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Youfit is a chain of health clubs which consist of gym users. They also provide personal training . It serves 14 states in the United States with clubs located in more than 100 locations. It was founded in 2008 by Rick Berks. The first club was established in St Petersburg, Florida.

Youfit club places are environmental friendly. The floors are made of Nike Grind, which is a recycled material made from waste shoes. They also use recycled rubber materials on their floors. Apart from this they motivate their customers to become environmental friendly. It holds Earth Day every year at all its stores.

Through its Youcoach program, the company offers group exercise classes. The exercises include zumba, yoga, cardio and kickboxing. Both Porky gym and Energy fitness centres are now part of Youfit.

 The company also sells gym bags, hats, water bottles and apparels. It conducts programs on corporate wellness and also mind – body exercises.

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  • Alfred Puig says:

    I have been a member at the youfit Westchester location for many years. As of late the condition of this location has deteriorated to a unacceptable level. The cardio bikes are always broken. The vinyl surfaces on machines are ripped/cracked. The plates and dumbells are always scattered throughout the gym (sometimes even in the restroom or sauna). The cable machines are broken. Some treadmills have been out of order for months. I have complained on several occasions and yet nothing is done. This is one of the newer and larger locations in the area please make a better effort to maintain it properly.

  • Terri says:

    Late in 2022 there was a promotion that one could earn $1.00 per workout if one worked out 3 times per week. I signed up. After the promotion ended earlier this year, I never received the advertised $1.00 per workout. I definitely qualified because I worked out almost every day of the week, every week. The reward was limited to $3.00 per week. I have spoken to the manager at the North Port, Florida location, who sent messages to corporate, but I never received the advertised reward. DO NOT advertise that members can earn rewards and then not uphold Youfit’s end of the promotion!!! Also, there is NOT a phone number to contact the corporate offices!!

  • Lisa says:

    Monday 2/20/23 and our bathroom are down again. Again why isn’t Youfit upper management or owner not working with the owners of the building to fixe the bathrooms from going down weekly and having to close our gym down. The more you’re having to close down the gym will we be get compensated for the down time of not being able to use the gym on our monthly fee we are charged? The bathrooms being out of commission has been a recurring problem now for approximately 5 months without a real solution. The bathrooms were down 2 day’s shy to a full week last week and part of the week prior to last week. Just doing a quick fix isn’t a solution to this problem. I like the location of where Youfit is and even if they decide to look into a possible new location I hope they stay near their current location in Gainesville. In all and all Youfit gym members just wish they would actually fix this problem once and for all. Thanks

  • Kenneth says:

    you fit on 152nd and 12th street Miami Fl. 33157 is always opening late, this sucks, this morning at lease 10 members walking and running in the parking lot. No phone # to call when this happens. This is unexpectable, you will find it difficult to keep members when LA fitness opens on 152nd.

  • Leo says:

    I am very angry because you forgive them who work in these gyms they do not have the slightest knowledge of when a client comes to sign up and they do not know how to explain the plans, they charged me twice the same monthly payment and in less than two months I already have the charge of him annual fee, plus the monthly payment, this is ridiculous when the bathrooms are super disgusting, the machines are super dirty and do not work. it’s ridiculous. I want ne to cancel my membership immediately

  • Ruben says:


  • Prella Hollie says:

    I am a member of youfit in mesquite Texas and the men restrooms have not had soap in the last 5 days and 2 months ago the men restrooms had no toilet paper. How can I get my annual maintenance fees refunded

  • CJ says:

    I am appalled at the way this corporation is run . Leaders who will sacrifice their employees for their own benefit … Leadership has forgotten where they started within the company. Such a disgrace

  • Clara says:

    The Gym in Mesquite Texas is very dirty. Lots of dust & dirt on the floors, unclean toilet areas & dirty, smudged mirrors that haven’t been cleaned in weeks. When I spoke w/a manager on 1/18/22, he explained that they’ve installed new lighting & therefore, that’s why I’m noticing the dirt!!! 🤷‍♀️🙄What?? So, it’s always been this dirty, but I’m now noticing it? Well, that’s not encouraging at all!!😳

  • Laura Nelson says:

    Plus the manager at the Hillsborough in deerfield beach fl33442 is NOT returning calls . And he SAID THE VERY SAME DAY TO ME I WILL ONLY BE PAYING THE $10 EACH FOR THE BOTH KIDS AM CANCELLING. I DON’T SEE WHY THE COMPANY CHANGE ME. THIS IS SCAMMING PPL.

