Where Is Yelp Corporate Office Headquarters

Yelp Headquarters Address and Contact

Yelp Logo
  • Address: 140 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States
  • Phone Number: 415-908-3801
  • Email: IR@yelp.com
  • Number of Employees: 5,566
  • Established: October 2004
  • Founder: Jeremy Stoppelman & Russel Simmons
  • Key People: Andrea Rubin, Carolyn Patterson

Yelp Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Yelp Corporate Office

Yelp is an online guide for consumers to find and explore local business. It allows customers to rate products and services they receive from the listed businesses. The ratings act as a guide to other customers looking for the same services or products.

Yelp has grown in popularity in recent years. More and more people are turning to Yelp for some help and guidance. Most of Yelp’s services are on their website. You might need to get in touch with them if something is not working properly on the website, or there is something you need to clarify.

If you want to write a letter or send a package to Yelp headquarters. You will need their physical address. It’s listed below.

Physical Address

140 New Montgomery St 9th floor,

San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

You can choose to call them as well. You can reach someone at Yelp headquarters through the following phone numbers.

Phone Nos

(877) 767-9357


Writing an E-mail to the might be a better option in most cases. Their E-mail address is;

E-mail - IR@yelp.com

As mentioned earlier, Yelp’s main business is on their website. You can find a lot more information about Yelp on the website as well. The website is www.yelp.com

Yelp is on various social media platforms as well. They are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook – Yelp

Twitter – @Yelp

Instagram – Yelp

Yelp Headquarters Info & Photos

Yelp has its headquarters in New Montgomery, San Francisco, California. The offices are located at the PacBell building within the SOMA district. Yelp offices feature a minimalistic approach that seeks to promote communal work environments. The design of the office is supposed to reflect what Yelp is all about and its working culture.

Yelp offices feature clean-look concrete floors, noise-reducing surfaces, and carpets from Interface Europe’s Library. According to Yelp, the offices are designed in a way that cultivates positive working spaces and productive working relationships.

Yelp Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

140 New Montgomery St, San Francisco


United States

222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza Chicago, IL



Bleichenbrücke 10 Hamburg



70 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Grand Canal Dock Dublin


United Kingdom

55 Baker St, Marylebone London

Yelp Headquarters Executive Team

Jeremy Stoppelman

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Stoppelman is a co-founder and the CEO of Yelp. He founded Yelp together with Russel Simmons in 2004. Stoppelman had been working at PayPal, before launching Yelp. He left PayPal to attend Harvard Business School and then launched Yelp during a summer internship at MRL Ventures.

Stoppelman attended the University of Illinois, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 1999. He worked briefly for Home Network and then moved on to X.com. X.com was later renamed PayPal. Stoppelman had become the VP of Engineering after the company was renamed PayPal.

Jed Nachman

Chief Operations Officer

Jed Nachman is the Chief Operations Officer at Yelp. His journey with Yelp started in 2007 when he was appointed to lead the sales team. He currently doubles up as the senior vice president of revenue. He is credited for rapidly growing the company’s revenues. He is in charge of client services and revenue operations.

Jed was a senior sales manager at Yahoo before being appointed at Yelp. He was the Director of Corporate Sales for the Western Region. Prior to that, he was part of the sales team at Venture Services Group of investment bank Robertson Stephens. Jed studied economics at the University of Colorado, where he obtained a bachelor’s of art degree.

David Schwarzbach

Chief Financial Officer

David Schwarzbach is the Chief Financial Officer at Yelp. David was appointed CFO at Yelp in 2020. Before that, he worked at eBay, North America. He was the vice president and CFO of eBay. David has held various positions in companies like Ice Energy, Project Everest, UEPS Technologies, Net 1, and Morgan Stanley. He has also worked as an associate at GE Capital, Lehman Brother, and Natural Resources Defense Council.

David attended UC Davis and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree. He also has a Master of Public Administration degree from Princeton University.



Dan Kimball

Senior Vice President, Marketing

James Miln

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Jason Brown

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Restaurant Marketplaces

Andrea Rubin

Senior Vice President, Community

Carolyn Patterson

Senior Vice President, People Operations

Kayti Sullivan

Senior Vice President, Local Revenue

Laurence Wilson

Chief Administrative Officer

Luther Lowe

Senior Vice President, Public Policy

Paul Reich

Senior Vice President, Local Sales

Sam Eaton

Senior Vice President, Engineering

About Yelp


Yelp was launched in 2004 by Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman who were former employees of PayPal. Yelp would go on to grow a large subscriber base. They raised a significant amount of funds over the next couple of years. Yelp had $30 million in revenue by 2010, and the website had collected millions of crowd-sourced reviews.

Yelp had expanded into Europe and Asia by 2012. It became a public company in 2012. In 2014, Yelp become profitable for the first time in its existence. Yelp claims to currently have hundreds of millions of crowd-sourced reviews on its site.


