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Where is Extended Stay America Corporate office Headquarters

Extended Stay America Headquarters Address and Contact

Extended Stay America logo
  • Address: 11525 N Community House Rd #100, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 980-345-1600

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 10,000

  • Established: 1995

  • Founder: Wayne Huizenga & George D. Johnson, Jr

  • Key People: Jonathan S. Halkyard (CEO)

Extended Stay America Headquarters Location & Directions

Extended Stay America Headquarters Executive Team



Jonathan S. Halkyard

President, CEO & Director

Brian T. Nicholson

Chief Financial Officer

James G. Alderman Jr.

Chief Asset Merchant

About Extended Stay America, History and Headquarters Information

You want to stay at a cosy home-like environment when you are on vacation then you surely need to stay at one of the hotels which are a part of the giant of hotel chains, Extended Stay America. The firm is one of the top grossing firms which is available out there having apartments which number as high as around six hundred and thirty establishments.

The company has its headquarters present in the state of North Carolina in the city of Charlotte. The company has its ties with the hospitality company, ESH Hospitality, which is known to be the owner of the hotels. The firm is said to be established in the year 1995 in January in the state of Florida. The founders of the company were George D. Johnson Junior and Wayne Huizenga, who were both a part of the firm known as Viacom as executives.

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  • Donald macintyre says:

    Can’t get anyone management or corporate to contact me. Property manager is the worst I’ve seen in industry. Everything is a no and oh were losing money. The property I’m at losing money cause noting is clean and needs a total remodel. They don’t have nothing thats advertised. Keep saying nothing is promised to u.

  • Greg Oehm says:

    I am notifying you in regards to the extended stay on Harvard St in Aurora Co. First off the manager that runs this is completely unprofessional not only is she rude and nasty and goes out of her way to cheat people on pricing. Homeless people and drug addicts dealing drugs and doing drugs all over the property 24/7!! She has also told her employees to not wash the blankets just put them back on the bed! Not only is that disgusting people have sex in the beds all kinds of things! That is a criminal act telling your employees to not wash the blankets!! For the hotel industry it doesn’t get any nastier then that it’s unbelievable behavior!! The sheets have huge stains all over them cigarette burns in the sheets and blankets ECT ect. The manager Theresa needs to be removed and never allowed to work in the industry again! The things she is doing are criminal acts! I will be contacting my attorney about suing extended stay for her actions!

  • Donnie & Debbie Hayes says:

    Checked into extended stay Kansas City south on August 31 for a one week stay. The first room the ac didn’t work as it should. We got moved down the hall. My husband went to take a shower and the shower head was not working properly. Called town to the office and Aaron came to check it out. He said he would have to get maintenance in the am. Being an amputee he will sit in the tub and have the shower head spray on him. More water came out of the spiket than the shower head. He called me in the bathroom to help him out. The next morning I noticed a blister on his ankle above the sock. He took off his sock to reveal a huge blister and some skin was coming off. We called the emt as we were at a festival as vendors. They took him to the local er. They said he had 3rd degree burns on his foot. He spent the day in the hospital and was told to follow up with his doctor. He took the earliest possible appointment which was today. They admitted him into the hospital immediately. He is now waiting for surgery on Friday. Best case a skin draft. Worse case he will loose his foot. May I add his only foot. His stub also received burns so he can not wear his prosthetic. At the moment he can not step on his only foot due to he pressure and infection. The manager was able informed of this incident and she said she would contact the insurance company. We have not heard from them. If this issue is not addressed we will contact our lawyer to handle this

  • Scott WALLINGER says:

    Booked a room for a few days and upon arrival and inspection I found a room that was not ready for a guest.. while leaving I tossed the keys to the desk clerk and said sorry but I am not staying here, you can refund my account. That was a week ago, today is 09,07,23. Can you please look into this, thank you, SCOTT WALLINGER.

  • Military Member says:

    Wichita, KS

    Drove cross country w/2 kids and this place was recommended. It was the most disgusting place I’ve ever stayed at. The entire place smelled like weed, people in parking lot literally ALL night smoking & drinking. The room was disgusting- stained mattresses with crumbs, stained seats. Absolute dump! When I complained at the desk they could care less, originally had booked for a few weeks until I could secure military housing. I was given the military rate BEFORE check in but unfortunately we had to stay that night bc we was exhausted from the drive ( ran to Walmart to get sheets & cleaning supplies) checked out first thing in the morning and they did not honor my military rate and I was charged double what I was quoted. AVOID this dump at all cost, not only is it absolutely disgusting but staff was rude and they are very unethical to change my rate. Never again!! I will be following up with corporate and sending them pictures & video of my experience not that they probably care after reading similar reviews on here.

  • Charlotte Braun says:

    Staying at your hotel in Houston at city centre was the worst.
    Personal property went missing out of our room
    The maintenance man came barging in our room without knocking-almost knocked me down
    The mgr was double billing our credit card and was discriminatory against white and black elderly guests.
    Tires were stolen off of guest’s vehicles.
    The manager was smoking in front of the entrance of the hotel and parked in handicapped parking sports-so the disabled guests had to park in regular spaces. We had to wait until she finished smoking to leave out of the entrance.
    The fire-smoke alarms were going off in the middle of the night and we had to go outside.
    My ears are still ringing.
    Elevator never worked and mgr would try to put handicapped guests in the third floor
    Most dishonest and unprofessional mgr – don’t know why they let some discriminatory
    manager work there.

  • Seahannah Smith says:

    My one night stay in one of your hotels was one of my worst stays in any hotel!!! Some of your employees were very rude. Why do you hire people like that? Although we are living in very difficult times, I’m sure that there are more qualified candidates out there looking for a job. If people are not happy with their jobs, they should quit and not take out their frustrations on your guests!!! People share their wonderful experiences as well as their displacable ones. I also took some incredible photos which I can send if you like
    Very disappointed!!!

  • Lordina Leonard says:

    I was called a nigger at the Madison AL location I was there for 3weeks left early due to banging on my walls at 3am and alarms going off tho nobody’s n that room …. White guy over weight pretends to like blacks/Mexicans I want to file an HR complaint please

  • Gloria says:

    I experience the worst thing ever with one of the general managers at the extended stay location in peachtree Dunwoody road Ne. Atlanta, Ga. The general manager named Candice was a completely horrible person that mistreated and completely dissensitized Towards myself and my 2 children who she put in harm’s way without no compensation. Our rooms were full of cockroaches and smelled like cigarette smoke everyday we were there. I voice my complaints and she disregarded me and actually chuckled as I spoke my concerns Like it was my problem not hers. Everyday I woke up with breathing issues because the smoke would come through. I complain about Insects crawling on the walls and she chose to instead disregard me for whatever reason. I reminded her that I’m a mother and she said so am I so what. I had every intention to cover the cost of my room and to stay for a month but the way she treated me was absolutely horrible, And when I asked her to have a little bit more compassion she called the police and endangered my life and my 2 children Which was not warranted. She laughed at my situation instead of trying to come up with a solution. This is not the way extended stay reps should represent the business. Not only that, she has 69 years old women living in terrible molded conditions in which I reported to HUD department and took video and photos. I cannot believe such a corporation has someone like her working for them. I will never step foot in any extended stay establishment.

  • Lee says:

    I had an interesting interaction with with extended stay america. I used Hotels.com, when I got there at 815pm they said they didn’t have a room. She stated she was going to call me, but could find my phone number. My reservation was confirmed. I have been traveling for 15 years and this totally pissed me off. I as at a basketball tournament and drove 35 miles to get to your hotel in Cyprus California. I will never use your company again. I drove the 3 hours home. Hotels .com will be notified tomorrow

  • SH Jones says:

    The worst experience ever. I stayed at Altamonte Springs Fla. ESA 24 March to 13 June 2023. All but 2 staff were discourteous and not customer oriented. One of the 2 recently quit because of difficulties with a difficult manager. Manager will not be happy if you file complaints. She called me when I complained to corporate about once every 2 week cleaning policy. I was assaulted and my life was threatened in front of three staff members ( and a witness guest) the incident was not reported IAW published rules about illegal or disruptive activity. I did not complain until I checked out for fear of the manager harassing me for complaining.

  • Tardrec Hill says:

    I have forwarded my complaint to the local news station here in michigan! To stay at hotel with no housekeeping to clean current guests room..but 1 housekeeper to clean out the empty rooms so that they can keep renting them out. Also never no clean towels. Was told to keep the ones I have and just wash them. My rug needs to be vacuum and my bathroom needs to be cleaned…I’m not paying over 400 a week for absolutely nothing. I will go to social media to get the attention that’s needed.

  • Tardrec Hill says:

    Good Evening…

    My name is Tardrec Hill and I am writing in to the Problem Solvers about Maintenance and Safety issues at the Extended Stay in Southfield on Northwestern Hwy. I have been at this hotel since the beginning of March while looking for a Home for me and my daughters. From the beginning of my stay there has been issues..such as dirty rooms ..no towels available..no housekeeping staff at all. Having to clean our own rooms..and provide the basic items that a hotel room should have. Today..we have been without water since 9am. It is now after 8pm and it’s no hot water. Management is telling us to run it until it gets hot. It’s not getting hot. This morning there was no front desk clerk working. So there was no light breakfast provided. Monday night..I had a couple try and get in my room. They was randomly walking the halls messing with doorknobs. I had to get moved to another room because it was a roach crawling into the microwave. It’s so many things going wrong in this hotel and we have no one to turn to. Management does nothing. District managers Don’t return calls..and when we called the corporate number..the customer service rep said it takes 48hrs before it can escalate to regional Manger. The issue at hand is that this hotel house a lot of people who is looking for proper housing. And Extended Stay is taking advantage of our housing situation by not addressing what’s going in their establishment. Management wants weekly rent paid on time..if not they come knocking on the door giving u a 7 day pay or leave notice. I was told that if we can’t deal with what’s going on then we can leave and find another hotel. Everyone doesn’t have transportation or the funds to up and do that. Most of us have monthly reservations and we pay weekly. I am asking for help for the customers living here. We deserve the basic amenities that comes with a hotel stay and if we can’t get that due to whatever issues they are having then we deserve a discount or something. We are not being accommodated for the issues they are having and it’s not right. My daughter is Epilectic and has school tomorrow and she can’t wash up in straight cold water. Keep in mind we got letters saying water will be back on by 5..nothing was said about not having hot water. At this moment me and another customer is trying to get in touch with Regional management or Corporate Management to get this issue resolved. If the problem solver can help us with this..we would be so grateful.

  • michael nichols says:

    why can’t you get an ice maker working at a corporate owned facility?
    is 3 months not enough time to send someone out to effect a repair?
    is it not enough time to buy another unit ?
    this is not deferred maintaince.

  • Carolyn Fluellen says:

    I made a reservation at a hotel in Melbourne Fl today 2/22. My bank shows that the money was taken out of my account. They are saying that it was not paid. A friend sent me the money to pay for the room. Here I sit homeless with my groceries that need to be refrigerated!

    • Natalie Cruz says:

      Me too!! They took my money i paid cash why the hell should I not be able to get it back as i paid in full? Im now homeless with my kids and groceries I had just bought the day beforehand

  • E. Duane Howard says:

    OMG, the most DYSFUNCTIONAL Business I’ve ever dealt with. One can’t get a direct number to the company about problems. You pull into the Hotel in Roanoke, VA. Blue Sign way up High one does not notice because were focusing on looking for Something that looks like a hotel entrance and check in looby. I’m 81 years old in poor health and with disabilities. I had to get out of the car and walk around looking for an office, which is nothing more than looking like all the other rooms. Clerk didn’t bother to give me clear direction and the biggest problem one can’t see Room Numbers for they are so damn small. Had to park and get out in the rain to see what the room number were looking for my room. And just call and try to reach the front desk which is some dysfunctional looking woman sitting in a back room. Just try call the place and getting through to the so called front desk and no one answers the phone. I’m a retired Business Executive and I’ve never seen such a dysfunctional operation.

  • Ronald plunkett says:

    I been dealing with a issue for a couple weeks now here in Kalamazoo Michigan and this guy was above me last week the manager said it was not them that told him what room I was in well I got moved to a different room and guess what he’s in the addict above me right now doing something I called to complain and no one would help me is the sorce of this ever going to be honest to me because I feel my rights have been taken away from me with this stalker who won’t leave me alone

  • Javier Nunez says:

    There no heat and we have kids. Im calling the news media!!! And I’m we have a police report 🙄 we need heat the kids are 😫 sick in Lombard Illinois

  • Scott s says:

    I stay at one of the hotels somebody Broke into my vehicle

  • Liz Hazard says:

    I need someone from corporate to please give me a call about one of there hotel that I have been staying at. 818-849-2660

  • Arlene Purpera says:

    I stayed at the extended stay hotel on Woods Lake Rd in Greenville, SC. I have been constantly dinged on my credit card for bogus charges! I moved out on Saturday, December 10th, the whole staff knew I was leaving and I even waved by to the camera at the front desk when I left, because of course, no one was at the front desk when I left! FIBI the manager tried calling me on Monday to confirm my check out. I was like, what’s to confirm, the room is EMPTY! I returned the call and spoke with the lady at the front desk and told her to be sure and let FIBI know I moved out on Saturday and most of all I need for you to take my credit card off your file because I don’t want any unexpected charges like before. Sure enough, I get an unexpected ding to my card for another weeks rent!!!!!!!!! I called and talked to FIBI and she had all these excuses but did say she was going to refund my money. 2 days later the money is still not back in my account. It is Christmas shopping time and I need my money now! It’s funny how they screw your account up with one click of a button but then you have to wait 5 to 10 days to get your money back. And that’s even if you get your money back, one bogus charge on my card, I never saw the refund so I deducted it from my next weeks rent. They couldn’t say anything about that!!!!
    I really liked this lady but I’m starting to agree with several other tenants when they call her a “bully”, “rude B*ch” and tyrant! This is beyond ridiculous!!!!

