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Yard House
  • Address: 7700 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 949-727-0831

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees:  1100

  • Established: 1996

  • Founder: Steele Platt, Tom Yelenick, William Wollrab, Steve Reynolds

  • Key People: Mr. Craig Carlyle (President)

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Mr. Steele Platt

Founder and Chairman

Mr. Carlito Jocson

Corporate Executive Chef

Ms. Jennifer Weerheim

Director of Brand Management

About Yard House, History and Headquarters Information

Yard House was founded in the year 1996. The company has been active for almost 23 years now. The founders of the company were Steve Reynolds, Steele Platt, William Wollrab and Tom Yelenick. In the year 2010, the company had begun its East Coast Expansion with a restaurant, in the Legacy Place Lifestyle Centre which was located in the Boston suburb of Dedham, United States. In the year 2012, the company was purchased by Darden Restaurants for almost $585 million. The company is currently operated by a domestic restaurant group in China. The headquarters of the company is based in 7700 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 300. The name of the place is Irvine, while the name of the state is California, United States. The pin code is 92618.

Yard House is an American casual eatery company that focuses on providing various kinds of food dishes and recipes to its customers, along with classic rock music as well. The current president of the company is Craig Carlyle. As of the current date, the current number of employees working at the company is more than 1,100.

 The primary services of the company include allowing customers to obtain various kinds of food and fusion dishes, with a major focus on craft beer, offered by the company itself. The food products sold by the company include American cuisines like pasta, chicken seafood and salads, along with a gluten sensitive menu as well.

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  • Joseph Powell says:

    To Whom it may concern,
    Approximately 3 months ago, I and several other people came to the Legends Yard House location for a goodbye party for one of our co-workers. We all are from Providence Medical Center, right down the street. We bring in thousands of dollars to your Legends facility, as we are frequent flyers and consist of Medical Professionals, doctors and nurses, information technology specialists, etc. The service we received that night was unacceptable. I was personally bussing our table of extraneous plates, empty glasses, and silverware. At first, I was placing the extraneous dishes on the four-top table directly behind me. The “floor manager” (a blonde woman) came to our table and asked me not to place the empty dishes on the table as they wanted to seat other people at the table. I get that. That was ok, and she apologized for the poor service and said that she would take care of it. She thanked me for the input and stated that that is the only way that they could improve (by giving customer feedback). However, two hours passed and still no other patrons had been seated at that table. The next opportunity that was presented to me, due to the continued lack of waiter service and fact that the floor manager did nothing to correct the egregious service, I cleared off our table. I did not place them on the four-top, as per the floor managers request, and took the empty dishes to the “floor walking manager” herself at the front of the restaurant. I am sorry, but I do not have her name. At that point, I went to the restroom. Returning from the bathroom, I spoke with Patrick (who is wonderful by the way) and told him that I had a problem with the “floor walking manager”. I told him that her customer service skills were replete. He told me to hold on for a moment. I waited. Then the restaurant manager, James Bala, came to the tabletop to inquire as to the circumstances of the issues we were experiencing. After having explained, he expressed his gratitude and said that he would address the issue and “take care of it”. Nothing changed. Our service was horrible the entire night. It was truly embarrassing. Subsequently, a few of our party of fifteen had paid via the table kiosk and left. The rest of us remaining behind continued with the evening. Not one server, manager, or any other staff came to our table after to fulfill our needs. It was then that the rest of us decided that we were going to leave. I mean if you can’t get an order of food or a drink and you must bus your own table, what is the point of being at Yard House. We perform those tasks at home. It was at that point that we all got up, grabbed the kiosk from the table and walked out the front door after handing the kiosk to James, telling him that the rest of the tab was on him. We stood outside of the front of the restaurant talking for fifteen minutes. Not one staff member came out to inform us of anything. No apologies, no nothing.

    Tonight, having returned to celebrate three combined birthday parties and after two hours of our being there, the floor manager (a new employee) and assistant came to the table to inform me (and my guests) that I had been BANNED from the restaurant for life. WHAT!!? Why am I banned for a restaurant’s extremely poor customer service, in all respects? I made no scene that evening as that is not my style. I complied with the manager’s request not to place empty place settings, dishes, etc. on the four top table. I have been a loyal customer of Yard House for seventeen years. I am what would be considered an “OG”. I have been there since the time of Guyana (who moved to the Power and Light District location as manager, until the point in time that her son was hired on as wait staff and she returned to the Legends location), Patrick, and Yumi…etc. I was so embarrassed this evening. How dare you “banish” me for your lack of customer service. Tonight, my party asked to speak with James Bala, and the reply was that he was on a “corporate conference call and was ‘unavailable”. No one ever came outside the night that we had three months ago and stated a word. Really?

    As a matter of fact, one of the members of our party wrote to you regarding the first and received an apology and a 25.00 gift card. (I expect MORE than that) I expect that Management would be open and honest, available and have the wherewithal to take personal care of the customer, as opposed to sending a couple of new staff members over to publicly announce my ‘banishment for life’ two hours into the evening. It is my belief that he was so embarrassed by the events of that first night that he did not take any action. Also, that being the case, why is it that I (the only gay patron at the table) have been singled out and punished? How come the other heterosexual party members are not banished as well? This is discrimination. If you would like further substantiation of the events of either of these occasions, I will happily supply you with the names and email address of all the persons that were there.

  • Steve wolney says:

    Can you open a restaurant in Novi mi

  • SSG says:

    Trying to upload the pictures of my family’s food from today… We really love the Yard House and enjoy your dishes for the most part when prepared correctly. Recently, things seemed to be substandard. We’re not sure if it’s related to the cooks, or staffing overall… Please have your training personnel come up with a different set of standards that are non-negotiable, that will keep things at a quality that remains acceptable…
    This would be my second time every taking the time out to communicate a negative experience when it came to food.
    This is because my family and I really do enjoy the establishment when it’s doing good and service is good.