It might not be immediately clear to many people what the core business of Yelp is. Yelp is a crowd-sourced reviews site. It collects reviews about companies and businesses from customers. People use it as a reference when they want to engage with a particular business or company. They use it to decide where to get certain services or products.

Yelp also offers advertising services to companies. As a result of the huge traffic on its site, companies buy advertisement spaces on Yelp platforms. Companies also use Yelp to get a true perspective of how customers and the general public feel about them.


In 2009, Yelp had entered into negotiations with Google for a possible acquisition. The acquisition never materialized though. It has never been made public why the acquisition failed to go through. At the time, Yelp had not become profitable yet. It wasn’t as big as it is right now either.

The company has been accused of unfair practices by businesses reviewed on its site. Businesses claim that it uses negative reviews to box companies into buying its advertising services. Some business claim that it favourably excludes negative reviews for companies that it does business with. There have been multiple complaints against the company with regard to such practices.

Yelp uses a one to a five-star rating system. Individual businesses list themselves on Yelp’s platforms and the public is allowed to rate the businesses depending on their experience with them. Business can also put their contact information, location, and other aspects of their business on the site.

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  • Anthony says:

    What’s the point of yelping a business if a business can have them put your rating in a not recommended list and your 1 star review goes unaccounted for?

  • Leena says:

    Wow I also got ripped off by this company and honestly I’m a single mom of a newborn and they took my funds literally soon as I got home from the hospital. I disputed it with my bank and now my bank is saying that the funds they took were indeed correct which is not true ! Never explained to me how the system
    Works just called my Phone a thousand times and never called me back or reached out to check on how I was doing. Now they transferred me to so many people and never did I get the issue resolved when I asked for a payment plan they said they don’t have to give me one. I specifically told the man who set up
    The account I wasn’t working and was pregnant and was going to have a baby soon and he just cared about making the sale not really catering to what I said. It has put me in a financial bind and now I’m almost 1,000 dollars in debt. With no help and bills are due. I never leave comments honestly but this has set the bar for complete rudeness and misinformation and lies from a company that’s supposed to help build others.

  • Jeff says:

    I also have been taken advantage of by Yelp. I was charged $ for a free program that converted to a paid service. I was billed and called to dispute the charges and when I got upset by the condescending way I was Being treated they tried to flip it and say I was being unprofessional. I was offered a solution to make it go away and they reneged. Thanks Jordan for being so professional and bullying. I asked more than a dozen times to speak to a supervisor and was not granted my request.

    • Crystal Salgado says:

      Hi Jeff, I was in the exact situation. I was billed for advertising, that’s stated it was free. I got charged $469. I tried to dispute the situation, but it only got worse. Yelp, sabotage my yelp account took every review off, except one. Never reimbursed me. I requested to speak to a supervisor through email several times and phone but yelp associates would never put me through. Please contact me. Im interested in your experience . goldnofffice@gmail.com

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    Below is a letter That I wrote To YELP sales rep Brian Oleesky after they did not provide the promised service and then took my money!

    April 20th 2020

    Brian Oleesky you are now not telling the truth to me! The last time we communicated was on March 23rd 2020 when you told me to test the system out to see if any business came in and you would then call me back in 3 days to train me how to contact potential customers. Not one person as contacted me to question or purchase one of my vacuum cleaners. Now you are telling me that you called me after March 23rd! WRONG! You never called me back at any time period! My phone calls automatically go to both my landline and my cell phone at the exact same time and no phone calls from you came into me and there were no messages lefts well! All my messages are automatically transcribed and E-Mailed & Texted to me and none were sent to me from you or your company as well! Brian I did not solicit you, you contacted me to sell me this program and you said that you were my account representative! Now you tell me that I should have called a different division of your company to learn how to use this system. NO! You dropped the ball in this matter and I am now being charged $247.91 after not being trained how to properly use this system. You walked away from finishing what you promised to me which was to call me back to complete this training so I would know how to run this system. This E-Mail string is proof of when you last contacted me and the March 23rd 2020 date with a message saying that you are out of the office is clear to see!

    Now YELP is charging me $247.91 and maybe more for this account that the promised training on how to operate it never occurred! When I called your Customer Success team to ask for my money back because of this negligence and possible fraud they refused to provide me the refund! So the way it is now is that your Customer Success Team is now trying to build its success by ripping me off! I am now demanding that I receive a 100 percent refund! Until this refund happens I will commence to spend all of my time and I have plenty of time to post online how you personally and YELP has treated me in this matter while I also do everything I can to be refunded! I will do this with blogs, an Anti YELP website, posting on every scam reporting website I can find and every way possible to expose how YELP with your help has ripped me off! I will start these actions TODAY!

    You are welcome to contact me anytime when you are ready to provide this 100 percent refund that I am now demanding! Call Me At 561-629-5618


    Barry Cohen

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