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  • Address: 375 Ghent Rd, Akron, Ohio, 44333, United States

  • Phone Number: (330) 665-6271

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A   

  • Number of Employees: 12500

  • Established: 1924

  • Founder: Morris Zale, William Zale & Ben Lipshy

  • Key People: Terry Burman (Chairman)

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About Zales, History and Headquarters Information

The Zale Corporation is an American retailer company that was established in 1993. Morris Zale, William Zale, and Ben Lipshy altogether opened the first Zales Jewelers store. They introduced a credit plan called “a penny down and a dollar a week” which made it easy and pocket-friendly purchase for an average American shopper. After being successful in this plan, they expanded their business to 12 stores. By the year 1998, they started an option for its customers to shop online. This company has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. It experienced a major shift after opening a store in a shopping center, as compared to the other downtown locations.

The company shows diversity through its range of products like shoes, sporting goods, drug stores, furniture, and catalog stores. They all are available online at zales.com, gordonsjewelers.com, zalesoutlet.com, peoplesjewellers.com, and pagoda.com.

Zales has more than 700 stores and is considered as one of the largest good quality jewelers in retail shopping malls across North America and Puerto Rico. The range of jewelry varies from basics to exquisite diamond looks which can be purchased from the stores as well as through its website. Zales has a parent company, Signet Jewelers Inc which is the largest specialty retail jeweler in the world.

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  • Frank Romero says:

    I need help with my order asap I am not getting any help through the text message they provide or the phone number ! Now I am thousands of dollars down the drain

  • Amanda says:

    Zales, you did not disclose your means of repair and that my ring would be leaving your facility and to where it would be going and via which form of currier if left. My wedding and engagement right as well as 15 OTHER peoples rings were all “lost” via UPS on a less than 2 hour journey. How did this even happen?!? I am devastated by this situation!!!

    • Juliet says:

      Amanda, my engagement ring was stolen from an identical situation six months ago. Zales has been awful. Have you successfully resolved this with this company?

  • Patsy Ybarra says:

    Where Is Zales Corporate Office Headquarters Please let me hear from you.. it’s already November and no response.. not right please do the right thing…. Hope I here good news you have Zales customers. Please thank you

  • Patsy Ybarra says:

