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Zips Dry Cleaner
  • Address: 7474 Greenway Center Dr., #1200
     Greenbelt, MD 20770 
  • Phone Number:  (202) 686-8495
  • Fax Number: N/A
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    Email:  N/A        
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    Number of Employees: ​N/A 
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    Established: 1996
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    Founder: N/A
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    Key People: Reid Bechtle (CEO)

Zips Dry Cleaners Headquarters Location

Zips Dry Cleaners Headquarters Executive Team



Reid Bechtle

CEO & Director

Zips Dry Cleaners History and Headquarters Information

It was not until 2002 that the world knew Zips Dry Cleaners. Originally, they were separate dry cleaning stores. Then, they come together to add a special touch to the world of dry cleaning. The company is currently possessing more than 50 stores all over the country. There are plans for expansion too.

There are stores in Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio. You can use their services if you are living in Maryland or Indiana. No need to forget that you can find 3 places in California. The company is specialized in dry cleaning services. They offer fulfilling your dry cleaning needs in the same day. If you want to have this, you need to stop by the store before 9am. You will have your clothes by 5 pm.

The business is also committed to protecting the environment. This is due to their use of green and eco-friendly cleaning products. They are even using totally bio gradable plastic bags. This is a general policy in all stores. 

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  • Ella Green says:

    11-1-19 I brought my comforter to Zips in Pikesville. 11-5-19 I came to the agency and was told that no one could find my comforter (Hotel Collection). Talked to Jackie who stated that she was the supervisor and told me that the higher up person was Gary Alston. I obtained the phone number and Jackie told me that she will have Mr. Alston to contact me. I have not heard from Mr. Alston yet. 11-6-19 I went to the agency again. Jackie told me to come back 11-7-19 but I gave them another day to locate my comforter. 11-8-19 I went to the agency again and Jackie informed me that they can not find the comforter and Mr. Alston will contact me tomorrow 11-9-19 which was Saturday. I called the agency 11-11-19 and talked to Sarai and asked to speak to Mr. Alston and Sarai stated that Mr. Alston was not there.
    I asked to speak to Jackie and Sarai told me that Jackie was not available. I have given this agency many services but now I am disappointed with the agency and the brand. I need for someone high in administration to contact me at 443-452-3391. Ella Green

  • Robin Thompson says:

    Good day,

    I tried to send an email with my receipt attached but was unable to. The jacket is BRAND NEW and only need to be pressed, which is on the receipt.  When I picked it up this evening, it was as wrinkled as it was when I brought it in.  The reason I was given is that because there are so many clothes on the rack, that is the reason it was still wrinkled.  I couldn’t believe I was told this.  I find this rationale not just unbelievable, but extremely unacceptable.  I’ve brought in six pair of pants over the past two weeks and all of them were cleaned and pressed beautifully.  

    I could have saved myself the $2.29 and ironed the jacket myself, which is what I’m going to have to do.  I wanted it professionally pressed, however, this location clearly is not able to do that.

    This is to inform of you the level of service, or in this case lack thereof, that is being provided at this location.  I will not bring any more of my jackets here again since it seems this location cannot professionally press them.

    Very unhappy and dissatisfied customer,

    Robin Thompson

  • Judy B. says:

    On March 29, 2019 at 9:21 am I dropped of one dress, 2 pants, 1 jacket and 1 shirt off to be cleaned at the Glen Burnie location. Today April 19th I went into the store to pickup my clothes and to drop off more. After ringing up my clothes I was informed that payment was cash only as their system was down. I told the cashier to just give me back my items to be cleaned and I would pickup my prior order. When she brought my clothes the dress was not covered. When asked why I was told it had been rejected most likely because it was white and black and it could bleed. I don’t think it says much about ZIPs cleaning process if they can’t do a service without ruining the clothing. I then ask to speak to a manager. When he arrived obviously frazzled, I ask why I wasn’t called to let me know the dress was a problem or advised of this at the time I dropped the dress off. His response was that I was corrected on both issues and he was sorry. They had over two weeks to contact me but couldn’t be bothered. I needed my dress for a wedding tonite! Naturally I left the store angry and frustrated! As I started to drive away I realized that I had paid to have the dress cleaned so I went back. When I ask for my money back I was told they couldn’t give it back cause their system was down and couldn’t tell me when I could get it back! So not only was my dress not cleaned but I would have to wait for my money. What a racket! If their was a level below poor that would be what I would give the Glen Burnie location! On their web page they say quality service and I say that is a down right lie! If you want to stay in business, I strongly suggest you make some changes to this location! BTW I tried to reach out to the Glen Burnie store at around 3:30 to get a contact name and number for a regional/district manager to call but the phone went to voice mail. I doubt I get a call back!

  • Chris Wrzesinski says:

    Hello i use to work at s.lamar austin tx and i was told i was getting my w2 mailed to me and here it is January 21st and i still have not received it, i have texted Jason regarding this issue and he seems to be ignoring the issue so i have went through employees to find out what is going on, this is getting really annoying, please let me know something asap or maybe you can tell me who i can contact about this issue! I do need to file my taxes just like everyone else! Thank you!

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