Where Is Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

Food City Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1 Food City Cir, Abingdon, VA 24210, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 276-623-5100

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 16,000

  • Established: 1955

  • Founder: Jack Smith

  • Key People: Steven C. Smith

Food City Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Food City Corporate Office

Food City is an American retail store with a vision to be the best one in the town. This award-winning company is known for providing exceptional customer satisfaction with utmost loyalty. The consumers are proud of the high-quality products supplied by the company as well as their notable services.

Customers contact Food City for following possible reasons:

  • For placing an order.
  • For sending feedback, suggestion or complaint.
  • For returning or replacing an item.
  • For selling their products through the company.
  • To enquire about any payment issues.
  • To consult in case the desired product is not available.
  • To enquire about the digital coupons, offers and discounts.
  • To enquire about the company’s various services like GoCart, Food City Home Delivery, Food City Pharmacy, Value Cart, etc.

With the exception of the mentioned ones, there can be many other reasons for the customers to contact the Food City. With the help of the following information, a person can contact the Food City’s headquarters and get their queries resolved:

Ways To Contact Food City


In case, the customers need to send their documented queries or would like to drop them by vial mail, the Food City main office can be visited or contacted. Their main office is located at the mentioned address:

1 Food City Cir, Abingdon, VA 24210, United States of America

Phone number

To get personal assistance to every query, the mentioned phone number might help that being the case. The team at Food City’s headquarters is hot to trot to resolve customer’s issues, solve every query or register any feedback or complaint. You can contact them at the phone number given below:

+1 276-623-5100.

Email Address

Food City’s customer care managers and experts are ready to solve any query, issue, or complaint for every customer, as it aims for full consumer satisfaction. The customers can avail their 24×7 customer support service at the provided email address:



In case someone needs to have a look at the website, the link is mentioned below. People can register their feedback, complaint or query, or get the required information by visiting their official website’s FAQ page or other pages.


Food City Headquarters Info & Photos

The official headquarters of Food City is located in Abingdon, United States and it has been there since 1970. The former head office was located in Grundy, VA, until 1955. The Abingdon office has a modern open-working space, interior water factor, sophisticated interiors and staircase, and commodious conference wing, which features a central location. Unlike the former headquarters, this one is established in such a way that it unifies all the departments under one single roof. The idea of building a unified office space directly saw a boost in the efficient teamwork of the company, which was lacking in the segmented departments previously. This headquarter is truly dedicated to new culture of optimism among the workforce. It speaks for its company!

Food City Headquarters Photo
Food City Corporate Office Photo

Food City Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1 Food City Cir, Abingdon, VA 24210, United States


United States

1204 East Main Street, Cumberland , KY 40823


United States

1007 N Broad St, Tazewell , TN 37879


United States

251 Medical Plaza Lane, Whitesburg , KY 41858


United States

70 Business US 23 North, Louisa , KY 41230

Food City Headquarters Executive Team

Steven C. Smith

Chief Executive Officer and President

Steve C. Smith is the current President and CEO of Food City after his father Jack Smith. Jack passed the post to him in the year 2001. Steve is an electrical engineering graduate from United States Naval Academy in 1994. Food City under him made headway, expanding it to many different locations and making a great profit.

Michael T. Lockard

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

He is the current-day Chief Financial Officer and the Senior Vice President of Food City and Weis Markets Inc. He carries more than 25 years of experience in finance and accounting, IT and global shared services, supply-chain companies and senior executive experience in food retail. Michael Lockard plays an essential part in Food City by looking after the routine management of the accounts, audits and financial functions of the company.

Jack Smith


Jack C Smith was the founder, CEO and chairperson of K-VA-T Food Stores/ Food City. He received the ‘Grocer of the Year’ Award by Tennessee Grocer for Food City’s community involvement in supporting various other organizations. He also received the prestigious ‘Great American’ Award in 2002.