  • Beth Ann Sparr says:

    I was staying at the extended stay in Deerwood off Southside in Jacksonville FL from Nov.24-Dec 10 the place was filthy and dangerous, I got a room that hadn’t been cleaned on the side of the refrigerator were globs of grease and food stuck on it, they flipped the bed over because there was blood on the sheet and they hadn’t changed it. The furniture was broken and falling apart the bathroom was not cleaned. I am a female senior citizen and the place had Hispanic workers who were getting drunk and the sitting in the hallways leering at all the woman and couldn’t even stand up, and people doing drugs outside, then they took a $100 deposit which is not on there website and said I incurred incidentals, so no refund how I never ordered or did anything. On the first day the front desk only charged me the $100 the 71.16 so when I went to extend it she realized she had not charged me for the last week and charged my card for that and the next week saying it was my bank which I checked with and they said that she charged both the same day. Then I needed to stay 1 more day and she charged me 71.16 then she charged me another 84.13 without asking me which I found out from my bank which caused my account to be overdrawn. Garbage outside the front door and people sitting around getting high and drunk. I want money back and will report this to the news station if something isn’t done,

  • Christopher Smith says:

    I have been staying at an Extended Stay hotel since March 17,2022 on Yorkmont Rd where the General Manager is Filiane Barthole aka FiFi. This hotel has had several problems with infested roaches,unclean rooms,crime,unprofessional staff,drugs and more. I have worked as Security,maintainence man,housekeeper,and even Front Desk for the Gm because she couldn’t find help,employees was quitting as well. On several occasions I have been locked out of my room,power turned off,batteries taken out of door so my room key wouldn’t work and recently my property was moved out of.my room and placed in a storage outside that has mold and roaches
    All of my food was thrown away in the room that I was reading in over a 6 month period
    Police was called and it was made to seem like that I haven’t been in the hotel since June 2022. Things were fabricated and I was told that I could bot come back on the property where I am a resident,receive mail,have property still at the hotel. Gm Filiane Barthole is directing.her staff to.do this illegal stuff

  • Gregory Allen says:

    I am the sole owner of Extended Stay Suites and I did not sell Extended Stay Suites as the hoodwink website indicates. Wayne George and Jonathan are fraudulent and will be held accountable.

  • Rachel says:

    To Corporate Management

    I stayed at your Extended Stay South in Cleveland, Ohio hotel from October 31, 2022 through November 7, 2022. I am 66 years old and I have various eye conditions that require 3 different eye drops, one that needs to be refrigerated after opening. I had two,(2) opened bottles in the refrigerator on the door that was left behind. I contacted the hotel to inform them of this and was told that I would get a call from someone. I was lead to believe(because I was told someone would contact me)0that someone would contact me this morning when they could speak with housekeeping. I did not get the call so I called the hotel. I spoke with someone name Alli? not knowing if it’s short name. I was disconnected, but I called back. She was not very pleasant or understanding. She talked over me while I was trying I explain what the call was for. She even got a little defensive! Not professional! I was told by her that your policy is “the housekeeper has authority to discard any and all left items”. I was told that she “assumed” that the bottles were empty”, so she was to discard them. This is not something I can’t believe to be acceptable practice for your hotels. Those were “prescription” eye drops, not OTC eye drops. I did not believe this was handled professionally. And I lost medication that my insurance company paid for, especially for the eye condition I have that can cause blindness. I’m to understand that a non professional has the ability to assess and take it upon themselves to throw away a persons medication without even a COURTESY call to come get them? I was told by the rep that people leave things often. I can understand this. But she never said that housekeeping took or has taken upon themselves to discard left property, even televisions as per the rep. This is a policy that does not have your customer in mind or have their peace of mind since this is your practice for your business. As for me, I’m upset, disappointed and feel as though I have no value or worth staying at your establishment. I will not recommend your hotel to anyone who asks about my stay there. My review will reflect this. But what I can say, and hope will be implemented is for more training regarding left items at your hotels that another guess will never have to experience what I did. And training for your hires in professionalism and accountability.

  • Cheryl Andrews says:

    So my email or comment is saying it’s in moderation? Don’t think the health board won’t shut the place down for the living conditions. This is unlivable and I will be leaving asap . The cat pics smell is on the whole 2nd floor because of a couple that has more than 4 cats in a room and have been here the whole time I’ve been here. I want to throw up everytime I open my door and it seeps into the room
    I’m at the extended stay or America in king of Prussia Pennsylvania
    I’m also being charged over $6000 for 3 weeks of my stay that was after I brought this smell up to the GM I’ve repeatedly asked if I could get a person just to vacuum my rug in my room but that has never happened the room wasn’t to uiur q0 point standards but I just cleaned it myself . I’ll be calling health board and the corporate office in the morning first thing. This is so unsanitary and in no way livable conditions for animals to live in . I also checked on your website not the discount apps for hotels and 3 weeks is $80 a night please tell me also why I wasn’t asked everywhere after the 90 days I had paid for no one asked me for a penny until I brought up the smell and the billing that goes on in this hotel.
    I will never be in another extended stay again. Instead of telling me that after a week I owe for it and give me a printed out receipt I got a letter after 3 weeks telling me I owe over $6000 and pay in 10 days or I am not allowed on the premises. Excuse me but what is wrong with this picture not one word to me from the front desk that I owed anything to telling the GM about the situation to the next day I have 10 days to pay an extravagant amount of money for 3 weeks? Never in all my life been treated so poorly or had a hotel that was unlivable and nothing jng is done about it!

  • Cheryl Andrews says:

    I’m a guest at the extended stay of America in king of Prussia Pennsylvania. I’ve been here for a few months and I have to leave asap it’s been the nastiest stay ever . There is a couple that have over 4 cats in a room and the smell on the whole floor is just not fit for anyone to live in these conditions. I’ve personally have brought this to the managers attention but he does nothing about it. I have never in my life lived in such horrible conditions . I’m calling the health department because in no way am I paying to have to live like this. There are babies and kids here. How can any manager thi k that this is ok for anyone to pay to live in. I am putting my name on this because I’m not afraid to say this is not livable conditions for anyone to be in. They also think I’m to pay over $6,000 for 3 weeks of being here
    When on your website to book 3 weeks it gives a price of $80 . This is not exceptional at all. I don’t care j refuse to pay $6000 to stay in a place that is not livable for anyone.

  • Latisha Wilson says:

    And when I tried to call and explain to front desk clerk Leslie at the Brandon extended stay that my fire arm and my belongings was in that room in the cabinet he hung up in my face

  • Latisha Wilson says:

    The extended stay in Brandon is defrauding FEMA they pay for me to stay there for 24 days front desk clerk checked me out before saying that I wasn’t staying there when I went to jobs leave at 6 AM and don’t get home until 2 AM had no authorization to go in my room I didn’t need housekeeping when I get off 2 AM Saturday morning October 29 there’s two ladies in my room when I open the door my firearm is in that room along with my belongings guess services told me to call FEMA how do you check me out of a room that pink Beamer paid for upfront for 24 days 2,741who goes in a guest room that’s prepaid forWithout the gas give him permission how can you say I wasn’t staying there you had no business in my roomBut when I go out there in the morning with law-enforcement and my firearm and belongings is not in my room extended stay Front desk employee is responsible and will be here accountable

  • Anonymous says:

    Extended stay long beach has bugs don’t stay

  • Rebecca Nichols Gould says:

    I travel often and I booked through booking.com (Confirmation 3251969153 with PIN 5074).
    Hotel Extended Stay America Suites #966 (28500 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, MI 48034)

    To Whom it May Concern,

    When I arrived around 6pm the hotel felt a little run down and felt dirty. When I returned from dinner with business executives it didn’t feel safe. I am a single woman who travels often for work. At night it felt dark and it now had the feeling as if the hotel had been changed into subsidized housing. I will be filing a complaint with the corporate headquarters. There was no one available at the hotel after 10pm. I arrived back to the hotel and felt nervous about leaving my vehicle in the parking lot. The elevator was not working and the hotel hallways were dark. The room reminded me of the bates motel. I didn’t even want to sit on the bed.

    I had a very uncomfortable feeling so I decided to leave. I went down at 10pm put my room keys on the front desk and checked in at the Marriott 2 miles away. I have NEVER felt this way at an Extended Stay America hotel.

    I didn’t stay the night and there was no way to request a refund. I will be emailing the corporate office with my concerns.

    Rebecca Nichols Gould

    See Confirmation Below:
    Thanks, Rebecca! Your booking in Southfield is confirmed.

    Extended Stay America Suites – Detroit – Southfield – Northwestern Hwy is expecting you on October 10

    You can cancel for FREE until October 10, 2022 6:00 PM [EDT].

    Use the link below to easily modify or cancel your booking
    Keep your PIN confidential as it can be used to modify or cancel your booking.

    Extended Stay America Suites – Detroit – Southfield – Northwestern Hwy

    You’ll pay when you stay at Extended Stay America Suites – Detroit – Southfield – Northwestern Hwy

    Reservation details

    Monday, October 10, 2022 (from 3:00 PM)

    Tuesday, October 11, 2022 (until 11:00 AM)

    Your reservation
    1 night, 1 room

    You booked for
    1 adult

    28500 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, MI 48034, United States of America

    Email property

    Cancellation policy
    You can cancel for free until 6:00 PM on the day of arrival. If you cancel after 6:00 PM on the day of arrival, the cancellation fee will be the total price of the reservation.

    Cancellation cost
    • until October 10, 2022 6:00 PM [EDT]: $0
    • from October 10, 2022 6:00 PM [EDT]: $88.14

    Price details

    Studio with 1 King Bed – Non-Smoking

    9.50 % TAX is included.

    Total Price


  • Jessica schatz says:

    My room has been invested with bugs an they are charging me for my service dog and my sink and toilet an sink has been clogged from sept 30 to oct 9 an i had to put my hand in a toilet that had Macy’s inside the toilet that they didn’t even hire maintenance yet and they were trying to tell me that my rate changed after I paid for two days before and I still owe money when they charge the with the receipt for two 2362 and they’re telling me I still owe us a service dog the witch in the state of Pennsylvania service dogs are exempt from charges in the New Plymouth meeting west

  • Jack Piper jr says:

    Your hotel has no accommodations for handicap people that can’t walk. I watched a guy crawl up a flight of stairs to us the laundry facility. I find it cruel that the manager would not let him go through the office with his wheelchair!!!!!!! They made him go around the back of the hotel and crawl up the stairs. Really, is that the way it is with this hotel! I’ve got a lot more problems with this hotel than that. Please contact me at 360 961-6155. Jack Piper.

  • Na says:

    Scarborough Portland Maine location is a drug house there are so many drugs being sold out of there and the management is aware. The managers mother lives in hotel rent free people do what ever they want there, the homeless have a camp right out side the hotel it’s a joke really! Working with adEA and have bought 3 different kinds of drugs there from guests to employees! I have also sent an email to the local Portland news station the hall ways are nasty the people are worse and no one does anything about them.

  • Myra Hamilton says:

    Hi my name is Myra and I stayed at a ESA in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My Nonprofit is 4thegr8tergooduART, The staff was very nice but the room was a nightmare, I had to put an 100$ deposit down for this nasty room.I walked in and the carpet was so Gross and smells really bad that I took photos so I could get my deposit back ,I had already paid for the room so I was willing to deal with it.But when I had checked out by that time witch was 5 days my body was so chewed up with bites “by Arthropods” , I had to go to the hospital to get meds for the bites on had gotten really bad .I called and left messages for the management and corporate to please call me back?That I wanted my money refunded to me ?That my arms that have beautiful art on them have to be touched up with an tattoo Artist, because of the bite that I received at the Extended stay America in Tulsa Oklahoma,That’s not only time and money but it’s my body and when I check in I didn’t sign up for a scared up body .And remember when I said I have photos of the carpet that I was willing to deal with it’s going to show me in the photos and you can clearly see no bites no scars.the scars and the bites from being ate up by the Arthropods and this happened at the Extended stay America in Tulsa Oklahoma.

  • Daniel says:

    Horrible customer service we were calling since 10 am am at the hotel we booked and no one answered we arrived at 12 pm and no one was at the lobby to welcome us we waited 3 hour’s and after that someone finally came out of the office she was rude and NOT FRIENDLY AT ALL HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE SHE KEPT ROLLING HER EYES WHEN SHE SPOKE AND SAID THE REASON SHE WAS NOT AT LOBBY WAS BECAUSE SHE WAS WALKING THE HALLS …. (
    ( Really for 3 hours !!! Walking the halls not only that but there were more people waiting.
    She came out of the office when she heard me say I was calling CORPORATE ! Definitely don’t recommend an EXTENDED STAY TO ANYONE !!