    What I went tnrough I told you. I had date to be delivered I waited, then I kept calling zales chat they said it was on its way that said all day and night you all kept saying to wait it was going to be delivered that day 14 Oct then also kept calling the truck who was going to delivered it he kep saying it was deli I got the on the 14 Oct it was special celebrating birthday of mind…. I was excited and looking forward. That was a day disappointment I didn’t get it till 17 Oct the box was wrap correctly one side look like it be open, I open it in side the ring was out of the box scratches but not real bad.. this was going to be special. That’s not the way you treat your customer.
    I buyJewelry at the store. And here that day I was mad me hurt and upset. I thought of this I smile when and received it not till 17 Oct I just cool off can’t believe this. But I decide to keep it. And hope you do the right thing refund my money for what has happen.I think that no respect to your customer and to know what happen and how I receive it you do the right thing I am going to keep the ring and your hearts the bad thing that happen you send me a full refund. Zales is a good store I always like seeing your items. To satisfied the customer it would be the right thing to send me a refund.. I talk to two ladies in your area and I reach out the right thing I did. To give you updated. Thank you for your time and you can call me Patsy Ybarra 2103755785. Ybnp69@satx.rr.com. If you do the right thing that shows me you care what happen. I will keep the ring and hope you do the right thing send me refund what all that happen. Scratches are light. But hope to hear from you good news and the right thing. 1. You will still have your customer/customers 2. You feel good that I spoke up and I did the ring thing. 3. Giving the refund is showing you care about your customers. 4. That showed me you honor your store and satisfied your customer. Thank you Patsy Ybarra Ybnp69@satx.rr.com. Thank you for your time. On line ordered the ring for me and then I got in my iPad i will received on the 14 Oct 2022 so I call to make sure zales rep said yes so my birthday I waited on the 14th Oct. I didn’t do nothing but wait and excited I even call the UPS truck they said YES YOU RECEIVE THIS TODAY….WAITED WAITED I CALL AROUND 6 times to zales rep they said YES YOU BE RECEIVING IT TODAY… I WAITed then it was 9:00 night I post office they said they went the long way but YES you receive it today. So I waited and then I call on line zales they said it will come in.. we’ll I waited.
    . So I received it 17 Oct 22 and the Size was wrong so I took it to zales. I receive on the 17th not wrap right and slight scratches but I had to wait 2 – 3 weeks and they gave me a day to pick it up. I call NOPE. NOT READY ITS GOING TO TAKE TIME. So I said I better get it by Friday…look no calls and I am glad I call. Re size t another size. But all I went throgh your treating zales customers like this… as a customer you refund my money…I even talk a lady corporate I have heard nothing. So as a customer to refund my money…. The ring I have now that’s the heart of zales to do.. my date got sad angry and upset. Then I get it take it repair then they did no calling I know they gave me a day for pick up. But I call she said not ready cause repair needs to get it size and we’ll….yea not right. She said if it does not last come back cause repair said.. I was pretty up upset. All this not right…YES asking to refund my money (whole) money less then I believe 115.00 for the headache I got and buying from zales uncalled for..you all a good jewelry store I been buying and family at ZALES..SO RESPECT TO YOUR CUSTOMER YES I FEEL A REFUND. AND THIS RING IF IT BREAKS AGAIN I WONT BOTHER YOU. I APPRECIATED YOU HAVE A HEart for your customer. My name is Patsy Ybarra 1510 crescent point Sa Antonio Texas 78258. My email is. ybnp69@satx.rr.com. PHONE: 2103755785. #06738312 #06686119. Then I talk to zales rep she said she send 25% card… have not receive and heard from that one. But I ask you I am your customer please do the right thing all I went through till this day every ignoring me.. zales I trust and respect please respect me….never have this treatment ent… I appreciated understanding let me hear from you even by email. Give me good news you honor your customers please

  • BRENDA CONE says:


  • SylviacCampbell says:

    Wish Us luck with Zales Customer Service~~bought a Men’s wedding ring 8 weeks ago & 1 of 5 diamonds already lost from setting. On way to store to make this right!! Ring was $3000 +.

  • E. Woodruff says:

    I purchased a gold rope bracelet from Zales August 2021. I had the bracelet less than two months before it broke. I brought the bracelet back to the store and paid to have it repaired. I picked the bracelet up and had it less than a week before it broke in the spot where it had been soldered. I brought the bracelet back to Zales and had it repaired a second time. When I received it back the area where it had been twice repaired looked so weak that I was afraid to wear the bracelet out of fear that it would break and fall off without me noticing it. I brought the bracelet back to the store and had it sent to be repaired again. Now, I have a bracelet that I spent a few hundred dollars for that I cannot wear and the store employees do not want to rectify the situation. I have purchased several items from Zales throughout the years but after this experience I prefer not to shop with Zales anymore.

  • Jimmieka Smith says:

    I am SOOOO DISAPPOINTED and FRUSTRATED with Zales. I have been dealing with you guys for months now trying ti find the perfect engagement ring and then band. I FINALLY found my ring and purchased it. For the past month I’ve been looking for my band. I FINALLY caught it in sale and purchased it on Aug. 30th online. Well today, 4 days before the expected delivery I get a cancelation email, if the item wasn’t in stock you should not have let me place an order AND PAY FOR IT…. WHAT THE !#$%???? I am getting married next weekend and I NEED my band. I’ve seen reviews online with customers complaining about this same thing but I didn’t want to believe it. I am soooo DISAPPOINTED with Zales right now, I could scream.

    I don’t know what to do now. Thanks Zales for ruining my wedding day😤😤🤬🤬

  • Linda Britt says:

    Well, I worked for Zales in 1970…and it had been in business since about 1947….Someone needs to correct this, as I bought and sold Zales stocks from 1970 to 1978….weird that no one cares to correct this info.

