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  • Address: 35 Thomson Place Boston, MA 02210 United States
  • Phone Number: 617-995-4231
  • Fax Number: 617-995-4300
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    Email: N/A         
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    Number of Employees: over 500 
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    Established: 2000
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    Founder: Antje Danielson,Robin Chase
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    Key People: Tracey Zhen (President)

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Ms. Tracey Zhen


Kaye E. Ceille


David Piperno


Nicholas Cole


Zipcar History and Headquarters Information

Headquarted in Boston, Massachusetts, Zipcar was incorporated by Robin Chase and Antje Danielson in 2000. It all started with a purpose to make cities better places to live. By the year 2016, they served 1 million members across 500 cities in 9 different countries and offered approximately 10,000 vehicles in the United States, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Zipcar, also known as Zipsters is America’s leading car-sharing company that offers automobile rentals to its customers who have a membership. It is owned by Avis Budget Group. The cars that are rented are chargeable on an hourly or daily basis and members can choose from the 50 different models. When someone books a car, he will be provided with an access card to open the car.

The members have access to check vehicle availability and reserve a self-service. This can be done via the internet, mobile app, or telephone, and that too at any time, either immediately or up to a year in advance. Zipcar vehicles can be tracked easily using in-car technology. It is well-known as a cost-saving alternative for employee travel. It also joined hands with 600 colleges and universities across North America.

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  • Janet says:

    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use this service. They are unreliable and a scam, over charging for their error, unwillingly to correct it and refund money they have illegally taken, even with evidence using their email receipts. Beyond disgusted with their lack of customer service.

  • silver says:

    I had this company for a long time and they are horrid. I rented a car last week it was filthy, had personal belongings in it and was unlocked when I got it. I tried to explain this to the representative and he didnt want to hear it. I wanted to change the car. I hardly drove it as I had it in the storage facility. He finally gave me an extension until 4:30 . I got out of my destination lication and the car wouldnt start . Alot of times you cant understand the customer service representative of they leave you on hold for extensive periods of tike. When I went to bring the car back to the zip car home the car wouldnt start. They denied the got gave me an extension and they wouldnt unlock the car . I had to leave and had other things to do so I left the car. Not only did they cancel my membership they charged me 400 and called me DISRUPTIVE. This is a very strong lie and defamation . Where do they come off calling me names and cancellineg me . I did nothing wrong . They should be embarrassed and I am reporting them to local news papers , and tv news . They should be ashambed of themselves

  • Anonymous says:

    In my opinion, people need to leave this business alone. Clearly, they scam their patrons with their deceptive business practices. They practice consumer fraud, at best. File formal complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), your State Attorney General, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

  • Jaymia Davis says:

    Let me start with I’ve been paying this monthly fee since may and this was my first time actually trying to use this company.
    I am on vacation in Miami, I booked a car the day before pickup. Took a cab down to pick up the rental car for the car not even be there. I looked around for a while then called customer service. I was told the car was not dropped off to the location and the next one was 30 mins away walking… excuse me sir are you suggesting I walk to get to another car. Long story short I was late for an appointment. And had to pay for two Ubers. Asked for a refund that won’t hit my account for 5 business days. I think this was so unprofessional and extremely bad business.

    • Tyeshia Coleman says:

      Yes they sent me to a car that was completely not useable, need mechanical work and the car battery was dead , then suggested I walk across town for the next available car. I payed $10 out of pocket to get there … no reimbursement.
      The 2nd car had no gas card and was told I would get reimbursed for the gas . Now I spend another $45 for gas that they won’t honor as promised . 😡🤬

  • Chris Morgan says:

    I was charged a late fee for an application error

  • Osorio - really hurt by their actions says:

    Around the beginning for the year – I decided to open account with Zipcar, I entered my information and was told I couldn’t become a member cause of a invalid Drivers license – I submitted the Selfie and valid Drivers License via email and still the system repeated the same notice.

    I called Zipcar customer service – to repeat the process of five times – moved the complaint towards a supervisor and received the same robotic message regarding my license being invalid – I explained to the Customer Service Agent that a few years ago I was a victim of Identity theft, at the height of the Pandemic, and I noticed on my credit report a collection action from Zipcar.

    After a few weeks explaining and no response from Zipcar, I reached out again to customer service for assistance and provided them with documentation I received from law enforcement and local governing entities. After a long correspondence with Mr. Rawson gave his final decision – stating “do due System updates, not able to open account under my Drivers license”. Which is completely unjust, I have lost potential income behind this ordeal. I even asked Mr. Rawson (via email) was I banned, all he stated me to resend all of my Identification and supporting documentation & received the same robotic message of denial.

    What new system update doesn’t allow you to prove your innocence for a situation outside of personal control – again feel victimized all over again for someone else’s actions.

    I feel victimized again – I have all the email threads to proving my statement on this open platform.