  • Laura Nelson says:

    Why did I got charged for $53.48 each for my 3 kids that’s on the $10 plan. That I only open in November month. And I cancelled

  • Donnel Scott says:

    After being a member for several years I’m canceling my membership. My daughter who has been attending the YouFit gym with me was not allowed in the gym at 19yrs old without me on a day that she regularly attends, as a Div. 1 track and field athlete it’s important that she stays in physical shape to compete. I couldn’t make it to the gym so she was denied access. YouFit has never had problem accessimg my account for.my monthly payment which has been in my account for the.last three years, but you denied my daughter access saying ” you would be liable if she got hurt,” I understand your policies and therefore it doesnt create equal value for.me and my family so I will find another fitness partner that understands keeping good paying customers is necessary for an establishment to function. Maybe this is why YouFit was in bankruptcy. Your general manager needs customer service training in the Douglasville Ga. location.

  • CL says:

    This news article is out there about your company. Not a good look for you!

    Posted by Joe Gilbertson | Jun 2, 2021 | 2

    The Covid-19 emergency is over in Florida. Governor DeSantis signed a proclamation that it was no longer necessary to wear masks in the State of Florida and further, that local governments were not allowed to pass their own laws reinstating any of this. It’s over.
    But a number of businesses chose to continue the mask policy for quite a while after the emergency was over. Youfit was one of these.

    I arrived at Youfit several days ago and was told summarily that I could not enter without a mask. (Full disclosure, the person at the desk was rude to me, and I reciprocated. I am no longer a member of Youfit).
    Yes, it is true that private companies can do what they like. But then again, I had a contract with Youfit. I would never have signed a contract requiring me to wear a mask. The rule requiring a mask was imposed upon them by the State and I understand that, but once the emergency was over, they should have immediately reverted back to the original rules. Any court would find that rule unreasonable.
    But let’s examine the motives here.

    Do you think that Youfit corporate knew something about the virus that the State of Florida did not?
    Was there some particular bio-hazard present in Youfit facilities that is not present in the hundreds of bars and restaurants that were fully open at the time?

    If either was the case, I will gladly print a retraction. But no, I don’t think so.
    Youfit wanted its members to know that they “care” about them, right?
    In other words, they wanted to propagate the terror of Covid-19 by making people wear masks – strictly for public relations purposes.

    They didn’t want their members to go back to a normal life, they didn’t want to alleviate the stress of Covid-19, they wanted Youfit facilities still under lockdown emergency members to show how much they “cared” about their members.
    And strictly for their own marketing purposes?
    I can’t claim to be in the heads of Youfit managers. Perhaps they are Democrats and wanted to disagree with our Republican Governor? Plenty of that going around. Perhaps Youfit managers do not believe in democracy, and have a problem with our Governor making theses decisions – our duly elected Governor who was elected specifically to make these kinds of decisions for our State?
    You can probably tell that I am disgusted with Youfit. And I am disgusted with all of those other businesses who claim “an abundance of caution” and such BS. When in reality it is their own hides they are looking after, not their customers.

    Complete BS.

  • Gerald H says:

    I just submitted a complaint with the Florida Attorney General’s Office. I cancelled my membership last year in February 2020. Nothing for a year, then I receive an email on 2/24/2021 saying I owe $229 in late fees! Apparently, I did not cancel within the 10 day period before an automatic March 1st charge for annual membership. Because I cancelled my membership already, they couldn’t charge my CC. Instead of making any attempt to contact me, they just add late fees on my account. After a year, they finally send an email of delinquent fees and plan on sending to collections?

    • Kk says:

      I am dealing with the same problem now I canceled my account and I have gotten monthly charges for three months in an equipment charge and now they’ve hired a collection agency that will not disclose what I/O and what it’s for. The manager of my Ufit store and Land O Lakes will not return my calls for the last six months

  • T Green says:

    This company is ridiculous!!! I signed up for a membership online and never got to us it because I had a fire and had to move out of the state. I have since been called numerous times by their “debt collection” deepartment… whe I explained that i had a fire that lofted me displaced and was forced to move out of the area. This was 2 years ago!!!! And I am sad to report that through surviving both a fire and this pandemic I am still receiving calls and being told that I have to show up to a gym that is no longer anywhere near me to cancel a membership that I never used. Sad…just plan sad.