  • Brandon Obrien says:

    Customer service, Auburn Mall in Massachusetts is down right the worst. Zales in general is by far at the bottom of the list of jewelers to go to. My wife just yesterday (3/3/22) picked up her wedding band which was prayed on by a monsignor and it’s yellow and missing a stone. The employees suggested “ we can find you a similar ring and you can pay for a plan“. Are you kidding me? You just ruined what was a very Special ring to my wife and your only response is to trade it out and we still pay for it? This is not the first time one of her rings came back missing a stone, it is the third time. She put off getting it sized and whatever else needed to be done because of the simple fact that she knew it was going to be a headache or an issue somewhere along the line and sure enough she was right. For a company that has such poor reviews you would think they would come together and figure out how to fix the problem and after 10 years of business with them, they seem to have gotten nowhere. Do not buy from Zales.

  • Evelyn W. says:

    I purchased a pendant and some earrings in November. When they arrived, the earrings were broken and the chain on the pendant was broken. I returned them on December 5, 2020. I had receipts for everything. They did not give me my return refund until February 10, 2021. 4 months later. I then tried to order the earrings again last week. And low and behold, the new earrings were also broken. The one thing I dont understand, when you buy something from a jewelry store. I thought you at least had 30 days return or to fix it. The manager I talked to told me if you dont buy the protection plan, they will not fix the problem. So in other words, you buy it as is. If you want it fixed, then you have to pay to have it fixed. This is some B*******.

  • Mischell Hall says:

    Just read Zales bio and it mentions nothing about providing great customer service. Then I just read the comments on this website and they are absolutely horrible. Which has been my experience on a first time -last time purchase. They send you emails with fake codes that don’t apply discounts when used. Then I calls customer service 5 times about the code. Third associate rude and applied a E-gift card to my account that I DID NOT ASK FOR NOR DID SHE TELL ME it was applied. When I did the return they want to refund the 3rd party the purchase amount minus the E-card. Then the supervisor Stacy basically tells me I THERE IS NOTHING SHE CAN DO.. APOLOGIES repeatedly. SO THE BOTTOM LINE IS A $60.00 GIFT CARD WAS ISSUE TO ME WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE BY THE CUSTOMER SRVC REP.. THEN I AM LEFT RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING $60.00 TO THE 3RD PARTY VENDOR ON SOME MERCHANDISE I DON’T EVEN OWN NOR DO I WANT THE GIFT CARD THAT I DIDN’T ASK FOR!! HOW COULD A COMPANY THIS LARGE NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR FAULT AND TAKE MONEY FROM ANYONE DURING THESE TIMES OF COVID AND A PANDEMEDIC ??? THIS IS THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. I WILL BE FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!

  • Molly Moffitt says:

    I am in search for a ring that was created in the late 60s my grandfather gave to my grandmother in 1967 and I need help recreating it or finding one. I wouldnt reach out if this didnt mean the world to me. Someone stole hers in the last few months she was with us and I dont believe I will ever see it again. I am 31 so this ring has been there my entire life. I dont have a picture of it but I know what it looks like by memory. If you can help please reach out to me.

  • Felisha Wynn says:

    Customer service at Parkway Place Mall in Huntsville, AL is rude and degrading. I’ve been doing business with Zales for 30 years and my husband purchased my wedding ring at Zales. I recently visited Zales for a repair for a ring. The saleswoman couldn’t find my account and asked how much did I pay for the ring. She asked what is the name of the ring and did I have a receipt. I felt so uncomfortable that I recorded this experience. I thought that they were going to call the police but they finally found my account.

  • Kevin W. says:

    Poor customer service. Earrings were damaged, store “fixed” them by bending the stud. Didn’t want to send for repair because I didn’t want to pay for upgraded screwback studs. Customer service pretty much told me to send them back and get my money back. Refused to give me the next step up (screwbacks) for my inconvenience! Run away from this corporate jeweler! Signet had bought a gem with this horrible company

  • Richard Bentley says:

    Zales “store pick up” online order is fatally flawed. A customer service ‘Nightmare before Christmas’.

  • Virginia Brown says:

    Many people are selling junk jewelry under the Zales name on FB.

