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  • Address: 11525 N Community House Rd #100, Charlotte, NC 28277, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 980-345-1600
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 10,000
  • Established: 1995
  • Founder: Wayne Huizenga & George D. Johnson, Jr
  • Key People: Jonathan S. Halkyard (CEO)

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Jonathan S. Halkyard

President, CEO & Director

Brian T. Nicholson

Chief Financial Officer

James G. Alderman Jr.

Chief Asset Merchant

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  • lhoagland August 2019 says:

    I am trying to reach the property owners for the property #9669 in Michigan. If I could please get the name with either a contact number or e-mail I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you!

  • Kevin says:

    I have had to file a formal complaint with the Florida BBB and the Federal Trade Commission due to the unethical business practices and lack of concern from corporate leadership.

  • Kevin Collins says:

    Unfortunately I too have been trying to get ahold of someone regarding a disgusting hotel property and the charges incurred. I checked out early on day two due to the poor condition of the property. Stained towels, urine and hair all over the toilet and garbage left from the previous guest. Two ignored emails to corporate-I have no recourse. Guest relations (Cindy) was very comfortable charging me two full days and additional fees for leaving early. When I explained I expected to pay for a clean room she sat quietly and then said there was nothing she could do. I will be posting photos on Yelp and using every means available to highlight ESA’s disgusting properties and lack of concern for it’s customers. I will also be contacting the local Chamber of Commerce and BBB to lodge complaints. As a veteran, I had better conditions in my deployed locations.

  • Bernard McNulty says:

    I checked into Tuscon, AZ Extended stay America about 2 weeks ago. I was going to stay 90 days so they removed $1400 from my debit card on day one. No extended stay pots, pans, silver ware were present, 2 inside room lights did not work, and a broken desk chair. When I asked for kitchenware, the young blond (CHRIS?) at the front office said “WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE”. When I asked what the issue was she said she was only kidding. So I checked out after spending only one night there. And they REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANY REFUND from my $1400 paid for only ONE NIGHT. When I attempted to call THE NATIONAL ESA HEADQUARTERS TO COMPLAIN, I COULD NOT GET THROUGH AFTER BEING PASSED AROUND TO MULTIPLE AUTOMATED DEPARTMENTS. I HUNG UP AFTER 45 MIN TRYING TO REACH THEM BY PHONE. I ALSO tried to EMAIL THEM to COMPLAIN but this is as close to that I can find. I’m beside myself that I can’t reach anyone to get a refund. If they read this- I want a REFUND on my $1400 !!!!! I’ve used Extended Stay America several times for 90 days each time…..NEVER AGAIN !!!

    • Lisa DeGennaro says:

      I also had a 91 day stay at ESA and was not sure about the month of August. My daughter was doing an internship in Disney and we just found out she is done on the 16th of August, 2019. When I asked about the payment for August they told me I had to pay the whole month because I had a special promotion price of $48.20 for 91 days. We only wanted until August 20th, 2019. Things happen and there are certain circumstances that happen in life and they could have over rode the transaction or made an exception. Now I am trying to fight for the $482.00 extra I was charged. I am a single mom trying to help my daughter get through her last 2 years of college on my own and helping her with internships and whatever else I can help her with. ESA also gave us a hard time in July when I went and made the payment on line through there online system, which was a third party authorization form that I had to fill out to process a payment, well I did that on July 3rd, and kept checking my account to see if the payment was taken out, well July 7th I had to call them to tell them to take payment and they told me the managers are the only authorized people to do payments, then July 10th I called again, it still wasn’t done, then July 14th, I told them take the payment, if I get a call that my daughter is locked out of her room, there will be a problem, well I got that call on July 17th, 2019 at 9:00 pm. When I tried questioning the girls at the desk they told me It was TO GET MY ATTENTION, to pay the bill. then as we were arguing, she hung up on me and now I had a child locked out of a room of a hotel in Orlando, I was 4 hours away from this hotel, so as a mom I told them if anything happens to my child while she is locked out in the middle of the hotel I was holding them responsible. I was flipping out. They couldn’t find my authorization form, I had an email confirmation and reference number. I also have been trying to call the ESA headquarters and am getting nowhere, I have emailed, but they are not receiving my emails, I also sent regular mail letters, I am telling all family and friends about this problem I had and telling them not to stay at ESA. I also am trying to get back some money, even after the issue I had with them, they didn’t even offer me anything. I know how you are feeling and I hope you get something done with the issue you are having with them. I hope more people read our stories and give them a very bad reputation.

  • Heather ODwyer says:

    Arrived at night 6/24/19. Room was filthy and TV did not work. Also lobby was disgusting. Clerk was outside smoking.
    6/25/19 early in morning called front desk to ask about TV. Said they would send up someone to look at it. No one came. 2:00 I called about TV again. Clerk says they cant fix it. also cant exchange it because TV is attached to furniture. I had to move everything to a new room after having got all settled into that one and personally cleaned it myself.

    New room 269: Only things that were clean was the bedding and new towels. I went down to front desk asking for broom and pick up, letting them know that the room was filthy. With no shame they handed me the items and I proceeded to clean that room too. the wall behind the stove was covered in old grease from obviously months of cooking. I easily was able to wipe it off because of the easy to clean material. Baffled that this had not been cleaned, when it so OBVIOUSLY needed to be cleaned. There was also a completely broken chair just abandoned off to the side in the room. In my move, I just switched it with one in the previous room.
    The room is scheduled to be cleaned 7/1/2019. It happened a day later. The cleaning consisted of new sheets and new towels. No surfaces were wiped down. The bathroom was not cleaned. Floors were not swept or mopped. Thankfully I had some 409 and papertowels and did it myself. I had gone out to get some cash to leave a tip and would have found the maid and given it to her if the room had been in better condition. I guess no one cared.

