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  • Meshell J Calderon says:

    I work for atb. The treatment as a store manager, by a supervisor that has made the work place a hostile work environment. To the point retaliation and fear tactics, along having choose between my job and public health safety. Has gone to far. I am making you aware of this, because I am being accused of abandonment of a store for being sick. Which I notified my boss and several other employees at the beginning day was sick. Then even after finding had covid and still no response from anyone. Until I closed store 30 minutes early. Then and only did I get a call and accused of abandonment of the store and only when caught abandonment did I mention I had covid. I have ever single call texts to prove that not did know was sick all week but they about me having covid before I started my shift. I am being made to show to work today and the or else and I suppose to sign a document stating I was in the wrong. There so many laws being broken against me. The family law act is very clear on being paid for the 2 weeks of isolated ones self due to an illness. Especially since I got from work. Also EEOC is a very about the hostile work environment. I have spoken to an personal injury and employment attorney. Plus I have all the information to back it up. Your supervisor that works in the Highlands Ranch district, Abby will never the amount of mental,emotional and health torture she has put me through. I have covid and by law I don’t even have to prove it. However I still have to be at work today and I am right now as we speak running a fever of a 104.2. I am scared of what is going to happen when I get to work. That I have not been able to get any sleep, eat, go get medication because I was made to feels as I was a lier and if my cars or I my house that she would have me arrested for abandonment, and she say it but it was implied. So I am not signing any documents and I hope that for public safety you know I did right. And I should not be terminated for saying anything. Or speaking to an attorney about my rights. Also when does it become legal to assume somebody quit cause there and proceed to start the process of deleting your accounts. Like for payroll. By the way it’s legal to change a person time cocktail if they have worked. Even for training you all owe for not 64 hrs but 84 hours. Also please understand that things need to change in the store. You can’t single one person and make point right now I should not be scared. However the employees who have stolen from customers, stolen from the company who have left the store closed or just left. Are all still there and can be rehired. I am being treated with fullest of hostility so I will quit. I was not made welcome from the beginning. It made multiple times that I was the first outsourced Manger and nobody wanted it. I have been targeted, accused, threatened, reprimanded and being wrote up. With notice I don’t show up to work I will be terminated, because I was already on strike2 out of the gate. So yes I am scared and I am traumatized. I have suffered immensely in the 3 weeks I have been with this company. When I spoke to the attorney he pointed out that I have a very strong right to be able to be comfortable in my work environment. You all this if don’t remember we all trained for I have the files on everything I am telling that you have done. So why would you trains us not do it then turnaround and do it. It’s all the on boarding material. But I know I have have s legal claim. All this should never happened. I wanted this job. I quit the insurance business for you all I took a drastic cut in pay. But I believed in this company. One more thing I want to let that I gave your company a huge advantage because of being published in Who’s Who of America I mentioned your company and how honored I was. But I had to contacted them back. Because what I am going. Besides you all fire me and I advertise for you all. I feel like I shouldn’t of said anything. But I found out on thrusday I was being published and all heck broke loose the next day. There are of poor grammar and misspelling sorry for that. But I can barely see keys I am so sick.

  • Becca says:

    One night when I was tanning in one of the beds my bed shut off after tanning. I opened the bed to get out and the lights shut off in the building. I stumbled around getting dressed and left the room. The employee told me she wanted to hurry up and go home and did not want to go turn the lights off after I left the building. Is this apart of your policy?

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