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Are you tired of eating from the same fast food chain repeatedly? Well, then you should try something different, like Zaxbys! This fast-food chain is the best when it comes to chicken. They offer chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, salads, and etc.

This company has been running for almost 3 decades already! They are over in 800 locations, which make it very convenient for their customers. With their one of a kind blend to their chicken, they can surely satisfy your cravings like no other! You won’t be able to get enough of their sauces. You’d definitely comeback for more.

If you are in need for party foods, they would be perfect. This company offers catering services. With their food in your party, it will surely rock and provide everyone a good time. So, if you want to check them out, they are headquartered in Athens, Georgia, U.S.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble figuring out if there’s a Human Resources department for employees. Is there someone I should contact for problems with my employer?

  • Linda Willis says:

    I have tried to call Zaxbys on East Blvd. in Gastonia, NC for a long time and they won’t answer me.

  • Mike West says:

    Your Perry GA Restaurant need immediate attention. I ordered (159389751) the No. 1 meal and a child meal. The fries and chicken were flushed with excessive salt to the point you can’t eat them. I have never experienced food to this poor quality at any of your restaurants.

  • Mike West says:

    Your Perry GA Restaurant need immediate attention. I ordered (RDE 159389751) the No. 1 meal and a child meal. The fries and chicken were flushed with excessive salt to the point you can’t eat them. I have never experienced food to this poor quality at any of your restaurants.

  • Imogen neeves says:

    My paycheck was not deposited in my account i got a paycheck stub and no money the store manager was of no help. Why are you stealing my money

  • Jim says:

    Stopped serving carrots. Then stopped with the celery, onion rings, chips. And last straw is no more Thousand Island dressing. Are your cuts saving you enough money to make up for lost customers?

  • Julie O’Neal says:

    I am tired of paying for fries and getting a child’s handful. I am there couple times a week. Today for example showed me that I am getting a child’s handful of fries and then the end of the fries in the fry basket. I may have to leave you all and go with Chick Fillet they never skimp on there fries and I never get the dregs of the fries either.

  • gordon jacobs says:

    While most responsible companies in America are researching way to reduce plastic why has Zaxby’s started ADDING plastic putting sauces and napkins into a small plastic bag?

  • Lisa Jammack says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I usually enjoy eating at your restaurant but on Saturday June 24, 2023 at 7:30pm. My husband and myself ate at your restaurant in Roanoke Rapids North Carolina 27870. We ordered our meal and really did not look around but the employees acted like they did not care if they waited on us or not. Then I went to get a table OMG every table was dirty except one small booth . The floor was horrible the Soda fountain did not work they had tea but the whole counter had not been cleaned no napkins dirty terrible no condiments to be found. After looking around all trash cans were overflowing The doors were so nasty . I really felt uncomfortable the music was so loud with only soul music playing. I usually do not do this sort of thing but I felt someone need to. Check on this restaurant it is going down and I really like the food but will not eat there for a while scared my food will not be sanitary. Than you listening to my complaint but please have someone check this out.

    Sincerely LisaHammack

  • Deborah says:

    I live in North Augusta, SC and we love Zaxby’s but have quit going because the dining room is not open anymore. We have 2 locations but the one closest to us is the one that doesn’t open the dining room and closes a lot times before 8:00 o’clock. It is the one at exit 5 on interstate 20. I don’t know anyone who tries to go there. It is a shame. I just wondered if the main office is aware is this. It has been like this for several months.

  • Kathryn says:

    Store in Savannah, Ga
    Montgomery Crossroads literally is the absolute worst service and slower than anything I’ve seen at a Zaxbys!!!! As I sit and wait after being asked to park away from the pick up window, along with 8 other cars. We are all waiting.. then employees come out and don’t even know who has what order, walking around asking
    “Did you order this”?!?!
    No care or apologies.. nothing!!!
    Someone from corporate needs to look into this store..
    This is absolutely ridiculous..

  • Susan Burnett says:

    Very disappointed that we no longer have the opportunity to purchase egg rolls separately from the Asian salad. Seems to me if something is popular & sales good, you would keep it on the menu & available for us to purchase. Is there any explanation for this decision?

  • Guest says:

    It’s a Zaxby’s in South Carolina, 821 Knox Abbott they need to be shut down there customer service is bad, food is nasty. Yesterday my co-worker order the wings and things meal and her wings were soggy and tasted old and her tenders looked mole inside which is nasty.

  • Sad Departure says:

    The location in Milledgeville has went down hill because of hiring and lack of effort. The employees they do have that are good, bless them because they are a dime a dozen, but they are there. The gentleman with the blonde dreads who threatened to beat me up by violently snatching off his sweater because I wanted to cancel my order for waiting for 20 minutes as people steadily got their orders around me was very unprofessional, as was the manager who refused his name when I stayed I was reaching out to corporate. As a customer who used to loved this chain, I think I will just take my business up the road to huey magoos. Too bad they were closed today.