About Food City


Jack C. Smith established Food City in the year 1955. The founder first started a grocery store Piggly Wiggly in Grundy, adding three stores in Kentucky by 1967. K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc. under Jack Smith continued growing until he acquired a 19- store chain, Quality Foods. It operated under the name of ‘Food City’. Consequently, Jack Smith adopted Food City as the new badge and legacy.


Owned by K-VA-T Food Stores, Food City is a family-owned company worth $2.5 billion, which is truly committed to serving the community with the purest products and services. It now provides both, online shopping as well as in-store purchasing options after prosperously establishing 123 grocery stores and developing its own online app.  This supermarket chain has extended its domains in various American cities including, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia.


  • The website foodcity.com ranks amongst the top websites around the world.
  • Food City app is the first grocery app to serve the consumers, making it a worthwhile experience for them both in-store and online shopping.
  • Food City’s first in-store Starbucks was established in 2017 and the company currently owns 15 of them.
  • Food City was awarded Dale Carnegie Leadership Award in 2013 and was marked ‘Outstanding Marketer’ in 2020.

  • Unhappy Customer says:

    My local Food City recently added a baked potato bar to its’ salad bar. I picked up a potato earlier today, and when I was checking out, the potato was almost $7.00, and that was with no toppings! Of course I told them to put it back. To show my appreciation for Food City’s COLOSSAL STUPIDITY, I drove down the road to a Kroger, and paid $1.89 for a raw potato. I’ll painstakingly cook it myself in the microwave, and I’ll stay away from Food City for a while.

  • Alesia R Clowers says:

    I need help in the OAK RIDGE TENN store. I have multiple pictures of the shelf showing sale of 33% off. YET manager said they two items were not included in sale. YES they were summer close out items. THEY should not have been on the same shelf if they were not a part of sale. I HAVE ALOT OF pictures to show this.

  • Melinda says:

    I was in your store today store #632 and a customer had fell on some drinks that were stacked up and not one employee come over to check on him or help clean it up myself and 2 other customers picked it up. I was cashing in lottery tickets when it happened and I left my money and buggy to go over and check on him and the employee that was waiting on me bought my money to me then turned around and walked away while we cleaned up the drinks. That was not our job but we were concerned about the customer

  • Anne says:

    If you wish to be considered an outstanding marketer please reconsider your digital coupon theory use. Myself and my 85 year old mother are long time customers of your store. I was in your store last evening with my phone attempting to load digital coupons onto my card. Having trouble, I asked 4 different employees for assistance none of which could advise me on how to proceed. (All teenagers who I guarantee had a smart phone) All were completely clueless on the questions I had and the help needed. (When does your ad restart, do you load every week as needed? etc etc) I lost $5 last evening because of digital coupons. (I did figure it out this morning after the fact. I chose last night not to hold up the 5 people behind me in the SINGLE open line with my struggle) My mother is 85, has no smart phone, lives very frugal and cannot partake in these digital savings as well. Your digital system has managed to exclude an entire generation of loyal customers. It was a very frustrating trip to FC for needed items. If you wish to provide excellent customer service that you proclaim, you must do better than what I witnessed last night.
    (Open more check out lines utilize those 5 employees floating around -DONT be a Walmart-educate your employees on your ad and coupon choices-have a back up system for those who need digital coupons and are unable to obtain them)
    I look forward to seeing improvement.
    Thank you!

  • walter guerard says:

    hi, i would like the new store on ringgold rd east ridge tn to add nathan’s smoky cocktail sausages to their inventory, they should be wonderful, thanks, wally

  • Jim says:

    My comment is this I have met Mr Smith several times and he’s a good man one of his stores in br tn I have bee n a patron of for years I will not return after the service I received from this place its been going downhill and as a perso n who spends hundreds a week I’m sure my loss will be no big deal but I said to k mart years ago one lil fish gone too many times leaves no food for the big fish shame on you all at food city on Pennsylvania Ave in br tenn

  • Crystal says:

    I have encountered the past few months is out of date products on the shelf at the Moreland Dr Kingsport store. Coffee creamer, canned food, bread, the Food City brand cheezy-doz it, ice cream etc…I know have to look at the dates of everything I buy at this store. Went to get a few small packs of hamburger meat and they had one and nobody was in the meat department…this was at 5pm! Maybe if you hired quality and paid better your stores would not be horrible.

