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  • Address: 628 Green Valley Rd, Greensboro, NC 27408, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 336-272-1338

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 15,000

  • Established: 1982

  • Founder: Ray Berry and Beverly Berry

  • Key People: Larry Appel (CEO)

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Fresh Market Headquarters Executive Team



Laurence B. Appel

CEO & President

Brian Nicholson

Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey C. Ackerman

Executive Vice President

About Fresh Market, History and Headquarters Information


Fresh Market was founded in the year 1982. The company has been operational for almost 37 years now. The founders of the company were Beverly Berry and Ray Berry. The main idea behind starting the company was to develop a type of grocery store that is not only better but also brings back the feeling of the open end European style markets as well. The company wanted to sell various kinds of gourmet foods and not just the usual potatoes and rice. The first store of the company that was opened in the western part of the USA was in the year 2012. Then in the year 2014, the company had announced that it would be closing down almost three of its stores located in the Sacramento area of the USA, which also includes the Roseville store as well.

Then in the year 2012, the company had acquired almost four stores from Rice Epicurean Markets, and later also remodelled the stores as well. In the year 2016, the stores located in these areas were also closed down as well. The same year, the company had also shut down its stores in Iowa, Texas, Missouri and even Kansas, along with other nine locations too. The company had become a limited public entity in the year 2010 when the company had filed its first IPO or Initial Public Offering as well. The IPO had helped the company raise almost $290 million from the public. As of the year 2016, the stock of the company was acquired by Apollo Global Management – which was a leading alternative investment manager on a global scale. Therefore, the status of the company was changed from public to private again, and consequently, the stocks and shares of the company stopped selling on the NASDAQ platform. The headquarters of the company is based in 628 Green Valley Road, Suite 500. The name of the place is Greensboro, while the name of the state is North Carolina, United States. The pin code of the area is 27408.


Fresh Market is an American company that helps in providing various kinds of grocery items via its gourmet supermarket stores – selling to all of its customers. The company currently has more than 187 stores located in over 27 states in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Larry Appel. As of the year 2014, the overall revenue generated by the company is more than $1.7 billion. Also, the number of employees currently working at the company is more than 13,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of gourmet foods from the supermarkets established by the company itself. The company sells organic as well as milk that is obtained from grass-fed cattle. The milk is both homogenized and pasteurized as well, which helps in killing harmful germs and bacteria, while still preserving the vitamins and enzymes. The meat sold by the company is also obtained from cattle that are grass-fed too. The diet of the animals contains mainly 50 per cent of silage and hay, along with 50 per cent being grains.

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  • Richard Moss says:

    I am a long time customer of Fresh Market and discovered the store on visiting Greensboro in late 1980s. I have owned and developed shopping centers in different areas and hope that a Fresh Market will open in Charkeston SC area as there are none here surprisingly. The demographics are perfect for one. I spoke with someone in real estate a couple years ago and wax told they had a site in mind in Mt. Pleasant but never happened. I tried to get to real estate dept. this morning to talk to someone but receptionist refused to put me thru, very rude. Please pass these comments on to real estate/new store opening people and hope to hear back from someone

  • Susan says:

    Your St Petersburg store refuses to package meat per customer request. If you order 2 lbs and need it to be package I lb per package they refuse to do it. Also refuse to take meat orders over the phone but all your other stores in our area are taking orders

  • Taylor says:

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  • Laur says:

    Please change your system at the meat counter in the light of COVID 19.
    There are too few people behind the counter and too many customers standing too close together in front of it.
    This is in reference to your Coconut Grove Store.

    Maybe you could hand out those pagers so people could keep shopping and go to the meat counter when they are alerted.

    Thank you!

  • John says:

    I have a few suggestions that would make Fresh Market a better retail establishment. First, whatever time you call any Fresh Market department no one ever answers the telephone. You would save money and customers would save time waiting for someone to pick up if you would delete your telephone service.

    Also I avoid going to Fresh Market at night because the parking lot is so dimly lit along the outside of the
    parking lot it does not give you a secure feeling. Bringing a high beam flashlight would be a good idea.
    The store I am talking about in Memphis, Tn. is on the corner of Union Ave. and Cooper street. There is
    a grass island surrounded by a curb that is in the middle of the parking lot across from the entrance.
    This would be a great place to erect a pole and put a bright omni directional light.

  • No name says:

    This evening at approximately 7:00 PM I went to the store in Vero Beach, Florida to purchase groceries. I went to the meat counter and ordered a porterhouse steak which was. approx. 1-1/4″ thick I am on a special diet and cannot eat that much meat at once. I asked the associate to cut the steak in half and I was told that he could not do it because it was too thin and didn’t want anyone to get their fingers cut off. Well I wouldn’t want that either but how is it that other meat departments do it all the time. Even cut the meats to 1/8″ thick. And isn’t that one of the services that a person would expect at a meat counter? I am a regular customer at that store but after tonight I don’t think I will be any longer. Very disappointed..

  • no name says:

    I’ve been a employee for almost 2 years now. Work at store 116 Annapolis.Work in bakery. Not saying my name. You have to know whats going on here.Love my job with the Fresh Market, best job I’ve ever had. I’m 52 years old.Our manager Dave is a hothead, heartless man that I’ve ever meet.He is always threaten me,us by saying he’s mad and going to punch someone in the face in front of customers. That was me. His first threat. Next he’s going to fire someone if we don’t make periscope work. We have and I speak for all of us really trying to get to the bottom of periscope. We are a group of hard working people and care. He does not care about any of us. I’ve had no raise sense Stephen Joyner left. And no pal time.What is up with that. I asked him for a raise and he just laughed at me.Not funny..Since Stephen left the store is dirty.Dave doesn’t know to run any department for that matter. At lease Stephen knew how to run every department even bakeoff. He knew how to run the oven. He knew how to run all departments. Dave and Mike don’t know how any of that is done. Mike comes in at night and bakes off things, that messes up periscope.He doesn’t put in production.Other thing is we need a bakery manager that shows up to work. And does her job. When I came here there was no bakery manager, she came a few months after me. There was no change. Even today. Nicole, she’s always there, never calls out. She’s been running things. She knows how much pies to put out for a sell. Our manager now, clueless….she ask Nicole or I.. well what do you think. Please, you needed to here this. I don’t want to get myself of anybody in trouble. You have a great company here and I love working here. Just need better management, people who cares about there staff, if the show that they don’t care about, so why should you care about them. Very Frustrated

  • KM says:

    My wife and I were at the Fresh Market on the 14000 block of Atlantic Blvd in Jacksonville FL this afternoon around 1pm. We both had to use the Rest Rooms, and quickly exited the store in complete disgust. The Men’s room toilet was clogged and full to the brim with sewage on the floor and a disgusting, filthy plunger next to it. There appeared to be dried feces on the adjacent wall. The sink had a hot water handle that swung freely, but controlled no water. Cold water was running freely from the tap. The cold water could not be shut off and I am guessing had been running for quite some time. In the ladies room, my wife encountered much the same, with diarrharea splattered on the bowl and dried feces running down the front of the bowl from the rim to the floor. She said the sink looked like it had not been cleaned in months. Needless to say, we exited the store quickly to head home. We were going to stop and find a manager, but concluded that would have been a waste of time. The condition of both bathrooms indicated these were clearly NOT a new issue… just ones that were being ignored by store personnel. (Had we been the Health Department, you would not doubt have a number of Red Flag Violations.)

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