  • Lisa Horvath says:

    Non smoking hotel
    Pot smoke filled my room every night. The staff did nothing, they said we can’t go knocking on doors.
    The smell was so bad it made us physically sick.

  • Mike says:

    I recently stayed at the Lynnwood Washington location. Let me start off saying that there was one staff member that stood out from the few I encountered. Her name was Marilyn. She was very nice and accommodating. I thank you for your service. Now here is sad part. I over heard the manager and the maintenance guy talking. What I heard made me sick to my stomach. They were bragging about how they used a false fire alarm to lock out somebody who was staying there. What’s sad is how they laughed about it and how they were going to do the same kinds of tricks on other people staying there. Come on people at least brag about your dirty deeds in private or not in ear shot of customers. My call is to they attorney general of Washington state. Cassandra is the manager there that was bragging about that very indecent act. One more thing they had meth lab in there as well and didn’t even relocate the people with children on that floor to a safer room. Shame on you Cassandra.

  • Deborah Low says:

    Extendedstay in north chesterfield is very poorly operated and organized
    Outside doors only work half of the time so you have to walk to the front entrance
    When you tell the desk clerk that the doors not working she just shrugs her shoulders. Package delivery shows delivered but yet desk clerk states its not here…
    Says the hotel is non smoking and the hallway’s reek of marijuana on a daily basis

  • Sandra Burnett says:

    I am staying at the Extended Stay America in south Reno, NV. I have been here since March 2022. It is now Aug 4, 2022. My room has only been cleaned once in that time. I have scheduled cleanings, but no one shows up. I have been without air conditioning since early June. I have lost count of the times I have notified them about this, but they will not fix it. No A/C person has even looked at it. Now there is no Wi-Fi. I will only be here 6 more weeks. It would cost me too much money to move. I travel for my job and go all over the country. I will never stay in an Extended Stay America again.

  • Kamiran says:

    I was staying over in Columbia, MA. And my room is right above the office. And the front desk call the cops on me because I couldn’t keep my 2y/o and my 1 y/o quiet through the night. Like it’s already hard for me trying to put my kids down for bed and then you want to kick me out at 3am with no where to go. They are toddlers. Management has been yelling at me. Won’t let me talk and tell them it’s my toddlers. Just that I need to shut the up. Very unprofessional. This is the same hotel that doesn’t have any staff at the front desk. To let the ambulance in and trying to wave down any civilian to save someone life. Monica is the assistant manager and she been doing a amazing job. It’s the GM and other staff here that’s been unreasonable. GM claimed she been talking to me and been having problems with me. When I only spoke to her twice. And nothing happen. Just me asking for toilet paper and I was being noisy from moving the bed to clean under there. Very unprofessional from most of the staff.

  • Patricia B says:

    I stayed at the extended stay America in Tucker off Lawrenceville Hwy, and I will never stay at another one!! There were roaches in the room, alive and dead! The room smelled as if it had a dead rodent in it and I saw one of the employees smoking marijuana with a guest amongst other things. I would like a full refund!!

  • Pamela White says:

    The stay was strongly unsatisfying the time there that we spent was not good it was bad it was awful bed bugs roaches and cleanliness and was disgraceful people hanging around in front of the hotel I want to guess those that was really really disgraceful that was unsatisfied to me and my daughter my daughter got eight of my bed bugs both crawling around getting into our suitcases so I need for someone from the headquarters contact me Pamela White my phone number is 214-664-3086 that’s 214-664-3086 I need to file a complaint with corporate I don’t need no outside of I need to talk to the corporate people ASAP my email address is Pamela White underscore 1963@yahoo.com thank you

  • Robert H. says:

    I am not pleased with dangerous pit bulls being walk on 50 ft retractable tethers across from my room. They are dangerous and two in one room is over the top.

  • Robert H. says:

    I am a choice preffered member. And have stayed in many choice motels over the last 12 years. I have not ever been in one though, where guests were allowed to keep pit bulls. Yes two. And half them on leashes where they could run 50 ft. Unrestrained. These animals are dangerous and not conducive to safety or guest peaceful activities outside there rooms. I am currently in Mentor, Ohio.

  • Amber Dawkins Walton says:

    I’m being charged for a stay that I didn’t. I checked in but found the space inadequate to my liking. I checked out immediately and went to another hotel. Now the Dunwoody location is refusing to refund me. I’ve called the location multiple times. I’ve been told a manager would contact me but no one would answer. This is the final straw I’m going to the BBB next because no one should have to go through all of this.

  • TC says:

    I was overly charged I paid 3,700 to stay for 1mth. My first week I went without a TV, AC barely working I’ve been using a box fan to keep cool. I paid way to much money to have to deal with these types of issues. I was told by the GM that she would refund me for 1 night! that’s been 2 an a half weeks ago!! To this day I have not gotten that deposit SMFH.
    But to top things off I was charged 3,700 an something dollars for 29 days, but online it clearly says 3,210, talked to customer service and and asked why was I charged so much. She said did I talk to the GM, I said who the same GM that haven’t refunded me the 1 night stay yet SMFH. I later found out the reason why I never received the the refund, it’s because they extended my stay day’s and didn’t tell me. So they never refunded my money never had any intentions on doing so, I was told by the GM that I would get the refund of 1 day sent back to my card and that’s what I expected. How you gone force a person to stay in an uncomfortable place, it’s HOT AF in my room!!!!

  • William Conley says:

    I would like to speak with someone about obtaining a refund for time NOT spent in your West Plano Parkway Extended Stay America location. We made an Advanced Purchase stay from 11-22 June, traveling from Germany to visit with family. We actually booked a second room (not part of Advanced Purchase) for our adult children who were also visiting. Upon arrival, and assignment to rooms 248 and 249, the smell leading to the room was unbearable (strong smell of dog urine). Upon entering the room, we noticed the refrigerator was rusted/dented, the kitchenette drawers were dilapidated, non-functioning lights, and pubic hair on the toilet. Needless to say, we didn’t unpack our things and when we requested a refund, were told we could receive one for our non-Advanced Purchase reservation (which we did receive, although we were charged for one night), but we could NOT receive a refund for our Advanced Purchase. We contacted the Guest Relations department, who immediately contact the district manager, Mr. Michael Howard, who confirmed NO refund could be provided. I certainly hope for 2 things–(1) receive a refund and (2) have that hotel fully inspected. My reservation number for the Advanced Purchase is 158999676. I’ve even reported our findings to the local Health Department for their consideration.

  • Ms. Vanessa Ceplina says:

    I need some help from someone right away. Ease contact me in regards to a very impoetane situation with a guest stayong at thr valley view hotel thabk you and i look forwqrd to heqringbfrom someone right away.

  • Robert C says:

    ESA in Round Rock, Texas has horrible cleaning regiment, TV hasn’t worked 13 out of the last 21 days, on site managers are kids that don’t know anything. Ask to contact general managers and get told they won’t give out their numbers. Our company registered all of our Superintendents with you and that means absolutely nothing. You need proper management and learn how to take care of your customers. I’ve been here 2 months and will check out at my earliest convenience.
    RC rm 207

    • guest says:

      The CEO is probably lining his pocket with earnings of at least 2 million plus and easy money in the administrations pockets before paying for any of their 600+ hotels to be upgraded and hire staff that cares.

  • Holly Dara says:

    I have been at this hotel since 3/2020. Just recently I have been harassed, bullied, humiliated in front of other guests. I’m on disability and I’m not sure what happened but I started being threatened that I was behind. I live my life with integrity, Grace,.Kindness. They are preying on my vulnerabilities of losing my whole family and my disability( I am on SSD. I have never had maid service used their towels,linens,I don’t have a kitchen set up. I’m the only 1 that didn’t get an upgraded TV, until 3 months ago I paid via email and I don’t even have a room phone they told me that they tried to call me on my personal number and a lady kept saying that they had the wrong number and I said that was bizarre I’ve had people say that my circuit is busy but never that it is my number so I said let’s go ahead and dial it as they dialed it and I answered. Harassment at its finest but it does get better, the bathroom above me was leaking pouring out of my vent I do have pictures you can even see the water pouring I did not complain I cleaned it up myself all my appliances my hair dryer which were quite expensive and hair straightener we’re no longer of use,. The only thing that I can imagine that spun this I
    On going thread of unfortunate events is my giving gifts to the team. I really thought I was one of them she would tell me she loved me gave me hugs and I had a lot of merchandise that I didn’t need so I gifted her some and other people and I called to let her know that I was had more stuff to meet me downstairs the front desk person told me here’s another give her a call. I was not familiar with the personal protocol for just gave me the number I called I have run five star hotels spas and have worked at them and I have never witnessed such a low level of customer service if you don’t want to do what you’re doing hoping people servicing them and you’re not going to smile don’t hurt them or yell at them especially in front of other people. Forward to the next day my hours bury according to my schedule and there was a thing at the door I’m in the handicap room the smallest room it was the only room available and If I tell you what was on the bed you would never stay at one of these hotels but I believe everything is fixable so I went to the door and they were a whole bunch of pink behind her and she yelled at me but if I ever called her again like I was a five-year-old that I will have seven days to leave I said okay sorry and I shut the door I guess she expected me to react but I did not and she believes that I got the number from an employee that I believe I taught the word boss lady and it was not her the person that gave me the number is still employed here but I would never throw anybody under the bus they work hard and they need the money even though they treat mostly the winning guests and that’s a running thread through Yelp better Business bureau this consumers hotels.com most websites even Twitter and I’m the person that whenever I see something negative I try to make it into something positive and write something great about them and I would let them know just in case they wanted to write something back to the person so after telling me she was going to give me 7 days she also said that she did not want me to come up to the front desk anymore bye she told her employees because they told me that they we’re not allowed to talk to me anymore that’s fine ever made their life easier and she told some guests not to interact with me that I took a little offense to you but it’s not really my crowd and most of the time I try to self care selfie podcast stuff motivation meditating anything I noticed that my room started to become very loud it was surrounded by college kids eight of them in one room which I didn’t know was allowed that would stand outside and sing for a very heavy dog above me that was left alone and pounding back and forth all day they would smoke through the vents which it’s a non-smoking hotel I didn’t complain I got canceling noise canceling headphones and acted myself away from is becoming a place that I didn’t want to be. Soon I got a phone call from her that my bill was behind and asked by how much and she said $1,200 which I found hard to believe I’ve been with my bank since 1987 first Union wachovia now Wells Fargo they assigned a special person to go through all my accounts for extended stay this wasn’t the third party people that also contributed big organizations my brother and various other people or cash and that was never reflected on the portfolio my major is business and I really good at accounting but it wasn’t making sense and I went through Page by Page because they would hand me many portfolios for the whole week since I’ve been here though they started it in June which saved them a couple of dollars with tax to see become tax-free and there were some scripting seas with the room charges occasionally they would slide in one room night but 249 or a payment was missing or they would double charge me by credit card and my debit card thinking that I wouldn’t notice but I knew not to say anything and I let my bank become aware of this because if I said something you were passively aggressively sabotaged by having the noise Factor around you so I kept playing catch up and I have all of my payments they sent me it in a letter and now they are sending me all the declines not from not having the money in the account but for men trying to take the money out of my account when I kept telling them that you not just take the money out of my account anymore since you changed it and it’s causing the bank to think that they’re fraudulent charges especially when you do it three times in one day they’re in the middle of getting that truck together and they will even talk with you in March I got a letter from the district manager Mr Jeremy who said I was only behind $188 and he was so kind and diplomatic . As it is all over television and pamphlets and your mission statement in your mantra trying to make it a better community for people and the longer you stay the less you pay I believed it I’m not sure if Jeremy sore though that in March on the 17th they charged my account $350 but twice once I’m a debit card and once on my credit card so for March I paid $1,600 it doesn’t show it there but it shows on my bank statement and my bank receipt which I said I’m not allowed to send emails to the manager anymore and usually each month it was 12:50 that must have paid $1,600 and then in April she told me that April first thank you 350 the 4th I paid 538 the 14th I paid $350 and on the 17th I paid $384 which was taken out of my credit card which totals 1622 then moving to May she told me on May 4th I paid 652 which is it or but what happened was my friend paid 274 on May 4th and I paid $378 and then on the 11th I paid $3.49 and then I just paid $150 which totals 1151 so I realized I was $100 off and I went up yesterday to pay and they would not take my payment and told me that it was the 23rd I received a letter of eviction on the 11th although it was dated the 9th that if I didn’t have my balance cleared which I didn’t have a balance that I would be able to use the covid forgiveness moratorium and leave without paying anymore now driven covid I paid every single week if it wasn’t week I paid for the month there are no reservations for me and she keeps telling me that I’m going to lose the room I’ve never made a reservation in 2 years actually I made one and she canceled it I did the epp program and so I am $100 behind she claims that I am $770 behind and then I have to pay for the following week but it’s inaccurate especially with Jeremy’s letter and proof of the payments for April May because Jeremy wrote me and March he says taking a total on my health I’ve been to the hospital numerous times I’m in morning I have other health issues and I do not complain about that to them I have gotten reprimanded for putting a note under my front mat it wasn’t allowed you couldn’t even see it was for the Uber driver that I had I got another ride and I’m sorry this is so hard for me and she like to keep her place speaking Spanish well I can’t even tell you how many pizza boxes I’ve grown in the garbage with myself there were beer pants right next to my mat that weren’t mine they were close hanging over the railings and it was just Petty but I ignored it and then she tried to come in my room and these are the key locks they are very easy to hack and I’m in the main traffic area with a huge gap under my door where I’ve had many chameleons as pets even through the top of the door so when she tried to come in I asked to what was going on I was laying there naked and she shut the door and told me to come to the front desk right away where she tried to humiliate me again and anybody with any business knows it’s not about the person that they’re yelling at it’s about what’s going on with themselves. She doesn’t like me talking to other guests. Then I went up for breakfast and I was told not to take more than my share which after a year of being without breakfast here at the hotel although it was advertised take for granola bars and hot chocolate I didn’t think was above and beyond especially since they bring in huge dinners and lunches everyday for the staff. I’m not sure how to handle this I had contacted some attorneys and they’ve contacted me I don’t want to go on social media with negative comments I don’t believe in that I believe what you put out is what you get back what you think is what you manifest of all of that positivity and being proactive so today I’m not feeling great after last night’s episode my heart goes into AFib but I’m also planning on taking it personal with the manager I noticed she’s contacting legal I guess they will be contacting me I am not pleasing to get a hold of course I have a very bad phone carrier and on the phone for my business and I’m on the phone for positive reinforcement I’m trying to nip this in the bud. Help me make this wrong all right and change it around she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me I’ve asked her to talk I’ve asked to go for lunch with me and let’s talk about it but there’s some kind of bad blood that I don’t know what happened the only thing that people seem to think was that whole me calling her on her personal phone which somebody gave to me one of her employees and told me to call her so much appreciation and gratitude I am 14 ESA until I guess I’m not meanwhile I will be getting my little team together thank you for putting this in the hands of somebody that has the ability to make this right need for living place of hostility and negative vibes it should be about peace and serenity and a respect for me to decide which way I’m going to go now thank you for reading this I look forward to hearing back from hopefully Jeremy or investor relations or an executive I know that there is extended stay America complaints.com I’m not about that