  • Janet gatlin says:

    Pls call me 4403874804 important need talk headquarter thank I expect call me pls adap

  • Leslie OMeara says:

    We live nearby the westend yardhouse in st louis park MN. We have been regular customers for at least 4 years and enjoyed going there weekly. Tonight was sooo different. We had a great waitress Abby and she was wonderful. Enjoyed our night until we order an after dinner drink. We waited 15 minutes and called Abby over to see what the problem was and if we could not get our drinks to take it off the check. She said she didn’t know why it was taking so long and would check. She came back and said I don’t know what the problem is but they are making the drinks. We waited another 2 minutes and my husband went to the bar to see what the problem was. He stated to the bartender that 15 minutes was a long time to wait for a drink. He went back to our table and Abby said she would see what is happening with our drinks. Granted it was now 20 minutes. She apologized and said she would see what was happening with our drinks. Now keep in mind 20 minutes is a LONG time to wait but we waited. Eventually Kyle the top manager came over literally screaming that he was buying our drinks but you don’t talk to the bartenders that way. Really? We were out of line waiting 20 minutes for a drink and he was screaming at us? Ask Abby. I then got mad and said this is a joke. We have waited 20 minutes for a drink and we are out of line? Yell at your bartender for not making our drinks. He then told me I was cut off from drinking after having two drinks because he had the power to do this. I of course didn’t care. He yelled at us for whatever and left. I felt like I was in a dream. I have had several managers buy us appetizers due to our loyalty. I am livid and will NEVER enter your place again and will make sure none of my friends and neighbors go either. How did we do wrong? Is not waiting 15 or 20 minutes for a drink a long time? My husband just told the bartender that 15 minutes was too long. I am honestly telling you the truth that Kyle the manager came screaming at us for our behavior. Really? What happened to the customer first? We honestly thought the manager was coming over to apologize and instead he was screaming at us. No joke. We are so disappointed but will not service a restaurant that can treat a customer like he did. He was so out of line. Ask Abby to verify his behavior because we were shocked. I still can’t believe we got yelled at for waiting 20 minutes and when we looked over at the bartenders they were wiping down the bar since they were not that busy. I am so done with your place and poor management skills. We are professionals in the business world and would never allow this to happen. The last manager was a graduate from the university of Minnesota along with us and we laughed at the homecoming game and life at the University and he bought us appetizers. That is how frequent customers should be treated. Hope you can hire better management as tonight was unreal and undeserved. Thank you for your time.

  • Angela says:

    The general manager of yard house in Glenview IL, Joseph has no attention to what is going on in that place, bar tender Vanessa is very rude and impolite to new employees, she makes all new bartenders to leave,silver rolls start rolling when shift starts instead of being ready before shift starts so most tables get sat without rolls and they should wait for silvers to be roll,david the assistant manager makes impropriate relationship with the host Abby and let her run seating tables proses based on her personal satisfaction, and also David, the manager has another impropriate relationship with Mitchell, one of the servers, which makes an ugly triangle in that place. Triangle of David as manager, Abby as host, and Mitchell as server. I’m leaving this place, because my tables don’t get silver rolls on time, they don’t get their drinks from bar on time, and Abby either doesn’t seat any table on my section for few hours or seats five tables together that brings the quality of service to very low level. And GM of this restaurant can’t solve the problems.

  • Charmaine says:

    Better luck going to ANYwhere else-Don’t get mad when I’m right!- Beware of the Waikiki Restaurant be prepared for attitude from staff there you will never expect nor forget- One walked around special to roll her eyes at our table while we were still seated-Add your comments after your experience! The best experience there was the bidder he had more class and respect for us than the entire establishment!

  • Charmaine says:

    Service was poor from the start- hostess was rude and unprofessional the shrimp was smelling like fishing bait and the vegetables were drenched with liquid smoke it was something else! Wish we went to Outback way better service and food amazing — don’t order the artichoke dip it tastes weird and their poke nachos are over rated – hardly any poke and too much greens- the steak sauce even sucks what can I say I ate at the wrong steak place – My fault lol

  • Charmaine says:

    Yard house Waikiki owes me a refund for 8/16/22 $161.00

  • Danielle Starr says:

    Yesterday, I answered a Listing on Facebook for bartender. Did the application online scheduled my interview for today. When I showed up to the interview the manager informed me that I would have to serve before I could Barton and this was company protocol. If this is company protocol you should not be Advertising that you are hiring for bartenders. It Wasted your manager’s time and my time period. I have many years experience, behind the bar and have the personality that keeps people coming back. I love your restaurant and was looking forward to potentially working for your company. In the future I hope you change the way you advertise for employees

  • Patty says:

    The worst! And your corporate number doesn’t work!

  • Tracy says:

    My Husband and I went to your restaurant in Willow Grove Pennsylvania To celebrate our 22nd anniversary. I can’t say enough nice things, food was awesome, beer was cold!! Server was even better. It was our first time, and it won’t be our last.
    Joe our server was amazing, He brought us over a dessert for anniversary which was a very nice surprise, and not expect it.
    Can’t wait to go back. Thank you for all you do!

  • Lois Cibelli says:

    Can not say enough about one of your managers, all I can say is every restaurant should have one like Anthony (don’t know his last name), on Friday night my friends and I ate at the Yonkers Location in Ridge Hill Shopping Mall, I was not feeling well and went to the ladies room where I got dizzy and fell. It was very embarassing. Well Anthony was so kind and caring, told me he would get me a cab if I could not drive, I told him I was fine and he walked me to my car to make sure I was OK. What a wonderful person, told everyone about my experience. God Bless him and keep him safe.

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