  • Debra Miller says:

    I have sent THREE WRITTEN letters to ask to have my membership cancelled. I have still been charged and now I’m being told I owe $180!!! FOR WHAT???!!! CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP!! I WILL NOT BE PAYING $180 FOR A MEMBERSHIP I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CANCEL FOR OVER A YEAR AND STILL BEING CHARGED!!!!!

  • Tee Bee says:

    It’s crazy how they found time to send out emails asking for me to continue to pay my youfit membership so that they could pay their salaried employees, and now that I want to get a refund for all the months I’ve been paying I’m now getting the run around….give me my f-ing money.

  • Karla Miranda says:

    My name is karla I cancel my membership ending june and no refund yet? Is so ridiculous no one call n follow up on behalf Youfit you guys are great charging us the customers for any fees but when it comes to refunding our money no big deal?????

  • T Gibson says:

    I just spoke with Sheyla at Youtif on Loch Raven Blvd. in Baltimore, MD. Unfortunately, she could only provide me with a limited amount of information pertaining to my problems.

    I obtained a membership with Youfit on June 18th, 2019. Unfortunately, I had to cancel this membership due to medical reasons. I have arthritis and a previous injury to my right knee that flares up from time to time. After working out regularly, I was unable to continue at a rate that would be financially beneficial for me. Therefore, I called Youfit to request my membership be cancelled. The person that I spoke with at that time assured me this would occur.

    I was online going over the account that I used to pay for Youfit. I realized that not only was my account never cancelled, but I continued to be billed while Youfit was closed as well. So, I have strong feelings about this at this point. I called today to get a clearer understanding of why this occurred. Ms. Sheyla told me that the only way my account could be cancelled was in person or via a written correspondence. That’s fine. But that is NOT what was told to me when I called to make the cancellation. Apparently, not all employees were on the same page at the time of my call. Had I been told that, I would have done that. I definitely would not have continued paying for something that I would be unable to use had I known there was another method of cancellation that needed to pursue. I gave my membership information and was told it would be taken care of at that time.

    After reviewing my account, I not only find that my account was never cancelled. I also discover that I have been charged by Youfit for times the gym has been unavailable for use! What kind of sense does that make?!?!? Then, to make matters worse, Ms. Sheyla tells me that the reason I was charged was because an email was sent out in March asking member if they wanted to continue to pay their membership fees so their full-time members “like her” could still receive financial gains. One, I have not received any emails from Yourift since the welcome letter I received in June of 2019. Two, I am a single parent that can not afford to take care of others when I have my own children to take care financially. Three, would you really send out a letter asking members to take care of the staff while you were closed. Four, even now, I do not believe the gym is a safe environment for people to do their workouts at this time, but to each their own.

    I do not believe I should be charged for utilizing Youfit’s facilities from the time I called in to cancel until the present. My inquiry was not responded to appropriately by the person I spoke to at that time. I hurt my knee in October. I have not used the facility since then. I have never received another email from Youfit since my welcome letter. So this “contribute to the employees during Covid” response is a crock for me. I would never agree to that. I suffered from the Covid situation like everyone else. I am in no position to charitably contribute to your employees.

    Please assist me with this dilemma. Thank you.

    • Kk says:

      I am in almost exact same boat! Talk to the manager I told him I could not come in due to Covid and PTSD. He told me to email him direct. I did with the doctors notice. And now he will not return my calls and they keep on charging me and I have a collection letter from an attorney.

  • Latoya Landers says:

    You guys are still taking money out my account for membership. I have not been to that gym over a year. I went in the club and CANCELLED my membership 4/5 months ago. Youfit need to credit back all my money. I will be calling my bank.

  • Tammy Hite and Shelby Hite says:

    Trying to cancel mine and my daughters membership we wrote a letters to corporate, sent 2 emails, tried to call several times and still Nothing ! My Flower Mound gym closed permanently after the Covid Pandemic ,but the club has not once reach out to its Customers for information or refunds for the last 3 months. This is not acceptable. Very unhappy with the Customer Service. There has been NONE. Cancel Mine and my daughters memberships immediately. Tammy Hite

  • Frank ciabattari says:

    It’s pretty ridiculous how you take my money and don’t answer phones and don’t let your customers know what’s going on I paid in full right before the coronavirus and I get nothing back you say that Jim is opening Wednesday you give phone numbers out that lead to nowhere but recordings totally dissatisfied and I want my money back

  • Alexio Rodriguez, Jr says:

    by far the worst customer service. they have been charging me since the gym closed due to the covid virus. I’ve gone to the gym, call the phone numbers, sent email and no responds. the day they announced that everything even gym where going to open i went to the youfit i go to and it was closed. but i saw some people inside and knock on the door. the regional manager by the name of TY Ussery answer the door and i told him my concerns. he gave me is business card and said that he will be refunding me all the money and will cancel my membership as i ask. I sent him an email with my information and even called his number and no responds. oh guess what i forgot to mention that he stated they where meeting there to go workout at another gym. I am very disappointed and will not be coming back.