    I am a mighty dolphins, the greatest football team. We take the ball from goal to go like no one’s ever seen…..

  • Amy D says:

    Do not trust them!!! We have had reservations in Durham for months for our daughter’s graduation and just happened to call yesterday, 72 hours prior to our arrival, to inquire about our check-in to be told that 1) we are not guaranteed the room configurations on our confirmation and now 2) we are not even guaranteed a room “because there’s something big going on here this weekend.” No joke, 11 of us, including 5 over the age of 80 are flying in for the “something big” and now we are told we may not even have a room because they are oversold. The only solution given was to show up and hope for the best. Of course with this late of a notice – not really a notice since we initiated the call – there isn’t anything else available anywhere.

  • David Dees says:

    The extended stay hotel at Florence Kentucky on Turfway they have broken my 14th amendment. The manager Amdanda is in the violation of this amendment.
    14th amendment protects me from having to show any proof of any of my medical rights. As well as the police. 14th amendment protects everyone from having to show any thing and then also does the HIPAA law. With this hotel doing this their two ways they can settle with me I am lawyered up and ready to take to court for this violation or the other way is to fire that manager and repay me for the week I stayed there. I would like to see an employee that works their name Mark the young man is very respectful and very helpful to take command as manager.

  • David D says:

    I have been at extended stay in Florence , Kentucky now for a month. I was tested positive for covid and I called to tell them at front desk and the management Amanda she wants me to show her proof of doctors and that’s not allowed to be done. No one is allowed to start getting into someone else’s healthcare business or demanding to see proof of anything. This management she has even been into my room a view other times when me and my family was out and I had stuff taken out of my room. I have always paid on time and now she is starting to get very disrespectful. I try to get tell her that when tested positive you have to stay in Core-ten for 7 days. She has also threatened me with the police to vacate. She also has been allowing drug deals go on in the hotel as well.

  • Joyce Staffelbach Jared Johnson says:

    12 perimeter park south location I resided there for nine months was threatened by employees for giving Eleana the ” so called manager in charge” who claims she has no boss she is the boss was stolen from charged whatever she felt she could do to terrorize us for the day besides her foul uneducated mouth to multiple people who like me who spent over 20 thousand dollars there last year and part of this year got ZERO help from multiple calls to Guest relations have had more than 4 “so far double charges not to mention you will see me being told on camera to go get my own towles and the employee opening the door by the front desk for me to go get my own towles because she didn’t feel like it having fed ex investigates having to get my mail because Eleana had my packages locked in her office My fiancee and I had to stay there during his treatment at UAB in which I also fell I’ll and we’re physically unable to locate due to health issues as we are disabled they were hoping we were uneducated and easily intimidated but seriously a full refund would not cover suffering at this establishment at which we were quiet to ourselves and terrorized justice will prevail not to mention multiple times I was phoned to cash app money to employees and did so with a kind heart when told their kids would have no electricity only to be treated like dirt took advantage of and never got any help after making report after report to Guest relations even being told by Eleana that since we gave her a bad review she will call the police and have us removed is giving a thief and inhumane woman’s 1 star review online a illegal offense? To be told to get out now of course it didn’t work as I know my rights but should 2 I’ll people being charged 475- to 1000 a week to stay at a stay awhile location charged whatever was felt like until I booked only with 3rd party apps and caught the stealing even up until Feb of 2022 please some contact me and was given my deposit back because the before pictures upon our arrival would horrify people it was left in 200 percent better clean condtion

  • Franklyn S Irvin says:

    I made a reservation for May 12 to the 15th in Irmo SC at the Kinley address. Then I get emails from your company about 40% & 50% discount. Your staff is telling me when they apply the discount the rate comes to 1 cent different in the rate. How??? I am Franklyn S Irvin my wife and I are seniors. We’ve stayed with your company before and was treated nicely. R# 98241843.

  • Daniel Beeman says:

    I had a pair of prescription glasses either taken from my room or from my luggage that I had inside my room. When I went to extend my stay I looked for my glasses and they was gone. I complained to the managers in duty and still they said no glasses was in the room. I’m now taken further action and writing this complaint until either I get my glasses back or I get a check for the glasses

  • Nakia Riggins says:

    Don’t stay at the ESA in Kansas City on Quivira Road in Overland Park. A 2 star motel for a reason. Have roaches in rooms and rude guests, and don’t understand the quiet time for people who are here for other reasons then to party. They really suck and like to never come back or recommend to any family or friends.

  • Don says:

    Let me tell you about my experience with your Stay Suites of America in Orange Park Florida. On February 17, 2022 I arrived at 3 PM to check In. I booked this stay through “Trip.com to make the reservation and I pre-pay for the room. They gave me room 225 once I went in the room the conditions of this room were so horrible that the health department should have shut down this motel. There was mold on the walls on the toilet on the carpet and everywhere you can imagine. I went back to the front desk which I had to use the side window area because the building is locked down and the front desk person name Rodney told me that to get my refund for the night stay I would have to contact the travel app he would give approval for the reimbursement of the night stay. I contacted trip.com who then contacted the motel and they initially refuse to give me the refund. It wasn’t until I contacted other agencies that they agreed to refund my money. According to Amanda they were going to refund total amount for the night stay. As of this date I have not received any refund of any type whether it be through trips.com or PayPal‘s on my account. I would like the corporate office to get involved with this to get me my refund. I do have pictures of of the horrible condition of the room and the mold in this room. Please feel free to contact me I will send you pictures and proof hopefully I can get my refund soon. Note: reference number is 1-735-428-5314 for your records

  • Tenant in Distress says:

    Jonathan S. Halkyard (CEO) (909) 449-6642 I know I just put my number on the internet but something needs to be done with all that I’ve lost and the living situation my children and this single father has been going through and lost, I would really appreciate a call today!!! This is enough and the tenants here are being blocked from contacting corp.

  • Ann Watson says:

    I want to compliment Shannon at your Detroit Metro Airport hotel. During yesterday’s storm she was able to reserve a room for my daughter when all other hotels were booked. After a long day stranded at the airport, her flight was finally deiced and departed after hours on the tarmac. Shannon was able to cancel the reservation and was efficient and very friendly. Thank you Shannon!

  • Christopher M Hart says:

    I have no complaints where I stay I am staying at the extended stay America in Bensalem everybody here is super nice very clean The room that I stay in is very nice I have no complaints about it at all.!!! I am down on my luck I am staying here because Unfortunately I caught my fiance of 16 years and we share 2 beautiful children together I caught her cheating So I had to leave there is no more trust there we only had Car so I gave it to her for the kids So I wind up losing my job I am a little bit behind in my rent here I filed for assistance through the government just waiting on the response I don’t want to be Unless I’m 45 years old I have no vehicle Just wanted to know if somebody could help me out In any way shape or form before I become homeless Thank you very much

  • Exton pa says:

    They harass us that are bill isn’t paid everyday is something new we pay$700 a week to stay here it’s insanity

  • Exton pa says:

    The managers are not managers they are crazy racist been a nightmare

  • Karen Fox says:

    We moved out of your piece of Crap hotel came by today to pickup a friend to take them to the store and that Evil Troll Suraj told us that because we didn’t pay before we left that we are band from the property and the hotel that we had to have them meet us off the property!! If your hotel was the last place on earth I wouldn’t stay at your hotel!! I will make sure that Your Company and that Evil Troll Suraj pay for all your crime’s!!!

  • Raquel says:

    My husband and I stayed for two nights at the Westminster, Colorado property and didn’t get any sleep the second night due to bed bugs. When we took it up with the property manager she told us all she could do was move us to a new room for 2 hours before we checked out. We asked for a compensation considering we worked all day and weren’t able to get ANY sleep or how we could make it right and we were told, “Well I did by moving you. This isn’t our fault”.

  • Norance says:


    I’ve been here for almost 2 years never been a problem never been a hassle never called into Disturbance. I applied for Rental assistance the first time was denied the same day they open a case back up yes same day they wanted to terminate my tenancyBut when I asked what was the reason they don’t have one they just want me to leave. Almost 2 years and $30,000 you would think they would treat you go to this. My case is still open and being reviewed

  • Lisa L. JOHNSON says:

    I have been verbally attack by guests icduling I will raped call profanities since I have been here trying find a place to live I had move rooms 3 times for protection.
    Drugs are rappent on proerty I made report to the police you staff since I been has turned over X Nick new mgr says he can help me? I spent thousands of dollars here I need to talk too someone this not good and there is more. My number is 480 246 2391

  • Tammy says:

    I’d like to know how all these issues and reports are going unanswered? It seems the takeover by Blackstone & Starwood are not too concerned with false advertising of a “luxury brand”. I can assure you, the locations in South Florida are far from luxury. Each facility had signs of newly renovated…by whom? I have many pictures of the “clean rooms”. How do you sleep at night knowing that your guests are sleeping on dirty sheets and mattresses with blood, urine, and other visible bodily fluids on them? I literally feared for my life. I’m almost positive I saw a drug deal go down. Your “discounted rates” for medical professionals literally matches other hotel chains and its like going from the streets to a Ritz- for the same price. I’m completely and utterly baffled by how this name brand continues to be in business.

  • Karen Fox says:

    I can’t believe after having to call the police on Suraj because of unprofessional acted towards us and and charging our debit card with out our permissions and finding out he has done the same thing to so many other guests and all the other illegal thing’s he has done that are being investigated by the Commonwealth of Virginia( ie running debit and credit cards with out the guests consent, turning off guests water and light’s)that he was back at work on Wednesday!! I don’t know why he even still has a job! I will not be forced to do business with the person who committed crime’s against me!! This is Outrageous and I will not be forced to deal with him in anyway. I want him to stay away from me and if I have to get a restraining order I will. Sham on you for not firing him and protecting your guest.

  • Karen Fox says:

    Hello my name is Karen Fox I am staying at the extended stay at 4231 Park Pl Ct Glen Allen VA we have been here since September 1st 2021 we started off in room 225 and transfered to room 315 on October 17th 2021 on or about January 9th we were told by the mananger Suraj that on January 17th we would recieve a 345 dollar credit on our account for the taxes we had paid we were excited by that news because that ment that that would have been days we didn’t have to pay well on January 11th we we told by Suraj that we had to check out of our room for the night and check back in on January 13th because the company was trying to stop people from establishing residency but we could leave all our stuff in the room and check back into the same room on January 13th so we did we spent the night at our daughters house and then came back on the 13th now we are being told that because we checked out and checked back in that we would not get the 345 dollar credit. Suraj misled us into believing that we had to leave just so we would not be able to get the 345 dollar credit. I have since learned that because we did not remove our belonginds that we were still occupants of our room and we want our credit and Suraj should be reprimanded for lying to us just so he didn’t have to give us our credit and we also want extra free days for our inconvenience and being misled, I also have an issue with the company for misleading us by saying the longer you stay the less you pay like I said we have been here since September 1st 2021and our rates have gone up instead of down. I have made a complaint through guest relations and have not heard from anyone it this situations is not resolved immediately I will pursue other legal means to get it resolved. Thank you Karen Fox

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  • Latasha Gray says:

    My tub did not work. The refrigerator did not work and i been here for a week. Im very disappointed causes i found a dead bug in cabinets in kicktens are all dirty. And when i got some some coffee Saturday morning. I caught a lyft to my job thats in san Francisco. When i got to work i started to fell. Sick so my supervisor sent me home and said i need take a codvi19 test to return to work. I been here a week and not once did house keeping ask to clean my room not once. Not to for get they keep ruinning out tollet papper i need to be comedating something this really up setting not to mention im homeless trying stay safe environment for me and. My disabled teenager

  • Shae says:

    My comment about Sierra is for the Grant Rd location in TucsonAZ. The most horrible low class person ever! But you will pay! You read it earlier!

