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  • Tisha says:

    I ordered a pair of pants in two different sizes, small and medium. I tried on the medium and because they were a fit, I did not remove the small pants from the box. I initiated a return and mailed the small pants back. I recently received an email stating that the item would not be refunded because they showed signs of being worn. I am very frustrated and have asked to speak with a manager to dispute this decision, considering I never even handled the size small. My request has been denied. This is very upsetting because no one is willing to help. Unfortunately I used a gift card, so I am unable to dispute the charge with my credit card company. Zara has lost a customer!

  • Evelyn says:

    I ordered shorts in a NYC store to be picked up. Unfortunately I was unable to pick up and by the time I went back to the store I was told I would see a refund on my cc. Months have passed no refund many calls to customer service. Now they tell me to fill out a form which requires my bank info even though it clearly states the refund is given back the same way purchase was made. They insist that I need to fill out bank info. I finally receive the $39.90 refund into my bank account but get charged a $15.00 international fee. This is unacceptable. I paid with a cc so my cc should have been refunded. Customer service is awful. I have shopped at this store over 10 years and I will not be shopping there anymore

  • LLR says:

    Please think about taking over the old Lord & Taylor space at West Farms Mall in Farmington CT

  • Martha Schwartz says:

    In one word, my experience with Zara of Florence Italy was disappointing. Other words I could use to describe a shopping experience I am sure to never repeat are disheartened, disgusted, and disrespected. On 9/24/22 after making a large purchase, I was inexplicably treated as a second-class customer. I am not sure whether the employees treated me the way they did because I was an American tourist or because of my dark complexion and South American accent but the point is that the entire negative was completely unnecessary. What happened was that I forgot to request the VAT refund form (often called a “tax free form”) at the time I made the purchase (I was unaware of the procedure at the time) so I went back to the Zara store with my receipt of purchase explaining the situation and my desire to request the aforementioned VAT document. A simple error with an even simpler solution that costs the store and its employees nothing. The store clerk proceeded to tell me that she was not going to give me the form because the purchase had been the day before. Why the time frame mattered was a mystery to me as other customers at other stores were allowed to request the form before and after purchase with a receipt. I asked to speak to a manager who nonchalantly looked me up and down as if I was a begger off the street she was trying to shoo away quickly and said that the only way was to get the form was to return the merchandise. Okay. If those are the rules, I can play by them. I went back to my hotel and returned to the store with the items to return an hour later. Problem solved right? I would return the merchandise and buy it again, this time with the registration for the AVT refund form. Wrong. The same two employees who attended me previously told me that they could receive the refund, but they would not sell me the merchandise again. Now I was confused. Why would they deny my business? What did they have to gain by making this so difficult and then turning me away last minute after jumping through their hoops?

    Flabbergasted, I argued that there was no rule on the back of the receipt stating that they could not sell me the merchandise again. Their response was vague, condescending, and curt. They said it was a company rule and to make a complaint, I would have to call the phone number on the back of the receipt. The merchandise was placed in a bin and returned to the store shelves before my eyes instead of saving everyone the effort and letting me buy it again. They definitively ruined the concept of shopping in this company, thanks to those Zara store clerks.
    I have been a client of this company for years. It WAS one of my favorite stores, I have bought in different locations in the United States where I live. Unfortunately, this experience has ruined the pleasure and satisfaction of buying from this company again. I write this review so that the company might consider hiring qualified customer service minded people who represent them with enthusiasm so no one else has to be treated and spoken to the way I was.

  • Sammy says:

    Dear Zara I been have a costumer for 25 years from Boston to Miami. Since I moved to Miami I discover that you have been donated your clothes to the Salvation Army in 23thd street in whenwood Miami all the clothes been selling 50 off of the original price as your customer this not good for your business because everyone will go there buy them. I think you should take all tag price off before donating those clothes

  • Celeste Ramberg says:

    My credit card was charged twice for a $280.50 purchase I made in the ZARA Bellevue, WA store on March 22. The credit card processor was having issues and it declined the purchase. The sales associate said that had been happening a lot and suggested splitting the bill and running a $200 charge and an $80.50 charge. When I received my visa bill, it was revealed that the initial $280.50 purchase went through plus the additional $200 and $80.50 charges, for a total of $561 for a $280.50 purchase. I contacted Zara on 4/20 and submitted the receipts and my credit card statement in the online chat and have spent HOURS speaking with customer reps on the phone, communicating on the chat, and went back in to store. NO ONE has figured out how to refund me my $280.50 and I have been told for the last 4 weeks I would get a call within 48 hours. I have heard from no one and there is no path for escalation. This system is completely broken. I am appalled that I have spent so much time trying to get a refund. Please right this situation and refund my $280.50. I am a loyal customer and have shopped Zara for about 26 years when I discovered it in NYC. This is the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced in my entire life!!

  • Debie Duprie says:

    I received a broken mirror (#2) I cannot find anyone to send me a return label….where do I find thws

  • Campbell says:

    I received a damaged coat,but zara customer service is giving me no option to provide them with an evidence (pictures).I would say that they try to stop me purposely.The Christmas gift ruined the spirit of my daughter.It is just incredible difference between customer service in Canada and Europe.This would never happen in England.I have to say..I am disgusted only.

  • rajiul says:

    biggest buyer in bangladesh….

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