  • Tania M says:

    Have sent 2 emails to your company asking for a refund from March – June. My membership comes up for renewal in July and I WILL NOT be rejoining. Horrible service. Gyms are open except YOUfit however they had no issues billing me for services they did not provide. Unacceptable.

  • Dianne Balasco says:

    I have been charged a monthly fee since the gym closed and I didn’t have access to the classes, I want a refund

  • Leslie Scott says:

    I want to cancel my membership.

  • Bill Kuchel says:

    Looks like you fit is bankrupt Nd out of business. Tried canceling my membership, but no clubs seem to be open and some have the doors padlocked by landlords. I am disputing all monthly charges since no one will respond to multiple emails.

  • Angel says:

    For the past three months Youfit has been closed due to covid, But yet they continue to bill us as if we were there. They closed the corporate office, they will not answer emails. Very disappointed!! will be canceling my membership after this. Would you want to go to a gym that treats their members this way?

    • Tammy Hite and Shelby Hite says:

      Im having the same issue. Been trying to cancel for a month and no response . I guess I will be calling my credit card company to let them handle the situation.

  • Gary Anderson says:

    Gyms in TX opened 5/18 except YouFit. Liars have recording says “we’re helping other customers right now and can’t answer ph.” Drive to gym on Gus Thomasson Mesquite IT’S CLOSED! LIARS!!

  • Nicole says:

    How do I get ahold of someone…. I have been charged every month that you’ve been closed… a little ridiculous if you ask me.

  • Eduardo Maqueira says:

    I have been trying to get a hold of your facility and no response has been received from my local gym nor corporate to cancel my membership as a result of the pandemic. Upon my disbelief, I found out pagments are being withdrawnfrom my bank account. It is unethical to continue charging monthly fees during a pandemic when your facilities and all others alike are closed due to government mandates. I need my membership canceled and would appreciate for all withdraws made during the pandemic be refunded to me as well I would appreciate a call back/response. Thank you.

  • David Burkett says:

    I want to cancel my membership as I continue to be charged fees for training even though I did not renew my training membership and I continue to be charged 19.99 even though the gyms are closed. I want nothing more to do with YouFit. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

  • Kayla Jordan says:

    You as a company should uphold a standard of care for your clientele. Sadly, the ball has been dropped. Unethical to continue charging monthly fees (especially during a PANDEMIC) when your facilities and all others alike are closed due to government mandates. This type of morale, or lack thereof I should say, is why I hope others alike will find a gym that holds itself to a higher caliber.

  • Teddy Escude says:

    Thanks for taking my wife’s and my money while you’re closed. We will be closing out our membership.

  • ANGRY says:

    I can’t reach anyone to stop them from taking my money!! I tried my bank and they are useless!! Stay away from this club. They are thieves!!

  • Sean says:

    Still charging me despite all of your locations closed, no one answers via phone or email, no option to cancel my membership with an automated system and I am out of work because of the GLOBAL PANDEMIC and their excuse for taking my money and not giving me a way out is that they need it for their employees?!?!?!



    • Angel says:

      Yep! Same here! I think they need to be sued! Every comment I’ve read since I posted mine, is saying the same thing

  • Byanka says:

    Stop taking my money while you are closed !!

  • Dee says:

    Wth taking money out and not able to contact customer service

  • Byron says:

    This is not cool. Please do not take money out of my account or refund me the $12.99 . That is totally wrong. You’re stealing when you not in service at this time.

  • Melissa Arnold says:


  • John says:

    this company really sucks , can’t get through , everyone passes the buck. the only contact is when you missed a payment. Stay away from this company!

  • Jessie MacGilvray says:

    I cannot believe you have the nerve to charge members who are unable to visit your institution which is court ordered closed and take money from people who have been laid off and scrambling to stay afloat. If I could make contact with someone at your facility, I would cancel my contract immediately, after being a member for 8 years, Shame on you…seriously.