  • Shae says:

    Sierra one if their front desk people is the rudest and just a DISGRACE to the human race! She discriminated me in disability and told me to my face if I were different she would have helped me. All I asked was quarters to get my clothes from the washer to dry them. And my clothes were wet and couldn’t wear them. The other time when she heard my voice on the room call, she hung up and when I called she told me I can’t talk to you I’m busy, figure it out on your own! The only amazing person is Nick! He is polite and always with a smile. Accommodating. And to think that you Work in Hospitality! Your JOB IS to accommodate to your guests! You should not even be getting paid for this service you provide!And she slammed the door to my face and started yelling at me. She also told me that everyone else can come in but not you! And she let others in and told me we are closed!! A hotel NEVER closes. She is sitting in the back playing games in her phone and talking. I come from the legal department of things in Hospitality! I will make sure she pays and her manager and I dare all of you to try and stop me. For all the rest here that have been mistreated please email me! I am filing a lawsuit against them. Welcome to join. As Act Class Lawsuit.

    • KarenFox says:

      I live in Henrico Va myself and some others who have stayed and are still staying at the ESA are trying to put together a class action lawsuit but don’t know where to begin any help would be greatly appriciated.

      • Shandy says:

        We are also going through a bunch of stuff here in Minnesota. We were told today after spending over $90,000 for over a year that were have to leave after we’re went top the desk to confront staff about our treatment here. We’ve had mail stolen, packages, items out of or rooms etc etc.

    • Earl Anderson says:

      I’m with you My name is Earl Anderson I was bin by spider I’m in emergency room right now waiting to get a second evaluation extended stay has not contacted me up nobody for management or anything I’m very disappointed at the service no one came up to check my room for the spider I’ve been off work now almost a week and I definitely would like to join that class action suit I spoke to attorney down here in Rhode Island but I’m definitely interested my number is 207-595-6153 my email is cute the messenger 207@gmail.com please inform me at your convenience

      • Shandy says:

        My wife was also bit by a spider at the extended stay maple grove ended up with a bag infection. Nothing was done.

  • Missy says:

    Wow, I read all the comments and it seems to me that they train all the staff in every state to respond and treat guest like they do. Because everyone is being treated the same way by the staff and how they handle stuff no matter what state your in. And it’s really sad that no one at corporate is reaching out to help people. So I’m not even gonna waist my time writing a complaint on all the stuff I went thru at this place and how bad I was treated by the staff cause I know it’s falling on deaf ears. I read that many people have or considering on contacting a lawyer, as I also am. I think what should happen to get these people at corporates attention is we stand united and we start a class act lawsuit together, because no one cares what one person thinks but a large group mite get their attention and I will not and can not let it go on how poorly I was treated and the unthinkable things they did. Everyone who is serious and has not gotten any feedback from corporate, let’s find away for us all to comunicate and start a Nationwide law suit and stop this place from getting away with what I consider to be criminal acts and get back what they took from each of us. So if anyone knows how we go about getting this going we can reach out to news channels and use social media to spread the word to anyone who’s been treated bad by this place. Reach out to me and each out and let’s do this here’s my email, bobmissy31@gmail.com

  • Julie Koeln says:

    I stayed at ur motel in Columbia MO and my belongings were thrown away. I had a lot of nice stuff I worked hard for to have it thrown out by one of ur employers. Please could u help me.

  • No name -guest says:

    Over priced.. greed is what this company has now turned into. Especially since the pandemic. No concern or consideration for long term guests. Hotels that are not updated, furniture and items in rooms that are old, stained, etc. etc. prices are outrageous !!! They say stay longer pay less bs. Stay longer pay more. Prices are not worth what they ask. They are not a 5 star not even a 1 star in most locations. Management in there hotels suck also. No one ever knows an answer. Making it where there is more homeless in this country due to their greed. Long term people have had to pay the price for their losses in capacity fill ups at hotels. No more EPP at places and no heart for people who have been loyal.

  • Tamisha Williams says:

    I was told that I had to pay for my service animal and no running water for hours at your Houston Texas location

    • Shae says:

      You NEVER have to pay for Service Animals or Assistive animals. No cleaning fee or deport or anything!! They are the WORST in the industry!!

  • Christine Mann says:

    Boy, I just wrote a comment and after reading everyone else’s stories, mine seems mild. ESA will probably not print this retort. I was an Administrator in Washington, D.C., I worked for the Smith Companies who developed Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. After reading others in dire need for answers and refunds it astonishes me that no one from ESA Corporate offices seem not to even bother to respond. Your hotels/motels are in bad need of revamping and you need to hire professional qualified workers. Your screening methods leave a lot to be desired. Making money and not providing proper shelter and aid are not the same. Where is your quality control? You are making money from people like me who can not afford to book a decent hotel. This should not change the quality or the service you should be providing. I will include this comment with my letters that my attorney will be sending ESA. Disgusted, Christine Mann/Dec 14-15, 2021 stay at the ESA in El Paso, TX next to Airway Blvd.

    • Karen Fox says:

      Hello my name is Karen Fox and I am currently staying at the Extended Stay in Short Pump VA and myself and others are trying to put together a Class Action Law Suit against them for various illegal thing’s (ie locking people out, turning off water, lights, Verbally abusing and threatening guest and running debit and credit cards with out permission) but we don’t know how to go about getting a lawyer. I had to call the police on the manager here for running my debit card and Verbally Abusing me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Christine Mann says:

    I stayed at the Extended Stay America Suites-El Paso, Texas on December 14th-December 15th, 2021. I was to leave for the El Paso International Airport the next day December 15th, 2021. My room was ‘ok’, nothing to get excited about. The bathroom sink did not drain, the toilet would not stop running (needed new ballcock), bathtub leaked and there were a couple of roaches on the floor. All night doors banged, people talked, cars played their radio really loud and the traffic on the main road was like a race track. To top this off I had asked for an 8AM wake up call. I woke up at 9:30AM looked at the phone next to the bed and found the cord was not plugged in! Rushed to the airport a mess……….now I am asking that I be refunded the $94 I paid for this ‘roach’ pad, attorney has letter. Christine Mann, 31 Cedar Lane, Mimbres, New Mexico 88049 575-654-8140 cell or 575-536-9336 home. I do expect to here from this corporate office soon or I will ask for more in court. I also have pictures.


    I’m currently at the oakland ca location and have many complaints. First one being over charged multiple times I’m on a monthly rental paying weekly. I have been here since July 4th never checked out never left continuous stay in which I was informed after 30 days is tax free. Well they have charged me taxes till oct.25th and have charged early check in fee of 10 per day. Last weekend I went out for a bit when I returned I was informed I was not allowed in my room because I was a no show for my reservation. I NEVER LEFT I NEVER CHECKED OUT. I then told staff of my dog being in the room which needed to go for a walk. By the way I paid 152 the day before this and 280 on this day so I was fully paid for the week. I was escorted to my room to retrieve my dog allowed to take him on a ten minute walk then put him back in room and asked to leave property. Clearly they see and know I’m a permanent guest which is on my reciept. I have had their security come and threaten me and my guest. I’m only here doing my cancer treatment. I have seizures so no longer allowed to drive and whoever comes to pick me up gets harassed by staff. This place has cockroaches my refrigerator don’t worksheets laundry room has been broken for long time. Never had I have the continental breakfast and I have been charged 31.99 a month for my so called free wifi.

  • Amy C says:

    Travel nurse here – was staying at Phoenix midtown location until recently when i had to leave this nightmare.
    Currently work nights nearby and need to be able to sleep during the day. Once i moved in, i received a paper under my door to inform me that the elevators will be down for maintenance for a month- i don’t mind taking the stairs but the banging during the day makes it really hard to sleep. Then the dogs that bark all day, which management does nothing about.
    Then to top it off with how disgusting and dirty the building is and lack of staff – it’s really a disgrace. You literally stand at the front desk for 20 minutes waiting for a staff member to help you.
    Now the kicker – i moved out over a week ago and am still being charged on my credit card. I have called and left numerous message for the “Manager -Lisa” – but big surprise she hasn’t returned any of my phone calls. Have contacted the corporate guest relations also without any follow up or resolution of my complaint.
    I would not recommend this location or hotel like to any of my colleagues as a travel nurse; we stand United !

    From a very disappointed guest and caregiver

  • Clayton Perry says:

    I came to Extended Stay in Everett, Wa on Broadway, back in May, because of the ads from craigslist. I was paying $300 some off dollars weekly. And technically I’m a tenet here, and the summer came, they increased my weekly pay extra $100, I barely gotten by, they had told me my weekly pay will go back down; now summer is over, and they increased another $100 which is like $500 odd dollar a week, I don’t get paid weekly, just 2 weeks. From what I’ve heard, they were not supposed to increased my rent since I live here.

    Since then, I talked to the manager here, he said give money like $20 or 40, 100 there and there. I was doing that once or twice a week. Manager here decided to run my name using my bank infos that was saved in the file, and drained my account that wasn’t even my money, he cannot do thst without my content. He continued to try and run my bank info, so my bank cancelled my card, ordered me new card, and reported frauds on the manager. What I don’t understand is people had complained about the manager, and none of you guys fired his bitch ass yet. I no longer giving the money to hotel because they’re thieves. Fire the fucking manager here. Address is 8410 Broadway Everett Wa 98208. I already wrote a complain to BBB.

  • Laura says:

    anyone knows their Corporate email address?

  • Cheryl says:


    Where do I start? I have been at your location on Watson rd in Arlington since February 2021. The first few months were great, I even helped the Manager when she needed some cars moved so they could clean the parking lot, ( I own a towing business) We had a deal $400 it was less than I normally would have charged and less than another company wanted. She was just going to deduct from my rent.

    WELL then there was a new manager Grace. It all went downhill from there. The biggest issue started July 22nd, She informed me that I was past due $619.00,so I had Cheryl that handles my books call her. Cheryl couldn’t show where I was late so she asked Grace for my records, No one could show her where I was late. She said I was not paying for the bigger room, which I did move into in May. Cheryl told her that her staff should have caught that when they ran his card when he went in each time. NO one ever said the rent was changing when he moved, which is fine but since he didn’t know her staff should have known what to charge him when he went in. She would not provide proof or work with Cheryl and I . She locked me out of my room so I had no choice to pay the $619.

    Cheryl also asked again when the discount was going to take place for the work I did. Her words were, that was the old manager and she was not going to honor it,. she even said she saw the notes on my file. Cheryl left messages for the owner (Tyler) of the location and never heard back from, as well as the Head of Franchises. No response. Well then on the 2nd of August we got an email stating we owe $802.50. I lost it and again she could not tell Cheryl WHY and again locked me out and threatened to call the humane society on my dog. Cheryl and Grace went round and round and still she could not or would not show why or if she was deducting the $400 for my work. Again I had to pay and again Cheryl left messages for the same people. WELL now we are on August 5th, she emails us and says I owe $414.00. Cheryl called and talked to Toy and she asked about my Dog that just passed and said she was going to look at the account and call me back. I had errands to do so I dropped my dog off (she rides with me all day). I went back later that night and I was locked out with my dog inside. I called the office and knocked on the door. No one was there. Friday Aug 6th, I tell her I’ll be there to get my stuff and dog. I got there and she refused to let me in and not even let my dog out, This dog had been left alone because I was locked out. I call the police and wait, she sends one of her employees out to say we can’t do this and she is going to get a key and let the dog out. Well they dont come back, sure Grace said no, she says she didn’t but the employee never came back.

    Finally the police show up and yes we have a case number. We are taking this to court! I have the police case number. Well on the 6th she says I owe $414. Im still locked out and my dog is still in there. I have my friend go in to pay while I talk to the officer. The officer even told me to get out, it is not the place to be. Funny thing the staff told my friend he doesn’t owe that amount, you only owe that day and the next since it was after check out, so it was $156.96 We told Grace I was leaving and she still said $414.00 so now we know we are owed money. Also this whole time Grace the Manager NEVER CAME OUT, she kept sending her employees. Her Employees many times that day and the Maintenance guy said what she is doing is not right and to please get ahold of Corp. Employees should never have to ask guests for this. I have gotten to know all of the staff since I have been there and Toy is amazing as well as the rest. Grace is not fit to be a manager. Cheryl has all the emails back and forth. and she is currently waiting for the folio for June and July. Cheryl asked for it Friday and was told by Grace when she has a moment she will get it, still waiting. We are taking this to Court for the overage I paid and for missing work while I had to sit there and wait for the police so I could get my dog and and for the work that I did, that if I had billed the hotel for it would have been a lot more.