    7/8/19 room was supposed to be cleaned. I called that afternoon because no one had come. I was promised it would be cleaned the following day.

    7/9/19 again room was supposed to be cleaned. I called that afternoon because no one had come. I was promised it would be cleaned the following day.

    7/10/19 again room was supposed to be cleaned. I called that afternoon because no one had come. I was promised it would be cleaned the following day. This time I spoke to a manager.

    7/11/19 again room was supposed to be cleaned. I called that morning to make sure it would be done. I had to call again around 2 because no one had come. Once again I was promised it would be cleaned the following day. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?

    7/12/19 8 am i went down to the front desk to make sure it was going to get cleaned today.They said it would. I returned to my room at noon. Room had still not been cleaned, but I found a do not disturb sign from the Ramada hanging on my doorknob. OMG. Called the front desk. They tell me that the maid probably did not clean my room because of that. I told them to send them back and that someone was obviously playing a cruel joke. I then left the room to go and do laundry. on my way i met up with a manager and explained the situation. then went to front desk to get change for laundry. The clerk was not there. When she returned she said she had gone up to my room to let me know someone would clean it. I thanked her and got my change and proceeded to do my laundry. I returned to my room at 2pm, and all that had been done was someone made my bed haphazardly and with NO CLEAN SHEETS…..and then had the audacity to take my tip. No clean bathroom (including the disgusting toilet of which I had no means to clean myself), No clean surfaces or mirrors and no clean floors. Oh I did receive some clean towels.I composed myself and found a cleaning person in the hallway who was temping and asked him if he had cleaned my room. He said he had not been the one to do it, but graciously came and changed my sheets for me. I tipped him.

    We have also had two false fire alarms in the middle of the night. So much of this place is in disrepair and the hallways and lobby are ususally filthy.

    I wish this trip was over but I actually have a few more days. I look forward to leaving. Please keep in mind I am not a neat freak and I am generally not a complainer. But his experience has been RIDICULOUSLY HORRIBLE.

    I have sent this to the corporate office also because I do not believe anything will be done at the specific hotel. No one cares about doing a good job there. Extended Stay America near SUNY in Albany NY.

    I have also left a review on Trip Advisor

  • Tawanda says:

    “Supporting Today’s Working Travelers!”……. is what your website reads.

    Good evening Cassie McNamee,

    I’d like to bring to your attention the unsatisfactory and unsanitary condition of room 332, which was rented to me tonight for four nights.
    Upon entry, I inspected the bed as I always do. What I found under the mattress was both filthy and nasty. The photo and videos attached,
    shows hair, food, trash, and what looked to be small insects of some sort.

    This was my first time staying at your hotel, and needless to say, this first impression was a lasting one! I like most people travel all day, and expect
    to check into a CLEAN and sanitary room to lay my head. The amount of trash under this mattress shows that this room has not been deep cleaned in
    a very long time. I’m assuming there are no Housekeeping Supervisors to inspect your rooms, and this is why staff feel comfortable actually “making”
    a dirty bed???

    Needless to say, I packed up my things, and checked out, so a full and expeditious refunded is expected immediately.

    I plan to forward the images and videos on to your corporate team and perhaps the media.

  • Calvin says:

    Extended Stay America has properties listed on their website as fully renovated and non smoking when in fact they are not renovated at all and the rooms smell like smoke. They give you the runaround when trying to resolve room issues. They do not hold up there end of the bargain when it comes a guest simply getting what they paid for at least at the property I booked. Would not recommend.

  • Martinez. says:

    Plz need need union 1099 San Ignacio San Jose ca 95119

  • Martinez. says:

    There’s molds on the bathroom they don’t change the beds sheets . There’s many girls with boyfriend problems? They come in to the Rooms when they know there’s guest check in the Room with out asking it was the General Manager . To many kids out side in there cars in the middle of the night having oral sex for money ..

  • Rico Louis says:

    Went to check in – was told only room available had only 1 bed in it – told clerk my buddy and I are not sleeping together- was told would cancel and refund. Have waited for over 6 weeks for refund. Did not stay in the room but was charged for it. Ridiculous and unbending.

  • Fs says:

    Oh ya, if you want some ideas, how you can effectively do a good job in your so call housekeeping department, call me up. Make things easier, for employees, and clients. Isn’t that what you want, happy people

  • Employee says:

    FS. I worked for four days, at two locations in the western burbs of Chicago. Never enough linens, towel. I cleaned check outs only to go back later to put bedding on. Really. I have clean private homes for over twenty years. When I go to a hotel I accept it to b cleaner then my house. And you can’t do that with only 30 minutes a room. Disgusting. And doing housekeeping for extended clients, they told me come when u can do the bedding and cleaning together. Can’t blame them. I want to go to a room and take my time and do it right the first time. And not have to come back. And your place in downers grove Illinois, their break room refrigerator was disgusting a lab project. And it also had beer in a company refrigerator. Remember what Richard Branson said:
    “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees,they willtakecareof the clients.
    Knowing what I have witnessed there I would never stay at one.

    • Fs says:

      Wouldn’t b a bad place to work, if they let you clean the. Rooms and not do a half ass jobs, and I’m sure they r paying the non English speaking people a lot less. Maybe a investigation into your business practice would b called for. Like boss undercover, or the i-team probe.

  • beckie says:

    I was hurt and had a filth room was promised a rom anywere all I had to call in to customer service and I was told they couldn’t way to go …

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