  • Enise says:

    The manager on Dorchester Road is disrespectful rude and down talks employees she’s mad because she’s a fat ugly person inside and out!

  • Electra says:

    I would like to report someone at zaxby’s on wheeler rd

  • Thomas m Smith says:

    Is there a problem with payroll….waiting for my direct deposit..usually posted by this time

  • Jason Barlow says:

    I’m sending you this email to in form you of my experience ordering from the Zaxby’s restaurant located in Bainbridge, Georgia.

    I placed by order # 134212136835731 on October 16,2020, at 1217pm on my Zaxbys mobile app. I arrived at the restaurant at 120pm to pickup my order. When I arrived the cashier had to find my order so they could make it. I waited for them to make the order from 120pm to 150pm. During this time I watched several orders prepared and handed out to customers before and after me.

    Normally I don’t make any complaints about food service but what bothered me the most today was I made my order at 12:17 pm and didn’t receive it till 1:50pm so I had to wait for 1:43 minutes to receive my food that I had already paid $31.82 for.

    I sorry for having to bring this to your attention but I believe this is worth notifying you about.

  • Robyn S says:

    This location is in Winter Haven Florida on 6th street. I eat at Zaxby’s with my children 1 to 2 times a week at minimum. I never have had a problem even when the young people are working there was a manager that made sure things ran smoothly and I don’t
    know her name unfortunately.

    Today when we went to Zaxby’s the soda machine was out and only sweet tea was available which I understand that was out of their control. When I got to the window and was given my food I noticed that my salad was made grilled and Instead of
    crispy and there were barley any onions. The cashier was nice about it I heard her tell who I assume was a manager the mistake and they asked if I wanted a whole new salad or just more chicken. then I heard the manager say extra onions will be extra.

    I asked the Cashier if there was any hospitality to look at the amount of onions on my salad since I couldn’t have sodas that I paid for in my combos because there was only sweet tea and I don’t drink sweet tea. The manager Christina came
    to the window and said “we can’t do anything about our sodas machine sorryâ€rolled her eyes and close the window in my face before I was able to respond.

    I understand you can’t help that the machine broke down but she was the way a manger should be. She should have shown more hospitality since they did not have what was supposed to be included in my meal and also made my food wrong. And to top
    it off the amount of chicken that they gave for the salad replacement was barely more than one tender for a whole salad.

    I really love the food but I also love the usual crew who are always great but this new person who is supposed to be a manager was not in line with your service values.
    I have pictures and my receipt from 10/13/2022

    Robyn S

  • Felicia Jones says:

    My daughter isn’t feeling well after drinking a fountain drink from Zaxby’s on Mahan here in Tallahassee, FL. it had something floating around in it that looks like a worm either way it goes it’s nasty and disgusting. My daughter started throwing up after seeing whatever it was. I called Zaxby’s to speak with a manager and crew members was playing on the phone Andrew was suppose to come to the phone but I felt disrespected by whoever the crew member that answered the phone. This is something that needs to be taken very seriously especially when someone gets sick.

  • Edward anayansi dufour says:

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  • Edward anayansi dufour says:

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  • JJ says:

    The Zaxbys in Knightsville SC is the most poorly ran store I’ve been in, I try to avoid it at all cost but because I needed food for my granddaughter she wanted their nuggets I said ok I’ll try it, I pulled in the drive thru and ordered her food and a order of fried pickles she rang me up and came back to the window and said they’re dropping you fresh pickles can you pull over there after 10 mins already being in line I said ok so after 20 minutes the young girl came out and said they didn’t park you I said what does that mean my food isn’t ready, she said no but what did you order, I was like really and I told her, so 5 mins later she came out and said mam I don’t know what’s going in there I said I really needed food but just refund my money 10 mins later and agitated I went in to get my money and no one would even look at me so I said towards them can I have my money, the manager was cooking and standing there and says to me mam our system went down which had to be a lie because he was putting orders in the window steady and he raised his voice at me and I asked him not to and then he said to me well you came up here with an attitude and the only thing I had said was where’s my money I asked for the manager I didn’t realize he was so I asked him where his manager was he said I don’t have one at that point I started to break I said to him well your doing a shitty job and he let me know I was on camera like he was trying to intimidate me. 8 mins later another lady handed me my money and I thanked her and left. If they didn’t try to fill online, drive thru and dine in orders they could probably operate better. This is the 3rd time my order was not transferred to the kitchen or parked as she said. Done!

  • Brian Thompson says:

    North augusta on Knoxville Avenue SC .. all I will say is if you want to start your day off with low quality food, ignorant employees, flirting, being talked to like your stupid, hint of drug scent, alcohol scented employees, arguing outside, with a face full of vape smog. Then this is your cup of tea in the morning!