    It was like I was being harrassed, anything I asked for was ignored, once she started. I am barely there. There were times I would be gone for 3 – 4 days at a time and still paid my rent. I never caused any issues while I was there. and I was forced to move. I am not the only guest that has had issues. If you would like to talk to me Ron or Cheryl please reach out , we both get this email as well as our numbers on file. Cheryl is the one that had all the emails going back and forth with Grace. Again Cheryl will be filing a Court case as soon as the Police report is done. It should be tomorrow.

    I am hoping that something is done about this, Cheryl asked numerous times for the records to be audited and she refused just kept saying I will be locked out. I have been a business owner for 26 years and people should never be treated like this.

    Thank you for your time

  • melanie kahler says:

    I had reservations for Sept 17th and 18th. I arrived on the 17th at 1am. My room was filthy – bedding was dirty, hair and sand on beds, bathroom toilet not cleaned.
    At 4am I woke up to bugs crawling on me. I checked out by 5.
    I would like a full refund.

  • Lynne Isles says:

    Have been on hold for approx. 30 minutes with Corporate Guest Services. Decided to write this while I wait to speak to a PERSON. We had to come to Rio Ranch, NM on 9/7/2021 for a funeral from Denver. We reserved 2 rooms at the 2608 American Rd. NW for 2 nights. Total out of pocket was $512.98.

    This place was absolutely filthy – the bathroom had not been cleaned. NO Soap, no towels in one of the rooms. Dog hair all over the carpet. The kitchen area and refrigerator had not been cleaned in either room. The rooms themselves are just plain dirty…..the sheets felt “clean” – and we really didn’t have a choice but to sleep in them. The place has posters everywhere declaring their 3 step disinfecting and cleaning process…….not true!!! Covid 19 is probably alive and well at this location.

    I get we are in a pandemic….however, your website should reflect b’fast is not included at this time (not that we would have eaten there because of the conditions anyway.) NO SECURITY – the side doors have a hotel key access, however they were not working – so anyone can enter at anytime.

    Front desk personnel are so unprofessional. They do not care about customer service. The couple of times I went to ask a question or get the towels and soap that were missing – no one was available. ALSO – New Mexico had just reinstated a MASK MANDATE that week. I walked in to check into our rooms with a mask – the kid behind the desk more or less laughed at me and said I didn’t need to wear it. So they definitely are not following the Covid guidelines or mandates.

    Just spoke to a young man at the Corporate Headquarters – he was putting in a case number to pass up the chain. My guess – I will not be hearing from anyone.

    BEST ADVICE – just do not take your chances here.

  • Claudette says:

    Dear Sir,

    While recently staying at you hotel, to my horror, hypodermic needles fell out of the dust ruffles. I found it equally horrific, if not more so, that when brought to the hotels attention that the only response I received from the front desk was that it would be brought to the manager’s attention the next morning.
    The only reason, for now, that I’m not considering a lawsuit is that the caps were on these needles, unable to attach photo via format.
    I would imagine ANY other hotel or motel would’ve done more to ease my fears had this even been imaginable anywhere else.
    I am extremely upset from this incident but profoundly upset from your employees response.


  • Frank says:

    I need to speak to Johnathan immediately. I’m having a horrible problem at your Arcadia location

  • Ken chad says:

    I need to convert my hotel to an extended stay in omaha Nebraska cell 6303621442

  • Susan says:

    I went from being a satisfied guest whose being staying at your property in NC (N Raleigh-Mid Town) from January 15, 2020 to the present. I have never been late, always paid on time and even before I was due. I never got notified that my rate went up, nor was I ever informed I owed more than what I was paying. I was told I always had a credit due to me; never a balance owing.
    This was again told to me when I went to pay two days before I was due to pay for the month (Sept 3rd to Oct 3rd 2021), I paid on the 1st. I never was informed of a rate increase and that I should have been paying more than I was. How is that when I inform the property manager of when I’ll be checking out, I now owe!??? It’s the Manager and front desk staff’s job and duty to inform all guest of any rate increases and especially if they haven’t been paying the correct amount, you don’t wait til they check out to do it. I even have a signed letter from the property manager of how long I’ve been a guest at the property and what my monthly amount is and has been, and not what I was informed of this evening. This is illegal and highly unprofessional to operate this way and your hotel should honor what the letter reflects and not something else. Please contact me immediately regarding this matter before I decide to seek outside council, thank you.
    I have normally given a four star for the hotel on my surveys but given the unprofessionallism and disregard to handle the situation properly, I’ve given a one star (very poor)

  • Tammy says:

    I would like someone in upper management to credit back my bill(s). The day after I checked in & was placed on the 3rd floor I was told the elevators would not be working for 4-5wks. I was told there were no other rooms available even though I am disabled with COPD. I have to climb 3 flights of stairs multiple times a day with groceries,a vacuum because housekeeping is not available, & upon checking in I had to get 4 suitcases up. I also have a dog that I need to take out several times a day. In addition to climbing 3 flights of stairs there is no air in the stairwell. I am in Arizona where it is 114 outside. The temp in the stairwell on one day was 89. I felt like I was going to collapse and had to stopI was not able to have visits as some of my guests were not able to climb the stairs. I am more than upset & don’t feel I should be charged over $1000/week. My pets are also emotional support pets and I should not be charged at all for them. Please have someone look into this. I have been here for 5wks & was only given a partial credit on 1 wk. I dont think it is fair to charge full room rate. I mentioned this Saturday when again I was charged over $1000/ no credit was offered & when I mentioned contacting corporate I was told you would be in the office Tuesday.

  • Dan says:


    I contact you to file a complaint about the Manager at the ESA Carnegie Pa location. I am a rather low-key person with a lot of patience but now feel compelled, and at the ‘over the line’ enough is enough stage.
    This is in reference to negative communication in my regards from that Manager, whose name is John Parker. He has caused me to feel disrespected and belittled on more than one occasion.
    I have been a regular guest at this ESA locatin since June 5 2021.
    I went to the front desk, John Parker was attending there. I made a comment to him in a friendly way of: close to a 90 day stay here and only 2 housekeeping visits. His reply I found demeaning, an insult to my intelligence, and questioning my sincerity. His first reply was: “I question the accuracy of that”. His second statement was rather sarcastic in my opinion, and a very poop excuse: “We don’t clean rooms while you are in them”. As if extremely poor service was MY fault somehow.
    I should never have had to be forced to feel defensive, but in reply and a bit shocked by his comment, I told him “I go out every day, that is not a valid excuse”. Again, making it personal, about me somehow.
    I never ONCE asked for service while I am in the room! I find that insulting and absurd, especially coming from a supposed G.M..

    In the past, in only questioning why I hyad not received a monthly rate (despite having booked 60 days, or 2 months all t once, from 6/5-8/5, his reply was printing my bill with the comment “we are not making this up”, as if I WERE somehow inventing something. I only questioned why I was being charged FULL nightly rates times 60. That is NOT 2 months nor a monthly rate. He, to use a metaphor; threw my signature in my face”, in other words, printed my bill and showed me my own signature, as if I were some type of idiot.
    Of course a person signs when they check in. I found that reply to be demeaning and insulting as well.

    So, in summary, I find John Parker unapproachable. I feel nervous on any occasion in asking him any neutral question.
    As mentioned I feel that from his comments he makes things personal, when they should never be. I feel that he may not ‘like me’ which should violates partiality that any manager or hotel staff should have. This last comment I know is speculation, but it is a general sensation I have.

    In summary, I have been charged full nightly rates for close to 90 days, despite booking monthly and subsequently weekly. I have received close to no housekeeping whatsoever, the almost non-existent internet connection has cost me the work that I do online, and then the above mentioned negative communication with that Manager.
    I am an unhappy customer.

    This is beside the point, but I add it for more clarity: I lost my fiancee’, my mother, and my health all in one month. I naturally don’t ‘expect a pity party’ from the staff here, but a minimal of respect would at least not add more anguish.

    I truly appreciate your reaading this long letter, and also thank you for your understanding in this matter.

  • Christy Cooper says:

    Extended Stay America of Woodbury, MN is stealing money off guest debt cards. I have been charged 376 in a 4 day period. They took all my money and I was current already with my payment.

  • Jacquelyn says:

    The manager at the El Paso, Tx West location IS the worst manager ever! After spending our first week at this hotel (and still not getting the dirty dishwasher that had plastic utensils, food, and pistachio nuts in it cleaned out as we requested) while paying for our second week we requested towels. The front desk clerk said oh your due for a cleaning on Tuesday. We informed her we work nights at the hospital and have to sleep can they clean on Wednesday she said sure they will come in and clean your room at 9am we said great we will make sure we stay out of the room until 10am. So after working all night and staying out to have our room clean we came back to nothing done. We then called down to the front desk to request new towels and sheets. We were told we have to bring down our dirty linen in order to get clean linen. So we head down and ask about our room clean, no one knows anything about it. The manager chimes in gets all defensive and states that rooms only get cleaned every two weeks because of Covid. We then ask about our dishwasher he said they had sent someone and he was under the impression it was cleaned. We voiced our frustrations regarding their communication and lack of service. Not once did the manager apologize for their miscommunication he proceeded to make it seems as though it was our fault we were not following Extended Stay cleaning policy even though his own staff doesn’t seem to know the policy either! He then proceeded to tell my travel partner ” I can tell that you are emotional & after you get some sleep then maybe you will change your mind about our policies”. Seriously super unprofessional. I would have.left this review on the Extended Stay site but for some reason the complaint email function is not working🙄

  • Janet cowan says:

    Over charging at cypress Calif extended stay America The manager Wendy and the staff all rude and adding 1 57.00 to my months stay of 3.400 hundred dollars and the suffering a bad fall on my back in the parking lot while my puppy was being attacked by a pit bull that belonged to another guest .that the manager Wendy let on the property they should be banned from hotels .charge all that money 3.500 dollars for a month and then have to go thru this.GETTING A LAWYER TO SUE

  • Janet cowan says:

    Want to file a formal compliant for the manager Wendy.about a fall I suffered while my dog was being attacked by a pitbull in the Extended stay parking lot buy another guest that had a pitbull registered with him but not on the leash

  • Kim says:

    I need someobe who the corporate. I didntn get a notice about an increase on my accpunt. I wslas paying a rate of 410 and i was able to do so as a single mother who isnt able to work due to a var accident that I got unjurtlyed. I went to pay for my room just now and they almost 700?! I been het a little over a.month now. And bc the other lady left I get screwed over. This isnt right. I know im suppose to get at least a week notice of a change in my payment. and i have not.

  • Mr. Carter says:

    Franchise Owners of your property located at 2345 Sokol Ct, Darien, IL 60561 are living in the building illegally installed cameras in every room and are killing guest who smoke drink do drugs cook or do not leave the room everyday

    They shoot guest walking down halls and enter rooms poison food and beverages

  • Jeanne Fitzgeald says:

    I need to talk to regional manager re conditions here.
    My room had to be fumigated.
    I was told my clothes would be cleaned.
    They were not.
    I had to ask for clean pillow cases to get the pesticide stink off them.
    I need help ASAP.

  • Cecilia Mena says:

    Please someone higher then hotel front desk and customer service number call me about my stay here whixh im still here for a week paid for no working stove wires are hanging out and breaker switch for stove top turns off all powet to room if we even dare to turn it to on mode air vent in restroom is hanging and doesnt go on door isnt even on right or lock correcrtly mind you its my second room already first room was bwhind stayable and all front desk said was housekeeping is on 3rd floor tell her and she will clean it

  • Carol Power says:

    I have stayed in other Extended Stay locations in other states and the one on Churchland Blvd, Chesapeake VA is the worst. When checked in, was given room that had not even been made up, though we’re told the log showed it was ready to be occupied. 2nd room was relatively clean, however we Did our own cleaning and disinfecting. Not sure when the last time the carpets were ever shampooed, if you walk on the carpets barefooted, your feet turn black. Facility is in need of repair. The door to the room doesn’t close properly, laminate had broken off cabinets, cabinet doors don’t close properly. Not all kitchen items listed were available. Coffee pot was dirty and required scouring. Inside trash rooms are full to over flowing in hallways.
    Cockroaches have been seen and even had some in my room. Elevator breaks down every few days and today it’s shut down to overheating. Exterior grounds and parking lots ate full of trash. Outside trash cans full to overflowing and filled with ants. Even though it’s a no smoking facility, you can smell smoke while walking in hallways. This location had some extremely friendly, professional employees, Karl, Umfort, Wally, Tanesa and Erica, while some have no business being in a position dealing with customers. Some of the staff spend their shift outside smoking, on their phones or visiting with friends, while some park in the handicap parking spaces. On one occasion, the front desk was unmanned for about 3 hours, while some quests were locked out of their room because cards needed to be rekeyed. There is a broken grill on the grass verge near the parking lot. I have taken pictures of the things I’ve mentioned

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  • Angela Maddox says:

    To whom it may concern I had a very terrible vacation staying at one of your hotels in Churchland Boulevard Chesapeake ,Virginia. We stayed up nights due to a dogs barking. There were roaches around our food,,water bugs walking around the room,beer cans outside the bedroom window all over the place.
    The toilet seat put on crooked we had to ask for our own towels and bedding for the bed housekeeping, they never came to our room. They didn’t see if we needed our room cleaned or what. When coming to the hotel I was told that the hotel had been remodeled that was not true, talk to assistant manager who told me she was sorry for the inconvenience she would refund me half of our money back. Instead of that , they charged me for 609dollars to stay which we were supposed to stay 8 days but left due to the situation of the hotel and also, they charge me an extra $86 more for what reason I do not know. We hadn’t had a vacation since 2015 this was the worst time of my life.
    I never been in a situation like this before. Whoever is running this hotel should be ashamed to allow their guests to go to something like this. I will call Monday morning on August 2th to discuss this with a higher up. I will not let this go my whole vacation was ruined. Also the bed was very hard. How can you run a business and a hotel like this. You make millions of dollars and this is the service that we got. Angela Maddox.