  • Crystal says:

    Hello, I am a frequent shopper with Food City and I usually go to the Moreland Drive store in Kingsport. I was in the store today and came across a shattered jar on the floor with glass everywhere. The floor was sticky and after searching for several minutes I located an employee and told him. He said he would let someone know. I went about my shopping but had to circle back around for something about 30 minutes later and found the glass still there. Someone could have injured themselves. Another incident a couple of week ago involved a freezer stock person named Larry. Him and another associate was stocking on both sides of the freezer isle and I approached and waited for him to finish since I needed something where he was. He looked over and seen me and my husband and rolled his eyes and slammed the freezer door grumbling something. I called him rude and he tossed a box down in anger and walked off. This was uncalled for. This is not the only time I have encountered rude employees but this incident was the worst thus far. I live near this store and it has always been convenient and good service but I will travel across town from now on to go to Kroger or Ingles before I give another dime to Food City.

  • Hot & Humid says:

    Why aren’t employees issued tshirts or at least shirts that are made of “breathable” material, especially in the summer in the south with heat indexes of 100+?
    Fans at registers and in the deli would be beneficial, also. Some employees are purchasing them out of their own pocket when the store purchases them for the “office” areas!!

  • Beth says:

    So who do I report to when an employee threatens my life because i called out her sex offender ex who is a registered pedophile after he caught stalking my kids pictures online?

  • Jodi says:

    On Tuesday March 22nd, MY FIRST TRIP TO THE FOOD
    send money through Western Union. The young man called for
    help several times but no one knew how to send the money. I ask
    to speak to a manager and he said he was a manager in training,
    but would call the main man. After already spending 20 minutes
    trying to find someone to send it, then another 15 minutes waiting
    on a manager to show up, I gave up. So the next day I went on
    my lunch break, NOW MY SECOND TRIP TO FOOD CITY,
    cashier that I needed to send money through Western Union to
    Belize, how much and who to. She went to work and handed me
    a check for the amount I wanted to send and said that will be $1.50
    I said no, this is not right, she said ok let me get someone that
    knows what they are doing. I just started…So another girl comes
    over and undoes what this girl has messed up, and finally got me
    a tracking number. All was good until my friend in Belize tried to
    get the money. I know you don’t care, but this is my sponsored family
    in Belize and the father is in the hospital having major surgery and
    I was trying to get the mother money so they would do his surgery.
    When she went to get it, they said it was not there. They said I
    would have to call the store I got it from. I called Food City and
    and told them what was going on and she said I would have to come
    down there. THIS IS THE THIRD TRIP NOW,,, So when I walk in
    and explain to the two girls that was standing be hide the
    self check out registers eating their lunch ( don’t you have a lunch
    room? ) The one said, very hateful like, you will have to call Western
    Union. We don’t have nothing to do with it after you make the sale.
    Remember, I called and explained before I made another trip,,,,
    And this is what I get when I get there……So I call WU,,,they say
    your money is in there. So I had my friend to go to another store
    down there and try again. Same thing…..but this time they did
    tell her why. The girl put in Benin instead of Belize for the country.
    At this point, I walk in ask and to speak to the manager. He walks
    up and I explain the whole story and he says do you know who did
    it? It seemed to me that he thought I didn’t know who did it and he
    didn’t care, but I said the girls name because it was on the receipt,
    and he said Kelsey,,,, and she just happen to be standing right be
    hide him and she yes,,,,, I said do you remember me and she said
    yes and I ask her if she remembered where I was going and she
    said yes Belize. I showed her what was wrong and she said oh I
    can fix that… It was going to take a minute and I was late going
    to church so I told her I would stop back by and pick it up.
    Oh and by the way, the manager didn’t stay with me to find out
    if she even fixed my problem or not. Poor Management!!!!
    It was not fixed when I stopped back by after church, but one of
    the cashiers said she could help me. She made a few calls and
    gave me a new tracking number and said we should be good to
    go now………… The next day my friend went to get her money
    and once again,,,, it is not there!!!!!!!! The cashier girl had sent
    the money back to the Food City. If nobody knows how to work it,
    why even offer it??
    I walk in and ask for the manager, at this point several people
    recognize me from the past trips I’ve made…….I’m so mad at this
    point that I’m almost ready to start to cry, so I can barley tell the
    manager what is going on and he tells me to tell his head cashier
    that she knows more about Western Union then he does, and I
    said I’ve done talked to her once and she didn’t know anything,,,
    I said I want my money back and I want it now….. He said she
    will help you and walked off. No apology for all that I’ve been
    though or anything. This was on March 25th at 12:30. I wish I had
    gotten his name but I didn’t. He was a little bald headed man.
    The Head cashier girl said to me that Western Union was the
    worst to work with, that I needed to think twice before using them
    again,,,,,I told her that you all was the ones that made the
    mistake not WU. And again NO APOLOGY AT ALL!!!!!!
    I did get my money back “THANK GOD”
    I went straight to Kroger and was in and out of there within five
    minutes with no problems at all. I know everybody has bad days,
    but when you have a problem like this and they act as if it was me….
    when I know in the grocery business “THE CUSTOMER IS
    All I can say is,, this is very poor management.
    If I had been loud and unruly at any point I could understand
    a little better, them not wanting to help me, but I maintained
    myself very well. The only thing I said out of the way was at the
    end when I finally got my money back and the girl was not friendly
    at all, was, you better be glad I’ve been to revival this week cause
    I’ve got enough Jesus in me to be nice right now!!!!!