  • Robert Babcock says:

    Current employee of Zaxby’s. I am on the verge of being fired because I keep messing up at1 certain station. The managers say they don’t know how to help me and right now we have no General Manager. The store runs smoothly with a couple of call outs here and there but I don’t know how to fix my problem if no one wants to help me. Store 97 Preston circle Crawfordville FL

  • Lucy Hunt says:

    My daughter picked up our lunch today. I ordered a house salad and the chicken was burnt black on both sides. How can they not see that. Needless to say i couldnt eat it

  • Donald Adams says:

    Was treated very bad by the store assistant manager as I was asking for a military discount for my order. Plus my order was messed up wrong order. Snellville / Centerville store in Georgia.

  • Jeffery Purvis says:

    Hi my name is Jeffery Purvis. I ordered through door dash from your Zaxby’s in Monroe La. When door dashed delivered my meal she informed that yalls restaurant was out of ice. I ordered sweet tea. It was hot just like it was just brewed. But on top of that they give me unsweet tea. I don’t understand how you can be out of ice. And if your ice machine is broke why not go to one of the many ice machines we have in this town and buy some ice. I’m very disappointed. Mgpurvis1977@gmail.com

  • Linda Monday says:

    Your tenders are clearly wing meat now.

  • Linda Monday says:

    My food is burnt and looks bitten. Gross. Wrong sauce. 3 orders of garbage. What happened to zaxbys?

  • Equilla Yeargin says:

    My stepson worked at the location in Anderson SC on Clemson Blvd. He worked for 7 hours and asked the manager Chloe could he take a break and he was told to shut the fuck up and starve. She did not let him break at all. What type of manager would tell a child this. Managers are suppose to be leaders and roll models to their employees. This behavior displayed from the manager there is unacceptable and is shame that she or he, whatever it’s gender would talk to child in this manner. It’s also very inappropriate for this manager to ask my son to bend over so she can look at his rear end. I will be looking into this matter further, legally.

  • Sherri says:

    Wow! We just spent 10 minutes trying to place an order at Zaxby’s at 2901 Mahan Drive in Tallahassee Florida. I was being very patient and repeated my order over and over because the employee was obviously new. She would repeat our order and it was different than what we said every time so I would clearly repeat what we wanted…this happened over and over. She called someone over to help and again repeated a completely wrong order. When I tried to clearly and calmly repeat our order again so he could help her he asked why I was talking that way. I was confused and just said that I just wanted to be clear. I was calm (although starting to feel like I was being punked!) He again accused me of ‘talking that way’. I told my husband that we would just go somewhere else for lunch. He told us to leave and that he didn’t have to serve us. JUST LEAVE! GO! I have never seen such incompetence and rudeness! There were plenty of employees and nobody else in the restaurant! I think these hard working fast food workers need a raise!! 🙄

  • Roxy says:

    Please do not discontinue the 1000 Island dressing!! Went to 3 Zaxby’s location only to be told this is no longer an option. I only eat the grilled cobb salad with this dressing, I tried Ranch and Honey mustard and they were a no-go. Please reconsider and bring this dressing back

    • Shawn says:

      Agreed, my favorite thing to get anywhere was a fried house with 1000 island and a side of tonguetorch. I will go a step further than requesting that they reconsider it. I am not going to eat there anymore period until they bring it back, even if that means never again. I spent at least $1500 a year eating at Zaxby’s, maybe more. If you figure that each pack of dressing costs 10 cents to make, they could throw away 15000 packs and still break even just on me alone. So, what gives. This is a slap in my face as someone that has patronized your establishment for about 15 or 20 years. Join me in the boycott of Zaxby’s until the 1000 island is returned to the menu. I ate at Culver’s today and it was great!!

  • Sarah says:

    Just waited 30 minutes in a drive through line in Athens Ga (near alps rd) for them to said they are out of fingers. Is this how you run a store? Really!

  • Alesia R says:

    horrible experience at the Zaxby’s located at 7035 Councourse Pkwy, Douglasville Ga. On 6/21/22, I placed an order through the app to pick up on my way home. At approximately 12:24 pm I arrived at the location and my food was not ready. I waited 10 minutes and checked still no food. I asked about the order they said they were short staffed yet I counted 6 people behind the counter. They had no eta on when my order would be ready. I waited another 10 minutes while they argued in the corner about who’s supposed to be doing what. I asked for a refund and the manager had a nasty attitude saying she couldn’t give me a refund for orders placed through the app. She said she could send the email to levelup and it’ll take 48 hours. I am still waiting for my refund. I contacted the corporate office in Athens and spoke with customer service about this experience twice. Each time I’ve given them all the information needed yet still I’ve not gotten my $29.27 back. I have filled out the contact us form twice and still no refund. This is bad business and I’m less likely to ever eat at Zaxby’s again because of this experience. I guess they can just keep my money since no one seems to be interested in refunding me. I have no idea if you or anyone will even get or read this email if I’m even emailing the correct person.


    Loyal customer no longer

    • sheyrl.morioka@gmail.com says:

      Wow, they must do better.or get out the business. Corporations should be held to a standard.They need to bring in management teams.I am concerned. And they need some serious help.

  • Pamela C says:

    My problem is with the Talladega restaurant it’s not the customers problem that the restaurant be out of small lids for the kids meal.They want to charge the customer extra for a medium drink not the customer problem they should keep up with inventory on when to order what the restaurant need.