  • Jeanne Fitzgewald says:

    Place with insects in my bed. Hotel people here in Malvern were notified. Told me to wait fo exterminators.
    won’t provide me with any help’ no extra vacuum cleaner I can use; insufficient extra bed linen as requested;
    Person at deslk jiust walked away from me

  • Marie Pfau says:

    AC arrived so all is well. Note checking out is not a solution during peak season.

  • Marie Pfau says:

    AC failure has no option but to check out despite the lack of availability of rooms in the area. I have paid for the week yet the spare room was rented without plans for my accommodation. Guest consideration when equipment fails needs improvement.

  • Betty Peters says:

    I need to talk to someone about maintenance

  • Dee says:

    I write with the hope someone is reading these concerns. My family stayed at your South Valley View Blvd location in Las Vegas and we forgot a pair of new sneakers there. The first time I called about lost & found items (Thursday, July 15, 2021), I was told that they had sneakers in their possession and the manager would be informed so that the shoes could be released to be sent to me. I was told to decide whether to use FedEx or UPS and let them know then they’ll pack the sneakers and ship to me. I have already provided a fully paid UPS shipping label via email, (they confirmed receiving the label) but after putting me on hold for over half an hour… suddenly they don’t have a box to put the sneakers in to ship! I hang up and called again to find out when they’d ship the shoes, suddenly I’m being asked to give a description and that they have to locate the sneakers then they’ll call me back. Seriously?! What am I missing? Today is Monday July 19 and the issue hasn’t been resolved. Is that how you treat guests that forget an item at your hotel?

  • Anna V says:

    We stayed at the Carlsbad CA Extended Stay. We were not able to check in until 7 pm because our room was not ready. There was no grab and go breakfast, no coffee, no one ever at the front desk. The floors in our room were very dirty, we had to wear our socks. They were not able to print us a receipt because the printer was broken. We were told for our inconvenience we would receive $55, which we never got. Overall a very bad experience!

  • Gina Chiaverini says:

    I had reservations for Extended Stay America in Columbus Maryland. It was prepaid. $329.59 July,2-5 My husband and I showed up, only to be told there were no rooms available. The desk clerk tapped some buttons on a touch screen and said our money was refunded. I asked for a receipt,he then said
    ” I never said I was giving you a refund.” I had been recording the whole time with my phone,unbeknownst to him at first. I also noticed no one could leave without being buzzed out by the desk clerk !!! I imagined if there were a fire!! I request a refund and the door to be made passable. My state had a terrible fire where 100 people burned to death in 2003.

  • Bryant L Stephens says:

    Half of your washing machines at the Destin Hotel are inoperable. When I asked about the status, I was informed that the District Manager will be down next week to evaluate the situation. Is the District Manager a machine washer mechanic? If not, why not let the on-site manager handle the situation? These people seem intelligent enough to call in a repairman if the machine doesn’t operate. I would think that you have a contract with someone who performs these types of repairs with nothing more than a phone call. By the way, both of your lobby bathrooms are inoperable as well as your ice machine. I’m going to be stuck here for 2 months or longer and I don’t expect much except for the basic necessities to work properly. No way to run a nationally franchised hotel.

  • Renee says:

    This is my first experience with Extended Stay America (and probably the last). I have not even arrived at the hotel and I have to sort out a problem. I booked online and my first attempt to reserve did not go through; the transaction was not complete on the site and there was no confirmation number instead your site read that there was an error and was not finalized. Since there was only one room left I attempted the transaction again, it went through and showed my finalized reservation as well as sending a confirmation number to my email. 4 Days later, come to find out, I am being charged for 2 reservations! The ONLY way I am aware of it is my Credit Card alerted me to a transaction attempted; there are 2 charges of the same amount on the same day. I’m told it is possibly non-refundable because it is outside the 24 hour period and it is up to the discretion of the Manager whether I get it back!!! Had I received a double confirmation OF COURSE I would have called to cancel the transaction and sorted it immediately. This is YOUR technical ERROR from your site yet I have to spend hours of my time trying to resolve the issue if it is resolved at all. I was told by Guest Relations I had to speak directly to the hotel to ‘see’ if they would reverse the charge and she could not help me. She also told me “if it happened again to call them” although I’m not sure why on earth I would have a need to call since the transaction was not final and I there was no confirmation number, I should have nothing to resolve as the only issue on my end is that the reservation was not completed… That is….UNTIL YOU OVERCHARGE ME! I am flabbergasted that guest relations couldn’t just handle it and that I am waiting 24 to 48 hours for a manager to get back to me about this supposed double booking! (by the way, how can I double book the same room if there was only one room left?) Boise Airport Location

  • Wilhelm Borgstrom says:

    I was a guest at your Eden prairie mn location . I have to tell you this location is filthy our room was disgusting my wife and I spent 2 hours cleaning and disinfecting. I was in the lodging business for 25 years and hospitality industry for 42 . I cannot ever recall ever having this experience ever anywhere in the world . Shameful to say the least . Cleanliness is a fundamental function

  • John Dunn says:

    I work for a National company that places our superintendents in extended stay facilities. We just completed our 8 month project in Orlando with our man staying at the Major Blvd. Facility. He was quoted a price for the entire stay which changed every month and was told to pay the extra or move. The staff regularly changed and denied the original quote per month. This ended up with our super paying as much as $200-$300 more than the quoted rate each month. Additionally, the card reader access nearest the suite used was constantly out of service requiring our man to go through the main entrance to load groceries and daily ingress. What is most troubling is the games the office played with the monthly rate. If they were honest about possible changes each month it would have been considered in our choices of extended stays. We operate across the nation and we will be informing all of our superintendents to avoid Extended Stay America.

  • American Citizen says:

    There are 4 Extended Stays in Fairfax, VA. They are All staffed with green card Indians. I am hispanic. They wouldn’t even interview. Raj manager. I know a white lady who was rejected as well. Jobs for Americans first. Not relatives of employees from India.

  • Alayna Baca says:

    I made a reservation October 8th for my hotel at extended stay America in Indianapolis for November 15-17th I drove the 2 hours to the hotel only to arrive and have to wait 15 minutes for someone to show up at the desk to check me in. Then I am told that my reservation is getting moved to another hotel because they don’t have the rooms I reserved. What is the point of a reservation then? So I then proceed to drive 30 minutes to another hotel that does have room for us. I was told my information was going to be faxed over so I would not have to pay again. I arrive at this hotel and their fax machine is broken. Probably took a good 45 minutes to an hour to check in to our hotel. Then the problem was that at the first hotel that I originally booked it was suppose to have two double beds and a sofa couch. This hotel that we had been moved to did not have the sofa couch and I had a 5 girls in one room so that meant that someone was going to have to sleep on the floor. They provided a bed with wheel as a “quick fix”. Their breakfast sucked it was “grab and go” which was not specified on the booking website, they did not have an ice machine, and they charged extra for extra towels. Did I recieve any compensation for my inconvenience? NO I DID NOT. No discount, no refund, no free room, no nothing. I am truly disappointed with my stay here and I will NEVER choose to stay at an extended stay America ever again.

  • Leon S. Yarborough 156 Fairfield St NE Aiken,SC 29801 8036495217 says:

    I was a guest in your property this pass weekend(Saturday 16th-Monday 18th, Room 129), despite the condition of the property I had a nice two day vacation. The working staff was great, the behind the desk staff was rude & crude. I had one young Lady to tell me not to come back to the front desk. My room was such that I asked for pots, pans & other utensils, I was told they didn’t have any. Later on I was at the front desk & another guest asked & received them.There was a crack in my ceiling above the shower, the next morning I took a shower. When I finished, I started to read a book. Suddenly I heard water running, it was dripping from the crack. Upon closer examination I found mold on the crack. I had to ask for a trashcan. Underneath the sink, it looked as if someone had started a fire. I will be writing a longer letter & posting it to social media.

  • Robert Scherr says:

    I have been staying @ Naperville East in Il. I have been here for over two months, when I first moved here it was quiet and the people were business & families. Now it is filled with riff raff & trouble makers. Front desk was pleasant, maids nice & friendly. Now you have Desiree an eighteen year old know it all with a bad attitude and vocabulary to match. I don’t pay good money for subpar treatment. therefore I will be moving to candlewood suites asap.

  • Tina Garcia says:

    Recently, my husband had medical problems which lead to both hips and one knee being replaced. On top of that he was diagnosis with cancer at an aggressive level. He has a severe compromise immune system. In 35 years of marriage we have maybe taken less than 5 vacations together. He wanted to visit with our daughter and granddaughter in case he wasn’t able to see them again. I worked over a month of over time to pay for this trip and tried to make this a trip a memorable memory for him and our daughter who does not know the extent of his condition. In planning for the trip we looked at pictures online of the extended stay in Aurora, Colorado on Evens. The pictures on-line showed a nice clean hotel (maybe a little out of date) so I booked a room for 10/11/2019 through 10/18/2019 and upgrades to the deluxe king suite (paying extra so that my husband could be comfortable).

    When we arrived the room was filthy, the small of overbearing. The smell of ripe decaying food (or more), animal feces, smoke, chemical, and moldy. All the hotel hall ways, on every floors smelt of marijuana and the clientele was very questionable. Staff did not do anything about this. You could not walk down the hall without someone asking for money, smelling the marijuana or being asked if I wanted to buy illegal drugs. The hotel doesn’t have designated rooms for pets! They just place a magnetic picture on the doors when cats and dogs reside. Every room has had animals in them. The grounds were horrible, unkept. liquor bottles, trash, cigarette butts everywhere (the hotel could not afford ash trays outside of the main doors), clothing and dog poop everywhere, the room not only smelt, there were stains everywhere, dirty kitchen and bathroom (the water in the shower backed up and black stuff came out. The stove had burnt food on it. Animal stains on the sofa and floors. The second night, after two days of migraines set in the front desk sprayed air fresher which made it worse. The front desk offered another room on the first floor which was worse, then a room on the third floor which happened to be a little better, until room 318 (next door) opened their door and marijuana smoke came pouring out. One night around 1 pm, a drunk would resided at the hotel kept banging on our bedroom window and would not stop for over 30 minutes. Scared us. Then the firearm was pulled and fire department showed up early in the morning. Plus the police showed up at night because of the criminal activities. We gave up and called the customer service line which is another issue in itself. First they are not open on weekends (I guess customers do not have problems on the weekends). They advised that only the district manager Daniel could help us. But, their policy gives him 24 to 48 hours to return calls. They advised that there was no one higher than Daniel. We were forced to reside in the hotel until that Monday, until Daniel would call us back the reservation Department advised two times that they were going to escalade emails to Daniel to address these concerns and multiple phone calls. We were forced to clean the room ourselves, we went out and bought cleaning supplies, air fresher and candles. Throughout, our stay at the hotel we went out most of the days and most of the nights (after our visit with our daughter and her family) just drove around as late as we could, the smell never went away, and it cause nightly migraines and stomach concerns. Come Monday, (after being force to stay in the hotel since Friday) customer Service Department advised that they did not see where reservations escalated any concerns. So they attempted to call Daniel, no answer. We were told he would be able to refund our payment at this hotel then help us get into a better extended stay. Otherwise we would have to wait 5 to 7 days for a refund. Due to medical expenses we were unable to leave the hotel and obtain another hotel due to lack of funds. Well after waiting another 24-48 hour period no word from Daniel and more calls were made to the customer service line, who had attempted to contact the district manager Daniel for which he has never called them back. I was given the corporate number and then is no one to talk with. Later, I talked with a young man in customer service again and just requested our payment back and explained not only do I feel belittled by this company, we were held hostage by their system and policies. I did take pictures of everything.

    On 10/29/2019, I again called customer service due to not hearing anything from anyone. Again they attempted to call Daniel and again no answer. They advised that they sent an email to Daniel and his supervisor and I should hear something in 24-48 hours.

    Today is 11/1/2019, I have been on hold for over 48 minutes! Calling another number 980-345-1600.

  • Del Moody says:

    Hello, Kevin Henry. Human Resources Officer.
    My name is Del with StateFoodSafety. Keeping track of food safety training and certification requirements for each state with Extended Stay hotels can be a daunting task. We can help!

    At StateFoodSafety, we specialize in regulatory compliance and have worked hard to ensure that our training and certification meets government requirements. As a result, we are approved in more locations than any other provider.

    The following are some reasons people choose us as their food safety training provider:
    We design and produce our own courses in-house, which enables us to make necessary updated alterations as well as rapid customizations for large corporations like yours. We have made such customized alterations for Whole Foods, Exxon Mobile, and many others and we can do that for you. There might be a charge for this service.
    We have ANSI-accredited and regulatory-approved programs tailored to be more relevant and engaging for food workers.
    We can integrate with your LMS (learning management system) so that all of your food safety training is available alongside other training items. No additional usernames or passwords are necessary.
    We don’t charge any additional fees for LMS integration, implementation, or account maintenance!
    Corporate discounts are based on volume and Extended Stay would certainly qualify.

