is not the new way of selling a product, charge premium price with no service.
    very disappointed in the way that Frigidaire has handled service.

    • Josephus says:

      James I agree with you 100% because this company and it’s brand is so disappointing and the product is not worth your money because I just got my frig in Oct 2021 and Dec 2021 I was call back to Lowes for a service repair less than 90 days old and here I need a part for a $1600 refrigerator the Frigidaire customer service lied like I would have the part in two days and the service repair was set, but it was all a lie.

  • Walter Benedict says:

    I’ve been trying to get my new side x side fixed or replaced since I bought it new last year June 2021!! The ice maker has NEVER worked. The fridge FREEZES on the lowest shelf up and freezer sporadically thaws out on its own. Five techs from A&E have been here plus two appointments they didn’t show up at all, for a total, so far, of 7 missed days of work for me. They have replaced the ice maker twice and control board once. Last call I got through I was told that a replacement order was being requested and I should receive an email by middle of the next week. That was three weeks ago. Now I keep getting hung up on today 3X so far. Why am I being treated this way????? My phone number is 859-583-5151. Email is I’ve had it. I’ve been buying ice for 7 MONTHS for a new appliance!!!!

  • Frances Allred says:

    Our refrigerator is two years old Had part replaced .two months later doing the same loud noise like it going to explode We are on a fixed income .we’re wakened in the this loud sound again .We need our fridge to work .I think it’s terrible .hope we can get it fixed have fifteen people coming for supper tonight .so very upset.

  • John Winterholler says:

    We have no had our second horrendous experience with Frigidaire appliances. At 13 months our dishwasher went completely haywire, including all electronics. Frigidaire, after 5 months of back and forth with their customer service folks, finally sent a new unit door which was never able to be installed correctly with faulty hydraulics. Now, at 4 1/2 years, our new Professional Frigidaire 72″ refrigerator/freezer combo quit cooling on the fridge side. The temperature rose to 65 degrees and would not reset. A technician was called who diagnosed the entire compressor, evaporation, and heat exchange systems were faulty due to the design and original installation. $1100.62 later, and without a refrigerator over the entire Christmas holiday, we have a repaired fridge. If you are buying new appliances for your kitchen, fun as fast as you can away from Frigidaire. They are unreliable. The service by Frigidaire is non-existent. The phone staff is training to avoid providing any resolution what so ever, but they are masterful at transferring the phones to yet another department, another supervisor or manager, and then making commitments that the do not keep. And if you do decide to go with Frigidaire, avoid the misperception of purchasing their ‘top of the line’ Professional line. It’s worthless and the company will NOT back up their premier appliances.

  • Tony Berry says:

    We spent over a thousand dollars for a Frigidaire dishwasher with 3-warranty. A year later it looks like its 15 years old. The silver finish is coming off the front and the control panel looks overly warn in such a short period of time. We are told this issue is not covered under the warranty and there is nothing that they can do. I will send photos and letters to all the corporate executives listed on Google and see if they will respond. What a complete disappointment with this product!!!

  • Tony Islan says:

    Horrible customer service is just the beginning of Bad Service. Told the wait time to talk to someone would be about 1 minute; it took 20 minutes. Was asked to wait on hold and was disconnected; no call back. Tried to find a phone number for the corporate office; found an 800 number, called it and wound up with no help at all and no one to talk to. I may have to return my freezer and find a brand NOT made or owned by them. What a shame. Is it Frigidaire, Electrolux or some other brand – oops – all of the above and none of the above.

  • Shirley Pace says:

    Bought my freezer. It was defective. They offered a buyback. I have been doing this since October 5th. It is now December and nothing. That is a long 3 to 5 business days. I call everyday. The customer service supervisors are now yelling at me. Today I will be contacting a lawyer to file a civil suit. There is no communication with the “back office” where the process supposedly takes place. They have had ample time to resolve this matter.

  • Claudia says:

    Horrible customer service! Purchased upright freezer January 2021 it stopped working November 2021. Don’t purchase anything Frigidaire! They don’t back up their appliances and, when calling Customer Service, you will be placed on hold for an eternity! Very DISAPPOINTING!

    • Martina says:

      Same here never ever buy their products. I have my freezer for a little over a year and had 3 service calls already. It’s disgusting

  • john a zmich says:

    I’ve only had my 800 dollar dishwasher in about a month and it’s not working and impossible to get someone to respond or service it…

    • Lynne Poirier says:

      Any luck yet? Mine crapped out about 3 months ago after less than 2 months old and still getting the run around from Frigidaire. This is horrible! Had to go buy a new one and did not buy frigidaire this time.

  • Rodney Lynch says:

    The customer service is terrible.I needed some set screws for my refrigerator with no avail. This company is pretty horrible with these types of agents, they represent who you are as a company.