  • Roland says:

    I stop in for dinner at 8:00 p.m. the Lexington SC location located on Sunset Blvd in front of Lowe’s. I was informed they had no salad or french fries and coke was not working.

  • Albert Thomas says:

    I recently visited your store at 6747 North Church Street mulberry Florida I wasn’t pleased with the service normally they hand you your food through this little window inside but this particular day they handed my food from around the wall and when I asked to talk to Tracy A number 62 she refused to talk to me on why they proceeded to hand me my food from around the wall instead through the opening in the lobby could I please have someone to contact the store and talk to the manager my name is Al my phone number is 863-529-3744 my email address is sturoc2409@gmail.com

  • Monica Renfroe says:

    Reading all the other comments I can see Zaxby’s has gone downhill. I ordered a Black and Blue salad along with a grilled kiddie finger tonight from my local Zaxby’s. The salad was so little, hardly no blue cheese, maybe one chicken finger on it. If I’m paying 9.19 for a salad at least make it worth the money. Then the kiddie finger meal had a chicken finger already chopped up in the container with fries. I guess they were going to use that for the salad but then maybe they didn’t want to cook more chicken for the meal. Spoke to the manager who sounds like a 16 year old kid and he says they will replace our meal. Will probably be my last visit there. I’ll choose local places to support instead of this. Also, when you let kids manage kids it doesn’t work out too well for your business. Three associates just playing around talking at the drive thru window. I guess they are just there to earn a paycheck but not do any work.

  • N. CURRY says:


  • Henry Bowman says:

    We have a Zaxby’s on Highway 1 North in Shreveport Louisiana. This location has got to be the worst managed location there is. It might be open & it might not be open. We’ve stopped by at 6:00 PM before and it would be closed. We stopped by Wednesday evening at 8:30 and it was closed. Good food / Horrible service.

  • Paul Martin says:

    Please reconsider your unisex bathrooms! My wife walked into a restroom with a urinal!! There could have been a man urinating when she walked in! Door was not locked!!!!! We will not visit your restaurant until they are mens and woman’s!! Praying for America! God’s wrath will stop this evil in His time! Pray and give your life to Jesus now!

  • Allen Gaines says:

    We’ve been fortunate to have a ZAXBY’s close in Apex, NC. However, now that we are leaving this area
    we are asking if you plan to expand to Indiana, specifically NE Indiana (Fort Wayne).

  • RHONDA HARDY says:


  • Michele Clark says:

    I placed an order online with Zaxby’s in Augusta 03/03/2022.I was charged twice for my order spoke to manager in store that day, she told me to contact level up for my refund. I contacted level up they told me Zaxby’s had to make refund. Spoke with Evan at Zaxby’s he told me he was working on refund with level up. 2 weeks later still no refund. Evan has not returned my call for the last 2 days.

  • Paul Waldrop says:

    The last two times I visited Zaxby’s there was almost no sauce on the chicken. I ordered a kicking chicken sandwich meal and it was so dry. I had to go in and get packets of sauce. I would think it was an isolated incident except one trip was in the Blue Ridge Ga. area and the other was Covington Ga. area. Zaxby’s is skimping on the sauce. Take it from me, spend your money elsewhere. Zaxby’s is now my very last go to place.

  • Sylvia Fendley says:

    I had not been to Zaxby’s in a very long time before today. I looked up menu prices before ordering, then called in 2 separate orders and giving my name, I went. Right away for the food. At the window, gave the young man my name and told him I had
    two orders. He saw money in my hand but, asked me to pull up which I did. In a short
    time, he came to my car and said “I want yo money”. I asked how much it was, so he left, came back and said “the first one is “8.65 and the second is $9.89”. Your menu
    on line show $4.99 plus tax. I asked, why so high?. He said, they went up. I should
    have canceled right then, because on line it show $4.99. When he came back, he did
    NOT bring the change. I asked “don’t I get any change, He shook his head “no” and
    kept walking. In a few minutes, though, he brought the food and change, I do not
    believe he would have given my change had I not asked, I told him, “thank you but, I
    won’t be back,
    To keep the change is plain stealing and $4.99 plus tax is not a cheap price for a house
    salad but. $9.89 is high way robbery. Since I did place the order, I did take it, even after
    you all have listed on line $4.99.
    I will certainly tell my friends and give unsatisfactory comments to all and encourage them to go elsewhere than Zaxby’s on Acadamy Drive, Bessemer.
    Yes, I am unhappy with the treatment and price.
    Sylvia Fendley



  • Shawna says:

    Please please please 🙏🏽 get rid of whatever you are using on the kids grill cheese. It tastes to salty like garlic.

  • Mary says:

    Hi,I’m contacting you to let you know my food has hair in it, I spoke with a manager regarding this issue, she ash for my receipt number I gave it to her.she told me I could come back anytime, I did and one of the manager said he couldn’t find nothing. My email address is msmith62384@gmail.com.