    • Angel says:

      Agree!! They need to be sued!! I just posted the same thing and realized there are probably if the other members complaining about the same.

  • Terry Conkle says:

    How dare you charge monthly fee when you’re closed.
    I want a refund asap

  • William C.Fishburne says:

    I am asking for my membership to be either paused or canceled.You guys are charging me and I or anyone else has access to any of your facilities.

  • Jocelyn M says:

    I canceled my membership in February but have still been charged the fees. Was able to get in touch with someone first week of March and was told I would be refunded, but haven’t seen or heard from them since (no refund received). Unacceptable. I will be contacting my bank to handle as fraud from here out.

  • Paula says:

    I cancelled my membership in February and Youfit just took payments from my checking account for April for both my husband and I. Cannot reach local facility or corporate. Filing a BBB complaint.

  • Jose says:

    I find it disturbing that I cannot reach anyone by phone to speak with about continuing my membership. Called my local gym and corporate. No answer and no voice mail. Folks are working from home to stay safe so I don’t understand why.

  • Also charged says:

    To Our YouFit Family,

    As a global community, we are truly in an unprecedented time due to the growing crisis created by COVID-19. As you are aware, the government has mandated the closure of health clubs in many cities and states, and with the health of our staff, members, and communities in the foremost of our thoughts, we took the preemptive step to temporarily close all of our locations.

    First, it has been made abundantly clear to us that our gyms will not be reopening April 1st. Though we want to see all of your faces back in our clubs as soon as possible, we have to continue to err on the side of caution and expert advice. We are having each of our facilities deeply cleaned and sanitized while closed, so that we will be ready to open as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we have been creating custom content on our social media pages and partnered with Les Mills to bring free workouts to all of our members through our Youfit app. More info on that is available on our website, youfit.com.

    Now, we are dedicating ourselves to preserving our employees and our clubs for the future. Our goal is to keep our staff off unemployment and covered with medical insurance and other benefits, as well as keeping our business intact for when this pandemic ends. We desperately need our employees to have a job to return to, so this short term economic pinch doesn’t become a long term issue. We also want to make sure you and all of our loyal members have a home health club to enjoy again as soon as possible.

    To that end, all revenue collected will be used to pay our employees and cover the basic needs of the business. While we did temporarily lay off some part time and hourly employees, we retained virtually ALL salaried and full time employees, at near full pay and with full benefits intact. This is so crucial right now, for all of us. We do understand that many in our community are suffering financial hardship during this time. If you are unable to continue to pay your monthly dues, you can contact us by calling 888-Youfit-1 between 9a and 4p, your local time, Monday through Friday. Your call will be routed to a local Youfit club where our staff will be able to handle your questions and requests personally. If you are unable to get through, please be patient and try us again the following day; we are adjusting to a new process and personally interacting with each member.

    For those of you who have tried to reach us via info@youfit.com and have not received a timely response, we respectfully apologize. To be honest, we were totally overwhelmed and unprepared for the sheer volume of information requests and our system quickly became overloaded. While we are working diligently to remedy this problem, the additional step explained above will allow us to service our members over the phone more expeditiously and more personally.

    We are a YouFit Family. We will survive this together, and we look forward to having our family back in the gyms as soon as we can. May we all use this time to reflect and share how we can help each other, how we can stay healthy and safe.

    We are here for YOU!

    In Health,

    Rick Berks

    • Barry jones says:

      Youfit is not responding to my request to reimbursement this annual fee I was charged. I was not aware. Gyms charging an annual fee is ridiculous and it’s bad enough credit card companies get away with that. I have gym memberships for 20 years and that’s a charge I never had to pay because it’s not necessary. I cancelled the youfit membership 1 day before this trial membership ended but You fit is saying that it wasn’t in time before this annual fee was posted. My bank charge shows differently. I was not happy with any Youfit locations. The facilities look outdated. I hate the colors of the club. There are limited locations. So during the trial membership I was not pleased with Youfit and was not going to continue the membership. I no longer have the membership and certainly with the world being in this Coronavirus Epidemic and gyms closed indifferently why is Youfit not compromising my request to be reimbursed this annual fee especially when gyms are closed. I have already disputed this charge with my bank. I WANT THIS MATTER ENDED AND A RESPONSE FROM YOUR CORPORATE STAFF TO MAKE SURE I AM CREDITED BACK THIS ANNUAL FEE . WITH EVERYTHING GOING ON THE WORLD WITH AN EPIDEMIC AND PEOPLE ARE NOT WORKING WE SHOULD NOT BE GOING BACK AND FORTH ON THIS. I WILL SUE YOUFIT OVER THIS MATTER!