    Not Kool Zipcar Not Kool – Lost a Great Position Behind this ordeal – Thanks Again

  • Queen Smith says:

    I’m going to the news! I have been waiting since 08/12/2022 for a refund.
    I paid for a Zipcar for the day and bought insurance so it came to $187.72. The customer prior decided at the last minute they wanted to extend their trip. I called ZIPCAR to find out what was going on when I didn’t see the Zipcar I paid for the day to rent. I then called into Zipcar customer service and I was told by a representative that a refund would be sent and I would see it back In my account in 3-5 business days. THEY NEVER SENT THE REFUND. Second week goes by. I call Zipcar and I was told it would be sent out. Another week goes by and I have to call into Zipcar numerous times before having to put in a dispute against them with my bank. Zipcar is taking customers money and never looking back. They also do not give two Fks about their customer. You better believe I’m getting my money back Zipcar and I’m also seeking legal action against this company.

  • Asia says:

    After reading most of these comments, i guess I’ll just stick to the BBB, have a great day everyone. Zipcar is a joke, I’ve only been a member for about a month, and have had problems for a whole month.

  • Shanee scullark says:

    Hello I’m shanee scullark and I just got my driver’s license January 3 2022 I applied for zipcar and I was rejected and didn’t know why one of you agent told me that it was because of my bank card now I had bank of america for 6 years and the first time I go for zipcar I can’t get a card I tryed to reapply rejected rejected you agents can’t help me so I’m coming to this page where we as citizens should be able to use your company that you advertise everyday at this point there is no one to help or hope and honestly people like me can’t afford to buy a car with such a big company that offer these resource and I’m band before I could even have a chance I’m a college student and need transportation to get around and can’t

  • Deborah Arroyo says:

    I was charged for a parking ticket and that ticket was given 3 days after my rental ended. I received an email that zip car only reimburse out of pocket expenses. This is not an out of pocket expense this is not even my expense. How does a vehicle get a parking ticket in the municipal parking zip car spot. That’s something that should be fought in court not charge a customer because it’s most convenient to your company. There is something not right about this. I should just contact 7 on your side and expose this company for the shaddy things it does.

    • Tyeshia Coleman says:

      Please do ! I will so back you up . They just robbed me for money they said they would reimburse me for gas . So because I paid with cash and provided a receipt, they won’t reimburse me although they know the card is missing 🤬😡

  • Dekilo Green says:

    First things first your customer service reps are very rude. Everytime I book a vehicle my reservation is being canceled unexpectedly or I would go and pick the car up the vehicle is not there. Before canceling a person reservation at least reach out because I normally try to book in advance. When you try to express yourself and explain how you feel about the situation they act like they don’t care.

  • Lisa says:

    The customer service is completely horrible. They make up lies. The representative don’t know what they are doing and they don’t understand nothing you say and dont give out correct information and they don’t understand nothing you say. Happy I didn’t give a dime of my money to this company

  • Mara says:

    I rented a van for a family trip. Once we picked up the van the first thing we noticed was the horrible smell, we tried cleaning, sanitizing and spraying it but no luck. The whole van was not in good shape. Scratches, dents, ripped seats but most of all just filthy. I had NO CHOICE but to use it. I had reservations and couldn’t get another car in short notice. I find this issue unresolved. A $30.00 credit is not acceptable given the conditions of the van. The smell we had to deal with was unbearable especially the children. We had to drive with the windows open In cold weather. To top it off we reeked of weed smell at the event we attended due to the conditions of the van. My KIDS smelled like weed!!
    To say the least I will NOT be renting with zipcar ever again!

  • Mz Mad Az Hell says:

    As I read all the comments (with no response), I feel like posting this is a waste of time. I feel like making a complaint it’s a waste of time. Screw it… I’ll do it anyway. I’m really thinking about canceling my account with ZipCar now. I reserved a car about 2 weeks ahead of time. They canceled my reservation a day before I needed the car. There was no real excuse. No phone call. I needed the car for my mother’s birthday. I went through hell trying to get another vehicle. Such an inconvenience. The slap in the face was the $30 credit that was given to me. Please, someone tell me what a $30 credit is going to do for me? ESPECIALLY if I’m thinking about canceling my account. That would’ve been the 2nd time reserving a ZipCar. The 1st time I reserved a ZipCar, it was actually dirty. I want to share the cars… not the germs. I also sent ZipCar photos of the dirty car. No response. I had to take it to the car wash myself. That deserves a $30 credit. . .DUH! Thank God for Enterprise!

  • Michelle says:

    This is the most UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE company I’ve ever dealt with. The car I got to drive was not up to standard. I had to put air in the tire, the oil level was 5% and the car did not drive well at all. I do NOT recommend

  • AT says:

    I would advise everyone to avoid this company. I have been a member for years and am about to quit. Cars are dirty, not maintained, locations often changed at the last minute and prices have increased dramatically. For my most recent booking, the car was NOT THERE. I was offered a car miles away that added 3 hours to my trip (vs canceling completely, meaning canceling my weekend plans).
    Customer service is a joke—hollow apologies, no recognition that they are disrupting people’s plans
    They were great early on. They don’t give a damn now.
    Stick to rental car agencies—at least they are reliable.