  • Luis says:

    I’m a former a employee of ZAXBYS just today one of the supervisors just came to me and spoke really rude even cursed in front of other employees. UNPROFESSIONAL!

    • Smith says:

      I’ve overheard before they hired me a manger bragged about delaying employees checks they didn’t like and both would prolong the checks. Currently working there now and I’m on my 4th week no check.

  • Lorraine says:

    Zaxbys in Moultrie Ga is just horrible. RUDE workers and terrible on getting your food to you. It always sounds like a club when you pull to the window, No wonder the drive thru worker constantley says maam can you repeat that order bc she jamming out inside. THIS IS insane. Needs new managment and workers

  • Keith Gardner says:

    I recently visit your establishment in New albany Ms and I the oldest and and dried piece of chicken you could ever imagine,I need to TALK to someone about this matter

  • Crystal says:

    I literally eat at Zaxby’s 4xs a week and literally every time it’s disappointing, only reason why I keep going back is because my daughter and it’s convenient. Please contact me.It’s the location in Fayetteville Nc on Walter Reed Rd

  • BeBe says:

    We eat at Zaxby’s often and have never had any complaints about our food. It has always been very consistent until last night, we both got the chicken sandwich and the chicken was so overcooked it was at the level of inedible. It tasted liked maybe it had been cooked and refried to heat it up. The crust on my chicken was so hard I was afraid I might break a tooth.
    We never complain about food in a restaurant but should have last night. It was far from the Zaxby’s standards.

  • Vickie McMullen says:

    Will the Zensation salad come back anytime soon. Me & my husband and family /friends loved this salad

  • Latoya says:

    Your store at 1041 Sams Crossing Drive Columbia SC 29229 has the rudest employees I ever encountered and the so called manager wasn’t any better on managing his employees. You all hire this disrespectful/lazy teenagers who clearly doesn’t care about how they present nor prepare food. Let alone speak in a respectful manner to paying customers. All I ask was to remake my Cobb salad. This needs to be addressed before your store will be losing business

  • Tim Pearson says:

    The service at the Zaxby’s in North Augusta (1671 Knox Ave), SC, or shall I say lack thereof is the worst ever. I pulled into the drive through line at 5:43 this evening (and counted 12 cars in front of me before reaching the order window). Forty-one (41) minutes later, I still had not reached the order window. This is the worst time managed Zaxby’s that I have ever experienced. If this is what corporate Zaxby’s wants representing them in the public then I feel sorry for them. I can assure you that I will NEVER go to this particular establishment again. What a waste of my time and money (gas)!

    I would like someone from management to reach out to me regarding how inefficient this establishment is run.

  • Kathryn ray says:

    I made a online order and canceled it was suppose to be refunded 20.56 and have not received it I called the store in Greenwood South Carolina where I canceled my order Dec 23 2021 and was told I would get my refund

  • Tilson Hargrove says:

    I was charged a higher price that doesn’t reflect ticket and order board. Wings and things is $10.99 advertised on order board and ticket was $12.99. For a total of $14.29

  • Verona Mitchell says:

    What is the name of the district manager, for Zaxby’s, at 6707 Commonwealth Avenue, Jacksonville, FL. 32254? I would like to file a formal complaint, regarding the manager’s/franchisee’s rude and dismissive attitude.
    I’ve only filed one other complaint against a company, approximately 17 yrs. ago. I was so taken aback by this man’s (85 Chris) behavior and attitude toward’s me that I could not
    in good conscience, let this go unreported. His behavior and attitude was reprehensible.

  • Donald says:

    Zaxbys in pell city the woman I think her name was Lindsey she was very rude to me at the window last night I will not be going to Zaxbys anymore and the food was so dry and hard and I waited 45 minutes to even get my food

  • A Real Person says:

    **Just putting this Warning out there**
    **Don’t Visit Zaxby’s in Fort Walton Beach**
    *They have Rodent Problems..
    (Multiple Packages torn into)
    *They have Equipment Failures…
    (Especially Coolers Temps above 50°)
    *They Disrespect Military Veterans…
    (Including ones with Disabilities)
    *They don’t pay their Employees on time..
    (Checks Bounce)
    *Toilet in Men’s Restroom Leaks..
    (Smells of the Stale Urine, on the Floor)
    ** Management openly, repeatedly, talks about how they’re not going to get their Bonuses right in front of Staff, who’ll get no type of Bonus.. Bonuses mean more, to Management, than anything.. (Plenty of Kids working, mostly Friends of the GM’s 17 yr old Son, (who’s a Lead), so they don’t care)
    ** They play Christian Music, (which is Fine), but they, apparently, don’t know what being Christian means, at all.. (Greed is only one Deadly Sin, & Commandment being Mocked)..
    **Corporate was notified TWICE..(No response) Despite being a Franchise, they’re expected
    to uphold certain Standards of the Name..
    ** So, unless you’re into Over-Priced Chicken, served, in an Unsafe, Environment, by Severely “Click-ish”, people, who put their Personal Problems over everything, & everyone else, (The GM disappeared for 3 Days, to put her Daughter, into a Psych Unit, & had folks cover for her being gone), it’s best to avoid the place..