    This is the first time I have ever made a written complaint!!!!!!
    It would be nice if you would have a talk with your management
    on how to handle situations like this.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Onemadma says:

    My grandson and I shopped there tonight, I have for good while, he is five and was scanning at self checkout, apparently they thought he wasn’t scanning everything and teller came to remove an item we replaced before we started and accidentally removed all off what had been scanned and had to start all over and she scanned everything because it was her mistake she said, I’m not stupid and I closely watch everything around me, it was a mess, we had to use two checkouts for some reason, had to pay at two check outs, I have the worst ocd possible when it comes to my groceries with cold stuff all together, fruits together, etc etc, she wouldn’t let me do it and I will never shop there again, I called as soon as sat down in car and no one would answer phone and it just 9 pm here, had to ask employee in parking lot to send manager out…ridiculous and I will be informing family and friends to stop shopping there as well

  • Melissa burrell says:

    I’ve been trying to tell someone that actually Cares enough to deal with this situation, see there’s a cashier that is always rude to me and my family yelling at me in front of other customers she never welcomed me has poor customer service skills made fun of me for using EBT/ WIC I’ve already reported her once to the main management there at the Food City we shop at in Phoenix Arizona ,27th avenue Bethany home rd her name is Christina and when I called to get her full name she told me she did not need to give me her last name she’s the only Christina that works there and hung up on me, IM TIRED OF THIS RUDE EMPLOYEE SHE’S HAD SO MUCH NERVE TO MAKE FUN OF ME, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND SHE’S ALWAYS SAYING SHE HATES HER JOB SHES ONLY TRYING TO MAKE MONEY TO GET IN AND OUT WITHOUT A CARE FOR the customers and appreciation for us ,now she’s the only one we’ve had problems with WE love and appreciate everyone else, This lady need some customers skills updated!