    • T Gibson says:

      I NEVER received this email. I still would cancel my membership.

  • Lorri says:

    I am trying to get a refund on a charge for personal training that was canceled. I fulfilled the month commitment and was charged again. I want a refund immediately and cannot get in touch with anyone. I know they are trying to pay employees, but that is not my personal responsibility.

  • Ron says:

    I have tried for two weeks to get in contact with someone to take about my gym dues. The gym in Hollywood is close with no information on door or web. We all understand what is going in the world today. however your gym is not providing service at this time or do you know when you will be open . April 1 , your company toke due from my card.
    please return the payment and stop taking the due out of my card. close my account with Penalties. Ron

  • GABY says:

    Why am I being charged if gyms are closed? I need a refund and a pause on my membership asap.

  • Sheree says:

    Due to the club closures, what mailing address do I send my cancellation and cancellation fee notice to?

  • Nathaniel says:

    This is B.S! We can’t even go to the gym how can you charge us. Meanwhile there’s way more essential companies, like my cellphone service provider, that’s not taking a single dime.

  • Sylvia walton says:

    Please cancel my membership now 3/31/2010

  • Sylvia walton says:

    How do I cancel my membership. You clubs are closed. Please cancel my membership now 3/31/2020

  • Sean says:

    I’ve emailed info@youfit.com multiple times and haven’t heard back from them so now I’m coming to you before I contact corporate …. Why am I being charged this month even though the gym is closed due to the Covid-19 situation. Are you guys that money hungry to where you’re charging people for something that they can’t use due to a nationwide pandemic. SHAME ON YOU, I’LL DEFINITELY BE CANCELLING MY MEMBERSHIP WHEN YOU OPEN BACK UP.

  • vic says:

    The port charlotte,fl. gym is closed due to corona virus but no one is manning phones to see what is happening with ach payments and whether the draws from same will be frozen.I am not willing to pay for something I am not receiving;all it takes is for the ownership to inform members and be available for contact.Horrible way to run a business.I plan to contact the media ref to this as well as state attny. general office.If you ever open you will see droves terminating their memberships.Step up and freeze dues until this virus is over.

  • Sarah says:

    This comment is awaiting moderation! I have already taken pics of everyone’s post and mine. I am a school teacher… and I am sure many medical workers etc… why would you do this ?

  • Sarah says:

    Ok guys … MARCH 16 with Pj and above … I think I posted or text all of you tonight after his post … this is unreal. By law they have to provide a service …

  • Sarah says:

    Unreal… I was charged Friday … many days after gyms etc had mandatory shut down by the government . You had no right taking money from us when you are not providing this for us.
    If you would of sent an email saying . Hard times etc. I would of tried to pay something for your employees. NOTHING. I am so mad ! And I am so disappointed that you can charge us for something we are not using ! @donaldjtrumpjr

  • eileen says:

    I find it disturbing that I cannot reach anyone by phone to speak with about continuing my membership. Called my local gym and corporate. No answer and no voice mail. Folks are working from home to stay safe so I don’t understand why.

  • Kent L Wimmer says:

    Since the gym is closed, how can I request that my membership fees and trainer fees be immediately suspended until the YouFit TallahasseeMahan gym reopens. Please confirm this request will be honored. Thank you for your assistance.


    With the clubs closed, I have tried to find out if they are still going to charge my credit card for their fees. They don’t respond. I will bounce the fees as fraudulent

  • Steve says:

    Still charging monthly fee, even though they are CLOSED due to Covid-19. I understand being closed but why are you still taking fee out of my checking account?!?
    Tried calling all numbers. NO ANSWER!
    I was charged double.

    • Thomas Miller says:

      Still charging my card for dues and daycare but not open? Wait until you squirrels open up and see how many people quit. I find you no worse than a common thief

  • DeeDee Robbins Boyington says:

    Does anyone know if personal training session accounts will be frozen. No one is answering the phone (number listed above).

    • Deborah Stocks says:

      I am in the same situation. I have three months of training and am having the fee deducted bi-weekly. I assume we will pick up the sessions, but I had planned on notifying the gym in April that I would end the sessions in May. Can’t get hold of anyone to find out how they are going to handle it while my bank account is being hit with the training fee.