    We offer four training and certification programs:
    Food Handler Training
    ANSI Accredited
    Available in 8 languages
    30-75 minutes (depending on local requirements)
    98% pass rate
    Food Protection Manager Training and Certification Exam
    ANSI-CFP Accredited
    Available in English and Spanish
    8 hours of training material
    96% of people who take our training also pass our exam
    Food Allergen Awareness Training
    ANSI Accredited
    40 minutes
    99% pass rate
    Alcohol Server/Seller Training
    Customized to meet local requirements
    60-210 minutes (depending on local requirements)
    96% pass rate

    I would love to visit you to discuss this further.

    Please call 385-325-2446 or email dmoody@statefoodsafety.com.

    Best regards, Del

  • TK Wink says:

    I was a guest at the Houston Galleria hotel for 6 weeks+ in Nov/Dec 2017. I had an issue with a reservation extension and my direct deposit. Minutes was issue and no one available to handle at time of issue occurring. There was a personality conflict with an employee and this matter was used to pounce and make an act that as a professional in O&G who stays in hotels for job I had never had police called and this was one of those and it only went south. It was wrong to think that humanism would be factored into the matter and the issue addressed professionally. NOT! Get Relations was on telephone for hours with me and shocked at the relayed witnessed acts of staff at hotel. DISGRACEFUL.

    I am back into the area and registered 23 days ago and today I am confronted, 11 am+, and told I must leave immediately, as the Galleria issue has made rounds and I am not to be allowed to reserve a hotel! I have paid and am being forced out all over a matter that transpired a year ago and this is DISCRIMINATION AND SO WRONG! The lunacy, I am told to leave with only four hours and this does not include the search for a new place nothing and this is WRONG ON MANY LEVELS! When revenue is made and the guest is made to feel subhuman, this is not right. I left a review on HOTELS.COM and annihilated the hotel and this is the reason they do not desire me in their hotels. I am serious. Two way street and the fact the ESA brand FAILED THE VERY PEOPLE WHOM THEY SERVE AND GET PAID, CS LOST ITS MEANING AND ESA IS NOT EDUCATED in the area of the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

  • lhoagland August 2019 says:

    I am trying to reach the property owners for the property #9669 in Michigan. If I could please get the name with either a contact number or e-mail I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you!

  • Kevin says:

    I have had to file a formal complaint with the Florida BBB and the Federal Trade Commission due to the unethical business practices and lack of concern from corporate leadership.

  • Kevin Collins says:

    Unfortunately I too have been trying to get ahold of someone regarding a disgusting hotel property and the charges incurred. I checked out early on day two due to the poor condition of the property. Stained towels, urine and hair all over the toilet and garbage left from the previous guest. Two ignored emails to corporate-I have no recourse. Guest relations (Cindy) was very comfortable charging me two full days and additional fees for leaving early. When I explained I expected to pay for a clean room she sat quietly and then said there was nothing she could do. I will be posting photos on Yelp and using every means available to highlight ESA’s disgusting properties and lack of concern for it’s customers. I will also be contacting the local Chamber of Commerce and BBB to lodge complaints. As a veteran, I had better conditions in my deployed locations.

  • Bernard McNulty says:

    I checked into Tuscon, AZ Extended stay America about 2 weeks ago. I was going to stay 90 days so they removed $1400 from my debit card on day one. No extended stay pots, pans, silver ware were present, 2 inside room lights did not work, and a broken desk chair. When I asked for kitchenware, the young blond (CHRIS?) at the front office said “WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE”. When I asked what the issue was she said she was only kidding. So I checked out after spending only one night there. And they REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANY REFUND from my $1400 paid for only ONE NIGHT. When I attempted to call THE NATIONAL ESA HEADQUARTERS TO COMPLAIN, I COULD NOT GET THROUGH AFTER BEING PASSED AROUND TO MULTIPLE AUTOMATED DEPARTMENTS. I HUNG UP AFTER 45 MIN TRYING TO REACH THEM BY PHONE. I ALSO tried to EMAIL THEM to COMPLAIN but this is as close to that I can find. I’m beside myself that I can’t reach anyone to get a refund. If they read this- I want a REFUND on my $1400 !!!!! I’ve used Extended Stay America several times for 90 days each time…..NEVER AGAIN !!!

    • Lisa DeGennaro says:

      I also had a 91 day stay at ESA and was not sure about the month of August. My daughter was doing an internship in Disney and we just found out she is done on the 16th of August, 2019. When I asked about the payment for August they told me I had to pay the whole month because I had a special promotion price of $48.20 for 91 days. We only wanted until August 20th, 2019. Things happen and there are certain circumstances that happen in life and they could have over rode the transaction or made an exception. Now I am trying to fight for the $482.00 extra I was charged. I am a single mom trying to help my daughter get through her last 2 years of college on my own and helping her with internships and whatever else I can help her with. ESA also gave us a hard time in July when I went and made the payment on line through there online system, which was a third party authorization form that I had to fill out to process a payment, well I did that on July 3rd, and kept checking my account to see if the payment was taken out, well July 7th I had to call them to tell them to take payment and they told me the managers are the only authorized people to do payments, then July 10th I called again, it still wasn’t done, then July 14th, I told them take the payment, if I get a call that my daughter is locked out of her room, there will be a problem, well I got that call on July 17th, 2019 at 9:00 pm. When I tried questioning the girls at the desk they told me It was TO GET MY ATTENTION, to pay the bill. then as we were arguing, she hung up on me and now I had a child locked out of a room of a hotel in Orlando, I was 4 hours away from this hotel, so as a mom I told them if anything happens to my child while she is locked out in the middle of the hotel I was holding them responsible. I was flipping out. They couldn’t find my authorization form, I had an email confirmation and reference number. I also have been trying to call the ESA headquarters and am getting nowhere, I have emailed, but they are not receiving my emails, I also sent regular mail letters, I am telling all family and friends about this problem I had and telling them not to stay at ESA. I also am trying to get back some money, even after the issue I had with them, they didn’t even offer me anything. I know how you are feeling and I hope you get something done with the issue you are having with them. I hope more people read our stories and give them a very bad reputation.

  • Heather ODwyer says:

    Arrived at night 6/24/19. Room was filthy and TV did not work. Also lobby was disgusting. Clerk was outside smoking.
    6/25/19 early in morning called front desk to ask about TV. Said they would send up someone to look at it. No one came. 2:00 I called about TV again. Clerk says they cant fix it. also cant exchange it because TV is attached to furniture. I had to move everything to a new room after having got all settled into that one and personally cleaned it myself.

    New room 269: Only things that were clean was the bedding and new towels. I went down to front desk asking for broom and pick up, letting them know that the room was filthy. With no shame they handed me the items and I proceeded to clean that room too. the wall behind the stove was covered in old grease from obviously months of cooking. I easily was able to wipe it off because of the easy to clean material. Baffled that this had not been cleaned, when it so OBVIOUSLY needed to be cleaned. There was also a completely broken chair just abandoned off to the side in the room. In my move, I just switched it with one in the previous room.
    The room is scheduled to be cleaned 7/1/2019. It happened a day later. The cleaning consisted of new sheets and new towels. No surfaces were wiped down. The bathroom was not cleaned. Floors were not swept or mopped. Thankfully I had some 409 and papertowels and did it myself. I had gone out to get some cash to leave a tip and would have found the maid and given it to her if the room had been in better condition. I guess no one cared.

    7/8/19 room was supposed to be cleaned. I called that afternoon because no one had come. I was promised it would be cleaned the following day.

    7/9/19 again room was supposed to be cleaned. I called that afternoon because no one had come. I was promised it would be cleaned the following day.

    7/10/19 again room was supposed to be cleaned. I called that afternoon because no one had come. I was promised it would be cleaned the following day. This time I spoke to a manager.

    7/11/19 again room was supposed to be cleaned. I called that morning to make sure it would be done. I had to call again around 2 because no one had come. Once again I was promised it would be cleaned the following day. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?

    7/12/19 8 am i went down to the front desk to make sure it was going to get cleaned today.They said it would. I returned to my room at noon. Room had still not been cleaned, but I found a do not disturb sign from the Ramada hanging on my doorknob. OMG. Called the front desk. They tell me that the maid probably did not clean my room because of that. I told them to send them back and that someone was obviously playing a cruel joke. I then left the room to go and do laundry. on my way i met up with a manager and explained the situation. then went to front desk to get change for laundry. The clerk was not there. When she returned she said she had gone up to my room to let me know someone would clean it. I thanked her and got my change and proceeded to do my laundry. I returned to my room at 2pm, and all that had been done was someone made my bed haphazardly and with NO CLEAN SHEETS…..and then had the audacity to take my tip. No clean bathroom (including the disgusting toilet of which I had no means to clean myself), No clean surfaces or mirrors and no clean floors. Oh I did receive some clean towels.I composed myself and found a cleaning person in the hallway who was temping and asked him if he had cleaned my room. He said he had not been the one to do it, but graciously came and changed my sheets for me. I tipped him.

    We have also had two false fire alarms in the middle of the night. So much of this place is in disrepair and the hallways and lobby are ususally filthy.

    I wish this trip was over but I actually have a few more days. I look forward to leaving. Please keep in mind I am not a neat freak and I am generally not a complainer. But his experience has been RIDICULOUSLY HORRIBLE.

    I have sent this to the corporate office also because I do not believe anything will be done at the specific hotel. No one cares about doing a good job there. Extended Stay America near SUNY in Albany NY.

    I have also left a review on Trip Advisor

  • Tawanda says:

    “Supporting Today’s Working Travelers!”……. is what your website reads.

    Good evening Cassie McNamee,

    I’d like to bring to your attention the unsatisfactory and unsanitary condition of room 332, which was rented to me tonight for four nights.
    Upon entry, I inspected the bed as I always do. What I found under the mattress was both filthy and nasty. The photo and videos attached,
    shows hair, food, trash, and what looked to be small insects of some sort.

    This was my first time staying at your hotel, and needless to say, this first impression was a lasting one! I like most people travel all day, and expect
    to check into a CLEAN and sanitary room to lay my head. The amount of trash under this mattress shows that this room has not been deep cleaned in
    a very long time. I’m assuming there are no Housekeeping Supervisors to inspect your rooms, and this is why staff feel comfortable actually “making”
    a dirty bed???

    Needless to say, I packed up my things, and checked out, so a full and expeditious refunded is expected immediately.

    I plan to forward the images and videos on to your corporate team and perhaps the media.

    • TK Wink says:

      Cassie is Ambridge Hospitality owner receptionist in Plano TX. I am under this same ownership and although the CEO has put me on a newly discovered DNR, I am now being forced to vacate without time to properly act! I have a paid reservation and asked for 24 hours and it was rejected! ESA IS SUCK ASS POS!

  • Calvin says:

    Extended Stay America has properties listed on their website as fully renovated and non smoking when in fact they are not renovated at all and the rooms smell like smoke. They give you the runaround when trying to resolve room issues. They do not hold up there end of the bargain when it comes a guest simply getting what they paid for at least at the property I booked. Would not recommend.

  • Martinez. says:

    Plz need need union 1099 San Ignacio San Jose ca 95119

  • Martinez. says:

    There’s molds on the bathroom they don’t change the beds sheets . There’s many girls with boyfriend problems? They come in to the Rooms when they know there’s guest check in the Room with out asking it was the General Manager . To many kids out side in there cars in the middle of the night having oral sex for money ..

  • Rico Louis says:

    Went to check in – was told only room available had only 1 bed in it – told clerk my buddy and I are not sleeping together- was told would cancel and refund. Have waited for over 6 weeks for refund. Did not stay in the room but was charged for it. Ridiculous and unbending.

  • Fs says:

    Oh ya, if you want some ideas, how you can effectively do a good job in your so call housekeeping department, call me up. Make things easier, for employees, and clients. Isn’t that what you want, happy people

  • Employee says:

    FS. I worked for four days, at two locations in the western burbs of Chicago. Never enough linens, towel. I cleaned check outs only to go back later to put bedding on. Really. I have clean private homes for over twenty years. When I go to a hotel I accept it to b cleaner then my house. And you can’t do that with only 30 minutes a room. Disgusting. And doing housekeeping for extended clients, they told me come when u can do the bedding and cleaning together. Can’t blame them. I want to go to a room and take my time and do it right the first time. And not have to come back. And your place in downers grove Illinois, their break room refrigerator was disgusting a lab project. And it also had beer in a company refrigerator. Remember what Richard Branson said:
    “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees,they willtakecareof the clients.
    Knowing what I have witnessed there I would never stay at one.

    • Fs says:

      Wouldn’t b a bad place to work, if they let you clean the. Rooms and not do a half ass jobs, and I’m sure they r paying the non English speaking people a lot less. Maybe a investigation into your business practice would b called for. Like boss undercover, or the i-team probe.

  • beckie says:

    I was hurt and had a filth room was promised a rom anywere all I had to call in to customer service and I was told they couldn’t way to go …

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