  • Steve says:

    Your store in the Florence mall in Florence ky is the WORST!!! I will never go in there again and will tell everyone to avoid this store like the plague!!!! I took my citizen watch into be repaired and the first thing the sales clerk said to me is” it’s going to be very very expensive.”…. She never even asked what was wrong with the watch before stating it would be expensive!!! If I had an issue with it be I get expensive to fix do you think I would have gone to get it fixed??? This store is the WORST AND THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I will NEVER buy anything or recommend any one to buy from this store!!!

  • Debbie Silva says:

    I resent took my wedding ring to have it sized smaller to a size 7 1/2 2 weeks later I went to pick it up and the 2 bands had a big gap sent it back 2 weeks later went to pick it up and now 1ring is bigger than the other one and it’s a size 7 and not a size 7 1/2 now it’s getting sent back again to have my 2 rings made into 1 ring I’m very upset they made me feel that’s the only chose I had I bought it 30 years ago from Zales after all that I think I should get my money back and the ring is for my son and his girlfriend

  • Robin Hein says:

    My husband recently purchased me a beautiful ring for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Problem is, it was one size to big. So we went to Zales, in the Oaks Mall in Gainesville, FL where the original purchase was made. We thought all we would have to do is exchange it for the proper fit. But instead, we went through a lengthy process of sending it for a repair, to have it sized down. Now the beautiful ring he purchased for me is going to be altered, which really displeases us both. We tried to get them to just exchange it for the proper size and they gave us a story about it voiding the warranty he purchased and it not being the same ring because of the natural diamonds. Although we cooperated with the staff, it still saddens me that this expensive ring will now be altered from its original state. An exchange for the proper size with a continued warranty would have been so much more convenient and would have made us Zales customers for continued purchases. But not now, we will never purchase another piece because of the inconvenience and because of altering something so beautiful which will weaken the original strength and design. I cannot believe that Zales will only stand behind an original purchase without offering other options such as an exchange for the right size. It is a week later, I am still just heartbroken that my husband made such a beautiful purchase and Zales is making us both regret spending our hard earned income with the store. If you would like to verify this purchase and handling of our purchase it is under my phone number 386-406-3238 and my name Robin Hein. All they had to do is exchange it for the right size and continue the purchased warranty. Too simple made difficult and unhappy customers. My son was considering buying his fiancé a wedding set from Zales but said he will be doing business elsewhere. Thank you for turning something so special into a disaster! Robin Hein

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  • Annette Johnson says:

    I took my wedding ring to Zales to get two stones replaced. This ring I’ve had for 32 years they kept my ring for a week then called me to tell me it was going to cost me 650.00, I told them no to the repair they called a week and a half later to tell me I had to pay over 1000.00?to repair my ring I said I told you guys no I want my ring back. They told me I would have my ring back in three days however a week later they called to say my ring was in and not repaired. When I went to pick up my ring they shaved off the gold on my ring and destroyed it and tried to tell me no one touched my ring. The representative insisted that my ring wasn’t touched and that the repair shop said they didn’t do any work. Luckily I had a recent picture of me wearing my ring and my husband to verify that my ring was shaved and was not the same. That’s when the manager made a call and said that they would be willing to put back $400. 00 worth of gold to rebuild my ring. I’m so upset because they damaged something that was precious and priceless to me. I will never shop or recommend Zales for anything at all. You think that you will not be ripped off because it is a established jewelry store, well think again. Don’t ever shop or get any repairs done there!!!! They will steal your gold!

  • Laura Wolseth says:

    I am very upset with our Zales, first time in all the years I have bought from them! Not the quality of merchandise but how I was treated for the first time, with such disrespect, I felt I would never purchase from Zales again! The oldest lady that works there fir about four years and a guy that is new. Actually when I arrived the older woman was sitting down visiting with someone, it wasn’t a sale as when she finally saw me standing there she jumped up and came running, she knows I am in quite often. I had 17 items or sets that needed cleaning and checking. I came back later when they had time to do all them, have NEVER LEFT MY JEWELRY BEFORE AND WILL NEVER DO SO AGAIN, a ring needed to b soldered at bottom of band and the counting wasn’t coming out to the 17 that it was suppose to b, she jumped all over me and said “You want to come look in my tray” I am the customer and use to own a business in Minot and NO ONE IS GOING TO SPEAK TO ME NOR DID MY AGENTS SPEAK TO ANY OF OUR CLIENTS IN SUCH A MANNER!
    I don’t know where the Mgr. Lore Nelson is, according to this older woman she had COVID – that info shouldn’t have been given out to me by an employee either, but I did ask so I guess that is why, but she shouldn’t have told me!
    You had better find some qualified employees that know how to look and act dignified and how to speak to a customer because as of right now, I am done with Zales, I have shopped ONLY there for years there better b an apology and some buttering up or I won’t return! That guy there wouldn’t even come over to help!