  • Mike says:

    Still charging monthly fee, even though they are CLOSED due to Covid-19. I understand being closed due to the flu, but why are you still taking fee out of my checking account?!?
    Tried calling all numbers. NO ANSWER! As soon as they re-open, my whole family is cancelling!!!
    I filed complaint with Florida Attorney General!

  • PJ says:

    I tried to cancel my membership due to the outbreak of the cornoavirus and the lady told me i had to come in to the gym IN PERSON to do it. NO THANKS, THAT IS LITERALLY THE PLACE IM TRYING TO AVOID!

    I asked to talk to a manager because it makes no sense with this global pandemic that i would be required to walk into that shithole to cancel a membership and instead i was put on hold and then hung up on!

    I called my bank and put a stop payment on any further transactions and WILL NEVER be going back.

  • eugene daneluzzi says:

    i am a ufit customer who is engaged in an on going fight because I was duped into a lime card without my knowlege I asked for the special prom $1 dn and 12,95 a mt. iwas given a lime mem.with out my consent I never was shown the contract with 28.00 fee all signing was done on the fob on the front desk Jan 20,2020 2 wks later I was stopped at the fron deak about a late fee I signed with my credi9d card . They said sorry I asked to see contrack. I did not get when I signed up & then I seen that I was signed for lime card28.00. I told them ididnt ask for that card only the 1295 on. I tried to quit. I was told by the Mgr. I had to 85.00 To quit for 2 wks of jym. I refused. I notf my credid card and the started fraud investigation. I was told org that I could quit before Maarch 20,2020 I would only have to pay 10$ I said I would gladly pay t 10$ thet said no you cant quit you have to pay the 2 mts plus canclation fee 85.00 or there abouts. I am calling the BBB the attorny gen. office. I tol them I was diabled vet with PTST.I am writting to the vfd. and the american legion telling them to put my story in there magazines of how this club treats our veterans.

  • unhappy client says:

    We have been politely asking for 4 months now about fixing the hot water issue in the showers. Today not only was there no hot water, there wasn’t enough water pressure to even take a cold shower. What is the issue with fixing something so simple? The staff is wonderful, the gym is basically clean and safe, but why not go all the way and make it enjoyable? Some of us go right to work after the gym, without time to go back home and clean up. Just fix it.

  • Nancy Corbeille says:

    Good morning.

    I was fortunate enough to have my neighbors recommend that I switch to the You Fit branch on Bailey Cove Road in Huntsville, AL. It has exceeded my expectations. It is the best fitness center that I have used in my many years of physical training.

    I started there in March, 2019. The staff has helped establish an hour routine that is measurably helped me develop my core, and also tailor my exercises to address some physical weaknesses of my aging body. Besides that they are personally and professionally great to be around.

    Below is a first-name listing of the staff and special kudos to the Manager Taylor.

    Andrew (there are 2)

    Nancy Corbeille
    14113 Monte Vedra Road
    Huntsville, AL 35803

  • Chris says:

    I have to correct my last comment. It’s not Zack. The 2 employees names are Jonathan and Jon. Great Guys.

  • Chris says:

    Southaven, Mississippi- Please have the management fix the fans. It is always hot. I know some people like it hot but jeez. This is outrageous. A couple of the employees tries to turn it on but half the time it doesn’t work or the manager locks the door. I appreciate Zack. He does what he can.

  • Sissy Sandra S. Benedetto says:

    This in regarding the Flower Mound, Texas gym. When the gym first opened, over 20 ladies joined because we followed the Zumba instructor who started classes there. For the past year the sound system has not been working properly. Now the a/c has been out for 2 weeks canceling all classes. This is unacceptable. Would you go two weeks w/o a/c in your home.

  • tee says:

    9th ave north location have the rudest managers who lie to get themselves out of things. the general manager only have a big mouth because she is pregnant, She’s rude and the trainers do not care about anything but money.

  • ashrove414@aol.com says:

    The location in Pembroke Pines, FL is horrible!!!

  • Irvin fortson says:

    I would like to know why youfit in Baltimore on Carey and Pratt street did not imform,or contact anyone that they was going to shut that location down in December.Others and myself have not heard anything as of yet I would like to know what is the problem with my membership which I would like to receive back without getting my attorney involve. Thank you.

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