Where is Food Lion Corporate office Headquarters

Food Lion Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2110 Executive Dr
    Salisbury, NC 28147
  • Phone Number: +1 704-633-8250
  • Fax Number: 704-630-9724
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 65250
  • Established: December 12, 1957
  • Founder: Wilson Smith, Ralph Ketner, and Brown Ketner
  • Key People: Margaret Miller Ham, Scott Harrison

Food Lion Headquarters Location & Directions

Food Lion Headquarters Executive Team



Margaret Miller Ham


Linn Evans

Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Scott Harrison

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Information Technology

About Food Lion, History and Headquarters Information


Food Lion was founded in the year 1957. The company has been operational for over 60 years now. The founders of the company were Ralph Ketner, Wilson Smith and Brown Ketner. The former name of the company was Food Town, which was later changed in the year 1983. In the year 1974, the retail chain was set to be acquired by Delhaize Group Company, and therefore this merger was finally completed in the year 2016. During the 1980s, the company started to expand in the Atlantic and southern parts of the USA. By the 1990s, there were stores available in almost every major city in the USA, like Florida, Oklahoma City, Louisiana, Orlando, Texas, etcetera. In the year 1993, the company was sucked into a controversy regarding child labour, unpaid and minimum wages and also overtime wages, for which the company had to pay a fine of $16.2 million to the USA government. As of recent times, most of the company’s retail stores have been approved for plans regarding remodelling.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 2110 Executive Drive P.O. Box 1330. The place name is Salisbury, while the state name is North Carolina. The area pin code is 28147.


Food Lion is an American company with the focus of providing the platform for consumers so that customers can easily purchase fresh and affordable groceries for their daily lives. The company currently has more than 1,100 supermarket retail stores in about ten states in the USA. The current president of the company is Meg Ham. Currently, the number of employees working at the company is more than 65,250.


The primary services provided by the company is offering the store or the platform for users to shop for their favourite everyday groceries, not only at prices that are affordable but also are fresh and easy to use as well.

Food Lion Headquarters Photos

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  • Bernie Marsh says:

    I brought ground turkey at your store in MIddle River Md. It stated it was 3 lbs. When I got home and went to separate it and package, I weighed it in the package and it only weight slightly over 2-1/2 lbs. Please explain this.


  • Mary says:

    Just read news story about Air Force veteran Gary Dean told WCTI-TV he’d been wearing his American flag face covering for his job at the Food Lion in Havelock, North Carolina, and someone finding it offense. He quit! I’m an 8 year Air Force veteran and served one tour of duty in Vietnam. Stand up, salute that flag, it is a sign of honor. I will never buy one item that has “Food Lion” on it.

  • John & Lynnette O’Berry & three extended households says:

    Discussing that Food Lion management would cave to a complaint about an American Vet employee who was wearing an AMERICAN flag print face mask! I and all of my family will be driving past Food Lion to shop at your competitor from now on. You own the employee and your customers a very public apology. Until that time, we will NO longer be shopping at Food Lion. Shameful! Our whole family are All PROUD TO BE AMERICANS, and will Never back down.

  • Jock Harmon says:

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for not allowing the american flag face covering. What the hell country do you think allows you to make all those stinking profits. You need to get rid of all your (stupid) people in management and replace them with flag wavers not un American slime.

  • Kathy says:

    Good lion, you are scum. How could you not stand for the Usa. You made it big in America. Could you have this store in china, russia, in no. Korea? You are traitors

  • Offended American! says:

    If Food Lion is going to stop an employe — an American veteran, whose father served in WWI, and who lost many friends in Viet Nam — from wearing an American flag mask becuase “someone” was offended, then I am offended. I will NEVER, EVER again shop at the Ashland City, TN Food Lion, where they SELL FREAKING SHIRTS WITH AMERICAN FLAGS ON THEM!! ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS?!!! Go live in Communist China!!! See how it works over there.

  • Chuck says:

    Food Lion store #2581
    Does not care about customer safety almost no customers are wearing mask as mandated in NC. And no employee or manager cares. So do not say you are doing everything possible to protect your customers.

  • Kathy Faucette says:

    Customer service at your St James Ave. store #2253 will make me find an alternative place to shop that at least acknowledge me with courtesy and respect (FREE). Today (01/04/20) @ 16:23:22 your cashier Morgan did not even acknowledge my husband and I were standing in front of her, not even so much as a grunt! I would like to think she is not racist and possibly just rude and not well trained in greeting her customers with a hello (nothing special needed). She did speak when she told me the amount but never said thank you are have a good day etc. I was insulted enough that I called the store and was greeted by a recording that said how much you valued customer service(LOL). A female person eventually answered and I ask to speak to the manager and was told he was on vacation and that Tyrone the ASST. was not there. I ask for any manager and she ask what you want them for, there is no mgr. in store… I might have unknowingly reached Morgan again?
    We were 20 yr. loyalty customers?

  • Al Anderson says:

    We are reaching out to you to say thank you for your help in fighting food insecurity in the Hoke County area. We have seen many hungry faces in our community. We currently provide meals and supplemental food boxes to many people over the course of the three and a half years that the Hoke County Open Door Soup Kitchen has been in operation. With your continued support, we believe that we can reach many more people in need.
    There are an estimated 9,890 individuals dealing with food insecurity in the Hoke County area. While we currently serve approximately 200 meals per day, we need your help to continue the fight to end food insecurity.
    Again thank you for Helping, the Hoke County Open Door Soup Kitchen eradicate lack in the Hoke County area as we continue to serve and support the community by providing food security to our homeless, elderly, children and disabled veterans, and every impoverished man, woman, and child. In doing so, we embrace every person from all cultural diversities, to bring about the miracle of change to the whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Never to forget, that we all are merely one paycheck away from poverty. We would like to show our appreciation to you and store # 127, #810, and #2586 by awarding them with a Military Shadow Frame And certificates of appreciation in the presence of some of our officials and the news paper. ASAP. We missed Veterans Day.
    Thanks Al Anderson

  • Barbara L. Sansbury says:

    Please, your store needs a seat for customers who need to rest a few minutes. Your store in Santee, S.C. is in a location with a lot of retired people. We need to shop, but there are times when we need to rest.
    There are times when the only time I can shop is when I take my husband with me to the store. He can only stand or walk for a short time. If there were a place for him to sit, I could do my shoping while he sits and waits for me.
    While you are re-doing the store in Santee would be the ideal time for you to add a bench for this purpose.
    Please consider this, it is very important.
    Thank you for your consideration. B. Sansbury

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