  • Mesbah uzzaman says:

    Please advice me, whom should I contact regarding Your Houston Gallery Mall store. They spoil our 2 months time doing nothing and not talking any responsibility where 100% is their fault. We are planning to report BBB next week with the documents.

  • Kristen Lober says:

    We bought an engagement ring form Zales in Pineville, NC. I took it back there a few weeks ago to have it engraved. They called me to let me know the item is ready. Unfortunately for me, there are no Zales close to me, but I still chose to use Zales. This has now caused me an issue, as I am working on a contract out of town, and unable to get to Zales. My brother drives closer by this location every day and I asked him to collect it. He has an ID with him, can explain the look of the ring and the unusual inscription inside with no problem. They have all my details, which he can verify without seeing the info. I just called them and can identify him and describe him to them and give permission for him to pick it up since it is an inconvenience for me overall and for him to have stopped by there now. They could have called me on the contact number to confirm it was me and I could have confirmed the whole thing, get my ring and get on with it. Instead, we now feel like we are criminals trying to steal a ring and being extremely inconvenienced. Your website for HQ is evidently designed to keep people from contacting you with any complaints at your HQ. Incidentally, my brother will be getting engaged in September, and has now assured me that after this TOTAL lack of Common Sense being used, Zales WILL NOT be the Jewelers of choice. Your company was extremely inflexible and unhelpfull and I will review it as such.

  • Shirley elkins says:

    I need help concerning order # 10000077932843. My name is Shirley el

  • Vanessa Burnett says:

    I made an appointment for a ring cleaning and repair and upon showing up for it I was helped by a gentleman who informed me the “protection plan” doesn’t cover diamonds (they said it was full protection at time of purchase). I then ask to refund the protection plan then since it doesn’t serve a purpose and he asked his manager and she refused since the sale was “too long ago.” (The sale was 8 months ago and they have been closed for Over 3 months because of Covid). I have been calling weekly since February about my cleaning and repair and upon telling the manager this she tells me “no I didn’t.”

    Since the manager did not want to refund the useless plan, she interrupted me EVERYTIME I tried to talk and blurted out NO without listening to what I was interested in doing.

    Then we are told were no longer covered since we missed the 6 month cleaning that they were closed during AND I called to speak to someone about in advance.

    Oh and during all this I made the statement “yes I know how jewelry works” and she says “no you don’t.”

    A ring I’ve had for less than 6 months that is under full protection possible has missing diamonds and they refused to do ANYTHING

  • rebekah says:

    My issue is i need my ring cleaned for my warranty and local store which is an hour away has signs on the outside they are open from 12-6 my husband shows up at 2 and no one is there the gates are down (the store is located in a Mall). Sooooo why are they stating they are open when in fact they are not.

  • Bill Schneider says:

    Attention: CEO Terrell Wilson. As inexpensive labor from China becomes questionable, please consider Haiti. Haiti unemployment over 50%. Our Rotary Club has been helping Haiti for 20 Yrs. In my many trips to Haiti over the years, I find Haitians to be hard working, dedicated, family oriented people. Your outsourcing to Haiti would be humanitarian, as well as very profitable. Please consider Haiti. Thank you.

    • I.M.Concerned says:

      So, whats wrong with USA labor. Why would be outsource jewelry related labor? Your suggestion is anti-american and you should be ashamed of yourself as an American to even think of oursourcing anything. It’s all money, not humanitarian. Its all in the profit line. Haiti is disease ridden also you know.