  • Sam Campbell says:

    I Went ( 3 ) Straight Days To Get The ” FREE COVID MASK N-95 “, I Heard About On T.V. !!!!!!!!!!!
    Each Time The Pharmist Told Me They Were Out Front & I Came Back The 1st. Time To Tell The Pharmist There Were None & He Said They Run Out Fast. So I Asked What Time They Put Them Out, So I Would Be There To Get One When They Were Given Out, I Came 15 Minutes Before The Time & Waited For Over An Hour, When Nothing Happened, I Went To The Pharmacy & Asked About The Covid N-95 Mask & Was Told They Were Busy & Would Get Them Out When They Could, So Over 2 Hours Later & No Mask, I Went Back & Was Told They Had Already Given The N-95 Mask Out …………………….. The 3rd. Day Seeing ” NO N-95 MASK “, Saw That The Advertisement On T.V. Was ” FALSE ADVERTISEMENT ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shelia Justice says:

    I had called to talk someone. ab out.some gift. Cards, no one called me back. Shelia Justice 8654350612

  • Rolf says:

    Your website is absolutely ridiculous, trying to find an item’s availability is impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Also the Food City Headquarters List has only address’s no phone numbers and no email addresses. In other words you don’t want to communicate with their customers at all, what a shame!
    Take a serious look at all the crap you had to fill out in order to do just send an email. It is all designed so that everyone can sit back and relax and not have to worry about any customer complaints!

  • Chris Wren says:

    I have a video of dried blood filth ! Looks like at least a YEAR old nastiness. I want to give FC a chance before I Post the video on social media.
    PLEASE ADVISE ME how to help.
    Thank you Chris Wren

  • Deborah says:

    The hospitality by a young girl in the deli department at the Lafollette to location was amazing my son and myself were very surprised but yet happy I believe her name was Megan. This employee was very attentive to our needs smiled thanked excellent experience
    Thank you very much keep up the excellent work I hope someone lets this young lady know a how great she’s doing

  • Sharon Evans says:

    I need email for Steven Jones

  • Fedup says:

    Everyone leaving for higher paid jobs. FC is the lowest paid place in the city of La fayette ga. No help at registers in the morning. Usually 1 cashier and 1 uscan. No one to send to GNG for lunches. We have no curtsey clerks on the morning shift. Our 1 cashier is asked to get buggies and clean the restrooms. When manager is told he says”what do you want me to do?” This place is losing all good workers because of poor pay and management

  • Quest says:

    The morning cashiers/front staff are always friendly and helpful at the LaFayette store. However, there is never anyone to bag except for cashier. When im there in the evening, there are always 2 or 3 young men standing around talking/laughing while the cashier does all the work.

  • Andy says:

    The calhoun store is really getting terrible stock,low not enough bsggets. The last two times we have had to bag our groceries, also several things we normally by have been out of stock for three weeks in a row.and the meat and sea food department is terrible it needs to be stocked like the hixson Tn store. It is a pain to have to shop at Kroger for meat an food lion for other necessities

  • Phyllis says:

    I Purchased a ladies top I am not happy with it so I was told by the manager it could not be returned. I understand more than anyone about the unusual circumstances going on with COVID 19.
    Other stores including Walmart takes returns back with no questions. I know that the reply I will get is that Food City is trying to keep their employees and customers safe. But if that was the case while shopping the
    same day I tried to return the shirt I seen employees wearing their mask incorrectly, the mask must cover their nose and mouth. One employee done this several times while replacing signs throughout the store and talking to other employees. Also the announcement on the intercom says a mask is required! There were several customers without a mask at all on their face. Don’t make announcement if your not going to enforce it! I always have my mask on properly and very carful to keep my distance from others. I made the comment to the store manager that we needed to keep our distance because when he walked up to me it was not 6 foot away from me. I would like to know what I am suppose to do with the shirt that I have and not happy with it at all? There are safe ways that returns can be done. Just takes effort to make it happen. I am very aware of the CDC recommendations on the Covid 19 guidelines.
    Thank you for your time.

  • M Shaw says:

    WHY does the front in managers act like they don’t have to do anything. Cashier calls a code and the customer has to wait and wait on them to quit talking first before they ask the code the cashier call for help. Why are there not enough cashiers in certain stores which causes long lines.

  • Neena says:

    I hope you know by forcing masks on people that come into your stores. You have lost a customer, I will not be getting groceries or gas in your store. You are infringing on my rights.