  • Veronica Mejia says:

    Not satisfied with the Zaxby’s app because someone logged in my account

  • William Watson says:

    I went to Zaxbys in D’Iberville, MS on Sagoni Blvd 2 times in one week and was told they did not have salad after telling me on the phone that they did have salad.

  • Alexis says:

    Your district manager for 8419 Dorchester Rd, North Charleston SC 29420 is absolutely HORRIBLE. Her attitude towards her employees is honestly disgusting. She is selfish, rude, and disrespectful. Y’all need to do better with your management. That’s why employees aren’t staying, because of managers like her.

  • Beverly says:

    Slow. I work across from the Auburn, East University store and there are so many times we have to sit in the Drive-thru for longer than 17 mins to move. Yes their busy but they are extremely slow. We are backed up in the road until vehicle just leave. They need motivation. All business are short staffed but their lobby is closed so I really feel there’s no excuse. Business is business. I love the food but will began to venture out

  • Geraldine Griffin says:

    My name is Geraldine Griffin. I have a case # where I’ve been corresponding with someone named Donna. However the issue has not been resolved and she will not respond back to my email on how to get it resolved. Can someone else help me? I can forward you the email notifications thus far. I would just like an answer please, thank you.

  • Nadia Simmons says:

    I tried the Zaxby’s on S. Church Street yesterday for the first and LAST time. There was a long line in the drive thru, but I waited my turn. Once I got to the speaker, the lady told me to hold on a minute. After about 4 minutes I said hello again. She said she still needed a minute. I said ok. After about 8 minutes I said hello, and asked how long would I need to wait. Someone else came across the speaker and said that they needed to filter the fryers or they would catch fire. She said it would be a little faster if I came inside because they have take care of the people inside before drive thru, so I went in.

    Once I got inside I saw the car in back of me order and then drive off. I stood in line inside for another few minutes and a lady took my order. I paid and went to sit down. Then another lady comes to find me to say that my wings will take 6 minutes to drop because they were going to be fresh. I told her that’s fine, I appreciated her letting me know and I would sit here and wait. She said you all were short staffed and I said I understood.

    After about 10 minutes, the people who were in line behind me in the drive thru, begin to get their food. Then 10 minutes later the people behind me in the line inside begin to get their food. I stood up and walked to the counter. One of the ladies asked if I had gotten my food, I told her know, so she began to ask everyone around her. No one knew where my order was… until I heard someone say that someone else gave it away to another customer. One of the ladies goes to the back to make my wings, but then the manager (male) approached me and said someone gave my food away so he could give me my food in 2 or 3 minutes, or give me a refund. The lady comes around the corner with my wings and I show him my receipt. I had way more than wings. So our conversation goes as follows…

    Me: I just want my money back at this point. It’s been 45 minutes and I still don’t have anything to eat.
    Manager: I understand. I’m sorry. I have your food here.
    Me: No you don’t. That’s only wings.
    Manager: Do you want to wait?
    Me: You said it was ready. Why would I wait?
    Manager: *Blank stare*
    Me: I want both. My money and my food.
    Manager: I can give you a refund or your food.
    Me: I want a money back.
    Manager: **Does refund. “I’m sorry.”
    Me: *I hold my hand out for my wings*
    Manager: Do you want a cookie?
    Me: What?! No! I want my food. Where is your manager?
    Manager: I am the manager right now.
    Me:Ok, so you think it’s acceptable to have me here waiting for an hour for nothing? You’ve given my food anyway, wasted my time, and I STILL have to go find food somewhere because you want me to leave with nothing? How is that fair?
    Manager: Here! You want some wings?
    Me: *I take the wings and leave*

    I really suggest that you all look at the video cameras. You will see how long I waited and how he didn’t care even after I had been understanding for almost an hour. This was a HORRIBLE experience!! I can’t express how bad this was. I was a server for over 7 years and in the restaurant business for over 12 years!! I’m pretty sure that I have more patience than 80% of most people. I extend grace at every turn. But to be just disregarded, as though my time meant nothing!?! My understanding meant nothing?! My patience meant nothing?! I am beyond upset. This is definitely not the first time Zaxby’s has disappointed me, but this is the WORST!

  • Gina Rogers says:

    Please turn the air conditioner to a higher temperature. I always freeze inside. I love the food but hate how cold it is.

  • Dr. Susan Clark says:

    I guess my comment doesn’t matter to you guys. I sent in a complaint last night in detail about the terrible service and attitude of the Live Oak, Florida employees, especially the manager. He is the worst example if a manager I have ever seen. I have been in business for 45 years and would never let my employees treat my customers like yours do. I don’t know how you stay in business!