  • CMA says:

    I am very disappointed with this company. My husband took in his 2 wedding bands to be redipped. They were scheduled to be ready right when the corona virus hit in our area. It has now been 2 weeks since we were to pick them up and I can not reach ANYBODY. The store is closed, the corporate number doesn’t allow customers to get through. The individual store doesn’t allow me to get through. I am getting very upset. If even they could talk to me, that would be a plus. But being disconnected on the phone, no ability to speak to somebody- this is very unnerving. I understand we all are in a very unfortunate situation but I feel they should have SOMEBODY manning the phones or to answer questions to their customers who are left hanging. This experience is coming off the coattails of 2 prior bad experiences at the same store which is not a good track record. In the past, I have made several purchases with great experiences. Something has drastically changed and once this is over and we get my husbands wedding rings back, I will be sure to never shop there again and word of mouth won’t be kind.

    • Tracy T says:

      I understand what you are going through. I sent my ring out to be dipped and they sized it by “mistake”, had to send it back out and now it has been out there for a month and I can not get any information on it! Why cant they ship them to our homes, I do not understand. It is something they can do I am sure of it!

    • Aa says:

      I also am frustrated! My ring was getting resized after they sized it down to far by mistake. I just want my ring back.

  • Heather and Joseph Burke says:

    I have never been so disappointed in any store, let alone Zale’s being a “One” of the best there is. In December 2014 – we purchased a wedding set. The store did not have the band in and we paid and they were to call and let us know when it came in. Well here we our 2020 and we take our One ring (which should be two) for the diamond check. This store had the band, however it was a different store that we purchased in; they had them together when we went to pick them up. And then told us we would have to “purchase” the band again. Now, does that seem like good business practice, first) its been almost 6 years and twice a year at least we contact the store and have even asked for a refund only to be told it would be coming in. We’d call, same thing. So now that it is in we have to pay for again because your company did not have it together when we purchased it and believe they would follow your company policy. So for the last year I have called, went in and chatted with employee’s with Zale’s to either one send me the band or let us finally pick it up; or refund all the money we paid. I do not think that is unreasonable; however every moment we get further away from the purchase date; Even those terms don’t seem appropriate. Since absolutely no one helps, offers a solution even after “we” have to provide proof repeatedly, I would never recommend Zale’s. I hope that someone will read this at the corporate level, and please either refund the money or get my band to me. Otherwise if anyone has suggestions please let me know; even obtaining a lawyer at this point is the next route I guess I would have to take. This is just so absurd to think of all this and almost six years later NO ONE has gave me my ring or money. So do I assume this was a scam?

  • Paul Dunn says:

    Dear Mr. Burman,

    I recently purchased a ring from your website. I mistakenly selected the wrong size. I was hoping to exchange it for the correct size at the same price I paid originally. Customer service basically told me they could nothing for me. I would have to return the item and repurchase it at the much higher price it is now. The other option was to resize it but a size 5 to a size 7 just doesn’t work.

    Is there any courtesy can you extend to me in this matter?


    Paul D

  • Chester R Bolden says:

    I tried to get an account with your company, but my credit want let me, but i was directed to progressive leasing which i was approved for i thank 1700, so what do i do now. You can contact me at my email or by 346/350/8011 thank you.

  • Richard Barton says:

    need to talk to someone

    • Ronald Jones says:

      Hello Mr Barton,

      I’m writing this letter to request assistance with getting an issue resolved with a ring that I have purchase from Zales in September of 2018 (North Point mall Alpharetta Ga location). Within 4 months of owning the ring a diamond fell out (1/19). Based on the Zales lifetime commitment the diamond was replaced with no charge. Approximately 1 year later a 2nd diamond fell out (1/2020). This time I was informed that there was a structural issue with the ring that is causing the diamonds to fall out. Again based on the Zales lifetime commitment the manager of the store offered to replace the ring but asked that we re-purchase the lifetime warranty for approximately $270.00. My concern is that I would not be required to purchase another lifetime warranty if the original ring was made correctly. I was sold a damage ring and should not be required to spend $270.00 to get back what I originally purchased. Please contact the management team at North Point Zales and have them replace the ring and include the Zales lifetime commitment at no charge.

      Thank you

      Ron Jones

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