  • Alexandria Gill says:

    I’ve been going back and forth about being reimbursed for a dirty car. I told them I want a credit back to my card but am constantly being told I’m being given a ride credit after I told them I’m canceling my membership. So there won’t ever be another ride. I always have issues when I book a ride. Last time the tire almost came off as I was driving. Luckily I was close enough to take it back because I could’ve seriously been hurt. So the fact that it’s COVID and the car was in the condition it was and your representatives don’t care tells me I’m doing the right thing by canceling my membership. I will continue to call or email whoever I have to until I am compensated properly and we can go out separate ways.

  • Vernon L Smith says:

    I have been a member since 2012. But since the pandemic, things with zipcar here in Philadelphia has gotten out of hand. The cars are just about always dirty, damaged, keyfobs missing, gas cards missing, most cars are in need of maintenance. And we are being over charged and scammed out of our money for mistakes staff members make. They are taking our money, but not reimbursing what owned to us. (New staff members especially) are to blame. I’ve been trying to deal with it until now. My next step is legal action. I’m going through the chain of command in hopes of resulting the issues. This is my first time reaching out to you,hoping for a positive response. Thank you in advance

  • Edward j leonor says:

    Just spoke to rep named ray no I’d number no rep number nothing to verify him other than ray laughing Everytime I ask why should I be charged , regarding a membership fee that was never charged to my account a month later they want to charge me after I tell them I no longer need there service due to it being way to expensive I was on hold for bout 40min to an hr only for them to say I probably had an insufficient bank account when my bank statements show other wise I shouldnt be charged for a mistake that was made by Zipcar there no courtesy from these ppl what so ever would not recommend to anyone

  • Maurice Lennon says:

    I have experience constant unprofessional and rudeness from zipcar customer service reps. I now have a overdue balance of $150 because the reps are intentional keeping me on hold past my end reservation time so I can be charged and unable to book another reservation unless I pay. They refuse to transfer the call to supervisors and tell me I have to wait up to a week to have the situation resolved. I’ve spent thousands of dollars with this company only to be treated poorly!

  • Eric says:

    I have had an account for 10 years and, for the first time since Covid, I have been trying to book a car for two days now – no success and no adequate customer service help either. Allegedly, there has been an update and my ability to book a car frozen by a technical glitch.

  • PGeorge says:

    Why will no one answer the phones? Why have you changed the site which now does not allow customers to freely see what cars are available at multiple locations- (Atllanta) the old site allowed this and was very user friendly. This feature is important considering I have been on hold waiting for someone to answer for an hour now?

  • Winsome Rose says:

    This is crazy. Please tell me why I applied for a Zip Car back in February and some how you people manage to mess up my application. I received a letter stating my driving record is bad I might have DUI or Ticket Violations so in am not allowed to get a zip car. I have been driving for 9 yrs with NOT ONE TICKET OR VIOLATION I went as far as to check with DMV and there is NOTHING on my license. Some how you ppl manage to mix my information up with someone from UK. Now it is June and you ppl still can’t fix this problem the last email I received was in May saying I am never allowed to rent from Zip car ever again. Forget about calling customer service one day I was on hold for OVER 2 HOURS and no one picked up. How can you conduct business in this way? I am so frustrated and upset with you ppl. Shame on you. I think my next step is to report you guys to BBB. So sad that someone has to go thru this.

  • Tom says:

    I have called your customer “service” number several times in an attempt to cancel my membership, but have been unable to connect with anyone, nor have I received a call back. Should not be this difficult to cancel a membership. Quite frankly this poor customer service makes me want to cancel my membership even more.



  • Sonia S says:

    I am highly frustrated as you have cancelled my car without even waiting for me to return it. As a result, it won’t start as you have marked my trip complete. How is this possible? Do you not care about your vehicles? The car is sitting at the side of the road in another borough. I have tried for 24 hours to get hold of a representative by email and phone with no success. I had to take a taxi home. I will not be responsible for any damages to the vehicle that has been left unattended due to your lack of service.I also wish to cancel my membership immediately.

  • David Vegni says:

    Hello , I had zipcar card so I m registered .
    I lose my card I try to open again with different bank accont , but zipcar stop me say :- ‘We already have a Zipcar member with that driver’s licence’-. So I can’t go ahead with my new registration !
    Could you help me?
    Mr. David Vegni
    phone number : +447946529540
    email: davidvegni@yahoo.it

  • Terry says:


  • Tiffany Davis says:

    Today was my first time doing Zipcar for my rental needs. It was the worst experience that I ever had.
    Two of the cars was beyond dirty and it smelled like smoke and my fiancé has asthma so the original vehicle I booked I can’t use, the second vehicle was dirty as well and plus it was making noise like if the transmission was going to give out once on the road. I had to travel to another location for vehicles that was any good. So the third vehicle that I HAD to take wasn’t any better.
    I have taken pictures of both vehicles.
    The representative she tried to help me out as much as she can but was unsuccessful in the process of doing so.

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