  • Irene Preziuso says:

    I just got through reading all the comments about some of Frigidaire’s other customers and the zero help they got when they needed it. I to went through this with their 800 line for help…what a run a around. I bought my freezer in April 2021 and the coolant tube released the coolant and I lost quite a bit of food before I discovered the freezer was not working…..right now I have an independent ordering the part which he said would probably take 4 weeks to get in. I got my freezer from Lowe’s in Palm Desert, CA….did not get an extra warranty because when I was growing up, Frigidaire was the appliance to have because it was trustworthy. I feel absolutely devastated knowing I among the other dissatisfied customers. Had I read the comments before buying, I would not have purchased this freezer. I am signing below, just in case someone from Frigidaire wants to call me.
    Irene Preziuso

  • Jennifer Sayles says:

    I purchased a Frigidare Galley refrigerator from W. Jackson Lowes in September 2021 which stopped cooling in October 2021. This set off alarms that I was sold a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT because according to manufacturer’s sticker the unit was made in August. When I contacted W Jackson Lowes and informed them what had occurred they told me that they could not help me because I purchased the unit over 30 days ago and referred me to Frigidare. When I finally reached an employee they collected my information and scheduled me with two INCOMPETENT AND INFERIOR repair companies/technicians who had the audacity to tell me to leave my home unlocked/unsecured when I informed them I could not take off work again based on a maybe that they may show up. My best advice is to never used this company or Lowes because they do not stand behind their products. I have contacted various agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Better Business Bureau as well as retaining an attorney to seek compensation for damages as well as pain and suffering.

  • aimee patel says:

    Have had the absolute WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE from Frigidaire. Noone will allow a complaint to go past the inept customer service team. i have had my refrigerator for 8 months and 5 of those months it has not been working. My floor is damaged from a leak, my wall is damaged, and my entire house smells like whatever seal is not working inside the unit. The company refuses to replace the unit. this is the SECOND time the same issue has occurred. the first took 12 weeks to repair and then 4 months later, i am on week 7 with zero effectual customer service. It will be another week and a half before anyone can even come and LOOK at the fridge, never mind order parts, wait and repair. i will never EVER use this company again and if i could contact the President, i will be.
    DISGUSTING team of people.
    Aimee Patel

  • Kcandy says:

    This was the worst customer service I’ve ever had I’ve been hung up on not once not twice but three times still have not got my complaint in or even got my problem solved each person has gotten smart with me lied to me transferred me multiple times without getting me to where I need to be to speak to someone about the problem I was having with my dishwasher that I just bought four months ago

  • Lori Miller says:

    I purchased a bad refrigerator and can’t get anyone to repair it ,replace it or give me a refund! Very frustrated!

  • Chuck occhiuto says:

    My dehumidifier failed during the final week of warranty. It took 2 weeks to contact help for this product. As a result it is now out of warranty period and I am out of luck for a replacement. Great company , can’t even contact corporate.

  • Judy says:

    Customer Service is a joke,cannot even get through on the phone lines, message says they have a high volume of calls and cannot take your call,then you get hung up on. What company hangs up on customers?Chat via the website also not working,

  • David Sedberry says:

    I agree with Fred….I have had my appliance lass than a year with two major failures. How can I contact a real person? I worked for Lowe’s Corporate for 13 years….I hope to influence their purchasing group as I purchased the appliance from them.


    • Dave says:

      Good luck. Frigidaire not only makes terrible products, they are incapable of repairing them. We’ve been without an oven for 10 weeks now. It failed in the final week of warranty. We’re now awaiting our fifth service call, which obviously will yield no results. Model # FGGH3047VF Serial #VF02706679

      • Don P says:

        Would be interested if you made any progress. I have a malfunctioning refrigerator, trying to get someone to help locate parts which are backordered and have been for a month. Frigidaire did consent to extend my warranty so I just pay for parts. This is the second repair this year and it looks like the machine is not worthy of my kitchen….total piece of junk! God help us!

  • Matt says:

    NON EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR UNDER WARRANTY PRODUCTS. Do yourself a favor and AVOID AT ALL COSTS ANY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY> You will be sorry. I am looking into a CLass Action Lawsuit with our legal team.

    • Karen says:

      Please inform me of any class action suits developed. Ditto our freezer purchased one year ago only worked for 5.5 months out of 12 during 2020/2021 YTD

    • J. Dixon says:

      Sign me up! Disgusting company! No service for inferior product!

    • JANE says:


  • Fred Ritchie says:

    Is it possible to actually submit a consumer complaint/request for help to Frigidaire without the third party confusion of such sites as HissyKitty (whomever they may be)? I have legitimate issue which concerns Frigidaire in the marketplace but can’t determine if my complaint has actually been placed. Instead I am asked too critique the performance of some un-known third party. Are any professionals still available?

    • JANE says:


  • >