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  • Address: 1855 West 139th Street Gardena, CA 90249 United States
  • Phone Number: 310-630-1200
  • Fax Number: 310-630-1289
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1979
  • Founder: Joseph Zeiden
  • Key People: Joseph Zeiden (President)

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Z Gallerie Headquarters Executive Team



Carole Malfatti


Mike Zeiden

Co-Founder, Owner and Chief Operating Officer

About Z Gallerie, History and Headquarters Information

If you are about to fit your home or your office for that matter, Z Gallerie can help. Z Gallerie is the home of different items that will surely turn any place fabulous and one of a kind. Their products are all amazing and made from tiptop quality. They have everything every homeowner needs here and in fact, this can be considered as a one-stop shop.

Z Gallerie is headquartered at Gardena, California, United States. This business was launched in the year of 1979 and right now, you can also check on them in your favorite social media accounts like in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Z Gallerie is not just a store as this is a gallery of modern glamour. If you are looking for inspirations, there is no need for you to check other shops as Z Gallerie is more than enough. So, make your home look like one of those featured in magazines by connecting with Z Gallerie.

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  • Jen Bishop says:

    I am pissed beyond belief. I placed an order on october 13th that was suppose to ship in 1-2 weeks and i still havent received it (nov 13th) ive called twice. First they say early to mid November and now its early to mid December!!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. It should of said OUT OF STOCK until it is available!!!!!!

  • Joni Brown says:

    On November 5, 2019, I encountered some of the most horrific issues regarding customer service that I have ever experienced.  These are just the highlights:

    1. I left my name & number on automated system, but was never called back.
    2. I was not contacted regarding backordered items on my $800 order.  Five items on my order were “In Stock” when ordered, but were subsequently changed to backordered.  When I had not heard a word from Zgallerie regarding my backordered items after 5 weeks, I called and was told that 4 items were ready to be shipped, but one item was still on backorder.  All items were being held until the backordered item was received, which potentially could be 3 months!  A simple email informing me of the status of my order would have given me the option to cancel the backordered item so that I could receive my other items.
    3. The professionalism of Zgallerie’s customer service agents is severely lacking.  One agent actually hung up on me. Another agent was rude, disrespectful, and refused to let me speak with a supervisor.  The issue appeared to become personal to this agent. 
    4. Nothing about my encounter was handled professionally until I spoke with OSCAR, the supervisor!  He immediately arranged for my items to be shipped quickly, in time for an event.
    5. Kudos to Oscar!  If I were you, Zgallerie, I would give him a raise!  Maybe even a bonus!  Hang onto him!

    It is my sincere hope that there is a way for you to find out who the agents were that I spoke with on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.  As a business owner myself, I know that the actions such as your employees displayed would not be tolerated in my practice.  These agents are the point of contact between your business and your customers.  They are a reflection of your integrity and the value you place on your customers.  This may not be a concern for you since I read you are going out of business anyway. I must say I am not at all surprised given my experience. Customer service is everything! I regret to say that because of my experience, I will never visit your website again, nor will I ever order from your company.

  • Sophia Collins says:

    After several holding phone calls, emails…again today, I have yet to get a response other than something I already knew, and that was my order was shipped. I am very disappointed in the lack of service and the disregard for important matters that seem to be ignored since they are going out of business anyway. That shouldn’t matter when you still have customers who are spending their money. I will be back with results of the final outcome, if any!

  • Michael Schneider says:

    Here is my SAGA with Zgallerie … needless to say their customer service is Horrible

    I have been talking to the customer service department for over a month now and still everything is messed up.
    I had Ordered 12 Olympia Double Old Fashion SILVER and 12 Olympia Highball Glasses SILVER
    1-So far I have received 7 Double Old fashion in Silver but one was broken. Talked to customer service and he said that they would ship 6 new ones the next day … that was 4 weeks ago
    2- I picked up 10 Highball glasses from your Mesa store in Silver
    3- Today I received 2 Double old fashion glasses in GOLD … not SILVER
    So right now I need 2 Highball glasses in SILVER and 6 Double Old fashion glasses in SILVER

    1- I need for you to submit a return label for the 2 Double Old Fashion Glasses I received today in GOLD
    2- I need 6 Double Old Fashion Glasses in SILVER
    3- I need 2 Highball Glasses in SILVER

    Now as to what I have been billed for:
    January 31, 2019 $116.40
    January 31, 2019 $23.28
    January 11, 2019 $105.71
    January 15, 2019 136.92
    Total Payments = $382.31

    The Highball glasses are $10.95 ea. X 12 = $131.40
    The Double Old Fashion Glasses are $9.95 ea. X 12 = $119.40
    So my total bill should have been $250.08 Plus tax

    Thus if you subtract the Payments I have overpaid by $132.23 and still don’t have all of the items ordered
    Needless to say that’s if I had all of the product that I DO NOT

    I have talked to Customer serve many times only to get bogus claims on shipping dated, availability etc.
    I have requested callbacks from Customer service that I did not get
    And now I am missing product as well as having ben charged too much as well as now getting the wrong product … again that I need a return PREPAID shipping label to return these.

    Needless to say I need to get this resolved
    1- An immediate credit of $132.23 for the overpayment
    2- Shipping date for the 2 Highball and 6 Double old fashion glasses
    3- Return label for the 2 gold glasses

  • TracieL says:

    Ordered via website over a month ago and still haven’t received my items. Ive sent the customer service team several emails with zero response. I will never buy via online again. The order was guaranteed within 2 weeks.

  • MT says:

    Purchase items from Annapolis store; was promise items on specific date- items were never delivered. A month later: still haven’t received items. Called the store (Annapolis, MD) and spoke to the salesperson (Anthony Goldscon) who got offended, disrespectful and outright unprofessional- when I challenged his “reason” why I had not received my items. This salesperson’s attitude was so outrageous- I had to hang up in order to stop our exchange. I will never shop at the Annapolis, MD store as long as that particular employee is employed there. He was threatening and scary. Items have been scheduled to be shipped to my house instead of pickup due to not feeling safe. Horrible experience- worse experience ever.

  • Tom says:

    Ordered a rug from the website and was sent the wrong one. I first contacted my local store and was told by the employee he would have someone reach out to me within 24 hours on how to proceed as apparently store sales and online sales are totally separate. Never a word from anyone! When I contacted customer service, I was made to feel I was the one in the wrong and was rudely told I had to take pics of the wrong rug to prove I was not lying so that the correct rug could be shipped. WHAT? I called later to speak to a supervisor and was told they were unavailable, but that someone would return the call the same day, Needless to say, no response. I continued to call until I spike with Sharon, the head of customer service. Not once did she apologize for the error on their part…not once! And she’s the head of customer service??? 20+ years of purchasing from this company, but never again! They did not and do not care. Unprofessional and apathetic staff from word go.

    • Janet Malono says:

      Tom, you are not alone. I have been waiting weeks to actually speak to a Supervisor with regards to my order, too. I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life! This experience makes me NEVER want to do business with this company again and I purchase a lot of furniture and home goods. I have called more than ten times and I am seriously fed up with this company and lack of customer service I have received. I’ll spend my money elsewhere from now on and urge all other consumers to do the same. They don’t deserve my business!

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