    • Zman says:

      Let me say this you are infringing on my rights as well where am I stupid 600,000+ people have died get a clue stupid America that’s what you are

  • B Burress says:

    No product return at this time due to the covid 19. Your rule is unfair we don’t know who handle you product before it came in to the store or who handle your product when it was made. It might have had covid 19 on when it was ship. Very displease with your return rule. Very unfair.

  • Diana West says:

    I went to my local Food City this afternoon to shop. I noticed an item (freezer bags 1.99 with digital coupon 1.49) I am 75 yrs old . I do not have the fancy phones only the flip and do not use a computer to download coupons. I mentioned to the cashier Lucas, to use his sheet for the digital coupon. He informed me that he did not have one but maybe customer service might. I had to ask him to go check with them, He grumbled under his breath went over , came back and said no that they did not have one either. Said that I would have to pay the full price 1.99 I did go ahead and purchase them but the cashier was very rude. Not the typical cashiers that I have had the pleasure of seeing and talking with at Food City. It is not the money it is just the attitude of this young man. If he does not want to serve the customers he is in the wrong job.

  • Jim Hamilton corporate / website says:

    Another one for the website guys to fix: Your main corporate page, or this one if this is it never stops loading. I’m on high speed internet & it just keeps working, like it’s waiting. Like me. Waiting, on your corp. page right now.
    Might want to look at it guys.
    I’m just trying to help, it’s important for your company.
    Long time FC shopper here, loyal for the most part.

    Onto the next one.
    Why am I not using the “contact form” where I do my curbside shopping?

    I Clicked submit but nothing happened, twice.
    I mlike many am on the most current Firefox version 75.0 running Avast security with popup blocker. Is that it, IDK?

    Please look into it. I feel kinda bad putting all this on the corporate page.

    All in all, your Weekly ads, coupons, everything very nicely done!
    Just a few things to make it even better.
    Whether or not you fix these will not affect my visits to your very well ran store here in Seymour, Tn.
    It will affect your bottom line & possibly disappoint potential large clients or future great employees scared
    away by a bad first impression.
    I implore you all to please vote for ANYBODY but trump!
    thanks , Jim


  • Jim Hamilton corporate / website says:

    Wed. I placed an order for the earliest spot remaining at Seymour, Tn. store. Your system somehow allowed me to walk away not realizing that was my last chance to add items.
    So today I’m trying to add my things thinking I’m doing it for my 8:00 apppt. curbside.

    Turns out I’m confused the entire time.
    Maybe you could get your web team to
    1. Always ,at least, display easy access to my upcoming order. I couldn’t find it.
    And until my shopper logs into the system and presses the button that says to me
    “Locked, shopping is under way”
    I can add up until “shopper” prints that list or lock it a few hours before but it
    seems a very profitable addition for corporate Food City to allow me to add many
    things before the shopper locks me out.
    P.S. During these times I’d like to shop 3 weeks out from now.
    3 or 4 lists going at once. You may already have that, I’ll go look.

    This is just a wish list type thing.
    We are in crazy times and I commend all of you
    for the vital service & products you’re providing!
    Thanks and be very careful and if anything overly cautious until this is all over.
    Jim & family.

  • donna mcelhaney says:

    For the last several transactions for myself and my husband we have not been able to our discount. When I asked why, they stated they did not know, but that no was getting it. I asked if someone had checked into this and was told no. Its really strange that during this time when people are not getting to work and a crisis is going on that discount card is not working?? It is not just mine it is others. THIS IS PRICE GOUGING AND TAKING ADVANTAGE OF A CRISIS TO LOAD UP YOUR POCKETS.

    I did speak to someone that looked at my account and added the last FOUR transactions back on the card. SO YES THAT TELLS ME YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO PREVENT PEOPLE GETTING WHAT IS PROMISED FROM YOU FOR SHOPPING AT YOUR STORE.

    SHAME ON YOU. This needs to be fixed for all value card members. If it is not I will contact Facebook and whom ever else to stop this unfair practice.

  • franklin says:

    why are you letting people get fired for doing what is right in oak ridge store 681

  • >