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  • Address: 1040 Founders Blvd, Athens, GA 30606, USA
  • Phone Number: 706-353-8107
  • Fax Number: 706-433-2330
  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1990
  • Founder: Zach McLeroy, Tony Townley
  • Key People: Zach McLeroy (Co-Founder & CEO)

Zaxby's Headquarters Location

 Zaxby's Headquarters Executive Team



Robert Baxley

Chief Operating Officer

Tony Townley

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

Blake Bailey

Chief Financial Officer

Zaxby's History and Headquarters Information

Are you tired of eating from the same fast food chain repeatedly? Well, then you should try something different, like Zaxbys! This fast-food chain is the best when it comes to chicken. They offer chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, salads, and etc.

This company has been running for almost 3 decades already! They are over in 800 locations, which make it very convenient for their customers. With their one of a kind blend to their chicken, they can surely satisfy your cravings like no other! You won’t be able to get enough of their sauces. You’d definitely comeback for more.

If you are in need for party foods, they would be perfect. This company offers catering services. With their food in your party, it will surely rock and provide everyone a good time. So, if you want to check them out, they are headquartered in Athens, Georgia, U.S.

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  • Amanda Lindsey says:

    My name is amanda lindsey and i am a former employee i have been trying to get my w2s since januaty i have called heafquarters countless timed and nothing

  • Peggy says:

    Everyone needs to be aware that zaxby’s will double charge you for your food and not give it back after you prove the error

  • Christinia says:

    This location and all the other locations the owner owns allows managers to fratinize with employees to the point where he had a 16 year old girlfriend at the time run away to live with him and the owner is ok with this!!

  • Christinia says:

    They say no relationships between coworkers and the one I work at the gym and asst manager are together and promoted a friend of theirs cause she knew the truth and that was to keep it quiet!

  • David Thurmond says:

    Re:Guest check # 3437 Aug. 17, 219 5:04 p.m.
    Zaxby’s franchise located at 2316 Panola Road, Lithonia, Ga. 30058
    Dear Mr. Tony Townley: I placed an order coming to $31.01 with tax. Just as I was handed my receipt, I reviewed it and noticed no senior citizen discount (my DOB is 8-17-51 and I look my age). I inquired of the clerk if Zaxby’s had a senior citizen discount. She said yes, 10%, but she didn’t believe I could get it now that they had my order input. I asked for the manager and he said she was right. As they had my money, I could not get a senior citizen discount. Stated they do not solicity senior citizen discounts for elders so you must ask for it before paying for your order. Stated he did not care if I contacted home office as they would tell me the same thing. I politely took my order and left. I will, however, never recommend or shop at Zaxby’s again if you confirm this to be true. I can not support a business that has no respect for elders! (Also, when I got home, I found my order had missing item that I had expressly asked about and verified came with the main order.)

    • Robert Captus says:

      and we wonder why our society’s youth is so entitled. The greatest generation (those born between 1901-1924) unintentionally produced the most entitled generation in human history, the boomers, who have brought our culture government defining religious institutions, socialism, and postmodernism. Granted, the clerk should’ve just given you the 10% from their own pocket if was not possible to open the register (since it’s controlled via POS software). But to make a point to say you’ll never “shop at a Zaxby’s again” sounds like my kids when they were 3 and 5 years old. Your first world problems are so trivial. Please travel outside of your self-made kingdom where you’re god of your single family dwelling to get some perspective man. People are struggling with real issues and here you are complaining about fast food service.

  • Arleen Wesley says:

    I went to your Zaxby in Jacksonville AR. I typically go during hours of 1:30 or about 2:00 (lunch), I was wondering if it would be so hard for them to serve fresh food? No discount are applied for old food. Meals costing close to $8.00 we do expect it to be fresh. I will no longer go to your establishment for lunch.
    Another thing, how is that the bread is so stale on the Nib meal?

  • ex customer says:

    my order was prepared for a dog. fries cold, sandwich messy, and customer service stinks

  • Darwin McLeod says:

    Shitty. Not clean. Too many blacks working there.

  • >