  • Megan clanton says:

    Why have you done away with celery on your meals

  • Patricia C Simmons says:

    My husband and I was at the Zaxbys in Enterprise Al on Sat July 10,2021 and it was the worse experience ever.
    To begin with when we walked in the door there was trash by the drink machine, there was a line of at least 12 people in front of us with only one person taking orders, one person doing drive thur, two people cooking the orders and one person standing outside smoking a cigarette. Once we got closer to the counter to place our order we could see bags of the cheddar bites that were suppose to be in the freezer sitting out on the counter. The cashier told us she was bagging them in smaller bags when she had time to. After we placed our order and waited 20 we still did not have our food. My husband went back to the counter only to be told they had somehow lost our order so we had to wait another 20 minutes to get our food. We should have walked out but the cashier said there was no one there who could refund our money.
    Also there was painted signs on the windows reading, “Work for us and you can give people the finger everyday. Totally disgusted with this Zaxbys and will not go back.

  • Joyce Young says:

    Today at Hwy 81 East in McDonough GA we went to drive through and asked for 3 separate orders. We care for 2 disabled adults and they must have separate receipts for their records. When they said only 2, we said okay and we’d drive back around for 3rd order. She said let me ask my manager, I said that’s ridiculous and left the van to go inside to order. When I got inside, 2 employees were talking about us, calling us lazy ghetto just talking up crap. They didn’t know I’d come inside. I was SOOOO mad!! I told them there is nothing lazy about it, that 3 families are in the van. Yes, they have rules and I went inside to order the third order, and they were talking trash. When I said something, they just turned to look at me, no apology. The girl calling us ghetto ran and hid and I never saw her again. I did ask to speak to a manager and the gentleman I spoke with apologized and was nice…the person calling us ghetto was possibly a manager because I told him who it was and he said “the other manager?” Don’t talk about your customers because you don’t know when they may be in your store. They may have 2 disabled, or more, people they are caring for, that all need separate receipts and cannot come into the restaurant to order separately. Don’t judge people when you don’t know their circumstances!!! I’ve spent hundreds through the years at Zaxby’s and haven’t been this angry as I was today and shame on the employees/manager that didn’t offer an apology when confronted with the WHY we needed to drive through!!! There was no one behind us in line when we ordered. I won’t be back!

    Chk 1869, Jun29’21 03:07PM

  • Tammie Hutchison says:

    When are they going to open the restaurants back up.Others restaurants are opening back up. It makes no sense to me.

  • Joyce Ellis says:

    My son never received his w- 2 form. He called the W2 number line several times left his information. I need talk to a human not machine.

  • Sandra Myers says:

    I took my 2 grandson out for lunch at Zaxby’s. Located at 6340 Sugar Creek rd Charlotte, NC. They forgot to put his chicken strips in his meal. Ok, people make mistakes. I tried to call but the phone was out of order. Wow! I had to drive back there 8 miles out my way. When I explained what happened the cashier ask to see the food? Are you serious who in the hell want to be inconvenient and aggravated. I finally got them to give my grandson his chicken strips only to return to cold fries and melted ice in our meals. This is why social media is needed to stop ignorance and to save people time and money. I eat Zaxby’s at least twice a month. Well I think I”m done.

  • Wendy Booker says:

    Well I have had a problem twice when have visited.someone seems to be taking pictures of people cards and later on charging meals to my debit card I have had this happen two different times.i think you should not have it where they walk away with your card and I used my card only there no where else.this is a serious crime wire fraud I was at home when notification of it use came to me the people were still there I’m sure.i am not done with this has happened both times after I had visited your zaxbys.phones should not be used by employees while at work only takes a few minutes to snap front and back of your card to use at a later date


    Yeah shelbyville tn the suck nesz up order then give wrong stuff then don’t refund 2 order of fry said it was only 2 cents different girls in widow just worried about yelling at boys park on side telling them to get in line … while the messed up orders rude ass manger come to window yeah never be back

  • Theresa Conley says:

    I came on to find a phone number to call to complain but after reading all these it seems they probably already know there are many complaints.
    We bought 2, 4 piece meals that looked like they had been fried twice or more. The chicken strips are very dark brown)(milk chocolate colored) and so hard I saved them for my dog.
    Very, very disappointed.

  • Bryan says:

    Zaxby’s – 222 James Campbell Pkwy Columbia, Tennessee, visited Aug. 27, 2020 at 2:20pm, Drive Thru order Ck# 3390. It was the first time in over a month that my debit card left my possession for payment. The next day (this evening) I get an fraud alert from my bank, there were ten ‘Apple Cash’ charges for $80. ea. before I was able to shut the account down (about 15 minutes). As I stated before the card never leaves my possession, keypad transactions are encrypted. I will recover my losses thru the bank but I strongly suspect Zaxby’s has someone scanning/photographing customers debit/credit cards at the window in Columbia, Tn.

  • Kerry Boyer says:

    On 7/26/20 I was cussed out by a black manager who also called me a white bitch. I’m appalled that Zaxbys would allow someone of this magnitude to work in a Manager’s position and talk to customers like this. I will never go back to Zaxbys in Bradenton, Florida. That’s a promise!

  • Kayla says:

    I am a former employee at Zaxbys in crossville Tennessee let me just say that the managers and co workers make sexual comments during work and they flirt and make sexual comments to the female employees they swear a lot in front of customers and you don’t get your food on time you literally have to wait 20-30 minutes for it. And the food is not cooked all the way so people end up getting sick I warn everyone in crossville do not go to Zaxbys in crossville Tennessee unless you wanna get sick and not have good customer service from anyone they are rude and they break all of the rules of the company so beware of this place

  • Jerry says:

    I ordered a meal from a Zaxby’s in Macon, Ga not long before closing and was totally disappointed with what I received. I got home to discover that the wings had been over cook so bad, it’s was like hard pork skins, uneatable. There was no phone number so I looked up the number at work the next day. After talking with the manager I was excused of lying about my order and told I should have called back that night. I called corporate several times and have been told that I would received a call back. It’s been since the beginning of March and I still haven’t gotten a call from anyone. I didn’t know Zaxby’s was this bad until my experience and reading these post. VERY UNHAPPY!!!!

  • Aletha says:

    I order food at the drive through, and it was fixed wrong. The cashier got the food and I told her that we was just confirmed that 2 of us had COVID-19. They fixed again and got it wrong again. This is cross contamination not once but twice that is the reason I told her, no one had on a mask nor glove but at three employees could have contracted the virus for not being safe. COVID-19 Spread/teach and prevent it from cross contamination.

  • Earl Harpe says:

    Again I ask are your people required to wear mask when preparing food. If they are then you need to check your afternoon shift at the Zaxby’s at 4686 Presidential Pkwy Macon, Ga. I am sure you have been keeping up with this vicious thing called Covid 19. If not for your information there are now of 129,000 people that have succumbed to its goal. Do you eat the food prepared there at that store? Just in case you need to know are concern I came by there the other day and of the 4 or 5 people that was in the back preraring the food only one even had a mask on and he had it hanging on one ear.

  • Earl Harpe says:

    Areyour people required to wear mask in the back when preparing food?

  • Amanda Lindsey says:

    My name is amanda lindsey and i am a former employee i have been trying to get my w2s since januaty i have called heafquarters countless timed and nothing

  • Peggy says:

    Everyone needs to be aware that zaxby’s will double charge you for your food and not give it back after you prove the error

  • Christinia says:

    This location and all the other locations the owner owns allows managers to fratinize with employees to the point where he had a 16 year old girlfriend at the time run away to live with him and the owner is ok with this!!

  • Christinia says:

    They say no relationships between coworkers and the one I work at the gym and asst manager are together and promoted a friend of theirs cause she knew the truth and that was to keep it quiet!

  • David Thurmond says:

    Re:Guest check # 3437 Aug. 17, 219 5:04 p.m.
    Zaxby’s franchise located at 2316 Panola Road, Lithonia, Ga. 30058
    Dear Mr. Tony Townley: I placed an order coming to $31.01 with tax. Just as I was handed my receipt, I reviewed it and noticed no senior citizen discount (my DOB is 8-17-51 and I look my age). I inquired of the clerk if Zaxby’s had a senior citizen discount. She said yes, 10%, but she didn’t believe I could get it now that they had my order input. I asked for the manager and he said she was right. As they had my money, I could not get a senior citizen discount. Stated they do not solicity senior citizen discounts for elders so you must ask for it before paying for your order. Stated he did not care if I contacted home office as they would tell me the same thing. I politely took my order and left. I will, however, never recommend or shop at Zaxby’s again if you confirm this to be true. I can not support a business that has no respect for elders! (Also, when I got home, I found my order had missing item that I had expressly asked about and verified came with the main order.)

    • Robert Captus says:

      and we wonder why our society’s youth is so entitled. The greatest generation (those born between 1901-1924) unintentionally produced the most entitled generation in human history, the boomers, who have brought our culture government defining religious institutions, socialism, and postmodernism. Granted, the clerk should’ve just given you the 10% from their own pocket if was not possible to open the register (since it’s controlled via POS software). But to make a point to say you’ll never “shop at a Zaxby’s again” sounds like my kids when they were 3 and 5 years old. Your first world problems are so trivial. Please travel outside of your self-made kingdom where you’re god of your single family dwelling to get some perspective man. People are struggling with real issues and here you are complaining about fast food service.

      • NO ONE says:

        If the kitchen is too hot for you Robert then stay out of it. It’s people like you that make people like us worry about the future.

  • Arleen Wesley says:

    I went to your Zaxby in Jacksonville AR. I typically go during hours of 1:30 or about 2:00 (lunch), I was wondering if it would be so hard for them to serve fresh food? No discount are applied for old food. Meals costing close to $8.00 we do expect it to be fresh. I will no longer go to your establishment for lunch.
    Another thing, how is that the bread is so stale on the Nib meal?

  • ex customer says:

    my order was prepared for a dog. fries cold, sandwich messy, and customer service stinks

  • Darwin McLeod says:

    Shitty. Not clean. Too many blacks working there.

  • >